Dallas (2012–2014): Season 1, Episode 10 - Revelations - full transcript

Family bonds bring the Ewings together as a loved one faces a medical crisis. Christopher and Elena begin to learn that not everyone is who they appear to be, including the people closest to them. Long buried secrets are revealed as the past rears its ugly head.

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Previously on "Dallas"...

Promise me that you had nothing to do
with stealing Southfork.

I swear, none of it was me.

Christopher: Methane.

I'll give you exclusive
South American rights,

instead of the oil that you were
promised from Southfork.

Sue Ellen: Harris knows I bribed
the medical examiner.

And he's blackmailing you.

He wants me to launder money.

My favorite nephew.

Why am I here, Uncle Cliff?

I want to invest
in your gas-hydrate project.

Christopher and I have agreed
to go into business together.

And get the ewing name
back on top.

"Ewing Energies" has a nice ring
to it, don't you think?

John Ross: I'm so damn tired of
hearing about your birthright.

Can't you just let it go?

You're welcome.

It's gonna take time to get back
to where we were.

But we're making
our own family now.

Get me the plans

to Christopher's
gas-extraction rig,

or I put a bullet
in your little fairy tale.

Rebecca: I'm done.
I gave you the rings.

They're worth a lot of money.

I'm talking about millions!

[ Rapid beeping ]

Mr. ewing?
I need help in here!

I did everything
you asked me to do.


[ Both grunting ]

[ Gunshot,
shell casing rattles ]

[ Breathing raggedly ]

[ Gun thuds ]

[ Shivering ]

[ Voice breaking ]
I'm in trouble.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Indistinct P.A. Announcement ]

Tell me.

Bobby's out of surgery.

The neurologist was able
to stop the bleeding

and embolize the aneurysm

It's amazing how they can
take a catheter

through the femoral artery,
all the way to the brain,

and fix these types of things.
So he's fine.

Well, right now
his vitals are stable,

his blood pressure is down,

but there was a great deal
of swelling.

So, to suppress brain function,

they had to give him some
barbiturates in order to finish.

And, well, because of that,
he hasn't woken up yet.

And until he does and we've had
a chance to talk with him

and give him
a full neurological exam,

we won't know for sure if he
sustained any brain damage.

We'll keep you informed.

[ Sobs ]

He's gonna be okay.

Everything's gonna be fine.

[ Monitor beeping ]

Sir, you can't be in here yet.

Well, you can call security
if you have to, darlin'.

But until they throw me out,

I'm gonna be talking
to my brother.

Come on.

Wake up.
You hear me?

Wake up, and you'll get better.

And you keep fighting.

You keep fighting me.

Now I'm gonna
tell you something

you never heard me say before.

I love you, Bobby.

And I don't know who I'd be
without you.

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

What do you want?

I've been trying to reach
your cousin Christopher,

but he doesn't answer
his phone.

That's because he doesn't need
to be bothered by you right now.

Now, what do you want?

I'm down in the Gulf

checking out
the methane-extraction rig

that your cousin is testing.

I have to say
it's very impressive.

Now, his foreman tells me

that the testing
is nearly complete.

So I want to know when it will
be fully operational

and when it can be moved.

Tell your cousin to call me
with that information today.

And the next time we speak,
try and remember --

you're the one who pulled me
into this deal.

You knew the game
you were playing.

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Rebecca: Hey.
[ Voice breaking ] Hi.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Crying ] I'm so sorry
about your father, Christopher.

The doctor says he thinks
he'll be awake soon.

[ Exhaling sharply ]



[ Exhales shakily ]

He's gonna be okay.

Everything's gonna be fine.


What happened to your eye?

Oh, it's -- it's nothing.
It's nothing.

I just -- I-I opened a cabinet
into myself yesterday.

It was -- it was stupid.

Did someone hurt you?

Was it Tommy?

Did he hit you?

Tommy and I had a fight.

But he's gone for good.

He promised me
he'd never come back.

Do you know where he is?

If he gets in touch with you,
you tell me.

Promise me that.

I want to protect you.

[ Breathes deeply ]

You put your ring back on.

I want to make this work,

so our babies can have
the family they deserve.

Maybe you should put
your ring back on, too.

[ Exhales sharply ]

I'd like that.

Hey, can I get
you something --

some coffee,
maybe something to eat?

Sure. Yeah, coffee
would probably be good.


Thank you.

[ Sniffs ]

I want you to get in touch
with your P.I. -- Bum.

I want him to find out

if Rebecca's brother
is still in Dallas.

And if he is,
I want to know where.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Telephone ringing ]
[ Gasps ]

Where'd you put
those rings, Tommy?

[ Toilet flushes ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Exhales heavily ]

[ Cellphone beeps ]

Where did you put Tommy's body?

There's something
I need to find.

[ Exhales heavily ]

Are you two planning
on sleeping all day?

Oh, my God -- dad!

Oh, Bobby, you're awake!

Hi. I'm okay.

Hey, son. Ahh.

Ann: Thank God.
I'm okay.

Really, I'm fine.

So, go.
Go get the doctor.

I want him to tell me
how good I'm getting.

I'll be right back.

Everything's gonna be fine
from here on in, honey.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Elevator bell dings ]

I know you hate surprises,

but this one is gonna change
the way you feel about them.


construction site.

Not just any
construction site --

our construction site --

yours, mine, Christopher's.

I rented it this morning

when I found out
Bobby was gonna be okay.

You are looking
at the new home...

Of Ewing Energies.

Wow, this is --
this is great.

But you could have rented
a suite with actual walls

in any of
the new high-rises.

Yeah, but they
don't have pedigree.

Jock's office.

Bobby's office.

Right here...


I remember sitting behind
daddy's desk,

looking at this view,

just wanting to sit
where he sat one day.

And here we are.

This was Ewing oil.

[ Exhales sharply ]

When I found out
it was for rent,

I couldn't pass it up.

Christopher's always saying

how the Ewing name
means nothing to me.

Well, maybe this will finally
prove to him that it does.

This is a really good surprise,
John Ross.

Actually, this is
Christopher's surprise,

not yours.

What are you talking about?

[ Exhales heavily ]

When I saw this ring,

it reminded me of how light
reflects off oil.

When I was kid, I remember
the first time I saw that --

I thought nothing
could be more beautiful.

Then I saw you.

[ Exhales heavily ]

I love you, Elena Ramos.

My life and everything
that I want it to be

is better with you.

Marry me.

Marry me and make me
the luckiest man in the world.


[ Chuckles ]

I love it.

[ Both laugh ]

You say diamond-encrusted
wedding band,

total carats 3, huh?

Diamond engagement ring,

"D" color, 2-carat stone,

flanked by baguettes --
those sound like your rings?


Then I sold them yesterday.

Can you tell me
who bought them?

I'll re-buy them from you
for double what they paid.

You have no idea how important
this is to me.

[ Sighs, sniffs ]

All right, listen --
leave me your number.

I'll find out who bought them
and get them back.

Thank you.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

[ Indistinct conversation ]

What's going on, John Ross?

The old Ewing oil space?


New Ewing Energies space.

I wanted
our new company to --

well, to know where
it came from,

to build on the old
Ewing legacy and --

and make it better.

A fresh start for our family.

I'm glad you did this,
John Ross.

It means a lot.

And it'll mean a lot
to my father, too.

Time to drink on it.

Finally persuaded her
to marry me.

Biggest mistake
of her life, right?

[ Chuckles ]
[ Chuckles weakly ]

No, it's, uh --
it's -- it's good.

[ Chuckles ]

You know,
we're all moving forward,

me, Rebecca, and the babies,
you and Elena.

And I really hope the two of you
are happy together.

You deserve to be happy.

Well, your daddy's on the mend.

We got offices.
We got energy.

Now the only thing left to get

is your methane back
from Vicente.

Well, let's -- let's wait

until we have the right thing
to leverage.

Better to try to end it
with Vicente

than to just swap oil
for methane.

Besides, my father says
his lawyer might have a lead,

so we should hold off.

Today's a day to celebrate.

To mending fences...

And to being happy.

[ Glasses clink ]

[ Both grunting ]

[ Bang ]

Are you okay?

I didn't even think
you were home yet.

Yeah, I-I fell asleep.

You brought Chinese food?

I told you --
a fresh start.

And what better way
to start over

than to do it
like when we were dating?

I got you spring rolls...

Won ton soup...

and...your moo shoo.

[ Laughs ]

You didn't want to wear
your ring?

I-I tried.
[ Chuckles weakly ]

I-I guess my --

I guess my finger's a little
swollen from being pregnant.

I couldn't put it on.


Let's eat.


Fortune cookie?



Well, hello, Lew.
What you doing here?

Well, you know you've hit a low

when even a lawyer won't take
the time to insult you.

A little present for you,

You know you shouldn't be
talking business.

The doctor says you ought
to be getting your rest.

Doctor says
I'm a medical marvel.

Might go home tomorrow.

Says I can do just about
anything I want,

as long as it
makes me feel better.

Well, I'm glad
you're feeling better.

Gave me quite a scare.

Well, I can't die, J.R.

I have unfinished business
with you.

Unfinished business?

You're not forgetting I signed
back the deed to Southfork,

gave up my birthright?

[ Chuckles ]
What more could you want?

You gave me back a deed
still held by a bunch of thugs,

which means this family is
still in debt to Vicente Cano.

I know you'll refuse to believe
me till the day I die,

but I was not part
of that Marta del Sol fraud.

I just ended up getting a loan
from the wrong people.

Just stop it, J.R.!

When Marta del Sol died,

it revealed her true identity --
Veronica Martinez.

And that opened up
a whole new trail to follow.

So, Lew got access
to her cloud drive,

you know, where she backs up
all her computer files...

And her video files.

So, there is a video of you...

Conspiring with her against me.

I've got you
dead to rights, brother.

Are you saying you want
to send me to jail?

It's time to clean up your mess
with these Venezuelans

and stop
your double-dealing...

...for good.

They're letting you
go home already?

Oh, hello.

He's promising to take it easy.

But, yes, he'll be sleeping
in his own bed tonight.

Oh, wonderful.
[ Smooches ]

Ooh, looky.
Here she comes.

Time for my final prod
and poke.

[ Sighs ]

Oh, you two deserve this --

to be happy by putting all
of this behind you.

Well, you deserve the same
things, too, Sue Ellen.

Uh, I've set
a press conference.

I'm, uh,
bowing out of the race.

And I'm telling
Ryland "No."

I will not launder his
dirty money through my P.A.C.

I crossed a line by trying
to help John Ross,

and, uh, I'm prepared to live
with those consequences.

Oh, Sue Ellen.

This way I can live
with myself,

and that makes me happy.

You can't let Ryland win.

He's an awful man,
and you're a good woman.

Who's done too much wrong
in the past

to deserve to be governor

to the good people
of Texas today.


Keep playing ball like that,

we're gonna have to take on
the McKay brothers again.

Make those little girls leave
the court in tears this time.

[ Vehicle approaches,
engine shuts off ]

[ Birds chirping ]

What are you two
doing together?

I tried to protect you, son.

Bobby wants us both
to pay the Piper.

[ Chuckles ]

Leave it to John Ross to get you
a diamond the color of oil.

Be nice.

No. I like it.

And I'm happy for you, mija.

You are?

I've been watching
John Ross lately.

Maybe I misjudged him.

Maybe he's not his father's son,
after all.

I'm gonna get him,

and I want you to tell him
how much you like him, okay?

And -- and make him
believe it, please.

He's gonna be
your son-in-law.


I will not confess to anything.

You can't make me do this.

The videos that
Veronica Martinez took

prove that you brought her

and the Venezuelans
in on this deal

before J.R. was involved.

Isn't it gorgeous?

You are the one who asked her
to impersonate Marta del Sol.

Now, Bobby's bringing the videos
to the authorities.

You have no way to hide
from this anymore.

But nothing you said I did in
those videos ended up mattering.

J.R.'s the one who stole
Southfork, not me!

Look, you know I'm trying to do
the right thing here,

put all this behind us, help
bring this family back together.

It's on video, John Ross!

You can't lie your way
out of this.

[ Breathing heavily ]

I need assurances.

I will confess to conspiring
with Veronica Martinez

and Vicente Cano
to take Southfork.

But I need assurances

that everything I say
is sealed,

that none of you will tell Elena
what's happened,

that everything stays between us
and whoever you bring to it.

You lied about everything.

Elena, you have to hear me out.

No, I heard, John Ross.

Listen --

I wanted to tell you the truth
when it all went down.

I did.

But I was too damn ashamed.

Yes, I put it into play

when Bobby wouldn't let me drill
because I was angry, okay?

I couldn't see straight.

But nothing I did even mattered

because J.R. took it all
from me.

I asked you point-blank

if you had anything to do
with this,

and you lied to my face!

'Cause I knew
that if I told you the truth,

you wouldn't give me
a second chance.

I needed you by my side.

I've been trying to do
better for you...

[ Sighs ]

Because I love you, Elena.

You lie so easily, John Ross.

How can I ever trust you again?

Look what I'm doing.

I'm helping Christopher.

I'm helping Bobby.

I got J.R. to give
Southfork back.

I'm trying to do
the right thing

because that is the man
that I am today, with you.

No, don't. Don't.

Look, I know that you are angry

and that you hurt,

and I know that you hate me
right now...

But you do not give up on me.

Meet me tomorrow
at the Ewing Energies space.

It'll be a new beginning
for us.


I will be there tomorrow!

Woman: Mr. Ryland,
Mrs. Ewing is here.

So, you come
for another hug, Annie?

Gloat all you want.

You've won, Harris.

I let you back in, and you won.

[ Voice breaking ]
You sent me that necklace,

brought up the past,

made me a wreck,

antagonized my husband,
threatened to sue him.

And now Sue Ellen?

I know you're blackmailing her
just to get to me.

What do you want from me?

Because I won't let you hurt
any more people.

Ah, you always were so full
of yourself, Annie.

You think the leverage
I hold on Sue Ellen

has anything to do with you?

No, Sue Ellen made a mistake.

The only way out of it for her
is to do what I say.

By laundering money for you
through her P.A.C.

Loose lips is only
gonna get Sue Ellen

in a whole lot more trouble.

Please, Harris, just --
just take it out on me.

Well, unfortunately,
I need that money cleaned.

So I can't.

That's unless...

Since you're here...

And in the mood...

So, how about it?

[ Purse drops ]

[ Cries softly ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Exhales slowly ]

Extortion, blackmail,

and a confession
to money laundering,

all recorded.

You make a move against me,
Sue Ellen,

or any member of my family,
you're going to jail!

One more thing --

the next time
you ask me for a hug,

you'll be hugging
the business end of my shotgun.

[ Exhales sharply ]

Mr. Barnes is very pleased

you're willing
to sell off your interest

on such a short notice.

Anything to expedite this deal.

I know how anxious he is

to acquire these
technology rights --

and my lien on Southfork,
of course.

Yes, it's been a long time coming.

[ Chuckles ]

I should warn you, though,

that dealing with the Ewings
requires a strong hand.

they can be...unruly.

Trust me.

Mr. Barnes knows exactly how to handle them.
[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Chuckles ]

Of course he does.

I imagine that's one
of the reasons

you've been tracking my deal
with them for so long --

so you could "handle" them.

That, and methane happens
to be smart business.

[ Chuckles ]
These all look in order.

Mr. Cano.

Uh, let me finish
this first, please.

Yes, but there are federal
agents here to see you.

[ Children playing ]

Thanks for meeting me.

Good way to procrastinate
on my resignation speech.

I'm hoping you'll cancel
that speech.

It's a confession from Ryland
about what he's doing to you.

He won't be
blackmailing you anymore.

It doesn't matter.

But it's a good thing --

for both of us.

What's important is that
you stay in the race.

The people of Texas need you.

Is this some kind of a joke?

U.S. attorney is a friend
of mine,

said I could have
a few minutes with you

before they took you down
for processing.

Signed confessions
from J.R. and John Ross

detailing the fraud
you were a party to

regarding the sale
of Southfork.

There's a whole bunch
of fancy lawyer talk,

but in a nutshell

it invalidates
any contract, lien,

or interest you have
on Southfork.

And subsequently, it invalidates
any deal you have with my son

for his gas-extraction

You're going to prison,

and not just for fraud --
for murder.

The woman that you were
in business with --

Marta, Veronica, whatever --

to protect herself,
she recorded things,

and she automatically uploaded
those recordings

into a cloud drive.

And our investigators found
that drive

and have handed it over
to the authorities.

On it is a video of you
threatening her life

and of your associates
pushing her

out of a ninth-story window
to her death.

As far as Marta’s death goes,

I don't know
what you're talking about.

But remember --

your son's the one that
pulled me into this deal.

If I go down...

Goes down.

My son didn't ask you
to hurt anybody.

Besides, John Ross and I got
immunity for our confession.

The only one to go to jail
for any of this is you.

You should never have touched
a hair on my boy's head.

Life is cheap in prison,

and I'm a very rich man.
[ Door opens ]

[ Scoffs ]

So am I.

Well, I guess that's it, Bob.

No, I wouldn't have
sent you to jail.

Why do you think I agreed
to that confession so easily?

You were always the better man

and predictable
to a "T."

Well, you're predictable,
too, brother.

And that's why I had Lew Rosen
make another copy

of Veronica's cloud drive
for me.

You cross me again,

I will use it.

Wouldn't have it any other way.

[ Birds chirping ]

[ Footsteps approaching ]

John Ross.

It's over.

Vicente's been arrested,

along with the men
that killed Marta.

I'm guessing you heard
what happened with Elena.

You gonna tell me
I got what I deserved?

Elena deserved the truth,
just like we all did.

I wanted to put this behind us,
John Ross.

I wanted to believe that your
actions over the past few days

proved that we could.

But what you did was worse
than even I expected.

He was just acting
like his father.

John Ross,

maybe you're young enough
to have learned a lesson.

You can change.

You two boys started
a business together.

It'd be real nice
if you could figure out a way

to make it happen.

Finally bring some peace
to this family.

[ Cellphone ringing ]


It's bum. For you.

He found Tommy.

You sure this is the place?

Tommy Sutter checked in
two weeks ago.

He hasn't checked out.

You want to wait for him
outside or inside?

What the hell's going on?
There's nothing in here.

I don't know.

He knows I'm looking for him.
He must have switched hotels.

Damn it!

[ Telephone ringing ]

Woman: Oh, Tommy.

Thank God. Why haven't you
been answering your cell?

Uncle Fred had a heart attack.

I need you to come to Des Moines
right away.

Who is this?

What you do mean,
"Who is this"?

It's your sister.
It's Rebecca?

Who's this?

[ Door opens, closes ]

I just spoke
to Tommy's sister...

...the real
Rebecca Sutter.

She lives in Des Moines.

So, who the hell are you?!

You won't understand.

Tell me who you are!

I'm your wife.

[ Voice breaking ]
I'm Rebecca Ewing.


You know what?

It's just gonna be
more lies, anyway.


No, I don't want
to lie anymore!

I've done everything I could
to get out from under things.

I've done everything!

You've done everything?!

I came back to you!

I gave you another chance!

You're sick.

I mean, you have no idea

what's real
and what's not anymore!

I know what I feel for you.

And I also know
that I'm not the only one

who lied in this marriage.

Attack me all you want,

You've every right.

But if you want the truth,

the truth is,
never had a chance with you,

because you're still in love
with Elena.

I will find out who you are.

And when I do,
I'm gonna send you to prison.

And then I'm gonna see to it

that those babies
you're carrying

never know what a lying piece
of garbage you really are!

[ Gasps, cries ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door slams ]

[ Birds chirping ]

Christopher: Elena?

Elena: Christopher.

When you were 9
and your father died

and I saw you crying --

that was the day I knew I wanted
to do anything I could

to make you smile again.

When we were 15,

we raced horses
across this ranch...

[ Chuckles ]

...and you won,

and I kissed you
for the first time --

that was the moment
I knew I loved you.

And when we were 22

and we kept each other up
all night,

studying for Greson's final

so neither of us failed...

...and then we
came home after

and made love --

that was the day
I knew I wanted to marry you.

We've wasted too much of
our lives not being together.

And I don't want to waste
another minute

without you, Elena.

Look, Rebecca and I are done.

I'm gonna be a father
to my children,

but it is over
between us...forever.

I know you gave this
back to me...

[ Voice breaking ]
But it's yours.

It's always been yours.

The banners you hold today say
"Truth for a change."

So I stand here before you now
with truths.

It's not a secret
that the last few weeks

have been very difficult
for me --

my son's arrest.

And in the aftermath,

there have been people
who have tried to tear me down,

and with good reason.
[ Elevator bell dings ]

I am not perfect.

I have lived a life of mistakes
and regret.

And truthfully,

there were times when I thought
I was beyond saving.

But like the good people
of Texas,

I have found strength
in adversity

and wisdom from my failings.

I have tried
to learn forgiveness

from my friends

and to settle feuds
without war.

Feels like home again.

I have learned not to succumb to evil...

...but to challenge it.

And although I look at life

and this campaign
as an uphill battle,

it's a battle I want to fight

for myself and for
the good people of Texas

who have faith that I can lead
this great state

into a bright future.

And for all those people
who want to tear me down,

I have three little words --

Together: I am Texas!

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Van doors open ]

Thank you for taking care
of this.

We told you not to hire
the Sutter boy.

We told you
he was a loose cannon.

I know.

If you had done
what was expected,

I wouldn't have to
dispose of a body

or to have dealt with
J.R.'s business partner,

who has been arrested.

So we are back to square one.

Your behavior has put
many things at risk.

I know I screwed up.

Don't explain it to me.

Explain it to your father.

You're just like
your aunt Pamela.

When it comes to the Ewings,
I never could trust her,

and I can't trust you.

You probably would've put
these back on, too,

if I hadn't bought them
from that pawnbroker.

I'm sorry, daddy.

I just --
I got lost in it.

I'm your daughter.
I love you.

I gave up two years
of my life for you

so you could finally settle
things and be at peace.

I know you did.

And that's why
I'm cleaning things up.

That's why I'm giving you
a second chance

to make me proud.

I want you to get a piece
of Ewing Energies

so we can put
that family down...

For good!

You take care of her.

When the Ewings find out
what's what,

it's gonna be a firestorm.

Now, protect her.

And be sure that you keep her
in focus this time.

I won't lose focus.

Christopher threatened
to take the babies.

I won't lose focus again.


So, what's our first move,
Ms. Barnes?

Here you go, son.

You want in on Ewing Energies,

you stop teaching me
about the oil business

and you start teaching me
every dirty trick that you know.

And when I take this company
from Christopher and Elena,

I'll cut you in...

And only then.

If you screw me,

I will make sure
that you don't see a dime

of that oil
sitting underneath Southfork.

And I will put you back
in that home for good.

Got it?

Now, that's my son,
from tip to tail.