Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 5 - Trial and Error - full transcript

JR isn't inclined to forgive John Ross for tipping off Cliff, as Sue Ellen insists, until the heir show him he has set up Drew Ramos to be jailed for smuggling, so the loan can be foreclosed and the shares claimed. To Christopher and even the Venezuelan consul general's horror, thug tycoon Vicente Cano is up for extradition home. Bobby stands trial for the falsely confessed attempted murder of Harris, who confirmed that when waking up and pulls trough. Anne proves she did it to take Bobby's place, hoping her story will get trough to Emma, but her loyalty remains solely with the Rylands. After Pamela testifies in Anne's favor, albeit it vain, and threatens to move overseas, Christopher agrees to devise a custody or visitation arrangement.

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Previously on Dallas...

I shot him, Bobby.

[ Knock on door ]

Harris Ryland's
in critical condition.

Danko: Mrs. Ewing, did you have
anything to do with the shooting?

I shot Harris Ryland.

I know my track record
isn't the best.

I want to
earn your trust.

John Ross: I need you
to dig up some dirt

on Elena's brother,
Drew Ramos.

He's always
had a nose for trouble.

Clyde: He's definitely
up to something...

I'm not sure what,
but it doesn't look legal.

Vicente: Is this
some kind of a joke?

You're going to prison,

Life is cheap in prison,

and I'm a very rich man.

So am I.

Your son is in bed
with Pamela Barnes.

You got feelings
for this girl?

Your guy Frank...
He's got a deal with J.R.

They're conspiring
against your daughter.

Why are you helping me?

To protect our deal.

Your honor, I met Tommy Sutter
about two years ago.

I shot and killed him.

Forgive me.

I love you for doing this,

but you have to
let me take responsibility.

Mr. Ryland,
you remember what happened?

It was Bobby Ewing.

He shot me.

[ Monitor beeping ]

What are you doing?
You can't come in here.


Wake up,
you sick son of a bitch!

How dare you
pin this on Bobby?

Tell them the truth,
damn it!

Tell the police it was me...
I shot you!

Oh, come on now, Annie.

Your husband's more than willing
to take the fall to protect you.

I'm just trying to
show him my support.

No, what you're trying to do
is punish me.

Bobby was gonna
tell the truth.

I was gonna
take responsibility.

You'd best leave
if you know what's good for you.

taken my daughter.

You want my husband now,

Where does it end, Harris...
All these sick, twisted games?

Well, we've all
made our choices, haven't we?


This is the price
you have to pay for yours...


For thinking
you could live in a world

my tender, loving care.

Where have you been?

Come on... her!

Get her out of here!

If your heart
weren't so small,

you'd be dead.

Man: Let's go, ma'am.

I wish you were dead.

You have to leave.

I'm going to the police.
I'm gonna confess.

Who do you think
they're gonna believe?

You or the victim here?

Ma'am, this way.

Kiss Bobby goodbye for me,
will you?


Come on.

[ Breathing heavily ]

My name is Ann Ewing,
and I shot Harris Ryland.

♪ Theme music plays ♪

S02 Ep05 - Trial and error


If you knew
it was my mother who shot you,

why did you tell the police
it was Mr. Ewing?

Well, I...

Well, when the police
interviewed me, honey,

I-I had just
come out of a coma.

Not to mention
the emergency surgery,

the medication,
the transfusion.

And I guess
the combination of things

just kind of
confused me a bit.

As for your mother,

I'm sorry you had to
witness her true nature today.

God knows
I've tried to shield you from it

for all these years.

Anyway, it's... it's not

for you to worry about.

Or your place
to question.

I'm sorry, I...

I didn't understand.

Well, that's all right.

Cliff: Three people dead...

One of whom
I considered as my son,

and all because
you allowed your heart

to dictate your actions.

I feel horrible about Frank,

I know
this is all my fault.

Perhaps I should have
paid more attention to you

over the years.

Of course, now you're
desperately looking for love

with men
who can only use you.

I know I screwed up,

but John Ross
is gonna help me

get control of the methane
after the divorce.

It's not just the methane
that we need.

It's Ewing Energies...
Lock, stock, and barrel.

And for the life of me,
I can't figure out

why you'd want to
play another Ewing in this.

John Ross is as
machiavellian as his father.

There won't be
any more mistakes...

Any more emotions
getting in the way.

Where have I
heard that before?

[ Sighs ]

[ Cows mooing in distance ]

Lew: Okay.

The blood trace
and carpet fibers

found on those boots
appear to be

sufficient evidence
for the D.A.'s office to

dismiss Ryland's false charges
against you, Bobby,

and to indict Ann.

Oh, thank God.

- Ann, honey.
- I needed to do it.

I mean,
you didn't shoot him,

and I couldn't let Harris
get away with another lie.

Yeah, well,
we're past that.

What we have to do now
is find a way to

get her out from
under these charges, Lew.


I think we need to
plead not guilty,

go for jury nullification...
The same plan I had for you,

except that Ann's defense
gives me a lot more leeway.

Here's the deal.

We put up
a sudden-passion defense...

Ann's actions the result of
extreme provocation, duress,

and a whole array of
mitigating circumstances.

And when the truth
comes out,

any jury in their right mind
will understand.

They won't
convict you.

Your daughter deserves to
hear the full story, Ann.

Emma was unwilling to listen

Maybe now, in court,
she will.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Cows mooing ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]
Good mornin'.

Good morning?

Wow, I think that's
the nicest thing

you've ever said to me,

What do you want, Barnes?

Want? From you?

Not a plugged nickel.

Just wanted to let you know
how nice it was

to finally see your son
after all these years.

Say what?

Well, he gave me a heads-up
about you and Frank.

Thought you'd like to know
who sold you out.

You go to hell, Barnes.

[ Chuckling ]
Well, I would,

but seems like
you've cornered that market.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

My God.

[ Camera shutters clicking ]

[ Reporters
shouting indistinctly ]

Woman: Do you think
he's gonna survive?

[ Shouting continues ]

Lew: No questions, guys,

No questions at this time,

Ann, please,
just one comment!

Please! Something!

[ Indistinct conversations ]

doesn't seem to be

their strong point,
does it?

Child's play.

You should see how they carry on
at Ewing Energies.

Anyway, you have
my full support here.

Thank you, mother.

That means a lot to me.

The judge has granted
an exception to the prosecution,

allowing them to
call Ryland to testify

whenever he's
deemed medically fit.

But he's not here yet,
okay? Thank God.

Be strong.
Bailiff: All rise!

Court is now in session.

The honorable
judge Wallace Tate presiding.

Be seated.

All right,
felony case number F12-6555 Z,

the state of Texas
vs. Ann Ewing.

The charge... attempted murder.

Having heard
all preliminary motions,

is the prosecution
ready to begin?

We are, your honor.

Then you may proceed,
Ms. Garson.

The state calls
Judith Ryland.

Judith: My son fell
head over heels with Ann Smith,

despite my warnings that
she was nothing but

a gold digger
and an opportunist.

But he had always been

and once she had him
in her clutches,

she began spending our money,

staying out late...

Picking up men.

That's not true.

Harris thought
a child would tame her,

teach her to love something

her own selfish indulgences.

But once she got pregnant,

all Ann wanted
was an abortion.

Objection, your honor.

Suffice it to say,
living with Ann

became a heartbreaking ordeal
for my son.

Hearsay, your honor.

The witness
only lived with

my client and Mr. Ryland

Is this true,
Mrs. Ryland?

I was there
frequently enough

to witness
her manipulations,

sexual and otherwise.

Is that a yes or a no?

Garson: She lived
within walking distance

of her son's residence,
your honor.

Harris only had me move out
because she forced him.

Ms. Garson, you need to
redirect your questioning.

But, your honor...

The witness
was also party to

the custodial interference

that runs to
the core of this case,

so her testimony is
biased, at best.

We were
protecting the child.

Ann loathed being a mother.

Some people shouldn't have
goldfish, let alone children.

Judge Tate:
All right, I agree with counsel.

The witness
shall step down now.

Judge, if you silence me,

who will be my son's advocate
in this courtroom?

That's enough,
Mrs. Ryland.

I'll hold you
in contempt.

I hold her in contempt!

Bailiff, would you please
remove the witness?

The jury shall
disregard all the testimony

defense counsel's objection.

The court calls for
a 15-minute recess.

[ Ringing ]
Come on.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]
Clyde: Hello?

Clyde, what's going on?

Our boy
is on the move again.

Our man Drew
has made four freight runs

down to laredo and back,

always switching trucks
at a stop in Webb county.

Mama put a morals clause
in Elena's contract.

If there's
any felonious behavior

by Elena or her employees,

that's grounds for
termination of the agreement.

Fortunately for you,

her brother's come home
ridin' dirty.

Take him down, Clyde.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Engine turns over ]

What the hell?

No, no, no,
Christopher, don't.

To testify the same day
or the next day.

Testify for what?

Ann's allowing miss Barnes
to be a character witness.

Are you kidding me?

That's the last thing
we need, Lew...

Someone up on the stand

who's defrauded
the entire Ewing family.


Save it
for family court.

I agree with Lew.

We don't need to be
doing this right now.

For what it's worth,

Ann's the only Ewing that
never turned her back on me.

She's the last person
I'd want to hurt.

This coming from someone
with blood on their hands.

I know you had something
to do with Tommy's murder,

directly or indirectly.

What we both know
is that Tommy was a bad guy.

He threatened me.

He hurt me.

You don't remember the bruises,

Well, they were doled out
while I was already pregnant...

With your babies.

What are you saying?

Read between the lines.

And if you can't,

if you just want to
keep vilifying me

and pursuing
this merciless witch hunt,

then you know what?

I'll just pack up and
move Barnes Global to Bermuda.

And these babies you're so eager
to strip from my womb...

You'll never see them
at all.

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Thank you.

For what?

I know it was you
who went to my father,

to warn him about Frank...

How he was trying to
set me up.

I was protecting
our business arrangement.

My father, he, um...

He loved Frank.

And maybe deep down,
I hated Frank for that.

Hey, don't go there.
Don't put that on yourself.


[ Sighs ]

My father thinks
we're no good for each other.

Mine too.

To hell with them.

Let's get dinner tonight.


It's not a good idea.

Am I
missing something here?

Nothing personal.

Just protecting
our business arrangement.

[ Air brakes hiss ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

[ Bells jingling ]

[ Bells jingling ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

What the hell is
the matter with you, J.R.?

Well, I'm sure
you'll fill me in.

Is forgiveness
beyond you?

John Ross had his reasons
for going to Cliff,

and if you have to know,

I gave him
Cliff's private number.

So if you want to blame anyone,
blame me.

For the life of me,
I can't think of

one sensible reason
for our boy to

go and seek favor
from that bitter old bastard.

Fathers are supposed to
take the high road

when it comes to
their sons.

Forgive John Ross.

Christopher: You hear anything
from the bailiff?


15 minutes went by
15 minutes ago.

I know. I don't know
what's going on.

What the hell?


Bobby: Hey.
Hey, Bobby.

Now, before you sound off,

as a courtesy to
the Venezuelan consulate,

the U.S. attorney's office
has granted Mr. Cano

an extradition hearing.

Why? So he can take off?

The man's a murderer,
for Christ's sake.

Oh, Christopher,
you're so judgmental.

Very unattractive.

And don't forget.

We still have
some unfinished business

to conclude, huh?

Ellis, that man
killed that woman

who was pretending to be
Marta del Sol,

and when J.R.'s son
was in jail,

he put a contract out
on him.

John Ross was almost
beaten to death!

And now he gets a pass,
by way of diplomatic immunity?

He doesn't get
a pass or immunity.

Worst case scenario...
He faces life in prison

for capital murder
in Venezuela.

[ Scoffs ]

Garson: Tell us about
the surveillance video

that was entered into evidence,

We have footage
of Ann Ewing

driving her Chevy Tahoe
and entering the driveway,

going to and from
Mr. Ryland's property.

And how long was Ann Ewing's
"to and from," Detective?

Time code shows
a 5 minute 20 second interval.

The blood and fibers
on her boots confirming that

she entered
Harris Ryland's residence.


Carrying a concealed weapon

that ballistics later confirmed
as her own weapon...

A Smith & Wesson 5906 9mm,

which she fired
at her ex-husband.

That's correct.

So then, Detective Danko,

what, in your experience,
does the crime-scene evidence

and this short timeframe
suggest to you?

That the shooting was
deliberate, premeditated.

Garson: Dr. Lefont,
as the trauma surgeon

operating on our victim,
Harris Ryland,

can you describe for us

the injuries he sustained
as a result of the shooting?

Mr. Ryland was struck by
a single gunshot to the chest,

the bullet
striking the fourth rib,

which deflected it downward,

the intercostal artery.

If the bullet had entered
one centimeter higher,

it would have
fractured the rib

and punctured the heart,
killing him.

In your experience,
is a single gunshot wound

indicative of
a crime of sudden passion?

Calls for speculation.

Speculation from an
experienced forensic pathologist

and trauma surgeon?

I'll allow it.

No, a sudden passion
is far, far messier.

The victim would have either
multiple stab wounds

or several blunt-force blows
to the head and body.

And as for shootings,
a victim of sudden passion

would have
multiple gunshot wounds.

And a single
gunshot wound?

What is that indicative of,
in most cases?

An execution.

[ Spectators murmuring ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Siren wailing ]

Afternoon, officer.

Know you got
a busted-out taillight?

Uh... no, sir,
I did not know that.

Have to ask you to step out
with your license, registration,

and cargo manifest, please?

And where is
your certification stamp?

Uh, I don't have
any certification stamp.

This is all they gave me.

Who is "they"?

I don't know.
I just drive.

Give me your keys, sir.


Open it up.

[ Door opens ]

Man: What's that?

The manifest says
car parts.

This looks like
smuggled goods from China.

On your knees! Now!

Hands behind your head.

Both hands.

How long have you known
Ann Ewing?

We first met when she
volunteered to work for

my foundation's
equestrian program

for battered and abused
women and children.

She was so...

So patient, so gentle.

And kind.

She always
saw the best in me,

even when
I couldn't see it myself.

And as to what happened
at the Ryland residence?

The only way
it makes sense to me

is she must have been cornered
or seriously provoked.

I know.

I've been there.

Thank you, Ms. Barnes.

No further questions,
your honor.

[ Cellphone vibrating ]

Everything okay?

Yeah, but
I better take this.

All right.

[ Vibrating continues ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]
No. No, no, no.

I'm here, I'm here.

What do you mean,
"no paperwork"?

Drew, seriously?

Transporting stolen goods?

Drew: I thought it was
a legit outfit, okay?

A legit gig.

Of course you did.

This is unbelievable!

I swear, I didn't know
what the cargo was.

I just wanted to
bank some extra cash.

And I just wanted to
believe that

now that you were sober,
you were smarter, too.

Trouble found me this time,

I didn't
go looking for it.

[ Sighs ]

I know
you don't believe this,

but I came home
to make things right.

Sit tight.

I'll find a local lawyer.

I will post your bail.

I'll pay you back.

You're damn right you will.

[ Toilet flushes ]

Could you give me
a minute, son?

You know, your mother
is of the opinion that

I should forgive you
for consorting with the enemy.

And since staying
on Sue Ellen's good side

is the prudent thing to do
at the moment,

I'm inclined to oblige.

I don't need
your forgiveness.

You don't need my wrath,

We dinosaurs
are known to bite.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

[ Sighs ]

Something I should know?

Drew Ramos
just got arrested down in waco

for the receipt and transport
of stolen goods.

He is now being booked
at central jail.


Well, that puts
our ambitious little señorita

in moral violation of
her contract with your mother,

doesn't it?


You knew about that?

The morals clause?

You still don't know who you're
dealing with, do you, son?

I can hardly
blame you for that.

But I forgive you.

Garson: The prosecution calls
Harris Ryland to the stand.

[ Wheels squeaking ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts ]

Thank you.

Judge Tate: Mr. Ryland,
do you solemnly swear

that the testimony
you shall give

shall be the truth,
the whole truth,

and nothing but the truth?

Yes, sir, I do.

So, on the day of
the shooting, Mr. Ryland,

what happened?

I was sitting in my study.

Then Ann came storming in
asking questions about Emma.

When I didn't
give her the right answers,

she opened up her purse,
pulled out a gun,

and shot me, point-blank.

Let's go back to
the beginning,

to the crux of
your ex-wife's resentment...

The custodial interference.

What led you to take
such extraordinary action?

[ Sighs ]

I fell head over heels for

a willowy young woman
that I tried to save.

I gave her
the moon and the stars,

hoping that
she'd settle down, but...

[ Sighs ]

The truth was that...

The truth was that she just
wasn't ready to be a mother.

The first time she
abandoned Emma, I was at work,

my mother was
having outpatient surgery.

Ann left Emma at the house
by herself while she went out...

With some friends.

When I got home...

My little girl was hungry,

crying hysterically,

sitting in... dirty diapers.

No, it didn't happen
that way...



And when did your wife
finally come home, Mr. Ryland?

It was after midnight.

She was drunk.

My mother and I lived in fear
for Emma after that.

Let's move to the day of
the Texas state fair.

Well, I just found out
that morning

that Ann had suddenly decided
to take Emma to it.

She'd been acting strange,

and my instincts told me
something was wrong,

so I left work
and went to look for them.

And I spotted them
by the petting zoo.

And then I watched as...
Ann walked away from our child.

She just turned her back
on our daughter

and just
kept right on walking,

abandoned her right there
in the middle of a crowd.

I knew right then and there that
I had to take my baby girl,

to protect her.

Even if it meant breaking the law?
The law be damned.

I knew that
somewhere down the road

that my daughter was gonna be
hurt by her own mother,

and I just couldn't
take that chance.

So I did
what any father would do.

I took my child
out of harm's way.

Ann: Bobby...

[ Sighs ]

Please look at me.

Is any of what Ryland said
out there true?

Some of it.

I need Emma to
hear my truth, Bobby.

I need you to hear it.

I was a tall, awkward girl.

Most of my life,
I felt ugly.

My mother took me to doctors
when I hit puberty

so they would
make me stop growing.

No one had really ever
paid any attention to me...

Until Harris.

My family
didn't have much money,

and Harris took me to
fancy restaurants, stores,

bought me nice clothes.

We were happy.

He had grown up
in a suffocating home.

His father had committed suicide
before he was born,

and his mother
controlled his every breath.

Harris kept telling me
how good I was for him,

that I brought light
into the dark of his life.

Then his mother
began to interfere.

Nothing I could do
was right.

She made fun of the fact that
I'd never gone to college.

She put ideas in his head
about me...

That I was a gold digger,
that I was seeing other men...

And he believed her.

So he began trying to control me

the way
he had always been controlled.

If I picked the wrong blouse,
picked up the wrong fork,

did my hair a certain way,

he'd shout at me.

I began to realize that
the marriage had been a mistake.

When I found out I was pregnant,
I felt trapped.

By the time Emma was born,
I felt like I was drowning.

I was diagnosed with
post-partum depression

and put on medication.

I had a difficult time
being a young mother.

I'm sorry.

But I did not
leave my daughter at home alone.

I left Emma with Judith

so I could
go see a divorce lawyer.

But Judith lied to Harris
for her own twisted purposes.

Then Harris found out about
my plans to divorce him,

and he forced me to
see a psychiatrist,

who put me on more medication.

Tell us what happened
at the state fair.

Emma was 18 months old.

Harris and his mother were

particularly cruel to me
the night before,

so that morning...

I took a few more pills
than I should have.

I couldn't think straight,

but I couldn't stand to be
in that house another minute,

so I took Emma to the fair.

It was so very hot.

I remember being so thirsty.

So, I left her in her stroller

and went to get a soda.

Only a couple minutes passed.

I turned back, and she was gone.

I had stepped away from my baby
for only a few moments,

and she'd been kidnapped.

God had punished me
by taking my baby.

[ Breathing raggedly ]

Emma? Hi.

I'm Christopher,
Ann's stepson.

I know.

May I sit?

That's not a good idea.

My father and grandmother
are gonna be right back.

You know,
I was watching you

when your mother
was giving her testimony.

You know you're the same age
as she was

when this all went down...

When she lost you
at that state fair?

I'm aware of that.


I know how much
you love your father,

and I know
how difficult and painful

this all must be for you.

But your mother, she could
go to jail for 20 years

because your father
pushed her to

do something
she shouldn't have done.

Look, I'm not trying to
put words in your mouth here,

but if you want to help
make things right

for you and your mother,

tell the truth.

Not somebody else's
version of it.

Your truth.

Please go.

All right.

Garson: The state calls
as a rebuttal witness

Emma Ryland to the stand.

Miss Ryland, you witnessed
your mother, Ann Ewing,

barge into
your father's hospital room

and admit to shooting him.

Is that correct?

[ Sighs ]

I, um...

I was actually
out in the hall.

But you heard her admit it.

You heard her say,
in so many words,

that she wished
she had killed him.

I'm looking for
a yes or no here, miss Ryland.


Yes, she said she shot him,
not her husband,

and that
she wished he was dead.

Can you think of any reason,

any cause, any justification

for your mother
to commit this crime?


She said my father
has a small heart,

but he has
the biggest heart in the world.

He taught me
to ride dressage,

helped me become a champion.

He risked going to jail
to protect me.

And now I know why.

I love my father...

And I wake up every morning

grateful that
he rescued me from my mother.

It's okay.

Thank you.

Nothing further,
your honor.

Judge Tate: Let's take
a 15-minute recess.

You know, after everything
that's gone on here...

You're right.

I don't want our kids
to be raised

with their parents poisoning
their minds against each other.

I'll agree to mediation.

I think
it's the right thing to do.

So do I.



[ Inhales sharply ]

Hey, you okay?


Yeah, it's just,

when they kick
at the same time...

You've been sticking to
all your check-ups, right?

I mean,
there's nothing I should know,

as far as
their health is concerned?

Yes, and... and no.

Everything is fine.

They're just
really kicking in there.

It's okay.

Come here.

[ Breathing raggedly ]

Cliff: I hear you
got Christopher to the table.

Now, that's
thinking with your head

instead of your heart.

Come here.

This divorce is gonna be
good for business.

I always knew
you could do it.

I'm so very proud of you.

Thank you, daddy.

I've heard they have
wonderful pies here.

I'll see
if I can get us some.

Thank you, Sue Ellen.

Silence is golden
in these situations, Ann.

The longer the jury stays out,
the better.

Did you hear her
on the stand?


She's been brainwashed.

Like me back then.

Only Harris and Judith

have had 20 years
to break her spirit.

Hey, we are not
giving up on Emma.

If I'm not around...
You will be around.

The only truth
that jury heard

was from
our side of the courtroom.

Just have some faith,

It's gonna work out.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

this is Lew Rosen.



They're back.

Court'll reconvene
first thing in the morning.

Judge Tate: Has the jury
reached a verdict?

We have, your honor.

On the one count of
attempted murder,

how do you
find the defendant?

We find the defendant,
Ann Ewing, guilty, your honor.

[ Spectators murmuring ]

Mrs. Ewing, you will be
remanded into formal custody

your sentencing hearing.

Bailiff, if you would...

Bobby: Annie.

Turn around, please.

We'll figure it out.

We will.

[ Buzzer ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Buzzer ]