Dallas (2012–2014): Season 3, Episode 8 - Where There's Smoke - full transcript

Pamela's discovery that John Ross has been sleeping with Emma ignites a firestorm at Southfork threatening not only their relationship, but Bobby and Ann's relationship as well. Christopher and Heather must deal with a drastic act...

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Previously on "Dallas"...

The doctor told us you'd
been drinking for a while.

- You're right. I need help.
- For your well-being,

you're gonna be staying
with us at Southfork.

You're fired.

- I'll figure out a way to...
- No!

We're done with you.

What's the real reason

my father wanted you to seduce John Ross?

He wanted me to get his DNA onto a dress.

Was it this dress?

I've come to pay for what I've done.



Now go home and kiss your wife.

I'm not sending it to Pamela.



[cellphone vibrates]

You Ewings, you... you take away my job

- and now you're trying to steal my family?
- Settle down.

You need to get the
hell out of here, Bo. Go.

Drew: How long have you known

that J.R. switched the deed to papi's land?

The time for planning justice... is over.

Wait. Please, wait.

I need your help finding Drew Ramos.



I can still see him staring at me

with so much hate in his eyes.

For everything J.R. did to our family,

for our father's death.

I tried to tell him that
we would get justice,

but he wouldn't listen to me.

We'll get him to listen, Ellie.

This has all gotten way too ugly.

The lies, the tape of John
Ross and Emma having sex, Drew.

You know, maybe... maybe
you and I should both

just cut our losses and
tell the Ewings the truth

before we both become something
we don't want to become.

We made a pact as children

that we would take care of each other.

Trust me to find Drew
and make sure he's safe.

We're so close to the end, Elena.

Don't give up now, please.


Now, once my wife gets here,

we're gonna surprise her with the plans.

If she wants to change anything...

[Chuckling] My taste is
cowboy. My wife is the Ritz.

What she wants, she gets, okay?

Whatever she wants. So,
this is what I was thinking.


Give me a second, all right?

Now, before your boxers
get all waddled up...

Exactly what part of

"I won't let you destroy Southfork"

did you not understand?

I'm not gonna destroy anything.

I just want to build a proper
master suite for my new bride

'cause, in case you haven't noticed,

we're sleeping in J.R.'s bedroom.

I know how you operate, John Ross.

I let you take down one wall,

pretty soon, all of
Southfork is coming down.

You cannot stop me from
rebuilding on my own half.

Over my dead body, boy.

Don't tempt me, Uncle Bobby.


Where were we? Come on over here.

[Birds chirping]

Is it called above-ground,

like a swimming pool, if it's up here?


Anyways, a double vanity.

Uh, I'm thinking we'll
mount the windows here.

[Indistinct conversation]



Uh, that should about do it.

[Indistinct conversation]

Now go home and kiss your wife.

[Indistinct conversation]

♪ theme music plays ♪



[Water runs]

That's right. Get on in
here. Get on in here. Come on.

[Cows mooing]

Nice face, Ewing.

Glad you like it.

Thought it was finally time to move on.

Well, I guess you're lucky I like dimples.

You up for a break?

I brought hot chocolate.



You trying to sweep me off my feet?

I wanted to show you how
much I appreciated yesterday.

For being there for me...

After what happened with Drew.

A guy shows up on my doorstep...

with bloody knuckles
and tears in his eyes...

you think I'm gonna turn him away?


You know, I've spent so much
of my life hanging onto things.

I think I let my feelings of...

abandonment and betrayal define who I was.

But yesterday...

something lifted when I was with you.

I suddenly felt like I could breathe.


are a breath of fresh
air in my life, Heather.

And if you'll have me,

I'd like to take the next
step in our relationship.

I got a kid, Christopher.

I like your kid.

I got a kid...

who had his heart broken by his father.

I can't risk his heart
getting broken by another man.

No matter how much I
want that man in my life.

Look, I am not going to hurt you.

I... I... I promise.

You're a really great guy.

You're a guy who stands up for me.

But you want to play
house and wake up in my bed

and have my son, Michael,

start thinking of you as a dad...

That's a big deal, Christopher.

So you got to stop and think about

whether that's what you really want.

[Inhales sharply]

[Cellphone ringing]

Sorry. Hold on.


Hello? [Sniffs]


- No, I'm gonna call the police. Thank you.
- What is it?

Bo went to Michael's
school. He took Michael.

Come on.

[Engine turns over]

Up and at 'em already, baby?

Pamela, where you hiding?

[Cellphone rings]

Little early for you, isn't it, bum?

Well, no rest for the bleary, John Ross.

I got that information
on Candace you wanted.

You were right about that girl.

We got a problem.

How I've missed your cooking, mami.



What happened to your face, mijo?

Who did this to you? What
are you doing back here?

- I need to make things right.
- No, Andres.

Don't do something stupid, mijo, por favor.


Give this to Emma, okay?


I love you. I'll see you soon.

Annie: Did you like the sober
coach the hospital sent over?

Sue Ellen: She was just fine.

We have a lot of the same experiences.

She's been in recovery for 25 years.

Relapsed after the first 5.

And estranged from a daughter.

I think she'll be able to understand

and relate to what I'm going through.

Yeah, I'm proud of you for facing this.

You should be, too.

Well, since I can't drink,

how about a nice cup of tea?

A cup of Southfork's
finest coming right up.

[Water running]


What's wrong?

My God! Oh!

Are you all right?

What happened?

I'm getting you out of here.

Come on, honey. It's all right.

Let's get you out of these wet clothes.

What's happening?

I'm gonna call the doctor.


Pamela, what's the matter?



Now go home and kiss your wife.

Oh, sweetheart, it's over
between John Ross and Emma.

And we're so sorry you
had to find out this way.

You mean you've known about this?

You've known about this
and you didn't tell me?!

We didn't want to hurt you.

How long have you known?

How long have you been looking at me,

feeling sorry for me?!

It's John Ross and Emma that
should be ashamed, not you.

We tried to get them to stop

so that you wouldn't find
out anything about this.

I'm his wife! I should know
who my husband is screwing!

So I can decide whether
I want to be with him!

Well, we wanted to protect you, Pamela.

That's all we were trying to do.

Get out.

Get out!

[Door closes]

- I got to get out of here for a while.
- No.

Sue Ellen, I am not gonna
let you be self-destructive.

We thought we were doing the right thing.


It backfired.

What backfired?


Sue Ellen, what's going on?

John Ross and Emma

have been having an affair, Bobby.

Sue Ellen and I found out
just before the wedding.

We were trying to stop it.

We thought it would be
best not to tell Pamela,

since we thought the affair was over.

But someone maliciously
e-mailed Pamela a video

of John Ross and Emma having sex.

I knew I should have told you.

But every time it has something
to do with Emma, I feel like...

It was me, Bobby. I wanted it kept quiet.

With all due respect, Sue
Ellen, you are not my wife.

We're supposed to be partners, Annie.

You swore you wouldn't
keep things from me again.

I... I know. I don't know why I...

maybe I was ashamed.

What is it that's so hardwired in you

that you keep the most
important events in your life

secret from your husband?

Southfork is my home!

I was born in this house,
and I will protect it

and every person in it with my life!

Sending that video was not malicious, Ann.

It was cruel.

You don't know it was Emma
who sent that video, Bobby.

Really, Annie?

After all of this, you don't
think she's capable of that?

I got to get some air.

When I get back, I want
Emma out of my house.

Please tell your ex-husband

he is responsible for
her safety from now on.


[Police radio chatter]

Christopher? What's going on?

Heather's ex-husband
took Michael from school.

They've disappeared.

I called in some favors,

put Bo's license plate in the system,

but no one's spotted him.

And because he's Michael's
father, there's no crime

- without specific intent to harm or abscond.
- No, no.

He took my son when he wasn't supposed to.

Without evidence of threats,

it's a civil matter, not criminal.

You get your lawyer to file
for a writ of attachment,

then we'll have the authority
to get Michael back for you.

W... what if he's using again?

You saw him last night. He
wasn't in his right mind.

T... there's no telling what
kind of state he could be in now.

As bad as Bo can be, you said it yourself.

He loves Michael.

He wouldn't do anything to hurt him.

Do you have any idea where he might be?

God, I could give you a list
of bars as long as your arm.

But the truth is, he could
be anywhere, Christopher.

O... okay, well, text them to me,

along with any friends or relatives...

anywhere you think he could
be... and I'll check it out.

Look, you go home in case
Bo comes to his senses

- and brings Michael back.
- Yeah.

I'm gonna get a jacket and come with you.

I need to get away from here for a while.

I'll explain in the car.

I'll keep pushing to get this
bumped up to an Amber alert,

get more eyes out there looking for them.

All right, thanks, Derrick.

Hey. Hey. We're gonna find him.

[Poce Rio chatter]

John Ross.

All that chasing me around the office,

and I realized you never invited
me to your apartment, Candace.

Well, it was always an
open invitation with you.

Now, that is just the type of
hospitality I was hoping for.


Looks like you're packing.

I never meant for you
to have to leave town.

Well, can't keep this apartment
without a job, John Ross.

I'm downsizing.


You got another man in your life, Candy?

'Cause I'm pretty sure I
wasn't paying you enough

to afford a swanky place like this.

Or is that why you were
so hot to get me in bed?

Come on, John Ross. You
could do a lot worse than me.

How could I change your mind?

There might be something you can do

to get me to change my mind.

But the funny thing

about Harris Ryland
taking me to a whorehouse,

showering me with two pretty call girls...

I don't know. Maybe it's a coincidence

that I am now being showered
again by another pretty girl.

But I don't believe in coincidences.

I know that you're a call girl, Candy.

I know you were arrested two
years ago for prostitution.

And I'm willing to bet

that you're working for Harris Ryland.

You tell me why Harris
forced those two girls on me

and why he wanted me to sleep with you.

You answer those two questions for me,

I might let you keep this
little swanky place of yours.

Hell, I might even pay all your bills.

Mija, where have you been?
I've been trying to reach you.

- I was at Joaquín's. Mama, what's wrong?
- Drew.

He's in Dallas. He found me at the market.

Did he call you?

No. Um... he didn't.

I called the police to see

if they were still searching
for him from before.

They said they think
Drew is still in Mexico.

Maybe he'll just go back to Mexico

and forget what he did here.

Yeah, mama.

Let's hope so.



Man: Madam, Mr. Ewing has arrived.

What a pleasure it is to see
you back at the establishment.

If you're looking for something
that's not on our menu,

all you need to do is ask.

I'm sure there are a number of girls

who'd be eager to cater
to your brand of depravity.

You've already tried
that once, Madam Judith.

As I'm sure you've
guessed by my being here,

I've had a peek at the
cards you're holding.

Now, I know that girl you
tried to set me up with was 16.

But I didn't screw her.

So you sent Candace after me
to try and grab, shall we say,

the remaining piece of
the DNA puzzle you needed

to put me in jail for bedding a minor.

If I set out to put you in jail, Mr. Ewing,

you wouldn't be here

smiling that insufferably
smug smile at me now.

Be that as it may...


You and your son need to cease
and desist coming after me.

I now know that you own
this fine establishment.

And Candace will testify
that you tried to frame me

for something I didn't do.

So, what do you say you put
a leash on that son of yours

and I won't put a leash on
you by throwing you in jail?

Regardless of what you think about Harris,

he did what he did to protect Emma.

Emma is quit capable of
taking care of herself.

Fact is, I am surprised
you haven't given her

the responsibility she
deserves at Ryland Transport,

given the disappointment in your son.

I'm beginning to think that
it's the women in your family

that really have the heads for business.

I am touched by the compliment, Mr. Ewing,

so please forgive the
terribly old-fashioned question

I am about to ask you.

What are your intentions
toward my granddaughter?

I'm a married man, like you pointed out.

So I cannot in good conscience

tell you that my
intentions are... honorable.

So let's be clear on this.

Harris and I will do anything
in our power to protect Emma.

Just so that we're clear, too...

I will do anything to protect my family.


Thank you so much for stopping by.

So, what do you think
of your young suitor now?

I enjoy him, and he enjoys me.

I have no expectations
of him leaving his wife.

John Ross wants nothing more

than to get a foot in the
door at Ryland transport.

Once he's in, he will kick you aside.

You have the pictures of John
Ross with the 16-year-old.

And you have the dress.

Use them.

I know from personal experience

what pleasure strong men
can give women like us

and how sometimes our hearts get involved,

even when we don't want them to.

Be smart...

my darling girl.

They heel better when they
have a leash around their neck.

You and my sister should
have told me the truth

when you found it.

Your sister and I

didn't want to burden you with this, Drew.

We wanted to come to you
when things had been avenged.

So your anger didn't cause
you to make more bad choices.

All the bad choices I have made

are the result of what
J.R. did to my father.

Listen to me.

Elena and I have put in
place an intricate plan

that will take everything from the Ewings.

All you need to do is be patient.

Go back to Mexico, freed from your guilt,

and let us set you and your family free.

The Ewings killed my father.

Our father, as surely as if
they'd put a gun in his hand

and pulled the trigger.

This is a blood feud that can
only be settled with blood.

Come with me to avenge our father.

Avenge the man who raised you, Joaquín.

No, you are being irrational, Drew,

like you've always been
irrational since Enrique died!

This is exactly what your
sister and I wanted to avoid.

Our plan won't put us all in jail.

Let's call Elena now.

I already talked to Elena.

I will do it alone.



You bring me more news about
the I.P.O. with Ewing Global?

Your men did not find Drew Ramos,

and now we have a problem.

You mean you have a problem.

Drew ramos is out for
blood against the Ewings.

If he reaches them and tells them anything,

our plan will be ruined.

If he reaches them I
know I'm the one in debt,

but it is the Ewing deal that
puts the cartel much closer

to overthrowing the Mexican government.

Okay. What do you need?

Put every man you have in Dallas out

finding Drew Ramos... now!

Nobody's seen Bo in a couple of weeks.

Let's, uh... let's try the
Pastime Tavern down the road.

All right. Fine.

Ann try calling you again?


I think she knows I need time to cool off.

And have you?

- Cooled off?
- [Cellphone vibrating]

- Derrick.
- Derrick: Mesquite police just called me.

They spotted Bo's car at the rodeo.

He's there with the boy.

You can't let him go.

I'll ask the mesquite
sheriff to keep an eye on Bo

and the boy till mom arrives.

- Thank you.
- [Engine turns over]

I'll try and at least
keep it on two wheels.

[Tires squeal]

Heather, they found him.

Mesquite rodeo. We're heading there now.

[Cellphone vibrating]


Well, well, well,

I was just thinking about you.

Is something wrong?

I spoke to Candace.

She told you about the dress, then?

What my father was going to do to you.

I got her to give it to me.

I got rid of it for you, John Ross.

You threw it away?

To protect you.

Why didn't you tell me?

Don't be so cynical, John Ross.

We're in this together.

In fact, that's why I called.

My grandmother just told me

that she's gonna start training me

to take over Ryland Transport.

I'm in.

Well, I like the sound of that.

I'm at the Omni. Come over.

I want someone to celebrate with.

And I'm not taking no for an answer.

All right, I got a couple
of things to finish,

and I'll be right over.


[Knock on door]

We have a problem, Harris.

One of the dalmatians get loose?

I'm glad you find yourself amusing.

- [Door closes]
- What do you want, mother?

John Ross knows all
about your farcical plan

with the 16-year-old and Candace.

He's threatening to throw us both in jail

if I don't make you heel.

I will take care of it, mother.

Yes, you will.

Shit! [Police radio chatter]

[Indistinct talking over P.A.]


Hey, buddy.

[Grunts] You all right?

My dad didn't mean to hurt anyone.

He just wanted that cop to leave us alone.

Yeah, I know.

Michael! Michael!

Oh! [Sobs]

Oh, thank you.

You told me to stop and
think about it this morning.

Well, I did.

And whatever happens
from here on out, I'm in.

All the way.

Oh, come here, boy.

Let me look at you. Hi. Are you okay?

Will you watch him for a second?


If you were any friend of your brother's,

you would have called me
the second he showed up here

and sent him straight home.

Look, he knew that he
shouldn't have taken Michael,

but he felt cut off from his family

and he wanted to get back up on a bull

and prove to his son
that he wasn't a loser.

And I had to give him that.

Then the cops showed up. He went ballistic.

He picked a fight with
five cops and then ran off.

Well, that was a stupid thing to do

because now there's a
warrant out for his arrest.

Who are you?

I'm his former employer... Bobby Ewing.

So you must be Christopher.

Yeah, I am.

You can't just take a man's job

and then steal his family.

Bo cost himself his family.

And he's deluded if he blames anyone else.

But he does. Bo's headed back to Dallas.

He's coming for everyone at Southfork.

Mama, I promise, okay?

The minute I know anything,
I'll let you know, okay?

[Voice breaking] Okay.
I love you. [Sniffles]

Please tell me you know something.

My mom is worried sick.

Hopefully, Drew's come to his senses

and is headed back to Mexico.


I can't... I can't keep lying like this.

It's not me.

I feel like I've been living in a fog,

thirsting for revenge.

Everyone I thought of as my friends,

my family, Christopher.

Christopher blamed you for what Drew did.

I lied to all of them,
and I pushed them all away.

Christopher never hurt my father.

J.R. did.

He's dead. [Sniffles]

What about me?

I'm your family. I love you.

I love you, too, Joaquín,

but I feel like I've been
using everyone around me,

including you.


Not me... Ellie.

You've never used me.

You're my destiny.

[Doorbell rings]

Emma has to move back in with you.

Everyone's found out about
her affair with John Ross.

Bobby's furious. He
told me she has to leave.

I'm just sick about it,
Harris. I mean, I'm her mother.

Now, I... I know she's behaved abominably,

but Bobby has no right to throw her out,

not while the cartel could be
out there waiting to hurt her.

And I'm so angry.

But I don't know

who I'm more angry at...
Emma, Bobby, or myself.

How about you be angry with me?

That's always a good place to start.

Now, I made this mess.

I will clean it up. I promise.

Now, how about you come
inside and have a drink?

'Cause I know you could use one.

[Elena breathes deeply]

What's the first comfort
food that comes to mind?



bacon and cheese on...

white toast.

It's the first thing I had
when my family got to Southfork.

Coming right up. [Chuckles]


It's crazy, everything
that's happened in that house,

not to feel...


[Sighs] Afraid.

Every time I came here when I was young,

e... even when things were good between us,

I always felt so unsettled.

That's called my mother.


I'm sorry I was so weak, Annie.


Back then, you were the
strongest man I knew.

Yeah, strong to you, maybe,

but I'd let her control me too much,

listened to her too much.

And it all went awry.

Well, it wasn't just you[Scoff]

I was young and reckless.

Running away from a life I didn't want.

You know, I think if I
had paused for one second,

I would have seen I was
too young and too screwed up

to think running off with
anyone at 17 was a good idea.

I don't know. I think we
could have worked, Annie.

I loved you.

I just think we never had a chance.

We should have never
remained in this house,

not with that woman living here.

She destroys everything she ever touches.

She destroyed the most
important part of my life...


- I should go.
- I'm sorry.

Uh... I'm sorry, Annie.

I'm sorry. Listen. Uh...

Please let my man take you home.

[Indistinct conversation]

John Ross: Sorry I had to run out.

I hope you found my surprise and liked it.

I love you. Call me back, babe.

[Crickets chirping]

I know how angry you are at me, Pamela,

and I know how humiliated you must feel.

But I did it to protect
you from the pain...

the same pain I felt

when I found out about J.R.'s infidelities.

I'm not you.

I'm not a weak, sniveling drunk...

Like you.


John Ross: Come on, now.
You're making me drink alone.

Darlin', you're tempting
fate wearing that lingerie.

Well, hello, fate.

[Glasses clink]



[Gasps] Aah!


Pamela, please just...

don't... don't do anything
you're gonna regret.

Love what you're wearing.

May I join you?

♪ music plays ♪


♪ music continues ♪


Pamela. Hey.

Hey. What's going on?

Emma, call 911 now!

♪ music continues ♪

Christopher: Oh God, that's Bo's truck.

♪ music continues ♪


Sue Ellen!

Someone needs to get here immediately!

Pamela, come on! Wake up, baby! Wake up!



Sue Ellen!