Dallas (2012–2014): Season 1, Episode 7 - Collateral Damage - full transcript

Christopher suspects another ploy and demands a paternity test when told, after Elena guessed, that Rebecca is pregnant. Desperate for oil he can't drill on Southfork but already sold to ruthless Venezuelans, John Ross tries in vain to win Ray's vote trough Lucy. Sue Ellen forces Elena to help him out temporarily during an extension which Vicente Cano grants after John Ross betrays Veronica, the false Martha, who admitted having stolen from them while offering in vain to team up with John Ross in bed and business again. Threatened with a nasty lawsuit, Bobby grudgingly apologizes to Ann's ex Harris Ryland for slapping him as 'wife-stalker', is handed a file on her darkest secret but burns it unread before her eyes. Bum's research suggest to J.R. Cliff's ambitious, quasi-adopted Pakistani 'driver', in fact chief henchman with a Harvard degree, may be his arch-rival's Achilles heel.

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Previously on "Dallas"...

- What the hell is this?
- A trust document,

your father may own Southfork,

but mine controls
the mineral rights.

We're shutting
your drilling down.

Veronica Martinez.

A.K.A. Marta del Sol.

I got a feeling she's gonna
try to hurt Elena.

Frank Ashkani.

What is it exactly you want
with Mr. Cliff Barnes?

Hello, Bum.

I need you to do
a little diggin' on Ashkani.

Just find out who he really is.


My buyers overseas
are anxious

to know when they can expect
their oil.

I found a DVD

of John Ross having sex
with Marta.

It proves he was in
on the fraud.

Thugs like Harris Ryland

never do anything without
strings attached. Annie!

Mr. Ewing. What brings you
to forth worth?

Stay away from Ann.

You okay?

What did the doctor say?

She's gonna run
a few more tests.

You and I are done, Tommy.

Just get out of Dallas

so we can both
move on with our lives.

I am in love
with Christopher.

And I'm pregnant.

♪ Music plays ♪

Whoa, whoa.

I need to drill,

and I can't if I don't have
the mineral rights.

Don't tell me
it's legally binding.

You're a trust lawyer.
Unbind it.

Don't you have
some cows to go birth?

You and Marta.

You know, I could've
used this against you,

but I didn't have to.

I shouldn't have to.

Remember when we used to play
pickup basketball, first to 10?

I always knew if I let you score
a few points,

you'd get cocky,
let your guard down.

The trust is airtight.

You're not gonna be able
to dissolve it

or get a majority vote.

We'll see about that.

You can't win,
John Ross.

Without the mineral rights
on Southfork,

you can't even sell the mud
off your boots.

I'll let you
have that for free.

The Ewing name might not mean
anything to you,

but it means something
to me.

And whatever
your next move is,

I hope you leave Elena
out of it.

Thanks for the coaster.

You know, just 'cause
I'm fighting fair

doesn't mean
I won't fight...

For Southfork
and for Elena.

♪ Theme music plays ♪

♪ music plays ♪


What are you doing here?

Um, I just came
to thank you

for driving me to the hospital
the other day.

I know I put you
in a really awkward position,

and, well, you were
really cool about it,

so... Thank you.

That's sweet.

I don't expect you
to forgive me

for what I did
to Christopher.

And I certainly know
it'll take

more than a gift basket
to get you there.

But I just... I just hope...

Are you okay?

Yeah, no, I'm fine.

No, no, you look sick.

Okay, my bathroom's
right there.

Nosebleed the other day wasn't
just random, was it?


How far along are you?

Nine weeks.

Did you know
before the...

the hospital? No.

Have you told

I tried calling.

He... he doesn't answer.

Becca, he has to know.

I know. I...

I'm sorry.

Um, I should go.

Oh, um...

I'm sorry I threw up
in your bathroom.


Where are you?

I'm at Neiman's.

Well, you gonna be
home soon?

I thought maybe
the two of us

could take a quick ride
before dinner.

Oh. Um...

I don't think
I can make it.

Rain check?

Sure. A rain check
would be fine.

I-I should go.
I'm in line.

I'll see you at dinner.

Come on.
Come here.

Come here.

All the grown-ups
were drinking.

I wanted to be
grown-up, too.

So I snuck that key,
got in that cabinet,

poured my drink
to the top.

Funny thing was, I thought it
was gonna taste like iced tea,

and even though it tasted
like battery acid,

I forced myself to drink
that whole drink.

to bourbon 101.

And that's
when you found me.

You were half past gone
on the floor,

and first thing I thought was,
"yep, he's his mama's son."

Lucy, you were, and always
will be, my favorite cousin.

What do you want?

I need you to talk
to Uncle Gary.

There's a mineral-rights trust
tied to Southfork,

and the only way I can drill

is if J.R. And Gary
sign off.

Southfork's is sittin'

on two billion barrels
of the purest crude.

Now, when Ewing oil is
back in the game,

we will all benefit.

You're not
that drunk little boy I found

passed out on the floor
anymore, are you?

No, ma'am, I am not.

I'm sure your daddy's
real proud.

If there's anyone Uncle Gary'll
listen to more than Bobby, it's you.

Now, if you can get him
to come down

in favor of me drilling
on Southfork,

I'm prepared to offer you
a stake in Ewing oil.

A significant stake.

Battery again?

No. Uh, spark plug, I think.

Actually, could you
give it a crank?


Any sparks?

Crankshaft sensor,

Yeah, maybe.


Christopher, don't.

I know.
You're with John Ross now.

Yeah, and you need
to respect that.

I do.

I mean, I should.

It's just...

I owe you a better apology for the
things I've said to you lately.

The only reason I shut you out of
the methane project was because...

you and I
were getting too close.

You were trying to be fair
to Rebecca.

I get that.

I care about you, Elena.

And I always should've fought
harder for you.

When you didn't show up
at our wedding,

instead of me acting
like some hurt teenager,

I should've gone
after you.

You need to call Rebecca. Why
do I need to talk to her?

Because she's been trying
to reach you.

how do you know that?

You really need
to call her.

Why are you harping
on this?

There are other ways to push me away,
if that's what you're trying to do.

She's pregnant!

She should've been the one
to tell you.

Wait, Christopher.

Okay, boys. Come on.
This'll be the last one.

Get him in there.
You can just drop it, Tommy.

There we go.

Got him? All right.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah.

Mr. Ewing?

Hey, boys, it's all right.
It's all right.

Just take that.


Can I help you
with something?

Hi. Are you Bobby Ewing? Yes.

Is there anything wrong?

Mr. Ewing,
you're under arrest

for the assault
of Harris Ryland.

- Lew, these charges are bullshit!
- I agree.

All Harris wants to do

is get me involved
in some stupid fight

so he can get his hooks
back into Ann.

There's a deal
on the table.

What kind of deal?

All Mr. Ryland really wants
is an apology.

and he will drop the charges.

Bobby, trust me, you don't want
to take this to court.

Mr. Ryland is...

Ryland is
a smug son of a bitch,

and I refuse to go to him
and kiss his ring.

Mr. Ryland
has his tentacles

wrapped around everyone,

big business, governments,
the courts.

One tug, Bobby,
and he can make this

unravel all around you.

Where are we
in trying to find J.R.?

You said
your investigators

were checking out
his phone records.

They found
nothing eyebrow-raising.

J.R. Was very careful.

Of course he was.
The nursing home?

We've already looked
at the security tapes.

Again, nothing.

If J.R. And Marta
did business,

it had to have
happened there.

My boys did turn this up.

It's information
on your brother's P.I, Bum.

I guess Elena told you.

Where's your brother?

I told him to leave.

Christopher, we need to talk
about what we're gonna do.

This is just another ruse.
I'm not lying.

You been lying to me
for the past two years.

How am I supposed to trust a single
word that comes out of your mouth?

We're having a baby,

Whether you're my husband
or not, you're still its father.

This is crazy.

I-I mean, this...
this is just another ploy.

Fine. Whatever you want
to tell yourself.

You know, I-I really thought
you'd be more adult about this,

considering what
your birth parents did to you,

but I guess not.

You think she's lying?

Well, she's lied
about everything else.

Oh, Christopher,
about a baby?

I made an appointment with
the doctor tomorrow morning.

We're getting
a paternity test.

Son, I know she lied.

But... but do you really think
she'd be unfaithful?

I don't know what she'd do.
She's a liar.

You know, that girl is trying
to do right by you,

and all you're being
is spiteful and cruel!


I'm sorry.

I don't know what's gotten
into me lately.

Those flowers
from Harris...

don't. Please.

Annie, ever since you got those
flowers, you've been edgy.

You haven't slept.
I'm fine, Bobby.


Well, there's, uh, something
I haven't told you.

Last week,
after you got the flowers,

I went to see Harris.


I slapped him around
a little,

and now
he's pressing charges.

He says he'll drop the charges,
but only if I apologize.

Why did you
go do that?

Because he deserved it.

This is unbelievable.

Don't. Please.
I can't.

♪ Music plays ♪

When you brought me here
for the first time,

I remember thinking,

"wow, if this is where
he takes me for a first date,

he must really think
I like him."

I knew you liked
good food.

And this place still has the
best jalapeño burger in town.


I was pretty confident
that I had you.


I don't know what I would do
without you, Elena.

These days,
I feel like I'm walkin'

on such shaky ground
left and right,

but when I'm with you,

everything is still.

When we get these rigs
up and running,

everything settles,

I think that you and I
should take a trip.


What is it?


What's wrong?

Uh, sorry.

I just remembered
something for work.

Do... do you mind if I go out
and use the phone real quick?

Be right back.

- Hello?
- Mr. Ewing.

Vicente wants to meet
with you tonight.

You tell Mr. Cano
I'm busy.

I'll call him
in the morning.

You will come
in one hour.

He wants a progress report
on the oil you promised.

One hour, Mr. Ewing.

Word travels like oil
in a pipeline, Mr. Ewing,

and the word is there's
no oil in your pipeline.

Just give me a couple more days.
You'll get your oil.

You know, we have a dance
in Venezuela

called the Joropo.

It's like a waltz,
you know,

except instead
of the usual 3/4 tempo,

it alternates
between 3/4 and 6/8.

6/8 is very fast.


Alternating between the two
tempos is very difficult.

It takes
a very... Skilled dancer...

someone like me.

My point is this.

I can spot a good dancer
when I see one, Mr. Ewing.

And you... Are not
a good dancer.

Don't forget I own the lien
on your family's ranch.

That was
part of the deal.

Mr. Cano, I-I know
that you're not interested

in the real-estate business.

You want oil.

What if I were willing
to make a trade for more time?

A trade? For what?


Marta del Sol.

We both know her
as Veronica.

She skimmed off
the sale of Southfork.

She lied to you
about the purchase price,

and she pocketed
the difference.

I found out,

and she has been
a real pain in my backside.

So get your guys
to spook her,

chase her out of town
back to Vegas.

Keep her the hell away
from me.

From us.

One more week,
Mr. Ewing.

That's it.

But if we don't get
what we were promised,

we will take Southfork
and everything beneath it.


What the hell?

Sorry, John Ross.

She in your pocket now?

How'd you play her?

Tradition, family,
miss Ellie, and all that crap?

She was never in the deal.

She and Gary
are siding with me.

But I am glad that you took her
out to brunch.

It's nice to see you two
staying so close.

I owe J.R.'s investors.

If I don't start producing oil
by the end of this week,

all hell is
gonna break loose.

I really had hoped
that you kids

would climb out of the hole
this family dug.

But J.R.'s just dragging you
down with him.

I cannot let my father
hang out to dry.


If J.R. Were here...

I'm sure he'd be proud.

Uncle Bobby,
you have to let me drill.

This is what's happening,
young man.

I stop you from drilling,
I link J.R. To the fraud,

and I get my deed back.

And then you and your daddy

never set foot
on my property again.

You should've
let me handle it.

I would've gone
straight to Gary.

Fat load of difference
that would've made.

Bobby and Gary won't budge,
I won't be able to drill,

my daddy's backers will have
my head on a pike,

and this whole deal
will go tits-up.

Have you heard
from your father?

You kiddin'?

I got no clue where he is
or how to get ahold of him.

And he wants it that way.

You owe people oil,

but it doesn't have
to be Southfork oil.

What about Elena's plot
on the Henderson site?

No, I am not gonna ask Elena
to float me some barrels.

I refuse to drag her
into this mess.

She's in the oil business.
She's in a mess already.

Elena's the one good thing
I got in my life,

and I want to keep her
that way.

I want her to stay safe.

You asked me to help.

Yeah, well,
I changed my mind.

A hundred-year-old trust
is not gonna hold up in court.

If my boy doesn't find a way
to dissolve it, his mama will.

I've stared down
worse barrels, Bum.

I sure wish
I had your faith, J.R.

John Ross
can handle himself.

He's a chip
off the old block.

Did you get that info I asked
for on Cliff's right hand?

I did.

First off, his name's not Frank.
It's Raheed Durrani.

Cliff plucked him off
of the streets of Islamabad

30 years ago,

took a real shine
to the kid,

treated him as his own...

gave him
an American education,

college degree,
fancy suits...

everything but
the heir-to-my-fortune part.

So he feels cheated?
Wouldn't you?

Guy's got a freakin' MBA,
and he's still a gofer?

A cheated man
is a dangerous man.

Just ask my son.

So, we'll run
the chorionic villus sampling

against your husband's
cheek swab,

and we should have results
by later this afternoon.

Thank you.

The day I met you
on that train,

I didn't know
where I was going.

Elena had just stood me up.

I was feeling sorry
for myself.

And then you sat across from me,
this beautiful woman.

You kept prodding me
and prodding me

until I came out
of my shell.

I thought you were
so sweet... Genuine.

Christopher, I'm sorry...

no, I'm the one
who's sorry.

I'm the one who fell in love
with a lie.

No, I'm sorry
for what I said yesterday

about your birth parents.

They abandoned you,

and you would never
abandon anyone.

I know you, Chris.

Maybe better than anyone.

Why doesn't he
just ask me himself?

Because he's a man.
And worse, he's a Ewing man.

And the Ewings
always have to believe

that they have everything
under control.

But the bigger truth is

John Ross is a good boy,
and he has a good heart,

and he doesn't want you to feel
that he's taking advantage.

But his father's investors

are very impatient
and very unreasonable,

and the barrels
you would be giving him

would only help
to tide them over

until John Ross can get
his operation fully going.

John Ross knows I want no part
of drilling on Southfork.

He respects that.
It's what he wants.

You wouldn't be drilling
at Southfork.

You would be helping John Ross
keep his head above water.

His father just dumped this
into his lap, warts and all,

and John Ross is just trying
to make the best of it.

I want my son to succeed.

And so do I.

You're not the only one
that cares about John Ross.

But I also care about
Christopher and Bobby.

Don't you?

Elena, when the day comes
that you have to choose

between your child
and anybody else,

I hope you choose wisely.

And as the sole investor
in your growing enterprise,

I hope you always make
the wise choice.

Hey. I'm glad it's you.

Look, I need to ask you

Whatever you
need to ask her,

I'll be sure
to pass it on.

How the hell do you have
her phone?

Why don't we
ask her together?

what have you done?

There's a hotel
at the corner

of Walker and third...
room 918.

And don't even think about calling
the police. I'll hurt her.

Listen, you crazy,
messed-up bitch,

you lay one finger
on her...





Where the hell
is she?

They've been
following me all day.

Thank God you're here.

Marta, where is Elena?

I know it was you who sold me
out to Vicente.

It's okay.


She's not here.

You need to help me.

Why would I help?

Because you got me
into this!

If you so much as scratch her,
I will end you.

If you care about her safety
at all, you will help me.


This a bad time?

Um, my phone's missing.

I thought I left it
at the restaurant,

but it's not there.

I'm sorry.

How are you doing?

I've been better.

You shouldn't have found out
the way you did.

That was wrong of me.

No, it... it wasn't.

You know, you did what
you thought was right.

And now you have to do
the right thing.

Elena, I still want
to be with you.

No, Christopher, we can't... it
doesn't matter what the test says.

And I know some part of you
still wants to be with me.

Of course some part of me
still wants to be with you.

But you and John Ross...

no, you and your child.

I can't get between that.
We can make it work.

I'm making things work
with John Ross. We're happy.

You have to stop this.

I guess timing's
everything, huh?

Getting the police involved...
I hate stooping to that.

It's an ugly gesture.
I apologize.

If by ugly,
you mean cowardly,

then yes,
it was very ugly.

And if you're not here
to apologize,

then I'm afraid it's gonna have
to be a necessary gesture.

It's not necessary, Harris.

I apologize.

Linda, call my lawyer.

Tell him I want to drop
all charges against Mr. Ewing.

Yeah. Thank you, dear.


It's painless.

I want to be very clear,

My apology doesn't mean
I take back what I did.

You mess with my wife
in any way,

and I will beat you
into next Sunday.

Not if you're smart,
you won't.

I was more than ready
to go to court,

but I didn't want to drag it out
and cause my wife more pain.

Pain you are
responsible for.

Here, I thought
you might come asking.


Here you go.

That's why you're here,
isn't it?

Find out what kind of person
your wife really is?

I know what kind of person
my wife really is.

She's holding something back,
and you want to know what.

Here's your what.

Why don't you go ahead
and take a look inside?

Come to
your own conclusions.

There's a lot about Annie
you don't know.

Vicente froze my bank accounts.
I have no money.

And I really need to get out
of the country. How much?

Money. How much money?

I don't want money. Then
what the hell do you want?

I want you to take responsibility.

You got me into this!
You need to help me!

Marta, I'm here
to find Elena.

Where the hell is she?

You don't have her.

It was the only way
to get you here.

You stole her phone.

I need you to help me.

Please, John Ross,
please, please.

Are you filming this?

What did you think
was gonna happen here?

What is wrong with you?

I have earned what I have.

I've earned my way out
of the slums of Caracas.


I need to watch out
for myself.

And I thought we had that
in common.

But you're
just a spoiled boy.

You're not entitled
to anything.

Not me.
Not your girlfriend's love.


Give me that.

whose side are you on?

Christopher, she never lied
about her love for you.

She lied about something in her
past, something she was ashamed of.

You know,
if she hadn't told the truth,

you'd still be happy
and in love,

and the news of this baby
would have been met

with joy
instead of heartbreak.

You can still have
that life...

you and Rebecca
and your child.

Well, maybe
I don't want that.

It's the doctor.




A-all right, fine.

Thank you.

They wouldn't give me
the results over the phone.

They want me to come in.

We'll come with you.

DNA's a match.
You're the father.

You couldn't tell us this
over the phone?

When your wife was treated
at the hospital last week,

it was for nosebleeds
and fatigue.

She didn't know,

and the doctors didn't know,
that she was pregnant

until they detected the HCG
hormone in her blood-work.

So it wasn't until today
that we did the ultrasound

and detected
multiple heartbeats.

You're having twins.

Come here.

Those are our babies.

Charges are dropped.

I'm sorry
you had to apologize.

Don't be sorry.

Harris gave me this.

He said you'd know
what it is.

He said everything I need
to know about you

is in this envelope.

I'd be lying, Annie,
if I said

I didn't want to know
what made you so upset.

I just wish you'd trust me
enough to tell me.

I don't need
to open this.

Everything I need to know
about you...

Is right here.

I know you'll work
through this on your own.

But if you need me...

I'm here.

You can trust me.

You weren't at the rig.
Where were you?


Good to see you, too.

What is it?


Babe, I know
you're in trouble.


How could you...
sue Ellen talked to me.

She told me
about your father's investors.

Elena, I can't ask you...

it's okay.
I want to help.

You don't have to help.
I want to.

We're in this together.
I've made my choice.

Officers, this has
all been settled.

Just talk
to Harris Ryland.

Sir, we're not here
for you.

We're looking
for your nephew.

What's going on?

Sir, is this your car?

We've got witnesses who say

a man matching your description
and your plates

was seen fleeing the scene
of a crime this afternoon.

Well, this must be some mistake.
What crime?

The murder
of Veronica Martinez.

I think you knew her
as Marta del Sol.

Sir, we need to ask you
a few questions.