Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 15 - Legacies - full transcript

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What the hell are you doing in here?

What are you doing?

I was looking for pills, daddy.

- I'm sorry.
- Don't honey, it's not your fault.

Listen, I promised you

that I would get you
some help, little girl...

and I will do that.


Here you go.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

I got to take this, okay?

Gonna get you back on schedule.

You'll be feeling better in no time.

All right?

You two tell me where
my mother is right now,

or you're going to jail

for fraud, for stealing
her money from her account.

I told you I would tell
you, Christopher, and I will.

Well, then what are you waiting for?

And this time, the truth.

I met your mother after
the terrible auto accident

that burned over 60% of her body.

Your mother ran away from Dallas

because she felt she
was hideous, Christopher.

She didn't want to scare her little boy.

She came to me for help,

and I did what I could as a surgeon.

It took months.

We got to the final round of surgeries,

and your mother found out
that she had pancreatic cancer.

She was dying.

And it broke her heart,

because she wanted to get back to Dallas.

I took her to Abu Dhabi

because they had an experimental treatment,

but the treatment didn't work,

and she died soon thereafter.

When your Uncle Cliff found out

that Pam's 1/3 ownership of Barnes Global

would go to you in the will,

he contacted me and Carina.

Carina had been your mother's nurse.

He asked us

to keep your mother's death a secret

so that he could control
her shares in his company.

In exchange,

he supported us all these years.

So, my Uncle let me
think my mother was alive

but just didn't want
to see me for 24 years.

I'm so sorry for our part in all this.

This is what you came for.

It's your mother's will.

It passes on her shares

of Barnes Global to you.

Your mother wrote this a
few days before she died.

She loved you,

and she fought to get better

so that she could return home to you.

Her biggest regret was that she
never made it back to Dallas.

Detective Bota.

Mr. Ewing.

We heard Roy Vickers was
arrested on drug possession.

Where the hell is he?

Has he said anything about my
father blowing up the Ewing rig?

District attorney's trying
to work a deal with him

since they transferred him,

but he's not giving anybody up.

Says he's happy to go to trial.

You're making a mistake
covering for them, Roy.

People like Barnes and Ryland...

they dump people like you
like they dump the trash.

They got no sense of loyalty.

Just tell the truth, Vickers.
The D.A. can protect you.

Get me out of here.

No bloody mary, Cliff?

You promised me that Roy
Vickers had left the state,

but Dallas P.D. has him
in custody right now.

I know.

He stands to do 20 years behind bars?

So Vickers is old-school.

He'll do his time like a man,

and no one will be any wiser
about his connection to us.

Really hard to find a stand-up
guy these days, you know?

I'd be real disappointed

if all of our hard work
just came to nothing.

I have a job I need you to do.

What do I have to do to
get you to tell the truth

about my father and Ryland

being behind the rig sabotage, Mr. Vickers?

It's not gonna happen, Miss Barnes.

Do you have children, Mr. Vickers?

Did you know that one
of my babies was a boy

and the other one was a girl?

No, please.

Please, don't go. Please?

I need to know the truth.

Did my father know people were on that rig?


I need to know if he knew I was there.

Look, I know you don't
want to confess to anything.

I just need to know.


Just tell me it was
unintentional, and I'll go.

Have other children.

Forget your father.

There was nothing unintentional about it.

Yeah, your brother said the same thing.

No, listen.

My lawyer's a shark.
Don't you worry about me.

You just take care of yourself

and that little grandbaby of mine.

All right?

I'll talk to you soon.

I love you, too, baby.

Roy Vickers,

the man police were
investigating as an accomplice

in the Ewing-rig explosion,

was killed today while in police custody.

Mr. Vickers, the owner of a
storage facility in Dallas...

Sweetheart, I had nothing whatsoever to do

with that man's death...
I give you my word.

I'm as shocked as you are.

Roy worked for me for 15 years.

I don't know what is going
on around here, daddy,

or how Drew and Roy Vickers
are connected to it and to you.

For lack of evidence...

But I'm glad Drew is gone and Roy is dead.

Now they can't hurt you.

And called it a profound tragedy.

She reiterated her father's innocence

- and said the family...
- Thank you, my darling girl.

Thank you.

Vickers is also survived
by a son and a grandchild.

Authorities are
investigating Vickers' murder,

but they currently have no suspects.

Emma's with Harris now, Bobby.

You really think he did this?

Vickers worked for Ryland.

It's Ryland who had the most
to lose if Vickers talked.

- Christopher.
- Hey.

I'm sorry about your mother.

Thanks, dad.

Welcome home.

You okay, Chris?

Yeah. I'm good.

What Cliff did is unforgivable.

To both of you.

Thank you, Sue Ellen,

but I mourned Pamela long ago.

I'm just glad I finally know the truth.

I spent the whole plane
ride back thinking about it.

Now I just want to know what's next.

Well, then let's talk.

They gave me a copy of my mother's will.

It confirms she left me 1/3
ownership in Barnes Global.

Here's the death certificate

that we found in Cliff
Barnes' safety deposit box.

She died July 14, 1989.

24 years ago.

I'm sorry, Christopher.


So, we're 1/3 in.

Actually, we're 2/3 in.

We got married while
you were in Switzerland.

After my father gave me
a third of Barnes Global.

You're married?


You should have told me.

I should have been there

to witness my only son...

and my new daughter.

You okay with this, Christopher?

At least there's one good
thing to come out of all this.


Come in, Bum.

We're all set for the governor
to revoke the eminent domain.

He's just waiting for our timing.

Well, now that we can
control Barnes Global,

I think it's time you all
knew what was in J.R.'s letter.

The past several months...

J.R. has been working
to protect this family.

And that meant taking
down Cliff Barnes for good.


Cliff got to Mexico before
J.R. could finish his plan.

That's my father's gun.

That's the gun that killed my brother.

J.R. caught wind that
Cliff had followed him

down to Nuevo Laredo.

His sixth sense made him
worried, so he called me.

By the time I got to the hotel Col?n,

J.R. was already dying.

He told me that Cliff was
using the Mendez-Ochoa cartel

to cover his tracks

and to call Carlos Del Sol.

Carlos bought the gun

that Cliff used to kill
J.R. from the cartel.

Why didn't you tell us all this before?

And why would you blame
it on some random mugger

if you knew it was Cliff and
you had the gun to prove it?

Because J.R. wanted Cliff to think

he had gotten away with it...

to give the family time to
take everything from him.

But I'm his son.

You could have told me!

And if I had told you,

you'd have gone after
Cliff right then and there.

I wasn't even sure that
I would have to use this.

Until this morning, Roy Vickers

could have put away Cliff and
Ryland for blowing the rig.

What my father did before doesn't matter.

Now's the time to act.

Everything has to take place
where the crime occurred.

Cliff will fight extradition to
Mexico with everything he's got.

We won't have to extradite him.

I can get him to Mexico.

You'd be good with that?


So, what are we waiting for?


I heard about your mother.

I just want to say how sorry I am.

If you want to talk about it,

there's nothing I would like more.

I understand that you
are still angry with me,

and you have every right to be.

I was wrong not to tell you
that I knew where Drew was.

But Drew was just a pawn
in Ryland's sick games.

I only helped him because he
promised to bring Roy back,

and he did.

And now Roy's dead.

But you want me to understand
what you did, right, Elena?

To forgive you?

Then call Drew and tell
him to turn himself in.

That'll help my family.

I can't reach Drew anymore.

You know, the one thing

I thought we had between us...

was trust.

How do I ever trust you again, Elena?

I can't tell you how proud
I am of you, sweetheart.

I didn't know you were trying to complete

Frank's casino deal in Mexico.

Well, I know Frank
wanted more than anything

to make you proud with this casino deal.

Small world that Frank planned
a casino in Nuevo Laredo.

I know.

But it's smart, it being a border town...

ripe for gaming.

Talk about dancing on J.R.'s grave.

Oh, my.

Help my father to the
plane. I'll get my bag.

I'll take this one with me.

Well, look at you.

I made your favorite.

Oh, you're so sweet.

Routine feels good.

I knew it would.

- Thanks, baby.
- Mm-hmm.

I have a warrant.

I just couldn't let daddy
keep pulling all the strings.

All right!

Harris Ryland, you're under arrest.

For what?

- For drug trafficking.
- On what evidence?

Your little book that
shows every deal you did

with the Mendez-Ochoa cartel,

as well as all the off-shore accounts

where you parked all the
profits you laundered.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say or do..


Pamela, it's Marlene.

I need to talk to your father.

The police are here with a warrant.

They're already searching
his office, and they're...

How nice of you.

Yes, my father and I would
love some champagne sent up.

Thank you.

They must have heard we were celebrating.

- Really?
- This hotel is nice.

Frank was right to bring our business here.

You think the bellman forgot something?

I don't know.

What have you done, Pamela?

I've waited for this moment
for a long time, Cliff.

What moment would that be?

The moment our feud is over.

I've just got back from
Zurich, Uncle Cliff.

I saw Carina and David Gordon.

Remember them?

The couple you've been paying off

not to tell me my mother was dead?

So I wouldn't inherit
her third in your company?

Well, why don't you welcome
me to the board, Uncle Cliff?

'Cause I'm now 1/3 owner of Barnes Global.

So am I.

Along with your daughter.

John Ross and I are married.

With our combined shares,

you are now the minority
shareholder in your own company.

Which gives our family control

of Barnes Global and Ewing Energies again.

Oh, Pamela,

you have just made the most

grievous error of your young life.

I spoke to Roy Vickers.

You knew people were on that rig.

You knew I was on that rig!

Roy Vickers is a liar!

What the hell's going on?

You are under arrest, Cliff.

J.R.'s body was exhumed in Dallas.

Two slugs were found in his chest cavity,

which match a gun registered to you.

The Mexican M.E.'s report

about a Saturday-night
special proved to be false.

Dallas P.D. found that gun
in your car several hours ago.

What gun?

A CZ 759mm.

No. That gun was stolen out of my locker

at the shooting range weeks
before J.R. got killed.

J.R. Ewing's belt buckle,

taken the night of the murder, was
found in your safety deposit box.

The log to your personal jet

establishes that you were in Nuevo Laredo

the night of the shooting.

Okay, yeah, okay.

I was in Mexico, but I was in Cabo.

I wasn't in Nuevo Laredo.

Somebody moved my plane!

The evidence is irrefutable, Se?or Barnes.

No. No.

Can't you see that this is a frame-up?

Can't you see that the
Ewings are behind this?

They're trying to dupe you into thinking

that I killed J.R. when...
nNo, no. They're trying to...

He's trying to frame me from the grave.

I didn't kill J.R.! I didn't kill J.R.!

I didn't kill J.R.!

I didn't kill J.R. I did not kill J.R.!

What did you do?

You had my gun stolen

and you paid off the Mexican police

and had somebody plant J.R.'s belt buckle

in my safety deposit box?

Pam must have helped you with that.

When she finds out that you framed me...

a third-generation blood feud.

Rant all you want to, Cliff.

The feud is over.

You can't hurt my family anymore.

But I will give you another chance.

It's not something my brother would do,

but I'm not my brother.

You admit to blowing up the rig

and killing my grandchildren,

admit to having Roy Vickers assassinated

and your conspiracy with Harris Ryland,

and I'll help you.

Oh, trade a Mexican prison
for an American prison.

I have never done anything
that the Ewings asked me to do,

and I'm not gonna start today.

Who killed J.R.?

You'll never know, Cliff.


Thank you, J.R.,

for taking care of all of us,

even from the great beyond.

Don't you think it's about time

you tell us what really happened to J.R.?

What do you mean?

You've been pulling our
strings since the funeral, dad.

It's time you trusted us.

You know basically what I know.

Cliff Barnes is responsible
for J.R.'s death.

Not buying it, Uncle Bobby.

The Barnes/Ewing feud is over.

You two can reset your futures,

never worry about Cliff Barnes again.

What else do you need to know?

J.R.'s whole master
scheme was in that letter,

and you haven't even come close

to telling us what it really said.

We're out here now, all alone.

It's time.

"Bobby... doctors say I've
only got a few days left.

Damn cancer.

Should have told you earlier,

but you know how I detest pity."

My father was dying?

"The feud digger Barnes
started with our family

caused more heartbreak

than either of us has time to recount.

Well, I guess you do have time.

Use it."

"Put an end to this feud once and for all."

"I had Bum steal Cliff's gun.

That malignant little troll Barnes

comes to Mexico every year

for a marlin-fishing competition."

"I'm gonna damn well stay alive long enough

to be here when he arrives.

Carlos Del Sol will
smooth out the rough edges

in Mexico for you.

And talk to Bum.

He's the final and most
important piece to the puzzle...

... and the best friend that
I didn't deserve to have."


remember that time when you got grounded

for 'borrowing' daddy's favorite shotgun?

You swore up and down it wasn't you,

but daddy said there
was no point in lying,

'cause he found those
extra shells in your room.

Well, we both know it was
me that planted those shells.

Now it's time to play that card again.

I can... "

And he just goes on.

Come here.

"I can never make up for all the terrible,

hurtful things I did to you, Bobby,

and I have no excuses either
one of us would believe,

but I hope in the
quiet place in your heart

where the truth lives,

that my jealousy, as powerful as it was,

was nothing compared to my love for you."

"Goodbye, baby brother.

I guess I'll be duck hunting with daddy.

I'll tell him I was the
one who borrowed his gun."

I'm sorry I, uh...

got confused.

Who shot my father, Uncle Bobby?

I shot your father, John Ross.

He only had a few days left,

and he asked me to do it.

He said that's the way it had to be.

It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Please believe...

that J.R.'s last act

was an act of love...

for his family...

and for you.

The only person that
could take down J. R...

was J.R.

Thank you, daddy.

Thank you for watching over us.

I love you.

The Ewings are back from Mexico.

It turns out Cliff Barnes killed J.R.,

and now he's going to spend
the rest of his miserable life

in a Mexican prison.

Finally someone's paying
for what they've done.

I went to papi's land today

to see how things were progressing.

They weren't getting anywhere,
so I took another reading.

The reserve is too tight to be a producer.

Papi died for nothing.

Drew got involved with Ryland

so he could make enough money
to buy the land back from Bobby,

and threw his life away, just like papi.

Leave your father's dreams behind, mija.

Find your own dreams.

- Elena Ramos?
- Yeah.

Sign for me.

Thank you.

- What is it?
- I don't know.

It's land records.

One of them has J.R.'s name
on it, and the other is...

papi's land.

It's from Cliff Barnes' lawyer.

Cliff wants to see you.

He wants you to go to
the jail in Nuevo Laredo.

You have no idea what
you've done, little girl...

the enormity of what you set in motion.

All this behavior isn't you.

You just let the Ewings
get inside your head!

You thought it was your grandmother

and I trying to control you, but it's them.

This has nothing to do with the Ewings.

- This is me.
- No!

This isn't my Emma.

This isn't the girl I raised.

It is.

Because I'm exactly

my father's daughter.

Oh, Annie, I bet you're enjoying this.

Actually, I'm not, Harris,

because I'm not a sick,
sadistic prick like you are.



I was just walking the grounds.

Y'all moved in already?


But I don't want to go back to my place.

I just want to start my life with John Ross

and not look back.

I'm happy for you, Pamela.

I know I'm the last person

who should ever be giving
you advice, Christopher,

but you love Elena.

You have always loved Elena.

I know you're angry with her,

she made a bad mistake,

but don't hold on to your anger

the way my father held on to his.

Look at the wreckage that left in his wake.

Tell me what you know
about my father's land,

or I will walk out that door
and you will never see me again.

I know a lot about your family's land.

I know that your

was Agustin,

and how in 1835,

he purchased a stretch of
land in what became Dallas,

and how it was stolen from him
in the Mexican-American war.

And that your father purchased it back

in hopes that he would strike oil.

And I also know, like your father,

that J.R. thought the land was oil-rich.

J.R. and my father were both mistaken.

There's no oil on that land.

And you know why?

Because when your father
came up from Mexico

to collect the deed,

J.R. had paid somebody
in the records office

to switch the deeds,

and J.R. got the parcel
that belonged to your dad,

which was rich in oil,

and your dad got his, which was worthless.

And it destroyed your father's
life and your brother's,

and J.R. went off and
made millions on the land

that he stole from your father.

No. No. These have to be fake.

You would do anything to
turn me against the Ewings.

Go check the records yourself.

J.R. did the same thing to
my father as he did to yours,

and I can't fight him
from in here, but you can.

You could be my proxy

for the third of Barnes
Global that I still own.

Make the Ewings pay

for their sins against your family.

To the shrewdest oilman who ever lived.

May all who enter EEwing
Global feel your gaze

and remember that you
never go against a Ewing.

No truer words, John Ross.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.



So, how'd it go with Emma and Harris?

I think Emma's gonna be okay.

And Harris...

he looked like someone who could use a hug.

You know, that's the first time

I've seen you laugh in months.

It's the first time I've
felt like it in a long time.

Mm. I love you, Annie.


You know, I only shut you out

because I didn't want my wife

watching me be like J.R. Ewing.

You're still the best man I know.

You need to get out more.

You know what I was just thinking?

What's that?

In all this time we've been
working on J.R.'s master plan,

I didn't get the chance
to really enjoy the fact

that Miss Ellie gave me half of Southfork.

Not only that, but together,
we own 1/3 of the oil under it,

and, thanks to the Governor,

it's now pumping again on Henderson Ranch.


you be nice to that bride of yours.

You treat her right.

It's not easy being a
Ewing bride in this family.

What do you take me for, mama?

A scoundrel?


Elena, we need to talk.

I love you.

?puedo ayudarle?

I'm here to see Joaqu?n.

Please tell him Elena
Ramos needs to see him.

My brother and I grew
up with him in Mexico.

I got what you wanted, John Ross.

I knew you'd come through.

Looks like we hit the mother lode.

That look's gonna cost you.


trust me,

I'm willing to pay the price.

Just... don't tell my wife.