Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 8 - JR's Masterpiece - full transcript

J.R. Ewing finally meets his end. The family strives to set aside their differences and mourn together. Accompanied by many characters from J.R.'s past, the Ewings bury their own.

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Nuevo Laredo tower.

Helicopter 616 Alpha Charlie's
landing assured.

Nuevo Laredo tower. Roger.

You're clear to land.

Mr. Ewing,
we're a minute out.

All right. Thank you.

Welcome to Nuevo Laredo.

I'm first sergeant Maricela Ruiz
with the Federal Police.

I'm Robert James Ewing.
I'm J.R.'s brother.

What happened?

Can you tell us
what's going on?

This way.

Looks like
your brother was shot

during the commission
of a burglary, Mr. Ewing.

That's impossible.

For one thing,
I spoke to J.R. last night.

He was in Abu Dhabi.

Customs records
show your father

entering Mexico from Abu Dhabi
two nights ago.

So, if you
talked to him last night,

it was from Nuevo Laredo.

But what the hell
would J.R. be doing here?

The reason for the visit
was listed in the manifest

as "quail hunting."

Why wouldn't he tell us?
It doesn't make any sense.

He was in Abu Dhabi
to close oil leases.

None of this makes any sense,

None of it.

This way.

What would J.R.
possibly be doing here?

He would never stay
in a place like this.

He must have heard
that Tamaulipas has been

under siege by the cartels
for several years now.

As the cartels
have grown more sophisticated,

we have seen them reach out
to successful businessmen

across the border
for advice.

If you're suggesting
my brother came down here

to do business
with the cartel,

you're out of your mind.

Then he was just

in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

Someone must have
spotted a rich tourist,

followed him here, robbed him,
and killed him.

Sad to say, it happens too often
in Nuevo Laredo.

The culprit
is hardly ever found.

No. I don't believe it.

Things with J.R. were almost
never as they appeared to be.

Now, I don't believe
he was killed here.

As a matter of fact,
I'm not even sure he's dead.

You told me there was
no I.D. on the body.

We found his cellphone.

Under the bed,

where it most likely fell
in the struggle.

Somebody could've stolen that
and brought it here.

I know
it's hard to accept,

but I'm afraid
that J.R. Ewing...

Is dead.

Take me to
my father's body, then.


S02 Ep 08 J.R.'s masterpiece

A physician authorized
by the secretary of health

must certify the death.

a civil registry judge

will issue the official
death certificate.

How long is
all of this gonna take?

It could take
several days.

Is there no way you can
move this along, Mr. Gilchriest?

I want to
take my brother home.

The consulate
will try to expedite this

as much as we can,
Mr. Ewing.

All right, John Ross.
What do you know about this?

What was J.R. doing
in Mexico?

You brought Vicente
and his thugs into our lives.

What the hell have you brought
into our lives this time?

Look, I swear to you,
Uncle Bobby,

all I know is
what J.R. told me on the phone.

He said he had a plan...

And that this was gonna be
his masterpiece, and...

I heard the gunshots.





Thank goodness
you're here.

Sue Ellen.

I'm terribly sorry
about J.R.

Carlos. It's been so long.

How did you know?

I make it my business

to know
what goes on in my country,

when it concerns my good friend.

Then you know
what J.R. was doing here?

I assure you,
I will find out.

Now, you're all going to
go back to Dallas

and leave everything
in my hands.

I'll take care of
all the red tape.

And I will get back to you with
what I find as soon as I can.

I'm not
leaving my father.

I give you my word,
John Ross.

My people will
get to the bottom of this,

and I will personally
escort your father home.

I won't leave his side

until I deliver him
home to you...

In Dallas.

I miss you, Emma.

You need to believe
how sorry I am

for any pain
that I might've caused you.

It's just 'cause
I love you so much.

Please come home with me,
my darling girl.

The house is unbearable
without you in it.

I promise
I'll let you visit your mother

as much as you want to.

Let me?

That's just the reason
why I can't come home, daddy.

I'm asking you nicely,

to get off this property
before I call the police.

What are you gonna do, Annie?
Shoot me again?

In front of our daughter?

No, but I will.

You don't want to
get in the middle of this, son.

I'm already in the middle,
Mr. Ryland.

You heard Mrs. Ewing.

Please leave.

I know you just
got out of the hospital.

It'd be a shame
for you to have to go back.

You gonna
watch these people

threaten me like this,

Come on, please.

Come home with me.

Tell your husband...

That he has no idea
what he's started.


Hey, honey.


I'm so sorry.

I don't know what to say.

I spent my whole life
hating the man, and now...

I don't know how to feel.

Yeah, it's a sad day.

I got a lot to do.

The memorial
and the funeral,

and if anything
goes wrong,

I know
he's gonna haunt me,

so I got to get busy.

Excuse me.

You think he's okay?

I think he's in shock.

He probably just
needs his space.

I've expected this to happen
to J.R. for 30 years now,

and now that
it's happened,

I don't know how to feel,

I better
look in on John Ross.

Talk to you later.

What are you doing?

Trying to find answers.

I need to know
who killed my father and why.

You want to know
who killed your father?

Half the people
in this phone book wanted to.

J.R. said
he had a master plan,

and I'm not gonna rest
until I find out what it was.

You know, John Ross,
you could be right.

J.R. may have, indeed,

been working on
a master scheme when he died,

and it could also be that

dying at the hands of
a petty thief

may be one of
the many ironies of his life.

John Ross,
you may have to accept that.

In the meantime,

I'm going to
keep working on Gary

to get
that oil turned back on.

I don't see why
I should stop doing business

just because J.R.'s gone.

Are you kidding me?

My father's barely cold,

and you're talking about already
going to seduce his brother?

Could you at least pretend
to mourn him for five minutes?

For my sake?!

And we'll set up
a meeting after that.

Thomas, tell your mother
we got the flowers.

They're just lovely.
Thank you.

I'm good.

J.R. says to Miss Ellie,

"Ray's gonna be just great
in the ranching business.

"He might even
be able to tell

one end of the horse
from the other."

I can top that.

When I married Mitch, J.R. said,

"why don't you have that junior
plastic surgeon you married

"design you a new face?

One without a mouth."

That man could
make the devil himself cry.

- Ray.
- Bobby.


I don't know
what to say.

J.R.'s really gone.

I just keep thinking somehow
he's gonna show up again.

Well, he's not.

Hey, mayor Rawlings.

Good to see you.


- Jerry.
- Hey, Bobby.

How are you holding up,

I'm okay.

It's a huge loss.
It really is.

J.R. was
a one-of-a-kind guy.

You know,
when I first came to Dallas,

he told me, "you can do
anything you want to in my city"

as long as you
win those football games."

I think he hated losing
even more than I did.

When the mavs finally won
that nba championship,

he sent me a note.

All it said was,
"about time."

- Thanks for coming.
- Good luck.

My gosh,
would you look at those photos.

You know, Sue Ellen,
it's your fault I married him.

Don't blame me.

You wanted him something fierce,
as I recall.

We all did.

What was wrong with us?

All right, let's face it.

He was
as bad as they come,

but he was
as hot as hell.

He was as hot as hell

because he was
as bad as they come.

You're the lucky one,
Sue Ellen,

because you
made your peace with J.R.

I always envied
how you got over him.

To be honest, I don't think
I ever really did.

I had the benefit of

many years of
him lying and cheating on me.

That made it easy.

Bourbon and branch.

Thank you.

Toss one back, ladies.

No, thank you.

John Ross.

Save it, Christopher.

It's nice
how many people showed up.

Your father touched
a lot of people's lives.

Half these people are here
to make sure he's really dead.

The other half are here
for the free drinks.

You know that's not true.

Despite his flaws,
your father was an amazing man.

Who died
in a Mexican hotel.

John Ross.


Give him some time.

What the hell
are you doing here?

I came to see you.

I'm so sorry
about your father.

Since when do you give a damn
about what matters to me?

If this is about
what happened at the racetrack,

I told you it had
nothing to do with you and me.

Ain't that just it,

It never has something
to do with just you and me.

Not when you reneged on our deal
to make your father proud.

Not when you backed
Christopher instead of me

to follow
your father's orders.

John Ross, please.

I care about you.

The only thing you care about
is yourself.

It's so awful.

Just how did J.R. die?

What was he doing
in Mexico?

Of all the people
who wanted J.R. dead,

who'd have thunk
it would be

a greedy mugger
that finally got him?

It's amazing to be
in a room full of people

and feel
absolutely alone.

I think I need you now
more than ever, Gary.

And I think
I have never wanted a drink

more than I do
right now.


Sure is
a lot of booze flowing here.

Bourbon and branch.

J.R.'s favorite.

J.R. always wanted everyone
to get drunk at his funeral.

He thought it would
make everyone honest.

I want to be honest with you
tonight, Gary.

I came to pay my disrespect
and good riddance.


Just the man
I wanted to see.

You killed my father.

Wish I had killed your father,
but somebody beat me to it.

Get out of here, Uncle Cliff.
This is between

the Ewings and the Barnes,

- and you're a Barnes.
- I'm a Ewing first.

Well, I would
rethink that, son.

What the hell do you want,

To let you know that

since you
lost your junkyard dog,

there's nothing keeping me
from taking your family down.

Don't ever underestimate me,

But I thought,
under the circumstances,

you'd have the decency to leave
this feud of yours at home today.

There was never
any decency in this feud.

It started before J.R.
and it'll go on after him,

unless I get
what I have always deserved.


That's enough. Let's go.

- I'll say when it's enough.
- No.

Let's go home. For me.

Look who's dancing
on whose grave now.

Junkyard dog is right.

J.R. was a selfish prick

who died
the way he deserved...

In the armpit
of the world.

I got this, cousin.

I always could see
that left hook coming, cousin.

I don't think that idiot
knew what hit him.

I don't think so.

That was awesome.

John Ross.

We're gonna find out
who killed your father,

and when we do,

we'll avenge his death
as brothers.

take care of Ewings.


How's your hand?

Not too bad, actually.

Can I
freshen your drink?

Have you thought about
what you're gonna say

at the funeral, Bobby?

I'm gonna talk
about my brother.


Buenas noches.


I take it
you have some information.

you've met sergeant Ruiz.

Dr. Garcia...

The medical examiner
in Nuevo Laredo.

I am sorry to have to
tell you this, my friend,

but it was
just as the police suspected.

J.R. was the victim of
a robbery/homicide.

He was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.

- That's bullshit.
- John Ross.

Place and time are two things
that my father mastered.

- There's got to be another explanation.
- John Ross!

He apparently met a lady

at a club
near the Motel Colón.

Not your professional
sort of lady, mind you,

but, there are
witnesses to their assignation.

She asked him to meet her

somewhere near
where she worked,

which explains the hotel.

We covered the area

and we found one witness
who stated that

he saw someone follow
Mr. Ewing to the hotel.

So, you have a suspect?


The description
was very general...

A match for any number of
street people in the area.

Same for the gun used
to kill your brother, señor.

The fatal wound came from
a small-caliber bullet...

Something called here
a "Saturday night special."

I'm sorry, Bobby,

but it's very unlikely that
the killer will ever be found.

You high?

And you're low.

Talk to me, Bobby.

I know you feel conflicted
about J.R.

All those fights you had
over the years,

the guilt
you've always felt

for him being
left out of Miss Ellie's will.

I get it, Bobby.

I know this isn't easy.

I just hope
you can trust me enough

to tell me
how you're feeling.

Holding it all inside
isn't gonna help.


And this comes from a woman

who didn't trust
her husband of seven years

enough to tell him
she had a child

who had been kidnapped
and was presumed dead?

Really, Annie?

You want to know
how I feel?

I'm pissed!

I have been very tolerant

and very supportive of you
these last couple of months

I was trying to understand

the incredible pain
you must've felt

having lost a child.

And all the time inside,
I wanted to scream,

"why didn't you tell me?

How could you not tell me?"

But I didn't say a word.

And then everything
that came out new at the trial

about the woman
I thought I knew,

I would tell myself,

"we can't talk
about that now.

"We'll talk about that
after the trial.

"We'll talk about that when
our life gets back to normal.

"Because then
I can tell her

how her shutting me out of
her life has made me feel."



Turns out I don't
really know that woman.

My God, Bobby.
I-I am so sorry.

I had no idea
you felt this way.

I should've known.

What can I do
to make this better?

What can I do
to make things right?

I'll do anything.

When I found out
J.R. was my half brother,

I didn't know whether to
celebrate or to shoot myself.

I reckon in part because

I knew I could never
measure up to J.R.

I could never make my daddy
proud the way J.R. did.

Things I thought were
so horrible that J.R. did...

Just seem honest now.

He never pretended to be
anything other than himself.

Every step backwards or forward

I ever took in my life

was because of J.R.

When I was 9 and my father died,
he said to me,

"honey, how are you gonna
make your daddy proud?

"You gonna lie around crying

"or are you gonna study hard
and make something of yourself?

"Just remember, no matter what,

he'll be watching."

I'm not a blood Ewing.

But I spent most of my life
trying to be worthy of the name.

And as the gatekeeper
of that honor, J.R., he...

He never really
let me in the inner circle.

Except once.

When I was 7 years old

and my mother
walked out on me and my dad...

J.R. sat me down and he said,

"I don't know why
your mama left, Christopher...

"Especially when she had
such a good,

"smart little boy like you.

But you're a Ewing now."

"So stop crying
and behave like one."

When I was Miss Texas

and I met J.R.,

I didn't know what hit me.

I fell in love.

Madly, passionately,

hopelessly in love...

With the most infuriating,
charming scoundrel

I think I've ever known.

It was enough to
drive a girl to drink.

I spent the night
in J.R.'s room last night.

I needed the courage

to read a letter
that he had sent before he died.

I was terrified about
what the letter might say.

So I told myself that
I would have a drink.

Just one.

To help me get through.

So, I had that one drink.

And then I kept on going.

I'm a bit drunk now.

And I wanted to share the letter
that J.R. wrote to me.

"My dearest Sue Ellen,

"old age
has a way of humbling men.

"For me to apologize now
for all the wrongs I've done you

would take up
all the time I've got left."

"So I'm hoping
it'll suffice for me to say that

"I was never worthy of you...

"that I loved you
the moment I saw you...

and that I love you today
more than I ever did."

"It is my greatest hope in life

"to earn
a second chance with you.

So, what do you say?"

"When I get back to Dallas..."

"...will you
have dinner with me?"


Yes, J.R.

The answer is yes.

You were the love of my life.

Throughout my life, it's...

pretty much been easy for me to,
do good...

because I could always
count on J.R. to do bad.

A lot of times,
those bad things were necessary.

Maybe more often
than I care to admit.

I don't want it to be true,
but it is.

My brother is dead.

And so now, I have to figure out
just what I'm supposed to do...

In this grand scheme of things.

We bring nothing
into this world,

and it is certain
we carry nothing out.

The Lord gave
and the Lord had taken away.

Blessed be
the name of the Lord.



You come to pay
your final respects, Bum?

Or does J.R. still owe you
from some snoop job?

I brought you a message.

From J.R.

Y'all want answers,

and J.R.
wanted you to have them.

He really was in Abu Dhabi

closing an oil deal,

but the reason
he chose Abu Dhabi

was because
for the last several months,

he's been trying to
find your mother, Christopher.

My... my mother?

Do you mean Pam?

J.R. thought once you'd
seen this, you'd understand

why it's important
for you to find your mama.

What about Mexico?

What the hell was J.R.
doing in Mexico?

The quail hunting
was a cover.

J.R. was there
on Bobby's behalf.

He was following a lead
on Harris Ryland.

Now, he told you a while back
he'd help you put Ryland down.

J.R. knew what he was
investigating was dangerous,

and if something
happened to him,

he wanted you all
to have these things.

Random mugging, my ass.

It was Harris that
killed my father, wasn't it?

What the hell are we doing
just sitting around?

I'm afraid it's true,
John Ross.

It was a petty mugger.

But here.
Maybe this'll help.

This is for you.

There's a note.

"John Ross.

"If you're reading this,
it means I'm dead.

"And if I'm dead, that means
Barnes is coming after you.

"You must crush him
before he can win.

"I promised your Uncle Bobby
that taking down Harris Ryland

"would be my masterpiece.

"I bet my last nickel
Barnes will

"join forces with Ryland
to destroy us.

"Use what I've given you
to take from them

"what they
want to take from us.

When you've done that,
Bobby will know what to do."

"And remember...

You're my son,
tip to tail."

He wanted you
to have this.

What's it say?

Aren't you gonna tell us?

Uncle Bobby?


This is between
my brother and me.

For now.

You pay off
whoever you have to pay off

so that everybody still thinks
J.R. was killed by a mugger.

And when the time comes,

Take care of this ourselves.

As a family.

I knew you'd have
at least one more left

up your sleeve, J.R.

It is a good one.

I love you, brother.