Dallas (2012–2014): Season 3, Episode 5 - D.T.R. - full transcript

The honeymoon is over for John Ross, as Bobby and Sue Ellen try to use the Governor to stop John Ross from becoming just like his father, J.R. - a move that could divide the family forever. Meanwhile, Christopher discovers surpris...

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Previously on "Dallas"...

You said to get you a meeting

with the railroad commissioner
as soon as possible.

Wait, now now? The ceremony's in a few hours.

Harris: Stanley's a friend of mine.

Because of that, he's willing
to do me certain favors

like shutting down the investigation

and issuing you your permit.

I guess this is where I ask you what you want.

The orange flash drive.

That must be one hell of an important flash drive.

Take it to this address,

you'll get what you want from Babcock.

What kind of sick, messed-up dude is this?

Now that you know, I'm sure
he'll do whatever you need

to make sure that you can drill your ranch.

You are entirely too overdressed for this barn.

Sue Ellen: I know you're sleeping with Emma.

I will not stand by and watch you destroy Pamela

like J.R. destroyed me.

Is that alcohol I smell on your breath?

You promised me you would be here.

We are meant for each other.

I just need you to give me the chance.

John Ross and Pamela are now husband and wife.

[Cheers and applause]

Bobby: I can't imagine how
low your son had to stoop.

Now I don't have a move left

to stop him from drilling this ranch.

But I do.

[Airplane engines roar]

[Tires screech]

What are you looking at?

The world.

You ready to go rule it?

[Tires screech]


I feel like I've been asleep at the wheel

for the past few weeks.

Well, you've been planning a wedding.

Yeah, while you were busting your ass

getting capital to bid on the arctic leases.

I was no help.

Look, we got the capital,

or at least we will as soon
as I start drilling Southfork.

Speaking of...

Hey, can you, uh, take us by the drill site?

I actually want to see what
kind of progress we're making.

Yes, sir.

Before we bid on the leases,

we need to submit paperwork
that we got icebreaker ships.

If you sent me the Ryland transport deal,

I could get started on that.

That deal's closed, right?

We're still negotiating.

Or I could talk to Emma about it.

She and I are pretty close now.

You know, uh, I'm pretty close
to closing that deal on my own.

I mean, I don't want to call dibs, but...

Oh, no, no, no. Um...

I get it.

I'll find something to sink my teeth into.

Like you sank your teeth into me on our honeymoon?



Bo, why aren't we drilling?

[Sighs] One of the men dropped
his tools down the wellbore.

Drill bit chewed on those for a while.

We got to fish out the tools and repair the bit.

I'm sorry, boss.

How far is this gonna set us back?

About a day, day and a half.

Look, we're working as hard as we can.

- Can you and your boys work tonight?
- We're run pretty ragged.

So you won't mind if I hire some
other guys for a night shift,

double the pay?

I'll talk to the others.

You're a good man, Bo.

Hell, I'll even throw in for a coffee truck.

Uh, do you know what?

Call ahead, 'cause I do not want to sit next to...

uh, Shirley? Is that her name?

Sue Ellen, I'm very sorry, but
we have a very busy day today.

Talk to Jessica, and she will reschedule.

I have a little something for you...

a gift.

J.R. bourbon. [Chuckles]

Cute! Would you put this in my office?


I'll be a minute.

Well... [Sighs]

Let's make this fast, Sue Ellen.

In 15 minutes, I'm speaking

to the Daughters of the Texas Revolution.

That's 300 daughters with
300 guns in their purses.

That's a group of ladies
you don't keep waiting, hmm?

I want you to ask Stanley Babcock,

the Texas railroad commissioner, to resign.

Now, why would I do that?

Well, I have it on good authority

that Stanley is involved
in some illegal activities

that could be damaging to you and your office.

That is so sweet.

Would the real reason

have something to do with

your son drilling at Southfork?

Stanley gave my son a permit,

and I want you to replace Stanley

with someone who will revoke it.

Well, in case you hadn't
heard, Texas is a pro-oil state.

If I replace him with someone who's anti,

that's, uh... that's like
shooting my career in the foot.

I know that you and Stanley are good friends.

Well, his family does have
the deepest pockets in Texas.

That's a good friend to have. Wouldn't you agree?

I would, especially if you're considering

running for president in
2016, if the rumors are true.

I'll need a running mate, hmm?


You will need a miracle

when I tell the voters that
you conspired with criminals

to cover up the sabotage of my family's rig.

Good blackmail never sours.

Well, you spout your fiction, and I'll spout mine,

and we'll see who the people believe...

their trusted governor or you,

a woman who only recently
was charged with bribery.

Good blackmail may never spoil,
but it definitely curdles.

Either way, John Ross has dirt on Stanley.

If you don't get control of him,

John Ross will, and that won't
be good for either one of you.

We'll take our chances.


Bobby: So, how'd it go, Sue Ellen?

I think he took the bait.

Good work.

You're sure this whole plan is gonna work, right?

Men like my son and the
governor have a lust for control.

I think it's time to remind
them exactly who is in control.

- Your coffee, sir.
- Thank you, Diego.

[Cell door shuts]

How's Pamela?

She just got back from her honeymoon.

She seems happy.

Of all the things that the Ewings took from me,

my daughter... that has to
be the worst thing of all.

And the Ewings deserve to rot in hell.

So, the gun range...

that was a dead end. That's forgivable.

But I must say, Mr. Trevi?o,

I'm more than just a little bit disappointed

that Bobby got to Rhonda.

She was our best lead.

The Ewings are very smart.

I'm paying you to be smarter.

The Ewings went to a lot of trouble to frame you.

They're going to push back.

But if exposing the truth of what they did to you

gets me justice for what they did to my father,

nothing will get in the way.

That's what I like to hear.

There's still the police
file on the J.R. murder case.

There has to be something in there...

clues, people who were paid off.

I know someone who can help.

Then make that a priority.

We'll keep you updated.

- [Cell door opens]
- Uh...

keep an eye on him?

[Cell door shuts, locks]

[Horses whinny, snort]


Took you long enough to come find me.

You playing it cool?


Is it working? [Chuckles]


Lousy cousin of yours fired
three more of my friends today.

Is this a ranch or an oil field?

You know, John Ross won't
be in charge much longer.

There's a plan.

Is there something you wanted?

I just came by to ask you if
you want to get a drink tonight,

and also to apologize for not coming by sooner.

I just...

I didn't know what your expectations were.

[Clicks tongue]


cards on the table.

I'm not in the market for anything serious,

so if you're okay with that...

I just got out of a serious relationship,

so I'm not really in the market, either.

Then drinks it is.

[Elevator bell dings]

Hey, Uncle Bobby.

I see you're admiring our new artwork.

I actually picked this bad boy up in Tulum.

Figured it'd look great in the office.

But if you don't like it here,

we can always move it to Southfork. No, no!

I... I think it's perfect here.

As a matter of fact, I love good art.




Mama, you can't just stop talking to me.

Sit down. Shut the door.

Are you still sleeping with Emma?

I told you that was just business.

That's not the question I asked.

Are you or are you not still sleeping with Emma?


If you really love Pamela,
you will stop humiliating her.

Well, she's not gonna find out about this.

Then you're reckless... and dumb.

This is all about you wanting to punish J.R.

For the way he treated you.

Well, guess what, mama.

I'm not J.R.

So, you laid off some more ranchers, I hear.

Can we talk about this later, please?

These are people with families, with mortgages.

Hey, what's going on?

Nothing. Everything's fine.

Oh, I'm sure you're fine.

I'm sure you sleep like a baby at night

knowing you're destroying people's lives.

Look, it is business.

If I have to frack Southfork
to get those arctic leases,

I will frack it dry!

We'll see about that.

Mr. Ewing, is everything okay?

I'm fine, Candace. These the papers I asked for?

Yeah. Where are you going?

[Sighs] I got a deal I got to close.

How was the honeymoon?

Oh, hot, rainy, a ton of iguanas.

Those things are like pigeons down there.

You'd have hated it.

So you were thinking of me.


I brought you something.

Here. Let's try it on.




I love it.

I actually need your help with something.

The deal that your father
killed, with the ships...

you said you brought your grandmother back

because she can control him
and that you can control her.


I need those ships.


Why isn't my dad back in jail?

You said you'd take care of that.

Whatever's on your father's
flash drive is encrypted,

which means it's as important as I thought it was.

But once we decrypt it,

we will have enough on him
to put him away for good.



Will you talk to your grandmother for me?

I'll see what I can do.

It has been a pleasure...

Doing business with you.

[Sliding door opens]

What are you doing home?

Forgot my briefcase.

So he's giving you jewelry now?

I asked him to bring me
back a necklace from Tulum.

I'm not stupid, Emma.

What is your purpose around here, anyway?

Maybe if you had more of a
life outside of Southfork,

then you wouldn't have so much time

to worry about things that aren't there.

You know, I look out for the people I love.

That's my purpose around here.

Were you looking out for me

that day you abandoned me at the fair,

or am I confusing myself with someone you love?

I can't watch you wreck a marriage.

Says the woman who lied to her
husband about my very existence.

He really lucked out with you, didn't he?

Liar, ex-drug-addict, shot her ex-husband.

Get out. Get out!

I want you off of this ranch.

Get out!

[Exhales shakily]

Cliff Barnes is not a murderer. He's a victim.

I asked you here, Peter,

because I thought you might sympathize.

The state was building a case

against Sue Ellen for bribery.

It would've been a slam dunk

if J.R. hadn't have stepped in

and threatened to ruin my career

if I didn't drop the investigation.

So, yeah, you might say I sympathize

for anyone who's been bullied by the Ewings.

Help us get access to the police file

for the J.R. murder case.

You're a state attorney.

You should be able to pull the right strings.

What's your stake in this?

The Ewings took my family's land.

They stole a man's freedom.
Justice needs to be served.

And if you help us serve it, Peter...

You'll get full credit.

Help us bring down the Ewings.

I'll make some calls.

[Keyboard clacking]

[Cellphone vibrating]

Well, the only reason you'd be calling me

is if there's an Emma problem.

So what's the problem?

I threw her out, Harris.

You did what?

I told her I wouldn't stand by

while she ruins people's lives.

She said awful things.

We both did.

I've been driving around and looking for her.

I tried calling her a dozen
times. She won't pick up.

You know the danger she's in,

- the threats!
- I know! I know.

And now she's out there by herself, and...

if something happens to her...


that won't happen.

Let me take care of this.

Annie, you didn't mess up.

Call me if you hear from her.

You, too.


It's me. We need to meet.

I want out.

You know that's not an option.

Cartel has made threats against my family,

- against my daughter.
- Your daughter's safe.

As long as you cooperate with the cartel.

You run the drugs to the cartel,
we follow the drugs to the head,

that's when you're done.

You bough the ticket, you take the ride.

Well, how long does this ride last?

The Mendez-Ochoa cartel

is a violent, ambitious paramilitary group

on the verge of overthrowing
the Mexican government.

That would be very bad for them. And for us.

That's why the CIA is cooperating
with the Mexican government

to bring these bastards down.

You... don't choose when to stop.

That's a picture of some information

I have stored on a flash drive.


That's your secret offshore bank account.

Records of multiple payments
for illegal black-ops.

Now, if you won't stop the ride,

the least you can do is
reroute some of those resources

and get my family a little extra protection.


I can just take this dirt to your bosses.

Your call.

[Cellphone vibrating]



Man: Ah. Un momento, se?orita.

Who is this?

Cliff: Hi, sweetheart. It's your father.

Hi, Pam. You there? Pam?

Pam, you there?

[Breathing shakily]

I don't want to talk to you.

I think about you all the time.

And I worry about you.

- I'm fine.
- How can you be fine?

You're surrounded by a bunch of liars and cheats.

And I know the only reason
you went along with the Ewings

framing me for killing J.R. was because

you wanted to punish me for hurting your babies.

They didn't frame you.

You're in jail because you killed J.R.

I didn't kill him. I didn't kill him!

I didn't kill J.R. I didn't kill him. I...


I didn't kill J.R.

Oh, God.

[Inhales sharply]

[Candace giggles]


I just got the call, Sue Ellen.

Stanley's on his way to meet with the governor.

We got to go.

I... I'm sure that's all innocent enough.

He's creating a war within the family

when we should be working together.

There's nothing innocent about him.

[Indistinct conversations]



Oh. [Both chuckle]

Tell me about high school.

Ugh! High school.

Um, back in high school,

I was captain of the basketball team

and also head of the science club.

Wow! I'm guessing, uh,

one of those got you laid more than the other.

You'd be surprised.

[Both laugh]

Oh, so, did you initiate the DTR,

or did you leave that up to the girls?

"DTR"? What's that?

"Define the relationship"...

that awful, awkward conversation
high-school couples have

when they're trying to figure out

if they're actually a couple or, you know,

just screwing around.

Well, I guess I initiated it with Elena.

You know, we'd been going out for a few months,

and I wanted to know where her head was at.

And she said she felt the same way I did.

What about your last relationship?


That bad, huh?

Uh... [ Both laugh]

Look, w... we don't have to talk about it.

No, uh, we should talk about it, actually.

- [Cellphone vibrates]
- Oh.


Oh. Shoot. I got to go.

Why? What's wrong?

Sorry. It's not an emergenc...

well, actually, it kind of is an emergency.

I'll take a cab. I'm... I'm sorry.

No, no. Wait.

- I'll take you.
- [Sighs]

No, I don't want you to have to do that.

I want to.

I have a kid.

John Ross has me in a tight spot.

You know, when people find
out what I like to do, uh...

God, if my family finds out what I like to do...

Calm down, Stanley. Calm down.

So what you like to have sex with a girl

who's dressed up like a dog?

There's nothing criminal about that...

aside from the fact that the girl was a sex worker

and you paid her for sex.

[Voice breaking] Got to help me out, Sam.

Yeah, I'll help you out, Stanley.

[Stanley exhales]

I'll help you.

Okay. [Sniffles]

But you've got to guarantee me that your family...

and by family, I mean your family's money...

will be behind me when I make my bid for 2016.

Oh, we're behind you, Sam.

We'll funnel the money
through the accounting firm,

just like last time.

[Breathing shakily]

Well, that sounds like a plan.

Conspiracy and illegal campaign contributions...


A bug in a bourbon cork.

I think J.R. would see the humor in that.

The family that blackmails
together stays together.

[Dog barking]


Hi, mama.

Go wait inside for mommy, okay?

- Daddy.
- See you later, buddy.


You were supposed to watch him tonight.

My boss asked me to work late.

I'm hard up, and I couldn't say no.

You're hard up because you gamble

all your money away shooting pool.

I'm hard up 'cause my damn
landlord keeps raising the rent.

What kind of message you think it sends our son

when you're always swapping him
off at a moment's notice, huh?

What kind of message do you think it sends our son

to see his mom all dolled up,

hanging out with some random guy?

I think it's time for you to leave.

Oh, of course.

Can't get fired if you're sleeping with the boss.

You're gonna be late for work.

You stay the hell away from my family, Ewing.

You hear me?

[Dog barking in distance]

[Engine turns over, revs]

[Tires squeal]


- You okay?
- [Sighs] Yeah.

I've been dealing with Bo since high school.

I can handle him.

You two were married?

Briefly. [Sighs]

You handled yourself well back there.


Come on, tweedle-bug. It's
mommy's friend Christopher.

Come say hi.

Hey, I had a toy like that when I was a kid.

Mine transformed into a motorcycle.

What's yours transform into?

Mine transforms into a dinosaur.

Wow! That's cool! Can you show me?

So, uh, this... this part comes out like this?


How about these little guys?

It's pretty awesome.

Miss Judith?

The usual, thank you.

Yes, ma'am.

So, are you ready to come home?

That's not why I asked you here.

I know someone who's interested

in leasing a fleet of our ships.

Really? Who's the suitor?

Ewing Global.

Now, there was a deal in place before,

but daddy killed it because he hates me.

You wanted me to be involved
in the family business.

So I am.

So you are.

We will not be doing business with the Ewings.

Is that clear?

I took these from daddy's safe

when I took the rest of his files.

You want to know what's inside?

It's about your little side business...

copies of ledgers, client lists...


your little black book.

[Sighs shakily]

You want to trade?

That's half of what daddy has on you.

When I see a contract for those ships,

you'll get the rest.


Now that you know about

your grandmother's little side business,

let me teach you one of the very basics.


Let a man screw you for nothing.

My girls play a very smart game.

They allow a man to believe he's in control.

But my girls are always in control.

And because they are, they are richly rewarded.

On the other hand, a whore
who gives without receiving

is not only a whore...

but a fool.

You think John Ross cares about you?

Loves you?

You think he'll leave his wife for you?

Why would he buy the cow...

when he gets the milk for free?

John Ross does care about me.

John Ross degrades you.

If you think that's love...

then you are a worthless creature.

Don't let him manipulate you.

[Crickets chirping]

[Clock chiming]


3:00 A.M. the witching hour.

I would turn you into a newt if I could.

Emma gave our ships to the Ewings.

She leveraged the deal with this.

It's the dirt you dug up on your dear, old mother.

This is all you bargained for?

Where's the rest of my files?

Well, you didn't exactly

put me in a position to haggle, Harris.

There's no telling what else John Ross

will manipulate Emma into doing for him.

We need to break them up.

Candace is on it.

How hard is it to get that
Ewing boy to drop his pants?

The sooner Candace does her job,

the sooner we have leverage
over John Ross and Emma.

And in the meantime,

I need you to get Emma to come back home.

I don't trust her on Southfork

in such close proximity to that boy.

Plus, it would really piss off Ann.


Nicolas: I knew our state
attorney would come through

on J.R.'s murder file.

There's got to be something in here

that will prove Cliff's innocence.

We don't have to look at these now.

Something else wrong?

Doesn't it bother you to work for Cliff?

Even if he didn't shoot J.R.,
he's still a terrible man.

Cliff is a means to an end.

We are using a terrible man

to do something very good
for you, for your family.


Elena, look at this.

What is it?

It's not a gunshot wound,

and it's not in the M.E.'s report.

Then what is it... a scar?

I don't know. It looks like an incision.

[Door opens]

I got your text.

Did you get the ships?

Maybe I did... maybe I didn't.

Well, did you?

Why are you only nice to
me when you want something?

You're right.

I've asked you for a lot already.


I've just been so focused on
getting those arctic leases

that I've lost sight of what really matters.

I think...


I deserve a finder's fee.

What are you proposing?

I want a piece of the arctic play.

I think we could work something out.


But we're gonna have to be more discreet.

Ann threw me out.

Well, you're gonna have to fix that,

'cause I don't want to stop seeing you.

I spoke with my daughter.

And I always thought she was framing me

for killing J.R.

But she actually believes that I killed J.R.

The Ewings lied to her.

She's a victim in this, too.

If she knew the truth, it would devastate her.

Elena, you know, you deserved to know the truth

about what the Ewings did to your father.

And it was devastating, I am sure.

But you needed to know.

Do the same favor for my daughter.

I will.

Turn her against John Ross,

and she will help you get your justice and mine.

[Turn signal clicking]

[Birds singing]

You came back.

I'm sorry about what I said.

I'm sorry I lost my patience.


[Breathes deeply]

When you came to live here...

my hope was that we would become closer,

that we'd start to understand each other better.

[Sighs] But you're making it very difficult.

[Sighs] I know.

You're not wearing his necklace?

I broke it off with John Ross.


Do you still want me to leave?

You can stay.


It's okay, boys. You can open the gate.

I spoke to my handler.

He agreed to give us more protection.

That means more eyes on Emma, more eyes on you.

Thank you, Harris.

How is she?


She says she broke it off with John Ross.

But I don't know if I believe her.

She's lied to me about so many other things.

I'm worried about her.

[Scoffs] Honestly,

I feel completely out of
my depth trying to help her.

Oh, hell, Annie, I'm the one that screwed her up.

You been a better parent to her than I ever was.

Well, I just want what's best for her.

You know, actually, the
real reason I came out here

was to try to talk Emma into
going home with me, but...

I think she's better off here with you.

She needs her mother right now.

I'll do my best.

I trust you will.

Stanley: Oh, we're behind you, Sam.

We'll funnel the money
through the accounting firm,

just like last time.

[Breathing shakily]

So, this is why politicians
should never accept gifts,

especially gifts with J.R.'s name on them.

So, who's the guy you have in mind

for Stanley's replacement?

I have the perfect candidate.



[Channels changing]

I regret to announce that,

three months shy of finishing my term,

I will be stepping down
because of family obligations.

An interim railroad
commissioner has been appointed

and will serve out the remainder of my term

until a new commissioner is elected in the fall.

Bobby Ewing...

a stalwart in the oil and gas community,

will serve the state of Texas well.

Bobby: Thank you, Stanley. We all wish you well.

I'm honored to be given this appointment.

[Exhales sharply] And as
a second-generation oil man

and a fourth-generation rancher here in Texas...

[Growls]... I promise to bring
a fair and balanced approach

when enforcing all regulations.

Thank you.

[Cellphone beeping]

Mr. Ewing, is everything okay?


This is Sue Ellen Ewing.

Please leave a message. [Beep]

Hey, mama.

If you're gonna betray me, you do it to my face!

Don't stab me in the back!

I thought we were allies.

But now I know I got another enemy

I got to look out for.

I ain't gonna forget this.


[Cellphone clatters]

Do you trust the governor?

He won't do anything until
after the election, at least.

There he is, our new railroad commissioner,

and a stalwart of the oil and gas community.

Whose plan was it... yours, Sue Ellen's,

or did you both conspire to ruin this company?

Ruin? No.

Harm? Maybe.

You disrupt my drilling operation,

which means we won't have the capital

to buy the arctic leases,

which means we lose the race to the arctic,

which means we lose!

You'll cut off your nose to spite your face!

However you want to look at it, John Ross...

Southfork is my trust, from Aaron Southworth,

a man who understood the value

of preserving this family's
heritage, of protecting it.

It was passed down to me by mama.

And I'll be honest... sometimes I'm not sure

if that's a blessing or a curse.

But you forced me to make this stand,

so you listen well, boy.

I am the steward of Southfork,
and I will not forsake it.

Christopher: You don't even
pause to consider the consequences

of your actions, John Ross.

You'll abuse the land.

You'll disrupt the lives
of the people who work on it

just to get what you want.

You're more selfish than your father ever was.


You want to build a roadblock

between me and drilling Southfork...

Go ahead.

If I'm as bad as my father ever was...

Then I'll blow right past it.

[Door opens]