Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 7 - The Furious and the Fast - full transcript

Having seized Elena's shares, Sue Ellen and John Ross enter the board, planning to make him CEO, but that requires Pamela's now deciding vote. Bad looser Bobby consorts with looser brother Gary to suspend Ewing oil's mineral rights until Elena's shares are restored, which Joshn Ross refuses. Barnes hesitates, but agrees to join Christopher's side if he wins a car race to prove his methane's future and presumably win a major city contract. JR's detective helps John Ross arrange sabotage trough a pits hand with gambling debts, but Christopher catches on. JR, on business trip to Abu Dhabi, promises to solve everything with a 'masterpiece plan'. Bobby discovers hat his father really 'smelled' oil, which can be drilled with modern technology. The Ryland plan to return Emma to England ends in a fight between Harris and Judith, while the girl, who finds Anne a good riding teacher, seeks rescue on Southfork.

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Previously on "Dallas"...

I'm looking to get the contract

to provide fuel for every piece of
transport in the city of Dallas.

What better way to get
the attention of the DCT

than to have Ricky Rudd
race my car...

And win?

[ Engine revving ]

7% of Ewing Energies,

full joint custody,
and an annulment.

- 10% of the company.
- We have a deal.

Judge: This jury found your
ex-wife guilty on the facts.

You took away her daughter,
made her believe she was dead.

You're not the victim here,
Mr. Ryland.

We, the jury, sentence
Ann Ryland Ewing to probation.

[ Gasps ]

- You want a favor?
- Not a favor, mother.

A partner.

Are you really
gonna seize Elena's assets

- to help your son steal a company?
- It's done.

I would like to introduce you to the newest
board member here at Ewing Energies,

my mother.

I never go looking for a fight.

But when one finds me,
I sure as hell finish it.

And they are in
for the fight of their lives.

♪ Music plays ♪

[ Cellphone rings ]

Hey, daddy.

I should have heard
from you by now.

I got tied up moving mom
into Elena's office.

We could not have done this
without mama, J.R.

But we finally did it.

We won.

that's good news.

I was getting worried
about you, boy.

Oh, well, don't be.

In fact, I'm about to walk
into my first board meeting

- as head of Ewing Energies.
- Well, good for you.

I'm gonna hold off on telling them
I'm giving you the corner office.

I want you to be here to see the
look on their faces when I do.

Wouldn't miss it.

You coming back
from Abu Dhabi soon?

Just got to take care
of something first.

Okay, daddy.
See you then.

[ Knock on door ]

You ready...


♪ Music plays ♪

I know you and Bobby
got your panties in a bunch

over me and mama
taking control,

but let's try
and keep it civil

so we can get
some business done.

What you did

goes against everything
this company stands for.

We're trying to do the best
for this company, Christopher.

Not just for our side
of the family,

but for all the Ewings.

We had hoped that you might have
changed your mind, Sue Ellen.

But since you haven't,

you really leave us
no alternative.

[ Sighs ]

A file folder?
I'm shaking in my boots.

It's a notice
of termination

enforcing my father
and Uncle Gary's mineral rights.

They're yanking the lease.

There will be no more drilling
on Southfork.

You can't be serious.

Bobby: Until we get back
controlling interest

in Ewing Energies,

you will not pump
a drop of oil.

You'll bankrupt the company.

Not if your new boyfriend
does what's right.

You want to try and bankrupt us?
Go ahead.

We ain't gonna give you
control back.

As long as
we have majority,

we'll just find other ways
to make revenue.

We'll sell off
your methane patent.

You can't.

You don't have majority
unless Pamela votes with you.

Otherwise we're deadlocked.

I'm not too worried
about that, cousin.

I'm pretty sure
I know where she stands.

Before you pick a side...

There's something
you need to see.

Come here.

[ Engine shuts off ]

When I win this race,
I'm gonna land

a multi-million-dollar
fuel contract with the DCT.

I am this close to making my
technology profitable, Pamela.

I want what's best
for this company.

And this standoff with the oil
is a dangerous game.

What you're proposing
will destroy Ewing Energies.

I'm gonna win this race,

and the company
will be better for it.

If there was ever a part of you
that really believed in me...

Then believe in me now.

♪ Theme music plays ♪

S02 Ep07 - The Furious and the Fast

I've just cut off the phone with J.R.

Without the revenue from that oil,

He won't be able to close
that deal in Abu Dhabi.

Don't worry, mama.

They'll have no choice but
to get that oil turned back on

once Pamela sides with us.

I hope so.

I'm here to see Bobby Ewing.

Well, look what
the cat dragged in.

Uncle Gary.

Who the hell let you
off the cul-de-sac?

You sure know how to make me
feel welcome, John Ross.

Just like your daddy.

Just surprised to see you
back in Dallas, is all.

From what I remember,
you couldn't stand it here

unless you were hiding
behind miss Ellie's skirt

or a bottle.

I take it
you've already heard

about Bobby and me
shutting off your oil.

And, yeah, you're right.

I hate coming back
to Dallas.

But seeing the look
on your face

has already made my trip
more than worthwhile.

I can't wait to see
the look on J.R.'s face.

Where is the old
son of a bitch?

Well, I hate to break it to you,
but J.R.'s in Abu Dhabi

- closing some oil leases.
- Ah.

Well, no worries.

This news will keep.

- Miss Jones.
- Mr. Ewing.

Thanks for coming.

When you proposed converting
our city fleet to methane,

I told you
it was a long shot.

So, I agreed to let you
put on this race

to sell us on the idea.

I mean, to get this thing
through city council,

I have to convince
a lot of oil-loving texans

to switch
to natural gas.

That's like asking
a 'horns fan

to root
for the sooners.

I understand
what I'm up against,

but the fact is,
natural gas is the future.

It's not just
more efficient,

it's more reliable.

And it's more powerful.

And this race
will prove that.

All I'm asking you
is for a chance

to show your committee
what methane can do.

We're looking forward
to being impressed.

Thank you.

You won't regret it.

We'll see about that.

[ Sighs ]


I'm in a bad mood,

If you don't want me
to take it out on you,

I suggest you just
run ahead.

Look, I'm sorry that I gave them
the reason they needed

to kick you out
of the company.

I'm so sorry, Elli.

You don't have to keep

It wasn't
all your fault.

[ Sighs ]

Besides, getting kicked out
of the company

pales in comparison
to being held hostage.

You saved my life,

Maybe I saved you.

But I-I couldn't run fast enough
to save papi.

That wasn't your fault.

You were 11.

And I'll always wonder
if I...

If I could have
done more.

But there's still one thing
I can do for him.

There's no oil
under that land.

We don't know that.
We don't know that.

Not for sure.

The seismics the Ewings did
are 2-dimensional

and 20 years old.

I've saved up enough money
to do some 3-d seismics.

That's what the run to laredo
was all about?

I've been saving for this
for 10 years, Elli.

I need to know
if there's any oil down there.

[ Sighs ]
Look, if there isn't,

I'll let it go
once and for all.

I promise.

But I owe it to papi
to find out.

And to myself.

I'll talk to Christopher.

[ Elevator Bell dings ]

Let me guess.

Christopher made
an impassioned speech

about the future
of energy.

I hope he took it well
when you blew him off.

I spoke to my father...

And we agree.

The company's stronger
with oil and methane.

You're supposed to be
my ally on the board.

You were supposed to
have my back.

I had your back
until you and Christopher

decided to play chicken
with the company.

I'm doing what's right
for my father and me.

Come on. Let's not pretend
like we both

haven't been looking out
for ourselves from the start.

I'm trying not to let
my emotions get the best of me.

You should, too.

This feud between you
and Christopher

is out of control.

That's the pot calling
the kettle black, miss Barnes.

My father wants
a healthy Ewing Energies.

I'll make a better ally in
the long run than your father.

Force me
to make a decision now,

and I'll go
with Christopher.


But just so we're clear,

without the fuel contract,

Christopher's technology is
just a million-dollar liability

sitting in the middle
of the gulf.

So, when he loses
that race...

Your decision
to vote with me...

Will be simple.

[ Sighs ]

Don't get me wrong.

I completely support
what you're doing here,

holding John Ross
and Sue Ellen

for their actions.

Then what is it?

I'm strapped for cash,

Valene and I hit a rough patch
a year ago, and, um...

I fell off the wagon.

She couldn't take it.
She left me.

Why didn't you
let me know?

I was embarrassed.

And I keep hoping
for reconciliation.

The... the thing is,

this separation
is costing me a bundle.

And with the profits
from the oil finally coming in,

I was just starting
to get back on my feet.

I need to make sure this plan
of yours is gonna work, Bobby.

It's going to work.

But in the meantime,
I can float you a loan.

I'd be happy to do it.

I just appreciate you
backing me on this, Gary.

You were always the one brother
I could count on.

Hey, Ricky.

We got a problem.

What's wrong?

She's too loose coming out of
the corners on the longer runs.

Seems like
the cross-weight's screwed up.

Shouldn't be.

Then, we're gonna need
those 20 extra laps

if we're only
gonna pit once.

Well, I have to have control
on corner exits.

This track is fast.

All the methane in the world's
not gonna do us any good

if we can't get the power
to the ground.

Well, if it isn't
the iron man himself

- gracing us with his presence.
- Hey, Brett.

And the last time I saw you was
in my rear-view mirror at Dover.

How the hell are you?

Well, I'm better now
that I get to kick your ass

and take home
that $250,000 prize.

Can't believe you agreed
to drive a car powered on fumes.

Well, when they figure out
how to run a car on bullshit,

you've got
the real advantage.


We need to fix
that cross-weight.

Don't worry.
We'll take care of it.

[ Speaking indistinctly ]

We got something

You don't waste
much time.

J.R. might be
7,000 miles away,

but when he says jump,
I say "how high?"

He's pissed about Bobby
shutting down the oil.

He told me to drop everything
and come help you with this.

Denny Boyd.

He's a mechanic
on Christopher's pit crew.

He may be an expert
at the racetrack,

but he's a dilettante
at the horse track.

He's vulnerable.

I think it's about time
I paid Mr. Boyd a visit.

You sound just like
your father.

[ Water running ]

Couldn't have planned this
any better.

You're home early.

[ Water stops ]

How'd the meeting go?

You should have seen
the look on their faces.

John Ross and Sue Ellen

were completely
caught off guard.

But then, of course,
John Ross tried to counter

by voting
to sell off methane.

So Pamela's
the swing vote.

What side did she
come down on?

She hasn't... yet.

But if I win this race,
I think she'll vote with me.

It makes my skin crawl

that she has that kind of power
in your life.

A-asking for Pamela's help
is just a means to an end.


When you talk about
a means justifying an end,

you sound
almost like them.


I'll never forgive Pamela
for what she did to me...

To us.

But she's the mother
of my children.

And like it or not, she's
a part of this company now.

I have to try
to make this work.

I know.
I know.

I just...
[ Sighs ]

I'm angry.

And you have
every right to be.

But I promise you
we will make this right.

You'll be back at Ewing Energies
in no time.

I hope so.

Who are you?

I'm a man who pays his debts,
unlike you, Denny.

I hear you've gambled yourself
into quite a hole.

[ Sighs ] You know,
I'm gonna get that money, man.

I just... just need
a little more time.

Relax. Relax.
I'm not here to collect.

The exact opposite,

You see, I'd be willing to pay
those gambling debts if...

You do me
one little favor.

What kind of favor?

[ Door opens ]

Great news, sweetheart.

That dressage trainer
in Northampton

you wanted to work with?

He's got an opening
for a new student.

Judith: We are going back home
to London, darling.

But I thought he couldn't
take on any new students.

Yeah, well, I put
a little pressure on him,

convinced him
to change his mind.

We need to get you back on track
for that gold medal.

There's nothing I wouldn't do
for my little girl.

Don't you have something to say
to your father?

Thank you, daddy.
That's wonderful news.

But I thought we were gonna stay
for a month.

You were gonna teach me
your business.

Well, the truth is
that I've been... selfish

keeping you away from everything
so that we could be together,

exposing you to the ugliness
of that trial.

We need to get your life
back on course, sweetheart.

We're leaving first thing
in the morning.

Well, don't worry.

I'll take care of packing you up
while you're at your lesson.

Speaking of which,

I will have them
bring the car around.

We wouldn't want you
being late.

Yes, of course.

[ Sighs ]


The beverage of choice

for recovering alcoholics

[ Chuckles ]
Sue Ellen.

Been a long time.


John Ross told me
he didn't exactly give you

the warmest welcome
when he saw you.

I hope you can
forgive him.

And I, for one, am happy

that you don't hate Dallas

[ Sighs ]
I never hated Dallas.

Just everything else
that came with it.

J.R. didn't make things
easy for you, did he?

Well [Chuckles] you, either,
for that matter.

I got to admit I'm shocked

to hear you two
are back on the same team.

Is that what
Bobby told you?

Well, it's certainly
what it sounds like.

Well, for the record,
what I did...

Taking over
Elena's assets...

I did for myself.

I have every right
to protect my investments.

As you should do,
quite frankly.

What's that
supposed to mean?

Well, this, uh,
standoff with oil,

if Bobby
bankrupts the company,

you're the one
that could end up with nothing.

Bobby is the only one

who's ever had my back
in this family.

I hope for your sake
that you're right.

But I respect your candor,
Sue Ellen.

You've certainly come a long way
since Miss Texas.

Are you going to the race
on Saturday?

'Cause, um...

I think we ought to
go out there together.


How are you?

I wanted to get
my hair cut once,

but my grandmother said that
my face wasn't the right shape.

Now, she didn't tell me
I couldn't.

But she made me feel ugly,

stupid, even, for asking.

[ Sighs ]

Would you like
to go for a ride?

Yeah, I'd like that.


Emma never showed
for her lesson.

You know
she went to see her.

[ Chuckles ]

Even as a little boy,

your temper always got
the best of you.

Now, pick that up.

She's just confused...


You need to quash
that curiosity.

She'll listen to you.

But you mustn't
lose control, Harris.

I won't let you
lose our daughter.

I'm sorry.

I'm just... I'm not
used to riding western.

Try loosening up
on the reins.

These horses don't need
much direction.

In dressage,
it's all about

complete control
over your animal,

making the horse do
what you want it to,

not what comes naturally
to it.

But this...

Just riding...

It's nothing
I'm used to.

[ Breathes deeply ]

These horses
know what they're doing

and where they're going.

Just try to relax
and enjoy the ride.

They'll take care of you
if you let them.

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Both laugh ]


That's got it.

Redistributed the weight to
increase the wedge.

Should give Ricky the control he needs
coming out of those turns.


We'll put her through her paces
first thing tomorrow.

Great job today.

Thanks buddy.

Lock her up.

Man: Ready to lay
those charges, boss.

Drew: Roger that.

By this time tomorrow,
we'll finally know

if papi's instincts
were right.

This land is our family's
legacy, Elli.

It never stopped
being in our blood.

The Ewings have Southfork.

This land is ours.

Let's go see
what's down there.

[ Sighs ]

Did you have a good time
with your mother yesterday?

It's all right.
I'm not mad.

You're not?

[ Chuckles ]

I mean, you could have
just asked.

You know you can ask me


In that case...

Do you think we could get
a trainer here in Dallas?

I could stay,
spend more time with you.



Get to know Ann.
[ Sighs ]

She's different
than I expected.

The woman shot me,

And if you stay here,

it's just a matter of time
before she hurts you, too.

I have a right
to know my mother.

No, you don't!

But you said
that I could ask you anything.

No, I said
you could ask!

I didn't say I'd agree.

[ Sighs ]

What's bringing this on?

You been taking your meds?

Oh, little girl.

[ Lid pops ]

You know how you get.

Panic attacks...


What you need is consistency,
rules, and boundaries.

Because without them,
what do you have?


That's right... chaos.

Now, come here.
Give me a hug.

Tomorrow you'll be safe
in London.

Dallas will
just be a memory.

Come on.


[ Sighs ]

Elena: You look like the cat
that ate the canary.

What do the results show?

Drew: Look at the size
of that structure.

Papi just didn't
go deep enough.

Yeah, but, Drew, according
to these seismic waves,

it could be too tight
to be a producer.

but if it isn't,

it would be one hell
of a producer.

Yeah. It could.

I want to buy back the land
from the Ewings.

I have to do this.

And listen, I don't
want to do it without you.

Go into business with me.

We can make good
on papi's dream.

And you can have all the success
you've ever wanted...

Without Ewing Energies.

[ Sighs ]

John Ross?

Did you tell your father
that I was working on Gary?

Mentioned it, yeah.

Because he's jealous.

He sent me
a handful of letters

that I had sent him
when we were courting

and a new one
that I'm not opening.

Love letters?

I just...

I can't believe
that he actually saved them all.

[ Sighs ]

But I think he's trying
to make me feel guilty.

Or just testing
your resolve.

Well, either way,
he's trying to manipulate me.

And I won't let him
do that.

Night, mama.

[ Cellphone rings ]

- J.R.: Yeah?
- Hey, boss.

You got an update
on that race?

John Ross jumped on that lead
I gave him,

although I can't say I feel good
betting on a gambler.

Well, get on it.

Your son already did.

Damage is done.

What do you got on that rat
Harris Ryland?

The pieces are falling
into place, J.R.

See you soon.

♪ Music plays ♪

So, how's she feeling now
coming out of those corners?

I tell you,
you guys fixed it.

I think we have something
for them today. Great.

Hey. How's it looking
under the hood?

It's looking good.

Ricky, this is Alison Jones,
head of the DCT.

So, you're the lady
we need to impress.

Oh, well,
I wish it were just me.

You're gonna have to put
on one hell of a show

to convince the committee
to give you that contract.


Hey, thanks for bringing
everyone out.

You won't be disappointed.

Gas can't compete
with methane.

[ Tools whirring ]

For what it's worth,

I don't enjoy being
in the middle of this.

Whatever happens today has
nothing to do with you and me.

When he loses after 150 laps
of this nonsense,

I look forward to having you
back on my team.

Drivers, start your engines!

[ Engines turn over ]


We need to get going,
or we'll miss our flight.


[ Engines revving ]

What's up, buddy?

- Man: Strap yourself in.
- All right.

Whoo! They're off!

Let the battle begin.

Looking good, Ricky.

Copy that, Chris.

I sure do love this car.

[ Engine revs ]

Since we seem to be rooting
for opposite teams,

can we make
a friendly wager?

- How friendly?
- Depends on you.

Can I be
completely honest here?

Of course.

Not that I don't
appreciate the attention,

but you've never been
this nice to me before.

Well, maybe we've never had
this opportunity before.

[ Scoffs ]

She wouldn't just leave.

- Her suitcases are gone.
- No!

She wouldn't do that.

Except that she has.

And it's all your fault.

Oh, it's my fault.

How is it my fault

when I've done everything that
you have ever asked me to do?

If that was the case,

you never would have brought
Emma back here.

Using her as leverage

to get that tape back
was a big mistake.

- I had no choice.
- Of course you did.

But you let your emotions
cloud your thinking.

You lost control.

And all because
of that woman.

- No, this isn't about Ann.
- Of course it is.

Bringing that woman
into our lives

was the biggest mistake
you ever made.

You have no idea
what you're talking about.

I was there.

I saw the way she wormed her way
under your skin.

What was so bewitching
about her?

I want to understand.

Don't do this, mother.

No, I need to understand.

What was it about her

that you couldn't put out of
your mind for all these years?

I loved her
because she wasn't you.

Looks like the rest of the field's
coming in for their first pit.

This is where
we get our advantage.

Nice knowing you, gasoline.

- Go, Ricky!
- Ricky!

How we doing, chief?

Gas cars
had to refuel.

still going strong.

[ Tools whirring ]

Chris, I'm getting
a little pedal resistance here.

Everything look okay
over there?

Hey, Jim.

That pressure's
looking high.

Jim: And we're running hot.

Hang in there, Ricky.
We're on it.

Ricky: Guys,
I got to come in.

What the hell's wrong?

Christopher: Something's wrong
with the pressure regulator.

I need you to hang on
for the next 15 laps

without blowing the engine
until we can switch it out.

We can't swap it.

If we pit twice,
I lose my lead.

Just keep driving
like you're driving.

Okay. That's it.
Go, go, go!

We need to get that regulator
out of the prototype now.

Get me that regulator.

I got to come in now!

I got to go.

I got to get the crew
ready for this pit.

- All right. Go, go, go.
- Yeah, I got it.

[ Tools clank ]


Go, go, go!

[ Tires squeal ]

Jim: We're a lap down.
Get moving, Ricky.

All right, Ricky.

They're making their second pit.
Let's get that lap back.

[ Tires screech ]

You caught him!

Second place!
Nice one, Ricky.

Four more laps to go.
It's now or never, Ricky.

Second place isn't gonna get me
that contract.

Make your move!

Last lap, Ricky.

Look at that!

Come on, Ricky!

Man: Come on, Ricky!

Come on!

Come on!
You got this!


[ Cheering ]


[ Cheering ]

We did it!



[ Cheering ]



- All right. Can you believe that?
- Yeah, baby!

Hey, you two, come on.
Pay the man.

[ Laughs ]

How's it feel?
Yeah, man, it's great.

Hey, come on, guys!

come on in.

Here we go.

That was awesome.

Got it?

Excuse me, all right?

Way to go, son.

That was one hell
of a race.

How'd we do
with the committee?

They're impressed.

So much so they're ready

to push this thing
through city council.

Once they are sure

that you can provide
the steady supply of fuel

we need for our fleet.

But otherwise...

And this is just
between you and me...

I'd say you're golden,
golden boy.


So, you're with me?

My father and I
are with you.

Thank you, Pamela.

It's the right decision
for the company.

Pamela's wi us.

So, you can't
sell off methane,

and you don't
control the company.

Are you two ready
to do what's right?

Give us back
Elena's shares,

or we're never
turning that oil back on.

We're calling
your bluff.

You want to hurt this company
by keeping that oil off

just to prove how righteous
you are, go ahead.

We're not backing down.

You know, you're gonna
look back one day

and realize you let all that oil
slip through your fingers

because of your greed.

And you'll only have
yourself to blame.

[ Car doors close ]


Are you okay?

[ Voice breaking ]
Can I stay?

Welcome home.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Ringing continues ]

J.R.: Tell me what you know,
John Ross.

[ Sighs ] Christopher
won the damn race.

And don't bother
with a lecture

'cause there's nothing
you could tell me

that I haven't
already told myself.

But there is a play to be made
with the woman at the DCT.

We can fix this.

Well, I'm glad
to hear that.

But don't you worry,

I got a plan.

It's gonna be
my masterpiece.

Because you shouldn't
have to pay for my sins.

What do you mean?

Just remember
I'm proud of you.

You're my son...

From tip to tail.

[ Door opens ]
Thank you, daddy.

It means a whole lot
for me to hear you say that.

[ Gunshots ]





[ Echoing ] Dad?