Dallas (2012–2014): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Last Hurrah - full transcript

John Ross seeks to gain an upper hand on a family member and resorts to blackmail, but J.R. decides to handle the situation his own way. Meanwhile, Christopher opens up to Bobby about his ...

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Previously on "Dallas"...

- Where's my father?
- Signing the papers to sell Southfork.

All right, Mitch.

I want my money, or
I blow up the deal.

We got a
problem with Lobell.

He's gonna tell Uncle Bobby who
he's really selling Southfork to.

Give him just enough
to shut him up,

and I'll shut him down.

You sent me e-mail
saying that we were a mistake.

I never sent you
any email!

You think I sent this?

Who else
had reason to send it?

I found out who sent that email
to Elena Ramos.

Someone named Rebecca Sutter.

You think it's coincidental
that Cliff Barnes

suddenly shows up in Dallas
just when Southfork is for sale?

Are you sure you want to mix
business with pleasure?

My father has cancer.

They removed the tumor,
but it can come back.

Elena was there.
She helped me through it.

I-I'm not really sure
I'm understanding

what you're saying,

It made me realize
what's important.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

Nice place.
Nice place.

I'm glad to see you hold on
to what's important.

You always said one day I'd have
real ones of my own.

And once we take care
of Lobell, we'll have Southfork.

I reached out
to an old friend of mine,

had him do some more digging
on Lobell's son,

since your P.I. let us down.

Turns out that son
never cleaned up his act

after the hit-and-run.

Developed a pretty healthy
drug problem,

even has two felony possessions
on his record.

That's two strikes,
and this is Texas?

If we get evidence implicating
him in one more felony,

we can threaten Lobell to put
his son away for a long time.

Lobell won't take a chance
when it comes to his boy.

That means setting him up.

Don't see another choice.

Here's how to find him.

Apparently he's got a weakness
for pretty ladies.

Maybe ask Marta to help.

I don't want to use her.

Things getting serious
with you two?

Not on my end.

But, uh, she's getting
a little clingy.

And you'd rather be clingy
with someone else?

That Mexican girl?

Her name's Elena.

And... no.
I think that's over.

If you don't want
to use Marta,

you find someone else
you can trust, but fast.


It's John Ross.

I'm thinking you and I
should meet up later.


It's about time
we had a little talk

about that email
you sent Elena.

The one that broke her up
with Christopher.

S01 Ep04 - The Last Hurrah

That information
you wanted on Marta.

Just give me
the headlines.

Her real name's
Veronica Martinez.

And don't break her heart.

with bipolar disorder,

two arrests for stalking

Went after one
of them with a skinning knife.

Convinced a jury
it was only self-defense.

Well, I'd say when it comes
to jealousy,

our girl is crazier
than an outhouse rat.

Man, I hope I'm never on the
wrong end of that smile, J.R.

Now that John Ross has got Bobby
to sign over the ranch

to the Del Sol Conservancy,

I think it's time for me
to claim my birthright.

What do you want me to do?

My boy and Marta
are involved,

but he's only got eyes
for Elena Ramos.

What do you think?

Have you seen miss Ellie's
silver collection?

No, but I'll keep
an eye out.

Sorry, Tommy.

I thought you were
one of the hands.

If that means I've been
pulling my weight around here,

I'll take the compliment.

I still can't get over how nice
you and Mr. Ewing have been

by letting me stay on.

I mean, especially
with all the packing

and the final barbecue
coming up.

You guys sure are going out
in big-Texas style.

Big-Texas style is right.

Seems like everyone
who ever set foot on Southfork

is coming back
to say goodbye...

I just hope
I can get it all done.

Whatever you need,
you know, just...

Man, I am starving.

I must've moved 1,000 head
of cattle this morning.

See you moved a box.

I actually moved two.


Here, boys.
Have some breakfast.

Slow down
and taste the food, hijo.

I feel like I've been
saying this since you were 5.

Y'all finished
with the roundup?

We're getting there.
How's it going in here?

It's not easy getting ready
for the last hurrah

while we're packing up.

Yeah, but it's gonna be good
to see everybody.

I need your help looking through
your mama and daddy's things.

Well, that's, uh,
gonna have to wait.

There's too much to do
on the ranch

before I hand Southfork over
to a conservancy.

We need to decide
what we're gonna be taking

to the new condo with us,

Can't you do that?

They're your family's things.

Then it's going to
have to wait.

I hope
I'm not interrupting anything.

No, no, come on in
and join us.

Thanks. I need to talk
to Christopher

about his methane project.

What's up?

Some bids came in for
a larger scale test

of the CO2 injection fix.

Great. Let me see.

This guy came in
way under the others.

Any idea why?

Yeah. Word is,
he's cheap because he's fast.

In the oil business,

cheap and fast gets you
good and dead.

Well, the guy from midland
has the best reputation.

It looks like
there's two from midland.

- Which one?
- This guy.

Looks like
I'm the last one up.

Sit down.
I'll make you a plate.

That's okay.
You two look busy anyway.

No, uh, Elena was just
showing me some work stuff.

That's all.

We can do this any other time.

No, really,
I'm not hungry.

I got to get
to the law library.

I'll call you later.


If I know my sister,
she's probably just freaking out

about having to take
the Texas bar exam.

Look, just leave the bids.

I got to get back out anyway.

Cattle busted a fence
that needs fixin'.

Bobby, can you help me out
in the study with Jock's things?

Honey, Christopher
is going to need my help.


Just wanted to drop off
a little good luck charm

for your campaign.

I found miss Ellie's pearls
when I was packing up Southfork.

what do we have here?

An angel
talking to the devil.

What's he doing here?

Well, not that it's any
of your business, J. R...

I heard he was in town

and I figured I needed
a little, political advice.

And I was happy to oblige.

Sure was an unpleasant surprise to
see you at Southfork last week.

You must've been
out of your tiny mind

to think Bobby would ever
sell the ranch to you.

I will never stop fighting
for what is rightfully mine,

and I know you are
the same way.

I'm a changed man, Cliff.

Evidence of that is the fact

that you're not being
wheeled out of here

with two broken legs.

Now that
Bobby's sold Southfork,

you can go ahead
and leave town.

Nothing left
for you to do in Dallas.

Well, when you have
several billion dollars, J.R.,

you can do whatever you want to,
wherever you want.

Shall we?

Are you really gonna break bread
with this low-life?

You lost your right
to have a say with whom I lunch

a long time ago.

I told you on the phone,

I don't know anything
about any email.

Maybe that will refresh
your memory.

I had someone trace this back
to your IP address.

You really know
how to break a girl's heart.

That stuff you wrote
was mean.

I didn't send this.

I swear.

If that's true,
then why'd you come?

I came because
you're accusing me

of something I didn't do.

You're gonna have to be
a lot more convincing than that

if you want Christopher
to believe you.

No, you can't
show this to him.

I don't want to have to.

That depends on you.

But I didn't send it.

The proof is in your hand.

Now I need you
to do something for me.

What do you want me to do?

This guy's a drug addict.

I need you to get pictures
of him doing drugs.

You can't be serious.

How am I supposed to
pull that off?

Now, Rebecca, you strike me

as an extremely
resourceful woman.

I'm sure
you'll figure that out.

And once you do,

I'll let you get away
with whatever scam

you're trying to pull
on my dim-witted cousin.

Shouldn't you be at the lab
with Christopher,

working on your alternative
energy project?

I didn't come here to fight,
John Ross.

I came here
to talk business.

our business together ended

when you stopped trusting me.

I could still use
your help.

I found an old stripper well on
miss Henderson's land.

If I deepen it a little,
I'll hit another oil reservoir.

Just waiting on the "but."

Well, miss Henderson
won't hear me out.

You're a lot better
with people than I am.

What's in it for me?

You're drinking
by yourself

at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Don't you think it's time
you got over

not drilling on Southfork
and got out of this bar?

Trust me,

you look a lot better
as an oilman than a barfly.

I always did like
that miss Henderson.

Christopher, is there anything
you want to talk about?


Is everything okay
with you and Rebecca?

Yeah. Why?

Well, just seemed a little awkward
this morning when she came down

and saw you sitting
with Elena.

I mean, it's gotta be tough
having your ex-girlfriend

and your wife
in such close proximity.

You know, when Ann and I
got married,

she was pretty insecure
about your mother.

You can't solve the problem
by avoiding the situation.

Mr. Ewing!

Pregnant cow has isolated
herself by the barn.

Looks like
she's in trouble.

Hang on.
I'll come with you.

Mrs. Henderson.

John Ross Ewing.

Last time I saw you,

I was chasing you off
for tipping over my cattle.

Well, I was just trying
to get a rise out of you.

She is the sexiest woman
in all of Dallas county

when she's mad.

Do you mind giving us
10 minutes of your time?

I promise, we will make it
worth your while.

You got
your daddy's charm.

Let's hope you didn't get
his morals.

Come on in.

I told you Mrs. Henderson
will be a piece of cake.

Well-head sure looks
in good shape.

Log says they stopped drilling
at 8,000 feet.

So, another 2,000 to get to
the next productive zone.

Well, the infrastructure's
already in place.

Won't take but a week.

I need to give Sue Ellen
an estimate

of how much it'll cost me
to hire a crew.

Any chance you'll come with me
to see her?

Well, I can't guarantee
I'll be cordial.

John Ross!

That was an accident.

that was on purpose.

- Stop. Stop!
- Okay, fine, I'll stop.

I should get back to work.

J.R., it's Bum.

Finally got something good
on your boy.

We'll only take five days for the pay.

So I'll need $75,000
for the driller.

I'll have it transferred
into your account today.

- Thank you, Sue Ellen.
- My pleasure.

John Ross, may I talk to you
right now in my office, please?

Well, at least I'm glad
that the two of you

are back in business
again, anyway.

She asked me for a favor.
That's all.

I've heard that you're
seeing your father again.

You jealous, mother?

No, just concerned.

Do you think
he's really changed, John Ross?

I know that he's finally
teaching me

about the oil business.

Just like he always
promised me he would.

Well, I'm glad.



- How's she doing?
- She's laboring pretty hard

and she's not getting anywhere
on her own.

I think we're gonna
have to help her here.

Hand me those.

All right.

That stuff
about Elena and Rebecca...

I do feel bad about it.

And talking to you,
especially you.

I don't want you to be
disappointed in me.

That's not possible, son.

A couple of years ago,
Elena and I decided to elope.

But the night
we were gonna go,

she never showed up.

No explanation.
She was just gone.

And then right before
Rebecca and I got married,

I found out
what really happened.

Elena got an email that night,
supposedly from me,

breaking up with her.

John Ross sent it.

He hacked into my account.

He broke us up.

Does Elena know
that you didn't send the email?

She does now.

Son, you must be
going through hell.

Both of you.

I love Rebecca. I do.

And I want to be a good man
more than anything.

But ever since
I found why Elena left,

I can't stop thinking about
what could have been.

And you didn't tell me because
you thought I'd judge you?


Because I knew you'd tell me
the right thing to do.

No, son.

The choice is yours.

But you've got to make one.

If you truly love Rebecca,

then you've got to let go
of Elena for good.

I know I have to.

I just don't know if I can.

It's her time.

Easy, girl.

All right, thanks
to those who shared tonight

and to everyone else
for listening.

You guys feel free
to stick around for coffee.

Hi. Great meeting.

I really liked
that last thing you said

about finding the strength
to make the right decisions.

Yeah, well, you teach best
what you most need to learn.

It's been one of those days
for me.

I wanted to share
with the group,

but I just,
I didn't feel very comfortable.

Would you be willing
to go somewhere?

I'd be happy to.

You're the only one
that never lets me down, Bum.

what's your play, J.R.?

Well, when the time is right,

get Marta madder
than a hornet's nest.

Maybe get Elena
to invite John Ross

to my brother's last hurrah
at Southfork.

Boy always did like a party.

A little too much.

Well, if you need
a back-up plan,

you know
I'm good at trouble.

Me, too.

Thank you
for your help today.

I should be mad as hell
with you

for not believing me
about that email,

but... today felt good.

It did.
You and me and business...

That was always good.

I could use you.

I know that partnering with me
on miss Henderson's line

won't make up
for not drilling on Southfork,

but it'll keep you from
looking like a barfly.

If I agree to go back
in business with you,

what about us?

One step at a time.

Good night.

Where have you been?

The bar.

Drinking with some buddies.

You didn't answer my calls.

We were shooting pool.

Got pretty loud.

What's wrong?

I've been waiting.

I thought we had a date.

- Well, I am here now.
- It's too late.

I really
just lost track of time.

I forgive you.

But we'll have to do something
about your tardiness.

What did you have in mind?

Little present.

He told me he thought

I was too damaged
for him.

I swear the only way
I'm gonna get through this

is by getting high.

You don't have anything,
do you?

We could do it together.

Make a night of it?

That's not gonna solve
your problems.

But it'll get me through
the night.

I promise I'll get back into
treatment tomorrow.


I've been there.

But I'm not gonna partake.

I'm clean. Finally.

I know you don't think
that you have a choice,

but you do.

You just... you got to stop
lying to yourself

about this being
the only way.

How did you do it?

I fell in love.

For the first time
in my life,

instead of thinking
about myself,

I think of someone else

About what it would mean
if I let her down.

What I would lose
if I messed up again.

I would break
if I lost her.

I think
you've changed my mind.

What are you doing
in here?

The program wasn't working,
so I came over to fix it.

Turns out
you never installed it.

Yeah, well, I was afraid
it would get us caught.

This is serious, Rebecca.

You can't steal
Christopher's patent

without access
to his computer.

- Why are you protecting him?
- I'm protecting us!

We're here for money.

I'm copying the family records
from the storage file,

hoping to find something
valuable we can exploit,

but you need to do your part
on the Christopher front.

Trust me. I am. But you've
got to get out of here.

- What's going on?
- Nothing!

Nothing. Nothing I can't handle.
Okay? Now go.

Thank you for opening up
for me.

Well, only for
our most special customers.

This really isn't necessary.

I like my watch.

not enough to use it.

Can I see that one?


How's it feel?

Give me a second.

- Did you do what I asked?
- I couldn't.

I couldn't do that to him.

He has a life, John Ross.

He's trying to be
a better person.

I'm not playing around.

All right, you do what I ask
by tomorrow afternoon

or Christopher's gonna find out
everything about you.

Got it?

What's wrong?

I didn't get what I needed
with Lobell's son.

I should have gone
with you this morning.

We're business partners.
We have each other's back.

Just tell me what you need
to have done and I'll do it.

Lobell's son's a drug addict
with two strikes on his record.

Evidence of a third...

That would give us the leverage
to put him away.

I need to get pictures of him
doing drugs.

Tell me where to find him,

and I'll take care of it
first thing in the morning.

Then you could come by
in the afternoon

and we'll celebrate.

This time...
Don't be late.

Easy, girl.

Come on.

Come on.

Damn it!

What's wrong?
I can't turn it.

And I think the calf's hoof
punctured her uterus.

She's bleeding terrible.

Go get the vet back.
We have to cut this calf out.

Well, if we do that,
the mother will die.

And if we don't,
we're gonna lose the calf.

Look, I'll get the truck.
We'll take her into town.

Son, there isn't time. If we wait,
we're gonna lose them both.

We don't have a choice.


I'm sorry.

Did I see John Ross
dropping you off here yesterday?

We're working together again.

Well, you know,
it's a shame

things didn't work out
for you romantically.

He always had a crush on you,
even when he was a little boy.

You know, you were the only one
that could get him to study.

I doubt if he'd ever have finished a
whole book if it weren't for you.

He was dyslexic, not stupid.

Yeah. Listen, why don't you
ask him to that barbecue today?

I mean, Southfork
is his home.

Wouldn't be right if he
wasn't here to say goodbye.

That's probably my date.

Think about
what I said, hmm?

It's hard
to believe that...

Today's really the last barbecue
on Southfork.

How was your lunch
with Cliff?

He thinks
I can win the election.

He's also offered
to fund my campaign.

That man is as see-through
as a mosquito net, Sue Ellen.

All he wants to do is buy
his way into your pocket.

wants something, J.R.

So what is it that you want?

A fresh start.

Cliff thinks
you're still after Southfork.

Well, if I'm guilty
of anything,

it's looking out
for my son's future.

You have managed to convince
John Ross of that.

But is it the truth?

Well, it's no secret we weren't
the best parents, Sue Ellen.

Now, I'm doing my part
to make it up to him now.

There we go.

There we go. Yeah.

It's a shame we had to
put the mother down.

It was the right call.

Yeah, his new mama's gonna take
good care of him.

You know I still have that book
that you and mom gave me?

When you told me
I was adopted.

It's all about
how I should feel special

'cause you chose me.

That was the best day
of my life.

I know you'll do the right thing
about Rebecca.

Come in.

Just getting ready
for the barbecue.

What's going on?

This is for you.


Thank you for helping me
with the gas-displacement fix.

That should cover
your participation.

Christopher, I...
I didn't do this for the money.

I did this because
you're my friend,

because you asked
for my help.

I want to make sure there's
never any legal dispute

about who owns what.

You know, I can't risk
you coming back in a few years

after I've built a company
and trying to claim ownership.

Come on. You know
I wouldn't do that.

Actually, I don't.

And cashing that check

will protect me from
any obligation to you.

Are you kidding me?

I wish I were.

You're ambitious, Elena.

Out to prove yourself.

And prove to everyone else

that you're more than just
the help's daughter.

I mean, you already went into
business with John Ross once,

trying to drill behind
my father's back.

And I'm just trying
to protect myself

because it's pretty clear
how quickly

you'll compromise your
integrity for money.


I should have
heard from you by now.

Where are we on Lobell's son?

I had Marta take care of it.

I'll speak with Lobell first thing
in the morning, set him straight.

that's good news.

I was getting worried about you, boy.

Well, you shouldn't be.

I even scored myself an invitation
to the Southfork barbecue.

You did.
Well, good for you.

- Will I see you there?
- Wouldn't miss it.

Just got to take care
of something first.

Expecting someone else?

John Ross, I thought
you might be him.

He called to cancel plans,

but I was hoping
he had a change of heart.

Well, unfortunately, I don't
think that's going to happen.

I'm sorry to be
the bearer of bad news,

but my suspicions
got the better of me.

I've come across
some information

that you ought to see.

When were these taken?

Yesterday afternoon.

He said
he was with his friends.

I'm afraid not.

He's even on his way to Southfork
to be with her right now.

I'm sorry, Marta.

My boy
was just using you.

I did that
for your son...

And more.

Well, I-I thought

we just needed a picture of him
doing drugs?

He was a little tougher
to persuade than I thought.

Well, clearly
my son doesn't appreciate

the kind of woman
he has in you.

Marta, I know you had feelings
for John Ross,

but at least you know
what you're getting with me.

What do you say you and I make a new
deal for Southfork and that oil?

I was ready to do this.

I know.

But I wanted to help.

And it turns out
if I hadn't,

I wouldn't have found
your mother's silver.

It's in the bottom
of one of the drawers.

There's just one thing
left to do.

I can hardly remember

half of the parties I was at
here at Southfork.

That's 'cause
you spent most of 'em

sneaking liquor
from the bar.

Yeah, like you were such
a Saint all those years.

Look at you, all grown up.

My gosh!
I like your bolo.

give me a quick second.

Can I have your attention,

Thank you.

Listen, I want to thank you all
for coming.

I want to welcome you here.

If you are here, it's because
you have a connection

to this ranch and the people
who have lived on it.

I'm here because Southfork is
the only home I've ever known.

And that makes it pretty
difficult to say goodbye.

Especially if you think
it's gonna be forever.

But this is not the end.

The memories and the people
of Southfork

will always be a part of me,
just the same way

that they'll always be
a part of you.

And we'll take those memories
with us wherever we go...

As we all move on
to our new beginnings.

So, tonight,
I want you to just relax.

I want you to enjoy yourself.

And let's all celebrate
Southfork ranch, okay?

Thank you.

- We need to talk.
- Good.

First, I want to show you

Come on.

Rick had cleaned up.
He was back on track.

Yeah. It's a shame.

And what's worse is...

He already has two offenses
on his record.

A photo like this gets into
the hands of the authorities,

that's strike three.

Rick will go away
for a long time.

You can't do this
to him, J.R.

He just got his life back.
He's getting married.

You're gonna complete
the transfer of Southfork

without extorting
another dime from us.

I want the new deed

It's no longer a 50/50 split
between John Ross and me.

You write up a new contract
and allocate all to me.

You're cutting him out
of his own deal?

Southfork was meant to be mine
from the beginning...

And now finally will be.

John Ross
can wait his turn.

I want those papers filed
by morning.

You got it?

You have to promise
to protect my son, J.R.

Promise me!

We didn't know
if she was gonna make it.

But look at her.

I love you.

Nothing's ever gonna
get in the way of that.

What's wrong?

There's something
I need to tell you...

...about the e-mail...

Elena got two years ago...

...the one telling her

you weren't showing up
for the wedding.