Dallas (2012–2014): Season 3, Episode 7 - Like a Bad Penny - full transcript

As Bobby and Ann work to get Sue Ellen released, John Ross pushes ahead on his plans for control of Ewing Global, enlisting the help of one of J.R.'s last business partners. Meanwhile, secrets come to light as Emma discovers the l...

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- Hope I'm not interrupting something.

If I don't have a job, you're
bitching about child support

I do have a job, you're
bitching about your schedule.

Figure it out, Heather.


That was the best part about going public.

I was able to buy up controlling
interest in the company.

What part of that outfit
is business casual?

You don't really think John Ross would

cheat on you with her, do you?

I like to know that I'm the
only other... other woman.

Cheating husband... my
favorite kind of case.

Once Pamela realizes

the full extent of the Ewings' betrayal,

she'll want revenge as much as I do.

- When does the CIA go after drug dealers?
- We don't.

These guys are ex-commando
of the Mexican army.

Drugs give them the money and the influence

to take down the Mexican government.

That son of yours is something else.

I know the sound of a lie.

And you are an expert at
it, just like your father.

I am not my father!

Ma'am, I got a court order here

to take you into custody

for a mandatory psychiatric evaluation.

She's out of control, Uncle Bobby.

What have you done, John Ross?

I'll be voting on her behalf
to take Ewing Global public.

And there's not a damn
thing you can do to stop me.

The fact that she was incarcerated

in the first place is outrageous.

She's not a danger to herself

or anyone else, for that matter.

The judge who ordered the
involuntary hold thought otherwise.

Besides, given her history of alcoholism,

I'm wary of releasing her too soon.

She smelled of alcohol
when she was brought in.

Dr. Eglert, she admitted to us

that she'd had one drink.

Whether she had one drink or 10,

an alcoholic is an alcoholic.

She's going to need treatment.

We'll see to it

that she gets all the help that she needs.

But locking her up is gonna
do more harm than good.


Years ago, her husband
put her in a sanitarium

because of her drinking.

She was profoundly traumatized.

Let her go before any more
damage is done. Please.

I'm afraid it's not up to me.

The judge who issued the hold

has to review the admittance report

before I'm able to release her.

Well, h... how long will that take?

I don't know.

I was just trying to be
polite. H... he was rude.


- You're letting me go?
- Yes...

because you can't seem
to take no for an answer,

someone very important to
me got the wrong impression,

cost me a great deal.

Mr. Ewing, I'm so sorry.

I promise it won't happen again.

You're right. It won't.
Because you're fired.

Mr. Ewing, please don't do this.

I need you to find out

whatever you can about Candace Shaw.

No one's ever chased me like that before.

She might have been
trying to work an angle.

Maybe she sued a boss for
sexual harassment in the past...

I don't know.

I'm cute, but I'm not that cute.

You inherited your daddy's cynical heart.

Yeah, like he always said,
you only want to be surprised

when someone does the right thing.

Now go home and kiss your wife.


I still can't sleep, Elli.

What's wrong?

I can't close my eyes.

I just see the explosion
over and over again.

I killed those babies. I killed them.

It wasn't your fault, Drew.

You didn't know what would happen.

I ran away. I... I just...

I shouldn't have run. I
have to turn myself in.

Spending the rest of your life in jail

won't bring those babies back.

- I can't live like this anymore.
- If you come back to Dallas,

you will just reopen old wounds.

Christopher is trying
to put this behind him.

Pamela's trying to make
a fresh start, okay?

Opening things up,
hurting her all over again,

that's not the answer, okay?

Just stay at Joaqu?n's.

I will come down as
soon as I can. I promise.

What's wrong?

That was Drew.

He wants to turn himself in.

Besides Carmen, he's the only one

who knows we grew up together.

If he comes back to Dallas,

he might figure out what we're up to.

He could ruin all our plans.

I know. I think I talked him out of it.


Well... I have something.

I know Christopher's been putting you

in an uncomfortable position by asking you

to play double agent for him.

This should put a stop to that.

I felt you tossing and turning all night.

How are you this morning?

Seeing my mother drunk like that,

it took me back to being a kid

doing whatever I could do
to keep her from the bottle.

I don't know. Maybe I
overreacted last night.

She was out of control and needed help.

Sometimes people just need
to be saved from themselves.

She kept seeing me as J.R.

She thought I was only out for myself.

But everything I did, I did for us.

I can't ever trust my mother again.

This I.P.O. is a way for us to make sure

that we're the only ones
making the decisions.

It's us against the world.

And we're gonna win.

I found a way to take
control of Ewing Global

- once the I.P.O. goes through.
- How?

While J.R. was working on an oil deal

with Sheik Sherif Ali
in Abu Dhabi last year,

he learned of the Sheik's interest

in bidding on arctic leases.

Except, by U.S. law, he couldn't bid

without partnering up
with an American company.

J.R. assured him that Ewing Energies

would be that partner.

We cut him in on the arctic leases

if he agrees to give
us the necessary capital

to purchase the controlling
interest in the I.P.O.


The Sheik is gonna be in Vegas this weekend

for a high-stakes poker game.

What do you say we pay him a little visit

and close a deal?


Hey hey.

So, you think Nicolas is
such a good guy now, Elena?

What are you talking about?

What? You didn't hear?

He backed John Ross' vote for an I.P.O.

However Nicolas voted...

it's because that's what Cliff wanted.

Y... your boyfriend's a corporate raider.

I mean, this I.P.O. is just the opening

a guy like that looks for
to take control of a company.

And John Ross was reckless
enough to give it to him.

He has no ulterior motives.

He's acting as Cliff's proxy. That's all.

How can you be so sure that
everything he says is the truth?

You wanted me to find out
who Nicolas was before 1997.

Well, I did.

Follow me.

Javier Hernandez?

That's Nicolas' real name.

When you told me he was hiding something

about his past, I pressed him. He told me.

Where did you get this information?

I called down to the state
archives office in Mexico

requesting the information
they had on that name

along with Nicolas' details...

his birth date, his parents' birth names,

the hospital where he was born.

It came in this morning.

I was going to show you
as soon as you walked in.

Christopher, what were
you expecting to find?

Carlos Del Sol, the most
connected guy in Mexico,

couldn't find a thing on Nicolas' past.

Someone doesn't go through
all the trouble of having

their past professionally
erased for no reason.

When I asked Nicolas why he
went through all the trouble,

he said it was not about hiding who he was.

It was about protecting
himself from the parents

who abandoned him when he was a baby.

The last thing in the world he wanted

was for them to come back into
his life looking for money.

You, uh...

You really like this guy, don't you?

I do.

You know, when you came
to me, asked me for a job,

I said "yes" because I thought

it would bring us closer together.

But I guess it only moved us further apart.


Maybe he just doesn't like brunettes.

Maybe you just been
pretending to be a secretary

for so long you forgot how to be a whore.

- I'll figure out a way to...
- No!

We're done with you.

And since my mother and I provided for you,

while in our employment,
with a car and a townhouse,

I'm gonna have to ask you
for the keys back to both.

Please, Mr. Ryland.

If you kick me out, I have to go back home.

I cannot go back there.

Well, darling, you got no
one to blame but yourself.

Oh, and before you leave town,

I'm gonna need the dress
I gave you back, too.

Go on.

Well, hell.

Sue Ellen?

Bobby's doing everything
he can to get you released,

but it might take a bit more time.

I thought you could
use a change of clothes.

I keep wondering if I... if I
did the right thing for Pamela.

Whenever I consider telling her the truth,

I look at her and I see myself

back when J.R. was cheating on me.

And then I think, "if only
someone told him to stop..."

"... then maybe I wouldn't
have become an alcoholic."

But Pamela is stronger than I am.

Maybe I... I... I shouldn't
have protected Pamela.

M... maybe...

maybe I should have just
told her about the affair

and then let her just get as
far away from him as possible.

We did what we thought was right.

And maybe what you did to John Ross

was the wake-up call he needed.

He fired his secretary.

No, he... he's his father's son.

I should have believed that.

Can I help you?

I'm a friend of John Ross' wife, Pamela,

and I know you've been coming
on to him pretty strong.

Men are like children when it comes to sex,

and I don't want to see Pamela get hurt

should John Ross make a mistake.

I'd like to offer you a new job.

My father owns Ryland Transport,

- and if I talk to him...
- What are you talking about?

Your father just fired me.

You know my father?

You were working for my father?

Prince Nasir.

John Ross, Pamela Ewing.

His Highness, Prince Nasir,

Sheik Ali's wife, Sheikha Nadia.

It's a pleasure to meet you both.

I've been looking forward

to sitting down with your father.

My father is not here.

Well, no disrespect, but I was hoping

to speak with him directly about the deal

that my father and him worked out.

Interesting you should
use the word "disrespect"

because that is what my father
felt when you contacted him.

J.R. promised my father

that once your family
took over Barnes Global,

you would reach out to him
about the arctic-lease deal.

Your family has been in
control for some time,

yet today is the first
day you made contact.

If I did anything to
disrespect your father,

I humbly apologize.

That was never my intention.

It was my father, Cliff Barnes.

He's the one who's made
any business dealings

at Ewing Global next to impossible.

My father and your father
had a long history together,

one he hoped to continue
with you after J.R.'s passing.

But you come with apologies
and your words fall empty.

My father is wise enough to know

you tried to make this deal without him

and are only here now
because you need his help.

Your actions are callous and selfish.

Not only have you disrespected my father,

but you have brought dishonor
to your father's name, as well.

Our meeting is over.

The sheik and I have a
poker game starting soon,

so if you will excuse me...


What are you doing here?

I've come to pay for what I've done.

There's nothing you could ever do

to make up for what you took from me.

- I'm sorry, Christopher.
- Just go!

- Get out of here!
- I would do anything

to go back and change what happened.

I said leave!

I'd give my life to bring them back.

Nothing will ever bring them back.

Please, Christopher.

Finish it.

If I have to live with this pain...

so do you!


I thought I'd dealt with
the loss of my babies.

I thought I was healing.

But when I saw the man responsible today...

I just started hitting him.

Over and over again.

I wanted to kill him.

But you stopped.

I wanted to have a
family of my own so badly.

I'm not a big one on fate, but...

maybe that's why we found each other.

You're helping me deal with Bo.

And you're giving me a
second chance at a family.

Your voices woke me up.

Sorry, buddy.

Did you come to finish
my lego cars, Christopher?

I sure did.

Come on. Let's do it.

Why did you and grandmother
hire Candace to seduce John Ross?

We were doing it for your own good, Emma.

John Ross Ewing, like his father,

is a reprobate and straight-up bastard.

We just needed to show you
who you were dealing with.

The only thing you succeeded in proving

was that he's a better
man than you thought.

John Ross turned Candace down.

Yeah, well, John Ross may
not have slept with Candace,

but that doesn't change the
fact that he's a married man.

Are you deluded enough into
thinking that he's gonna

leave his wife for you
or are you just content

in being his little piece on the side?

I thought I raised you to think
more of yourself than that.

You don't know a damn thing
about John Ross and me.

We understand each other.

Oh, so you think you
know the real John Ross?

I do.


You're not the only one he's screwing.

One of those girls there
is 16 years old, Emma.

And I got the paperwork to prove it.

It doesn't make me
happy to have to hurt you

with something so seedy, sweetheart,

but I had to show you
who the real John Ross is.

You further insult my father
by not adhering to his wishes.

I'm just looking for a
chance to show your father

that I meant no disrespect

and that I'm not the man he thinks I am.

My father always used to say

that the best way to get to know a man

is sit across the table from him.

I noticed Sheikha Nadia
admiring my earrings earlier.

Of course.

She recognizes them as having
been Catherine the great's.

My family has one of the
largest private collections

of 18th-century jewelry in the world.

Then you know there's
no other pair like them.

If it pleases Sheik Ali,

perhaps my husband can use
them to buy into the poker game?

It looks like your offer has been accepted.


Thanks, Derek. Just, uh...

let me know when you find Drew.

Glad you're letting the sheriff handle it.

They're gonna get him.

You expecting someone?

It's got to be Bo.

Bo, go home.

I want my wife back. I miss you.

I know I keep screwing
up, but I promise you

I... I can do better. I promise you.

I'm dying without you.

- Hey! Hey.
- It's not...

It's not enough you Ewings, you...

you take away my job

and now you're trying to steal my family?

Settle down. You're gonna wake up Michael.

You need to get the
hell out of here, Bo. Go.

I'll show you. You son of a...

I'll take him home.

Thank you.

I called your P.I. to let her know

that Candace had been fired.

She said she... sent you something?

Now go home and kiss your wife.

I'm not sending it to Pamela.

Why not?

She'll see the truth of who John Ross is,

see that he's only using her.

That way she'll help us get the evidence

- of how they framed her father.
- It was one thing

when we thought he was
cheating with Candace,

but if I had to watch
video of someone I loved

betraying me with someone
I thought was my friend,

I... I couldn't get over that.

I'm not gonna do that to her.

I'll get justice,
Joaquin, but not like this.

All right, Elena.

If there's another way...

we'll find it.

Jasper. Yes, this is Nicolas Trevi?o.

Listen, um, Elena seems to have
misplaced the e-mail you sent

with the video of John Ross and Emma.

Could you resend it
to my e-mail this time?

Thank you.

You don't have enough to cover the raise.

My father's watch,

one of two things he left me when he died.

He wanted me to carry out his legacy,

be the man he taught me to be.

If my father was king, this
watch would be his crown,

the symbol of everything he was.

I'd like to call.

Full house.

Nice hand, Your Highness.

Full house takes the hand.

I thought by leaving you
out of the arctic-lease play,

I was showing everybody
that I could close a deal

that not even my father
could close on his own.

I lost sight of the fact that,
well, he made you a promise.

And that promise meant more
than any deal on the table.

A person's word defines who they are.

And I disgraced myself, my father, and you

by not following through with his promise.

And I can only hope to be worthy one day

of the legacy he left me.

Thanks for the game.

You threw the game.

You lost the watch on purpose.


I kept seeing that damn watch

as an albatross around my neck,

always trying to prove one thing
or another to everybody else

instead of proving who I am to myself.

Without it, maybe I'll
be free to be my own man

instead of the man everybody
else wants me to be.

Well, there were plenty of other
ways to get rid of the watch

without throwing the hand, John Ross.

Sometimes the only way to win

is to show the other person
you're not afraid to lose.


Thanks, Ewing.

You know, it was, uh...

Pretty decent of you to
take me home last night.

Look, I heard what you said to Heather.

And if you do want to
get back on your feet,

I'd be happy to give you your
old job back at Southfork.

I don't need your damn charity,

especially not from the
guy that's screwing my wife.

Hey, I get how painful it is
seeing your ex and your son

spending time with another guy.

But come on. You're drinking.

You're trying to start fights.

Look, if you don't deal with this now,

it's only gonna get worse.

You know, is your anger
at Heather for moving on

worth throwing away your
relationship with your son?

If I'd have known getting drunk last night

was gonna lead to a lecture
from you this morning,

I would have never picked up the bottle.

Suit yourself, Bo.

The judge who ordered the
hold reviewed my report

and left the decision
of Sue Ellen's release

up to the hospital.

Then we can take her home.

Based on the results of her
blood-alcohol and cdt tests,

the hospital administration feels

it would be opening itself
up to an enormous liability

if they were to release her

before she's been through
a proper detox treatment.

She needs to get her
alcoholism under control.

Otherwise, she will be a danger to herself.

Doctor, I will personally guarantee

she gets the treatment she needs.

And I will sign anything the hospital wants

to clear them of legal responsibility.

But it's important she be released today.

Were you able to get me released?

You didn't need to lie to us.

The doctor told us you'd
been drinking for a while.

You're right. I need help.

And we're gonna make sure
that you get help, Sue Ellen.

But you have to promise to
tell us the truth from now on.

I will. I swear.

I just have to get out of here.

I want to go home.

Well, we're gonna take you out of here.

But not to your home.

We made an agreement with the hospital.

You're gonna be our responsibility.

And for your well-being,

you're gonna be staying
with us at Southfork.


We're gonna make sure

you get the help you need to stay sober.

?qu? es esto?



Yeah. Come on in.

How's Sue Ellen?


She's doing the best she
can under the circumstances.

So, Elena found out who
Nicolas was before 1997,

but it's a dead end.

You know, it doesn't even matter anymore.

He's a corporate raider.
He's working with Barnes.

And Cliff must have figured out a way

to get control of Ewing Global again

or he wouldn't move ahead with the I.P.O.

Yeah, but John Ross is so hell-bent

on taking this company
public, he must have a plan

of his own to try to
purchase a majority stake.

I'm gonna call Calvin Hannah,
my buddy over at Goldman Sachs.

If he'll underwrite the I.P.O.,

we can at least control
where the shares go.

John Ross will know
you're trying to stop him.

I mean, there's no way he agrees

to let your guy spearhead the I.P.O.

Let me take care of that.

What do you want now?

My father showed me
photographs of John Ross

with a 16-year-old hooker

and told me he had sex with her.

Except... if they did have sex,

then he wouldn't have needed you.

What's the real reason

my father wanted you to seduce John Ross?

He wanted me to get his DNA onto a dress

that your father gave me.

Was it this dress?

Well, ain't this a nice
welcoming committee?

Well, your new assistant was kind
enough to tell us when you'd be back.

What's so urgent that it
couldn't wait 'til tomorrow?

John Ross, you have been so anxious

to take Ewing Global public

that we thought you'd be pleased

if we went out and found
someone to Shepherd the I.P.O.

This is my friend Calvin Hanna,

and he has underwritten
several very large I.P.O.s.

He's the best man for the job.

He can get us the best
market value for our shares.

Nice to meet you, John Ross.

How nice for Cal.

But I don't think you got the supermajority

you need to make those type
of decisions, Uncle Bobby.

Well, uh...

And neither do you, John Ross.

Meaning we can keep things
at a stalemate for weeks

and you'll miss out on the arctic leases

or you can accept Cal here as the guy

and we'll start tomorrow.

Fine. Welcome aboard, Cal.

Gonna be a pleasure working with you.

Looking forward to it, John Ross.

Look. I hope you know I only
did what I did to help you, mama.

You only did it to help yourself.

All right. Time for recriminations is over.

Sue Ellen is gonna be
staying here at Southfork

while she works on her problems,
and I'm going to see to it

that whatever the problem is

between the two of you is fixed.

You know, you handled that nephew of yours

the same way you used to handle J.R.

Thanks for coming aboard, pal.

Eh, I've been watching your blind side

since we played ball in college...

which, as I remember, was no easy task

considering how much you
hated staying in the pocket.

You really think John Ross
is gonna come after me?

Oh, I'm sure of it.

And when he does, make
him think he got you.

All right.


Where did you get these?

J.R. had switched the deeds.

J.R. got the parcel that
belonged to your dad,

which was rich in oil.

And your dad got his, which was worthless.

Drew, what are you doing here?

How long have you known

that J.R. switched the deed to papi's land?

Please listen to me, okay? I can explain.

I watched papi die trying
to drill a dry hole.

I watched him die for nothing.

He wasted his life on a dream

that was already taken from him

and I wasted mine hating myself

- for not being able to save him.
- I know.

Everything that's happened
is because of J.R.'s betrayal.

Their greed took
everything from our family.

I know. Okay. Please listen to me.

Joaquin and I have a plan.

We are going to get justice for papi.

We are going to get justice for our...

No, you listen to me!

The time for planning justice...

is over.

Wait. Please, wait.


All right.

Who was it?

Security. Someone's at the front gate.

My father has had a change of heart.

He has decided to supply
you with the capital you need

to buy controlling interest in Ewing Global

when your I.P.O. happens.

That's incredible news. Thank you.

A... and it goes without saying that, uh,

His Highness will be my partner
in our arctic-lease play.

One more thing.

When you gambled the watch,

my father saw J.R. in you.

You were humble enough
to know you were wrong

and brave enough to risk something

you cared deeply about to prove it.

I don't know, I don't know.

He just ran out I can't find him anywhere.

I am... I'm really scared, Nicholas.

It'll be all right.

I promised you we'd
take care of each other.

I'll use every resource
I have to find Drew.


Now go home and kiss your wife.

Sorry I'm late.

I had to deal with some family issues.

Hunter McKay.

His grandfather and my daddy

fought their fair share
of battles back in the day.

When you offered me a chance
to take down the Ewings,

you didn't say anything

about midnight meetings
with Mexican gangsters.

- They're businessmen.
- With guns!

They hardly ever use them. Come on.

Mr. Trevi?o.

I'm glad you could make it.

I think you should know
you are rapidly using

whatever little patience
I have left for you.

I bring good news.

The Ewing Global I.P.O. is moving forward.

When the company goes public,

we'll buy enough shares to give
you the controlling interest.

And you're Hunter McKay.


And, uh, I'm setting up

the collection of shell
corporations we'll be using

to front the stock purchases
as we... as we speak.

By the time the Ewings and Cliff Barnes

realize what happened,

you'll be in control of the company,

free to launder billions of drug profits

for years to come.

Well, let's hope this plan
of yours works, Trevi?o.

It will work.


And if it doesn't, hmm?

You know they say the death
of a child can be the worst,

most painful thing a person can experience.

I'd hate for you to find out

how very true those words can be.

You can see yourself out, gentlemen.

There's just, um...

One more thing.

I need your help finding Drew Ramos.