Dallas (2012–2014): Season 3, Episode 2 - Trust Me - full transcript

On the heels of Nicolas' arrival, John Ross goes to great lengths to keep his plans for Ewing Global moving forward, locking horns with Bobby in the process. Meanwhile, Sue Ellen's suspicions of John Ross' infidelity threaten to d...

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Previously on Dallas...

I came back here to accept your offer,

'cause I'm not thinking this is revenge,

I am thinking of this as justice.

You need evidence that they
framed me for J.R.'s murder.

- Joaquín.
- My name's been Nicolas for about 20 years now.

We will get justice for your
family... for our family.

My name is Nicolas Treviño,
and I'm here on behalf

of Cliff Barnes as his proxy.

Cliff still owns 1/3 of this company,

and your changing the name
doesn't change that fact.

We need the capital to buy those
arctic leases. I know how we can get it.

Drill the shale deposit on Southfork.

There's no drilling on Southfork.

I don't need your permission.

[Sighs] [Buzzer sounds]

You were very expensive to ransom
from the Texas lawmen, Mr. Ryland.

And if your trucks don't
resume moving our products,

we'll have to teach your daughter a lesson.

I can see why John Ross loves you so much.

It's good to know you're
both right across the hall.

John Ross: What's the matter, mama?

You look like you just seen a ghost.

For a moment, I thought I had.

[Brakes squeal]

Thank you for coming.

Well, with all this cloak-and-dagger,

I was sort of wondering what's up.

I need you to follow John Ross for me.


What kind of trouble you
think he's gotten himself into?

Emma Ryland.

Why would you think that?

I spent 40 years being cheated on.

I'm pretty good at picking up the signals.

You know, it seems like
things have been pretty good

between you and John
Ross since J.R.'s passing.

If you're wrong, him finding
out you put a tail on him...

that'd end that real quick.

We've never been closer.

Then why do this?

Because I love my son.

It took J.R. most of his life

to realize the pain that he had caused me,

and if J.R. were alive, he would have...

he would have told John
Ross that the path he's on

leads to nothing but heartache and misery.

But J.R.'s not alive, so it's up to me

to make sure that my son
is not destroying his life.

I'll look into it.

[Car door closes]

[Engine turns over]





Daddy's home.

How did you get out?

Where are my files?

- What files?
- The files you took

when you stole the ledger
that put me in jail.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh, I think we're way past

that "innocent little girl"
bullshit, don't you? [Sighs]

- I'm gonna call the police.
- No, save some time.

Call the judge that tossed the case.

Looks like your little plan

to sideline me and take
over my company failed.

Oh, I'm sorry... the Ewings' plan.

You didn't really think
you were gonna get away

with giving them my ships, did you?



Sweetheart, I... I... I just...

I just don't understand
why you're acting like this.

It's like you're out of control.

Please tell me you're not
back on those drugs again.

- I'm not.
- Oh, honey, you're thinking about hurting yourself?

I didn't say that.

'Cause I love you too much
to lose you, sweetheart.

So as your father, I may have to put you

in a secure therapeutic setting
where you can't hurt yourself.

Just like I did to dear old grandma.

He killed the deal on the ships?

- Yes.
- Damn it. I need those ships to get the arctic deal.

John Ross, he's gonna put me away.

You think I'd let him do that to you?

- How are you gonna stop him?
- I'm gonna put him back in jail.


No, no. [Chuckling] Not now.

This is not the time for
romance, darlin', all right?

I got business to tend to.


Don't flatter yourself, darlin'.

This is the price of
doing business with me.

Go ahead.

Make your call. I'm not gonna make a sound.

[Cellphone beeps] [Sighs]

But you might.

Hello, Bum.

Bum: Yeah?

Yeah, we got to meet.


Uh, the front entrance to my penthouse.

When can you be here?

Shouldn't be too long.

[Cellphone beeps]

[Camera shutter clicking]

♪ Theme music plays ♪

That was quick.

Doing a job in the neighborhood.

The cartel got Ryland out
of jail by flipping a judge.

We got to figure out a
way to get him back in.

I'll try.

You seem a little out of breath.

You okay?

Elevators weren't working.
I had to take the stairs.

[Papers rustling]

You know, staring at that thing
isn't gonna change what's on it.

[Sighs] These are the
seismics John Ross gave me.

They show the shale top
within his surface rights.

This is the one I had done in 1980,

and the shale top is definitely
below the surface rights.

Is it possible the new
technology's just more accurate?

- Well, the bottom line is I just can't trust him.
- Hmm.

I'm gonna have our guys do
a new set of seismics for me.


Now come to bed.

When I watch "Duck Dynasty" without you,

I get all the beards confused.


[Knock on door]


- Hey.
- Come in.

Harris Ryland has been released from jail.

- What?!
- How the hell did that happen?

Charges were dropped.

You said the case was open-and-shut.

I thought it was. Judge
had a different opinion.

- He was bought off.
- Who you calling?

Our friend Ellis, a U.S. attorney.

Let's see what he can do.

- Ellis, how the hell did Ryland get out?
- Like you said,

the judge tossed the case
for insufficient evidence.

Well, what about the ledger

that detailed all his money laundering?

The judge says it was illegally obtained.

- Was it?
- That's a gray area.

Come on. I know the judge was bought off

and unless you're taking
stupid pills, so do you.

Look, when I started
asking questions about this,

doors started slamming in my face.

- Knock on more doors.
- It wouldn't do any good.

Whatever happened, no one's talking.

Ellis, I'm gonna see
this through to the end.

And when I'm done, I'm taking
down everyone who's involved.

I promise you Everyone.

Now what?

Now we call in a favor

from my U.S. senator friend Joe McAllister.

[Indistinct conversation]

[Elevator bell dings]

- John Ross: Candace.
- Candace: Good morning, Mr. Ewing.

Have I told you how lucky I am

to have a woman with your talent
and intelligence on my team?

- Mrs. Ewing, the files you asked for.
- Oh.

Every day since you hired me.

But I never get tired
of hearing you say it.

John Ross: I need you to do me a favor.

And you being so sweet and innocent,

I feel bad asking, [Sighs] 'cause
it involves a bit of deception.

Well, I'm sweet, but I'm far from innocent.


I need to know what my seismic guy's

doing in the boardroom with my cousin.

Look, Howard, I... I
can't stress to you enough

the accuracy of these seismics.

And believe me, I will get right to it.

- The sooner, the better.
- Mm-hmm.

Howard, my man.

[Snaps fingers]

- Love that guy.
- [Chuckles]

- What's he do here again?
- We're not fracking Southfork

until we can determine
the depth of the shale.

- Why are you doing this?
- [Elevator bell dings]

We need that money.

Good morning, Ewings.

I want to be the first to congratulate you

on finding the capital to
fund your arctic leases.

And to find the shale play
right under your own home.

You truly are blessed.

Do I detect a hint of
trouble in Ewing paradise?

You know how it is with family.
We have our disagreements.

But we always stick
together against outsiders.

- Are we talking about me?
- Of course not.

I was hoping we could be friends.

Oh, um, we're having a barbecue
at Southfork on Saturday.

I was hoping you could join us...

see that we're not the monsters
Cliff Barnes says we are.

Saturday it is.


Sir, one moment.

I have been through the Ewing Global server

over and over again. There
is nothing that even hints

at them framing Cliff for J.R.'s murder.

That is not a surprise.

These people are a lot of
things, but they're not stupid.

If there's anything,

it's probably on Bobby's home computer,

but now that I'm broken
up with Christopher,

I have no reason for being in the house.

You can do it at the Ewing barbecue.

I assume Christopher will invite you.

He invited me.

You can't go to Southfork.

My mother will see you.

This was bound to happen sooner or later.

And what am I supposed to tell her?

"Uh, Joaquín and I are planning
on putting the Ewings in jail

for framing Cliff, but,
mom, please just go with it."

Your mother is a servant

for the people who
caused your father's death

and stole the millions
that should have been hers.

Don't you think she deserves better?

There he is.

Hardest working man at Ewing Global.

Mind if I take a seat?

I'm kind of busy.

You know, uh, people always say to me,

"John Ross, what is the
secret to your success?"

You know what I say to them, Howard?

Our employees.

People that do their jobs,
not for the fame or glory,

but for the sheer satisfaction
of doing an incredible job.

Now, my Uncle Bobby and
my cousin Christopher...

they might think of you as
a faceless cog in a machine.

Not me. No, no, no, no.

I see you as Howard
Rieder Seismic superstar.

Thanks. [Chuckles]

Now, a man of your education and standing,

you can go anywhere, work for anybody.

Am I right?

I don't know about anybody.

Oh, damn skippy. I know I'm right.

But you stay here.

And I believe loyalty like
that should be rewarded.

When you run those seismic tests

on the shale play under Southfork,

I know that you will find that
without a shadow of a doubt

that shale...

is in my surface rights.

Not because we're friends,

but because it's the right thing to do.

Conversation was a pleasure, Howard.

[Brakes squeal]

[Car door closes]

Hey, babe. What are you still doing up?

We were supposed to make a final decision

about the centerpieces for the reception.

Oh. Sorry. I got hung up at a work thing.


What's going on?

Your new secretary Candace.

- You were all over her this morning.
- No.

I was just flirting, trying
to get her to find out

how Christopher's gonna stop
me from fracking Southfork.

Hand to God.

Nothing's going on with my secretary.

Come on, now. You know
flirting's not cheating.

If I ever find out... you've
been stepping out on me,

God's wrath will be the
least of your worries.

You are so sexy when you're scary.

Heather: Whoa.

[Grunts] Hey.

Fracking Southfork means taking land

out of rotation for the cattle

to me room for big rigs,
you know that, right?

- Whoa, where's this coming from?
- Less cattle means less land.

That means a lot of good people

are gonna be out of
work... including myself.

- Well, n... n... now, hold on. Honestly,
- I never thought I'd see the day.

I... I thought ranching
meant something to you

and that father of yours.

You done?

For now.

Look, it's my cousin John Ross
who's behind all this, all right?

My father and I are trying to do
everything in our power to stop it.

Why didn't you say something sooner?

'Cause you're pretty
cute when you're angry.

Oh. All right. Okay, then.


Hey, you like barbecue?

Who doesn't?

Once you finish plating those, come back.

Put these in the steamer for me, will you?

Hurry up. Get out there
before it gets cold.

Why don't you let the caterers do that?

[Scoffs] Because I am a better cook.

Mom, we need to talk.

What's the matter?

Joaquín Treviño is coming
to the barbecue today.

He's coming here? To Southfork?

- Yes.
- Why?

He's with Ewing Global,
he works for Cliff Barnes,

he calls himself Nicolas,

and nobody can find out that we know him.

What have you gotten yourself into?

You just have to trust me, okay?

You said that Cliff was insane,

that you wanted nothing to do with him.

And this is all part of
some plan of his, isn't it?

No, mom, I can't tell you anything else

because I don't want
you to have to lie, okay?

But... you just have to believe

that everything I am doing is justified.

Pretending not to know Joaquín is a lie.

And you don't need to tell me more.

If Cliff Barnes is involved,

this is about destroying the Ewings.

And I will not be part of that!

- Mom, please!
- Go!

I have to get back to my work.



[Door closes]


Let's not shoot mommy
on her first day home.


Now, where the hell you
been keeping yourself?

No, the question in those
confused little eyes is,

"how in the hell did she get out?"

We're one big, happy family again, daddy.

Isn't that great?

Give us a moment, won't you, dear?

She's such a good girl.

She's a little monster that put me in jail.

Now, she's being controlled by the Ewings.

You can't trust her.

You have no one to blame but
yourself for reuniting her

with that awful ex-wife of yours.

But now that I'm back,
I'll keep her under control.

But you are right.

Locking a parent away is an evil deed.

- Look...
- As you know...

I've never been one to
dwell on wrongs done to me.

So I'll put behind me the fact

that you pushed me down the
stairs and had me sedated

in that prison they call a rehab hospital.

You are no longer the head
of Ryland Transportation.

You may want to rethink

coming out of retirement right now, mother,

because if we don't get our
trucks rolling again soon,

we're all gonna be dead.

This must be about your
arrest for smuggling drugs

for that Mexican cartel.

Next time you put the company at risk,

it would be prudent to tell me.

I thought you might disapprove.

Your grandfather had a saying.

"Money and morality are like
two cars on a one-lane road."

"When they meet, morality's
gonna end up in the ditch."

I need to get down to Mexico
to reassure them of my loyalty

and let them know how I plan on
getting the drugs flowing again.

- I'd love to meet your friends.
- [Scoffs]

Latin men are so passionate.

You know, you think you know
what you're getting into,

but you don't.

I made my bones dealing with
psychopaths and criminals

while you were still playing
with your easy-bake oven.

Set the meeting.

It's time to renegotiate.

♪ Music plays ♪

[Indistinct conversations]


God, you certainly do give
a lovely barbecue, Ann.

In the old days,

these things would end up
in a fistfight in the pool.

It's still early.

Sue Ellen.

Hello, Bum.

- Find anything?
- Nothing.

Followed that boy 24 hours a day.

Never went near Emma Ryland.

Are you sure?


Thank you.

Is it possible that maybe
you're projecting the wrongs

that J.R. did to you onto your son?

It's possible. Yes.



Thanks for coming.

Thanks for being a man of his word.

Saw the seismic team in the back 40.

Once we prove that shale's
below my cousin's surface rights,

we'll shut him down for good.



You two-step?

Not in a very long time.

Well, that's unfortunate.



♪ Music plays ♪

You want to dance?

I'd love to.


Well, how's it coming along?

It's gonna be real close, Mr. Ewing.

Yeah, I figured as much.

Here. What's all this?

John Ross tried to bribe me
to make it come out his way.

I should have told you sooner,
but I was afraid you'd fire me.

You're not mad?

If he hadn't have tried to bribe
you, he wouldn't be my nephew.

You won't be fired, Howard.

You're a good man for telling me, Howard.

Put this to good use.

Thank you, Mr. Ewing. I will.


♪ Music plays ♪

Glad you came.

I would never pass up Texas barbecue.

You know, I have to be honest...

I've learned all the best
lies start with that sentence.

I've learned a few things myself.

I've learned from your
history of boardroom coups

that you don't let your sense of loyalty

get in the way of a smart business deal.

I've also learned the profit percentages

for the last three boards you've sat on.

When's my birthday?


Based on that, I can get a ballpark

of what Cliff must be offering
you to block our deals.

Let's say you can.

I can offer you twice that,

if you'll agree to sell
off part of Ewing Global

to pay for the arctic leases.

I have to admit, I am impressed
by the team you have...

especially Elena Ramos.

We're lucky to have her.

She seems as smart as she is beautiful.

She's one of the best in
the business at finding oil.

I've always been
attracted to capable women.


You know, Cliff sure is lucky
to have such a loyal employee.

I mean, you two must
have really hit it off,

considering you've only
done one deal together.

Brazilian Telecom, wasn't it?

He wanted to be a player in Latin America,

and I was tired of dealing
with all the regulations.

He overpaid at $30 a share,

and he didn't hold that against me

when he came looking for a proxy.

Is Elena dating anyone?


She just got out of a serious relationship,

so I don't think she's looking right now.

A relationship with...


[Chuckling] I apologize.

I'm usually much better
at picking up signals.

[Cellphone ringing]

Excuse me.

[Cellphone beeps]

[Speaking spanish]

Pardon me. Business.

Ann: We could save a lot of money

if we could just pay the
ranch hands in your empanadas.


Well, I just made a fresh batch.


Excuse me, Mrs. Ewing.

I don't mean to intrude,
but I'm told the temptress

that was responsible for me
going off my diet was in here.

She's right there.

I am glad you enjoy my food, señor... ?


But, please, call me Nicolas.

Thank you, Carmen.


[Sighs] So...

You go by Nicolas now.

I don't know who that is.

I only know the wayward boy we
took in by the name of Joaquín.

Saint Christopher's
kept me on the right path

since you gave him to me.


Look, I know lying is not easy for you.

But please trust me.

Trust is for children.

Since we took you in
from the street as a boy,

I have the seen the darkness and
the light fight for your soul.

Drew and Elena are
under your influence now,

and I am expecting that
you will do the right thing.

But if even for a moment I sense

that you are leading either of
my children into the darkness,

not even Saint Christopher
will be able to save you.



[Indistinct conversations]

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Thanks for coming.
- Yeah, of course.

I don't mean to intrude,

but, um, it's been quite awhile
since I've been to Dallas.

I was hoping you could
show me some of the sites.


Yeah, you can spend the entire night

telling me why I should
sell off part of Ewing Global

to fund this, uh, arctic play.


Excellent. I'll bring the car around.

Look, I know it's not my place to tell you

not to go out with him,
but don't go out with him.

Look, you invited him here
to soften him up, right?

Get him to drop his guard?

Well, maybe a couple drinks
are just the right thing

- to loosen his lips.
- Well, if you're not careful,

those lips are gonna be all over you.

Trust me. I am not that easy.

♪ Music plays ♪


I, uh... I'm gonna go.

I wanted to thank you for inviting me.


♪ Music plays ♪


I'm direct.

- Yeah.
- [Both chuckle]

Uh, I think you're handsome and nice,

and I think we'd have a hell
of a lot of fun together.

Bet we could.

You don't seem like you're
ready for that just yet, but...

when you are...

I'm interested.

Wow. [Chuckles]

Oh, Christopher. You're just in time.

We're about to get the
results from the seismic.

No matter which way this
goes, no hard feelings, okay?


It was close.

And I rechecked it three times.

But the shale is in John
Ross' surface rights.

I'm real sorry, Mr. Ewing.

It's all right, Howard.
You did your job. Thank you.

It's settled, then.

We don't need to frack. I
found something on Nicolas.

- What did you get?
- Well, I asked him about his deal with Cliff.

He said he bought at $30 and sold at $50,

so I checked the deal.

It said they bought at $29.


So that's a $100 million discrepancy.

Guys like this don't
get profit margins wrong.

So what's your take on that?

I think it's a phantom deal.

Cliff and Nicolas probably
never worked together.

So there's got to be some other connection,

some other reason why Nicolas
is doing this for Cliff.

- Maybe Cliff has something on him?
- Maybe.

Look, all I really know is that
this guy knew we'd check him out,

so he covered his tracks in America.

He may not have been so careful in Mexico.

You keep saying you're gonna
find a way to turn this guy.

What if you never find it?

Look, the deadline on those
arctic leases is coming up.

We need that money to bid.

I'm fracking Southfork.

[Door opens, closes]


Go to Mexico. See if
you can find something.

I'll call the railroad commission,

see if they can slow down John Ross.

And when's the last time

they told someone they couldn't frack?

[Scoffs] Never.

[Keyboard clacking]

Did you find anything on
Bobby's hard drive yet?

Elena: Maybe. Check this out.

It's an e-mail from Bobby to Carlos Del Sol

about Rhonda Simmons.

And who is this Rhonda Simmons?

Rhonda was the witness that testified

that Cliff was in the bar
the night J.R. was killed.

That's got to mean something.

What did you find on Ryland?

Nothing. That's not why I called you.

Now, you got to be smarter than that,

'cause next time it might
be an enemy instead of me

on the other side of that lens.

Why the hell are you tailing me?

Your father asked me to keep an eye on you,

keep you on the right path.

Your father was a great
man. He did great things.

But the way he ran around
on your mother was a sin.

And he figured that out too late.

Grow into your father's greatness...

not his weakness.

Here they are.

Harris, my friend,

- good to see you out of jail.
- Thanks to you, my friend.

Least I can do for a man who
knows the value of silence.

A talkative man might have
faced a much different ending.

Harris, aren't you going to
introduce me to your friend?

When your son told me he
was bringing his mother,

I was... surprised.

Please. Call me Judith.

I hate surprises, Judith.

They can lead to...


Be that as it may, I'm now in
control of Ryland Transport,

so you'll need to deal with me.

We have a level of trust with your son,

which he's earned with
years of working together.

You have not earned such trust.

You think I'm wired?

You're right.

We've only just met,

and trust is the most important ingredient

in a business relationship.

Without trust, there can be...


And misunderstanding...

can lead to doubt.

And doubt...

can lead... to suspicion.

I feel like we've known each other forever.

Don't you?


Due to my son's previous
legal difficulties,

we can assume that all Ryland trucks

will be scrutinized at the border.

- We assume this, as well.
- That is why, from now on,

all the trucks we use will
be owned by a shell company

which will be carrying
drilling fluid and waste water.

And what about the
checkpoints inside of Texas?

I believe those have
been compromised, as well.


We avoid them by staying off the highways.

We use the shale trucking routes instead.

6,000 miles of unmapped private roads

without a border patrol agent in sight.

And all of this will cost you
just pennies on the dollar more.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

We've already got a deal in place.

Well, that was with my son.

Every day your cocaine
pipeline is shut down,

it costs you millions.

Let's not quibble over crumbs.


Now let's seal the deal
with a taste of our product.

♪ Music plays ♪


Hot damn.

Mama like.


All right.

Now that I've agreed to your conditions,

I think it's time you hear mine.

It's the polite thing to do.

One interruption in our supply
chain was... unfortunate.

Another would be fatal...
for you and your family.

My daughter has nothing to do with this.

Which will make it all the more... tragic.

Don't you think?

[Click] Luis: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
We've already got a deal in place.

Judith: That was with my son.

Every day your cocaine
pipeline is shut down,

it costs you millions.

Let's not quibble over crumbs. [Click]

[Cellphone vibrating]

[Cellphone beeps]


Man: We have a problem.

[Cellphone vibrating]

[Cellphone beeps]


The senator wouldn't
tell you what he found?

No, but calling that late at night,

I knew it was something big.

[Tires screeching]


All right.

Stay calm.

You both need to come with us.

We're not going anywhere.


Please sit.

You've been looking into

the circumstances around
Harris Ryland's recent release.

That needs to stop.

- Or?
- Or people are gonna start dying.

You make me sick.

Just when I think you couldn't
sink any lower, Ryland,

you reach a whole new depth.

Taking orders from a drug lo

he's not working for a drug lord.

He's working for us.

You're telling me he's working for the CIA?

Harris: Four years ago,

the Mendez-Ochoa cartel
came to me to run drugs.

I came to him.

Since when does the CIA
go after drug dealers?

We don't.

These guys are ex-commando
of the Mexican army.

The drugs give them the
money and the influence

to take down the Mexican government.

So you got him out.

But the cartel thinks that
they flipped a dirty judge,

and all the questions you've been asking

put that in jeopardy.

They have pictures of our daughter.

And you, Annie.

Now, if they find out
who I'm working for...

they'll kill both you and Emma.