Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 6 - Blame Game - full transcript

With Drew's help, Christopher makes a startling revelation that may change the fate of Ewing Energies. The family comes together when an outsider tries to undermine them all.

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Previously on Dallas.

As the court received from
the venezuelan consulate,

the U.S. attorney's office
has granted Mr. Cano

an extradition hearing.

The man's a murderer
for Christ's sake!

Bobby: And when J.R.'s son
was in jail,

he put a contract out
on him.

John Ross was almost
beaten to death!

I had Lew Rosen
make another copy

of Veronica's cloud drive.

You cross me again,

I will use it.

I'm ruling against annulment.

This court will reconvene
for divorce proceedings.

I don't want our kids
to be raised

with their parents poisoning
their minds against each other.

I'll agree to mediation.

I loaned you that money

I believed that
you could turn a profit.

You have one month
to hit that oil

or I call in the loan.

There was no way that you were gonna
make a fool out of me by leaving.

You had to pay a price.

Judge Tate: On the one count
of attempted murder,

how do you find
the defendant?

We find the defendant,
Ann Ewing,

guilty, your honor.

Mrs. Ewing, you'll be
remanded into formal custody

your sentencing hearing.

[ Buzzer sounds ]

[ Door closes ]

I spoke to Bobby.

He's really gonna go to bat
for you today at the sentencing.

And we're all preparing

It's the same jury,
Sue Ellen.

They heard me say
I was on drugs,

that I walked away
from my baby.

I saw their faces.

The look of hate on their faces
when they convicted me.

They also saw the pain

that Ryland and his mother
put you through.

There's no way they're gonna
send you to 20 years.

Do you think
Emma will ever forgive me?

I do.

Don't give up, Ann.


[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

[ Sighs ]

I haven't heard
a word from you

about the progress
at the Henderson ranch.

I thought you would have cleared
the salt dome by now.

I'm sorry
I haven't updated you.

It's just with
everything going on,

it's been a little more hectic
than I expected.

She's day's away,
Sue Ellen.

This doesn't concern you,

[ Scoffs ]

And to think that I have to
ask you about this...

That you haven't even thought
to keep me up to date...

It's not what I expected
when I funded this venture.

I'll get it done.

I don't need
any more excuses.

That wasn't an excuse.
That was a promise.

If you think
you're getting tired of that,

just think how I feel.

I shouldn't have to keep asking
for something that's mine.

How would you like to
stop asking, mama,

and just take it?

Really, consul general?

Is this any way to treat
a guest and a fellow countryman?

Fellow countryman?

Señor Cano,
you give Venezuelans a bad name.

You come
to a host country,

try to steal
the Ewing family's oil.

You have the blood of señorita
Veronica Martinez on your hands,

and yet you have
important friends in caracas

who pull strings
to have you extradited.

And I will tell you
that those same friends

would be disappointed

at the lack of hospitality
that I'm being shown here.

While you're here,
you'll remain in my custody.

Tomorrow a car will come
to take you to the airport

where an airplane will be
waiting to take you home.

Till then you will be treated
like the criminal you are.

Is everything set
for tomorrow?



It wouldn't be right
to leave Dallas

without giving the ewings
a proper goodbye.

♪ Theme music plays ♪

S02 Ep06 - Blame game

Rather than pursue half of
Mr. Ewing's total net worth,

as allowed by law

Ms. Barnes has stated
a willingness to accept

only half of his stake
in Ewing Energies,

provided he agrees
not to fight her on custody.

I agreed to mediate

because we wanted to make peace
before the babies were born.

But what your lawyer
is asking for?

It's not gonna happen.

[ Scoffs ] Our request is
more than reasonable.

7% of Ewing Energies,

if you agree to
full joint custody

and an annulment
once the deal is signed.


We just pretend
like it never happened.

10% of the company...
And everything else you want...

The joint custody,
the annulment... it's yours.

We have a deal.

You understand this agreement
between parties is binding,

and the final annulment
won't be granted by the court

until after
the children are born.


I'll draft an agreement
for signatures later today.

I guess I'll be seeing you
in the next board meeting, then,


There is a morals clause
in our contract,

but Elena hasn't engaged in
or knowingly abetted

any criminal enterprise.


But her brother Drew has.

He got caught transporting
stolen goods out of Mexico.

A felony.

I've got good insight

that he'll be pleading guilty
to avoid jail time.

as head drilling foreman,

he qualifies
as key personnel.

You invoke that clause,

you will not only be able to
take over the Henderson Wells,

but all of Elena's assets,

including her shares
of Ewing Energies.


That's why you have been

showering me
with attention lately.

You want a favor.

Not a favor, mother.

A partner.

I've been looking
for somebody to help me build

Ewing Energies
to make it the biggest

independent oil company
in Texas... hell, the world.

And I think
that somebody is you.

Elena and my cousin want to
push me out of this company,

screw me over like they did
when they got back together

and threw it in my face.

Without you by my side...
[ Sighs ]

There's no way I'm gonna
be able to fight back.

Did you set up Drew

to create an opportunity for us
to take over Elena's shares?

He hasn't changed.

Breaking the law
was his doing.

I just made sure
he got caught.

You are
your father's son.

And yours.

We got a bird's nest
on the ground, mother.

Let's pick it up...

[ Sighs ]

You got Internet,
e-mail, apps.


- Applications.
- Ah.

I even gave you
"Angry Birds."

Honey, I don't need
any more angry birds.

[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ Whoosh ]

J.R., stop messaging me
from your room!

I'm trying to
get some work done

before I go to
Ann's sentencing.

[ Keyboard clacking ]

[ Whoosh ]

[ Key clacks ]

[ Sloop! ]

[ Crowd cheering ]

[ Boo]!

[ Laughs ]

[ Whoosh ]

Yeah, it's great.

Now leave me alone!

And get a hobby!

[ Whoosh ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Keyboard clacking ]

Lew will meet us
at the D.A.'s office

in the morning
to sign the plea.

- Okay?
- Christopher: What's up?

Uh, yeah.
I got work to do.

[ Chuckles ]

Don't tell me.

No, no, this time
it was smuggling.

- Knock-off designer goods.
- Seriously?

He said he didn't know
the stuff was stolen.

He was trying to get some extra
cash to buy my mother a car.

You mom has a car.

And she doesn't know
about this.

And she does not have to
find out.

Drew's gonna plead guilty

And this will be over.
I have it handled.

Thank God my mother's
still in Mexico with Tía.

She never has to find out.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because you have
a lot going on.

He's my family.
He's my responsibility.

And you're my family.

I love you.

How was mediation?

We settled.

How much?

10% of the company.

I'm sorry.

Don't be.

It means
peace for the babies.

Plus I got her to agree
to an annulment.

Once the babies are born,
we can get married in a church.

We can start
planning it now.

Our courtship
was mostly on horseback.

I'm a rancher by trade,

and I spend a good deal
of my time in the saddle.

And back then, Annie was
working as a therapist,

using horses as a way to
build trust with battered women.

I donated some livestock to the
charity, and that's how we met.

We made quite a pair...
The cowboy and the therapist.

Ann had a natural way
with horses.

People, too. Still does.

She's always willing to lend
an ear or give a helping hand.

My wife is the most caring,
compassionate person I know.

And you found her guilty,

based on
the facts of the case.

And that was justice.

But now I'm hoping
you'll look beyond those facts

to the larger truth
of what happened

and do the just thing again.

Ann's fate...

[ Chuckles ]

Our fate
lies in your hands.

Judge Tate:
Thank you, Mr. Ewing.

I think we'll go ahead
and recess for today

and start fresh tomorrow.

Till 1:00 P.M. tomorrow,
this court stands adjourned.

- Hey.
- Hi.

it's gonna be all right.

[ Sighs ]


I love you.

[ Laughs ] You savor that
tender moment, you two,

'cause it might be your last

without a sheet of dirty plexiglas
between you for the next 20 years.

Come on, Harris.
Come on.

All right.

I'll see you tomorrow.

All right.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

I got into Ewing Energies,

just like you wanted.

I love you, too.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

Tell me you had
as good a day as I had.

And that Christopher caved.
[ Chuckles ]

I'm now part owner
of Ewing Energies.

[ Sighs ]

As soon as the ink is dry
on you deal with Christopher...

[ Drink pours ]

And you sign over
your shares to me,

I can hand over
the methane patent to you,

and we can both have
what we've always wanted.

Here's to the Dynamic Duo.


Please tell me that look
is just morning sickness...

At night.

[ Clears throat ]

I have to hold
onto the shares, John Ross,

for my children.

I don't want to be at war
with their father again.

Since when?

Just the thought of
you making him suffer

is how you get out of bed
every morning.

[ Sighs ]

Don't mess with me.

There's something you're
not copping to, and I know it.

I defied my father
to save you from a murder rap.

You cannot turn your back on me
right now.

Look, once your mother's
move against Elena is done,

you won't need my shares.

You'll still have me
as an ally on the board,

and it won't cost you
the methane.

I should have let J.R. take
you down when I had the chance.

You want to play dirty?

Game on.

What do you want?

I thought I'd drop by and see
how you're doing, check on you.

And to remind you
of something.

You have another family...
At Southfork.

If you ever need anything,
we're there.

I won't be needing you.
I promise.

[ Chuckles ]


What are you smiling at?

That thing you did
with your hair.

It's just like your mom.

So, like I said,
if you need anything...

[ Door opens ]

You working in here?

Or hiding?

I stuck up for you, Drew.

Okay, when you showed up being
all, "I'm a stand-up guy now,"

I told Elena
to give you another chance.

But you're right back there,
aren't you?

Same old Drew.

I am not.

I screwed up, yes.

But I'm not back there,
not by a long shot.

Then why did you do it, huh?

I was trying to earn money
to buy my father's land

back from your father.

I didn't tell my sister because
I knew that it would upset her.

But I won't give up
on my father's dream.

He didn't die for nothing,
and I'm gonna prove it.

Look, I-I didn't know
the stuff was smuggled.

I was hired to drive,
and I got set up.

Oh, come on, man!

You want to prove
that you've changed?

Start taking
a little responsibility.

I'm signing a guilty plea!

How much more responsibility
can I take, huh?

I checked that truck front and
back when I picked up the load.

The tail light was fine.

Somebody smashed it
on purpose

to attract
the attention of the law.

Someone set me up.

Who? Why?

I don't know.

But I have a bad feeling

about a foreman that I fired
off the Henderson rig.

He changed the angle on the
downdip, ignoring the seismics,

and took us
days off course.

It had to be on purpose.

Who would want to purposely keep
Elena from pumping that oil?


Hey, Matt, I need you to pull
everything Elena has

on the Henderson project
for me, please,

including her partnership
agreement with Sue Ellen.

Son of a bitch.

[ Dialing ]

You understand
by admitting guilt,

you waive
your right to a trial.

[ Cellphone buzzes, beeps ]


John Ross set up Drew.

He's using the arrest
to trigger some morals clause

in your contract
with Sue Ellen...

A clause that will allow her
to seize all your assets...

Everything, including
your shares in Ewing Energies.

That's what
they've been up to.

Listen, do not
let Drew sign that plea.

I would expect
something like this

from John Ross,
but not Sue Ellen.

Being pissed off at me for not
being with your son is one thing,

but this is... lie down with
dogs, you're gonna get fleas.

And you...

Your greed or your stupidity
or both

just cost me my business...
Everything I've worked for

while you were off doing
God knows what.

I understand
you're angry at me.

You have the right, but now
you know John Ross set me up.

You broke the law,
and now I am paying the price.

No more excuses, Drew.

This is
what the ewings do.

When they're tired of
screwing over each other,

they turn on people like us.

Let me help you fight
and get back what they've taken.

Oh, shut up!

You've done enough,
don't you think?

Find your own way home.

We've got two hours max

before the Consul General
is notified of your escape.

Cano: Have the helicopter arrive
in one hour.

Anything else?

Your 4-D ultrasound
from the obstetrician.

Would you like me to messenger
Mr. Ewing's copy to his home?


No, no. I'll, uh...
I'll take it myself.

And this.

[ Buzzer sounds ]

[ Gasps ]

Woman: You have five minutes,
Mrs. Ewing.

Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

I'm so...
So happy to see you.

There's... there's
so much I want to ask you,

but I-I don't know
where to begin.

I wondered why you weren't
at the hearing yesterday.

I was worried.

I was busy.

What made you decide
to come today?

I just wanted to show
my support...

For my father.

You're a good daughter.

I know that look...

And the feeling
that goes with it.

Once, in the early days
of my marriage to your father,

a hairdresser suggested
that I try some highlights.

I agreed.

But on my way home,
I panicked.

"What if Harris
doesn't like it?

What if he's angry at me
for not consulting him first?"

Was he?

I was so afraid
of upsetting him

that I dyed it back
before he got home.

But he knew anyway,
and he was furious with me,

reinforcing, in my mind,

the idea that
I was stupid and worthless.

Um, I should go.

They're gonna wonder
where I am.


It'll get easier.

I promise.

[ Sighs ]

Yeah, thanks, Lew.

Look, we'll find
a way around this.


The terms of the contract were breached
no matter how you look at it.

Hey. What's going on?

John Ross found a loophole in
Sue Ellen's contract with Elena.

It allows him to take over
her shares of Ewing Energies.

What?! It puts John Ross
and Sue Ellen in control.

[ Door opens ]

This isn't about business
for you, is it, Sue Ellen?

This is about payback
for me hurting your son.

He was trying to
do right by you.

But you didn't give him
a chance.

He lied to me...
To my face.

You didn't know
what he was up to all along?

Well, you can
tell yourself that,

but you knew what you were
getting into with John Ross,

just like I did
with his father.

And then you saw
something shinier

in Christopher and
Ewing Energies, and you bailed.

You're the one that made
this personal, Elena, not me.

Sue Ellen,
are you really gonna do this...

Seize Elena's assets to help
your son steal a company?

It's done.

You're a sociopath,
just like your father.

And I warned J.R.
what would happen

if he tried
something like this.


J.R., what the he...

Well, looks like J.R.
flew the Coop just in time.

Do I need to remind you about
this cloud drive, John Ross?

Sue Ellen, I want you
to take a look at this

and see what's gonna send
your son and J.R. to prison

for a long, long time.

[ Ding ]
Wait a minute.

[ Keyboard clacking ]
No, no, no. Wait, wait.

No. Stop it. Stop!


It's gone.

What did you do?

I didn't do anything.
You did.

When you opened
that e-mail sent by J.R.

And clicked on the video
of that damn dog.

What did you expect,
Uncle Bobby?

You keep a junkyard dog
like J.R. tied up long enough,

he's only
gonna get meaner.

You get out of my house,

you pathetic
little son of a bitch!

Sue Ellen: Excuse me!

You're never gonna get away
with this... not on my watch.

John Ross: That's the problem, isn't it?
[ Gasps ]

We're not on your watch.
Not anymore.

What the hell?
You're supposed to be in jail.

Did you think
you could get away

with turning me in
to the authorities

and painting me
as the one with dishonor?

[ Groans ]

You see, in my country,
when a man makes a deal...

He honors it.

Where's Bobby?
He should be here by now.

He isn't answering
his cell.

[ Sighs ]
They should all be here by now.

Bailiff: All rise.
The court is now in session.

The honorable judge Wallace Tate

Judge Tate:
Be seated, please.

[ Sighs ]

Here we go.

[ Sighs ]

[ Grunting ]

What do you want, Cano?

Only what
I was promised.

You're going to call
Ewing Energies,

and you're going to send all
your employees home for the day.

And once the place is empty,
my friend here

is going to accompany you
to your office,

where you're going to retrieve
the plans

to your methane patent and
prototype that I was promised.


If you are not back here
within one hour,

your beautiful wife
and children

will not escape unscathed.
[ Whimpers ]

Let her go!

[ Whimpers ]

Your cousin has to defend
your wife?

[ Laughs ]

Wait a minute.

[ Laughs ]

You Ewing boys share,
after all! I love it!

Well, since this is clearly
where your heart is now...

You have one hour
to bring me the prototype.

[ Gun cocks ]

Not all abuse is physical.

For years,
I was manipulated, controlled,

made afraid
to do anything on my own.

Finally, I found
the courage to break free.

[ Voice breaking ]
But not before losing my child.

For years, I searched for her
and mourned her loss.

And then I learned
she was alive.

She'd been alive all along,

and it was my ex-husband
who'd taken her.

And there was nothing
I could do about it.

I felt powerless.

I broke.

And I hurt someone.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm begging you
for a second chance.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Why did you do it?

Why did you screw me
out of my share of the company?

We could die here.

Don't you think the least you
owe me is an honest explanation?

You broke my heart.

I saw the good in you
when no one else did.

Yeah, well, the day you stopped
seeing the good in me

is the day that it died.

Antonio: You better hope
nobody's here.

You try anything,
I'll push the button.

Your girlfriend dies.

Sue Ellen: Even if Christopher
does get here on time,

I don't see
this coming to an end

somebody getting hurt...

Or worse.

J.R. and John Ross
brought this on us, Sue Ellen,

by getting mixed up
with these guys.

Bad begets bad.
It always has, always will.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

J.R. does bad,
you do good,

and repeat...

A vicious cycle that our sons
seem destined to continue.

It's the Ewing way.

It doesn't have to be.

If we get out of this...

You could break the cycle.

By giving Elena
her shares back?

It would be a start.

Harris: I loved my wife,
and I did everything

I could to help her,
but she was beyond help.

She walked away
from our daughter once.

What was to keep her
from doing it again?

I had no other choice
but to take Emma away.

All those years as a single
father, I lived in fear

that Ann would come back
and hurt my little girl.

And she did.

Her last words to me
in the hospital...

Were, "I wish you were dead."

This woman has no remorse,
ladies and gentlemen.

Please, put her behind bars
for a very long time.

Judge Tate:
If that's all, Mr. Ryland,

we'll hand it over to the jury.

[ Crowd murmuring ]

Still no word
from Bobby?


This is so unlike him.
I know.

[ Beeping ]

Here it is...
The E.C.S....

Extraction control system

Why'd you go back
on our deal?

I mean, really?
I know you still hate him.

I may be president
of Barnes Global,

but my father
is still C.E.O.

Cliff Barnes wants
a piece of Ewing Energies,

and you got it for him.

Ever the dutiful daughter.

I've never done anything
to please my father...

Until now.

I quit trying.

Save myself a lot
of disappointment that way.

I don't believe you.

What are you looking at?

Was I really just revenge sex
for you, John Ross?

Revenge sex
is all I could afford.

[ Both grunting ]

Who has the fastest
trigger finger?

Me or you?

Will the defendant please rise
to accept the sentence?

How say you, ladies
and gentlemen of the jury?

We, the jury, sentence
Ann Ryland Ewing to...

Probation, your honor.

[ Gasps ]


No. This is an outrage.

I demand a mistrial!

[ Gavel bangs ]
Sit down, Mrs. Ryland!

You're lucky
I don't hold you in contempt.

We've all sat here patiently
listening to you and your son

disparage his ex-wife,

using this courtroom as a forum
to paint her as a monster

and him as the victim
without taking

any responsibility
for your part in this tragedy.

Yes, you were shot, Mr. Ryland,
and that was wrong.

Last week, this jury found your
ex-wife guilty on the facts,

and that's the law.

But you took away her daughter,
made her believe she was dead.

If you'd done that to me, sir,

hell, I might have
shot you, too.

Mrs. Ewing suffered
at your hand,

and it was well
within the rights of this jury

to make sure
that she doesn't suffer any more

by sending her to prison.

You're not the victim here,
Mr. Ryland.

Not by a long shot.

This court is adjourned.
[ Gavel bangs ]

Harris: Emma.

Where is he, Lew?
Did you try Christopher?

Yeah, straight to voicemail.
Elena, too.

I think
we'd better hurry home.

What happened?

He made a move.
I stopped him.

I'm gonna take her home with me
as an insurance policy.

She can help me deal
with your technology.

And who knows? Maybe we have
something in common.

[ Grunts ]

[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

Everybody up. Over here.
Let's go.

You really screwed this up,
didn't you?

[ Gunshot ]

[ Birds chirping ]

- You all right?
- Christopher: Yeah.

How about you guys?

Get down!

- Christopher.
- Dad.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah, you?

I'm fine. I'm fine.

You okay?

We got through this
as a family.

We're much stronger together than
we can ever be apart, Sue Ellen.

I hope you can see that and
that you'll make things right.

[ Car door closes ]

- Oh, Bobby.
- Oh, hi.

[ Siren wailing ]
Are you all right?

Well, I am now.
[ Laughs ] Oh!

if I could please have

y'all's attention
for a minute.

I would
like to introduce you

to the newest board member here
at Ewing Energies.

Many of you know her

as the city's
most capable businesswoman.

She also happens to be
my mother.

[ Applause ]
Sue Ellen.

I can't believe you're actually
going through with this,

after everything we've just
been through as a family.

Of course we're still
gonna go through with it.

Why wouldn't we?

Sue Ellen: We're not doing
anything illegal, Bobby.

I'm just looking out for
what's best for me and my son.

Like you said,

we're stronger together
than we could ever be apart.

Shake it off, Uncle Bobby.
Today's a new day.

We got work to do.

Come on, mom.

I never go looking
for a fight.

But when one finds me,
I sure as hell finish it.

And they are in for
the fight of their lives.