Dallas (2012–2014): Season 3, Episode 9 - Denial, Anger, Acceptance - full transcript

Christopher nearly roughs up Bo McCabe for the fire at South Fork, but his denial is accepted after Sue Ellen admits she got drunk again and burned something before dozing off, he even dragged her out and enjoys renewed respect from his wife and, above all, doting son. Thus true arsonist Drew remains undiscovered, but Nicolas and his drug cartel cahoots find and eliminate the loose end anyhow. Elena is furious at Nicolas for disclosing John Ross's adultery to Pamela behind her back, but Bobby turns on Anne and Sue Ellen for keeping secrets from him and declares schemer Emma unwelcome at Southfork. Pamela recovers well in ER but haughtily rejects John Ross's humble pie, claiming she Od's only to spoil all future affairs for the adulterer.

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Previously on Dallas...

- The world.
- You ready to go rule it?

Don't flatter yourself, Darlin.

I know you're sleeping with Emma.

This is just business.

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

I'd like to take the next
step in our relationship.

I got a kid who had his heart broken

- by his father.
- You Ewings, you take away my Job

- and now you're trying to steal my family?
- Settle down.

You son of a...

My name is Nicolas Trevi?o,

and I'm here on behalf of
Cliff Barnes as his proxy.

J.R. robbed your father of his will to live

by robbing him of his dream.

We will get justice for your family.

Why are you doing this
to yourself again, huh?

You did this to me.

My mother's not just drinking.

She's out of control. I
had to call the police.

They've taken her into
custody to get her help.

For your well-being, you're gonna
be staying with us at Southfork.

We're gonna make sure

you get the help you need to stay sober.

By the time the Ewings and Cliff Barnes

realize what happened,

you'll be in control of the company,

I can't live like this anymore.

If you come back to Dallas,

you will just reopen old wounds.

He could ruin all our plans.

The Ewings killed my father.

This is a blood feud that can
only be settled with blood.

Put every man you have in Dallas out

finding Drew Ramos... now!

If I ever find out you've
been stepping out on me,

God's wrath will be the
least of your worries.

Someone maliciously
e-mailed Pamela a video

of John Ross and Emma having sex.

I want Emma out of my house.

Tell your ex-husband

he is responsible for her safety.

- I should go.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I should know who my husband is screwing!


Don't do anything you're gonna regret.

May I join you?

- Pamela.
- Hey.

Call 911 now!

- She's not breathing!
- She overdosed!

Bo's headed back to Dallas.

He's coming for everyone at Southfork.

Annie! Sue Ellen!

Are you all right?!

- Yeah.
- You?

- I think so.
- Come on.

Oh, my God.

- It's Bo.
- He's alive.

Hang on.


All right.

You get him out of here. I'll
look for Ann and Sue Ellen.


Come on, baby! Come on!

Come on.

Hey, talk to me.

Look at me, baby. Look at me.

Why aren't they here?
Where the hell are they?

Baby, come on.

Call them again.

Come on. Come on, Pamela. Wake up.

Come on. Come on.

Come on, baby. Come on.

Come on. Wake up, please.

Talk to me, baby. Come on.


Sue Ellen!

Come on. Come on.

We got to go.

Her heart's already stopped
once. We got no time.

Let's go.

That's them.

- She's here
- Come on, guys. Come on.

We need your help.


You've got to help her.

Pupils are sluggish.

- What's her name?
- Pamela.

Pamela, stay with us, darling.

- Can you tell me what it is you took?
- Oh.

I-I found that in her jacket.

Benzos... 30 count. It's empty.

- Do you know how many she took?
- No.

- Do you know when she took them?
- No.

You know if she took anything else?

Did she drink anything?

I have no idea!

Previous suicide attempts?

Any previous suicide attempts?


I...I don't know.

It's time to go.

Okay. Here we go.


We would make beautiful babies.

And I would look so pretty in the kitchen,

barefoot and pregnant.

You would.

Okay, you've had enough of a break.

That's enough for you.


Mama, wait. Slow down.

What do you mean there's a fire?

At Southfork?

Yeah, yeah. Wait.

Just... I'll be right there.

- There's a fire at Southfork?
- Yeah.

She said she just saw two ambulances leave.

Who's hurt?

She doesn't know.

Where are you going?

Going to the hospital.

How's Sue Ellen?

They're treating her for smoke inhalation.


He's still critical.

- Where do you want us?
- Trauma 2.

That's Pamela.

- You can't come in here.
- No, we know her.

- You have to go.
- What happened?

You have to go!

Ready on three. One, two, three.

What do we got here, boys?

Suspected Benzo overdose.
Lorazepam, unknown amount.

B.P. is 94 over 63, pulse 58.

O2 sat is 92 on the Rebreather.

Run E.K.G, A.B.G, C.B.C, C.M.P.
Let's get the acetaminophen level.

Let's do a urine drug
screen and a urine pregnancy.

They said Pamela overdosed. What happened?

- Wait, what are you all doing here?
- You are responsible for this.

- Get off me.
- No.


- Because of your cheating, she could die!
- Dad, stop.

He isn't worth it.

What? It wasn't enough
that you betrayed Pamela?

You have to send her some
sick video to prove it?

Wait. What... what video?

I don't know. What are you talking about?

Save this act for your mother.

I'm looking for Sue Ellen Ewing's family.

Why? What happened?

- Is she okay?
- She's okay.

She's resting.

Wait. What's going on?

What happened to my mother?

While you were out
destroying your marriage,

there was a fire at Southfork.

She was inside.

Come on.

You've had trouble sleeping
since you were a baby.

I cannot count the nights

you would fuss until I gave you my breast.

It's not mother's milk,
but milk from your mother.

Uh, dairy makes me nauseous.

Dear Ann.

Such a pretty packet of poison.

But look closely.

Can you see the grasping
succubus behind that smile?

I sure can.

I saw that little kiss you gave her,

that look on your face.
Like a lovesick puppy.

It was all I could do
to keep my dinner down.


I hadn't realized

you were such a masochist.

You want pain from a whore?

I can set you up

with one of those girls in the brothel.

If I wanted pain from a
whore, I'd just stay home.

Oh, Christopher. Thank God.

- Hey.
- Hey.

My mom told me about the fire.

She said there were ambulances.

Sue Ellen was inside,

but it looks like she's gonna be okay.

Oh, what happened? How did it start?

It was arson.

Oh, my God.

Yeah. We found Bo Mccabe inside.

He was drunk and...

Angry about me dating Heather.

I'm just glad you're okay.

I'm looking for Bo Mccabe.

What's Emma doing here?

- Pamela overdosed.
- What?

Looks like she caught Emma
and John Ross together.

Thank you.

Would you give me a second?


All they told me is that Bo's in icu.

Yeah, that's all I know, too.

I don't understand.
Why was he at the house?


Oh, come on.

I know what Bo's brother said,
but Bo didn't start that fire?

Welt, then, who did?

Welt, no offense,

but your... your family has
enough enemies to fill a bus.

Yeah, but none of them were in the house.

I mean, he's using again.

He told his brother he
was coming for the Ewings.

What else do you need?

I need to hear Bo say it.

And until he does, I'm
gonna pray he's innocent.

'Cause otherwise I got to
tell that little boy over there

that his father's some kind of monster.


Look. You have to believe me.

I don't know anything about a video.


I cannot deal with you right now.


Oh, thank God.

How's Sue Ellen?

She's okay.

Thank goodness you weren't in the house.

Where were you?

We needed groceries.
I-I was at the market.

W-what's Emma doing here?

Ann, Pamela's in I.C.U. She overdosed.

You need to move out of Southfork.

- That's not fair.
- Pamela overdosed because of what you did,

and you don't think it's fair?

I didn't force John Ross to sleep with me,

and I didn't force those
pills down Pamela's throat.

Yeah, I really thought
if I could reach through

all the years of pain and damage,

I could find the real Emma,

the loving Emma.

Maybe that Emma never existed.

Mr. Ewing?

How's my wife doing?

She's been stabilized.

When can I see her?

She tried to kill herself.

Until she's out of crisis,

she's not gonna be seeing anyone.

Do they know how the fire started?

Um, a ranch hand set it.

When I first heard it was
arson, I thought for a minute

that maybe Drew was angry
enough to... I have a feeling

that your brother may already be in Mexico.

And if he's not, my men will find him.

I will protect him from his rage,

even if it's against his own will.

Thank you.

Has he calmed down yet?

No. If anything, he has gotten angrier.

So, you didn't hear the threat
directly from Mr. Mccabe.

No, from his brother.

And there are no witnesses
to him setting the fire.

We found him in a flaming house.

Are you saying he didn't do it?

Odds are, he did.

It's just that most arsonists

don't stand in the fire to watch it burn.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

My goal right now is to
rebuild his spinal column

and make room for his
spinal cord to recover.

Thank you.


You okay?

The beam that fell broke Bo's back.

There may be spinal-cord damage.

They won't know more until after surgery.

One step at a time, right?


Are you all right?

I'm fine.

Why are you keeping me here?

I need to go home.

I'd like to keep you a little while longer,

- for observation.
- Why?

Welt, you were disoriented
when they brought you in.

From the smoke.

You were intoxicated.

Your blood alcohol level confirms that.

And you sustained a concussion
from your fall to the floor.

That could complicate things.


I-I'll stay.

You know, right now,

every fiber in you is
desperate for a drink.

But you don't have to live that way.

I can recommend some great programs

if you'd like to get some help.

I don't need help.

How's the patient, doc?

The doctor thinks that, uh,
I should stay for a while

just, uh, to be safe.

Thank you, doctor.

How are you feeling?

I've been better.

Sue Ellen, I wanted to tell you myself

before anybody else did,

but Pamela was admitted
here for an overdose.


She was...

She was so upset when
I tried to talk to her.

I-I wanted to explain to...

no, no, no, no.

Maybe the good news is Pamela can use this

as an excuse to finally leave John Ross.

Thank you for saving my life.

What happened?

Oh, uh, ex-ranch hand, Bo Mccabe.

He set the fire.

Do you remember seeing or hearing anything?



The last thing I remember was...

Was watching TV.

And then... I fell asleep.

Sue Ellen, I found you in John Ross' room.

What were you doing there?

That's right.

I woke up, and I was hungry.

So I went downstairs
to get something to eat.


You okay?

Get out!

I-I just wanted to make sure

- that you're all right.
- Bobby, get him out of here.

Christopher is not here to
stop me this time, John Ross.

You're gonna have to talk
to me sooner or later.

Why would I send a video
of us making love to Pamela?

We never made love.

We screwed.

I didn't send it.

Okay. Then it was your father.


So now that Pamela knows, what do we do?

What do we do?

From now on, there is no more "we," okay?

The first rule of cheating

is when the wife finds out, it's done.

From now on, you and I are strangers.

Don't be stupid!

We're still business partners.

We can do great things together.

Coming to the United States,

it's a dangerous thing for me to do.

But when we picked up ramos,

he had a letter in his pocket,
addressed to the local paper.


In it, he writes about wanting
to avenge his father's death,

a death he blames on the Ewings.

He also reveals interesting details

about your childhood
connection with Elena ramos,

information that would put our plans

to take Ewing Global in jeopardy.

Nicolas, we need that company

to fund our takeover of
the Mexican government.

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.

No excuses.

You failed us

when we entrusted you to
invest $600 million for us.

Now, if you can't reason with ramos,

if you're incapable of
making him convince me

that this vendetta is over...

You will have failed me again.

And the price for that will be his life.


What are you doing here?

I've come to pick up Emma.

Apparently your wife

has grown tired of being a mother again.

At least this time,

she didn't leave my
granddaughter at a fair.

You know, there are times I'm convinced

that she shot the wrong Ryland.

How gallant you are to defend her...

Especially considering
what happened with my son.

What are you babbling about?


I really stepped in it this time.

I assumed Ann told you

about her make-out session with Harris.

Looked like a real
toe-curler from where I stood.

The day that I believe a
single word out of your mouth

is the day I'll check myself
in here for observation.

Welt, don't believe me.

Ask your blushing bride.

Emma, I think we should go.

I think some very bad
language is about to fly.

Bobby, I need to explain.

Please, just let me explain!

You want to explain kissing Ryland?

I went to tell Ryland
that he had to take Emma.

- I was doing what you wanted.
- Welt, that's funny.

I don't remember asking you
to make out with your ex!

I didn't make out with him.

He was apologizing for the
way Judith had treated me

while we were married.

We were just talking,
and suddenly he kissed me.

- Out of the blue?
- Yes!

And what did you do?

I was so shocked, I didn't know what to do.

I-I left.

He kissed me! I can't control what he does.

That's right, you can't.

But you can control telling
me the truth about it.

I asked you where you were tonight,

and you lied!

After everything with John Ross and Emma,

you looked me in the face, and you lied.


Shouldn't you be at the hospital?

They won't let me see Pamela.

I needed a change of clothes.

I know you don't believe me, Uncle Bobby,

but I really do love Pamela.

I know sleeping with Emma was wrong,

but I did it anyway.

I just kept telling myself it was business,

that it really didn't mean anything.

That's what you do, John Ross.

You justify.

And then you ignore all the destruction

you leave in your wake.

I know.

Why can I do that?

You say you want to be a better person,

that you didn't mean to
betray the people you love

and you feel so bad for doing it.

Welt, words are cheap.

You are what you do.

You want to be a better man...

Be one.

Hey, buddy.

What's up?

Thank you for saving my daddy.


How is he?

He's resting.

The surgery went well.

I rebuilt the area
above his previous injury

and put his spinal column back together

to give him a stable foundation.

And make more room for
the spinal cord to recover.

- So, is he gonna walk again?
- It's too soon to tell.

The good news is, the
spinal cord monitoring

didn't change or worsen during the surgery.

So far, there's no bleeding or swelling,

so we'll just keep an eye on
things and hope for the best.


Excuse me, couldn't help overhearing

- you say Mr. Mccabe is out of surgery.
- Will you take Michael?

Do you think he's alert enough
to answer some questions?

Look, the guy's not going anywhere.

- Can't it wait?
- Welt, I'm confused.

A minute ago, you were ready to go

- straight to the penalty phase on this guy.
- Yeah, well, uh...

Yeah. It can wait till later.

Appreciate it.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Of course.


You may not believe this,

but I get no pleasure

from being right about John Ross.

Look, I know you think I'm weak...

And stupid...

To care for John Ross,

but I can't help it.

It hurts being cast aside.

On the contrary, my dear.

The ability to feel pain is a gift.

Feel that hurt.

Nurture that hurt.

Feed that hurt.

Till it's powerful enough to take vengeance

on those who have wronged you.

Have you talked to her?

No visitors on suicide watch.

What are you gonna do?

I have no idea.

What can I even say
that will mean anything?

"Sorry" would be a really good start.

My Uncle Bobby says you are what you do.

I keep telling myself I'm
gonna be a better person,

and I don't even act like it.

You know, you know me better than anybody.

Am I even capable of loving someone,

or... or am I just some sort of a sociopath

that's so broken inside that,
that I can't ever be fixed?

I think we all do things we regret.

But every day is another
chance to do the right thing.

You just have to find
the strength to do it.

That son of a bitch Ryland
did me a favor, I guess.

At least now I don't have to
keep lying to Pamela anymore.

What did Ryland do?

He sent a video to Pamela

of me and Emma having sex.

That's how she found out about it.

How do you know it was Ryland?

Who the hell else would
do something like that?

You've reached Nicolas.
Please leave a message.

You need to call me back right now.

I know you sent that
video, you son of a bitch.

Call me right now.

They said I could come in.

I've been trying to see you.

They said you couldn't have visitors.


Because of...

Because of...?

I never loved Emma.

I guess she and I have that in common.

Look, I have no excuse for what I did.

I don't know if you can ever forgive me.

And I know that I have no right

to ask you for another chance.

But I'm asking.

What's that?

Remember when I gave that to you?

It's the plastic ring we got in Vegas.

It's a little melted.

I know I haven't acted like it,

but I really do love you, Pamela.

I never thought about
how this could hurt you.

What makes you think I'm hurt?

You tried to kill yourself, Pamela.

If I wanted to kill myself,

I would not have driven over
to your hotel room to do it.

I did what I did so that every time

you think about screwing
that piece of trash,

all you'll be able to
see is me on the floor

with my eyes rolled back in my head.

Sexy, huh?

Please don't do this.

We're done here. Goodbye.

I'm not giving up on us.

Good luck with that.

I started the fire.


I was drunk.

And I came down to get more to drink.

And then I remembered John
Ross had a bottle in his room.

And I saw their wedding invitation,

and I lit it on fire.

And then I passed out.

I am so sorry I lied to all of you.

I'm an alcoholic.

And I will be until I die.

The house was on fire when I got there.

I thought somebody might be inside.

He's telling the truth.

My aunt just admitted to
setting the fire accidentally.

Go ask her yourself.

I will.

Thanks for trying to save my aunt.

Thanks for saving me.

I think.

Welt, hey.

There he is.

Oh, I missed you.

It's so good to see you.

I bought you a bull.

Oh, wow.

I love it.

What do you think? This guy a spinner?


Next time you ride, mom has to watch.

Right, mom?

Sure, sweetie. I'll watch.

I got you some cookies, but I ate them all.


- Were they really good?
- Really good.

Yeah. So, um...

So, what do you think?

What should we name this guy?

Quite a mess.


I'm sorry.

I know.

I love you.

I love you.

When I used to look at you,

all I could think of was how lucky I was

to have you in my life.

And now I wonder what secrets
you're keeping from me,

what things you've done

that you feel are best kept hidden.

I don't want to live like that.

How can I fix this?

Look at this place.

It's gonna be a disaster while we rebuild.

I think I should stay here and oversee it.

Are you kicking me out?

I'm saying I need some
time to figure things out.


You're not gonna believe this.

One of the ewing women

has just taken responsibility for the fire.

Smile, Drew.

God has given you a gift.

Now no one will ever know you set the fire.

I'm not done with the Ewings.

I will destroy them, and they'll know

whose hands created that destruction.

I told you. The Ewings will pay.

Elena and I will see to that.

We will take everything they have.

And when the time is right,
we will tell them why.

But if you go after them again,

you'll destroy our plan
before it is complete.

Taking their money means nothing.

They'll just make more.

Listen to me, hermano.

I invested money for
the Mendez-ochoa cartel.

I lost hundreds of
millions of dollars on it.

If this plan doesn't go
forward, they will kill me.

Does my sister know this?


Does she know why you're
pretending to help her?

Of course not.

If she found out you were using her,

using her pain over our father's death

just to pay a debt to drug dealers,

she would despise you.

I promised to protect you, Drew.

Please... Let me.

He'll kill you if you don't stop this.

Ah, come on.

Let's... let's not lie to each other,

mi hermano.

We both know I was dead the
moment you brought me here.

Get up.

Give your father my love.

With what I've done, I'm going to hell.

I'll save you a seat.