Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 1 - Battle Lines - full transcript

The battle for Ewing Energies heats up as Christopher and John Ross clash over opposing visions for the company. As Christopher seeks to gain the upper hand in his divorce from Rebecca Sutter, a game-changing revelation turns everything on its head.

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You call this
the battle between good and evil.

But I think instead
it's a battle of ideals.

The right direction protects us.

You are Texas, Sue Ellen!

All: [ Chanting ]
You are Texas! You are Texas!

So, even though we're 12 points
ahead in the polls...

[ Cheers and applause ]

There are two days left
before the election.

We can't stop,
and we can't be complacent.



"Have a guy
give you his boxers,"

"show a guy your bra."

What is this?

It's just a few things
to take off the list

before I take the big leap.

I could take care of a couple
of those things for you.

I don't know. That grin
tells me you're trouble.

Daddy told me
to stay away from trouble.

Especially when I'm wearing
five karats on my left hand

from my fiancé.

[ Cheering ]

You know how they say men make up for
their manhood by buying fast cars?

Well, that goes double
for diamonds.

Ooh. Ooh. [ Laughing ]

Oh, you are trouble.

- May I?
- Go right ahead.

French kiss a stranger
until his toes curl.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

No, don't do it.

Don't do it.

It's your last night.
Do it.

All: [ Chanting ] Brandee!
Brandee! Brandee! Brandee!

Do it, brandee.

Oh, my God.

[ Cheering ]

♪ Music playing ♪

Hey, go out the back way.

And be real quiet.

Daddy's probably up.

Of course.


♪ music playing ♪

[ Whistling, singing softly ]

Oh, Mr. Cartwell.

John Ross Ewing.


What the hell
do you think you're doing?

I know that you have a bid
from Drecker Trucking

to buy your fleet.

Ewing Energies
would like to match that bid,

and raise it
three percent.

I told you over the phone,

I would never sell my fleet
to J.R.'s son.

Now, get the hell
out of my house!

With all due respect, sir,
I want your fleet,

and I ain't gonna take no
for an answer.

Brandee, get down here!

I have breakfast
with the society writer

of the Dallas morning news.

Told her I might have
a scoop on your daughter.

She'll deny it.

I'll deny it.

I hate to be vulgar,

but there's video
of what happened last night.

Pretty tough to deny.

It's a dirty trick
I actually hate,

but which I find
can be rather compelling.

Now, nobody
outside of this house

needs to find out
about what happened last night.

I'm just here to offer you
a good business deal.

Not blackmail.

For Christ's sake, Ewing,

my daughter and her fiancé...
They love each other.

Love is for pussies.

Now do we have a deal?

♪ Theme music plays ♪

S02 Ep01 - Battle Lines

Elena: Whoo!

Christopher Ewing,
meet Ricky Rudd.

Glad you could make it.

Good to meet you.
You too.

I have to tell you,
I never expected

a methane-fueled car
to have that kind of power.

Well, methane comes
out of the ground at 130 octane.

And that's 12 points higher
than your top racing fuel.

And we're talking better
horsepower, tunability,

detonation protection,
even throttle response.

You drive this car,
it's gonna make you look good.

So you're doing me a favor.

The way
Eddie described it,

it's the other way around.

I won't lie to you.

I'm looking to get
the contract to provide fuel

for every piece of transport
in the city of Dallas.

Now, what better way to get
the attention of the D.C.T.

And to get that contract

than to have Ricky Rudd
race my car and win?

And you really think
it could

against a conventional
stock car?

With the right driver,

All I'm asking is that you
take it for a spin.

Once you try it,

you're never gonna want
to drive gasoline again.

I'm not
promising anything.

But leave her with me.

I'll run her through her paces.
I'll get back to you.

Sounds good.

Hey, thanks a lot, Eddie.

You bet, Chris.
All right.

I think
he's gonna say yes.

Now, any chance you can bring
this racing suit home with us?

[ Chuckles ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Sighs ]
Morning, Joseph.

Morning, Mr. Ewing.

Morning, Mr. Ewing.

I'm sorry, John Ross.
I tried to get him to leave.

Don't worry about it.

I know how slippery
snakes can be.

Now, is that any way
to talk about your father?

It seems pretty appropriate,

Now get your ass the hell out
of my chair and these offices,

until I call you
with an invite.


I only stopped by to find out
if the advice I gave you

about screwing
that trucking heiress girl

got you that company.

Your "advice" [Chuckles]
Did indeed work.

Now, if all
your dirty little tricks

are as much fun as that one,
I think it won't be too long

till the student
surpasses the master.

Better pace yourself, boy.

I heard Christopher is courting
the head of the D.C.T.,

trying to get her to convert
the city fleet to methane.

Get the fuel contract.

Now, you need to focus on that,
make sure it doesn't happen.

Anything we can do
to cripple methane

will turn my brother
back into an oil man,

and let you take control
of this company.

already on my radar, J.R.

That ain't gonna happen.

And I've got some personal
issues with my cousin

that I need
to focus on first.

Yeah, just remember,
my boy,

vengeance is a dish
best served cold.

What are you doing here?

Oh, I was just leaving.

Came over to deliver
some muffins

to the pretty
little secretaries.

Hey, son.

Who could have guessed so many
would turn out to be men?

Where's the sport in that?

Conference room.

We only let you
back into this company

so we could
move this family forward,

and you're already
going behind my back.

Our lawyer gave me
your proposal

to buy Cartwell Trucking
for $50 million.

You know damn well
that was money earmarked

for my new methane rig.

I don't want
to fight with you, cousin,

but oil is here and now.

Methane is 20 years away
from being profitable.

Until there's infrastructure,
until there's demand...

You're wrong. Okay?
Methane is here and now.

But I'll never be able
to make it profitable

unless this company
invests in more rigs.

[ Sighs ]
John Ross is right.

This company does need to be
vertically integrated.

But for now,
moving Southfork Oil

is being taken care of
by our lease arrangement

with Hughes Trucking.

And because of Christopher,

other energy companies
are looking into methane

as an alternative.

We have to get there first.

So if we're gonna take this to
a vote, and I think we should...

I vote with Christopher
for the rig.

You and Christopher
have 60% of this company.

I have 30%.
Elena's got 10%.

You always talk about this being
a family business,

but your side of the family
is always gonna win.

John Ross, you always think
it's you against us.

When you stop
thinking like that,

you're gonna realize you're just
as much a part of this company

as the rest of us.

that sounded objective.

Would you give me and John Ross
a minute, please?


Thank you.

I'm gonna be nice
so I can say I tried,

but we both know
it's only a matter of time

before you hang yourself and I
get you out of this company.

Sounds like a threat.

It is.

Elena: If you could scan
the notes we had

from the meeting last week and
e-mail them to my assistant,

that would be great.

Okay. I'll get
right on that, Ms. Ramos.

Please don't cc
anyone on that.

Thank you.

Last few weeks, you've
barely looked at me, Elena.

You and I are gonna be
working together every day now.

[ Sighs ]

Look, I know I wore
my welcome out with you, Elena.

I ain't asking for any
third or fourth chances.

I just hope that you and I can
work together like we used to.

It'll never be the way
it used to, John Ross.

I met this other woman
before, but...

Ms. Sutter.

It's great
to see you again.

Thank you
for flying me out here.

And first class.

I'll tell you,
I felt so pampered,

I never wanted that flight
to end, Mr. Ewing.

Please, sit.

Ms. Sutter was
just filling me in

on the conversations you had
when you met her in des moines,

and what she's
going to testify to.

She truly is your secret weapon,

Yes, she is.

No, I'm glad to be helping you
get your annulment.

I'm also glad to be helping

put the woman who stole
my identity behind bars,

so you can get custody
of your kids once they're born.

But I'm worried
about my brother.

I still haven't found Tommy.

And I think he's in hiding
because of you.

If I help you,
you need to promise

you're not gonna try
to put him in jail

once he shows up.

I know you hate him,

but he's just messed up
because of our parents dying.

I know what he did to you, but
he deserves a second chance.

that's not up to us.

I've watched
enough "Law and Order"

to know it's you he wronged

and it's you
who can press charges.

Now, I like Dallas,
but I'm fine going home.

Your brother
was her partner.

He stole from my family,
tried to defraud me.

He deserves
to be punished.

But my babies are what's
most important right now.

I won't press charges.

I promise.

Then I'm your girl.

'Cause in all honesty,
I would've been P.O.'d

if I didn't get to confront
that bitch in court.

You still have no idea
who she is?


She legally changed her name
to yours.

But once we've got her
on the stand,

we can compel her.

Now, I've arranged a car and hotel
for you, but I think it's best

for you to stay out of sight
until the hearing.

Surprise attack.

I like that.

As much as I think I'm gonna
like a first-class hotel.

Ann: Ohhhh.

[ Gasps ]

It's more evocative than I even
imagined it would be, Charlotte.

Angus really created
something wonderful

for your husband's
new office.

Let me go see
about having it delivered.

With a bow?


Whatever perfume
you're wearing, Annie,

it's very seductive.

It's much better
than that scent you wore

when we were married.

That one was slightly feral.

What do you want, Harris?

I thought we had nothing left
to say to each other.

Fortunately for both of us,
that's not true, Annie.

I found our daughter.

Emma's alive and well.

If you give me back
that tape you made of me

for Sue Ellen...

I'll tell you where she is.

I know it must come
as a shock to you, Annie,

but I never stopped
looking for our little Emma.

I've had private investigators
looking for her

for the last 20 years.

Oh, my God.

Where is she?

That's just the rub, Annie.

You see, I know you think
that tape you got of me

to money laundering

is protecting Sue Ellen
from having to kowtow to me,

but I got to
protect myself, too.

So you get me that tape,

every copy, and I'll
tell you where she is.

I don't believe you.

I had some DNA
taken from Emma.

It's at an S.M.U. Lab.

Now, a test proves
that she's my daughter.

I think you can tell
just by looking at her,

but you might want
to run a DNA test, too.

Put your mind at ease.

Oh, and you got 48 hours
to get me that tape,

or I'll make sure that Emma
goes back to being dead to you.


Well, you were right,
John Ross.

That young lady
you're interested in

has become visible.

Why do you care
whether your cousin

gets an annulment
or divorce?

I've got a score to settle
with my cousin, Clyde.

♪ Music playing ♪

Hey, honey.


Annie, what's wrong?

Honey. Hey.

You told me to come to you
when I was ready.

Well, I have something
to tell you.

22 years ago
I had a daughter.

Her name was Emma.

When Emma was 18 months old,
I was at the state fair.

I turned away from her stroller
to get a soda,

just for a moment.

And when I turned back,
she was gone.

Someone had taken her.

Everyone searched.

But Emma was never found.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs deeply ]

I saw Harris this afternoon.

He told me he'd found Emma.

But before he'll tell me
where she is,

I have to give him a tape
I made of him

to laundering money.

I'm sorry I never told you.

Okay, uh...

How do you know
what Ryland told you is true?

What if he's
making all of this up

just to get back
this tape that you made?

Harris says he had
his DNA checked

against this young woman.

And that I should
do the same.

Well, okay, then.

Let's get your DNA
checked, Annie.

[ Laughs ]

Oh, I'm so sorry.


[ Shrieks ]

Nice and relaxed.

I like this.

I finally feel like everything's
falling into place.

Lew says that having
Tommy's sister testify

will guarantee annulment,
not divorce.

Rebecca gets nothing.

And it puts me
one step closer

to giving you the church wedding
I always promised you.

I'm gonna walk you
down the aisle the right way,

with all your family
from Mexico present,

blessing us
and cheering us on.

I love you.

I know.

And we can talk
about anything, right?

I hope so.

I felt uncomfortable
with something that happened

at the office today.

Well, you should
never feel uncomfortable

talking to me
about anything.

I know.

But I thought
John Ross was right,

trying to
vertically integrate.

Look, I'm gonna get Ricky Rudd
to say yes to racing my car,

and I'm gonna get
that contract with the D.C.T.,

but I need a rig to guarantee
a methane supply.

I'm sorry that you felt like
you couldn't speak up today.

My speaking up wouldn't have
mattered anyway.

You and Bobby own 60%
of Ewing Energies.

I have 10%.

But I want to earn a bigger
stake in this company.

I want to be your partner.

Not just in bed.

Well, I want us
to be partners, too.

But you're gonna have to
come up with something big.


You got any ideas?

[ Zipper pulls ]

Yeah, I might have
a big idea.

[ Laughs ]

Look what I got.

Come get them.

[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

When I asked you what your
first move was gonna be,

Ms. Barnes, I didn't expect it
to be an extended vacation.

I needed to think, Frank,

to regroup,
to find myself again.

What you needed
was to be back in Dallas.

To go over our strategy

to make sure
that Christopher Ewing

does not get an annulment.

And that you take a piece of
Ewing Energies in a divorce.

I stayed away longer
to lull Christopher

into a false sense
of security,

to make it harder for him
to find out who I am.

But now I'm back.

It's time
to make an entrance.

[ Engine turns over ]

Good morning.

Good morning.

What's up with them?

No se.

[ Telephone rings ]

Ewing residence.

Slow down
and I will pass him the...


[ Telephone beeps ]

Rebecca's lawyer.

Even ruder than her.

She would like to see you.

Here's the address.

Please promise me
that you will throw

that descida serra
in jail.

Oh, I plan to.

This is good.

She must be
feeling cornered.

Otherwise she wouldn't be
exposing herself

this close
to the annulment hearing.

She wants to make a deal.

I'll come with you, son.

Oh, come in, Elena.


Thank you so much for seeing me
on such short notice.

I know you're very busy.

Oh, heck, I always make time for
one of Scully's old students.

Guy got me my first job
with Weststar back in the day.

I owe him everything.

So, you have some questions

about some of
our drilling sites?

No, I'd like
to talk to you

about a couple
of the fixed oil platforms

your company
has in the Gulf.

Actually, these four.

State records show
you drilled them dry

in the last six months.

You've got five years
to seal up the Wells

and tear down the rigs.

Giant pain in the ass,
if you ask me.

Much better we should
leave them for the seagulls.

And expensive.

To tear down each rig costs your
company upwards of...$5 million?

So what?

You coming around with some
petition you need me to sign

that's gonna change
the regulations?

'Cause I'll sign it.

You don't even have to
say, "please."

No, actually, I'm here

because I'd like to buy
the four platforms from you.

You want to buy them?

If you can get
the seabed leases

extended from the government
and sign them over to me.

[ Chuckles ]

Well, all due respect, no matter
what Ewing Energies thinks

they've developed in the way
of new drilling techniques,

the seabeds underneath those
rigs are bone dry of oil.

Now, from what Scully
told me,

I thought you were
a hell of a lot smarter.

Well, you can think
whatever you want about me.

The fact is,
I'm offering you

what's probably
the best deal of your career.

I'm offering to take
full responsibility

for decommissioning the rigs
in exchange for the lease.

For you it's a win-win.

Christopher, are you sure
this is the right address?

Why the hell would Rebecca
want to meet me here?

Unless uncle Cliff's made
some sort of move to her.

If this is
one of his games...

I assure you, it's no game,
Mr. Christopher Ewing.

Mr. Robert Ewing.

Please follow me.

What the hell is going on,

I should probably
introduce myself.

My middle name
is "Rebecca,"

and as a little girl,
that's what my mother called me.

But my father, he likes
to call me by my first name...

By my aunt's name...

My full name
is Pamela Rebecca Barnes.

Cliff Barnes is my father.

He's your what?

I'm Afton's daughter.

I changed my name

to Rebecca Sutter
because of my father.

Because your crazy father
is stuck in a feud

that should've ended
decades ago.

Because I knew the burden
my name would be

with your family.

Like it was
with you and my aunt.

I fell in love with you,

The truth is, I would've
done anything for you.

But sadly, I think we're past
any declarations of love

we may have once had
for each other.

So let's
just get to the point.

I have
no interest in money.

My father can buy and sell you
many times over.

What I want
is for my children

to have a father
in their lives.

I never did growing up,

and I'm afraid
that's made me do

a great many stupid things
in life.

Like conning me.

And lying to me.

Listen, I told you,

you're never gonna see
those babies.

I promise you.

I'd like
to make you an offer.

I keep primary custody
of the children,

but you can see them
every day.

You screw over my son

and then you want
to make an offer?

You certainly are
your father's daughter.

My father thinks...
And I agree with him...

That since we were married
when you created Ewing Energies,

that I should
get a part of it.

I would like 30%
of your ownership.

You must know that if we go
to divorce court...

Our marriage was a fraud
and it will be annulled.

And an annulment will get you
no part of my family's company.

I mean, the fact
that you kept from me

that you're
Cliff Barnes' daughter

proves that our marriage
was a sham from the start.

If you don't take
my deal now,

I will go to court
and fight you

with the full weight
of my father's power.

And I think you know
that destroying the ewings

means everything to him.

You're out of your mind.

And you better come at me
with everything you've got,

because I'm gonna
take you down.

This is about methane.

That's what Cliff's wanted
all along.

That's why he put a mole
in this family for two years.

You may all think
this is about the methane,

but believe you me,
Barnes' plan is personal.

That's why his daughter is
carrying those two Ewing heirs.

Barnes is gonna make a play
for the company

and he'll stop at nothing
to get it.

Yeah, well,
he's not going to.

My marriage is gonna be

We have
a surprise witness, J.R.,

who will testify
to Pamela Rebecca Barnes' intent

to defraud.

This witness was present

when Pamela brought Tommy
on board for the con.

You think the legal system
is gonna get Cliff Barnes?

We should hire some roughnecks,
take him for a long ride...

If you ask me.

I'm just putting it
on the table, Bobby.

Look, I know
how you feel about me,

but whatever we need
to protect Ewing Energies

and this family from Barnes,
you let me know.

Your enemy is my enemy.

Get extra security
at the office.

Then tell Roger to re-encrypt
all the methane plans.

Get the research department
to issue a set of bogus ones,

just in case.

Watermarks on everything.

I'll call Ricky Rudd,

get that car I left with him
back in our possession.

Barnes is not gonna get anything
from this family.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Tell me you got something
I can use, Clyde.


[ Engine turns over ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]


Yes, this is Ann Ewing.

[ Gasping ]

[ Knock on door ]

I knew you'd come, Annie.

I got home
and he was already here.

He told me.

I am so sorry,

so very sorry
to put you in this position.

But my baby's alive,
Sue Ellen.

Where's my daughter?

Where's my tape?

if I should find out

there's more copies
of this tape,

I guarantee that you will
not be able to stand

under the world of hurt
that I will rain down on you.

Whatever you think
you can ask me to do

when I'm Governor...
I won't do it.

Well, we'll see, Sue Ellen.

Being Governor just might
change your outlook.

Power's an intoxicating thing.

Give me
my daughter's address.

Go find your daughter.

If this isn't
my daughter's address, Harris,

believe me,
I will send you to hell.

Hey, you guys know
where Ricky is?

Man: Hey, Ricky,
Mr. Ewing's here to see you.


So you didn't trust me to
safeguard your car. Is that it?

Another company put a target
on my patent,

so I had to
step up security is all.

It's not
that I don't trust you.

'cause I dig your car.

If you still need a driver
for your race, I'm in.

[ Laughs ]
That's amazing, man.

let me take another lap.

It's all you.

♪ Music plays ♪

[ Engine revs ]

The DNA was a match.

The call came
while you were out,

and I knew if I told you,
you'd stop me.

So I got the tape
from Sue Ellen

and Emma's address
from Harris.

Oh, Annie.

I would've handled Ryland.

I would've gotten
your daughter back.

You don't negotiate
with a terrorist.

Hate me later.

But right now,
I need you to come with me.

Because I...
I can't do it alone.

Woman: 8 million walkers
across the U.S.

Have raised
more than $460 million...

Man: We're gonna
get it, though. I promise.

Sue Ellen:
Oh, I know we will.

We'll make it for sure.
I know we will. Thanks!

Tomorrow at this time,

you are going to be
the new Governor.

That must feel so good.

[ Laughs ]

I'll take care of this.
Thank you very much.

Woman: medical examiner
Dr. Varun Rasmussen of Dallas

is resigning.

In a press conference today,
Dr. Rasmussen told reporters

that he could no longer
sit in silence.

I had accepted a bribe
from Sue Ellen Ewing

to declare the death
of marta del Sol...

The woman her son had been
accused of murdering...

A suicide.

Woman: [ Gasps ]

I can no longer sit in silence

as the people of Texas
continue to consider

voting into office a woman who
should rightfully be in jail

for extortion, bribery,
and obstruction of justice.

Woman: We caught up

with chief of Sue Ellen's
gubernatorial rival

at his campaign headquarters.

Look, all I can say
is I just hope the public

will read the newspapers,
watch TV,

and get informed
about what it is

Ms. Ewing is accused of doing.

And then they'll make the right
decision at the polls.

Reporters: Senat...

Excuse me.

We're looking for Emma.

Could we speak with her,


These people
are here to see you.


Oh, my darling girl.

I'm your mother.

I'm Ann.

I know who you are.

Oh, thank God.

They told me
you were gonna come see me.

But you've made
a mistake, Ann.

I didn't want you to come.

I was hoping I'd
never see you again.

[ Sobbing ]


Come on. Come on.
Let's go home.

Shh, shh.
We're gonna go home.

[ Crying ]

Annie, Annie.
Come on. Come on.

Here we go. Come on.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

How the hell
did you get up here?

I am friends
with everybody in Texas.

And I'd like to be friends
with you, too.

So don't kick me out.

So, looks like you've moved up
in the world, Rebecca.

Or should I call you...

I got to hand it to you.

I did not see that coming.


It makes it a hell of a lot
more interesting.

What do you want,
John Ross?

I don't have to
play weak anymore.

And trust me.

You don't want me setting
my target on your back.

I am just fine with you
keeping that target

right where it's at.

In fact,
that's why I'm here.

It turns out we're not
so different, you and I.

We want
the exact same thing.

To destroy Christopher...
And Elena.

And make them hurt
like they hurt us.

Yes, but you forget,
we hate each other.

You blackmailed me.

I'd like to chalk that
blackmail up to ambition.

And I think that I can use
that exact same ambition

to help you right now.

Let's help each other.

And when we're done,
we take Ewing Energies.

I mean, that's what you wanted
all along, right?

Or is that
what your daddy wanted?

What could you
possibly have to offer

that would make me want
to get in bed with you?

[ Elevator bell dings ]

You remember
the real Rebecca Sutter.

She's Christopher's
secret weapon.

But if you're in,
she could be ours.