Dallas (2012–2014): Season 1, Episode 5 - Truth and Consequences - full transcript

With tension mounting between the newly married Christopher and Rebecca, family ties begin to unravel when the deed to Southfork is revealed. In order to thwart J.R.'s schemes, Ann seeks help from someone in her past, and Christopher decides it is time to fight dirty.

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Previously on Dallas...

Oh, Rick had cleaned up.
He was back on track.

A photo like this gets into
the hands of the authorities,

that's strike three.

You write up a new contract
and allocate it all to me.

I found an old stripper well
on Miss Henderson's land.

If I deepen it a little,
I'll hit another oil reservoir.

I know you had feelings
for John Ross.

What do you say you and I
make a new deal?


I can't risk you coming
back in a few years

after I've built a company
and trying to claim ownership.

It's about time
we had a little talk...

About that e-mail
you sent Elena.

There's something
I need to tell you...


The e-mail Elena got
two years ago.

The one telling her...

You weren't showing up
for the wedding.

How do you even know
about that?

I love you, Christopher,

more than anything.

The last thing I want to do
is hurt you.

But John Ross
is blackmailing me.

Three years ago,
Tommy moved to Dallas.

His roommate knew you.

Knew about you and Elena.

All I knew was that you were
gonna be on the train!

That you had just broken up
with someone.

But I didn't know.

I swear I didn't know
what Tommy had done.

And what did Tommy do?

He sent the e-mail
to Elena

and made it look like
it had come from your computer.

I swear I didn't know!

I didn't know he did it.

I didn't know until yesterday
when John Ross confronted me.

You need to believe that.

You need to believe I love you.


S01 Ep05
Truth and Consequences

Hey, Tommy!

No! No!
Christopher, stop!

Stop! No, no, no.


Please. Stop.

What the hell did I do to you?!

I had to tell him, Tommy.

He knows you sent
the e-mail to Elena

- breaking them up.
- You did what?!

It was a scam!
The both of them!

For our money.

No, don't blame it on Becca.
It was all me.

- I'm sorry, man.
- Why?!

- You son of a...
- no, no, no!

How could you do that to him?!

Use us all like this.

I just did.

You son of a bitch!

Get this punk off my ranch.


I love you.

I never would've taken
your money.

You've got to believe that.

You've got to believe me!

Just believe me.

Make sure
I never see you again.

I'm sorry I didn't believe you.

I shouldn't have accused you
of sending that e-mail.

I just need to know you're not
gonna chase after him.

He offered to pay me off.

He said I had no integrity.

Christopher and I are done.

All right.



Now I can do something.

Mr. Bobby won't
let me help him.

I think it's rude.

Just trying to stay busy.

- No word from Christopher?
- No.

I'm sure he's okay.

Can you imagine?


And that brother.

I never liked him.

I hate myself for trusting him.

And her too.

Yes. Of course.

She just looked so devastated
when she left.

I mean, you think it's possible
that the whole thing was an act?

- Everything?
- Honey, it doesn't matter.

I left word for Mitch Lobell.

See if there's anything
we can do legally

about Rebecca and her brother.

I just hope Christopher's okay.

- Hey, there. Can I help ya?
- Robert James ewing?

Yeah, that's me.

What do you got?

Thank you.
What is it?

It's from Lobell.

It's probably about the
sale of the ranch. Mm.

What's wrong?


Southfork's deed
is in your name.

Is this some kind of joke?

No, Bobby.
It's not a joke.

Say, Bum, give Bobby and me
a couple of minutes, will you?

Now, Bobby, let me explain,

before you get your boxers
in a knot.

Oh, I am gonna want
to hear this story.

You know, I always felt
a little funny

about that Marta Del Sol girl,

ever since I saw her
at the Cattle Baron's ball.

Daddy always said beautiful
women were the most dangerous.

I know all the things
daddy used to say.

Well, a couple of weeks ago,

I heard she was planning
on selling Southfork

to Cliff Barnes.

I was surprised
she could put it right back

on the market
after buying it from you.

But, hell, I figured
that was just the deal

you and Lobell made with her.

That wasn't the deal, J.R.,
and you know it.

Well, Bobby kept me
out of the deal.

So, no, I don't know it,

When I heard
that vulture Barnes

was trying to steal Southfork,

get his hands on the ranch

and all the oil my boy
found under it,

I got a group of investors
together and swooped in

and bought it from Del Sol.

Well, I don't think Cliff Barnes
knew what hit him.

And I guess
maybe neither did you.

Now she's mine.

I'm gonna start sinking more
Wells as soon as I can.

Ewing oil is back
in business, Bobby.

That's not gonna happen,

This is not gonna happen.

That's why I wanted to sell
Southfork in the first place...

to stop all this feuding
and leave a legacy to mama.

You want to carry on
mama's legacy?

Well, I want to
carry on daddy's.

I'm taking back what should have
been mine in the first place.

That's how you justify this?

How twisted can you get?

Now, why don't you settle down
and accept what's what?

The deed is real,

and this place is mine.

But you can stay here
as long as you like, Bobby.

We're family.

I'm gonna make this right.

And I'm gonna take you down...


Always did get a little hot
under the collar

when he didn't get his way.

But he'll come around.
You'll see.

They warned me,

my whole marriage,
they told me about you.

But in my wildest imagination,

I never thought you could
stoop to this.

Well, Annie, you're just gonna

have to work
on your imagination.


Where are you going?




What happened?

J.R. Stole Southfork.

He's gonna drill.

He did what?

You heard me.

I can only imagine John Ross
is deep in this, too.

Dad, wait!

Wait! Wait.

I'm coming with you.

Oh, my God.

Son of a bitch!

Lew, thanks for helping.

Yeah, I'm sorry
about all this, Bobby.

It's devastating
what Lobell has done.

I've known him for a long time,

and I pegged him as a good guy.

Well, I worked with him
for 30 years.

I want to break his neck.

I would, too, son.

So, how bad is it?

Well, my team and I have gone
through the files you brought.

I spoke with Carlos Del Sol
and Dallas P.D.

Here's where things stand
right now.

The Del Sol conservancy
was never really in this deal...


Lobell lied to you
about all of it.

All his due diligence
was a fraud,

as was the woman
pretending to be Marta Del Sol.

Dallas P.D. Has an APB out
for her arrest,

but they're pessimistic
without her real identity.

Her cellphone number
and her address were bogus.

Even the moneys
that were exchanged

were done through
untraceable accounts offshore.

Police think it's likely
she's left the country,

and the same is true
for Lobell and his family.

Then you can prove
it was a fraud.

Just undo the deal and put
the deed back in my name.

It's not that simple, Bobby.

How is it not that simple?

Son, just a minute.

No jury is gonna doubt
what went on here.

The sale of Southfork
to Marta Del Sol was a fraud.

But it was also
a bona fide sale.

Your father was paid
the contract price

and cashed the check.

Then I'll give the money back.

You can't, Bobby, because
of the second sale to J.R.

He was a third-party purchaser
for value,

which means the sale of
Southfork to him was valid...

And cannot be undone
unless we can prove

he was involved in or knew about
the fraud of the first deal.

And how the hell am I supposed
to do that, Lew?

Well, first things first.

We'll need all the private
records you have on the deal.

And Berman here
will sit you down

and take you through
an oral timeline.

You're just lucky I was smart.

Getting all this stuff
before you blew us up.

I told you, John Ross
was gonna tell Christopher.

If there was a chance of Chris
believing me,

I had to tell him myself.

Well, that worked real well.

Do you really think
I wanted him to hate me?

Exactly the opposite.

At least I got us access
to Christopher's computer.

So we can track his progress
with the methane extraction.

And when that works,

there's gonna be a lot of people
we can sell those plans to.

And all these files
that I copied...

there's got to be something
in them we can monetize.

Don't you think?



I put two years into this.

I plan on coming out
a millionaire.

So you better
pull yourself together

and start helping me
find something.

You're hurting me.

Don't forget
we're in this together...

For the long haul.

If I'd have known you were
coming I'd have got up earlier.

What have you done, John Ross?


Your daddy told Bobby
this morning that it's his,

that he's drilling section 18.

My daddy did what?

Don't play games, John Ross.

The deed's in J.R.'S name.

That's impossible.

I thought you let it go.

That we were moving forward

with drilling
the Henderson well.

J.R. And Bobby are at war!

They think you're a part
of this, too.

I got to talk to my father.

That's all you're gonna say,

You're not even gonna deny it?

I don't know what's going on!
All right?!

I was just starting
to trust you again.

This is J.R. Ewing.

After the beep,
tell me what you know.



Open this door!

He left, Bobby.

An hour ago.

Oh, damn it.

He's already got Ryland tankers

headed to section 18.

Well, what did the lawyer say?

Ha! Not only did Lobell
hang me out to dry,

but if I want to get
Southfork back,

I have to prove
J.R. Was in on the fraud,

or at least he knew about it.

So they're interviewing
everybody they can think of.

They're gonna subpoena his bank
records and his phone records

and even the visitor's log
at the nursing home.

But I know my brother
pretty well,

and he's covered his tracks.

Well, what about Marta Del Sol?

Oh, well, actually,
she wasn't Marta del Sol,

and the police are looking
for her.

We need to start fighting
fire with fire.

Dad, we need to start dealing with
the same type of people they do

to find what we need
to bring them down.

We are not breaking the law
to fix this, son.

J.R. And my cousin
are gonna be pumping

by the end of the week!

If not sooner!

We need to do more,
and we need to do it now!

I'm going to fight this
with everything I've got,

Christopher, but I'm not
doing business with crooks.

That's not who we are.

Maybe not you.


The whole point of selling
Southfork in the first place

was to stop
this family's descent.

I'm not going to let us
lower ourself any further.

Look what it's already cost us.

Look at what Rebecca and Tommy's
lies have done to you.

I am done sitting around

while people walk all over me
in this family!

So am I!

I have fought
J.R. Before, son,

and I beat him.

And I'll beat him here...
my way.


We are doing this
the right way.

Honey, you can have everybody
just start unpacking,

because we are not
going anywhere.


Your father isn't here.

I don't know where he is.

Tell me it isn't true.

You tell me you did not cut me
out of this deal

and put Southfork
into my father's name!

You need to discuss that
with J.R.

No, I brought you
into this deal.

How could you turn around and
give all of Southfork to J.R.?!

I warned you not to mix business
with pleasure.

I gave you chance after chance.

What the hell
are you talking about?

It was taken 2 days ago.

You had me followed.

Your father did.

I guess he couldn't trust you,

You said you and Elena
were broken up.

You lied to me.

You lied to me about where
you were the other day,

and you blew me off
to be with her yesterday.

You hurt me.

I warned you.

I warned you
not to toy with me.

I warned you not to confuse
our business dealings

by getting involved.

You let me fall for you.

I could have explained...

with another lie.

That picture's pretty obvious.

You undo what you did.

You put my name
back on that deed.

It's too late.

Besides, it was a much better
business deal anyway.

I should tell the cops
where you are.

Who you are.

And lose any claim you have
to Southfork

by blowing up
your father's deal?

You stay the hell away from me.

If you know what's good
for you.

I need you to be certain...

Because there's no
turning back.

I've never met anyone like you.

We're two of a kind.

Are you sure you won't mix
business with pleasure?

What the hell
did we do last night?

Oh, I remember
you like it rough, huh?

John Ross.

I'm your daddy's friend, bum.

You're the son of a bitch
who took those pictures.

I ought to kill you.

J.R. Asked me
to come get you.

May you have
as strong a second half

as you had the first, Jerry.

Good to have you
back in form, J.R.

And I appreciate you making sure
everybody knows it.

I'll let you be alone
with your boy.

Good to see you, John Ross.

You've got
quite a father there.

I'll say.

Marta called.

Trying to know
where your head is at.

A little word of advice...

you ought to be a lot nicer
to that girl.

She's a bit of a loose Cannon.

I should call the police.

Have you arrested
for what you did.

There's no reason for that.

The deed to Southfork
is still yours

for the having, John Ross.

It's just a matter of time.

You and I were supposed
to be partners... now.

That was the deal.

The deal was to teach you
the oil business.

And I am.

I'm leaving town
in a little while.

I'm putting you in charge.

I'm throwing you
into the deep end

just like my daddy did to me.

I'm gonna see if you can swim.

Or sink.

I don't need to be tested.

I was ready to do this
all by myself.

Well, now if that were true,

you wouldn't have had the deal
stolen out from under you.

Here's my power of attorney
so you can run things.

And bum's staying behind.

If you get into trouble,
he can be resourceful,

which I think you know.

Just start drilling.

By the time I'm back,

Bobby will have gotten used
to oil being pumped on Southfork

and the damage will be done.

Just don't screw it up.

Jerry Jones
and the cowboys organization

is proud to welcome J.R. Ewing
to the cowboys stadium.

Smile for the camera.

Let's all give him
a big Texas-size welcome.

Oh, I'm so glad you picked up.

I was terrified you wouldn't.

What do you want, Rebecca?

I'm so sorry, Ann.

You were so nice to me.
You made me feel like family.

I didn't mean to...

once you started the lie,
there was only one way out.

Can I see you?

Explain it all to you
in person?

So you can look at me
in the eye

and see that I am not
as horrible as you think I am.

Please, Ann.


I really appreciate
the money, Mr. ewing.

I barely get tips around here,

even at Christmas.

Hey, I just appreciate you doing
my cousin a solid.

John Ross would be freaking out

if I wasn't able to pick up
this oil lease report

that he left here.

Well, there she is.
I'll wait here for you.

You know what?

Uh, it might take me a while
to find it.

I wouldn't want you to get
in trouble for...

Not Manning the front door.

I'll lock up on my way out.

Yeah, I-I should
really wait, I think.

You know, I've already put you
out enough already.

It's fine.

Trust me.

Marta oh, I remember
you like it rough, huh?

You like it rough...


I'm sorry it had to be
done like this.

But I'm counting on you.

Make your daddy proud.

Where are you goin'?

Well, what fun would I get
out of telling you that?

Besides, what you don't know,
you can't tell.

When are you coming back?

That depends on you, son.

There you go.

My father said
you weren't moving out.

I'm glad.

Don't you come in this house

and be smart with me,
young man.

I'll toss you right out
that door.

I'm in the mood.


Your dad is not here.

I know.

Will you give my Uncle and I
a minute, please?

I don't want any trouble
with you, Uncle Bobby.

Now, I know we've had
our differences in the past,

but what's gone on here
is between you and my father.

I ain't got nothing
to do with it.

You really expect me
to believe that.

All you've ever wanted
is to drill on this ranch.

You see my name anywhere
on my father's deed?

If you ask me, though,

you should have let me drill
when Elena and I asked.

If you did, I don't think my father
would have been pushed to this.

You should've known
J.R. Wouldn't let

a billion barrels of oil
slip through his hands.

Yeah, well,
I am gonna fight him on that.

And I think that hurt him.

One of the reasons why he left
Dallas this afternoon.

J.R. Left?

I just saw him go.

He's put me in a real
uncomfortable situation.

J.R. Gave you
his power of attorney.

Well, the two of you must really
be enjoying this little joke.

Oh, I assure you it is no joke.

At my father's request,
I'm moving in to Southfork

to keep an eye on things
in his absence.

Into his suite, of course.

I'm gonna start pumping
section 18 as soon as I can.

Now, I know you're gonna have
a problem with that.

But I'm hoping you and I can
stay out of each other's way.

The last thing I'd want to do is
have to kick you off this ranch.

Like you did to me.

I keep thinking
if I could go back,

make better choices...

Meet Christopher under
different circumstances.

The funny thing is...

I'd probably have never met him
if things had been different.

You're young, Rebecca.

You make mistakes
when you're young.

It doesn't mean
you can't change.

Move beyond this in time.

You really believe that?

I've had to.

I keep letting myself fall
into bad patterns.

Letting myself be swayed
by my brother.

Your choices are yours,
not his.

I know.

The thing is...

I don't know
what he would do...

If he felt that
I didn't have his back.

Where's Tommy now?

Trying to figure out
his next move.

And you?

Trying to figure out a way
to tell him to go to hell.

Maybe the first step to that is
coming clean with Christopher.

Do you think Christopher
could ever forgive me?

It's more than forgiveness.
It's trust.

And somehow proving to him

that you're worthy
of a second chance.


I heard you this morning.

Now, hear me out.

I spoke to my father.

He did what you said.

Southfork, the oil,
it's all in his name.

He left town.

He wants me to do his bidding
until he gets back.

Till Uncle Bobby settles down.

He thinks it will be better
this way.

Well, I guess
you got what you wanted.

I wanted it.

But not this way.

He's put my head in the cross
hairs doing things his way.

And he has left me...

I never wanted to do it alone.

I wanted to do it with you.

Trust me.

I feel the same way
about J.R.

I've spent my whole life
trying not to be his son.

But this place...
That oil...

It's my birthright.

And now that it's all on me,

I got to do whatever I can
to make it work.

But Bobby doesn't deserve...

no, Bobby was hurt
by my father, not me.

Not you.

Bobby also wanted to
give away Southfork.

All of it.

I cannot say that I'm sorry

that my father stopped him
from doing that.


You have accused me of awful
things that I did not do.

And yet I'm still here,
at your door...

Asking you to take a chance...
On me.

Asking you to do what we always
said we would do...


I can't be a part of that.

You can't be a part of that...

Or a part of me?

I don't know.

J.R. Thought he could get out
of all of this

by leaving town,
so he put John Ross in charge.

I'm just afraid he's gonna
tear up this whole ranch

digging for oil
before he's done.

I did this, Annie,
by rushing it.

I tried to make things better,
and I made them worse.

What the hell was I thinking?

You were shouldering
everything yourself.

Especially the cancer.

And you didn't make this bad.
J.R. Did.

You are the strongest man
I know.

You will fix this.

Yeah, but they're gonna
start pumping

before I figure this out.

And I promised mama that
wouldn't happen.

I've got to find a way
to slow him down.

You will figure this out.

I just wish
I was as certain as you.


Open the door!



You're drunk, Christopher.

You need to go home.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for what I said
the other day.

I'm just...

I'm sorry.

Oh, God.

Okay, come on.
Come in.

You helped me last night?

You could barely make it
to the couch,

let alone the house.

Here. Drink this.

Then get out.

I-I thought that...

you thought because I let you sleep
on my couch that I forgive you?

I let you sleep there because
it was the decent thing to do.

You could learn something
about decency, Christopher.

I'm sorry.

You know exactly
what I'm insecure about,

what hurts me,
and still you went there.

I'm sorry about Rebecca,

but don't come here
looking to make peace.

To think that I let you put
in my head

that it was John Ross
this whole time

when that's what you think.

That's exactly how
you think of me.

John Ross?!

Do you have any idea
what he's up to?

Whatever you think,

more than anyone he has always
had my back.

And he has never, ever...

Made me feel bad...

The way you made me feel
the other day.

Mr. Ryland?

Your ex-wife is here
to see you.

Thank you for seeing me,

Why don't you come over here
and give me a hug?

I don't think that's necessary.

Oh, well, I do.

You know, I expected you
to sit up on your high horse

for at least a couple more
minutes before you caved.

Especially since,
as I remember,

I make your skin crawl.

Of course you always were prone
to hyperbole.

I don't want to fight with you.

That's pretty obvious, Annie.
You're here for a favor.

Why would you want
to start a fight?

You have a contract
with J.R. Ewing

to transport 2,000 barrels a day
from his well on Southfork.

I want you to cancel
the contract.

I'm the only one in Dallas
with enough trucks

to move that kind of oil.

If J.R. Can't move his oil,
then he's got to stop drilling.

Is that the endgame
you're looking after?

You can just nod your head
if I'm hitting the mark.

After all these years,
I can still read your mind.

Forget it.

After all we've been through,

I thought
you might have changed.

Oh, people don't.

Now, maybe the clothes we wear,
the size of one's heels.

It's nice to see you're not afraid
to be wearing them anymore,

by the way.

But the soul?

I think that stays
pretty constant.

Otherwise you wouldn't be here.

I'll do it.

I like your husband.

And I always thought
his brother was a prick.

So I'll pull my trucks.

It's gonna cost you a hug.

Saw the completion
rig outside.

Crew already gone for the day?

I thought you were in a hurry.

Well, they finished the casing
faster than expected.

It still needs to dry,
so I broke them early.

I'm a good boss, remember?

Never met a crew
that didn't like you.

A tycoon who gets
his hands dirty...

who can resist that?

So, you in this with me?

I thought Bobby was wrong
to not let us drill.

We were never gonna ruin
the land.

But I can't drill on Southfork.

I can't be in the middle
of that war.

I'll work my leases
on the Henderson land.

Maybe give you
a run for your money.

You're an independent woman.

I like that.

I understand
why you're doing this.

It's your birthright.

You have to prove yourself
to your father.

But promise me that you had
nothing to do

with stealing Southfork.

That it was all J.R.

Promise me you're the man
I think you are.

I swear...

None of it was me.

Oh, you pulled yourself

Yeah. I'm feeling better
about things.


Find anything yet?


Doorman let me in.

He's under the impression
the two of us are close.

What are you doing here?

Got something to show you.

Come on, John Ross.

You know what I like.

Don't you say?

I remember you liked it rough.

Where'd you get this?

Where do you think?

She left it for you.

I especially like the part

where you call Marta
by her real name...


Proves that you knew who she was
before the deal was made.

That you were conspiring
against my father.

So what?

The deed's not in my name.

Show it to the police,
your father...

It's not gonna help you
get Southfork back.

Or are you just gonna hold it
over my head with Elena?

You'd do anything
to get her to hate me.

I wouldn't show her that.

I wouldn't do that to her.

Might not undo the deal,
but fraud and conspiracy...

Are still a crime
in the state of Texas.

I want proof...

From you that J.R. was in
on the fraud.

Enough proof to undo the deal.

Or you're going to jail.