Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 4 - False Confessions - full transcript

J.R. works to undermine Pamela, forcing John Ross to choose between a Ewing and a Barnes. Cliff Barnes returns to meet with an unlikely visitor.

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Previously on "Dallas"...

I gave you a sizable loan to drill.
You stopped.

You have one month
to hit that oil.

I bought a lease
on the Henderson land.

But we hit a salt dome.

I could really
use your help.

for my little sister?

Word is,
you got hired on

as the drilling foreman
at the Ramos rig.

I would consider it
a favor

if you did not strike oil
for quite some time.

Bota: That was Tommy Sutter's
blood in Pamela's condo.

This is now
a homicide investigation.

We need to
get Becky out of town.

I'll deal with her.

J.R.: Tell me where the body
of Tommy Sutter and the gun are.

I'll make sure they pop up.

Why should I trust you?

Because we both
want to destroy Pamela.

I talked to Emma.

Ryland took her
from the fair that day.

- Your father kidnapped you.
- Rescued me.

There's nothing we can do
to Harris Ryland.

The statute of limitations
has passed.


[ Sighs ]


are you in here?

No! No!!

Don't you leave me.
Mama's here.

Emma, call 911!

[ Crying ]

[ Breathing heavily ]


Annie, what's wro...

What have you done?

I overheard you
with Rollie.

[ Voice breaking ] I couldn't
let Harris get away with it.

I shot him, Bobby.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Police radio chatter ]

Evening, Christopher.
Can we come in?

Yeah, yeah, come on in.

Is Mrs. Ewing in?

Is everything
all right?

These are detectives
from Dallas P.D.

They need to
ask her a few questions.

Bobby: Hello, Derrick.

Dad, what's going on?

Derrick: Harris Ryland
was found shot in his home.

He's in
critical condition.

A car registered to Ann Ewing
was seen leaving the house.

Well, we'll be happy
to cooperate,

but I want to
talk to my lawyer first.

He's not dead?

Mrs. Ewing, were you at
Harris Ryland's house tonight?

don't say anything.

I told you...

We'll answer your questions
after I speak to my lawyer.

Mrs. Ewing, did you have anything
to do with the shooting?


I'm the one
that you want to talk to.

I shot Harris Ryland.

♪ Theme music plays ♪

S02 E04 - False Confessions

Bobby Ewing, you have the
right to remain silent.

- Bobby, no!
- It'll be all right, Annie.

- Anything you say can and will...
- No, you can't do this.

- Ma'am, please.
- But Bobby...

No! Not another word.

Christopher, take her
to the kitchen, please.

Ann, come on.
It's gonna be all right.

[ Police radio chatter ]

May I have a minute alone
with my wife, please?

I'm sorry, Mr. Ewing. We can't
let you out of our sight.


I just want to make sure
she's all right.

It's okay.

I vouch for him.


you can't do this.

I shot him.
Let them take me.

Dad, is that true?

this is the only way.

Why, Bobby?

Because Ryland
has made you suffer enough.

He stole your daughter.

He spent 20 years
poisoning her against you.

Annie, if you're gonna
have any chance

of repairing
that damage,

she can't think that
you tried to kill her father.

[ Sighs ]

She'd never forgive you,

and you'd lose her again,
this time for good.

And I'll be fine.
Trust me.

Christopher, call Lew Rosen,
and then meet me at the station.

Of course.

[ Breathing shakily ]

- We will figure this out, okay?
- Okay.

[ Sniffles ]


[ Police radio chatter ]

Good morning.

The police found some of
Tommy's blood in my old condo.

You did
make quite a mess.

It was self-defense, Frank.
He was gonna hurt me.

Without a body,

the police can't confirm
Tommy's dead.

You can't be connected to a
homicide case that doesn't exist.

Take two O.J.s and, uh,
strawberry pancakes.

Oh, sorry, Frank.

You look
just like the Butler.

Come on, babe.

Ms. Barnes, your father told me
to keep you focused

after you got distracted
with one Ewing.

I'd hope
you wouldn't be so quick

to make the same mistake

There's blood, Frank.

That's the distraction
to be worried about.

if anything comes of it,

it won't be me
answering to my father.

It'll be you.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Shouldn't you be

in the interview room
with my father?

The detectives
finished taking his statement,

so we're waiting on the D.A.
to make a charge.

The initial appearance before
the judge will be in an hour.

I don't know
what got into Bobby,

going after Ryland
like that,

and then
he refused to listen to me

and insisted
on confessing.

I'm sure
he has his reasons.


Detective Bota.

You have an update
on the Tommy Sutter case?

I told you the blood we found
was Tommy's, right?


Then you're up to date.
That's it?

He's classified
as a missing person

and there's
still no body.

He's still a missing person.

I thought you were gonna
question Pamela Barnes again.

We're working on that.

Whatever happened
to Tommy Sutter,

she's responsible.

You found high-velocity
blood spatter

in her condo,
didn't you?

How much more obvious
does it need to be?

Better leave it,

Yeah, all right.

I need this, Lew.

After Becky pulled a no-show
in court,

getting Pamela
on criminal charges

is my only hope
for this annulment

and to get custody
of my children.

And this on top of what
my father's now going through.

I know.
Just be patient.

We'll get justice...

For you
and for your father.

[ Muffled coughing ]

[ Retching ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Panting ]

[ Dialing ]

[ Ringing ]

[ Cellphone rings ]


Mr. J.R. Ewing,
this is Frank Ashkani.

What can I do for you,

You said if I told you
the location

of Tommy Sutter's body

that you'll
get rid of Pamela Barnes

and it won't come back
to me.

Well, you have a deal.

I'm glad to hear that.

I'll give you
the information.

Just one more thing
you have to know...

Your son is in bed
with Pamela Barnes.

Judge: Robert James Ewing,
you have been charged

with the attempted murder
of Harris Ryland.

You've been read your rights.
Bail is set at $1 million.

I'm gonna talk to Lew.
You okay?

[ Sighs ]

What's the next step?

Lew: You know,
it's a long road ahead of us.

Got to prove
Bobby had an alibi.

You went from
an upstanding man like Harris

to a criminal
like Bobby Ewing.

You really traded down,

How dare you use their names
in the same sentence.

Bobby is the best man
I've ever known,

and your son
is a monster

who should be punished
for what he did to me.

Then how unjust
it must seem to you

that Bobby will be the one
rotting in prison.

All right,
I'll get to the bottom of it.

What's going on?

Bobby got arrested
for shooting Harris Ryland.

Are you serious?

You think that will help us
get him out of Ewing Energies?

You still got a lot
to learn, boy.

When the family is in trouble,
we don't take advantage.

You got a problem
with me?

You're damn right I do.

I hear you've been cavorting
with Pamela Barnes.

What do fathers say?

"I'm not mad,
I'm just disappointed?"

Well, I am both!

Who I cavort with...

Ain't none
of your business.

It is when her last name
is "Barnes."

What do you want with
Christopher's scraps, anyway?

I'm working her.

And apparently not learning
from your mistakes.

You already got in bed with
one crazy woman in that Marta.

Not a good idea to get in bed
with another one.

I've got a plan
to get her shares

of Ewing Energies
after the divorce.

You let that Barnes girl
get a piece of our company

and you're inviting a vampire
into our home.

She'll suck the life
out of us.

That's why I've seen to it
that there won't be a divorce.

How's that?

I made a deal
with Cliff's man, Frank.

We've got a plan to
take Pamela out of the picture.

You must be getting senile
in your old age, daddy.

'Cause I'm the one calling
the shots here, remember?

You asked me to teach you
every dirty trick I know

so we could
take Ewing Energies.

I teach by example.

What do you and Frank
plan on doing to Pamela?

You got feelings
for this girl?


Then why do you care?

[ Car beeping ]

Can you meet me someplace,

I need a favor.

[ Engine turns over ]

we just hit 7,800 feet.

Something's not right

How do you mean?

This morning we were set
to drill downdip

at 8%
from north to south,

but according to these
mud readings, now we're at 6%.

Did you change
the angle?

I did.

We were taking a wide route
around the salt dome.

I thought maybe
we could save some time.

Problem is, at that angle,
we won't clear it.

Are you sure
about that?


if it's just that edge,

- then we just drill right through it.
- That wasn't the plan.

You need
to tell the driller

to get back
onto the original path.

that's not necessary.

Drilling through salt brings
unnecessary risks into play.

Those problems
are manageable.

If you won't tell them
to change course, then I will.

Well, you can't
tell my crew what to do.

Then this isn't your crew
anymore. You're fired.


Just real fine, Drew.

I like what you've done
with the place.

Thanks for coming.

sounded important.

I got to
ask you something,

and, uh,
you cannot ask me why.

I need you to put me in touch
with Cliff Barnes...

As soon as possible.


It's just business.

I know Pamela revealing that
she's Cliff Barnes' daughter

has everybody at Southfork
up in arms,

but if you and your father
are plotting something

against Cliff,
I won't be a facilitator in it.

[ Voice breaking ] Being caught
in the middle of that war

nearly destroyed me
once before.

This isn't like that.

J.R. doesn't know anything
about this.

You're going to Cliff
behind your father's back?

I've got no choice.
J.R. won't listen to me.

If you make a move
against your father with Cliff,

you better be prepared

to face the full weight
of his fury.

I did it [Sighs]
and I paid for it for years.

[ Sighs ]

What I'm protecting
is worth it.

Being J.R.'s son
is no easy task.

Even when you hated him
the most,

you were obsessed
with being just like him,

convinced that
that included his grudges.

I think you forget...

That half of you is me.

You're your own man,
John Ross.

Your decisions
are your own.

[ Sighs ]
Cliff's private number...

But be careful, 'cause
this could change everything.

Looks like you're in a hurry.
Where you headed?

None of
Christopher's business.

What are you doing

We got to talk.

This is not the place.

But we have a problem.

Brian, how's everything going
at the Henderson Well?

Uh, well,
I'm here to see Elena.

Um, you know, she put her brother
in charge of that oil rig.

He accused me of drilling
in the wrong direction.

He fired me for it.

She's in her office.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

Later, John Ross.

Same old Drew.

I thought he was
turning over a new leaf.

Elena and I think
he has.

I think it's so cute how
you guys agree on everything.

It's gonna make it so much easier when
we're picking out China patterns.

You make sure
I know where you're registered.

What were you and Brian
talking about?

Just catching up.
Is that right?

Look, you work on rigs for
years, you tend to make friends.

Maybe it's different
in laboratories,

where you guys just play with your
own little microscopes all day.

I saw Sue Ellen
here earlier.

Just checking out
the new office.

I heard
she read Elena the riot act

about not getting a return
on her investment.

Well, my mother
is a tough businesswoman.

She's also your mother,
so I can't help but wonder

if her anger towards Elena

is being fueled
by your resentment.

Look, a woman doesn't become
that successful

by handing out
courtesy deals.

Elena took her eye off the ball,
and she got called on it.

A good criminal
always has a good alibi.

you are so paranoid.

[ Elevator bell dings ]
You want to share an elevator?

Make sure I don't
make a phone call

to plot against you
and your girlfriend?

No, I figure
the more slack I give you,

the sooner you'll make
that noose to hang yourself.

You sure?


[ Elevator doors close ]

[ Sighs ]

Clyde, hey,
it's your favorite client.

Look, I need you
to dig up some dirt

on Elena's brother, Drew Ramos.

Shouldn't be too difficult.

He's always
had a nose for trouble.

I need enough to get him fired.

[ Sighs ]

If anytime called for a drink,
it'd be now.

It's not like the old days,
is it?

When we used to
just knock 'em back

for no reason at all?

Tell me something,

You really shoot Ryland,
or are you just protecting

that trigger-happy wife
of yours?

That's what I thought.

So, what? You gonna try
and persuade me to recant?

Try to
talk Bobby Ewing

out of what he believes
is right?

I got a better chance of winning
the good samaritan award.

[ Laughs ]
It'd be close.

But do I have to figure out
a way to win this trial, J.R.

You will...
And if things get sticky,

just give me a wink.

I'll pay a visit to the judge
and tug a string or two.

[ Chuckles ]

No baby brother
of mine's

gonna spend his twilight years
in jail.

What the hell, Drew?

- You fired my foreman.
- Calm down.

You said you had
everything under control.

And I did, and then Brian changed
the coordinates on the GPS.

He had us drilling
at the wrong angle.

And you always have to know
better than everyone else.

you think I'm wrong?

No, I think you have
a chip on your shoulder

from all the foremen who have
fired you over the years.

you don't believe me...


Use your fancy education
and see for yourself.

He had you going back
into the salt dome.

When I told him to get back
on course, he refused.

You're right.

I'm sorry.

I know my track record
isn't the best,

but that's the past.

I want to
earn your trust.

[ Sighs ]

[ Engine turns over ]

Thank you for meeting with me,
Mr. Barnes.

What can I do for you?

[ Sighs ] Well,
I wanted to let you know

that your guy Frank...
He's got a deal with J.R.

They're conspiring
against your daughter.

J.R. plotting against my family
is no secret.

What about Frank?

Frank is like family.

He's been with me
for over 25 years.

Well, then he's about to
forfeit one hell of a pension.

J.R. told me himself.

I figured if there was anybody
that could stop him,

it'd be you.

Are you telling me

that you're willing
to betray your own father?

Shouldn't come as a surprise
that his performance as a father

hasn't exactly
gained my undying loyalty.

Aren't you taking
a dangerous risk being here,

talking to me
behind his back?

Let's just say my interest
depends on Pamela's well-being.

Why are you so interested
in my daughter's well-being?

One of us should be.

If you'd have
paid her more attention,

it wouldn't have
come to this.

I took this meeting
out of respect for your mother.

You've wasted
enough of my time today.

Max, Marco...

You may not believe me,
but you'd be foolish

not to check on
what Frank is up to with J.R.

Goodbye, John Ross.

I feel so guilty.

Annie, you didn't do this.
Bobby shot Harris.

He made his own choice,
and he's gonna be okay.

Bobby's the strongest man
I know.

Bobby did it for me...

Because of Emma.

Do you think I'll ever be able
to make things right with her?

She hates me so much.

For things
you didn't do.

Harris filled her head
with lies.

And some truths, too.

I had some experience
with a child who hated my guts.

Was it that bad
with John Ross?

I have a scar

from when he threw a toy truck
at my head.

When you have children,
you can never give up,

no matter what.

You can't
change the past.

The future...
That's a different story.

♪ Music plays ♪

Give me a beer...

Bartender: Coming up.

[ Sighs ]

Let me ask you something,

When I saw you
at the office earlier,

were you really there
to see Elena?


'Cause you seemed
a little nervous

when I caught you
and John Ross talking.

Not sure I know
what you're talking about.

Elena spoke to Drew.

You were drilling
in the wrong direction.

You know,
I'm already fired.

What, are you here
to rub a salt into the wound?

Does seem like
a pretty big mistake

for someone with 20 years
of sidetracking experience.

[ Chuckles ] You know,

you and my three ex-wives
ought to get together

and swap stories
about my incompetence.

Oh, cut the crap,

John Ross put you up to it,
didn't he?

Like I said...
I had an off day.

I hope so...
'Cause if I find out

he bribed you
to sabotage that well,

I'll make sure
you never work in Texas again.

Woman: The body of a young man
was discovered by two joggers

near white rock lake
this afternoon.

The Dallas county coroner
has identified the body

as that of Tommy Sutter,

the subject of a recently filed
missing person's report.

Now that missing persons case
has now been ruled a homicide.

Police said Sutter died

of a single gunshot wound
to the chest.

A spokesperson also says

the last time
Sutter was seen alive

was about two months ago.

Son of a bitch.

Frank: Frank Ashkani.
[ Beep ]

Frank, are you seeing this?
Where the hell are you?!

Police already have
a significant lead in this case

and are about to question
a key person of interest.

[ Breathing heavily ]
This is Pamela.

I need to speak
to my father immediately.


When did you get home?

Just now.

What's wrong?

They found Tommy.
He really is dead.

Does this mean Pamela...

I talked
to Detective Bota.

The police
are still searching the area

they found the body.

They need more evidence
to make an arrest,

but Pamela's
a key person of interest.

You know, as much
as I want that annulment,

custody of my children...

I mean, to think
she actually killed him...

Sorry to interrupt.
Front door was open.

You hear the news
about Tommy?

I did, and it definitely
bodes well for your case,

but that's not
why I'm here.

I thought I heard you,

- Ann, is Bobby around?
- He might be in the barn.

He wanted to go for a ride
before dinner.

What's going on?

Lew, what is it?

Turns out Ryland filed
a complaint against Bobby

when we went to his office
a couple of days ago,

more specifically, when Bobby
threatened to tear his head off.


Now, since I was present
when Bobby threatened Ryland,

it's as if I was witness
to him committing a crime.

So I have to withdraw
as Bobby's attorney.

Lew, we can't do this
without you.

I'm sorry, Ann.

I've already
gotten Bobby another lawyer

and brought him
up to speed.

He's one of the best in Texas,
and we're gonna need him.

[ Scoffs ]
You don't sound too optimistic.

Well, that complaint,

along with Bobby's prior arrest
for assault against Ryland,

makes the shooting
look premeditated.

I don't think Bobby
can argue self-defense anymore.

He'll most likely
face jail time.

Up to 20 years.

I'm sorry.

[ Sighs ] Why you brought Ann
into our lives

I will never understand.

You were so handsome,

and she was...

Really nothing.

You deserved better...

Someone who truly
wanted to take care of you,

someone who would
sacrifice themselves

to make you happy.

Get your strength,

and I will make sure
Bobby goes to jail...

Take him from Ann

the way she took you from me
so many years ago...

Make her know
what it's like

to look at the one you love
in pain...

[ Voice breaking ]
...And hurt.

Get your rest.

And when you wake...

You will be king
once more.

Sorry, sir, no can do.

Come on, man,
you know me.

I'm just
following orders.

[ Sighs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]


Security won't let me up,

What gives?

What do you want,
John Ross?

I saw the news
about Tommy.

You're being set up
by Frank.

Why would Frank do that?

My father got to him.

He doesn't want you
to get any shares

of Ewing Energies
in the divorce.

Come on, let me in.

Why are you helping me?

To protect our deal.

I can handle it on my own.
Just go away.

♪ Music plays ♪

Over here.
I found the gun.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Siren wails ]

Watch your backs.

What the hell
is this?

Frank Ashkani,
you're under arrest

for the murder
of Tommy Sutter.

You have the right
to remind silent.

Anything you say
can and will be used against you

in a court of law.

You have the right
to an attorney.

If you cannot
afford an attorney,

one will be appointed for you
by the courts.

- You did this to me.
- I didn't.

You kept the gun
after the shooting.

You planted
my fingerprints on it,

and you dropped it
by the burial site.

You set me up.

I know about your plan
with J.R.

I want to know why.

Ever since
you left Pamela in charge,

she's treated me
like a dog.

If you were unhappy with Pamela,
then you should have come to me.

We could have
worked it out.

That's what families do.

You were just a young boy
on the streets of islamabad

when I found you,

and I treated you as my own
and raised you like a son,

because I wanted Pam
to be your sister,

and I was building
my entire empire

for you two to have
to run together.

How could you betray me
like this?

You broke my heart.

Your family
will be taken care of.

They will be fed
and provided for,

but you brought this
on yourself.

You should
do the honorable thing

and you should do it...

For me.

I love you, son.


[ Cell door opens ]

[ Cell door closes ]

[ Brakes hiss ]

- You Drew?
- Yep.

The boss told me you used to
drive for us in Colorado.

What brought you
down here?

I guess
I got homesick...

When they told me
this pays double.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, it ain't no scenic tour
through the rockies.

The cops in laredo are more
dangerous than the criminals.

I've had plenty of experience
with both.

[ Engine turns over ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Make me happy, Clyde.

He's definitely up
to something...

Not sure what,
but it doesn't look legal.

Stick with him.

Make sure
we get something concrete.

Count on it.

♪ Music plays ♪

[ Sighs ]

Let's call that
your severance.

Much obliged, John Ross.

Though you should know
that Christopher's after me,

you put me up to it.

Just cause he's a pussy
doesn't mean he ain't smart.

[ Chuckles ]

You're not concerned
that he's on your tail?

It's good that he thinks
that he has a chance.

That'll make it hurt more
when he loses.

Oh, no, I understand.
You just do your best.

Thanks for the call.

Everything okay?

That's my new lawyer.

He says we're in
for quite a fight in this trial.

I just don't see
any other way.

You could
tell the truth.

Son, if I do that,
Ann loses her daughter forever.

And if you don't...
We could lose you.

I've never picked
my battles in life

by fearing
for the worst.

Even if you win,
then what?

Ann tries to have a relationship
with Emma

while we all hold on
to this secret?

if that's what it takes.

And how long
does that last?

The truth
has a way of popping up

when you least expect it.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Mr. Ryland, you well enough
to make a statement?

[ Weakly ] I am.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Lew, what is it?

You remember
what happened?

Lew: Ryland's
come out of his coma.

The police are taking
his statement now.

I was sitting
in my chair.

I had a stack of papers
to go over.

Ryland's gonna tell the police
you shot him.

I love you for doing this,

but you have to
let me take responsibility.

What's going on here?

I heard a voice,
and I turned.

Lew, I did not
shoot Harris Ryland.


I did.

It was Bobby Ewing.

He shot me.

I want you to fight this thing
with all we've got.

I hope you send him away
for a long, long time.

I don't want Ryland
to ever hurt her again.

Now, if you don't mind,
my son needs to get his rest.

There is one more thing,
and you're not gonna like it.

have arrested Frank Ashkani

for Tommy Sutter's murder.


The arraignment's
in an hour.

[ Door closes ]

Judge: The state of Texas
versus Frank Ashkani.

Will the defendant
please rise?

Frank Ashkani,
you have been indicted

for the murder of Tommy Sutter.

How do you plead?

Your honor,
for his plea,

my client
would like to make a statement.

I'll allow it.

Mr. Ashkani.

Your honor, I met Tommy Sutter
about two years ago

when he lured
Pamela Barnes

into a con
against the Ewing family.

When Pamela decided
she wanted out,

he threatened her life.

I found out
and confronted him.

And that's
when I shot and killed him.

[ Crowd murmuring ]

Quiet everybody.
This is a court of law.

Now, is that all,
Mr. Ashkani?

After Tommy was gone,

his sister Becky
showed up in town

and threatened Pamela,
as well.

For that,
I killed her, too.

What?! Becky!

Any more out of you, sir,
I will hold you in contempt.

Mr. Ashkani, continue.

Your honor,
I have disgraced my family.

I only hope that they will see
the honor in my confession...

And one day
be able to forgive me.

- This is absurd!
- I warned you, sir.

You're gonna let her
get away with murder?!

- Bailiff!
- He's lying!

- Get him out of my courtroom!
- He's lying!