Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 3 - Sins of the Father - full transcript

Despite hot sex, John Ross and Pamela Barnes watch each-other like hawks. He takes JR's advice to convince Sue Ellen Elena broke their son's heart by marrying Christopher, so she'll call the loan for the Henderson drilling, clearing the way to demand her Ewing Oil shares as contractual security. Christopher proves to Rebecca that Pam lied to them and her brother, who was probably murdered in Pam's old apartment. Instead of actually testifying in court, she demands a million hush money from Pamela. Elena's unruly brother Drew is back to carry out their father's dream, striking oil. JR tempts Frank to defect, as his Barnes loyalty is poorly rewarded now Pamela takes his place as Cliff's right hand. Bobby gets Ryland's mother to admit they abducted Emma to England and poisoned her mind against Anne. She overhears them, goes visit Harris, who smugly confirms, and shoots him, while unsuspecting Bobby gets JR to promise a masterpiece of revenge as the statutory limitation has expired.

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Previously on Dallas...

50% of my shares of Ewing Energies

- for Christopher's matching pattern.
- 90%.

I'll take 70%.

- Emma, I'm your mother.
- I was hoping I'd never see you again.

You and Harris kidnapped her,
and you raised her in secret.

You have earned it, Elena.

How about it, fellas?
We each get 5%, making it equal ...

equal partners.

Elena had to borrow a large sum of money

to get the lease on the Henderson land.

Money from your Mama.
We can't expect your Mama

to seize Elena's shares
for no good reason.

Oh, I'm sure their contract
is full of good reasons.

You disrespected me in front of
the board. Don't do that again.

How does it feel to be a poodle?

She fell in love with Christopher.

She quit the con.
She threw out my brother.

This is ridiculous! She's lying!

I'm ruling against annulment.

This court will reconvene
for divorce proceedings.

- Who sent this?
- The sender is... Tommy Sutter.

Tommy, I warned you.

I have very powerful contacts.
I can make you disappear.

2x03 - Sins of the Father

What are you doing? Let's go.

If I file a missing
person's report on Tommy,

every cop in Texas is
gonna be looking for him.

- Yeah, that's the point.
- Well, I'm not doing that to my brother.

The only reason he would
have sent me his phone

is 'cause he knew something
bad was gonna happen to him.

No, he's okay. He's just laying low.

- Come on.
- Why are you making me do this?

Because, whether you
want to face this or not,

Pamela Barnes did
something to your brother.

And when I prove that, she goes to jail

and I get custody of my children.

And if you don't do this,

you'll be sitting right
next to her in that cell.

- Name.
- Thomas William Sutter.

- Height and weight.
- 5'8", 200.

6'0", 175.

You sure you two talking
about the same guy?

You know, I can save you time.
He's probably in the system.


"Fraud, burglary, forgery..."

Is it possible this
pillar of the community

isn't in danger and just in the wind?

No, Tommy and my ex-wife
were involved in a scam

to steal from my family
when he went missing.

- I'm pretty sure my ex-wife is involved.
- And you think that because...?

Tommy, I warned you.

I warned you not to push me around,
because I will push back.

I have very powerful contacts.
I can make you disappear.

Push me one more time,
and you'll be sorry, Tommy.

- I'm gonna need you to fill this out.
- What is it?

It's a release for your
brother's dental records.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Congratulations on you being
made partner at Ewing Energies.

Thank you.

- You keep those boys in line.
- Oh, I will.

Are you all right?

- Elena, do you mind?
- Of course.

talk to me.

I'm gonna tell you something
that's gonna be hard to hear.


I talked to Emma.

She told me she had
never been kidnapped.

Ryland took her from the fair that day.

And he is gonna pay.
I promise you.

The police are gonna
question Emma tomorrow

about everything that happened.

That son of a bitch.

- That son of a bitch.
- Annie.

- That son of a bitch.
- Annie, Annie.

At least now you know
why she was angry with you.

Harris filled her with
lies all these years.

Now that you know what you're facing,
you can build a relationship with her.

- She wasn't angry. She hated me.
- She never met you.

She hates this ...
this thing that Harris created.

Show her who you really are.

We can go there tomorrow.

You can talk to her
at the police station.

I can't.

- But you have to.
- It's too late.

Annie. Annie.

You can't allow her to
go the rest of her life

with the poison that that
bastard filled her with.

She deserves to have you in her life.

Fight for her.

Where you going?

I get me a little breakfast,
I think I'll be ready for round 2.

I hear they have nice
waffles at the Ritz.

- You're kicking me out?
- I have work to do.

Well, speaking of work,

how about I draw up some
papers, finalize our deal?

Smooth. You don't have
control of Ewing Energies yet.

And until I get my divorce,
I don't have any shares.


that is only a matter of time.

Becky Sutter's testimony
guaranteed that.

I don't trust you.

Don't be confused by
what happened last night.

This is business.
You and I are working together.

Nothing more.

Now, darling, let's
not consider this work.

Let's consider this
screwing over Christopher and Elena

and stealing Ewing Energies
right out from underneath them.

I like to be on top...

we have that in common... darlin'.

Hey, Rollie.

- Thanks for letting us do this.
- No problem, Bobby.

- I'll find out what interview Emma's in.
- Okay, thanks. Come on, honey.

Haven't you done enough
damage to that poor girl?

The damage I've done?

That's rich.
Your son stole my daughter from me.

He let me believe she was dead.

And I know you were
right there by his side.

Yes, I was.
And now I can finally tell you

what I have waited 20 years to say.

You were nothing but
an egg donor for Harris.

You were never worthy to be his wife.

And there's only one woman good
enough for that job, isn't there?

Too bad it's a crime to marry your son.

No. No, no, no, no.
Hey. Hey.

Emma's in interview three.

Thanks, Rollie. Thanks.

she's not worth it.
She's nothing.

Go see your daughter.

The minute Harris is in prison,
I am coming for you.

Oh, dear. That's so sweet.

But you're not my type.

I know you're angry,
but I just wanted to talk to you.

Using the police to get
me here wasn't very helpful.

The police brought you here
because your father kidnapped you.

Rescued me.

I understand you've probably
spent your whole life hating me.

I never gave you much thought, actually.

Emma, when you were born,
there was a lot going on.

This is a waste of time, Ann.

Your father's had your whole life
to convince you I'm a monster.

Please just... give me five
minutes to try and prove I'm not.

What did he tell you about me?

He told me you were a drug-addicted,
depressed, hopeless mess.

I was.

When you were born, I was lost
and confused and hated myself

because your father
made me believe I should.

Don't blame him for your failings.

I took tranquilizers
to try and push away that pain.

To stay in the marriage, to...
to be a good mother.

But it made things worse.

And I started falling
down this dark hole,

farther and farther
until I lost sight of who I was

and what really mattered ... you.

I'm so sorry.

When I lost you, I died inside.

You seem to have recovered quite nicely.

I spent years looking for you.

Praying that you were still alive.

I never stopped loving you, Emma.

I think you've confused love with guilt.

I've lived a great life with my father.

If you care about me at all,
you'll leave me alone

and you'll stop what
you're trying to do to him.

Now I'd really
appreciate if you'd leave.

We can pick this up later, darling.

How you doing?

That little girl is gonna
teach me what I need to know

to erase the cloud drive Bobby has ...
the one with all the dirt on me.

Come on over here.
Take a look at this.

I got a hold of Elena's loan
agreement with Sue Ellen,

and I found the best
trigger for your mother

to take Elena's shares
of Ewing Energies.

So, if Elena defaults
on the Henderson loan,

Mama can take all her shares.

Yeah, and once
Sue Ellen has those shares,

they're as good as ours.

Look, you and I both know that
even if Elena does default,

Mom's not gonna take her shares.

She's not gonna want to
look like the bad guy.

Now, that's why you're gonna have
to get her riled up about Elena.

Well, how the hell do I do that?

Son, that girl stomped
all over your heart

like a Brahma bull going
after a rodeo clown.

You use those puppy-dog
eyes you got from me,

and that's gonna bring out
the mama bear in Sue Ellen.

- Is he talking to his father?
- No, it's lew, his lawyer.

Bobby and Ann are still
at the police station.

I don't know how she's
dealing with this.

God doesn't give you more
than you can handle, mija.

That's great.
That's great. Thank you.

Lew was able to set
a hearing with the judge

to have Becky Sutter back on the stand.

Will he be able to
grant you an annulment

so we can have a church wedding?

- It's a good first step.
- The place doesn't matter.

As long as I'm marrying my soul mate.

Cuz, if you want me to be your
best man, you better ask me soon.

- I book up kind of fast.
- You know, I was gonna ask you,

but I thought you might be busy
that day trying to screw me over.

Then it's maid of honor or nothing.

You'd think rich people
would lock their damn doors!

I must be seeing things. Ay!

Oh! Let me look at you.

Est?s muy flaco.

You need to eat more.

- Elena, look who's here.
- No love for big brother?

I'm just surprised.

Hug your brother right now.

I'm gonna make you all your favorites.

- Oh!
- Hey, hey, hey.

Don't break my fianc?e.

I told you if you didn't
get out of this town,

you'd end up with one of these dopes.

I got a fast car.
Not too late to run.

No, running's more your style.
Been here under a minute

and you're already stirring up trouble.
That's got to be a new record.

Hey, just...
treat my sister right.

Always have.

J-ro, my boy.
What about you, huh?

- You got anybody special?
- They're all special. You know that.

If I only stuck around,
I could have taught you so much.

If you'd have stayed around,
I'd be doing hard time in huntsville.

- How long you back for?
- Back for good.

You know, figured it's
time to put down some roots.

Yes, I understand your position,

but just think of all the
good that money would do.

No, I appreciate you
calling me yourself.

There's the prettiest mother in Texas.

John Ross, what are you doing here?

Oh, I came to make a contribution
to the Sue Ellen Ewing foundation.

Put that away.

- Hey, Mama.
- Hi, sweetheart.

Now, I know things may not be
as great around here since...

My public disgrace?

It'll turn around.

But if it doesn't, well,
it might be for the best.

What are you talking about?

Mama, I never saw you more alive
than when you were running for Governor.

Even though that didn't happen,

doesn't mean you've got to go back to

having tea with a bunch
of rich old ladies.

- We do good work here.
- You do a lot for others, Mama.

But isn't it time you do
something for yourself?

Such as?

You wrote Elena that check
to buy the Henderson oil lease.

You should be getting paid on that oil.

Well, Elena said that they hit a salt dome.

That it was nearly
impossible to get that oil.

Hmm, well...

Nearly impossible...
ain't impossible.

Elena stopped drilling
because she's too busy

counting her new shares
of Ewing Energies.

Why are you suddenly so interested
in my oil loans with Elena?

Maybe it's time for you
to start building your own empire.

Vengeance won't heal a broken heart.

A broken heart is one thing,

but she and Christopher
seem to enjoy watching

me witness every moment
of their newfound love.

She wasn't the right one for you.

She played me like a fool, Mama.

Don't let her do the same to you.

I was married to your
father for 17 years.

I think I know when I'm being played.

But maybe it's time to show that girl
exactly who she's dealing with.

It's 15 years overdue,

but I figure it's time I pay
you back for my first beer.

- I don't do that anymore.
- Yeah, right.

What happened to the guy that
spent a week building a ramp

so he could launch his car
into old man Reeder's pond?

He realized that drinking
and success do not mix.

All right.

No more trouble from
me, little sis. Promise.

To promises kept.


Sorry, I got to take this.

Hey, I have a business
proposition for you.


I spent the last 10 years
since I got out of the army

learning how to run every
new piece of equipment

they have on a drilling rig.

I came back to Dallas to
drill our father's land.

- Drew ...
- Let me finish.

Our father died before
he could find oil.

You and me together could find that oil.

Drew, we don't own that land anymore.

- What?
- Mom sold it to Bobby.

Why the hell would she do that?

Because when you chose
the army over jail,

life went on back here.

We had bills to pay...
debts you owed on.

Bobby gave mom more
than that land was worth.

He bought it because he
knows there's oil under there.

It's a dry hole.

And if Dad hadn't been
so blind to that fact,

- he'd still be alive today.
- No, you're wrong.

You're wrong.

And I'll prove it.
I'm getting our land back.

Because I won't turn my
back on our father's legacy.

I don't pay you to think.

When the option hits the
strike price, you sell.

Maybe I wasn't clear.

I gave you that money to go away.

- Where's my brother?
- I have no idea.

- What do you want?
- To stay out of jail.

What are you talking about?

Christopher's threatened to try me
for perjury if I don't go back on

that stand and admit you were leading
the con to get his methane patent.

- Threatening you with what?
- He has Tommy's cellphone.


There's a voicemail on there
that proves I knew about the con.

That's unfortunate.

For you.

What's unfortunate for you
is that there's another voicemail

on there that sounds a lot like
you threatening my brother's life.

I didn't hurt Tommy.

You need to believe that.

No, what I need to believe
is that you're gonna hand me

a million dollars cash to go
somewhere Christopher can't find me.

- Your price has gone up.
- I spent the morning

letting Christopher
believe I was on his side.

But I have no intention of being
around when the court date arrives.

Unless you don't pay.

Then I'll be up on that
stand singing my heart out.

There was a voicemail that
Christopher Ewing played for me

from you to Tommy
Sutter where you said...

if he pushed you one
more time, he'd be sorry.

Tommy had been threatening me

to try and get the plans for
Christopher's methane patent.

I was afraid if I
didn't make him go away,

that Christopher might
do something to him.

- Christopher?
- Yes.

Tommy had hit me.

And when Chris found out,
he threatened to hurt Tommy.


Well, I think that's
all the questions I have.

Of course.
Whatever help I can be.

- Hey.
- Hey. I was right.

My brother came back for a reason.

He wants to drill on
the land my Dad died on.

- There's no oil there.
- I know, but this isn't about facts.

Then what's it about?

He wants to prove that my Dad
didn't die drilling a dry hole.

He still feels guilty about his death.

Just because Drew was
there when your father died

doesn't make it his fault.

No, but he thinks it's his
fault that he didn't save him.

- He was a kid.
- It doesn't matter.

And I'm scared that there's a
part of Drew that thinks it's his

destiny to drill on that land
until he either strikes oil, or...

Or what?

We need to get Becky out of town.

She's too unpredictable
to trust around the police.

I'll deal with her.

Just pay her off.
But make her believe

if she comes sniffing
around for money again,

she's not gonna like
the answer she gets.

Sue Ellen.

- El, your office is lovely.
- Thank you.

So, what can I do for you? Please.

I gave you a sizable loan
to drill on Henderson land.

- You stopped.
- Because we hit a salt dome.

Which I've heard is drillable.

It is, but we have to
sidetrack around it,

which is gonna cost us more
money than we have right now.

I was hoping to get some cash
from my share of Ewing Energies

so that I could pay for those costs
rather than come to you for more money.

That's not your decision to make.

It's time that you
started treating my interests

- as something more than just a hobby.
- This isn't a hobby.

Sue Ellen, I'm not sure where
all this anger is coming from,

but if this is about
something more personal,

then we should talk about it.

- John Ross and I ...
- You broke his heart. He'll heal.

This is about business, pure and simple.

I loaned you that money because
I believed that you could turn a profit.

You have one month to hit
that oil or I call in the loan.

Hey, Jill, anything new
from John Ross' secretary?

Nothing suspicious yet.

- Keep an eye on her.
- Okay.

- Sue Ellen.
- Christopher.

- What was that all about?
- Sue Ellen is just a bitch on wheels.

Something or somebody
got her all riled up

about me not drilling
the Henderson well.

- Hmm.
- Stacy did say that

John Ross has been calling
his mom a lot recently.

And he wrote her a pretty
big check for her foundation.


I'll be right there.

The cops just found something
at Pamela's old condo.

- What?
- They wouldn't say over the phone.

I got to go.

What did you find?

Here, put these on over your shoes,
and don't touch anything.

Your ex-wife ...
she tried to convince me

that you did something to Tommy.


Yeah, but I saw how her
moving out of this condo

and Tommy Sutter going off
the grid seemed to coincide.

Leave them.

Got this off the heating
grate in the floor. See that?

- High-velocity blood spatter.
- Somebody was shot in here.

Whoever it was probably didn't make it.

Look at this.

Cleanup was good.

But once the blood gets
down in the cracks like that,

it's almost impossible to get it out.

How long before you
find out if it's Tommy's?

With the burglary conviction,
he's already in the system.

- Shouldn't be too long.
- Is this enough to arrest Pamela?

No, but she's got
a lot of explaining to do.

Hi, I need a cab.
Tell them to wait. I'll be right there.

Remember how dad used to let us

Sit on his lap and
drive the truck out here?

I always told him, "faster, faster."

But he said, "you have
to be careful out here.

If something goes wrong,
you're on your own."

He should have taken his own advice.

He wasn't alone. I was here.

Drew, I know it's hard for you to
accept that this land isn't ours anymore.

Dad knew there was oil here.

Us finding it would have made him proud.


Us pumping oil under the Ramos
name would make him proud.

You can help me make that happen.

- Yeah, how?
- I bought a lease on the Henderson land.

But I've been so busy with Ewing
Energies I kind of dropped the ball.

What's the projected reserve?

5,000 barrels a day.
But we hit a salt dome.

I've dealt with those before.
I could really use your help.

Work for my little sister?

With me.

For Dad.

Hey, Bubba. What you drinking?

Anything you're buying.

Two of those, please.

So, word is, you got hired on as the
drilling foreman on Elena Ramos' rig.

You know
I don't drink at work anymore.

I need this job, John Ross.

Untwist your britches.
I'm just making conversation.

Thank you.

- So, I heard they hit a salt dome.
- Yeah.

Drilling those can be tricky...

...especially when the GPS
on the drilling head is off.

- Well, that wouldn't happen on my watch.
- People make mistakes.

What are you asking?

I would consider it a favor

if you did not strike
oil for quite some time.

Well, if I do this favor for you,
what's in it for me?

My undying friendship
for every month till I say different.

Enjoy that drink.

You lost a step, Frank.

It's a sad day when an old man

- can sneak up on a super-ninja.
- What are you doing here?

Well, I heard they found some...
what do you call it? ...

"high velocity blood spatter"
at Pamela Barnes' old condo.

Word is it might belong to Tommy Sutter.

I'm no detective,
but whatever they found

in Pamela's condo
is Pamela's problem.

Well, I'm no detective either,

but it doesn't take
Sherlock Holmes to know

that you clean up whatever
mess Cliff asks you to.

And this certainly is a mess.

It may be hard for an old, retired
fellow like you to understand this...

But I'm a busy man.
I don't have time to chat.

Yeah, well, I'm retired,
but not by choice.

Getting pushed out of my place
at the table stung like hell.

But you know how
that feels, don't you, Frank?

After all the jams you've
gotten Cliff out of,

to be treated like a lapdog
by that spoiled princess.

You're not a Barnes, Frank.

No matter how much Cliff
appreciates what you've done,

when push comes to shove,
he's gonna protect his daughter.

And we both know
that rich folks don't go to jail.

However, the people who
clean up after them do.

- What are you suggesting?
- Tell me where the body and the gun are.

I'll make sure they pop up.

You can get your place back
at the Barnes global table,

and I make sure that Barnes girl
doesn't get a piece of Ewing Energies.

If there were a body,
the moment it appeared,

Cliff would know I sold him out.

Frank, I'm J.R. Ewing.

I can make a body appear in
the middle of a church social

without anybody knowing
how it got there.

- Why should I trust you?
- Because we both want to destroy Pamela.

And it's a rare and beautiful thing
when enemies share the same enemy.

I'll be expecting a call.

Make it soon.

- Yeah, what's going on?
- The results are in.

That was Tommy Sutter's
blood in Pamela's condo.

This is now a homicide investigation.

Lew is freaking out.

He said he had to beg this
judge to get this hearing.

And if Becky doesn't get here soon,

she's gonna throw out
your annulment case,

and once it's gone,
it is never coming back.

Becky will be here.

She knows what's gonna
happen if she's not.

- The judge is getting impatient.
- You need to find her. Now.

- Now is not the time.
- I just want to talk.

Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen.

Why not?
What are you afraid of?


Becky, come on.
Pick up, damn it.

- Can I get you anything?
- No, Bobby, I'm fine.

All right, so, what is it that you
couldn't tell me over the phone?

Where's Ann?
This concerns her, too.

She's upstairs resting.
What's going on?

There's nothing we can
do to Harris Ryland.

What are you talking about?
He kidnapped Emma.

When a parent does it, it's
called custodial interference.

The statute of limitations
to prosecute has passed.

So you're telling me this piece of
garbage is gonna get away with it.

The only way we could prosecute him
is if he sexually abused Emma.

But the police questioned her for hours,

and all she kept saying was
how much she loved her father.

I'm ... I'm sorry, Bobby.

- You've got to question her again.
- Her answers aren't going to change.

You have to do something, Rollie.

We have to find a way
to make Harris pay.

- There's nothing else to do.
- What am I gonna tell Ann?

- J.R.
- Hey, Bobby.

I'm just looking at some old news
clippings of my past exploits.

It seems like I was
quite a scoundrel, huh?

J.R., I need your help.

What's gotten into you?

Harris Ryland is not going
to jail for kidnapping Emma.

The statute of limitations has expired.
And I want him to pay.

Well, I've seen that look before.

You go over there to get justice,
and you're likely to beat him to death.

That's why I need you.

Help me find a way to bring him down.

Don't you worry, little brother.
This is gonna be my masterpiece.

- I heard Becky was a no-show.
- I told you I'd handle it.

What's going on?

Cops said they found Tommy
Sutter's blood in your old condo.

They said they had evidence
that he was shot, Pamela.

Know anything about that?

I know he hit you.

- More than once.
- Was it a fight?

I mean, you were just
protecting yourself, right?

Why does it matter to you?

Just protecting the deal.

Emma's a pretty amazing girl, isn't she?

She holds a hell of a grudge, though.

Me and mama raised her right.

Why did you take her away from me?

Last time we talked,
you were wearing a wire. So...

...if we're gonna continue
this conversation... I'm gonna have to...

Now, if I remember correctly...

Why did you take her?

I just did what you didn't have
the guts to follow through on.

That's a lie.
It destroyed me.

Did you hate me that much?

Oh, Annie, it all
worked out for the best.

Besides, she's a grown woman.
Nothing you can do about it, anyway.

Just tell the truth for
once in your miserable life.

- Why?
- Do you really have to ask?

- I want to hear you say it.
- 'Cause you were about to leave me.

And after all I did for you,
turning that gangly, raw-boned girl

- into a proper woman...
- Broken puppet.

...there was no way you were
gonna make a fool of me by leaving.

You had to pay a price.

And the look on your face
right now... is priceless.

- Go on.
- Oh, you still like the pain, don't you.

How's it gonna help to
hear about what you lost?

Is it gonna get you back
any of Emma's first steps,

or her dance recitals,
or any of those birthdays?

Is it gonna get you
even one of those nights

snuggled up to her,
telling her bedtime stories

while she fell asleep?

'Cause I took that away from you.


See? Hearing that didn't
help at all, now, did it?

Oh, it helped a lot.