Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 9 - Ewings Unite! - full transcript

John Ross forms a solid Ewing front with Christopher and Bobby to revenge shot JR according to his masterpiece plan. His testament divides his shares between John Ross and Sue Ellen, but the lawyer also reads a codicil to miss Ellie's, which provides that the half of Southfork withheld from JR now goes to John Ross. The loss of Emma estranges Harris Ryland from his mother Judith, who decides to disinherit him, but breaks her neck during a bitter fight. Bobby agrees to sell the Ramos drilling rights back to Drew, but Cliff's henchman blackmails him to lay a bomb on the oil rig during a recall demonstration to get Christopher's methane project approved by the municipal board. John Ross obliged the adulterous key official so she can be blackmailed, to Elena's disgust with Chrostopher's help. The cousins find Pamela Barnes is on their side, Cliff refuses to call off the bombing when told she's on the rig.

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Previously on Dallas.

Alison: That was one hell
of a race.

I'd say you're golden,
golden boy.

Give us back
Elena's shares

or we're never turning
that oil back on.

You want to hurt
this company

by keeping that oil off,
go ahead.

What was it about her

that you couldn't put
out of your mind

for all of these years?

'Cause she wasn't you.

I'm asking you nicely to get
off this property, Harris.

What are you gonna do,
Annie, shoot me again?

- In front of our daughter?
- No, but I will.

I'm gonna keep working on Gary
to get that oil turned back on.

I don't see why I should
stop doing business

just because J.R.'s gone.

I want to buy back the land
from the Ewings.

Go into business with me.

When I was miss Texas
and I met J.R., I fell in love.

It's enough to drive a girl
to drink.

I brought you a message
from J.R.

John Ross: "If you're reading
this, it means I'm dead",

"and if I'm dead, that means
Barnes is coming after you.

"Taking down Harris Ryland
would be my masterpiece.

"I bet my last nickel

Barnes will join forces
with Ryland to destroy us."

My father's
six feet under,

and he's still got us
working for him.

- How you doing?
- Doing okay.

So, how are we doing
on J.R.'s plan?

"Use what I've given you
to take from them

what they want to take from us."

With Cliff, it's always been
about destroying Ewing oil.

Maybe J.R. wanted us
to hit Cliff back

before he could hit
Ewing Energies.

And this is a summary

of the financial reports
for Barnes Global,

dating all the way back
to its inception,

when it was started
by Cliff's mother.

Now, she divided that company up
between the three children,

Pamela, Cliff,
and Katherine.

Katherine is dead.

if Pamela's still alive,

she could be a silent partner
in Barnes Global.

Maybe that's why J.R.
was looking for her,

to help us
take Cliff down.

If my mother's still alive,
I'll find her.

It's about time I did.

I still think Harris

has something to do
with my father's death,

and what are his trucks
doing in Mexico?

John Ross, I have
Carlos del Sol working on that.

Uncle Bobby, we need you to tell
us what J.R.'s letter says.

And what the hell
this gun's about.

As soon as we implement
all of J.R.'s master plan,

because that's the way
he wanted it.

Now, we've got to get
to the will reading,

because if we're late, I'm sure
he will give us nightmares.

I'll, uh...
I'll lock the files up.


- We'll see you there.
- Okay.

[ Sighs ]

[ Beep ]

[ Door closes ]

Look, I really got to go.

Mm, seriously.
I have to go.

We should hurry then.

[ Sighs ]

[ Grunts ]

All right.

"I, John Ross Ewing II
of Dallas,

"in the state of Texas,
being of sound mind,

"hereby declare that this
is my last will and testament.

"Revoke all other wills and
codicils previously made by me.

"I bequeath my entire collection
of boots to my brother Bobby,

"on the condition that he take
better care of the damn things

"than he takes care of his own.

"To my brother Gary, I leave
my prized bottle of scotch.

"To my nephew Christopher,

"I leave my copy of 'The Prince'
by Machiavelli.

"Use it because
being smart and sneaky

"is an unbeatable combination.

"To my sister-in-law Ann,

"I leave my favorite
dove-hunting gun.

Unless she is the reason
you're reading this will."

[ Laughs ]

"To my ex-wife, Sue Ellen Ewing,
I leave my heart,

because she's the only woman
I ever loved."

"I also leave her
half of my rights

"to the oil under Southfork.

"The other half I leave
to my son, John Ross,

"the best man I know,

and he got that way
with very little help from me."

Miss Ellie Ewing gave orders
that this envelope

was not to be opened
until after J.R.'s passing.

So, here we are today.

"My son J.R. was many things,
but he was not a rancher.

"That's why I left
my beloved Southfork to Bobby.

"But I hope you understand,
Bobby, that J.R.'s sins

"should not be visited
upon my grandson, John Ross.

That is why I bequeath half
the title of Southfork..."

"...to him."

[ Sighs ]

♪ Theme music plays ♪

S02 Ep09 - Ewings Unite!

My daddy used to say,
"it's a gift from providence

when two powerful men
share the same enemy."

I'm listening.

I know the Ewings have
cost you your only child,

and I've lost my daughter
to the Ewings.

The Ewings drove my father
to drink,

left him penniless
and broken.

He was a shadow of a brilliant
man that I grew up adoring.

And I would be betraying
the Barnes name

if I died without
doing to the Ewings

what they did to him.

Well, I hope you don't
mind my saying so, Cliff,

but your 20/20 hindsight
on digger Barnes

might be
a bit romanticized.

Yeah, well,
he wasn't perfect,

but it was his nose
for oil

that found the riches
that the Ewings now enjoy.

They stole his legacy
and mine.

Well, you're right,
of course.

I'm out for blood, as far
as the Ewings are concerned.

But we're businessmen.

Let's talk business.

You have certain assets
that I don't have, Ryland.

Muscle, for one.

Certain friendship
with our Governor.

You use those assets to help me
take down the Ewings,

and I will give you enough money
to buy Ryland transport

right out from underneath
your mother's control.

I'm in.

The money you'll save

just by running your busses
on my methane

will pay for converting
your entire city fleet.

[ Laughs ]

More wine?

You're trying
to get me drunk

to get me to do
something I shouldn't.

[ Laughs ]

Me? Never.


[ Laughs ]

You know, I'm ready
to sign that contract

any time you're ready.

Oh, honey,
I'm always ready.

But there is a bit
of a problem that's come up.

There's a new player
bidding for the deal.

- Who?
- Barnes Global.

They made an oil bid
that undercut your price.

You said if I won the race,
that contract was mine.

Well, the Barnes people
have the rest of the board

that you can't deliver,

that your technology
is speculative at best.

That's a lie.

That is why I convinced
my colleagues

that they needed to see your rig
in action this week.

I'm pretty sure I can get them
to vote your way.

I'm gonna need more than a week
to get things up to speed.

[ Chuckles ]
That's a big ask.

What can you offer me
in exchange?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

I can offer you
a technology

that'll get your face
on the front page

of every newspaper
in Texas.

You have one week.

I suggest you make
the most of it

or the deal goes
to Barnes Global.

And then she tells me

Cliff's trying to undercut
my bid for the DCT contract.

This is exactly
what J.R. predicted, dad.

J.R. knew Cliff would
waste no time coming at us.

It's right on schedule.

And she's only giving me a week
to get the rig ready.

And I'm gonna have to Rush it or
we're never gonna make it work.

John Ross know this?

Yeah. I-I told him.

Sally, have John Ross step
into my office, please.

what are you thinking?

[ Footsteps approaching ]

You wanted to see me?

Shut the door.

Sit down, y'all.

[ Sighs ]

I've decided it's time
to turn back on Southfork Oil.

You don't have to do that.
We'll get the DCT deal.

Barnes Global is
a multi-billion-dollar company.

We need all the money
we can get.

Thank you, Uncle Bobby.

Mama gave you half of Southfork.

I don't like it.
I don't understand it.

But there's nothing
I can do about it.

Your daddy justified
a lot of his behavior

by claiming he was cheated out
of his birthright.

You do not have that excuse now.

Yes, sir.

All right.

We are up against
a very dangerous man

with a lot of money,

who will stop at nothing
to destroy this family.

The only hope
we have of surviving

is if we stick together.

All right.

First order of business,
we have to make Alison Jones

start seeing things
our way again.

And since J.R.'s dead,

we have to find our own
inner junkyard dog.

[ Chuckles ]

Meaning it's time to take
the gloves off, boys.

Well, it's about time.

I got an idea
that'll get Ms. Jones

to be a little bit more,
uh... open minded.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

Yeah, listen, I'm just
right now about to find out

how we're doing on your plan
for the Ewing rig, so...

Yes, Cliff, I have swept
my phones for bugs.

Good God.
Paranoid old coot.

You trust Cliff Barnes?

I trust we both

want to grind the Ewing clan
under our boot heels.

Now that J.R.'s gone,
it's gotten a lot easier.


Tell me you found the right man
for Cliff's job.

Yes, sir.
Total pro out of Russia.

Can make it look
like an accident.

And you're sure
Barnes wants it done

while people
are on the rig?

He wants witnesses.

Copy that.

What else you need?

I need for you
to keep an eye on Emma.

Last time I was out
to Southfork,

that Ramos boy seemed
a little too interested

in being her hero.

[ Chuckles ]

If he knew
you were the guy

who was driving them trucks
over the border for...

He'd realize it's a bad idea

to bite the hand
that feeds him.

But it's best he stay
in the dark about who I am.


Mr. Ewing.

Could I talk to you
for minute?

Sure, Drew. Come on in.
What can I do for you?


You know, when I was
a child in Mexico,

I would sit next to my father
on the hood of our pickup,

and we would watch
the oil trucks

cross the border
in America.

He promised that one day

a fleet of them
would bear the Ramos name.

He died before he could fulfill
that promise.

Sell me my father's land.

Let me honor him by making
his dream come true.

Your father died
pursuing that dream,

and, son, I care too much
for you and your whole family

to allow that
to happen again.

I'll make sure
he stays on track.

Are you saying you're gonna be
a part of all this?

I'm saying I'll take
full responsibility

for whatever happens.

Well, all right, Drew.

Looks like you just bought
yourself some land.

Thank you. [ Laughs ]
Thank you so much.

You're welcome.
So, we'll see you.

- Thank you so much.
- Okay, there, Drew.

- Good. Yeah. You're welcome.
- Thank you.

- You're welcome.
- Bye.

[ No audio ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]
Good morning, Christopher.

John Ross,
I found some oil leases

I think we can get cheap
if we act fast.

You mean before Cliff tries
to steal them out from under us?

My father making a scene
at J.R.'s memorial

has nothing to do with me.

I'm still a part
of this company,

and I want to help it succeed.

Is it just me

or is Barnes Global making
a move on my DCT contract

kind of a funny way
to help us succeed?

It's totally not just you.

What are you talking about?

[ Sighs ]

You know,
I almost believe her,

but I don't need to tell you
about her lying skills.

You married her.

I'm not the only one she
played, cousin.

I'm telling the truth.

If Barnes Global made an offer,
I had nothing to do with it.

Receptionist will validate
your parking on the way out.

You know what?
What the hell.

You're rich.
Pay for it yourself.

John Ross: Ms. Jones.

Might I have a minute
of your time?

John Ross...

Ewing. I know.

Didn't realize
I was that famous.

I saw your picture
in the paper

at your father's funeral.

- My condolences.
- Thank you.

But it's after hours,
Mr. Ewing, and I'm busy.

That you are.

Solving the city's
transportation problems,

and yet still finding the time
to run marathons.

Very impressive.

What can I do for you?

You can tell my cousin
that Texas is an oil state,

and there's no way in hell

that methane's gonna
get that contract.

You're on the board
of Ewing Energies.

I think you'd want your cousin
to get that contract.

Ewing Energies
is both oil and gas.

Now, my cousin believes
that methane is the future,

and I believe that my cousin
is a fool.

But my feelings about him
are rather public,

so I'm sure a smart woman like
yourself already knew that.

Besides, it's not about
what's good for me.

It's about what's good for you,
and I aim to please.

Were you ever a runner,
Mr. Ewing?

Ran four years of track
in High School.

Let me guess...
A sprinter.

Yes, ma'am.
How'd you know?

Well, I get the sense
you're quick out of the box,

want to go
as fast as possible.

I like to come out hard

and power my way
to that finish line.

I was like that
when I was young.

But with age
comes experience.

Now I'm more
of a distance woman.

In marathons,
it's all about

taking your time,
pacing yourself.

You ease into your stride,

gradually building momentum
over time,

that way when you finish,
it's all the more satisfying.

Like I said,
Texas is an oil state,

and I know that you have
higher aspirations.

Well, I think
you'd make a great senator,

even better
than your husband.


And I've got a lot
of oilmen friends

that'd be willing to bankroll
your campaign if I asked.

Throw the deal to the oil side
of Ewing Energies

and make a lot
of new friends

that can help you be
all that you can be.

I am almost convinced.

Is there
anything I could do

to help you
get all the way there?

I sure hope so.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

On further reflection,

I realize why
you were so ugly to me.

Why's that?

You were upset at losing Emma
to that horrible woman,

and because you felt impotent
to stop it,

you lashed out at me,

saying vile things
that you now regret.

You're right.
I was upset.

I said some ugly things.

I need you to say
you're sorry.

No, that wasn't me

That was me confirming
what I said.

And I meant
every word of it.

You will apologize to me.

I promise you that.

[ Knock on door ]

What a surprise.

I stopped by to see
how you're doing.

[ Sighs ]
It goes in waves.

I have to remind myself
that he's actually gone.


I'm talking
about your drinking.

Well, I had a moment
of weakness when J.R. died,

but I would hardly
consider that drinking.

[ Chuckles ]
Come on, Sue Ellen.

You're not gonna stop
with one.

That's not our pattern.

Well, I appreciate
your concern,

but I don't think
you're the one

to decide
what my pattern is.

Sue Ellen, you don't have
to go through this alone.

Let me be here for you.

[ Sighs ]

Poor, sweet Gary.

I was playing you to get Bobby
to turn that oil back on,

because I needed
that money.

But Bobby's already done that,
so, um...

I don't need you anymore.

Okay. [ Sighs ]

Pushing me away
ain't gonna work.

I care about you too much

to let you
throw your life away.

[ Sighs ]

[ Beep ]

It's Valene. Please, leave a message.
[ Beep]

Valene, this is Sue Ellen.

Gary's here,
and he really misses you,

but I think he's too proud
to tell you,

so... I think you should come
to Dallas and get him.

[ Beep ]

Whatcha doing out here?

Getting my wind back.

Got to double up
on my cardio.

[ Laughs ]

[ Camera shutter clicking ]

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

We good?

John Ross wanted me
to tell you,

"welcome to the dark side."

[ Beep ]

[ Sighs ]
What are you doing here?

Proving that
I had nothing to do

with my father trying
to undercut your deal.

Alison Jones flipped
because my father

promised to bankroll
her political career.

One step ahead of you.
She's been dealt with.

So, this was a complete
waste of time.

'Cause now I believe

that you had nothing to do
with your father's plan.

Now go home.

You're growing a couple babies.
You need your rest.

It's too quiet
at my place.

[ Sighs ]

I'm sorry if I was
a little rough with you.

[ Sighs ]

Things have been pretty...
confusing lately.

Take care of yourself,
John Ross.

You should,
uh... come by the rig

for the demonstration.

Give us
another chance to talk.


[ Sighs ]

[ Horse whinnies ]

- Hey, Drew.
- Hey.

Wow. What good fortune

brings you out
to my humble cabin?

Our date.

Our date? Um...

I just didn't realize...

You're so cute
when you're freaked out.

[ Laughs ]

Well, I knew I'd never
forget a date with you.

A date?
I'd love to.

Well, this is so last minute.

I have nothing to wear.

Well, this place is casual.
It's in the park, actually.

- Oh.
- But there is one condition.

We go on that.

♪ Music plays ♪

- Valene!
- Oh!

Long time, Bobby.

- Oh, it's good to see you.
- Oh, thank you.

Lucy, you didn't tell me
your mama was gonna be here.

- I didn't know.
- Well, it was, you know,

kind of last minute.

Hey, Gar.


Look who's here.

Valene. [ Sighs ]

What are you doing here?

Uh, I'm gonna freshen up
my coffee.

Lucy, you want to get a cup?

I'd love some.

Oh, my God.
Here, try this.


I know.

So, um...
what's your story?


I'm sure yours
is more interesting.


Kidnapped as a child
by my father,

raised in England,

sent to boarding schools
in Switzerland,

dressage competitions
all over Europe.

- You know, the usual.
- Sounds like fun.

for the kidnapping part.

It was like being trapped

in a giant glass bubble.

I couldn't get out
and no one could get in.

She was out with Ramos
on a date?

- A date?
- Yeah.

He was in the military,
wasn't he?

Yes, sir.

Demolitions, I believe.

Yes, sir.

All right.

Get rid of the Russian guy.
Put Ramos on the rig job.

I want him
fully compromised.

I want a short leash
on that boy

when I yank his chain.

[ Door slams ]

Once a bitch,
always a bitch.

Yes, it has been
a long time.

It's good to see you,

You just called me to Dallas
to humiliate me.

You are just as sadistic
as J.R. ever was.

I called to see

if I could get you and Gary
back together again.

Oh, please!

Gary is buying your
wounded-bird drunk routine,

and he's a good-enough man
to try to save you,

but I know
that you're just trying

to get your hooks
into him.

I don't want your husband.

He may not come back to me,

but I can promise you
I am not leaving Southfork

until I show him what
a manipulative monster you are.

[ Sighs ]

♪ Music plays ♪

What do you want?

No hello?
I'm hurt.

We need you to do
another job for us.

Everything in my life
is finally on track.

I can't afford
to get busted again.

It's because
you got busted

and lost one of our loads
to the cops

that you're gonna
do this job.

Last one.

- Just one.
- Yeah.

We're gonna need you

to use some of those skills
you picked up in the army.

I deactivated bombs
in the army.

We need to put you one
with a remote detonator

on Christopher Ewing's rig.


Something small.

Why are you doing this?

My boss
just needs to make

the Ewing methane
technology look bad

to make a business move.

It's gonna go off
during the shift change.

Nobody's gonna get hurt.

And the Ewings
are fully insured.

Shoot, they'll probably end up
making money on this thing.

[ Sighs deeply ]


Your sister, Elena,
seems like a sweet girl.

Predictable, though.

Same coffee shop
every morning.

She has nothing to do
with this.

Which is why her death
would be so tragic.

You'll get a call
with the details.

[ Door opens ]

what are you doing here?

Just remember you brought
this on yourself.

Once these hit the paper,
you will get fired,

certainly ruining any hope
at a political career.

This... this will destroy
my husband.

He has done
nothing wrong.

You should have
thought of that

before you decided
to screw me.

Well, actually,
you, uh, screwed my cousin.

I can push the board
to give you the deal.

I can call in every favor
that I am owed,

but I can't guarantee

Kill the Barnes Global offer
and stay out of my way.

Once the board sees what
I can do, they'll be convinced.

Your sister...

She has nothing to do
with this.

Which is why her death
would be so tragic.

♪ Music plays ♪

[ Beeping ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]


It's a little early
for a drink, isn't it?

I'm celebrating.

What are we celebrating?

Barnes Global got
to the head of the DCT.

They tried
to undercut my deal.

So we had John Ross do

what John Ross does
and we got pictures.

What are you gonna do
with the pictures?

Already did.

Alison's married and her
husband's a state senator,

real family-values guy,
and once she saw what I had,

she decided
to see things my way.

You blackmailed her.

I made her
keep her word.

[ Sighs ]

This is why I wanted out
of the company.

Christopher, you're
the most decent man I know

and now you're
blackmailing people.

She brought it on herself.

Is this how you keep peace
in the family,

- by turning into John Ross?
- I am not John Ross. Okay?

[ Sighs ]

I-I know
I crossed a line here.

That's what breaks my heart.

You did it anyway.

You know why I did it?

My Uncle J.R., he did a lot
of bad things in his life,

but he knew how to win.

And I'm not gonna apologize
for winning.

I love you...

But I will not be
a part of this.

I'm going into business
with my brother

to drill our land.

You may not like it,
but I hope you understand.

I love you, too.

[ Bag unzips ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Door opens, closes ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

[ Sighs ]

I know
why you called Valene.

It's not gonna work.

I called Valene to get the two
of you back together again.

You need help, Sue Ellen,

and unlike my wife,
I help people in trouble.

Valene left you
because she knew

it was the only way
to get you sober again,

and she was right.

She left you
because she loves you.

[ Sighs ]

I know I need help.

[ Sighs ]
But I need to do it myself.

You taught me
when you fall down,

get back up again.

One day, she may be gone.

And you don't want to regret
the loss of every moment

that you could have spent
with her.

If you ever need

I'm just
a phone call away.

I know that.

You will be happy to know

that I am leaving
for London.

Have a nice trip.

I don't know what I've done
to earn your hatred, Harris,

but I've decided
it's too painful

to try to figure it out.

Well, you're
a wise woman, mother.

Yes, I am, and that is why
I know, in time,

you will pick yourself up
and get back on your feet.

What are you
talking about?

The moment
I step off the plane,

I'm going to freeze
all your bank accounts.

I need that money.
I have commitments to people.

I am also removing you

as the head
of Ryland Transport.

You can't do that!

Oh, but I can.

this is a family business,

and I am the head
of the family.

And since you
are dead to me,

you are no longer family.

Take care, Harris.

You're not going anywhere.
Listen to me.

- Stop it!
- No!


[ Clanging ]

Now, this whole side
of the platform

has gone under
a massive retrofit

over the last three months,
so everything's up to speed.

Let me take you
right here.

I'll show you
the control room.

Now, most of these
gauges here

just monitor
the turbine speed,

temperature, etcetera,

but this
is the boring stuff.

That's not why
you guys are here.

You guys are here
for cost effectiveness.

The nitrogen and CO2

that we're injecting
into the hydrate...

It forces the methane out

and traps the carbon dioxide

I know how much pressure
each of you have had on you

to maintain the status quo,

so, again, thank you
for your forward thinking.

Alison: Give us a few minutes
to discuss it.

I'll be right back.

Good job.

Thanks, man.
You got it.

John Ross told me you tried
to give us a heads up

about your father
and Alison.

Thank you.

You didn't need my help.

You two working together.

Never thought I'd see the day.
[ Chuckles ]

- Me neither.
- Me neither.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Mr. Barnes...

This is Roy Vickers.

Mr. Ryland said to call you
if something came up.

We got a problem, sir.

Your daughter is on the rig.

Mr. Barnes?

Can we wait
till she's gone?

I think they're all about
to leave together,

just like they came.

We need witnesses.

Mr. Barnes?

Just do it.

But... sir, she's pregnant.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Sighs ]


If the numbers in your
business plan check out,

looks like
you're gonna get that deal.

Well, I guess it's a big day
for both of us, then.

[ Dialing ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Beep ]

[ Beep ]

Congratulations, son.

Thanks, dad.

[ Beep, beeping ]

[ Explosion ]

[ Static ]