Dallas (2012–2014): Season 3, Episode 3 - Playing Chicken - full transcript

The race to secure capital for the impending Arctic Lease auction has Bobby scrambling to outmaneuver John Ross' efforts to frack on Southfork. While Nicolas and Elena's partnership heats up, Christopher makes a startling discover...

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Previously on "Dallas"...

- Will you marry me, Pamela?
- Yes!

I need you to follow John Ross for me.

What kind of trouble you
think he's gotten himself into?

Emma Ryland.

Now, you got to be smarter than that,

'cause next time it might
be an enemy instead of me

on the other side of that lens.

Followed that boy 24 hours a day.

Never went near Emma Ryland.

- Are you sure?
- Absolutely.

There's no drilling on Southfork.

Our whole cattle
operation's in this section.

You'll put all the hands out of work.

I'm fracking.

I started taking more pills.

Can you get me some?

I might be able to help you.

My name is Nicolas Trevi?o,
and I'm here on behalf

of Cliff Barnes to act as his proxy.

Cliff and Nicolas probably
never worked together.

So there's got to be some other reason

why Nicolas is doing this for Cliff.

You saved my life when I was a boy,

and now it's my turn.

We will get justice for your family.

You need leverage and
the gun that killed J.R.

They stole out of my
locker at the gun range.

I'd like you to meet Rhonda Simmons.

Rhonda was the witness that testified

that Cliff was in the bar
the night J.R. was killed.

And if your trucks don't deliver
our product within 24 hours,

we'll have to teach your daughter a lesson.

Taking orders from a drug lord.

He's not working for a drug lord.

He's working for the CIA?

Harris working with the CIA.

If things go sideways
between Harris and the cartel,

Emma could be in danger.

I mean, that's what drug lords do...

go after the loved ones of their enemies.

I wonder if it's even safe

for Emma to go riding
on her own at Southfork.

I'll see to it that it's safe.

We get back get home, I'll
have Nate beef up security.

You and Emma will always
be safe on Southfork.


You can count on that.

That one looks a little
bit like the map of Texas.

What is wrong with that?

Who says pancakes got to be
round to taste good anyway?

It is the thought that counts.




for my sweet.


It actually tastes better than it looks.

Oh, does it?

Let me taste. Shhh!


That does taste good.

Just a little bit more.

- Oh, yeah.
- Stop!


Oh, hey, Emma. Sorry.

We didn't see you there.

Oh, don't stop on my account.

I'm just gonna go hang
out by the pool for a bit.

Enjoy your breakfast.


Mm. I think I will.


Well, I want more.

Do you?

Here it comes.

Thanks for riding the
perimeter with me, Nate.

It all looks pretty secure.

Listen, from now on, I want to put

a few extra men riding the fence line

and some extra muscle on all the gates.

Yes, sir.

I also want all the hands
to ride armed from now on.

I don't want to take any chances.

Excuse me.


I'm with Mr. Ewing now.

Okay. We're on our way.

Looks like we got trouble already.

Hold up, Nate. Hold it.

Want to make sure John
Ross learns his lesson.

All right, all right! That's enough.

I said, "that's enough."

Now get back there.

Now, everybody just simmer down.

You're angry. I get it. So am I.

Southfork is a cattle
ranch, not an oil field.

And I intend to keep it that way.

Nobody is losing their jobs.

We will if J.R. Jr. here has his way.

I stopped J.R. every time.

I can damn well keep his
son from drilling, too.

John Ross, you threaten to
take away a man's livelihood,

this is exactly what you get.

All right, I'm stopping
this before it gets started.

You also have work to do.

So do I. So get about it. Go on.

Go on.

Climb down off your
high horse, Uncle Bobby.

I'm not the enemy here. Cliff Barnes is.

We want the same thing, you and I.

We pretty much want the same thing.

We just have different
ways of going about it.

Traditionally, of course,
the bride's mother sits here,

to the left of the groom's father.

But since J.R.'s not here,

maybe we should put Afton next to you.

- How does that sound?
- That's fine.

Sue Ellen, is something wrong?

- No. No, I'm fine.
- Really?

Because you just agreed to
Afton as your dinner partner

at your son's wedding
without so much as peep.

Now, that doesn't sound fine to me.

Maybe I am a bit distracted.

We have been friends
a long time, Sue Ellen.

If there's something bothering you,

you know you can come to me.

Maybe I'm crazy,

but I have this sinking feeling

that something might be going
on with John Ross and Emma.


But... but John Ross and Pamela

- seem so happy.
- Yeah.

They're renewing their vows.
We're planning their wedding.

I know.

But the other night,

I saw John Ross leaving Emma's room.

He said it was business,

but I think there was something more.

And then the look
between them this morning.

Well, have you talked
to John Ross about it?

It won't do any good.

I learned the hard way

that cheaters are almost always liars, too.

I know I've been defensive

about Emma's behavior in the past.

You were right about her drug use.


Maybe you're right this time, too.

I shouldn't have told you about all this.

It's my cross to bear, not yours.

And I should be the one that deals with it.

And I will.


Right now you can see what it feels like

to be a caged animal,

where just a glimpse of the sky
constitutes a room with a view.

Could I get a caf? con leche, por favor?

S?, se?or.

Your money may be buying you

special privileges in here...

But it's not gonna get you out.


And neither will Nicolas Trevi?o.

Oh, listen. How is he doing?

I mean, is he fitting in with the company?

I know your alleged purchase

of his telecommunications
interest back in Brazil in 2008

is bullshit.

I don't know what you're up
to with him at Ewing Global,

but I'm gonna find out. Ewing Global?

That's what you're calling

the company that I built now, huh?

How very J.R. of you to come in here

and accuse me of underhandedness

when it's you and your family

who framed me for a crime I did not commit.

The only person you have
to blame for being in here

is you.

You murdered my unborn children.

Any way you justify it,

you are exactly where you belong...

rotting in a Mexican prison.

I'm glad J.R. is dead.

But I didn't kill him.

And the truth will come out.

And when it does, I will be set free.

Whoa! Hey.

You okay?





Don't worry. We'll figure it out.

I'll have a little chat
with our friend Rhonda,

and you'll drop in at the gun range.

Get a look at their surveillance video

from the days before
J.R.'s murder for evidence

that Cliff's gun really
was stolen from his locker,

just like he said.


Excuse me, miss.

I think you dropped this outside.

You should be careful

walking around with so much cash.

There must be at least...
what?... $25,000 in here.

I wish it were mine, but it's not.

But it could be.

If you'd only tell the truth,

that the Ewings bribed you
to implicate Cliff Barnes

in J.R. Ewing's murder.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I've seen your bank account, Miss Simmons.

I know you deposited $20,000

right after you moved
back to Texas from Mexico.

I know what it's like to
build something from nothing

and start over, fighting
for every little scrap.

But not the Ewings.

They see people like us as servants,

rewarding our loyalty with money

that ends up costing us
our freedom in the end.

That's what I'm offering you... freedom...

starting with the truth.

If there's one thing I
learned in my own journey,

it's this... when good luck
comes your way, accept it

because it likely won't come around again.

You have until the end of the day tomorrow.

Please, think about it.

That's a pretty small bikini.

It's a bathing suit, and that's a pool.

You may want to dress

a little less provocatively
around John Ross.

He is a man, after all,
and soon to become a groom.

Did you come here

just to criticize my
choice of bathing suit,

or is there something else that you want?

Only for you to stay safe.

With your father out of jail,

Bobby's increasing security on the ranch.

But since we have no idea

what kind of danger the cartel might pose,

it might be a good idea
to stick close to home.

I'm 22 years old. No
one controls me but me.

Not daddy, not grandmother,
and sure as hell not you.

What's wrong?

Bad mood is all.

Well, whatever it is,

maybe a little retail therapy would help.

I'm headed out to do
some honeymoon shopping.

I'd love some company.

Honeymoon shopping?

You want to make John Ross
happy on his honeymoon?

Well, then operation lingerie starts now.

- Just give me a sec.
- Okay.

It's always nice to see you, Bobby,

but I got a feeling you
didn't ask me here today

just 'cause you missed me.

Can't sneak anything by you, huh, Stan?

You're the smartest railroad
commissioner Texas ever had.

All right.

My nephew, John Ross, has applied

for a permit to frack on Southfork.

I would like it

if you could see a way
clear to deny that permit.


It is within your power
to deny permits, right?


If the underlying groundwater

or surrounding ecosystem is threatened.

But, thankfully, those things
are rare and hard to prove.

Well, I would catch seven kinds
of hell from the industry lobby

if I started denying drilling permits

every time someone's tap water tasted funny

or some tree hugger got
his panties in a twist

about endangering some
bullshit species of squirrel.


You know, somebody's got to keep

that Sierra club from
stopping progress, Bobby.

Am I right?

I know the oil lobby

is sure getting their
money's worth out of you.

Got to keep my constituents happy.

I thought you called me here to fire me.

Looks like you want to finish the fight.


And you think that old
two-cone drill bit's

gonna make it fair?

You know what this is. That's a good sign.

My granddaddy used this very bit

to hit his first big well in 1945.

I keep it here for inspiration,

remind me of where I come
from and where I'm headed.

Look, I get it. I'm fired.

I'm not firing you for swinging at me.

If anything, I enjoyed the workout.

But, Bo, I'm concerned.

I have it on good authority

that you've been dealing
drugs at Southfork.

You ain't got nothing on me.

Nothing but a strung-out
debutante's word against mine.

Oh, that is no way to talk

about Bobby Ewing's
stepdaughter, now, is it?

Maybe it's your word against hers,

but I take those to my Uncle or the police,

who do you think they're gonna believe?

Now, my Uncle wants you
and the other hands to think

that ranching is the only way

to make a decent living on Southfork.

I'm here to tell you that that is bullshit.

There's a hundred times
more money to be made

in drilling oil By me, by you,

and by the men at the
ranch that look up to you.

My Uncle is the past, and
I'm looking into the future.

Now, you can either get your
men and hop on board my train

or watch them get run over.

Look, Harris... just
because you work for the CIA

doesn't mean I've forgotten all
the terrible things you've done.

In fact, I hold you personally responsible

for the danger Emma now faces,

all because of you and your
dealings with the cartel.

Did something happen?

Emma's acting out,
taking unnecessary risks.

So, um, how did you know
John Ross was the one?

It was weird.

I was still pregnant

and technically married to Christopher,

and John Ross was still getting over Elena,

not to mention the fact that
our fathers were mortal enemies.


But once we got to know each other,

we realized we were a lot alike.

And because we saw each other
at our worst so early on,

we're able to be our real
selves with each other now.

What can I do?

Help me rein her in.

God knows I wish I could,

but she's so angry with me,
so determined to hurt me.

That's why we have to tell her

about your dealings with the CIA.

I wish I could trust her with that,

but I can't.

She already put me in jail once. Next time?

Well, if there is a next
time, we could all end up dead.

I never meant to put the people
that I love in danger, Annie.

And as awful as you think I
am, I do love our daughter.

Is there something you're not telling me?

I think she may be sleeping with John Ross.

How about you? Are you seeing anyone?


I met someone recently,
but it's mostly just sex.

Really great sex.

Tell me about it.

John Ross is epic in that department.

Okay. Let's find you something
hot that he'll never forget.

And why wait for the honeymoon?

I think you should try it on tomorrow night

and let me know how it goes,
'cause I love a good kiss-and-tell.


I'll just have the rib-eye, rare.

So, what's the occasion, Sue Ellen?

Are we celebrating,

or are you buttering me up for something?


I invited you today because
I wanted to apologize.

Apologize for what?

For asking you to spy on my son.

It was wrong of me,
and I'm not proud of it,

but I wanted you to
understand why I did it.

You don't owe me any
explanations at all, Sue Ellen.

Just doing my job.

But the truth is, I almost
called you this morning

to follow him again.

Every time I see John
Ross and Emma together,

I feel sick to my stomach.

But then I... I started thinking.

Maybe I'm projecting the
sins of J.R. onto our son.

I guess maybe I'm haunted

by the, uh, philandering ghost of J.R.

J.R.'s ghost.

That is a scary thought.

Even though he's gone, I
keep seeing him in John Ross.

And I am sorry I involved you, and...

and I really appreciate the fact

that you told me the truth
about John Ross and Emma.

I'm glad I was wrong.
You're a good man, Bum.

And I know you regret the
heartache that you caused me

by not telling me all J.R.'s philanderings

even though you knew all of the secrets.

Pamela's a good girl.
She's been through a lot.

And she deserves more than
a marriage based on lies.

So, here's to Pamela and John Ross...

may they live happily
and faithfully ever after.

?Disculpe, estoy buscando a Eduardo Vega?

You found him, muchacho. What do you want?

I came across an article

in the Wall Street Journal from 2004...

about a Nicolas Trevi?o...

How he made his first $100
million off your research

by effectively stealing a
drug patent out from under you

and then marketing it as generic
across all of Latin America

without paying you a dime.

We were partners.

He was gonna fund my R&D,

and then we were gonna
split the profits, 50/50,

once my technology hit the market.

My name was on the patent,
but he had a contract

defining my participation
as "work for hire."

Well, why didn't you seek
redress through the courts?

I did.

I spent 15 years and every peso I had

fighting to regain what was taken from me.

But turns out, everything
Trevi?o did was legal.

And Nicolas Trevi?o always wins.

You know, lack of integrity
is a chronic condition.

People aren't unethical only once,

in business or in life.

Trevi?o must have done this before.

Why do you want to know?

He's insinuated himself
into my family's business,

and I want to know why.

I figure the more I know about the man,

the more I'll know about his motives.

Good luck.

You won't find anything on him,

at least not since he
became Nicolas Trevi?o.

I... I'm... I'm not...
I'm not sure I follow.

Nicolas Trevi?o.

He has no birth certificate,
no school records,

no criminal records, nothing.

Before 1997, Nicolas Trevi?o did not exist.

Now, if I were you, I would be asking

who or what he was before
he became Nicolas Trevi?o.


Could I get another target,
please, and a fresh mag?

Looks like somebody did you wrong, ma'am.

Glad I'm not him.

Bastard cheated on me
right here at the gun range.

Can you believe it?

I sure wish there was something I could do

to help you get over
it... at least get even.

Maybe there is.

That don't make sense.


Uh, well, the recordings from the days

you think your guy might
have been here are missing.

Clean gone.

I know that look.

It's Emma.

She took the files from my safe

and gave them to John Ross Ewing.

It turns out it's not all the
Ewings that are controlling her,

just the worst possible one.

Well, good for her.

John Ross is a nice-looking young man,

if memory serves.

Sounds to me more like
your problem than mine.

Yeah, well, unfortunately,
mother, it's our problem.

How so?

Well, those files didn't
just contain information

that could be used against my enemies.

They also contained unflattering
information about you,

as my insurance in the inevitable
event you should turn against me.

Yes, lucky for you,

my instinct for self-preservation

is stronger than my instinct for revenge.

I'm sure we can find something

to compromise young Mr. Ewing enough

to convince him to return those files.

And by "we," of course, I mean me.


Now that Bo's on my side,

I won't be needing these pills anymore.

Glad that worked out for you.

Now, you want me to go
and check on this boy,

make sure that...

I'm sorry.

Am I interrupting something?

Give me just a minute here, darlin'.

Bum was just on his way out.

You call that discreet?

I told you not to get too cocky, John Ross.

You got a wife at home.

Thank you for the lecture,
bum, but you're not my father.

Well, your father's plan was
to take Ryland's company...

not his daughter.

Well, you want me to
stop hooking up with Emma,

then find something on her old
man to put him back in jail.

Well, I'm trying, but it's
harder than you'd think.

And it ain't Emma's daddy
you should be worrying about.

It's the grandma. She's
the one wears the pants.

Your lady friend in there tell you that?

Why don't you just do what I asked, okay?

And sooner rather than later.

Remember, I got a wife at home.

You sure you got control of
that grandmother of yours?

I'm her little angel.

But you bring out the devil in me.

What do you think?

Is green my color?

That's your color, all right.

And it's fast becoming
my favorite color, too.

Oh, no, no. Keep it on.

I got this especially for you,

and I want you to remember me wearing it.



Hello, Bum. What a nice surprise.

I lied to you, Sue Ellen.

You were right about John Ross and Emma.

I'm sorry.

Not nearly as sorry as I am.

Taxi, por favor.

Excuse me, se?or.

You've been asking about Nicolas Trevi?o.


Maybe we can help.

Will you come with me, please?

Why would I do that?

Because you want answers, se?or.

Thank you all for coming.

First off, I want to say

that I was wrong, my Uncle was right.

You start messing with a man's livelihood,

you make an enemy.

I want to thank Bo here

for helping you guys to know
that I am not your enemy.

And working with me and drilling oil,

we're all gonna have a better livelihood.

I can promise you that.

All right, guys. Let's
get this mess cleaned up.

You heard the man. Let's get to it.

Yeah. Let's do this.


Well, good morning, John Ross.

If you're here to try to
stop me again, Uncle Bobby,

you can't.

We already settled that.

I know I can't stop you, John Ross.

But my little friend here...

certainly can.

A chicken?

Well, now, it's not just a chicken.

This is a lesser prairie chicken,

a species native to this area right here.

Well, I have spent most of
my life here on Southfork,

and I've never even heard of
a... lesser prairie chicken,

nor have I seen one.

Well, that's the point, boy.

They're rare. In fact, they're endangered.

And the Sierra club...
you know who they are.

Well, they're pressing for an investigation

into whether or not fracking
for oil right here on Southfork

will endanger their very existence.

Investigations like that take months...

hell, sometimes years.

And the railroad
commission just won't issue

a permit to drill until the fate

of my little friend here
is completely resolved.

He is awful cute, though, isn't he?

Lesser prairie chicken.

When you think about it,

mole is the perfect
culinary symbol of Mexico.

Spices and fruits from Spain combined

with chiles and chocolate
from the new world.

It's partly European, partly indigenous,

and proudly Mexican... like me.

Did Rhonda call yet?

Don't you think I would have told you?

She's not gonna call. She might.

I gave her till the end of the day.

There's still time.

The Ewings are always one step ahead.

They got rid of the surveillance footage.

I have no idea how.

We will find what we're looking for, Elena,

sooner or later.

You know how I know?

'Cause we're fighting for justice.

With every fiber of my being, I...

want to believe you.

We've come this far.

There's no turning back.



I'm glad to hear it.

I'll meet you there.

That was Rhonda.

Okay. She's ready to tell the truth.


I told you.

You made the right decision, Miss Simmons.

I'm glad.

I think you'll find it much
easier to live with the truth.

What are you doing here?

Rhonda called me for advice

when a strange man offered her big money

in exchange for the truth

about what she saw the night J.R. was shot.

It's all right, Rhonda.
You can talk to him.

Se?or Trevi?o is a business associate.

You can tell him the truth

about what happened that
night in Nuevo Laredo.

I was working at the club.

Mr. Barnes was there and Mr. Ewing.

When Mr. Ewing left, Mr.
Barnes followed him outside.

That's all I know.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

On that, we can agree.

It'll be interesting to
see who it'll hurt more.

Now, this is the kind of
married life I'm talking about.

What do you think?

Rough day at the office?

You could say that.

Well, I have just the thing
to take your mind off it.

I got this especially for you,

and I want you to remember me wearing it.

I'm sorry, baby.

I'm... I'm not really feeling that great.

You mind if I take a rain check?

I think I'm just gonna take a shower.


Bobby was there. He got ahead of us.

Just like he did at the gun range.

We'll look elsewhere.

At the medical examiner's
records, flight logs...

Maybe I'm not up for this.

Maybe the Ewings will always win.

And the sooner I accept
that, the better off I'll be.

No. Listen.

There are some things I
never said to you Elena...

Things that didn't seem right
to say when we were children.

And then, as we got
older, life got in the way.

But now fate has brought us together again.

And this time, I would never forgive myself

if I didn't say what's
always been in my heart.

I never wanted a woman
more than I want you.

And if you'll allow me,

I want a chance to make you happy.

Moon flowers.

They only bloom at night.

I'm sure you're wondering
why my family and I require

the protection of so many armed men.

Seems like it goes with

the whole "kidnapping
Americans off the street" thing

you got going on down here.

My boys and I, we got
back from la Costa Azul.

My husband sent us there to protect us

from the latest round of narco threats.

We live in constant fear, Mr. Ewing.

You know who I am.

Yes, and I'm sorry to bring
you here so mysteriously

and for the inconvenience.

But I had to confirm your identity first.

I've learned you've been asking questions

about Nicolas Trevi?o.

What exactly would you
like to know about him?

Everything and anything you can tell me.

Well, I can tell you quite a bit.

I'm Lucia Trevi?o.

His wife.