Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 14 - Guilt by Association - full transcript

Returning in the Barnes private jet from his Vegas wedding with Pamela, John Ross discovers from the flight records that Cliff was at the Mexican resort where JR was killed that very evening, as a witness confirms. Christopher follows leads to his mother, finds her former surgeon, Dr. David Gordon, in Zürich and seeks consolation with Elena when told Pamela senior refuses any contact with her 'old life'. Christopher however rejects Elena when he finds out she shared Drew's blackmailed bomb maker secret. Drew manages to find and trap Roy, who is arrested fro Rland's drug scam, yet refuses to return or turn himself in. After Bum tracks down ken Richards, Sue Ellen turns the governor's blackmail cover-up on them to demand undoing Ewing Oil's expropriation under eminent domain. Emma returns to Harris to escape residential rehab, but is caught snooping in his desk.

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Previously on "Dallas"...

She's still under the influence.
They found these in her vehicle.

Let her spend the night
in jail.


We're not bailing you out

until you agree to rehab.

I need a blood hound.

Ken Richards,
former commissioner of TESHA.

Looks like he skipped town.

I'm on it.

J.R. was seen with a woman
that night down in Nuevo Laredo.

I have found this woman.

She's a hostess...
An American.

I'm so sorry,
what happened to your brother.

That cargo I got busted for
must've been worth some weight,

because Roy,
he said if I didn't...

If you didn't what?
Drew, what?

Blow the Ewing rig.

They said
they would kill you.

Two unborn babies died...
Christopher's babies.

John Ross: Do you think Elena
knows where her brother is?

- No.
- You sure about that?

Here, take this.
Number's untraceable.

I'm not going to Mexico
until I find Roy.

Be careful.

The Dern International Office
in Switzerland thinks

one of their people saw
my mother.

Is that her, Bobby?

Bobby: It's been 24 years.

I can't tell, son.

Pamela persuaded her father

to give her 1/3
of Barnes Global.

So we need
Pamela's shares.

My father killed
my babies.

How could you
possibly think

I could ever
side with him again?

Actions speak louder than words,

I now pronounce you
man and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

Anybody got a check
for $200 million around here?

Bobby: Hubris...
Cliff Barnes' Achilles heel.

If J.R. were here,
he'd just say,

"let that bastard go all in,
think he's won.

Let him be the architect
of his own disaster."

big brother, as you wish.

Pamela: I always dreamed
my wedding ring

would come from a
gumball machine.

John Ross: Well, I don't know
if you've heard,

but my family's in the midst
of some financial difficulties.

[ Telephone ringing ]

[ Telephone beeps ]

- Hi, daddy.
- Cliff: Hey, Pam.

I thought you were gonna be
back from Vegas by now.

You're missing out
on all the fun.


My meeting
with the casino ran late,

and I had something important
I needed to do.

Well, everything is playing out
in our favor.

It's the ultimate payback

for what jock did to digger
all those years ago.

Couldn't have done it
without you, babe.

[ Inhales deeply ]

I'll see you soon.

Bye, honey.

Where do you want us to put
all this stuff?

[ Chuckling ] Put it on the
street for all I care.

John Ross: You okay?

[ Sighs ]

For a moment there,

I almost forgot
about the toxic mess

I'm returning to
in Dallas.

Well, you're not gonna
return to it alone.

Whatever battles we face
from here on,

we fight together.

And we'll take down
your father.


How much time do we have left
until we touch down in reality?

Let's see, shall we?

[ Groans ]

[ Tablet beeps ]

We've got
an hour and 10 minutes.

Want to see
where your dad's been flying to?

Chicago, L.A.

- Wait a minute.
- What is it?

Uncle Bobby.

Hey, look, I'm flying back
from Vegas on Cliff's plane,

and I'm checking out
this flight tracker.

Cliff's plane was
in a way for Nuevo Laredo

the night
that J.R. was killed.

It was Cliff, Uncle Bobby.

It was Cliff.

All right, John Ross.

Get to Southfork
as soon as you can.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone beeping ]

Bum, it's Bobby.

Time to put the plan
in motion.

♪ Theme music plays ♪

S02 Ep14
Guilt By Association

John Ross: I knew no petty
mugger could take down J.R.

It was Cliff all along.

You don't know that
for sure.

Oh, come on, Pamela.

John Ross,
all that tells us is

that his plane was
in Nuevo Laredo that night.

That is
all we needed to know.

Ain't nobody else could've been
on that plane but him.

Tell her, Uncle Bobby.
We have to call the police.

Let's not get ahead
of ourselves, John Ross.

Now, Cliff was there,

and if he did it,

then this,
along with the nothing

that the police department
in Nuevo Laredo came up with,

will not bring him
to justice.

So, what?
He just gets away with murder?

Just like he got away
with the rig explosion?

My father is many things,

but he is
not a cold-blooded killer.

Are you kidding me?

He killed your babies,

Not intentionally. He didn't
know I'd be on the rig.

Why are you so reluctant
to believe this

after everything
that man has done?

She's right, John Ross.

Until we're certain,
we can't do anything.

So, how the hell do we get
more certain?

I think I know someone...

Who can help.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Hey, mom, I'm so sorry I forgot
to call you when we landed.

We just checked in
a little while ago.

Is Christopher with you?

No, he's downstairs
in the lobby,

talking to the Detective
about his mother.

I'm worried sick
about your brother mija.

Have you heard from him?


I can't help it, Elli.

Every time the phone rings,
I think someone's calling to say

that he's been arrested
or hurt...

Or peor.

Mama, I will call him.

but I have to go.

Christopher's due back
any minute.

Gracias, mija.

[ Exhales raggedly ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Ringing ]

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]


mom wanted me to call you.

She's worried sick
about you.

Tell her I'm fine.

Drew, please, just give up
on finding Roy.

Okay? It's too dangerous.
Just go to Mexico.

You know
I can't do that.

I need
to make things right.

Without Roy,
the Ewings won't be able

to connect Ryland
to the rig explosion.

I know what I'm doing.

[ Lock beeps ]

I have to go.

[ Cellphone snaps shut ]


Who were you talking to?

Oh, it was my mom.

She wanted to make sure
we landed safely.

How'd it go?

My mother's bank account's

to a home address...

A man
the name of David Gordon.

he's an American.

Used to be
a plastic surgeon.

Do you think
Pamela lives there?

There's only one way
to find out.

I'm headed over now.

Christopher, are you sure
you're prepared for this?

'Cause if there's anyth...
I'm fine.

You haven't seen your mother
in over 25 years.

You must be
feeling something.

Actually, I'm not.

Because the woman
I'm about to see

ceased to be my mother
the day she abandoned me.

- You keep saying that.
- Because it's the truth.

But after all this time,
don't you want an explanation?

All I want from her now
are her shares

so I can take down Cliff.

Wish me luck.

Good luck.

Hello, Ken.

How did you
track me down?

An old friend
of J.R.'s.

He has a gift for finding people
who don't want to be found.

Well, you shouldn't have
wasted your time coming here.

I need hard evidence

of the Governor's involvement
in the TESHA cover up.

I can't do it.

I know you're a good man,

And I know
you want to help me,

but the fact
that you won't

and that you're hiding out
down here in the Cayman Islands

tells me the Governor's got
something on you.

This is bigger
than the rig explosion now.

The Governor is allowing
Cliff and Ryland

to take away everything
from us.

You have got to help us.

I can't do it, Sue Ellen.
I just can't.

Why not?

Several years ago,
my son founded a tech company.

But right when everything was
about to take off,

there was findings
that the company was dumping

toxic chemicals
near a river.

The fines would've
wiped him out,

so I made him promise
to change their methods,

and I buried the report.

The Governor knows about it,

and he's been holding it
over my head ever since.

Of all people,

I understand
breaking a few rules

to protect your child.

Yeah, but I doubt
the Attorney General

will share
your perspective.

What if I promise
to protect you?

You know there's no way
you'll be able to do that.

I'm afraid
you have underestimated me.

It's nothing personal,
Sue Ellen,

but you don't have the power.

If you don't give me proof
of the TESHA cover-up

and trust
that I will protect you,

I will look
into that tech company...

And expose you myself.

Just a little something
I learned from J.R.

If you can't count on someone
to do the right thing,

don't give them the choice.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Footsteps approach ]


Dr. David Gordon?


I'm Christopher Ewing.


Y-your mother's not here,
uh, Christopher.

You shouldn't have come.

Wait. Um...

D-do you have any idea
where I could find her?

I'm sorry.
I can't help you.

Please, Dr. Gordon.

It's imperative
that I speak to her.

I told you she's not here.

But you know where she is.

[ Clattering in distance ]

Uh, Christopher.

Just wait a minute.


You need to leave

[ Clattering continues ]

You're not my mother.

Are you satisfied?

Who are you?

I'm not leaving here
until you tell me the truth.

Christopher, I...

I'm your mother's husband.

I was her surgeon
after the accident.

We fell in love.

Where is she?

I want to see my mother!

you've made that quite clear.

Except th she doesn't want
to see you.

How could you know that?

'Cause I was there the night that
your Uncle Cliff found her in Houston

after she disappeared.

He asked her
to come back to Dallas

to be with him and Bobby
and you.

She said no.

She said that that part
of her life had ended.

No, I... m-my Uncle Cliff never
said anything about that.

Maybe he was just trying
to save you some heartache.

Well, even if that's true,
I still need to see her.

Uncle Cliff is
attacking my family,

and I need her help
to stop him.

you're wasting your time.

Your mother traveled
halfway across the world

to get away
from the Barnes/Ewing feud,

and apparently,
she didn't go far enough.

Look, I am very sorry
that you had to come

all this way for nothing,

but she's adamant.

Your mother never wants
to see you again.

if you're not going to go,

then I'm going to have to
call the police.

[ Breathing raggedly, sniffles ]

Okay. Thank you.

we'll be right there.

[ Cellphone beeps ]
What was that?

That was a nurse

from the detox center
at the jail.

Emma wants us
to pick her up.

She's agreed
to go to rehab.

[ Sighs ]

Well, all right.
We'll go get her.

[ Door opens ]

Elena: Hey. How'd it go?

Oh, no.

What'd she say?

I didn't see her.

What happened?

please, talk to me.

I talked to her husband.

He said my mother never wants
to see me again.

[ Scoffs ]

It was like
I was 7 years old

and my father was telling me
my mother was never coming home.

How could she not want
to see her own son again?

I don't know.

Christopher, listen to me.

There's only one person
who can answer that question,

and now that we know
that Pamela's

definitely in Zurich,
we are not leaving

until you confront her
face-to-face, okay?


[ Sighs ]

I'm glad you're here.

Me too.

Bobby: John Ross, Pamela,

I'd like you to meet
Rhonda Simmons.

You were with my father
the night he was killed?

John Ross,
J.R. went on and on about you.

He sure was proud.

Rhonda also gave us the lead

that connected Ryland
to the Mexican drug cartel.

After that, Carlos thought
it'd be best if she left Mexico,

so I moved her up here.

Got me an apartment,
a job.

Thanks again
for everything you've done.

No, no.
It's the least we could do,

but right now I want to see
if you can help us again.

Whatever I can do.

Have you ever seen
this man before?

Yeah. I have.

Do you remember when?


He was at the club
the night J.R. was killed.

No. No. No.
Look again.

Are you certain?


He was staring at us
all night.

I thought
he was just some creep.

Is that enough proof
for you?

No. No.
Uh... let me talk to him.

Now are you certain
that Cliff killed J.R.?

Yes. I am.


Call Derrick.
Have him arrested.

I'm afraid it's not that easy,
John Ross.

The crime was Committed
in Mexico.

The sheriff doesn't have
jurisdiction down there.


Let's call Carlos.

He'll pull some strings,
have Cliff extradited.

We'll have him arrested

Even if we could
pull that off,

all we can prove is
that Cliff was at the club.

That doesn't guarantee
a conviction.

[ Sighs ]

if I can't put him in jail,

I'll put him in the ground.

The gun that J.R. gave me.
I want it. I know what it's for.

- That's not what it's for.
- Then, damn it, Uncle Bobby,

you tell me what it's for!

He killed your brother,
my father!

We cannot let him get away
with this!

And we won't.

Whatever you were holding onto,

whatever J.R. gave you,
now is the time.

Not yet.

You have to trust me on this,
John Ross.

I gave you
the benefit of the doubt

after everything
you've done.

It's your turn now.

what your father wrote you.

"Use what I've given you
to take from them

"what they want
to take from us,

and then Bobby will know
what to do."

[ Breathes deeply ]

I've done it.

I married Pamela.

I've got her shares of Barnes Global.
What else is there?

Christopher needs to get
his mother's shares.

[ Sighs ]

What are we supposed to do,

Sit around here
with our thumbs up our asses?


We make sure
that when we finally do have

control of Barnes Global,

there's enough proof in place
to implicate Cliff

for the murder of J.R.

How the hell are
we supposed to do that?

I have a way.

I need a day
to get everything ready.

And we're gonna need
Pamela's help.

I'll be outside her house,

but I also want someone
at the bank.

Okay. Thanks.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Shower water running ]

[ Scoffs ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

I told you not to worry.



[ Cellphone beeps, snaps ]

You've been talking to Drew?
Are you kidding me?!

But, Christopher,
he's my brother.

He killed my babies!

No, not on purpose.

They told him that no one
would be on that rig.

Are you really making
excuses for him?!

No, he didn't have a choice,

They told him
they would kill me.

How do you even know
that's true?

That that's not just a lie
he used to get you to help him?

Where is he?
He's trying to find Roy.

Christopher, he is trying
to make things right.

There's no making this right!
My children are dead!

I didn't know
what else to do, okay?

He said without Roy,

there was no connection
to Ryland.

I had to let him go.

"Let him go"?

You knew where he was?

You knew where he was,
and you let him go?!

You lied to me!

To my family!

I'm sorry, Christopher.

[ Voice breaking ]
I am so sorry.


You know something?

After all Pamela's lies,
her betrayal,

you were the one person
I thought I could trust.


Well, I guess I was wrong.

No, Christopher.
Please, let's talk about this.

There's nothing left
to talk about!

Except when I get back here,
you better be gone.

Good morning.

- How'd you sleep?
- Not well.

The nurse told me
just half in the mornings,

then we'll gradually decrease
the frequency.


And on Monday,
you'll start rehab.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Scoffs ]

Christopher, please,
just call me back already,

or just come back
to the hotel,

but you have to let me
fix this.


I love you, Christopher.

[ Knock on door ]
Woman: Governor?

Ah, Sue Ellen.

What brings you in
from Dallas, huh?

from the Cayman Islands...

Where I had a lovely
breakfast with Ken Richards.

Ugh. Good ol' Ken.

So, how is he enjoying
his retirement?

Boy, I-I hope he's wearing
sunblock down there.

As I recall,
he gets burned easily.

I, uh, I gave him the news

of the rig explosion
that was sabotage, after all.

And, you know,
he wasn't surprised.

I'm sure you weren't,

Sue Ellen, you know,

I've got a charity function
I need to attend,

so if you just
can move along.

He also gave me a copy

of a rather interesting

It's, um,
the initial findings report

that was submitted
to your office

from TESHA's investigation
of the rig explosion.

What I find very interesting
is that there's proof

that there were
two explosions.

Proof that your office redacted
and then refused to publish.

Yeah, that is interesting,
Sue Ellen.

It's very interesting.

But you know what I think is
even more interesting than that?

Is why Ken would bring this
to you

when he knows
that if he were to do that,

he'd find himself in some
serious trouble of his own.

I gave him my word
I'd protect him.

that's very nice of you.

It was completely delusional,
but it was very nice.

Now, you know damn well
that if you do anything

with this report...
Anything at all...

There'll be nothing stopping me
from taking Ken down.

I do.

And yet you're still here.


I see.


Ken should've known better
than to ever trust you...

'Cause you can never trust
a drunk.

That's right.

And I have been a drunk
most of my life.

I used alcohol
to allow myself

to do things
I could never do sober,

like lie
and get taken advantage of

by men like you.

But today,
I don't need a drink.

This drink, Governor,
is for you.

You're gonna need it,

because now that I have
the goods on you,

you're going to do
what I want.


Let's discuss
eminent domain.

[ Bells jingling ]

♪ Music plays ♪

What can I get you?

Mikki, right?

That's right, sugar.

I've heard
a lot about you.

I'm a friend of Roy's.

Is that so?


He been around lately?

You're such good friends,

how come you're asking me
where he is?

[ Chuckles ]


Just need to talk to him
about something.

Uh, if he shows up,
would you mind...

Giving me a call?

I'm staying here
at the Red Branch Motel,

room 257.

Just do me a favor.

Um, don't tell him
you saw me, okay?


- Thanks for your help.
- Sure.

[ Bells jingling ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

- Hey, baby.
- Hey.

Listen, this guy just walked
in here, looking for you.

Funny accent.

Says he's a friend
of yours.

You didn't tell him anything,
did you?


I do know
where he's staying.

Good girl.

I'll call you back.


[ Sighs ]

You were right.

Leaving home only brought

I started taking
more and more pills.

That's why I got
in that car accident.

I took too many.

[ Sighs ]

I wanted to call you
at the police station,

but Ann told the police
not to let me.

She's trying to make me
look like I'm a drug addict.

That I need
to go to rehab.

I want to come home,

I'll get you
the best detox experts

to get you back
on your medication schedule.

We'll keep the chaos
at bay together.

Welcome home.

Have John Ross come in.


You okay?

[ Sighs ]

I was just thinking
how screwed up everything is.

I married you.

I love you.

And now I worry
that every time you look at me,

you're connecting me
to what my father did.

You are not responsible
for anything he did.

And it doesn't change
the way I feel about you.

Come here.

But I'm gonna need
your help

if I'm gonna be able
to take him down.

That's J.R.'s belt buckle.

I thought you said it was stolen
when they found his body.

It's a copy.

Uncle Bobby thinks

that if we can
plant it on Cliff,

it'll help us
tie him to the murder.

You want me
to frame my father?

For something that he did.

We may not be able to prove

that he killed your babies,

but at least we can make him pay
for killing J.R.

You and I,
we both deserve justice.

[ Engine shuts off ]

[ Telephone rings ]


Okay, thanks.

[ Engine revs ]

[ Engine revs ]

[ Tires squeal ]

[ Siren wailing ]

Sir, we got a call

that an armed man was chasing
a motorcycle.

I'm gonna need you to put your
hands on the steering wheel.

Officer, there's been a mistake.
You know who that is?

I said
hands on the wheel.

It's Drew Ramos.

He's wanted for blowing up
the Ewing rig.


No, that's not possible.

Sir, I'm gonna need you
to step outside the vehicle

and put your hands behind
your head.

What for?
I didn't do anything.

How about the possession
of narcotics?

That stuff's not mine!

He planted it in my car!

Don't make me
ask you again.


Bobby: Sue Ellen.

So, how'd it go
with the Governor?

Well, he wasn't
very happy about it,

but, um,
I think he might be

a little more amenable
to our requests now.

Great job.


And just in time.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]


Mr. Ewing,
it's... it's Drew.


Where are you?

I just want you to know

that Roy Vickers has been

for possession of narcotics.

The same narcotics Ryland
has been transporting as shoes.

They're made from high-impact,
pressure-molded cocaine.

You should be able
to leverage charges against him

- to get what you need on Ryland.
- Drew...

Son, you're still gonna
have to turn yourself in.

I'm sorry, Mr. Ewing.

Thank you for everything
you have done for my family.

Please tell Christopher...

I'm sorry.

[ Click ]



I tried to explain it
to him, mama.

I told him
they threatened to kill me.

Drew didn't have
a choice.

Escúchame, Elli.

Drew is my son.

I love him more
than you do.

But he had other choices.

He could've gone
to the police.

He could've gone
to the Ewings and told them

someone was trying
to hurt you.

He could've come to us.

We both helped him.

Lying to Christopher
was wrong.

Go to him and apologize.

You did what you thought was
right for your family,

but now you realize
you were wrong.

I tried to apologize,

He doesn't want
to talk to me.

He won't answer his phone.

Then give him time.

He's a good man.

He'll forgive you.

He has to.

Tú eres su amor, Elli.

Thank you.

What is it?

Grandma wentworth's
engagement ring.

The one
that digger gave her.

Not too shabby
for digger Barnes.

My father told me
when I finally brought home

a man he approved of,
it would be mine.

I wanted
his approval so badly.


When all this is over,
I'm gonna buy you

the most beautiful ring
you've ever seen.

We'll get a fresh start.

I'd like that.

[ Cellphone rings ]


My mother's clearing out
her account?

No. Don't...
Don't confront her.

I'm on my way.

Damn it.
That's not it.

[ Sighs ]

Harris: Emma!

What the hell
you doing in here?

Excuse me!



- Who are you?
- Christopher.

Where's my mother?!

Oh, my God.

What is it?

It's Pam Ewing's
death certificate.

Christopher's mother
is dead.