Dallas (2012–2014): Season 1, Episode 8 - No Good Deed - full transcript

After Veronica, the false Martha, falls to her death, presumably a staged suicide, from her hotel John Ross is arrested as sole murder suspect, having been seen leaving there, while her ...

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Previously on "Dallas"...

I own lien and your family ranch,

and if I don't get my oil,

I'm going to be forced
to take your home.

What if I were willing
to make a trade for more time?

Marta del Sol...

She skimmed off the sale
of Southfork.

- How far along are you?
- Nine weeks.

Have you told Christopher?

I tried.

Rebecca, he has to know.

You're having twins.

Once I'm governor,

I am planning
on making new appointments.

You'd make a good choice.

People like me,

we need to make sure

that people like you
get into office.

Where are you going?

Well, what fun would I get
out of telling you that?

Besides, what you don't know
you can't tell.

- Please, please.
- You filming this?

We're looking for
John Ross Ewing.

We've got witnesses who say
a man matching your description

and your plates was seen

fleeing the scene of a crime
this afternoon.

- What crime?
- The murder of Marta del Sol.

What were you doing in that
woman's hotel room, John Ross?

She was the woman pretending
to be Marta del Sol.

She was pissed because
J.R. messed up her deal,

and with him gone,

she wanted a face-to-face
with me.

She used you
to get to me.

I don't...

I don't understand.

She stole your phone.
She pretended she had you.

And I went there
to save you.

My God. Well...

What happened?

We had a fight,

I grabbed her phone,
and I left.

Like I keep telling them,

she was alive when I did!

Not exactly the confession
you were hoping for?

We've got eyewitnesses
who saw you fleeing the scene,

sings of a struggle...

And that scratch
on your neck...

I am pretty sure
the DNA samples we took

from under
the victim's fingernails

are gonna match yours.

You didn't find
a surveillance camera?

P.E.S. combed
the entire room.

If there was a camera,
we would have found it.

That doesn't make sense.

John Ross...

If you know something

that could help you...


I got nothing left to say.

John Ross Ewing,
you're under arrest

for the murder
of Veronica Martinez.

S01 Ep08 - No Good Deed

I have hired the best criminal
defense attorney in the country.

In just a matter of time,
you'll be proven innocent,

or it'll be ruled
a suicide.

That's great.


Elena thinks that...

You might be holding
something back.

And if you are,

you need to tell a lawyer...

And me.

Well, it's not
that simple, mama.

You had better not be protecting
your father, John Ross.

I will not let you fall
on that sword.

This isn't his fault.

It's mine.

When Elena accused me
of sending that e-mail...

I had an affair
with Marta.

I know I shouldn't
have done it,

but I did.

She got jealous,
and, well...

Things got out of hand.

So, it was a suicide.

I don't know.

You're scaring me,
John Ross.

Did this have anything to do
with your father's investors?

Look, I don't want to get you
involved in this, mother.

You are running for governor.
You got too much to lose.

I have my son to lose.

And nothing is more important
than that.

I will not let you
take responsibility

for a crime
that you did not commit.

I'm not.

Look, Elena cannot find out
about Marta and I.

It will hurt her too much.

And it meant nothing.

We need to get in touch
with your father.

Mama, this is my mess
to clean up,

not J.R.'s.

I'm handling it.

I'm handling it.

So, where do we go
from here?

If you're asking
about my responsibilities,

don't worry...
I'll be the best father I can.

You remember the night
you proposed to me?

You told me that night

about how hard it was
when your parents divorced,

about how much you missed
your mom when she was gone...

...and that the only thing
you wanted for our kids

was the one thing
you didn't have...

Both parents
under one roof.

Well, I'm not the one
who killed that dream.

I know it's my fault.

I know that.

But the thing is...

We're gonna be parents...


But every time
you look at me,

all I see is anger.

Because every time
I think about what you did,

all I feel is anger.

You think we'll ever
get past that?

I don't know.

Her real name was
Veronica Martinez.

She was originally
from Venezuela,

and she had been living here
ever since Chavez took over.

Did she have
a criminal record?

A couple of
restraining orders.

And she had been

with more than a few
shady business transactions.

I can't believe J.R. got
this family involved

with the likes of her.

So, what about John Ross?

He may be ambitious,
but he's no murderer.

Well, he's the only suspect
Dallas P.D. has.

The evidence is mostly

but unless her death
is ruled a suicide,

I'm sorry, Mr. Ewing,
it doesn't look good.

Well, thanks for bringing
the information out, Derrick.

I owe you one.

I'll keep you in the loop
if I hear anything else.


Well, it just keeps
getting better and better,

doesn't it?

You want some breakfast?

No, I got to get
to the lab.

Everything's still going well,
isn't it?

Yeah. It is.

I just got a lot
of work to do

now that the large-scale testing
on my rig is almost done.

But I think it's more
than time

I got my life
back on track.



Coffee's fresh.

Thank you.

So, how are you holding up,

Not good.

His lawyer doesn't even know
if he'll make bail.

I just wish there was something
more I could do.



Please, say it.

Look, I'm sorry,

but he's got no one
to blame but himself

for getting caught up
in this.

I mean, maybe he didn't kill
that woman,

but you play with snakes
long enough

and eventually
you get bit.

I get that you're mad
at him.

But are you really
so blinded by anger

that you want
to see him punished

for something
he didn't do?

You two grew up together.

You were best friends.

That was a long time ago.


Wait up a sec.

I hate to ask,
but I need a favor.

What do you need?

A background check?

For who?

My wife.

Rebecca Sutter.

Sure thing, Chris.

Happy to help.

Appreciate it.

I got your message.

What is it you wanted
to discuss?

I know Marta
taped me yesterday.

That footage would have proved
that she was alive when I left.

But the police...
They never found the camera.

I'm guessing your men did.

I'm sorry.

I don't think I know
what you're talking about.

You know damn well
I'm in here for a murder

I did not commit.

How could you do it?

Marta had problems.

She wasn't dangerous.

Disloyalty is dangerous.

And need I remind you
that you...

Are the one who told us
that she was a thief?

That's it.

I'm gonna come clean
to the cops.

I may have
committed fraud,

but I did not kill Marta.

Be very careful,
Mr. Ewing.

Pointing fingers
in the wrong direction

could be hazardous to you
and your entire family.

You son of a bitch.

And this footage
you think we have...

It's a funny thing
about video.

It can be edited.

And out of context,

could be very damaging
to your case.

What was it
you said to her?

"I will end you"?

And I just want to know
one thing.

Where is my oil?

Well, it's kind of tough
to do business behind bars.

I was promised
2,000 barrels a day,

and I think I've been more
than patient.

Like I told you,
everything is on track.

It's just taken
a little longer than expected

to get this well back up
and running again.

Same excuse as last time.

A more suspicious man
would think there was a problem.

There's no problem.

You get me out of here,
you'll get your oil.

I'm sorry, Mr. Ewing.

Your time is up.

Mr. Ewing?

Paul Jacobs,

vice president
of upstream research

for EXXON Mobil.

What are you doing here?

We've heard about
the drill rig

you're testing
in the Gulf of Mexico.

Word travels fast.

Well, if what
I hear is true,

your technology could trigger
the next big energy revolution.

That may be
overstating things a bit.

Is it?

If you've found a way
to use carbon dioxide

to remove methane
from hydrates,

I'd say it's right
on point.

So on point, EXXON is willing
to be proactive here.

We'd like to talk
exclusive rights,

and we're willing to make it
more than worth your while.

All due respect,

mister... Jacobs?

But you're a day late
and a dollar short.

Two months ago,
I was beating down the door

of every green-tech
venture capitalist

and R&D department
this side of the Mississippi.

And now that I've gotten
this far, on my own,

I won't be licensing
my technology to anyone.

It'll be at the heart of
Ewing Alternative Energies.

So that's it, then?

I'm afraid so.

Well, I'll be getting
a promotion

when I bring your technology

So I'll be
calling again.

You doing okay?

I'm worried I'm bringing
my babies

into a terrible situation.

I mean...

Their lives have
barely begun,

and I feel like I've already
let them down.

You're working very hard

to take your life
into your own hands.

And I just know
you're doing everything you can

to make sure those babies
have the kind of childhood

you didn't.

That's all I want.

If you ask me,

I think those babies
are lucky to have you.

Well, if it isn't
the two Mrs. Ewings.

I thought
I made myself clear.

I wanted you gone
for good.

I missed you, too, sis.

What are you doing
back here?

Rebecca's the only family
I have.

I can't just walk away.

Well, Rebecca may be
the only family you've got,

but she is trying very hard
to turn her life around.

And I think it's high time
you do the same.

You both need a fresh start.

That's easier said
than done.

Maybe not.

I have a cousin
in Oklahoma who owns a ranch.

She's always looking
for ranch hands,

especially ones
as good as you.

Well, that's awfully gracious,
Mrs. Ewing.

Yes. It is.
You don't have to do that, Ann.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe a fresh start
is just what I need.

You really think that
you can get me a job?


Okay, then.

I'll just go upstairs,

pack the rest of my stuff,
and I'll go.

For good.

Can I help you gentlemen?

Are you Bobby Ewing?


Then I believe we have
some business to discuss.

And so you see, Mr. Ewing,

in fronting the money
to your brother,

we needed
certain assurances...

Not unlike a bank.

Which means that,
until our loan is paid off

through the oil
that was promised us,

we hold a lien
on Southfork.

Here's a copy
of the loan agreement

for you to review.


I'm not sure
what the hold-up is,

but if we don't start getting
our oil immediately,

I'm going to have no choice
but to call in the loan

and take ownership
of Southfork.

With all due respect,
Mr. Cano,

your fraudulent deal
was with my brother,

not with me.

"Fraudulent deal."

I don't know
what you're talking about.

No, of course you don't.

So let me be clear.

You may hold the note
to Southfork,

but what my nephew neglected
to mention to you

was that I control
the mineral rights.

So you can call in
your note.

But you will never
pump a drop of oil

on Southfork.

And I think it would be
in your best interest

to get the hell
out of my house.

Are you John Ross Ewing?

What's it to you?

We got a message
from Vicente.

He doesn't like liars.

Tell your uncle he better get
Vicente's oil,

or next time we kill you.

He's got the nerve
to came into my home

and threaten me!

what he said is true.

Unless Vicente gets the oil

he was promised to pay off the loan,

he can take Southfork.

These are criminals, Lew.

Hell, they're probably the ones
who killed Marta!

That may be,
but unless we can prove fraud,

they are criminals
with a legally valid agreement.

This is our first
big break.

Now we know
who J.R.'s investors are,

and we know
Marta's real name.

There's gotta be a way
to link them to the fraud.

I want no stone unturned
on this.

There's got to be a shred
of evidence out there somewhere

to prove that they colluded
with J.R. to steal Southfork!

My investigators are on it.

If there is anything
there, we'll find it.

How the hell could J.R. do this
to his own family?

How much time do you have?

Son, ever since mama
left me this ranch,

J.R. has been desperate
to get it back.

I just never thought
he'd be so desperate

that he'd risk
losing it altogether.

Lew, what if we go to
the U.S. attorney's office?

Launch an investigation
into Vicente.

There's no way
his background is clean.

If we can prove
they had something to do

with Marta's death...

It's John Ross.

Sue Ellen.

Sue Ellen,
what happened?

They beat him senseless.

Can't go in there
right now, ma'am.

Is he gonna be okay?

The doctor said
he may have internal bleeding.

They're gonna monitor him
for 24 hours.

My God.

Sue Ellen...

Where the hell
were the guards?

Some inmates got to him when
the guards weren't around.

A Latino gang.


This was him.

This is Vicente's way
of sending a message.

Sue Ellen.

Sue Ellen.

We've got to talk to
John Ross' lawyer right away

and get him out on bail
no matter what.

We can't let the jail
put him back in there

with the rest
of those prisoners.

You okay?

I'm trying my best
to keep it all together.

But after seeing him
like that...

...it just broke my heart.

I...I should be doing
so much more.

You're doing everything
you can.

No, I'm not.

This whole time,

I've been... so angry

At J.R.
for not being here,

for leaving John Ross
in this awful mess.

But also because I know
he's a son of a bitch

and he's not afraid
to cross the line...

Whenever that line
needs crossing.

But you are.

I feel like
such a hypocrite.

for the past 20 years,

I've tried to walk
this side of right.

But the only way I can see
for me to help John Ross...

Is if I cross a line.

A big one.

And if I do that...

What does that make me?

A mother.

Did you come to gloat?

'Cause I'm really not
in the mood for a lecture.

John Ross...

No matter how angry I am,

you don't deserve this.

Who did this to you?

Was it Vicente's men?

They told me if Vicente
doesn't get his oil,

they'd kill me.

Just like they did Marta.

Then why haven't you
told the police?

I can't.

I've already put our family
through enough.

These people are dangerous,


We need to find another way
to prove to the police

that you didn't do this.

What are you
not telling me?

The day I went there...

She taped the whole thing.

But the venezuelans
stole the damn camera.

Vicente's threatening to use it
against me.

It shows me fighting
with Marta,

threatening her,

but it also shows her alive
when I left.

I shouldn't have gotten us
involved with these people.

If I wasn't so damn desperate
to drill that oil.

To measure up to J.R.

What the hell is that?

You got an update
on that rat Frank Ashkani?

Not yet.

Well, get on it.

He and Barnes
are up to something,

and I want to know
exactly what it is

before Sue Ellen
steps in it.

That's not why
I'm calling.

Well, what is it?

I've got some bad news.


I spent the last 20 years
trying to protect this land.

Protect your legacy.

I remember you once
told me that...

Family is like baking a cake
from scratch...

Real messy.

Well, I wish I could tell you
things were different, mama,

but they're not.

Our family is as fractured

and dysfunctional as always.

And I keep trying to think
what you'd do if you were here.

But I know.

You'd do whatever it takes
to protect the family.

And that's just what
I'm gonna do, mama.

I know you'll understand.

We can't let those people
to get John Ross again.

So, until we can prove
their deal with J.R.

is built on a house of cards,

until we can prove fraud,

we're gonna have to start
pumping oil here on Southfork.

- At least until John Ross is safe.
- No.

I can't let you do that.

I don't see we have
a choice, son.

Maybe we do.

I think I can keep us
from pumping oil.

And help John Ross.

- How?
- The venezuelans want oil?

Well, I can give them
something better.

I don't want you putting yourself
in the line of fire, son.

Dad, it's my turn
to start sacrificing.

It's my turn to start taking
care of this family.

Well, what are you
gonna do?

I'm gonna make them an offer
they can't refuse.

Sue Ellen.

You can't be here.

We can't discuss a case
until I've made a ruling.

Well, this won't take long.
I-I promise.

Harris Ryland tells me
you're extremely persistent.

I get the feeling you're not
gonna take no for an answer.

My son had nothing
to do with this.

My job isn't to decide guilt
or innocence, Sue Ellen.

He was there that night,
but he's not guilty.

That woman was
highly unstable.

This was a suicide.

And your report
needs to confirm that.

This is highly improper,
Sue Ellen,

and, before you say
anything else...

I'm going to be the next
governor of Texas.

You could be the next
chief medical examiner.

You expect me to take a bribe,
Sue Ellen?

I'm not bribing you,

I am simply asking you
to do something

that could be beneficial
for both of us.

On the other hand,
I have sources

that have told me that you've
been writing more prescriptions

than Michael Jackson's

which is odd,

since all of your patients
are dead.

Quite frankly,

my patience with your family
is running out.

I'm sorry you had to come
all this way,

but I'm afraid
a deal is a deal.

Well, I think we both know

that this deal was built
on a pack of lies.

I don't do well
with accusations,

Mr. Ewing.

And I won't be convinced
to change my plans.

The oil we were promised
is part of a much bigger deal.

You see, when Chavez
nationalized the oil fields

of my country,

my partners and I
lost billions of dollars.

Now, where I come from,
oil is power,

just like here in Texas.

Now, Chavez may have
taken that power away...

...but we're going
to reclaim it.

You and I both know that oil
is a finite resource.

But this?

Vast amounts
of these hydrates

are off the coasts
of every continent,

especially in Equatorial regions
like Venezuela.

Why should I care
about chunks of ice?

Because of
what's inside them.


One cubic meter
of solid hydrate

contains 164 cubic meters
of natural gas.

If there's so much energy
in these... hydrates,

why hasn't someone
exploited it?

Because until now,
no one had figured out

a safe and economical way
to extract it.

But you have.

EXXON just tried to buy
exclusive rights.

I turned them down.

You were offered 14%
of a 2-billion barrel reserve.

With my drill system,

you can unlock more energy
than all the coal, oil, and gas

in Venezuela combined.

What kind of power
that would give you?

I'm listening.

I'll give you exclusive
South American rights,

instead of the oil that you were
promised from Southfork.

You'll have an almost
unlimited stream

of natural gas.

I have to talk
to my partners about this.

And of course we would need
certain assurances

that your technology
is sound.

Of course.

There's one more thing.

The footage you have
of John Ross.

I think we both know
it will exonerate him.

Careful, Mr. Ewing.

It shows that Marta
was still alive when he left.

And I want it.

Thank you.

What is it?

I don't want
to get your hopes up,

but, uh, I spoke
to the medical examiner,

and I think he's gonna rule this
a suicide.

I don't see
how that's possible,

but... I like
your optimism.

I dreamt last night
that daddy came to visit me.

I must be high
from all the drugs,

I guess so.

They're transferring me back
to jail this afternoon.

They can't do that.

You're being released.

Yeah, I know.
I'm going back later today.

No, you're being released
from jail.

The charges have been dropped,
Mr. Ewing.

Just when you have no faith
in the system,

somebody comes along
and rules it a suicide.

No, that's not it.

The camera
you told us about...

Hotel maintenance
found it on the roof.

The victim must have
thrown it out the window.

It shows Veronica Martinez
was still alive when you left.

We'll wait to hear
what the M.E. has to say,

but maybe she really jumped
after all.

Well, I'll be damned.

let me get the door.

Mama, I'm fine.

The phone.

Take it.
I'm fine.

Are you sure?



You okay?

I am now.

I don't know
what I would have done

if I'd lost you,
John Ross.

I don't understand.

How could I know
they would drop the charges?

I risked my career,
Sue Ellen.

But it was a suicide.

It wasn't.

The victim had
defensive wounds.

Since your son
is innocent,

that means I just let
the real killer walk.

I should have never let you
talk me into this.

Be smart.

No one has to know
about this.


You sure you're okay?

I think I'll live.

Can you give me a sec,


You look like hell.

Still better-looking
than you.

Why'd you do it?

After everything
I've done.

I realized
at the hospital,

this whole time
we've been fighting,

it turns out we're not
so different after all.

What do you mean?

We're both just trying
to make our fathers proud.

Thank you, cousin.

Thank you.

Well done, son.

So, now that John Ross
is safe,

we have to figure out
a way to get Southfork back.

I'm just sorry that you had
to make a deal with those men.

I did what I had to.

For my family.

By the way...

Derrick, he dropped this off
for you this morning.

Sue Ellen?

You should have, uh, told me
what Christopher was up to.

I'm sorry.

It just all happened
so fast.

And I didn't know
if it would work.

I bribed
a medical examiner, Ann.

You were trying
to protect your son, Sue Ellen.

I crossed a line I promised
myself I never would cross.

And I let someone else
get away with murder.

And I did it all
for nothing.

I had the sheriff do
a background check on you.

It was clean.

I'm sorry.

I'm glad you did.

I want more than anything

for you to be able
to trust me again.

You know, I'm so tired
of being angry

at everything
and everyone.

I want to let it go,

But I'm not sure
if I can.

Look, I need to know

there's nothing else
you're not telling me.

I need to be sure that
there are no more secrets.

There aren't.

What part of "get the hell out
of here" don't you understand?

Come on.

I know my little performance
for Ann was impressive,

but you didn't think
I'd gone for good, did you?

I gave you those rings,
and I meant what I said.

We're done, Tommy.

Yeah, about your little
proposal... I don't accept it.

Yeah, well,
you don't have a choice.

I won't be a part
of this anymore.

I'm pregnant.

And I need to make my relationship
with Christopher work.

And I couldn't be happier
for you, Mrs. Ewing.

But I've been doing
some thinking.

And after putting two years
of my life into this,

it's gonna take a little more
than some fancy rings

to get rid of me.

Especially now.

What are you
talking about?

It seems EXXON paid a visit
to our little Christopher.

They're very interested
in his gas-extraction process.

He figured it out,

And if the e-mail that exec sent
to Christopher is true,

his technology
is worth billions.

You got your payout.
It's over.

- Now you gotta get out of here.
- Sorry, sis.

I don't think so.

I've already got a buyer
lined up.

And he doesn't care
about rights

or patents.

He wants the plans
to that drill system,

and he's gonna give me
a hell of a lot more

than your little payout.

So, I think we're gonna need
to renegotiate.

I will not...

Man, are you so deep
in this lie

that you still think
we're brother and sister?

Because if you don't steal me
that technology,

I'm gonna tell Christopher