Dallas (2012–2014): Season 1, Episode 9 - Family Business - full transcript

After Bobby has another tumor crisis, operated successfully but within an inch of his life, J.R. laughs away the women's moral appeal for the family to stand united, yet ends up signing over the Southfork deed to Bobby. John Ross now doubts the point in trying to please or at least impress his father enough to accept Christopher's offer to form a partnership, Ewing Energies, with Elena. J.R. believes Cliff Barnes's 'undervalued' right hand 'Smiling' Frank his weak point, but Bum finds no angle. Meanwhile Tommy tries in vain threatening Rebecca, who is winning Christopher back, with exposure as his college days lover, not sibling, and is told the deal concerning Chistopher's methane technology is lapsed by Smiling Frank. Harris Ryland expects Sue Ellen to be at his call or be exposed before the governor election.

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Previously on "Dallas"...

It would be in
everyone's best interest,

for you to start
pumping oil immediately.

Tell your Uncle he'd
better get Vicente's oil

or next time,
we'll kill you.

We're gonna have to start
pumping oil here on Southfork.

At least
until John Ross is safe.

The Venezuelans want oil?

Well, I can give them
something better...

methane, exclusive
South American rights

instead of the oil that you were
promised from Southfork.

Turns out we're not
so different after all.

We're both just trying
to make our fathers proud.

I'm going to be
the next governor of Texas.

You could be the next
chief medical examiner.

People like me,
we need to make sure

that people like you
get into office.

Frank Ashkani.
I'm Mr. Bond's driver.

I need you to do a little
digging on Ashkani.

Just find out who he really is.

We're gonna be parents.

I want to let it go,
Rebecca. All of it.

I need to be sure
that there are no more secrets.

There aren't.


Are you so deep
in this lie

that you still think
we're brother and sister?

Because if you don't
steal me that technology,

I'm gonna tell Christopher

Have you seen
my other boot anywhere?


Does it look like this?

Very funny.

Thank you.

Aw, you're bleeding.

I know you're thinking,
"how did I get so lucky

to snag this guy?"
Aren't you?


I'm thinking what
a son of a bitch J.R. Is.

How'd he get into this?

If he hadn't used
the Venezuelans

to bankroll him
buying Southfork,

you wouldn't have been anywhere
near marta when she died,

so you wouldn't have been
in jail.

It's a little more complicated
than that.

Don't defend him.
He got you into this mess.

He didn't do anything to get you out.
Christopher had to.

And I appreciate it.
All right?

But I never asked him
to use the gas rights

to pay the Venezuelans.

He only did it to stop Bobby
from drilling on Southfork.

Bobby was gonna drill?

He swore that he would never
allow that to happen

while he was
still breathing.

He was afraid
you'd be killed in jail.


I'll be right there.

They hit a salt dome
at the Henderson well.

I have to go.


There's definitely
two of them in there.

They look squished.

Thanks for coming
with me.

Of course I'd come.
I'm their father.



I can't expect you to forget
everything I've done overnight.

But that's what you want.



It's gonna take time to get
back to where we were.

But we're making
our own family now.

And that's
what really matters.

Oh, my God.
Check it out.

Come on.

You and papa bear
have a nice day out?

How did you get in here?!
I changed the locks.

You're gonna have to work
a lot harder on getting me

the plans to Christopher's
gas-extraction rig.

You're a master thief.
Do it yourself.

He put computer locks
with smart-card access

to all of the lab doors.

Get me his key card,
and I will.

Why can't you just
leave me alone?!

Because my buyer
will only wait so long.

You finally do this,
and maybe I'll give you a piece.

I don't want any money.


You're all about
the love now, hmm?

Yeah... something
you're incapable of.

Not what you used to say.

Aah! Aah!

Tell me the truth.
He's not as good as me, right?

Get off of me!
Get off!

Shh, shh, shh.
You're gonna wake the babies.


Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to do that.

The plans
to Christopher's rig,

or I put a bullet
in your little fairytale.

♪ Theme music plays ♪

move the 4-h lunch.

The ladies like to have
afternoon tea.

What else?

Harris? W-what a...
Lovely surprise.

What brings you
to this neck of the woods?

I just wanted to be
the first to congratulate

our new governor
on her poll numbers.

I appreciate
your confidence,

but it's a bit
too premature for that.

Well, everybody loves a mother
who sticks by her son.

I got you
a little gift.

I remember you being a fan
of a nice burgundy.

Uh, thank you, Sam.

I haven't touched a drop
in 20 years.

Did you ever wonder why I put so
much money into your campaign?

Because you knew
of all the good I would do

for the people of Texas.

Ah, hell. Other candidates
could have done that.

What set you apart was your
malleability to my needs.

I knew sooner or later
you'd screw up.

It wasn't a matter of "if."
It was "when."

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Well, John Ross didn't need
your help getting out of jail.

So threatening and bribing my
good friend the medical examiner

was pointless.

As governor,
when dealing with people,

I'd suggest
more carrot, less stick.

But you're right.
You have done a lot for Dallas.

When you're elected,
you can do a whole lot more.

What do you want?

Well, I just need to borrow your
campaign pac for a little bit

to clean some money for one
of my less public businesses.

I'll return
your contribution today.

Now, you could.

But what you can't do...

is take back
that bribe offer.

Now, you can
do me this little favor

or you can be disgraced
and arrested,

wiping out
all that goodwill

that you've earned
over the last 20 years.

Get out of my office.

I'll let you think on it.

Might want to
let that breathe.

Frank, my friend.

You want a drink?

I want the plans
for the gas-extraction rig

you keep promising me.

Yeah, here's the thing
about that...


Stop speaking.

Against my better judgment,
I believed you could get them.

You'll get the plans,
but I want more money.

Twice what we negotiated.

Now, why would I do that?

Because exxon thinks
they're worth it.

And you don't have
any other play to get them.

You're half-right...

Which is half more
than usual.

But don't call me again
until you have them.

One day.

That's definitely
a salt dome.

Yeah, and the original
wellbore's obstructed.

Okay, so we sidetrack
out of the wellbore

and come at the producing zone
at an angle.

We don't have the equipment
to slant-drill,

unless you have a mud motor
in your back pocket.

I could do better
than that.

I got a friend
with a drilling rig

with rotary steerable
and kick pads.

I love it when you talk
all technical.

And once we get done
with this play,

I'll just drive the bit on
over to this one.


Why not?

That's the property line,

and that oil reservoir
is under Southfork.

This is
the Henderson drilling pad.

This is the eastern end
of the oil under Southfork.

These are the seismics we drew
before we drilled section 18.

Now, we can drill
from the Henderson rig

down and under the ranch,
could get greater contact

with the productive area
of the oil than going vertical.

Slant-drill Southfork.
Yes, sir.

Horizontal... twice as costly
as going vertical.

But it can be
20 times as effective.

This is a way to get the oil
without ever

having to go against
what you promised miss Ellie.

And the more that you pump,
the faster you can pay off

the loan to Southfork and get it
back from the venezuelans.

You got to be kidding me.

I agree
to pay off your debt,

keep you from getting killed
in jail,

and how do you thank me?

Bottle of scotch?

just hear us out.
A steak dinner?

No, you figure out a way
to steal Southfork oil.

No. That is not
what's going on here.

Your cousin
is trying to figure out

a way to get your gas rights
back from the venezuelans.

By making himself rich?
I'll pass.

Great. Give away your future.
Why should I care?

John Ross,
just hold on a minute.

No, no.
Let him save his own ass.

All right, now! That's it!
Just stop it!

This family is in trouble!

And we need to work together
to get out of it!

Now sit down!

Both of you!

If I have to sit you down,
son, I will.

All right, now.

Where was I?

You were threatening
to kick our ass.


Both of you...

You both...

you okay, Uncle Bobby?

My eyes.

Dad! Dad!

Call 911.
I'll go get Ann.

I can't feel my face.
You're gonna be okay.

We need an ambulance
at Southfork Ridge right now.

Please hurry.

It's gonna be okay,

He's right here.

Thank you.

How is he?

Just woke up.

He's talking.

They said it was
some kind of brain seizure.

Oh, my God.

What could it have been?

Could it have been a...
we don't know.

They're, uh...
they're running tests.

The doctor should be here soon,
so I should go back in.

I'm gonna stick around, okay?


You had started to ask if the
seizure was caused by something.

Christopher cut you off.

Caused by what?

Bobby has cancer.

They removed a tumor
from his stomach,

but they said
it could spread.

Why didn't anyone
tell me?

Wh... why didn't you
tell me?

Bobby asked me not to.

He thought that if you knew
about his cancer,

you and J.R. Would use it
against him to get Southfork.

I'll be back.

What's up?

Find my father.

You know,
I would if I could,

but when J.R.
Wants to get gone...

I've never
kicked an old man's ass,

but today's
as good a day as any.

Tell him
his brother's dying.

Has the cancer spread
to his brain?

Bobby's still cancer-free.

Then what
caused the seizure?

A cerebral aneurysm.

How did I get that?

Congenital weakness.

Your chemotherapy treatments
have also

spiked your blood pressure
higher than we expected.

What do we do next?

Well, right now,
we sit tight,

see how he responds
to the medicine,

let him rest a few days,
get his strength back,

then we can operate.

Why can't we
operate now?

Well, it's a delicate procedure.
Significant risks.

We'll have much better odds once
we get his blood pressure down.

get my clothes.

What? Where the hell do
you think you're going?

You heard the doctor, honey.
They can't operate for a while.

I'm going home. Dad... dad,
you have to stay here.

Can you please tell him to stop being an idiot?
Bobby, listen to me.

I know
I can't keep you here,

but if you leave
and that aneurysm bursts,

you got a 30% chance
of being dead

before you even
hit the ground.


Now where's my clothes?

- Bobby.
- Dad.

Annie, if I stay
caged up in here,

it will raise
my blood pressure.

Now, I won't do anything stupid.
We can get a nurse.

We can get hospital equipment
and an ambulance to stand by.

And why can't you just
stay here?

If it's really
my time to go...

I don't want to be
surrounded by strangers.

Ah, he's resting.

But it's been
a long night.

Is this
where he slept all night?

In case Bobby needed him.

Mrs. Ewing?

Mr. Ewing is awake,
and he wants to do things.

I'll be right back.




What are you
doing here?

Oh, um,
Ann called about Bobby.

I thought maybe...

uh, that came out wrong.

I'm glad you came.

How's he doing?

He's, uh...

He's doing okay.

You mind if I try?


Oh, it's... that's okay.

No, really, it's...

no, I totally
understand if...

Rebecca, it's okay.

Oh, wow.

How's that feel?

It feels good.

I need some help
with your father.

I'll be right back.


Is he okay?

Yeah, he's just not...

Get me his key card...

or I put a bullet
in your little fairytale.

It's not like I want to go
rope a steer or something.

I just want to take a walk.
I'm going nuts in this bed.

What's this for?

I want you
to leave a message

to the grandchildren
you're never gonna meet

explaining to them
how you would have loved

to have been
a part of their lives,

but you can't
'cause you're dead.

No, stop it! I mean it!
You can't go in there!

Carmen, this is my home.
I can go anyplace I want.

Ah, you take a little vacation,
everything falls apart.

Hello, J.R.
Get out!

Now, just calm down,

Don't you darlin' me...
this is your fault!

Get out! I don't see
how it's my fault.

Well, of course you don't.
You're a sociopath!

Well, there's no need to call names!
You know what?

Since you're too stupid
to figure it out,

I'll make it clear.

You're not welcome
at Southfork.

I own the deed
to this ranch,

and the man in that room
is my baby brother.

Until those two things change,
I'm not going anywhere.

If I catch you anywhere near
Bobby's room, I'll shoot you!

And since you have no heart,
it'll be somewhere more vital.

Damn woman's
out of her mind.

He's a piece of work.

Yeah, well, that's just
what makes J.R. J.R.

Can I get you anything?

What I want, no.

No, you can't get.

Try me.

Peace in this family.

You did everything
you could, dad.


No, I screwed up.

If I hadn't have sold

you wouldn't have had to give
away a piece of your future.

I'm sorry about that.

Where's my father?

Ann chased him
back into his room.

That's not the only reason
I called.

I'm not gonna fight you

on slant-drilling
under Southfork anymore.

I'm glad you're finally
being reasonable.

Reason's got
nothing to do with it.

The only way you get to drill
is if you get J.R.

To sign the Southfork deed
back over to my father.

He doesn't need the deed
to drill.

He has the mineral rights.

It's not about that.

It's about giving my father some
peace of mind, in case he...

There's no way on earth that
J.R.'S gonna give up Southfork.

You know that.

Here's what I know.

You keep saying you want to fix
the damage you've done.

I know you love
your father.

But your whole life,

my father was there for you
when J.R. Wasn't.

The John Ross that I
used to know loved my father.

And if any of that person
is still inside of you,

you'll do whatever it takes
to get Southfork back for him.

I'm not signing over
Southfork to anybody.

The thing we should be
concentrating on

is a little payback
to the boys who did that to you.

It's a little late
for that.

Lucky for me, I had Uncle Bobby
to get me out of that situation.

Well, I got here
as soon as I heard.

Hmm. Southfork is useless to you
without the mineral rights.

Now, Uncle Bobby
has agreed to drill.

Once the Venezuelans
are paid off,

your piece of that oil,
it'll get you back on top.

Christopher already agreed

to pay off the venezuelans
with his gas rights.

What's gotten into you,

A little decency.

They should not have to clean up
after our mess.

Haven't we put Uncle Bobby
through enough?!

You're confusing
emotion with business.

This land is finally mine like
it should have been all along.

I'm so damn tired of hearing
about your birthright.

What did you say?

Can't you just
let it go?

Southfork isn't just
a piece of dirt.

It's as much a part of me
as my blood and my bones.

And I've paid
a hell of a price for it.

I thought you
of all the people in the world

would understand that.

You'd better
look for a new place to live.

I'm too old
to have a roommate.

is Bobby all right?

That's on stand-by,
in case.

How is he?

Other than driving Ann crazy,
he's... he's doing fine.

Where are you going?

J.R. Wants his room back.
He's here?!

What happened?

Christopher agreed
to let us slant-drill Southfork

as long as J.R.
Signed the deed over.

We finally got
what we always wanted,

but he's being
pig-headed and selfish.

That's so unlike J.R.

I don't know
why you're so surprised.

This is who your father
has always been.

This is who
he'll always be.

I spent my entire life
missing him,

wanting to be with him,
wanting to him.

He's J.R. Ewing.

I always thought
if I was more like him

that he'd be proud of me.

That would be enough.

But it isn't.

I love my father.

But he's so lost in...

lost in his own anger
and bitter...


There's no room
for anybody else.

Sue Ellen.

You gotta help me get in
to see Bobby.

Wife number three is at the
door, and she's packing heat.

You leave a path of destruction
everywhere you go...

Bobby, me, John Ross.

Bobby and I
are used to it.

But you are done
destroying our son's life.

Is this about me
giving away Southfork?

It's about
your whole life.

The depression that put you into
that nursing home happened

because all you really cared
about was you being on top.

And when it all fell apart,
you realized...

You had nothing.

Well, I'm back, honey.

And I'm gonna be
bigger than ever.

And you still have

He called me
"wife number three"?

That's when I slapped him.

That deserves a muffin.

What's the matter?

Harris knows I...

Bribed the medical examiner

to try to get John Ross
out of jail.

And he's blackmailing you.

He wants me
to launder money.

What are you gonna do?

No, there has to be a way
out of this, sue Ellen.

We just have to think.

I would have made a good
governor, don't you think?

You would have been
a great governor.

Mr. Bobby
wants to see you.

Miss Ann is gone.

I'll be right outside,
Mr. Ewing.

Thank you.

You could have told me
about the cancer.

Slipped my mind.

I guess I was too busy

trying to undo
all the damage you caused.

Okay, I admit I have lapses
where I do wrong now and then.

No, J.R.... Your lapses
aren't when you do wrong.

Your lapses
are when you do right.

You're like the scorpion
who said to the frog,

"it's just in my nature."

Well, are you happy
with your doctor?

'Cause I've given
a truckload of money

to the U.T. Medical school.

I love you.

No matter what.

You remember that.

Now, my memory's not
what it used to be, either.

You're just gonna have to
keep telling me.

Nobody lives forever.

Well, I'm not
gonna stand here

and listen to you
write your obituary.

If you have something
to say to me,

you say it when they get
that thing fixed in your head.

Can you imagine
what Ewing oil would be today

if our fathers had been allies
instead of enemies?

Bigger than exxon.

It didn't have to be
this way.

Jock... he set them
against each other.

And we carried on
the family tradition.

Look where that got us.

What? It doesn't
have to be this way.

What are you
talking about?

Wait... you and me?

How many beers
you drink today?

I don't trust you, either.
But I know all your moves.

And I know you can find oil

You got that right.

"Ewing energies" has a nice ring
to it, don't you think?

"An I.O.U. For the first share
of Ewing energies"?

Christopher and I have decided
to go into business together

with Elena as a partner.



I know, okay?

But the difference
between old Ewing oil

and new Ewing energies

is that John Ross and I
will be equal partners.

No need to fight
for position.

How did this happen?

I realized that gas hydrates
may be the future,

but the infrastructure
needed to monetize it...

the outfitting
of the drilling rigs,

and the setting up
of the pipelines...

it takes time and money.

There are billions
to be made right now

with the new
oil-drilling technology

that Elena and I
have been working on.

We can get oil
from reservoirs

that were unproductive
just a few years ago.

And we'll use the oil
to bankroll gas hydrates,

get it up and running,

and get the Ewing name
back on top, where it belongs.

There's lots of nice
buildings downtown

that'd look a lot better with
the Ewing name on top of 'em.

You'll be
an equal partner, dad.

What about J.R.?

The mineral trust says the oil
under Southfork is partly his.

And he'll get the profits
from that oil, but nothing else.

And you... you're throwing your
lot in with these two yahoos?

Against my better judgment, yes.

We thought it was time for
a little peace in this family.

Well, I wish I could say
I knew this was gonna work.

But the two of you
are a lot smarter

than J.R. And I were
at your age,

so maybe
it does have a chance.

But you
keep your eye on him.

And you
keep your eye on him.

And you, my dear,
are gonna have to keep

both your eyes
on both of them.

All right.

Hey, J.R.?

You're welcome.

No need to get emotional.

You're still not
off the hook

for how you got this
in the first place.

Well, if you die,
I'll get that back.

Tell me you have
the key card.

no, no. No, no.

All I want to hear you say is,
"yes, I have the key card."

Huh? Say it.

I don't have it.

I'm not doing this.

You owe me.

You know that you do.

Just... just do this
one last thing, and I'm gone.

No. I'm done.

I gave you the rings.
They're worth a lot of money.

You're talking about rings!

I'm talking about millions!

I got one of the richest guys
in the world on the hook.

I have to go.

No. No. No. No. No.
No. No. No. No.

Rebecca, don't hang up.

Don't hang up.

Where are you right now?


We'll... we'll...
we'll talk.



Rebecca, don't s...

It's been a while.

Yes, I guess it has.

If there's anything I can do
for you, just let me know.

A moment alone
would be great.

Yes. Of course.

Thank you.

♪ Music plays ♪

Thank you. I'm done.

I know you said a day, but
y-you have to let me explain.

Your services
are no longer required.

No, I can get you
the plans.

Goodbye, Tommy.

Frank. No, we had a deal.

Forget my name.

Lew, if this is bad news,
I'm hanging up.

We finally have a lead

on the woman who was
impersonating Marta del Sol.

A lead?
Yeah, it's solid, too.

Her credit card was linked
to a cloud storage service.

I'm waiting
on access, but the company says

she has gigabytes of documents
and video stored on the drive.

So if we find any proof
of J.R.'S fraud

or the Venezuelans' involvement
in the del Sol sale on there,

it'll void the deal

and get you off the hook
with those crooks for good.

The question is,

if we find proof
J.R. Was part of the fraud,

are you ready to send
your brother to jail for it?


Tell me what you find.

Will do.


I need help in here!

Aah! Aah!

I need help in here!

What's going on?
We need the ambulance.


Get the ambulance!


I was fine living off
the little cons I was pulling.

Then you show up,
wiggle your ass,

tell me I'm gonna make millions
off of this Texas oil kid.

Move to China
for two years.


Be your brother.

I did everything you asked me to do.
You did. Please!

I'll find out a way to get you
some money! I swear!


Aah! No, Tommy!


Please leave.
You have to go.