Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 2 - Venomous Creatures - full transcript

Christopher's annulment is denied when Tommy's sister retracts in court her statement that Pamela kept up the pretense to be just Rebecca, not Barnes's daughter, so a bitter custody fight is to follow. Pamela pays her to disappear, but Christopher gets a recording which he can use against her and Tommy and proof that Pamela meant to screw them all. After Elena strikes a brilliant offshore deal, John Ross proposes to reward her with an equal share, beyond what Bobby and Christopher planned, the secret agenda being her existing debts make all her assets vulnerable for him and JR to snap up. John Ross, who sabotaged Christopher's case, concludes a deal with bed benefits: most of Barnes' Ewing Oil shares for all methane interest. JR blackmails the DA to spare Sue Ellen a jail conviction. A Frisian race horse sets Bobby on the track of the truth: Harlan and his wife née Brown raised his and Abe's daughter as Emma Brown, but she believes her mother was abusive. Frank Ashkani won't accept heiress Pamela overruling all Barnes plans, notably a huge casino project, to concentrate on energy again.

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Previously on Dallas.

My full name is Pamela Rebecca Barnes.

Cliff Barnes is my father.

Since we were married
when you created Ewing Energies,

I would like 30% of your ownership.

You must know that if we go
to divorce court...

And you better come at me
with everything you've got,

miss Sutter will testify that the Pamela's
intend to defraud.

I'm glad to be helping you
get your annulment.

She truly is your secret weapon.

I'm also glad to be helping

put the woman who stole
my identity behind bars.

I still haven't found Tommy,

and I'm worried about my brother.

What could you possibly have to offer

that would make me want
to get in bed with you?

You remember the real Rebecca Sutter.

She's Christopher's secret weapon.

She could be ours.

I had accepted a bribe
from Sue Ellen Ewing

who should rightfully be in jail.

22 years ago I had a daughter.

Her name was Emma.

When Emma was 18 months old,
someone had taken her.

I saw Harris this afternoon.
He told me he'd found Emma.

I'm your mother.

I know who you are. I was
hoping I'd never see you again.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Hey, babe.

Hey, beautiful.

What are you working on?

It's a crib.

Yes. I-I can see that.

It was mine.
I found it in storage.

Thought I'd fix it up, get it ready.

I know in a perfect world
we'd be focused on us

and our careers right now.

And then one day,
when we were both ready,

we'd be talking about having a family.

But life is what happens

when you're busy making
other plans, right?

Well, I want you to know
that I recognize

how much you're taking on with me.

Hey, check it out.

These bars couldn't hold me.
[ Laughs ]

What color do you think it should be?

Isn't that a Kodak moment?

J.R.'s inside.

I got to hand it to you, Elena.

Raising another woman's babies...

If that ain't commitment,
I don't know what is.

Aw, you know what, John Ross?
How's Sue Ellen?

The damned newshounds have been
squatting on her lawn

ever since she lost the election,

so me and the old man
are gonna go over there

and kick some ass and take some names.


Well, good luck in court today, cuz.


You ready for the hearing?
More than ready.

Spoke to Becky on the phone.
She's good to go.

Her testimony will prove
that Pamela was and continues

to be lying through her teeth,

and our marriage will be annulled.

I love you.

I love you, too.

Makes you want to punch
something, doesn't it?

I don't feel anything.

It's okay if you do.
You're young. Use it.

Love. Hate.

Mix them up, and they make
a mean Martini.

And when we take over Ewing Energies,

you'll slake your thirst.

With a twist.

♪ Theme music plays ♪

s02 ep02 - venomous creatures

[ crying ]

The lorazepam should help her rest.

Thank you, Ted.

You should rest, too, Bobby.
You were up all night.

It took her 20 years to get over
losing her daughter

and just seconds to lose her
all over again.

I'm not gonna rest
till I get some answers.

Thanks again.

Tell Christopher I'm sorry

I can't make his annulment hearing.

He knows.
He understands.

Annie, I'll get to the truth
about what happened to Emma.

I promise.

Well, I want to get
to the truth together.

I know.
But first you rest, okay?

Derrick from Dallas P.D.
is stopping by in a bit.

I spoke to him last night on the phone,

and I told him everything we
know about the Emma situation.

We'll just have to see
what he can dig up.

[ Sighs ]

But, honey, we'll get
your daughter back.

Bobby: You're saying between
Dallas P.D. and the FBI,

there's no record of Emma being found,

when she was found, who took her?!

If there'd been an update to the case,

it would have been recorded
in the missing person's file.

And why the hell wasn't Ann notified?

She's the mother, for God's sake!

Bobby, the Emma Ryland case
has been cold for 20 years.

I wish there was more I could tell you.

Harris Ryland said he found her.


Let us look into this, Bobby.

You should go be with your wife.

Derrick, you and your men do
whatever it is you have to do.

But I'm not gonna sit on the sidelines.

[ Cork pops ]

[ Knock on door ]

Woman: J.R.,
can you comment on Sue Ellen

losing the election?!
J.R.: Come on, John Ross.

What about you, John Ross?
Will you comment?

All the people who rallied around me,

who believed that I stood
for something principled...

I let them down, I let myself down.

John Ross:
This is all my fault.

You wouldn't even be in this mess

if you didn't bribe that guy
to get me out of jail.

And I'd do it again if I had to.

J.R.: Darling, I'm gonna
say this only once,

and I'll deny it
the minute I leave this room...

But the best decision you ever made

was the day you walked away from me.

In the past 20 years, you've
started your own foundation...

You ran for Governor...
And you beat the bottle.

You can beat this, too.

The facts remain
that in the last 48 hours,

I have lost my credibility,

my foundation has lost 12 donors,

oh, and to top it all off,

the state attorney wants to
indict me on charges of bribery.

So, add jail to my long list
of post - J. R. accomplishments.

Mama, we will beat this, okay?

Give me a couple of days
to work the state attorney.

I'll make sure that twit
never presses charges.

Thank you.
Thank you both.

But I broke the law.

And I wouldn't learn my lesson

if I tried to squirm out of this.

That's why you have me, darling.

I never learn my lesson.
[ Cellphone vibrates ]

John Ross?

[ Cellphone beeps ]

[ Sighs ]


I'll call you in a bit, okay?

Oh, and one other thing, darling...

Ann's pretty broken up

over what happened
with her and her daughter.

She could use some of that
strength of yours.

Frank: The project entails
a new additional tower

to the existing casino...

800 new rooms at the cost
of $250 million.

[ Door opens ]

Good morning, everyone.

[ Door closes ]

I don't mean to hijack your meeting,

but I have to bring this up now,

because it affects our company's
direction going forward.

Barnes global is shifting its
focus away from casino expansion

and onto clean energy development.

This is the first I've heard.

Well, it shouldn't be, Frank.

I've been trying to have
a conversation with you

about it for days.

My father's ambitions
have taken Barnes global

far beyond what he ever envisioned.

We have hundreds of subsidiaries
in dozens of markets,

operating in over 50 countries.

But my father wants us
to return to our roots.

He wants us to refocus on energy.

With all due respect,
Ms. Barnes,

the groundwork has already been
laid for the casino deal.

We would be burning a lot of Bridges

with a lot of important people
if we pulled the plug now.

You would know this

if you attended our meetings
on a regular basis.

Oh, I plan to...
From now on.

I've got two hours
before the annulment hearing.

Let's proceed.

Man: Ms. Barnes is having
your children.

She wanted to work things out.

She's a liar.
She lied about her name.

She lied about
the full extent of her con,

and she continued to lie
after we reconciled.

The only thing Ms. Barnes
continued to withhold

was her name,
which she had legally changed

to Rebecca Sutter...
Legally changed.

She also cut off all ties
with Tommy Sutter.

So, by my count, she wasn't
perpetuating any lies.

Am I wrong, Mr. Ewing?

[ Scoffs ] No more questions.

Judge Mason:
Thank you, Mr. Ewing.

Your honor, we have a witness.

Ms. Sutter,
what we're trying to establish

is if Ms. Barnes continued
to lead Mr. Ewing astray

after they reconciled,

with intent to cover crimes
or commit new ones.

Can you establish that for the court?

No, I can't.

Becky, what are you doing?

Mr. Ewing, let her talk.

Ms. Sutter,
let me rephrase.

I know what she and my brother

did to Christopher was wrong,

but they were both
pretty messed up back then.

But now she's trying to make amends.

She fell in love with Christopher.

She quit the con.
She threw out my brother.

She tried to make that marriage work.

She even stopped lying
to Christopher after...

This is ridiculous!
She's lying!

Mr. rosen, get a hold
of your client, please.

Your honor, my client's outrage
is within reason.

What Ms. Sutter is saying
is in complete opposition

to her signed statement!

Signed under pressure
from your client, I'm sure.

You can forget about me
going easy on Tommy.

'Cause when I find him,
he's going to jail, too.

- Mr. Ewing?
- You hear me?!

How can she do this?

Mr. Ewing,
I need you to sit down!

Because two of you have reconciled

after Ms. Barnes
confessed her misdeed

and because Mr. Ewing
was unable to provide

convincing testimony

establishing any continued
criminal subterfuge

after the reconciliation,
I'm ruling against annulment.

This court will reconvene
for divorce proceedings

at a time to be determined.

And get your stories
straight next time.

Bobby: Christopher.

Hey! Hey!

Mr. Ewing, stay back.

You turned her, didn't you?
You got to Becky.

Mr. Ewing,
an outburst like this

will only hurt you moving forward.

That's my free advice.

You should have taken the deal.

You wanted a war?
You've got one!

Come on, Christopher.

Come on.

John Ross: Congratulations...
Divorce instead of an annulment.

How did Christopher take it?

Wait, wait, let me guess...
Not good.

All right, look... you don't
want to kick me out right here.

That would not be smart.

Are you an idiot?

You're welcome, by the way,
for Becky, I mean.

Well, what if someone saw you?

Sneaking around's the best part.

Look, you and I are on the same team.

We've got the same rival.

Well, you did bring me Becky.

I suppose I'm grateful for that.

How grateful?

If we're gonna discuss an alliance,

we do it where I say, when I say.

I thought my text message
was very clear.

You mean the one saying
your place, tonight?

That one?
I got your message.

Here's what I'm thinking...

You win a bunch of shares
of Ewing Energies in the divorce

and you fork them over to me.

[ Chuckles ]

I'm forking the shares
over to my father,

and he's gonna hang them
over J.R.'s head like mistletoe.

That's what Cliff wants.

The day that I take over
Ewing Energies,

with the help of your shares,

I will funnel you
all of the methane profits...

Every dollar.

But we both know
that this isn't about money.

It's about crushing Christopher.
That's what you want.

Pull over.

If we're gonna do this,
we do it on my terms.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Just the man I was looking for.

Peter bedford.

You know, your secretary's
a sweetheart.

Told me I could find you here.

A state attorney needs a gal
with tighter lips.

You know that?

Well, like I told you
on the phone, J.R.,

there's nothing I can do.

Sue Ellen did a wrong thing,

but she did it to save our boy
from an erroneous murder charge.

That's very touching,

but we're talking about bribery
and obstruction of justice.

I have to pursue an indictment.

Still doing all your business
on the fairway?

What's your handicap, Peter?

I don't have any skeletons in my closet

for you to pull out and parade.

I'm an honest state attorney
who's got a 1:00 tee time

with the city police commissioner,

so if you'll excuse me...

I brought my lawyer so he could stop me

from doing anything stupid,
like ripping your head off.

Hey, lew.

You knew I'd come looking
for answers, Harris.

None of this adds up about Emma.

Well, fire away, Bobby, if it'll
make you feel any better.

Where did you find her?
How did you find her?

And when you found her,
why didn't you tell her mother?

Cameron: Mr. Ryland's made
an appointment with the police.

He'll answer all
their questions tomorrow.

Oh, I've spoken to the police,
and they're very interested

in the sudden appearance
of your daughter.

I say "sudden" because she did
suddenly appear...

Precisely the moment you needed
something from Ann.

You know, I agreed to this meeting

'cause I wanted to know
how the happy reunion

between mother and daughter went.

Now, judging by your calm
and collected demeanor,

I can only assume it went well.

Did Ann ask you for a shot yet...

Something to help take the edge off?

That's a slippery slope.

Trust me, I've witnessed firsthand.

Regarding my daughter,
I don't got to tell you Jack.

Now, I'm sorry if that frustrates

your quest for answers,

but you're just gonna have to
live with that.

Lew: Bobby.

I'm gonna get to the truth,
Harris, and you know it.

And when I do, you'd better be far,

far from the middle of it.

You cannot let Pamela upset you like this.

I'm just so sick of playing by
the rules when nobody else does.

And I feel really guilty for
dragging you through all this.

I knew what I was getting into
when we got together,

and that is exactly how we will
get through this... together.

Now would you like some good news?

Why not?

I closed a deal today that gets us

four fixed oil platforms in the Gulf.

They're sitting on
tapped-out oil Wells.

It would have cost this company
millions of dollars to dismantle them.

But I cross-referenced
the platforms

with high-density methane
pockets under the seabed.

Each one is sitting
on a gold mine of methane.

Now, of course, we're gonna have to pay

for insurance and liability,

and we'll have to convert the platforms

to use your extraction technology,

but we'll save millions compared
to building one from scratch.

Are you serious?

Oh, my God.

Elena, you're amazing.

I know.

Where would I be without you?

I don't know.
[ Laughs ]

I think that's enough for now.
Thank you, everyone.

Something else on your mind?

Your behavior lately.

You have to stop thinking of me
as your father's driver.

You disrespected me
in front of the board.

Don't do that again.

I was top of my class
in business school.

I've shadowed my father since I was 18.

He has faith in my qualifications.

So should you.

[ Chuckles ]

This is a spoiled girl's
vengeance for a broken heart.

Your father told you
to sink the ewings,

not sail into the wreckage.

Uh, I'm sorry.
Am I interrupting?

Woman: Ms. Barnes, I tried
to tell him you were busy,

but he's insistent.
Take him out of here.

No. No, no.
It's okay.

I got this.

I know who you shared
a ride with yesterday.

Hello, Frank.

[ Sighs ]

What are you doing here,

I'm just here
to look my enemy in the eye.

And since your daddy's
about 2 feet shorter than I am,

I guess you'll have to do.

I must have done something right
to deserve a visit from you.

Congratulations on your win in court.

Now, divorce court...

If you want some tips,
I can offer you a few.

I'm an expert authority.

I already have my experts.

Oh, and if you've got it
in your pretty little head

to go after Ewing Energies
in the divorce,

you won't be dealing with Christopher.

You'll be dealing with me.

You're not a part of that company.

No, no, but I'm part of that family.

You're not the first Pam to fox
her way into the henhouse.

I'm one-for-one
on flushing out pamelas.

And I plan on being

How does it feel to be a poodle?

Hey, boys.

Listen, I'm looking
for this young lady.

Happen to see her?


Hey, amigo.

[ Speaking Spanish ]

Happen to have seen this young lady?

No. Okay.

Well, thank you.

[ Horse neighs ]

Boy. Now, that is
a good-looking horse.

Oh, ain't he? The whole ranch
came to a standstill last week

when he arrived from London.

Uh, yeah. I was here,
actually. I saw him.

A young lady was riding him...
A blond lady.

Do you happen to know who she is?

No, not well.
From London, too.

And sure knows how to handle
this big fella. That's for sure.

Yeah, a friesian like this one
you just don't see every day.


Well, thank you.

Yeah, you got it.

[ Knock on door ]

I thought Christopher was about
to bust in this door any second.

What took you so long?

This is way more than I asked for.

I know.

You flipped on Christopher.
That was the deal.

No, there's more to our deal.

You're supposed to help me find Tommy.

I will help you, but you saw
how upset Christopher was.

You need to go away,
lie low for awhile.

The extra money will keep you going.

I want to find my brother.
I need to know he's okay.

Becky, you can't find Tommy from jail,

and that's where Christopher
will put you if he finds you.

Take the money.
Go back to des moines.

Go anywhere but here.

I heard about the investigation.

How are you doing?

Nervous, to be honest.

I feel that the blade could
drop down at any moment.

Of course, J.R. says that
he's going to take care of it.

A week ago, I would have told
him to stay out of my business,

but that was a week ago.

Lose your way, J.R.?

J.R.'s a bit confused,
but he'll be moving right along.

Oh, I will. I will. But first,
have you met Jake, here?

Hell of a boy.
Best caddie in town.

Sue Ellen: I was in a dark place
after losing the election.

I had just finished pouring
myself a glass of wine

when he arrived.

Oh, Sue Ellen.

With all of the things
that have been happening,

I, um, had a moment of weakness.

And there was this drink.

[ Sighs ]

An old friend who promised
to take away all of my problems.

And then J.R. showed up...
An even older friend...

Who said that he would
take my problems away.

For the first time in his damned life,

J.R. was the lesser
of two evils.

what the hell is this?

Well, when I found you here
the other day,

it made me think of a certain
charity tournament

in Austin last year...

Some "widows and orphans" fund
or something.

Now, wasn't there some big scandal...

A hospitality tent on the 13th tee?

Now, I hear the girls there
were very, very hospitable.


Sue Ellen:
He offered to rescue me.

I found that very comforting.

Jake here took pictures.

Ann: J.R. really does
care about you.

[ Sighs ]

We've both suffered
bad men in our lives...

Men who drive us to drink
or whatever numbs the pain.

Sometimes those men
drive us to be stronger.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

They have no idea.

John Ross: See, this is
what I'm talking about

when I say it feels like
me versus y'all.

John Ross.

Listen, why don't you two
explain it to him?

No, I'm serious.
Tell him.

We were discussing giving Elena
a bigger share of the company.

Elena, tell him what you did.

I closed a deal today
that frees up enough cash

so you can buy
the trucking fleet you want...

We can vertically integrate...
And Christopher...

He gets not one but four rigs

on sea beds rich with methane
at a fraction of the cost

of building our own rig from scratch.

Yeah, you're gonna have to
run that by me

a couple more times.

The translation is it's a very
good day for the company.

Yes, it is.

Elena's proven herself 10 times over.

She discovered the oil under Southfork,

figured out how to slant-drill
it from the Henderson plot,

and now she's come up with a way for us

to get the trucks and the platforms.

I mean, what she did
is worth at least $50 million.

So, Christopher and I have decided

to give her a portion of our shares.

After everything she's given us,
she deserves it.

Look, you guys think I'm a snake
and I'm only out for myself,

but I am willing to let go
of some of my shares, too,

if it'll prove to you that I'm
not as bad as you think I am.

What are you saying, John Ross?

You have earned it, Elena...

And not just a bigger share
of the company

but... an equal share.

How about it, fellas?

We each give 5%, making it
equal... equal partners.

I'm good.

All right.

Equal partners, it is.

Thank you.

I'm just... just trying
to do the right thing.

That's the least I could do for you.

Call and reschedule
my appointment with rollin.

Is everything all right, Christopher?

Jill, are you friendly
with John Ross' secretary?

Not really.

She's a horned frog,
and I'm a mustang, so...

Well, from now on, I want you
to be her new B.F.F.

Juice her for anything
she's willing to tell you

about John Ross' comings and goings...

Any calls, e-mails,

and especially
any mention of J.R.

You got it.

He says he's not a snake...

But there's no way he's giving
up something for nothing.

I need you to help me
figure out what he's up to.

John Ross: Elena will
be an equal partner in Ewing Energies

as soon as the paperwork gets done.

Now, if she and Christopher
get married,

they will be a block united,
and we can't ever beat that.

But I think I found a loophole.

Elena had to borrow a huge sum of money

to get the lease on the Henderson land.

Money from your mama.

Elena's in deep.

Now, until she gets that loan repaid,

all of her assets are vulnerable.

Including her shares.

with a tidy bow.

Of course, we can't expect your mama

to seize Elena's shares
for no good reason

and then hand them over to us,
also for no good reason.

Oh, I'm sure their contract
is full of good reasons.

[ Laughs ] Good boy.

Son, you got the devil in ya.

[ Sighs ] Takes one to know one.

You okay with screwing over Elena?

More than okay.

She really did a number
on you, didn't she?

Carved your heart out with a spoon,

then licked it clean.

Well, good.

Whatever lights a fire under you.

I'll be seeing you.

And once you and your mama
take over the company,

I get my piece, like we agreed on.

You'll get your piece.

I just wanted to let you know
how serious we are

about winning the city fleet contract.

[ Chuckles ]
Yes, sir. That's right.

I'll call you next week with an update.

[ Knock on door ]

Come on in.
All right.

Mr. Ewing?

Who sent this?

The sender instructed us
to time-delay deliver it.

We've had it for about a month.

The sender is...
Tommy Sutter.

Thank you.

Hey. Thanks for getting
back to me.

Hey, no problem.

You wanted me to find out

everything I could about that horse.

I was pretty keen in finding out
a little bit more myself.

You were impressed
with the horse before?

Brace yourself.

He's an award-winner...

Won all sorts of riding
and dressage competitions.

Been registered in London
the past eight years.

Same rider the whole time...

The pretty blond girl you saw here.

Emma Ryland?

Uh, well, no.
You're half right.

Her name's Emma Brown.


And she's been riding
that horse for eight years?


Who owns her horse?

A Harris Ryland.

Bought it eight years ago
in Hampshire, England.

Listen, thanks very much.
Appreciate it.

Bye, now.

Well, you're up.
Good morning.

I called the doctor.

I decided to forego
the shot this morning.

Good for you.

I need to see clearly
if I'm gonna have a chance

of figuring out what happened to Emma.

Any news?

Still looking.
But I'm on it.

[ Knock on door ]

Becky. Becky,
I know you're in there.

I had a p.I. Follow you
from the courthouse.

I just want to talk.

Go away!

It's about your brother.

Tommy, I warned you.

I warned you not to push me around,

because I will push back.

I have very powerful contacts
that can make you disappear.

Push me one more time,
and you'll be sorry, Tommy.

That's the woman
you screwed me over for.

That's what she thought
of your brother.

Sounds like she was ready
to do something to him.

Maybe she already did.

There's another message.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

BeckyTommy, it's me.

You said I'd get a cut
of your take on the Ewing guy

if I let your bitch girlfriend
use my identity.

Tommy, I need my cut now.

We're going downtown,
right now, you and me.

You're gonna file
a missing-persons report

for your brother,

and then you're gonna recant
your phony-ass testimony.

Otherwise, your next hotel room
is gonna have bars on it.

I hope I'm not dropping by too late.

I already heard.

Someone from the state
attorney's office called.

We both still have our contacts,

J.R., I don't know
what you did,

and I don't want to know,
but... I am very grateful.

Darling, if I can still throw
my weight around this town

after all the crap I've pulled,

then you'll bounce back just fine.

[ Chuckles ]

And that's all you're getting.

There's the gal I know.

If you can behave yourself,

would you like to come in for some tea?

Well, I thought you'd never ask.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Elevator beeping ]


I'm here.



John Ross: "So we beat on,
boats against the current,

borne back ceaselessly
into the past."

You wooing me with poetry now?

I'm not that good of a reader.

But I have read "the great gatsby"

about a dozen times.
It's nice and short.

And the way you were
looking off out there

reminded me of the way
that gatsby looked off

at the light at the end
of Daisy's pier.

50% of my shares of Ewing
energies after the divorce,

in exchange for Christopher's
methane patent.

You were right.
I want to crush him.

Damn. I'd hate to be
on your bad side, lady.

The methane patent...

If I'm giving you the whole
enchilada, I expect the same.

100% of your shares.

[ Sighs ] I'm not that easy.


You invited me. 95%.

Why should I trust you?

You don't.
90%. Final offer.

70%. My terms.

I said, "final offer."

I said, "my terms."

I'll take 70%.

Hell, I'd have taken 50%.
Thanks for being so generous.

Pleasure doing business with you.

[ Elevator beeping ]

[ Beeping stops ]

[ Beeping resumes ]

[ Train whistle blows ]

I delivered the package
to Christopher Ewing.

Told him all that stuff
you told me to tell him.

Now where's my payment?


My son isn't home.

You must be Bobby Ewing.

And you must be Ryland's mother.

Judith Brown Ryland.


Emma Brown.

Where is she?
I'd like to talk to her.

She doesn't want to talk to you.

Her mother would like a word.

She has nothing to say to that woman.

You found Emma
eight years ago, at least.

You raised her abroad in Europe

and gave her
your maiden name... Brown.

And the whole time,
you kept her mother in the dark.

You let Ann think
her daughter was dead.

You're sick...
You and your boy.

That'your version of events.

Then why don't you set me straight?

When did you find Emma?
Who took her?

Am I about to get
some answers, finally?

There's nothing to explain.

Emma's a happy, healthy,
well-adjusted girl

with a very bright future.

We gave her a proper upbringing.

I won't allow anyone to ruin that.

It was you.

You and Harris took Emma
from her stroller at the fair.

And you raised her in secret.

You and Harris kidnapped her.

[ Footsteps approach ]

Mr. Ewing...

I wasn't kidnapped.

My father brought me to Europe,

and I was raised by my grandmother.

No. No, Emma.

Your father stole you.

He kidnapped you from your mother.

He didn't, Mr. Ewing.

My father rescued me
that day at the fair.

He saved me from my mother.