Dallas (2012–2014): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Return - full transcript

The Ewings are on top, having vanquished Cliff Barnes and taken over his company. The Ewings are united, with Sue Ellen planning a wedding for John Ross and Pamela. But solidarity among them can only last for so long. John Ross quickly gets into conflict with Bobby over their joint ownership of Southfork Ranch, while also putting his marriage at risk as he enters into an illicit liaison with Emma. Meanwhile, Christopher's relationship with Elena seems irreparable as Elena returns to Dallas with her own secret agenda for justice. As the betrayals mount, the arrival of a mysterious stranger puts everyone's plans at risk.

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Previously on Dallas...

Believe you and me,
Barnes' plan is personal!

J.R., help me find a way to bring him down.

Don't you worry little brother,
it's gonna be my masterpiece.

Got a plan, 'cause you shouldn't
have to pay for my sins.



Sue Ellen: When I was miss Texas

and I met J.R.,

I fell in love.

It was enough to drive a girl to drink.

I brought you a message. From J.R.

John Ross: "If you're reading
this, it means I'm dead."

And if I'm dead, that means
Barnes is coming after you."

Help me take down the Ewings.

Since you lost your junkyard dog,

there's nothing keeping me
from taking your family down.

Bobby: We stick with the plan.

We take Cliff down by taking his company.

Pamela: With our combined shares,

you are now the minority
shareholder in your own company.

What the hell's going on?

Sue Ellen: Two slugs were
found in J.R.'s chest cavity,

which match a gun registered to you.

Can't you see that this is a frame-up?

I didn't kill J.R.! I didn't kill J.R.!

Don't you think it's about time

you tell us what really happened to J.R.?

I shot your father, John Ross.

He only had a few days left,
and he asked me to do it.

[Gunshot] Please believe...

that J.R.'s last act was an act of love.

Cliff wants to see you.

He wants you to go to
the jail in Nuevo Laredo.

I know a lot about your family's land.

J.R. had paid somebody to switch the deeds.

Make the Ewings pay

for their sins against your family.

I'm here to see Joaquín.

Please tell him Elena
Ramos needs to see him.

- Harris Ryland, you're under arrest.
- For what?

- For drug trafficking.
- On what evidence?

Your little book that
shows every deal you did

with the Mendez-Ochoa cartel.

I got what you wanted, John Ross.

I knew you'd come through.
That look's gonna cost you.

Trust me, I'm willing to pay the price.

Just... don't tell my wife.

Well, we did it.

We finally won.


So, I'm the caretaker now, huh, mama?

I'm the only one left.

Well, I'll try not to disappoint you.

[Grunts] Oh.

How do I look?

- It looks good on you.
- Hmm.

- But better on me.
- Uh-huh.

Well, you are gonna need your hat

if you go for your morning ride.

- Oh, yeah?
- Mm-hmm.


Giddy-up, sweetheart.

Whoa! Oh! Oh!

Ow! [Chuckles]

Ohh. [Chuckles]

Let me make it better.

That is a beautiful thing.

Wait. What?

You are a divining rod for blackmail.

[Grunts] Exactly what
we were looking for...

your grandmother's power of attorney

giving control of Ryland
Transport to your father.

Or to me should he become incapacitated.

Nothing says incapacitated
like a 20-year prison term.

Well, what else is in here?


Now that I've given you
access to the dark side,

miss new C.E.O...

[Both chuckle]

I need something from you.

I need control of Ryland
Transport's new drilling ships

and ice-breaking cargo ships
at a fair price, of course.

It'll be good for both our companies.

You know, my father would
burst an artery letting a Ewing

through the front door of Ryland Transport.

- That's exactly my point.
- Mine, too. [Chuckles]


Now, darling, you wouldn't
even know this existed

if I didn't tell you about it.

Be that as it may, John Ross...

I let you look...

but you certainly can't keep it.


[Elevator bell dings]

John Ross.

Did you get the accordion
file like J.R. wanted you to?

Yeah. Emma's holding onto it.

That gonna be a problem for you?

Nah, I like a challenge...

especially one that looks like her.

Don't get too cocky.

Emma Ryland put her own father in jail.

Ah. She did us a favor.

Don't you worry about me, bum.

I'm not gonna do anything
to jeopardize the love

of a good woman waiting
for me at Southfork.

There's one more thing your
daddy wanted you to have.

You've earned this.


So, what is it? What's what?

7:00 sharp, you said to meet
you in the middle of Southfork

at the old hay barn.

I'm expecting a big
surprise. So, what is it?

It's just the first time of the year

you can see the lover's cross.

[Gasps] I wanted you to see it.


And I want to give you
this under those stars.


That's the reason why I had
to go to Houston last night...

had to get you the
biggest diamond in Texas.

[Gasps] John Ross.

I didn't do it right when we eloped.

Since mama wants to
give us a proper wedding,

you deserve a proper ring

and a proper proposal.


Will you marry me, Pamela?

I can't promise it'll be smooth sailing.

But I can promise you

that I'll give you the ride of your life.


[Both chuckle]

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! [Both laugh]

♪ Theme music plays ♪

John Ross: All right, so, right here's

where we're gonna blow out the wall,

extend the kitchen another 30 feet,

and then build the new
wings in both directions.

We're remodeling Southfork?

[Sighs] Can you guys
give me a couple minutes?

Sure. Thanks.

Now that I'm living here, Uncle Bobby,

I thought the house could use a facelift.

I actually found J.R.'s
old plans for Southfork,

so I thought I'd put them to use...

bring this place up to the
modern standards of luxury.

It's about time we started living

like the rich folk that we are.

We've lived well enough
here for several generations.

Are you telling me you
don't think our ancestors

would appreciate a three-story atrium?

Or a... billiard room the size of a saloon?

Or an indoor pool?

I remember Miss Ellie enjoying
a dip every now and then.

John Ross, I am not going
to let you turn Southfork

into a monument to you and
your father's self-indulgence.


You seriously like us
all living under one roof

with our floors and walls touching?

Hell, Uncle Bobby, I'm a newlywed.

Thought you would at least

appreciate a little more privacy.

You want privacy, John Ross? Move out.

This house and its history is
what grounds us as a family.

It's our roots.

It's about time you learned
to respect the past, boy.

The past is what holds
us back, Uncle Bobby,

just like that feud with
Barnes we just got over.

But regardless of how you feel,

since miss Ellie left me half of Southfork,

there's really nothing you
can do about me remodeling it.

Now, if you don't mind,

I'm gonna go talk to the
architect about putting in a...

an elevator.


[Pats Bobby's back]

Christopher: [Echoing]
You've been talking to Drew?

Christopher, he's my brother.

He killed my babies!

You were the one person
I thought I could trust.

Christopher. Please, let's talk about this.

There's nothing left to talk about!

When I get back here, you better be gone.

Pamela: You love Elena.

You have always loved Elena.

Don't hold on to your anger

the way my father held on to his.

[Cellphone vibrating] [Gasps]

[Breathing heavily]

[Vibrating continues]


Cliff: J.R. had switched the deeds.

J.R. got the parcel that
belonged to your dad,

which was rich in oil,

and your dad got his, which was worthless.

Be my proxy for the third of
Barnes Global that I still own.

Make the Ewings pay

for their sins against your family.

I don't like you. You're scheming.

[Sighs] But I researched the land records.

What you told me is true.

J.R. switched my father's
land with a worthless deed.

This betrayal cost my father his life.

I came back here to accept your offer

to be your proxy at Barnes Global.


I spent my life building that company.

I'd be loathe to think that the Ewings

could destroy it before
I get out of prison.

- You're getting out?
- Yeah.

- And you're gonna help me.
- Why would I do that?

Because you want to hold
real power over that family.

And to do that, you need leverage...

leverage in the way of evidence

that they framed me for J.R.'s murder.

My plane, without me in it,

was moved to Nuevo Laredo the
night that J.R. was killed.

And that American woman in
Nuevo Laredo, the dancer...

Rhonda... Simmons or something.

You know, she lied to say that
I was in the club when I wasn't.

And the gun that killed J.R.

They stole out of my
locker at the gun range.

Together, we can take back
Barnes Global and then Southfork,

take from them what's most important...

what they took from us.

But I need to know that
you have the strength...

to exact revenge.

They kicked me out of a
company I helped start.

They took away my oil leases.

They accused me of helping my brother

when they would have done
the same to help their own,

and now all this?

I'll find the strength...

'cause I'm not thinking of this as revenge.

I am thinking of this as justice.

Damn it, Heather, when I say be back
in 20 minutes, I mean 20 minutes.

- Heather: I had to hose off the cattle.
- I don't give a damn what you're doing.

When I give you a job, I need you to jump.

Do you understand me?

The cattle are already stressing.

I got this, mister.

You want to explain to Bobby Ewing

why the cattle are dropping,

just so you can run roughshod over me?

I don't think so.

You need to grow up.
Stop trying to control me,

'cause I'm not gonna jump
when you say "jump"...

Not again.

Have a nice freaking day.

You want to say something?

I think you got it handled.

- Thank you.
- [Door closes, engine turns over]

Christopher Ewing.

I'm, uh, Heather.


Sorry about that, Mr. Ewing.

It's not a problem.

Hey, listen, uh...

you can come to me if he
gives you any trouble again.

I was the only girl in
a house of four brothers.

I think I can handle the likes of him.


But, uh... thank you.

You got it.

[Clicks tongue]

J.R.'s watch and his belt buckle.

You wear them well. Your
father would be proud.

And I'm proud of you, too.

And I'm especially proud

of the way you're treating your new wife.

I like her, John Ross.
She's been through a lot.

She deserves to be happy now.

Couldn't agree more.


I spoke to, uh, Bobby, and I think, uh,

your delivery could be better sometimes.

Oh, mama, Bobby was gonna explode

no matter how I brought
up expanding this place.

Don't underestimate your Uncle.

He's a steel hand in a velvet glove.

Bobby bettered J.R. more
often than he should have

because J.R. underestimated him.

You're better than your father was.

I just don't want you to make the mistake.


Daddy may have lost more than his share.

But then, again...

Daddy didn't have you as an ally.


It's just so... big.

You think it's too much?

Not at all. [Chuckles]

I want you to know how glad I am

that you're letting me
plan a proper wedding

for you and John Ross.

I would have felt cheated
if I couldn't have the family

to celebrate and bless your marriage.

Well, I was worried John Ross

would object to the fuss of a big wedding.

That ring says otherwise.

To be honest, I was feeling a little shy

about having another
wedding here at Southfork.

Oh, trust me, you won't be the first bride

- to have had multiple weddings here.
- [Chuckles]

After everything that
happened with my father

and... losing the babies, I...

I didn't think I'd find happiness again.

Happiness found you, and that's
the best kind of happiness.

Thank you.

We were all just admiring
Pamela's engagement ring.

- Have you seen it?
- Mnh-mnh.


It's beautiful.

Thank you.

Oh, you guys are wedding planning!

- Mm-hmm.
- Do you want some help?

- [Car approaches]
- Yes, that would be really nice.

[Engine shuts off]

We're looking for dresses,
so flag any ones you like.

[Car door closes]


[Door opens]

You came back.

I know that a lot of terrible
things happened to this family

because of my brother, and I am so sorry.

And I'm sorry for the
part that I played in that

and for all the lies and
the hurt that followed.

My brother was in a lot of trouble,

and I was just trying to help him.

I wasn't thinking straight.

I hope you all accept
my profound apology...

especially you, Pamela...

and you, Christopher.

Can we talk?

I'm sorry, Christopher.
I'm sorry that I lied.

I'm sorry that I just...

- Did you get my messages?
- I did.

I couldn't face your calls.
I had to go clear my head.

You know, I've had some time to think

about all the things we said in Zurich...

all the things I said.

I was angry, Elena.

And with everything that
was going on with my mother

and what your brother had done,

I was out of control and cruel,

instead of trying to hear your side.


I want to try to make things work with us.

You said you never wanted
to see me again. You...

you threw me out of that hotel room.

I know.

I'm sorry.

Do you know what I think?

I think we're both still broken.

I think we need to take some
time to fix what's broken in us

before we can know if this is right.

I only came back to Southfork to pack.

Elena, you've lived here
since you were 9 years old.

We've always been friends.

There's no need for you to move out.

- Christopher...
- Please...

Just stay on the ranch.

It's your home, too.

Thank you.


- Mija.
- Oh, mama.

Ah, I am so glad you're home!

- I know. Me, too. Me, too.
- [Exhales deeply]

So, what did that Cliff Barnes want, hmm?

Did he tell you why he sent you

the deed to your father's land?

No, Cliff Barnes is a
sad, delusional old man

who just wanted to rail against the Ewings.

I went down there for nothing.

[Speaks Spanish]

He's just trying to stir the pot

after getting caught
for what he did to J.R.

[Speaking Spanish]

I saw Drew, mama.

He sent you this.

- You sure he's okay?
- Yeah.

He got to Joaquín's safely,
he's working with Joaquín,

and he's keeping busy.


Joaquín, Drew, and I made a pact

that we would take care
of each other for life.

Joaquín will not break
his word to Drew... ever.

The three musketeers, you all were.

And, you, the most protective
demanding I take Joaquín in.

[Voice breaking] Ay, the
look on your father's face

when I told him the homeless boy
selling chiclets on the corner

was coming home to stay...

And you took him in... just like a son.

Because he was a good person...

just like you. [Sniffles]

Now and then.

So, nothing's changed
with you and Christopher?

Um... things are better.

We talked. We both apologized.

But we're gonna take a little break.

It's the right thing.

The Ewings have been very kind to me

since finding out what Drew did.

They're good people, too, Elena.

They're still after him, mom.

After you read that
letter, you have to burn it.

[Speaks Spanish]

And these are all of the locations

of the possible sites.

So, which one of the arctic
leases are we gonna try and buy?

All of them.

But they're the biggest suppliers
of oil and methane in the world.

That's right.

The next great energy frontier, mama.

And Ewing Global is in the unique position

to buy all of these leases

because Ewing Global's
in the unique position

to drill both oil and
methane thanks to my cousin.

Bobby: Don't get ahead of yourself, son.

Before we can bid, we need
ice-breaking ships. Yeah.

Which... I've already
negotiated from Ryland Transport.

- Ryland Transport?
- Wait. What?

Even with Ryland in jail,

he'd leave instructions
never to do business with us.

You know I can be persuasive, Uncle Bobby.

And in this case, the new
C.E.O. of Ryland Transport

was... very persuaded to
do a deal with Ewing Global.

In that case, we are one
step closer, John Ross.

We're all working together.
That's what counts.

And don't think I don't appreciate

you not holding a grudge about
me remodeling, Uncle Bobby.

Well, we can make it all work.

You know, having you around is sort of like

having J.R. back in my life.

I had to learn to roll with
him. I can learn with you.

We are family.

Christopher: Well, then the only thing left

in order to get our
seat at the auction table

is to come up with that

capital to back our bid.

- Is that all?
- Well, since the Southfork oil we're slant-drilling

from the Henderson ranch
is going to pay off debt,

we've been looking into
Barnes Global assets to sell,

and the one sector that seems
ripe is the consumer division.

[Door opens]

- Elena.
- I'm... I'm sorry to disturb you.

I... I should have asked the
receptionist to tell you I was here.

No, it's... it's fine. What's going on?

I know I no longer have
a piece of this company,

and... I don't want one,

but I do think I have a lot to
offer in the field of energy.

I guess what I'm asking for is a job.

I thought you were drilling
your father's ranch.

That land's dry, Sue Ellen.

I've finally come to terms with that.

I'm truly sorry, Elena.

Of course, I will defer
to Christopher's wishes

if he or if any of you feel
awkward about my working here.

We don't.

Well, then... welcome to Ewing Global.

Come on. I'll show you what we're doing.


[Keyboard clacking]

[Computer beeps]

[Mouse clicking]

[Computer beeps]

[Cellphone ringing]

[Cellphone beeps]

- Yeah?
- Elena: They just hired me.

I'm in.

Sue Ellen: Oh, but that's cute.

[Cellphone vibrating]

Bobby: Hello, everybody.

You look like the cat that just
swallowed a canary, Uncle Bobby.

More like I just sold one.

I just got off the phone with Conagra.

They're very interested in
buying our consumer division,

and they'll have a bid to
us by the end of the week.

- Christopher: Seriously?
- Absolutely.

[Chuckles] Damn, we really are

gonna be bigger than exxon and BP combined.

I'll get Jill to get us
some champagne to celebrate.

- Sir, Mr. Ewing is in a meeting.
- What about Sue Ellen?

- Elena: Sorry. Is there something I can help you with?
- No, I... I don't think so.

- Excuse me.
- Sir, you can't go in there. Sir!

Mr. Ewing, I'm sorry.

Bobby: It's all right.
It's all right, Jill.

Can I do something for
you? I'm Bobby Ewing.

I know who you are who all of you are.

So, let me just introduce myself.

My name is Nicolas Treviño,
and I'm here on behalf

of Cliff Barnes to act as his proxy.

His proxy?

Cliff still owns 1/3 of this company,

and your changing the name to Ewing Global

doesn't change that fact.

He can own his shares. Doesn't matter.

This family is majority stockholder.

Yes, however...

state law supercedes your corporate bylaws.

And state law requires a super majority

to approve the sale of
any substantial assets.

Your family doesn't have a super majority.

So, let me make it crystal-clear for you

that no sector of Barnes
Global will ever be sold.

Cliff Barnes would rather
destroy this company

- than see the Ewings profit from it.
- That's insane.

Not to a man who's been betrayed
by your family like Cliff has.

Now... I'm not here to fight.

In fact, I would very
much like to get along

with each and every one of you,

make my time in Dallas fun while it lasts,

as I'm only here until Cliff is a free man.

Cliff Barnes will never be a free man.

He murdered J.R.

He says he was framed, Sue Ellen.

And in all my dealings with Cliff,

I've never seen him lose a
fight he was determined to win...

and win it fast.

So, what was on the agenda this morning?

Treviño is gone.

What the hell is Cliff up to,

and can he really get away with this?

All right, thank you.

Our legal department received a letter

from my father's lawyer this morning,

giving his proxy to Nicolas Treviño.

As for the super majority,
our lawyer has never seen

the statute invoked, but
it does exist. Damn it.

Bobby: What did you find, Christopher?

Christopher: He's a Mexican
billionaire, financier, and tycoon.

It says here, at 18
with nothing to his name,

he won $10,000 off a $2 bet at a horse race

and invested it in a small
pharmaceutical company,

built his empire by introducing
low-cost generic drugs

to Latin America and Africa.

I never heard my father mention him before,

but I checked our database...

in 2008, he sold his
telecommunication interest

in Brazil for $800
million to Barnes Global.

Sue Ellen: If we're
gonna get business done,

we have got to control him.

Find a way to compromise
him. Make him an ally.

We got deadlines breathing
down our neck, mama.

- Finding somebody's Achilles' heel takes time.
- We don't have a choice.

Elena, set a meeting

with the bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

We'll present our plan,
see if they'll push back

the auction to buy us some time.

You got it.

We'll figure this out.

Treviño said that Cliff was
planning on getting out of jail.

If Cliff can prove anything against us,

it'll land us behind bars.

- And... and if Pamela or sue Ellen find out...
- Christopher.

There are no loose ends.

You sure?

Carlos del sol and bum...

and I made sure, yes.

Let's hope so.

[Keyboard clacking]

Rough day?

Just my father causing more trouble.

I know about that. [Scoffs]

Hey, I'm not the only girl in the room

to have put her father behind bars.

- What are the odds?
- Well, I guess we need to stick together, then.

Hey, if you ever need to talk,

I just want you to know I'm here.

You're really nice, you know that?

Emma: I can see why John
Ross loves you so much.

It's good to know you're
both right across the hall.

Have a good night.

[Keyboard clacking]

Elena: Well, I ran into a dead end.

I spoke to the head

of the department of
ocean energy management,

and there's no way to move
the arctic auction date.

John Ross: I've been racking my brain

all afternoon on how to raise more capital.

- You remember that shale formation under Southfork?
- Of course.

- Bobby's never gonna let you drill it.
- Take a look at this.

Now, the seismic shows that
it's risen to the surface rights.

Now, if that's the case,

Bobby has no say whether I drill it or not.

Look, nobody knows the oil under
Southfork better than you do.

I need to know if what I'm seeing is right.

Oh, my God.

Those arctic leases are the holy grail.

I'll do anything I can
to help you get them.

Well, the shale deposit's over there,

just on the other side of the cattle.

[Engine turns off]

John Ross, what did you
drag us out here for?

You want to show me where you're putting in

your new helipad and the polo field?

We need the capital to
buy those arctic leases.

I know how we can get it.

Drill the shale deposit on Southfork.

Now, I can get it producing

in time to meet the bidding deadline.

John Ross...

Gary and I still own 2/3
of the mineral rights.

You don't have a play here, boy.

Actually, Uncle Bobby, I do.

See, that formation has a rise in it

up into the surface
rights, which I own half of.

I don't need your permission or Gary's.

I'm telling you one last time...

there's no drilling on Southfork.

Christopher: Come on, John Ross.

To get to that shale,
you're gonna have to frack.

Our whole cattle
operation's in this section.

You'll shut it down, put
all the hands out of work.

Besides, Cliff might be squeezing us now,

but this is what he wants...
us turning against each other.

Look, we will find a way to turn Treviño.

We'll make him a better deal.

Or if Cliff has something on him,

we'll find it and we'll use it.

But one way or another,
we will take back control.

That sounds like a wild goose chase
that we don't have the time for,

and I'm not gonna let this arctic
deal slip through our fingers.

I'm fracking.

I stopped J.R. I stopped you once.

You're not half the man your daddy was.


[Truck doors open, close]

I was thinking, I'm
gonna need contracts asap

on those tankers you're giving me...

Miss C.E.O.

What's the rush?

That old coot Cliff Barnes...

he's trying to throw a wrench in my plans.

I'm gonna need those
drill ships and tankers...


And how are you gonna...

pay for this rush service?

Well, one good service deserves another...

Without rushing...

Of course.

[Both chuckle]

What's the matter, mama?

You look like you just seen a ghost.

I, um... [clears throat]

for a moment, I thought I had.

Um, I was looking for
you before going home.

[Sighs] You know you have

my full support in the
shale play, John Ross.

As I counseled Bobby to
be reasonable with you,

I'm also counseling you to
be reasonable with Bobby.

He's a good man.

And we'll all be stronger together,

fighting Treviño, than apart.

Don't worry so much, mama.

I got this taken care of.

Isn't that Emma's room?


Yeah, she's the one I made the deal with

to get the Ryland tankers
for the arctic play.

She's got more power than she realized

over there at Ryland Transport
now that her daddy's in jail.

I just wanted to make sure
we nailed down the contracts

before anything else goes wrong.



[Buzzer sounds]

You were very expensive to ransom

from the Texas lawmen, Mr. Ryland.

You're welcome.

Your daughter... make sure she
doesn't get it into her head

to punish you again.

And if your trucks don't deliver
our product within 24 hours,

we'll have to teach your daughter a lesson.

And when we're done...

she will want to kill herself.

[Crickets chirping]

[Gates creak]


My name's been Nicolas
for about 20 years now.

Time you got used to calling me that.

[Chuckles] I'll try.

I know the last couple of days
must have been hard for you.

You're not used to lying,

but you owe it to your family
to see your plan through.

Your father was the only
father I ever knew, Elena.


So there's blood in this for me, too.

It's just there's no turning back.

Let's eat.

Thank you.

J.R. Ewing killed your father

as surely as if he had
pulled the trigger... worse.

Shooting your father would have been kind.

J.R. robbed your father of his will to live

by robbing him of his dream.


If the Ewings framed
Cliff for J.R.'s murder,

then they're also criminals.

Barnes did well choosing you as his proxy,

and I'll be right by your side.

He gave me use of one of his penthouses,

so I'll be moving to Dallas
for as long as you need me.

Do you, um, remember...

the day you gave me this?

That day, you brought me home.

I've always felt that my
destiny began that day.

You saved my life when I was a boy,

and now it's my turn.

We will get justice for your family...

for our family.

Trust me.