Dallas (2012–2014): Season 3, Episode 6 - Like Father, Like Son - full transcript

On the heels of Bobby's appointment as Railroad Commissioner, John Ross scrambles to find the funds to keep the Arctic lease deal alive, even if it means betraying those who love him most. Sensing an opportunity, Elena and Nicolas get Pamela and John Ross out of the office to divide and conquer. Meanwhile, things get complicated for Christopher and Heather, and Ryland's plot to keep Emma and John Ross apart takes an unexpected turn.

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Previously on "Dallas"...

- Are you still sleeping with Emma?
- No.

John Ross: I need control

of Ryland Transport's new drilling ships

and ice-breaking cargo ships.

Judith: There's no
telling what else John Ross

will manipulate Emma into doing for him.

We need to break them up.

Harris: Candace here has
been working double duty

as John Ross' secretary.

She's gonna gather a
little John Ross DNA for us.

Sue Ellen: I will not
stand by and watch you

destroy Pamela like J.R. destroyed me.

Perhaps your drinking is making
you forget your loyalties, mama.

Cliff: Pamela's the key.
Turn her against John Ross.

And she will help you
get your justice and mine.

You'll abuse the land.
You'll disrupt the lives

of the people who work on
it just to get what you want.

John Ross: If I have to frack
Southfork to get those arctic leases,

I will frack it dry!

I don't have a move left

- to stop him from drilling this ranch.
- But I do.

I want you to ask

the Texas railroad commissioner to resign.

Who's the guy you have in
mind for Stanley's replacement?

I have the perfect candidate.

John Ross: You disrupt
my drilling operation,

which means we won't have the capital

to buy the arctic leases,
which means we lose.

I am the steward of Southfork,
and I will not forsake it.

Babcock already approved my permit.

You can't just
turn around and...

Man: The permit has been
put into environmental review

by our new commissioner.

Your new commissioner has it out for me.

That investigation was closed.

Then take it up with Commissioner Ewing.


What the hell were you thinking?

We're supposed to be allies.

You brought this on yourself.

You shut down my entire fracking operation

to teach me a lesson about infidelity?

I told you I was only with Emma
to get those damn drill ships!

Do you think that is going
to make it hurt any less

- when Pamela finds out?
- Pamela's not gonna find out.

I hate to break it to you, mama,

but you're punishing the company, not me.

Without that shale, we
have no way of getting

the capital we need for the arctic deal.

And you would cheat on your wife

and start a war in this family

just to get your deal done, wouldn't you?

You are trying so hard
to fill J.R.'s shoes.

You've become drunk on power.

You can justify your actions
to kingdom come, mama,

but we both know the
real reason you did this.

Is that bourbon on your breath?

I may be drunk on power.
But you, you're just drunk.

This wasn't the tough love of a mother.

These are irrational decisions...

Of an alcoholic.

[Door opens, slams]

♪ Theme music plays ♪

Let me guess...
self-righteous, party of two.

I get that you're angry, John Ross.

But go easy on your mother.

She was just trying to stop you

from going down the J.R. road.

People in glass houses, Uncle Bobby.

[Chuckles] 'Cause I'd bet
if you ask Cliff Barnes,

he'd say that you've been
down that very path yourself.

- That was different, John Ross. That was necessary.
- Need I remind you,

J.R.'s plan was that we all work together.

With the way you've
been behaving lately...

making unilateral decisions,
fighting us at every turn...

you gave us no choice.

Why the hell are you
even here, Uncle Bobby?

The funny thing about being a
railroad commissioner is that

you cannot be a shareholder

of an oil/gas company at the same time.

I divested my shares,

signed everything over to Christopher.

And, you know, the funny thing

about telecommuting these days is that

when I'm not needed in Austin,
the commission has no problem

with me leasing an office
right here in Dallas.

And luckily for the commissioner,

we have just such an office.

- I didn't even have to move my stuff.
- [Chuckles]

Malign me all you want.

But if you'd get off your high horse,

maybe you'd see that I was the only one

offering you a real solution
to get around Treviño.

It wasn't personal.

But you and my mother?
You stabbed me in the back.

So don't talk to me about the
importance of sticking together,

'cause that stunt you just pulled?

That doesn't make you a Ewing.

It makes you a damn hypocrite.

[Elevator bell dings]

I'll be in my office.


- Hey.
- Hey.

Have you been able to find
out anything about Nicolas

that we might be able to use?

I'm sorry, Christopher. I haven't.

What is it?


Christopher, I know you
really don't want to hear this.

But the more I get to know
Nicolas, the more I think

he's not the villain we all thought he was.

He's a good guy.

Well, if he's such a good guy,

then why didn't he exist before 1997?

- He's not who he says he is, Elena.
- What do you mean?

Carlos Del Sol has been looking
into him for us in Mexico.

He thinks that Treviño's past
has been professionally cleaned,

meaning whoever
he used to be...

that's the key to finding
out his real agenda.


I'll look into it.

[Door opens]

Just got your text. What is it?

They know you changed your identity.

They're trying to figure
out who you really are.

So what? Let them look.

Joaquin, if they find out
who you really are, it's only

a matter of time before they
figure out our connection.

Even if they did, there is
nothing for them to find.

I grew up in an orphanage,

and your parents never adopted me.

Just stay the course
and get close to Pamela.

If we turn her against the
Ewings, we can persuade her

to give us evidence of
how they framed her father.

In the meantime, I'll see what
I can find out from John Ross.

Considering his entire
family just turned on him...

He's never been more vulnerable.


What a waste... isn't it?

The arctic is the next energy frontier.

And yet, your family seems happy to

give it up just to teach you a lesson.

If you came in here to rub my nose in it,

I'm really not in the mood.

Far from it. I came to commiserate.

Not even I can deny those arctic leases

are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I truly hate to see it
pass this company by.



What a shame to be handcuffed

by the very people you're
supposed to be in business with.

To be honest, I can relate.

Following Cliff's agenda

is becoming increasingly difficult.

What do you say we put down our swords,

figure out a way to get
some real business done.

Then why don't we get
a real drink after work?

I was thinking the same thing.

Just another day at the office, huh?

[Sighs] Apparently, Nicolas

is taking John Ross out
for drinks after work.

Got me thinking, the boys
shouldn't have all the fun.

How about a girls' night out?

Yeah. I like that.

Should I invite Emma?

Yeah. The more, the merrier.


[Horse snorts]

How you doing today?

Better. [Sighs]

Thank you for letting me back on Southfork.

I meant what I said.
It's over with John Ross.


I realize that he was just using me,

and I don't want to be used anymore.

I'm so glad you realize that, Emma.

You have so much more to
offer men than just sex.

And when you find the right
man, you'll realize that

your connection goes so much
deeper than just the physical.

Yeah, until Bobby, I
never really understood

- unconditional love.
- [Chuckles]

I don't know if I believe
in unconditional love.

I mean, with daddy and grandma,

there was so many strings attached.

Well, I hope you know by now

that with me, there are no strings.

And for what it's worth, in his own way,

I know your father loves you very much.

Bobby: Nicolas.

You're working awfully late.

Uh, well, I have a lot of things

I have to get up to speed
on in my new position.

[Chuckling] Oh, I can imagine.

But then, becoming the
railroad commissioner

ems a rather circuitous route to take

to stop your own nephew from fracking.

What's that saying about going around
your elbow to get to your thumb?

Well, actually, my reach is
much greater than it used to be.

In fact, I was surprised to
find out how many subsidiaries

Treviño Industries
has right here in Texas.

Now, I was hoping that
you would help this company

find the capital that it needs.

But if not, maybe you'll
find the railroad commission

is not as friendly as it was before.

That... sounds like a threat...

or at least an abuse of power.

- And here I thought you were an honorable man.
- [Elevator bell dings]

Oh, Nicolas, Nicolas.

There's nothing dishonorable
about making sure

every single rule and
regulation is followed

to the letter of the law, is there?

Take your best shot, Mr. Ewing.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

♪ Music plays ♪

You want a drink?

Bourbon and branch.

Well, Mr. Ewing,

what a coincidence seeing you here.

Not really, considering
it was on my schedule,

and you're my assistant.

Excuse me for wanting to
see you outside the office.

To be honest, there's a lot of you

I'd like to see outside the office.

Sorry, darling, but, uh, we
got some business to discuss.

Some other time, then.

Was that your assistant?

I guess she was looking for some overtime.

Here's to seeing eye-to-eye for a change.

Look, as much as I may
sympathize with the standstill

at which your company finds itself in,

I'm afraid my hands are tied.

Frustrating as it may be, I have
to follow Cliff's lead on this.

Talk some sense into the old man.

Let him see that this
is a business move...

sell some assets to fund the arctic play.

I've tried reasoning with him,

but it's like screaming in the wind.

I can't imagine sacrificing
everything in the service

of a personal vendetta against your family.

[Women cheering]

- Yes!
- Put it down. Put it down. Put it down.

Looks like someone's still
living off the trust-fund teat.

- You know him?
- Hunter McKay.

His grandfather and my daddy fought

their fair share of
battles back in the day.

Christopher and I used to play basketball

with him and his brother
when we were younger.

[Gasps] Dude! Dude,
come here! Get over here!

This is, like, my oldest friend.

- Shall we?
- Get over here!

Uh... this ought to be good for a laugh.

I was so sure I was doing the right thing

by end-running John Ross with Bobby.

But now I think I may have gone too far.

You were just giving John Ross

some much-needed tough love.

I did the same with Emma,
throwing her out of the house.

- We did what we had to.
- Did we?

- Maybe we were wrong.
- We weren't.

Emma told me it's over with John Ross.

I hope so.


I just wish it didn't
end up costing me my son.

♪ Music plays ♪

- What can I say?
- [Both chuckle]

One day, I just realized

the video game I really
wanted to play didn't exist,

so I just decided to create it myself.

Three games and two
rounds of funding later,

we took the company public.

Who knew being a video-game
junkie would pay off, right?

[Women cheering]

So, what's the stock price at these days?


[Cheering, laughter]

Well, would you look at that.

Hence the celebration.

I'll go get us another round.

Hey, I was, uh, sorry
to hear about your dad.

I'm sure your grandfather was pleased.

[Sighs] Hey, that's his baggage, not mine.

Honestly, the best part
about having my own success

is being able to create a little space

between all that family drama and me.

You know, I thought about
taking Ewing Global public.

It's hard enough dealing with family,

but let alone a board of directors, huh?

That was the best part about going public.

I was able to buy up

the controlling interest in the company.

Pamela: Seriously, I don't care
how fast that girl can type.

She'd better stop flirting with my husband!

Oh, Jill and the assistants in the office

have a betting pool going on how short

that girl's skirt is going
to get... they are not fans.

- This... was last week's winner.
- [Gasps]

Oh, come on! I mean...

How can she even type with
those things in the way?

You don't really think John Ross would

cheat on you with her, do you?

I hope not.

John Ross would never cheat on you.

Emma's right. John Ross loves you.



♪ Music plays ♪

[Door closes]

It looks like I'm just in time.


So, how was your night?

Interesting, actually.

I ran into Hunter McKay.

As in Carter McKay's grandson?

The very one.

[Sighs] We had... an enlightening chat.

I believe I've found a way
to solve all of our problems

and get your daddy out
of our lives for good.

But [Sighs] I'm gonna need your help.

Well, like you said...

we're partners.

[Insects chirping]

Thank you for meeting me.

A cheating husband...
my favorite kind of case.

Well, everything you
need should be in here.


Think he'd be bold enough to try something

at the office and not just his penthouse?

I think he would try just
about anything anywhere.

I'll have surveillance
up and running A.S.A.P.

If he's cheating... we'll find out.

[Horse whinnies]

I'd offer to help if I wasn't
enjoying the view so much.

And I'd be offended you weren't offering

if I wasn't so glad to have my job back...

With John Ross' fracking operation

shut down for good, finally.

Oh, yeah? How glad?

Well, at the risk of
dirtying your pretty suit,

why don't you come over
here, and I'll show you?

[Brakes squeak]

[Brake grinds] [Chuckles]

Hope I'm not interrupting something.

[Clears throat]

[Sighs, clears throat]

What? [Sighs]

I've got to go to Fort Worth.

Stevie needs an extra hand on a demo job.

Well, I'm at work.

I can't just drop everything.
I can't win with you.

If I don't have a job, you're
bitching about child support.

I do have a job, you're
bitching about your schedule.

Figure it out, Heather.

Bo. Bo!

[Inhales sharply]

[Horses neighing]

[Engine turns over]


Hey, tweedle bug!

Sorry, mama.

Hey, don't you ever apologize to me, okay?

You did not do anything wrong.

- Hey, buddy.
- [Sighs]

But, um, I got to work, okay?

So I am gonna call Lily,

and you're gonna hang out with her today.

Can you keep an eye on him
while I call the sitter?

Of course.

Hold on a second.

Any chance you'd want to come
to my office with me today?

It's, uh, "bring a kid to work" day.

Turns out, you're the only kid I know.

For real?

You'd really be doing me a favor.

What do you say?


I don't know. It's a lot to ask.

Well, then it's a good
thing you're not asking.

We gonna have some fun today? Huh?

Michael: Yeah!

Now, the cool thing about one of these

is that they can move
around wherever they want.

[Imitating ship engine]

So, they can drill anywhere.

[Imitating drilling]

[Chuckles] So, what do you say?

You want to be an oil-and-gas
man when you grow up?

Yeah, either that or a bull rider

like my dad used to be.

Are you Candace?

Stuart from accounting is looking for you.

Apparently, there was a
mistake on the expense report

you submitted for Mr. Ewing.

He said it was, like, urgent.

I hate this job.

♪ Music plays ♪

[Elevator bell dings]


If you're going to yell at me again,

you might as well leave.

No, I don't want to
yell. Just want to talk.

I thought about what you
said, and you're right.

Cheating on Pamela for
whatever reason is wrong.

But what you did and the way you did it

was way out of line.

I may have overreacted,

but it wasn't because I was drinking.

It was because... you hurt me.


And I'm very sorry about that.

But... you put this
company in a serious bind.

Now, I may have a way to make things right.

But I'm gonna need your help.
Pamela's already on board.

What is it? [Sighs]

I want a vote to take Ewing global public.

It'll get us the capital we
need for the arctic leases,

and it will dilute Cliff's shares.

Two birds, one stone.

Is it really over between you and Emma?

Yes. Yes, it is.

And I want to make
this point very clear...

I love my wife.

The last thing I ever
want to do is hurt her.

Then you have my support.

But, John Ross, even with my
shares, you still don't have

the numbers you need for a super-majority.

Leave that to me.

I'll admit I'm intrigued.

What could possibly necessitate

us meeting all the way out here?

Well, I wanted to make sure
that we had privacy for you

to say yes to the deal
that I'm about to offer you.

- And what deal is that?
- We both want the arctic play.

But more importantly,

we both want freedom from
those who hold us back.

You vote with me to
take Ewing Global public,

we can have both.

You want me to go against Cliff?

I want you to start
following that killer instinct

that made you the successful
businessman that you are.

How does 2% royalty on all oil

produced by the arctic leases sound?

I'm willing to bet that
that's a hell of a lot

more coin than Cliff's paying you.

Betraying Cliff Barnes...

that's a dangerous proposition.

And the rewards will
be well worth the risks.

3% royalty.

No risk.


Look, I am tired of being the
black sheep of this family,

and I know that you are
tired of being Cliff's lapdog.

Now, you said yesterday it
is a shame to be handcuffed

to the very people you're
supposed to be in business with.


Un-cuff yourself.


- Here, take this.
- Thanks.

All right.

[Seat belt clicks]

[Sighs] Thank you so much for today.

Michael had so much fun.

I don't know what you told him,

but he's convinced you own Alaska.

[Both chuckle]

I had fun, too. He's a great kid.

Yeah, he's the one good thing

that came from my relationship with Bo.

Michael said that Bo used to
be a bull rider. What happened?

Yeah, he used to be one
of the best in the circuit.

Had a really bad fall, fractured his spine,

and the doctors said he'd never ride again.

I told him he was lucky to be walking,

but he didn't see it that way.

He felt like he was
cheated out of his dream

or something, I guess.

Long after the physical pain was gone,

he was still popping painkillers
like they were candy, so...

- That had to be hard.
- Yeah.

I'm just worried now that he's
out of a job again, you know?

I've been down this road before.

I just wish John Ross had never dangled

- that carrot of opportunity in his face.
- Look.

I want you to know you don't
have to worry about money.

I mean, if there's
anything that I can do...

No, thank you. No, we're... we're fine.

Yeah, I... we'll be fine.

[Chuckles] Here we are,
talking about money.

- I know. [Chuckles]
- You're watching my kid.

Thought we were supposed
to be keeping this casual.

[Sighs] Apparently,

I'm not too good at keeping things casual.

Yeah, apparently, I don't, either.

[Chuckles] Well...

Whatever this is... [sighs]

I admit I like it.

So do I.

[Cellphone vibrates]

All right. I'm headed out for the night.

Just wanted to make sure
there's nothing else you need.

No, thank you. I am good.

You can go.

[Lock clicks]

You sure there's... nothing else you need?

Look, I appreciate your enthusiasm,

but you got to start
taking no for an answer.

I'm a married man.

I'm sorry...

But it ain't ever gonna happen.

[Elevator bell dings]

Well, that son of yours is something else.

[Elevator bell dings]


I'm a married man.

I'm sorry, but it ain't ever gonna happen.

[Door closes]

Maybe we were wrong. Maybe
he's not cheating on her.

Without proof, there is no way

that Pamela's gonna turn against him.


There might be another move
to be made with John Ross.

What is it?

He wants me to vote with him
to take the company public.

He's angling for control of Ewing Global.

- No, we cannot let that happen.
- And we won't.

- But what if we vote with him?
- No.

Let him think he's in control,

and then we steal Ewing
Global out from under him.

Cliff gets back control of the company,

and the Ewings are more divided than ever

when they blame John Ross.

That's a dangerous gamble.


These people took everything from you.

Taking the company public
lets us truly get justice...

By taking everything from them.

Well, Uncle Bobby recently lectured me

on the importance of this
family working together.

Keeping that in mind,

I am hoping that I have your support.

I have an idea that will not
only end our current divide,

but also give us the capital that we need.

I want to take this company public.

This company is our
family's legacy, John Ross.

You take it public,
you're putting it in play

- for anyone to buy up a controlling interest.
- Meaning yourself. No way.

I'd like to say that I'm surprised

that you two are against
me, but... I'm not.

Luckily for me, it doesn't matter,

because I have the
super-majority that I need.

Pamela, my mother, and Nicolas...

we all believe that this is
what is best for Ewing Global.

And what kind of deal with the
devil did you make, John Ross?

Truth is, I had a lengthy
conversation with Cliff.

Thankfully, his business instincts

seem to finally trump
his desire for revenge.

Sue Ellen, you know the
only reason he's doing this

is to get the company for himself.

I move that we take a vote.

All of those in favor for
taking Ewing Global public,

please say "aye."


[Scoffs] Aye.

[Echoing] I love my wife.

[Echoing] Last thing I
ever want to do is hurt her.

I vote...




[Door opens]

Wasn't enough for you to
stab me in the back once?

You had to go and do it twice?

What the hell is wrong with you?!

What's wrong with me?
What is wrong with you?

You lied to my face, John Ross.

I didn't lie to you!

I told you the truth. It is over with Emma.

How clever you are with
your words, just like J.R.

What in God's name are you talking about?

I saw her... coming out of your office.

I saw her, John Ross.


Once a cheater, always a cheater.

I should have learned that
lesson the first time around.

You don't know what
you're talking about, mama.

Yeah, yeah, Candace was in my office,

and the crazy bitch was all
over me, and I turned her down!

Bullshit! I know what I saw!

No, you don't know, because you are drunk!

I am telling you the truth!

Even drunk, I know the sound of a lie.

And you are an expert at
it, just like your father.

I am not my father!

Are you so hell-bent on
punishing J.R. for his sins

that you're willing to
destroy the relationship

with your only son?

Damn it, I needed you, mom,
and you sided with them!

I'm your son.

You remember that,

or are you too damn addled
to remember who I am?

Why are you doing this
to yourself again, huh?

[Crying] Don't you get it?

You did this to me... you and your father.

[Sobs] No, mama.

[Voice breaking] You did this to yourself.

You're so busy seeing
the ghost of J.R. in me

that you cannot stop to take
a hard look in the damn mirror.

You want me to take
responsibility for my actions?

Then you take responsibility for yours.

[Crying] [Door opens, closes]

[Insects chirping]



Hey. I need a favor.

[Door opens]

You rang?

Did you bring what I asked?


Pamela told us all about Candace.

Are you sleeping with
your secretary, Mr. Ewing?

No. I am not.


Because I like to know
that I'm the only other

other woman in your life.

Emma, I don't have time for your games.

Give me the file on the judge.

You haven't thanked me yet

for that shipping contract I got you.

And yet here you are,
asking me for something else.

It is always about you...

your schedule...

Your needs.

But I have needs, too.

Oh, don't bother.

Tonight, it's about my needs.

I said come here...



[Cellphone vibrates]

[Keyboard clacking]

[Mouse clicks]


Now go home and kiss your wife.

My mother's not just drinking again.

She's out of control.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

You were friends with
my daddy back in the day.

You know what a slippery slope this is.

A gift from that whorehouse
you like to frequent.

[Breathes deeply]

You certainly are just like your father.

You hear that enough...

Eventually, you start to believe it.

[Knock on door]

[Slurring] What... what is... is going on?

Ma'am, I got a court order
here to take you into custody

for a mandatory psychiatric evaluation.


Is this a joke?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You're okay. You're okay.

You're gonna be okay.

What is happening?

What is...

[Breathing shakily]

- It's okay. This way.
- [Whimpers]

Just gonna make sure you
don't hurt yourself, ma'am.

Get her some help.

[Door closes]

[Engine turns over]

[Door opens]


[Indistinct conversation]

John Ross?

What are you sitting in the dark for?

What's going on?

It's my mother. She's drinking again.

And I think she's been drinking

the entire time since daddy's funeral.

Oh, no.

We had a huge fight.

She's out of control, Uncle Bobby.


I had to call the police.

They've taken her into
custody to get her help.

- What?
- Oh, my God.

They took her away?

Now I know why she's been
acting so erratically...

and why she betrayed
me the way that she did.

What have you done, John Ross?

With my mother incapacitated,

her power of attorney falls to me.

And I just know that she'd
want me to do the right thing.

Which is why I'll be voting on her behalf

to take Ewing Global public.

And there's not a damn
thing you can do to stop me.