Dallas (2012–2014): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Enemy of My Enemy - full transcript

John Ross is bothered by the weight of having to do his father's dirty work and decides to move into Southfork. Strife continues to grow between Ann and Bobby when it is revealed she went ...

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Previously on "Dallas"...

What did Tommy do?

He sent the e-mail to Elena

and made it look like it had
come from your computer.

Hey, Tommy!

Make sure I never
see you again.

Tommy: In all these files
that I copied,

there's got to be something
in them we can monetize.

Find anything yet?
Not yet.

Bobby: J.R., Southfork's deed
is in yourname.

Is this some kind of joke?

Ewing oil is back
in business, Bobby.

Promise me that
you had nothing to do

with stealing Southfork.

I swear, none of it was me.

Marta: That picture's
pretty obvious.

I warned you.
I warned you not to toy with me.

The sale of Southfork to
marta del sol was a fraud.

We need to start
fighting fire with fire.

That's not who we are!
Maybe notyou.

You have a contract
with J.R. Ewing

to transport 2,000 barrels
a day from Southfork.

I want you to cancel
the contract.

Got something to show you.

Proves that you were conspiring
against my father.

I want proof that J.R. Was in
on the fraud,

or you're going to jail.

I'm leaving town
a little while,

and I'm putting you in charge.

When are you coming back?

That depends on you, son.

Couldn't sleep again?

When I was a kid,

I'd ride out right in the middle
of that field.

Sit on top of the tallest horse
they'd let me take.

I'd imagine what it'd be like
if it was all mine.

It's funny how life always
seems more complicated

than you imagined it would be.

Especially this family.

You worried about Bobby?

Ah, Bobby I can handle.

He ain't gonna play dirty.

It's Christopher.

He'll do or say anything
to break us up.

You know that, right?

You weren't a part
of the fraud, John Ross.

It was all your father's doing.

What could he possibly say?

I don't know.

He said awful things to you
in the past that weren't true.

Ah, who knows
where his head's at?

Oh, it's cold.

Come back to bed.

I wish I could,
but I gotta run.

That oil ain't gonna drill
itself, you know? Okay.

Will I see you later?

A late dinner, maybe.

I gotta stop by the condo
after work,

get the last bit of my stuff.

Finish moving into
the hornet's nest.

John Ross.

I don't believe in the war...

But I believe in the warrior.

Any more of that coffee left?

You know, John Ross,

I wouldn't get too comfortable
around here if I were you.

You think your father's won,

but, you know, J.R.'S
big mistake was he always...

Underestimated me.

I'm not in the mood to argue

with you this morning,
Uncle Bobby.

You do what you gotta do.

But you push me, and I'll kick
you out of this house.

Then why don't you just
do it, boy?

Family means nothing to you,
does it?

No, it does.

We're just on two different
sides of it...

my grandfather's
instead of miss Ellie's.

Well, you are a lot
like your daddy...

all hat and no cattle.

You have no feeling
for this ranch,

except for what lies
beneath it.

That's where you're wrong.

That's where
you've always been wrong,

except you're too damn stubborn
to see it.

Earl: Mr. Ewing.

Um... I meant John Ross.

What's up, Earl?

Problems with the truck
down at the rig site.

Tankers from
Ryland Transport...

they didn't show up
as scheduled.

Now, I called,
and the dispatchers...

they said they were told
to stay away from Southfork.

Orders straight from the top.


Isn't that your wife's
ex-husband's outfit, Uncle Bobby?

Guess you weren't lying
when you said you'd do anything

to stop us from drilling.

I just never pegged you
as the type

to have his wife
do his bidding.

♪ theme music plays ♪

Tommy: You should have
seen the line

at that coffee place
this morning.

And everybody still smiling.

Always smiling.

People in Texas
are way too friendly.

It tries my nerves.

So please tell me
you found something

in these boxes of value.

I'm more than ready to cash out

and get the hell
out of this state.


I just can't figure.

Thehas to be something.

Well, what about
Christopher's laptop?

Has he done any more work
on his gas-extraction process?


Thinking he must be doing it
at the office.

Fact is, he hasn't been using it
much at all since the barbecue

when things blew up.

I think you might have
really broke his heart.

Lucky for me yours mended fast.

You know, I actually...
Already went over these.

Why don't you start on those
over there?

All right.

You know, I've been going
through these boxes all day.

I'm gonna step out
for some fresh air.

You... Good here?

Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
Wish me luck.

Good luck.

What's wrong?


I just found out that
Harris Ryland stopped his trucks

from servicing J.R.'S rig.

Did you have something
to do with that?


I just saw how upset you were,

and I-I thought
it might help.

I know you wanted to slow
John Ross down and...

but don't you think
that's something

we should have talked
about first?

Well, I know we should have,

but I knew you'd
talk me out of it.

A-and it wouldn't have
taken much, believe me.


Wanted to help.

Well, I appreciate that.

But I already had a deal
with the riggers

on that site
to stage a sickout.

You didn't have to go to a man

for whom you've never had
a kind word

and ask him to do
a favor for me!

You're absolutely right.

I should have told you.

Then I wouldn't have gone

and put myself out there
for nothin'.

Oh, honey, I'm afraid
it's not for nothin'.

Annie, I've worked with thugs
like Harris Ryland

my whole life,

and they never do anything
without strings attached.

I just hope this doesn't come
back and bite us in the ass.

If you want to help me,

I'm all for it.

But let's talk
about it first, okay?


I'll see you later.

John Ross:
Ewing of Ewing oil.

No, I'm his son,
and I'm looking for tankers.

As many as you got right away.

How long am I
gonna have to wait?

Never mind.

I'm telling you,

Ryland has damn near a monopoly
on tankers in north Texas.

If you're gonna find something,

especially with the eagle Ford shale
play still red hot down South,

you're gonna have to go
out of state.

No, it'll take weeks.

I need trucks now.

J.R.'S investors are expecting
the first shipment by Friday.

If they don't get it

I got a feeling there's going
to be hell to pay.

Don't you knock?

Give me a minute
with my cousin.

It's been two days.

And I'm done waiting.

I'm tired of seeing my father
hurt every day this goes on.

I want the evidence against
J.R., and I want it now.

I got nothing on J.R.,

You've been in on this from
the beginning, and you know it.

No, I wasn't.
J.R. Screwed your dad.

He screwed all of us,
including me.

But I got nothing
linking him to fraud.

All I've ever wanted to do
was drill on land

that's been in my family
for four generations.

Your father had no right
to try and give it away.

Southfork is just as much
my birthright as it is yours.

And if you say anything

about me not being
a real Ewing,

I'm gonna knock that cheesy grin
off your face.

Come on.

Is this really about Southfork,

or is it about Elena?

Maybe you're just pissed
'cause she's with me now.

She's got nothing to do
with it.

Then what?

Giving me in to the police,

it's not gonna help you
get Southfork back.

But seeing you pay...

Will prove there's still
a little justice in the world.

You know what?

Go ahead.

That little DVD you got
doesn't prove a damn thing

except the night you broke me up
with Elena,

I went and found comfort

Now get out of here.

I got other bullshit
I gotta deal with.

You think he'll do it?

If I don't get that oil
moving soon,

it doesn't matter what he does.

Hi, Carmen. I...

I know, I'm the last person
you want to see right now,

and I don't blame you.


I may have something

that can help you
and your father save Southfork.

Hear me out.


Where did you get this?

Tommy had it.

He stole it, not me.

But when I found it...
as soon as I found it...

I came here to see
if it could help you.

And we're supposed
to believe that.

That out of the goodness
of your heart,

you want to help us?

Yeah. It's true.

If Tommy knew I was even here,

that I showed you...

I want to do the right thing,

Make up for what I did.

This... Is a copy
of an invoice

to my grandpa.

And it mentions
the establishment

of a trust separating
the mineral rights

from the land rights
of Southfork.

If my read of
Texas property law is right,

such a trust would mean
that the mineral rights

were excluded
from your sale of Southfork

to the del sol conservancy.

And from the second sale
to J.R.,

which would mean he'd own
the land but not the oil.

He can't drill.

You're not actually
buying this?

She's probably faking
the whole thing.

Why would I do that?

Because you're a liar!

Christopher. Stop.
This looks real to me.

I recognize the signature
of the lawyer.

He was an old hunting buddy
of grandpa's.

You'd have to find the original
document to enforce the trust.

If it still exists.

I'm good with speeding
through legal documents.

I'd be happy to help you look.

Thank you for bringing this.

But it doesn't mean

that we automatically
trust you again, Rebecca.

I wouldn't have come
if I wasn't trying to help.

Please believe me.

Why would I possibly do that?

We'll handle this from here.

You can have Carmen
show you out.

Elena: Rebecca.

You okay?

I don't know.

Well, if that paper
that Rebecca gave us is real,

I'm thinking grandpa
wouldn't have stored a document

as important as that trust
here on the ranch,

that he'd put it
in a safety deposit box.

So what are we doing here?

Looking for the key.

This is all his stuff.
It's got to be in here somewhere.

This is ridiculous.

I mean,
she's probably sending us

on some wild goose chase.

And besides...

We don't need whatever it is
she thinks she found.

What do you mean
we don't need it?

I was waiting on telling you

because I knew
you wouldn't approve.

I got into
John Ross' apartment.

I found a DVD...

Of him having sex with marta.

It proves he was in
on the fraud.


Yeah, but as bad
as that sounds,

it's not John Ross that's gonna
get us this ranch back, son.

It's J.R.

J.R.'S name
is on the deed.

Yeah, I know.

But I'm applying pressure
to John Ross.

All right?
Unless he gives us something,

I'm giving the DVD
to the police.

Oh, Christopher.

A lifetime of dealing
with J.R.

Has put me on both sides
of blackmail!

It never pays off in the end.

It's not just that it's...
it's wrong...

it's bad business.

An eye for an eye just makes
both people blind.

Now, help me move this stuff.


Would you fetch me
that phone, honey?


Tankers got pulled
from the drill site,

and your nephew Christopher's
trying to blackmail John Ross

with some video
of him and marta.

I tossed him in the Briar patch

so he could learn
how to get out of it.

He'll be fine.

So you having fun in sin city?

Can you ladies give me a couple
of minutes, please?

Thank you.

You find out where Cliff's
high-stake game is?

The Bellagio.

Contact's name is
Frank Ashkani.

You know, I don't get it.

If you're trying to figure out
what his next move is,

why are you giving him
the heads up that you're there?

When Cliff
came to buy Southfork,

he knew it wouldn't happen.

He was just there to rattle me.

Keep me from looking
for his real agenda.

Bringing gambling to Texas.

Well, that's what I'm here
to find out.

Barnes is a dangerous man.

He's come after my family
time and time again.

I need to find out
what he's after

and put him out of his misery
for good.

If it's a casino he's buying,

it'll be mine.

If it's some other business,

I'm gonna take it
and crush him.

I just need to get
in that game.

You really think
he's gonna let you?

He hates you, J.R.

For a chance to make money
from me,

Cliff Barnes would push his mama
in a puddle of piranhas.

I'll get in.
Don't you worry.

Ladies! Help me!

Bobby: That's his desk.
Give me a hand.


Is that what we're looking for?

Texas national bank.

Let's go find out.

Can I come in?


Thank you, again,
for bringing me here.

That was really nice of you.

What did the doctor say?

Basically, she thinks I'm fine.

She's gonna run
a few more tests,

but you shouldn't wait.

You sure?

Yeah. Yeah, you've gone
to enough trouble.

I can call a cab when I'm done.


I'm so sorry...


For how I messed everything up

for you and Christopher.

I know he doesn't believe me,

but I swear I didn't know
my brother had broken you up.

At least now that...

Christopher and I are over,

the two of you
can be happy together.

No. That's not
gonna happen.

Because of my brother
and the e-mail?

No. Because
of Christopher.

I hope you feel better.


I wasn't expecting you.

Oh, a nice Mexican woman
named Carmen let me in.

I don't think she likes you.

You got that right.

If I'd have known
you wanted to meet,

I could have came down
to see you.

Oh, sometimes
I like to be spontaneous.

Keeps people on their toes.

Like your father.

I hear he's no longer
in Dallas.

He had some business he needed
to attend to elsewhere.

So, uh, I got things here
under control.

Yes, our mutual lady friend

told me how much
you like to be in control.

I'm a lot like that myself.

So, what can I help you with?

I'm here to help you.

I heard a rumor
that you encountered a problem

transporting your oil.

Problem? Ah...

I'd say that's
overstating things.

But you know how texans are
about exaggerating.

Yes, that's why I decided
to come here in person.

To see for myself if there's
any truth to those rumors.

We've had a few delays,

but, uh, nothing
to worry about.

It's all part
of doing business.

I got it under control.

There's that word again...


My buyers overseas are anxious

to know when they can expect
their oil...

Mr. Ewing.

The first shipment is already
a few days overdue.

I'm shooting for Friday,

but it might take
a couple more days.

Early next week, at the latest.

A couple more days.

I can do that.

But just so you know...

In my country,

when the sons fail to make good

on the commitments
of the father...

There's a price to be paid.

Promises have been made,
Mr. Ewing.

I intend to make sure
that they're kept.

Hello darling.

What a nice surprise.


Don't tell me. You are here to
take me out to lunch. Hmm?

Afraid not.


I came because I need
your help.


Whatever you need...
you know that.

Harris Ryland
of Ryland transport.

Is he a friend of yours?

Um, I wouldn't say
he's exactly a friend.

I know him a little socially.

Socially's enough.

He's pulled his tanker trucks
from Southfork,

and I can't pump oil without
something to transport it in.

Now, I need you to convince him
to send his trucks back.

What are you asking me to do,

You're running for governor.

I need you to play politics.

Promise Ryland something.
Whatever you want. I don't care.

I just need those trucks back
so I can get pumping.

I should have known.

No, John Ross, I...
I want to.

I need you to believe that.

But I made a promise
when I got into this race

to my backers
and my supporters.

Screw your promises!

You've been compromising
everything with me

since I was born!

John Ross,
if I start down that road...

J.R.'S investors hold the note
to the ranch.

We're paying them back
with 14% of the oil.

If we don't pay them...
On time...

They could take the ranch.

I got a feeling they're gonna
do a lot worse than that.

My God.

Who have you gotten yourself
into business with?

Save it, mother.


I can help you in other ways,
John Ross.

There's a simple solution
you can do now,

and you turned me down.

Some things never change.

What the hell do you want?

I wanted to say I'm sorry.

I was jealous.
I admit it.

Now I see you were only with
Elena because of business.

And since that's over,

you don't have to be
with her any more.

What the hell
are you talking about?


You know I want you
to be with me...


You're crazy.

You screwed me with my father,

undid our business deal,
you drugged me,

and then took videos
of us having sex!

My cousin found the DVD.

That DVD proves we knew
each other all along.

I'm so sorry.

But I'll make it up to you.

I have money.

A lot of money.

Skimmed from vicente
on Southfork's sale.

We could go away together.

I wouldn't want to go across
the street with you.

Now leave...

Before I do something
we'll both regret.

Man: This is the original box
taken out

by your grandfather in 1934.

Now, it's been transferred

several times since then,
of course,

due to bank sales and mergers.

But according to the records
on file...

This box has been unopened

since before
Mr. Southfork's death.

When I was just a little boy.

If you need anything,
I'll be right outside.

Thank you.

Well, son, here goes nothing.

That was grandpa's
prize pistol.

Mama's birth certificate.

Come on, help me look.

Oh, wait a minute.
What's this?


Uncle Garrison's discharge
from the army.

And a whole bunch
of hunting licenses.

What do you got?

I think this is it.

Mineral rights trust.

If this holds water,

there will be no drilling
for oil on Southfork.

Hey, sweetheart.


I'm thinking your day
didn't get any better

than when it started.

Well, it's better
now that I'm seeing you.

Are we still up for dinner,

or do you just want to come in?

After the day I've had,

I do not have much
of an appetite.

That's funny.

I could have sworn
I left this closed.

How about I draw us a bath,

you grab us a couple of beers,

and come join me?

I like the way you think.

Son of a bitch.

What's wrong?


I just got a text
from my foreman.

I need to step out real quick.

Shouldn't take too long.

Lock the door behind me, okay?


John Ross:
Hey, ace, buck.

I need you to keep an eye on
Elena's place until I get back.

Keep your guns handy.
Nobody gets in there but me.

Yes, sir.



Man: Mr. Ewing.

There's a Frank
at the front door.

Said he worked
for Cliff Barnes?

Show him in.

Mr. Ewing.

Frank Ashkani.

I'm Mr. Barnes' driver.

You're here
asking for meetings.

What is it exactly you want
with Mr. Cliff Barnes?

Well, Frank, I'm here in Vegas
for a little vacation,

and I thought I'd sit in
on Cliff's poker game.

I'm sorry.

That game is
by invitation only.

Well, I understand.

Cliff always was afraid
to play me heads-up.

The buy-in is $1 million.

And as much as he'd like
to take your money,

he knows that currently

you're not in a situation
to cover that.

Well, the buy-in
shouldn't be a problem.

So you tell Cliff I'll be
seeing him real soon.

Just call me with
the particulars on the game.

Until then, you also tell Cliff
I'm thinking about him.

I will.

And you can rest assured...

He'll be doing likewise.

Hello, bum.

I need you to do a little
diggin' on Ashkani.

Yeah, he says
he's Cliff Barnes' driver.

Just find out who he really is.

And get a message
to Carlos del sol.

Tell him I need $1 million.

That's right.

Have you heard from J.R.?


Told you I don't know how
to get ahold of him.

You need him for something?

Hell no.

This bitch put a knife
through it last night.

Veronica Martinez.

At least I think
that's her real name.

A.K.A. Marta del sol.

That's that woman you were
in that DVD with.

Not only is she a snake
when it comes to business,

she is absolutely nuts.

I mean really unhinged.

I got a feeling she's gonna
try to hurt Elena,

and I'm not sure
what to do about it,

considering what's at stake.

Well, I know
what J.R. Would do.

What's that?

Well, first off, he'd get more
security around the ranch,

particularly where Elena is.

Mm, already did that.

I got ace and buck
looking after her place.

Then he'd probably have me pay
this little gal a visit.

Well, you'd have
to find her first.

That ain't no step
for a stepper.

I'm a regular bloodhound.

E-mail that photo.

These just came for you.


My favorite.

Probably from Bobby.

I did something to upset him,
and he got mad at me.

Ah, this place always feels off

when you two aren't
getting along.

And it's off enough
already lately.

You want me to put them
in water?

Yes, please.


Thank you, Carmen.


Annie, what's the matter?
What happened?

Leave me alone.
Annie, what happened?



Well, this is a surprise.

I'm sure you know Mr. Ewing.

What brings you to forth worth?

I don't know what kind of game

you are playing with
my wife... hey.

Get off of me!

You... Stay away from Ann.

Before you say anything,

I'm just here to get my car.

It looks like what you brought
us was legit.

You found the trust deed?

We're working on it.

After all the pain that Tommy
and I have caused...

I'm glad I could do
something to help.

Thank you for seeing me,

Oh, it's my pleasure.

Not every day
I get to share words

with the next governor
of the state.

We can only hope.

Oh, you're... Modest.

One of the things the people
of Texas like about you.

Can't tell you
how pleased I was

when I heard you got
in the race.

Woman like you?

I need your help, Harris.

It's a family matter.

About your son?

Yeah, I thought that's why
you were here.

My ex-wife...
your ex-sister-in-law...

had me pull those tankers.

I don't want to get in
the middle of you and Ann.

No, there's no middle,
sue Ellen.

Ann and I ended
a long time ago,

and not on a good note.

But it is nice to see
that she's doing so well.

She was so rattled
by the divorce,

at the time, I half-expected
her to fall off a Cliff.

Metaphorically speaking.


What are you proposing?

Have me send my trucks back in?

This isn't easy for me, Harris.

I don't expect it is,
sue Ellen,

but I always say
it's the hard things

that make us stronger.

If you could release
your trucks...

Once I'm governor,

I am planning on making
new appointments

to the rail road commission.

And I think,
with your knowledge

and experience in the area

of interstate
oil and gas commerce...

You'd make a good choice.

If you would accept, that is.

No, I can't accept, sue Ellen.

I can't allow you
to compromise yourself

like that for your son.

But I am duly impressed
that you'd do it for him.

But don't look so glum.

I'll reinstate my trucks.
It's the right thing to do.

Besides, I think I...

Sided with the wrong half
of your son's family

in the first place.

You have no idea how much
I appreciate that.

Well, it always feels good
when I can turn

from villain to hero
in the blink of an eye.


I want to make a contribution
to your campaign.

A large one.

I-I can't accept that.

You will.

See, people like me...

...we need to make sure that
people like you get into office.

Thank you, mother.

It really does
mean the world to me.

You know you can always
count on me.

What now?

I wouldn't be so smug
if I were you, John Ross.

What the hell's this?

A trust document...

Separating the mineral rights

from the surface deed
to Southfork.

What's it mean?

It means that
my father, Uncle Gary, and J.R.

Together control the mineral
rights under this land.

Gary's already given me
his share,

That puts us in charge.

Your father
may own Southfork...

But mine controls
the mineral rights.

And as of right now,

we're shutting
your drilling down.

You can't do that.

We already did.

No blackmail, no payoffs,
and no fraud.

You're beat, cousin.

Fair and square.

Rebecca: Yes.

Yeah, thank you. Um...

I'll call and schedule
an appointment.

Tommy: Christopher started
using his laptop again.

He just sent an e-mail
to his lawyer.

They found an old trust deed
to Southfork.

Just like we've been
looking for in these boxes.

It was you.

Did you send them something?

We've been working on this
for two years

on two continents...

And you give away something
that we could have leveraged?!

Shut up!

I am tired of you thinking
you can push me around!

You and I are done, Tommy.

The hell we are.

Yeah. We are.


Take these.
They're worth a lot.

You're not gonna make any money
off the Ewings.

So just take them
and get out of Dallas

so we can both
move on with our lives.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about me
and Christopher.

You're right.

I amin love with him.

And I'm pregnant.