Dallas (2012–2014): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Price You Pay - full transcript

Just as John Ross sets out to claim his birthright and make his father proud, J.R. decides to move back to Southfork, much to Ann's dismay. Bitter Ewing family enemy Cliff Barnes returns and tries to reconnect with his nephew, Christopher. A startling family announcement offers an opportunity to heal old wounds.

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Previously on Dallas.

You're selling Southfork
'cause you don't think

you're gonna be well
to protect your home.

You don't trust me
to take over.

My decision has nothing
to do with you.

Tell your son
you have cancer, Bobby.

Remember your thesis on
petroleum and water flooding?

I may be able to use it to extract
methane from the hydrates.

I could really
use your help.

We've spent the last
two years working on this job.

Don't tell me you're having
second thoughts.

What if I am?

You sent me an e-mail

that we were a mistake.

I never sent you
any e-mail!

You think I sent this?

Who else had reason
to send it?

She got an e-mail
a couple years back.

I need you to find out
who sent it.

If you don't figure out
how to get me $2 million,

I'm gonna tell J.R. that you're
planning on screwing him over.

Marta, I got to talk
to your daddy.

I speak for my father,

I'm not aware of any deal
with my daughter.

Would you come in here,

Marta, J.R. Ewing.

Feels good, doesn't it?

Almost sinful.

granddaddy Jock took me here

the day I closed
my first big deal.

That man taught me everything
I know about business.

Okay. Get going.

When I was 8 years old,
I asked my daddy for a horse,

and he says when I came up with
the money, he'd sell me one.

Go on.

So, all that summer,

I worked
in the oil fields,

digging trenches and such,
12 hours a day.

And true to his word,
daddy sold me a horse.

And I learned
quick enough...

That horse was blind.

Now, I loved my daddy...

And I respected my daddy.

But most importantly...

...I feared my daddy.

I went down to Mexico
to talk to Mr. Del Sol

about the Southfork deal.

I know Marta is not Marta.

Were you gonna
cut your daddy...

Out of two billion barrels'
worth of oil?

S01 Ep03 - The Price You Pay

Did you think you could
get around on J.R. Ewing?

I sure did.

I don't blame you
for trying to screw me.

I was never much of a father
during your formative years,

and I'd like
to make up for that.

I'd like to teach you
all the things

my daddy taught me
about big oil.

Can you find it in your heart
to give me that chance?

I won't let you down
this time.

First things first.

Now that I know
the Del Sols

aren't the folks fronting us
the cash to buy Southfork,

I need to meet
the real money men.

I'll set it up.

We got a problem
with Lobell, by the way.

I paid him
to keep his mouth shut.

He said if he doesn't get
$2 million,

he's gonna tell
Uncle Bobby

who he's really selling
Southfork to.

All right. Give him
just enough to shut him up,

and I'll shut him down.

I already got a guy
looking for dirt.

No, you're drilling a dry hole
there, John Ross.

Lobell's clean.

No, the weak spot
is his son,

who, for some reason,
Lobell adores above all things.

He's got a problem
with driving and drinking.

Killed an old woman
in a crosswalk

about 15 years ago.

They paid off the only witness
to forget what she saw.

The drilling industry
runs on two things...

Drilling mud...
And information.

You go find that witness
for me... partner.

Just like that.

I... no, I can't.

You won't know
unless you try.


Rifle on your shoulder.

Now, remember,
front sight on the bottle.


Okay. Try again.

Okay. Ca...

Can't we just go
bake something?

You can do this, okay?

Deep breath in...


Slow, easy pull
on the trigger.

- You did it.
- Okay, well, I'm gonna...

I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead.


Miss Ann.

I rode the North side
of the fence this morning.

I fixed the gaps,
and I rounded up all the cattle

that made it through onto
old miss Henderson's land.

Well, I'm starting to think
we might not need

all the other ranch hands.

I-I lost track of time.

I'm sorry. I have something
I need to do.

I'll give her a ride
back to the main house.

- Thank you, Tommy. Bye.
- Bye.

Aren't you just the best

Ann's a good person.

Not too good a judge
of character, though.

I've been looking
for a way

to blow up
this Southfork deal.

What's going on
with the gas hydrate?

It's hard to keep up
with Christopher's research.

He doesn't talk about it
a lot.

he won't have to anymore.

Plug that into his laptop.

It installs
a remote-access program,

so we'll have total control
over his computer.

He's been spending
a lot of time with Elena

working on that fix
for his patent.

It's sad those two lovebirds
couldn't make it work.

He found somebody better.

He's in love with a lie.

It's more fun
when they move.

Gentlemen, you all know me.

I'd like to introduce you
to my father, J.R. Ewing.

Vicente Cano.
A pleasure.

Your reputation
is well-known

among oilmen in Venezuela,
Mr. Ewing.

- Please, sit down.
- Thank you.

Please, call me J.R.,
would you?

I want to make sure we're on
the same page on this deal.

Now, after you buy Southfork
from my brother,

you'll convey that property
to me and my son

for 14% of all profits

from the oil recovered
from our wells.

The deal was 15%.

That was when I thought I was
dealing with Carlos Del Sol.

He's a trusted old friend.

I must tell you, my partners
and I were all very surprised

to hear that you were part
of this deal.

It's been quite some time

since you've been active
in the oil industry.

Well, after 50 years,
I thought I deserved a rest.


Nursing homes are good places
for resting.

My son and I have been looking
for the right deal, Vicente.

Let's hope this is the one.

Are you saying
there's a chance it isn't?

We are fronting you
$50 million

in exchange for access
to oil reserves

that you estimate
at over two billion barrels.

That's correct.


just to make sure
that we're on the same page...

if that oil should happen
to stop flowing to us

for any reason...

equipment breakdown,

if you should become

that would be

The best way
to understand a man

is to talk to his friends
and his enemies.

My friends
are in the statehouse.

My enemies
are gonna be harder to find.


Done deal.

Thank you for coming.

Thank you.

I have a lot of time
invested in this deal.

You took a risk
renegotiating it.

Yeah. Life is full of risks,

John Ross,
would you give us a minute?

I thought it'd be nice if
Marta and I had a little chat.

Well, I'm gonna give you a pass
on trying to screw me... once.

But if I get the feeling you're
double-dealing me again...

that is a risk
you do not want to take.

We were able to remove
the entire tumor, intact.

And as you can see
from the margins on the areas,

- it's completely clean.
- That's great.

Well, yes, but the tumor was actually
larger than we originally thought,

and given its size and location,

now I'm afraid there's a greater
chance for recurrence.

- Well, what about the chemo?
- Well, there is a treatment

that inhibits the enzymes
that actually cause new tumors,

but there are
some side effects.

- Well, I can start that today.
- Okay.

- What... what are they?
- Well, honey...

There's always side effects
with drugs.

Hair loss isn't one of them,

- No.
- Okay. I'm good to go.

No, there's just a-a chance
of some liver damage,

uh, cardiomyopathy,

and, in some very rare cases,
uh, heart failure.


I'll get some samples.

I convinced myself

that surgery
was gonna fix everything.

Pretty dumb.

Now, wait a minute.

Stop that.

No, honey, you were right.

I was selling Southfork

because I didn't think I was
gonna be around to protect it.

But I don't feel
that way now.

I'll call Lobell.

This doesn't look like
$2 million to me.

Well, it'll have to do
for now.

J.R. still
in the old folk's home?

He already knows.

And if you try and tell
my Uncle Bobby anything,

the deal goes away...
You get nothing.

You got a bigger problem.

Your Uncle just called me.

He's decided to put the sale
of Southfork on hold.

For how long?


Bobby Ewing.

Hello, Mr. Ewing.
I'm Dr. Hirsch.

I'm your brother J.R.'s
primary care physician.

Is J.R. okay?

He's fine.

And your visits have been
extremely beneficial

in that regard.

We find
that being around family

is very helpful
in recovery from depression.

Well, I-I can stop by there
every week

if you think it'll help.

Well, actually, sir, I was gonna
ask you for a little bit more.

If J.R. could spend some time
around the family home...

It would speed up
his recovery.

Family home?

Are you suggesting that he move
back here to Southfork?

I understand that you two
have a complicated relationship,

but I would appreciate it
if you'd think it over.

Yes, I will, uh, think about it.

I will, doctor. I will.
Thank you.

This is a...
This is a mistake.

No, honey, if he's okay,
then he will drive us crazy

trying to control everything
around here.

And if he's not, we have to
watch him 24 hours a day

just to keep him
out of trouble.

You keep going.

I'm gonna go make up
the guest room.

No, honey,
it's a bad idea.

And you're a good man.

Just think. It might be fun
having J.R. at Southfork.


It'll be great having
a rattlesnake in the house.

Nice job, "doc."

Very convincing.

I especially liked that
"complicated relationship" part.

Now, you better get back to your
room before somebody misses you.

Now, you promised me
a dinner and a date.

Now, I want a blonde,

and I want one of those

big old cowboy bone-in ribeyes
from Y.O.

I'm tired of that damn
red jello here.

All right.


Hell of an idea to get me
back in the house, John Ross.

Your Uncle Bobby
threw us a curve

when he hit the pause button
on that Del Sol deal.

I spent
most of your childhood

chasing after women
I didn't love...

And making deals
that didn't really matter.

I will get Southfork back...

Because you shouldn't
have to pay for my sins.

Let's go through this again.

It's forcing water
into the oil reservoir,

replacing the oil
with water,

which should prevent the ground
above it from collapsing.

I'm sorry.
I can't look at this anymore.

I mean,
why is this so difficult?

You know, t-the same theory should
work with methane hydrates...

To extract the gas
without causing tsunamis.

but the hydrate's frozen,

so it has to be a gas

that will cause
an exothermic reaction.

Wait a second.

Let me see that.

How did I not see this?

- What?
- Liquid carbon dioxide.

We inject it
as a micro-emulsion,

and because carbon-dioxide
hydrates are stable...

- I'm trying not to scream.
- I mean, it's just a theory.

You know, we still have to build
a working model.

No, it's really good.


Hi, Rebecca.

Yeah, yeah,
that... that would be great.

I'll see you there.

I'm having lunch
with your wife.

Well, not much
of a welcoming party.

John Ross,
get the rest of my bags.

Well, what have we here?

J.R., I didn't think you were
coming till later this afternoon.

Well, you're
looking pretty spry

for all you've been through,
old fella.

Cliff Barnes.
Remember me?

Time has not been kind
to that face.

But I do recall the smell
of brimstone and crazy.

Bobby, what the hell
is going on here?

Well, Cliff just came
back to town,

so he stopped by
to say hello.

Yeah, I was trying to get your
brother to sell me Southfork,

you know,
right some of the wrongs

the Ewings
caused my family.

Well, if you think
you got a shot at that,

you need a doctor
more than I do.

J.R., I already
turned him down.

That's right. Southfork has already
been sold to a conservancy.

That's what I heard,

Well, you're taking that
awful well, J.R.

I'm a new man.
You ought to try that.

Thanks for hearing me out,

I hope I made my intentions
good and clear.

And if you still got
a conscience, you'll call me.

And if you are real nice,

maybe Bobby will let you spend
the rest of your miserable days

right here on Southfork.

I'll be there when they put you
in the ground, Barnes.

Listen close... I'll be the one
dancing on the dirt overhead.

Bobby, why does he think
he can buy Southfork?

I don't know.

Maybe he heard that I put
the conservancy deal on hold.

You what?
Why would you do such a thing?


This land has been in our family
for 150 years.

There's no rush
to give it away.

Do you think
it's coincidental

that Cliff Barnes
suddenly shows up in Dallas

just when Southfork
is for sale?

If that land is in play,

he'll destroy everything
in his path to get it.

Okay. Come on. Come on. I've
heard this all before. Come on.

Let's you and I go fishing
at the big water tank, okay?

We'll get some bass for breakfast,
just like the old days.

Come on.

You intimidate
the hell out of me.

- Me?
- Yeah.

Well, you're smart,
you're beautiful,

you've known Christopher
since you were kids,

and you were engaged
to him.

I can't change
any of that.

You don't need to.

Christopher picked you.

After you broke up
with him.

Look, I-I want us
to be friends

because then you won't feel
like a threat,

but mostly...

Because listening to the way
Christopher talks about you

made me realize
I'd be lucky to be your friend.

Well, it's really hard
to turn down an offer like that.

So, what would you like to know
about Christopher?

What kind of kid was he?


Sweet. Driven.


He's been through a lot.

Both of his real parents died
before he ever got to meet them.

And the only mother
he ever knew, Pam,

just disappeared one day.

It was just him and Bobby.

He wants his father
to be proud of him so much.

It breaks my heart.

Well, that's why fixing the methane
patent is so important to him.

Yeah, but Bobby loves him
whether it works or not.

I can see that.
Why can't he?

When Christopher found out
that he was adopted,

he started to believe that
he had to earn being a Ewing.

Ewings don't fail.

Damn it!

That's great!

You said you wanted a flame.
That was a flame.

That was a fireball.

You'll get it right.


So, how was your lunch?

It was fine.

What'd you girls
talk about?



with all your history

and the way I treated Elena
before the wedding,

I wanted to make sure
things were okay between us.

- And?
- They are.

- Can I help you?
- I work for Cliff Barnes.

Mr. Barnes would like to invite
you and your wife

to be his guests
for dinner tonight.


The car is out front.

Mr. Barnes was renting the whole floor.

It's nice to finally meet you,
Mr. Christopher Ewing.

Same to you.

It was nice for him
to invite us to dinner.

He wants something.


my favorite nephew.

Uncle Cliff.

How long has it been?

Five years at least.

That's too long.

You got the pick of the litter
when you got him.

I know.

This is my wife,



Sit down.

I like playing hold 'em.

I just don't like
being in those rooms.

You want to cash me out?
I don't want any interruptions.

Yes, sir.

I was surprised to hear
you were back in Dallas.

- What brings you back?
- I missed my family.

What really brings you back?

He doesn't trust me.

Now, what have I done
to deserve this?

I don't know.

Spend your entire life
trying to destroy my family?

That was years ago.

Any bad blood
between me and the Ewings

has nothing to do
with us.

Why am I here,
Uncle Cliff?

I want to invest
in your gas-hydrate project.

What, do you have one of these
video cameras in my lab?

No. No.

Your mama was my sister.

I'm interested
in what you're doing.

I figure a million
is a good place to start.

I appreciate your offer,

but once I solve the issues
with my patent,

I'm gonna have investors
kicking in my door to back me.

Why not keep it
in the family?

If I wanted family money,

I would have accepted
my father's offer.

Yeah, but the difference is, you
don't have to prove your worth to me.

This isn't about supporting me,
is it, Uncle Cliff?

It's about screwing
my family.

I take your money, you'll
have one up on the Ewings.

Well, I apologize
if I've hurt your feelings.

Time to go.

Excuse us.

You are never gonna be
one of them, Christopher.

And don't let them destroy you
like they did Pam.

Bullets don't seem to have much
of an effect on me, darlin'.

What are you doing
in here, J.R.?

Bobby never lets people
in here.

Doctor said it'd be good
for me to revisit my past...

Help me come to terms
with... things.

Lot of Ewing history in here...
Good and bad.

Come. Take a look.

Is that Bobby
and miss Ellie?

Yeah. She doted on that boy
something fierce.

I spent a lot of my life
hating how much she loved him.

Wasted years.

Bobby said miss Ellie
never had a chance with you,

that Jock snatched you up
as soon as you could walk

to teach you
the oil-drilling business.


Daddy had a different
parenting style.

That's for sure.


Dinner's at 6:00.

Close the door
when you leave, okay?

Bobby was right
for wanting to sell.

Southfork has caused a lot
of problems for this family.

He has a chance
to put that to an end.

Well, you were the cause of most
of those problems, J.R.

And now that you've seen
the error of your ways,

Bobby thinks that maybe
the next generation

can have a fresh start.

Lock the door when you leave.

Time to get
your hands dirty, son.

What's this?

All my mama's secrets.

And you're about to use them to
get the Southfork deal moving.

Your Uncle Bobby
is gonna find out

that you are my son,
tip to tail.

What do I have to do?

You up for it?

Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine.

I'm gonna tell you the truest
thing my daddy ever told me.

Nobody gives you power.

Real power
is something you take.


Why don't I have access
to Christopher's computer yet?

I-I haven't had a chance
to install the program.

- Don't play games with me.
- No, it's... it's...

It's just not that easy.

I'm never alone
with his computer.

He takes that stupid thing
everywhere he goes.

No more excuses.
Get it done, Rebecca.

I didn't know
you could cook, J.R.

Well, living
at that old folk's home

was a powerful incentive
to learn.

Those people are not passing
away because of old age.

They're trying to get away
from the food.

Maybe you could teach
your brother a thing or two.

We need to talk.

Mind your manners,
John Ross.

I didn't want
to have to do this,

but you leave me
no other choice.

What are you doing
with mama's journal?

You took that
out of my room.

There's some interesting stuff
in there, Uncle Bobby.

Did you know miss Ellie spent some
time in a mental institution?

That was
after daddy died.

She was having trouble
accepting his loss!

Save your breath,
John Ross.

There is nothing
in mama's journal

that will in any way
overturn her will.

Maybe it won't.

But it'll get me
my day in court.

And if you push me,
I will use that day

to tell all of Dallas
every private thought

and secret shame
miss Ellie ever had.

Not in this lifetime
you won't!

You had your chance
to claim Southfork.

I ain't gonna fail
like you did.

If I don't hear from you
in 24 hours, I'm filing.

John Ross!
John Ross!

You did it.

My God.

You did it.

Did it.

Let's go tell my father.


Where's my father?

He's in his study...

Signing the papers
to sell Southfork.

All right, Mitch.
Thank you.

I'll file the paperwork
today, Bobby.


What are you doing?

What needed to be done...
What's best for everybody.

That's bullshit.

You're selling because you don't
think I can beat John Ross.

You never gave me the chance
to prove that I could.

No, it's that
you shouldn't have to.

I grew up in a family

where stabbing everybody
in the back was encouraged,

and that's never
gonna change.

I want something better
for you.

What about what I want?

- Does that matter at all?
- Of course it does.

Then stop protecting me
like I'm still a little boy!

I'm a grown man!

And I can handle a hell of a lot
more than you think.

You're right.

Sit down.

Sit down.


I want you to know
that I'm gonna be fine.

What's going on, dad?

I have cancer.

They found a gastrointestinal
stromal tumor.


Well, t-there are a lot of great
doctors in Dallas, so...

No, no, no, I've already
had the tumor removed.

There is a chance
of a recurrence,

but I'm on the best and strongest
treatment that they've got.

- You had an operation?
- Yeah.

Well, when did they find
the tumor?

- Well, that doesn't matter.
- It matters to me.

I didn't want
to burden you.

You didn't want
to burden me.

you had enough on your plate.

Telling me you have cancer
isn't a burden.

It's letting me be a part
of your life.

Stop shutting me out!

I wasn't shutting you out!

I was taking care of it!

Well, you don't have to
do that alone.

You've been taking care of me
your whole life.

Why don't you let me
take care of you for once?

What happened?


Talk to me.

My father has cancer.

He's strong.

He'll beat this.

Yeah. I know.

It'll be okay.

I'm sor... I'm sorry.

- No, it was me.
- I have to go.

One hell of a right hook
for an old man.

I'm sorry, son.

I had to make it look

And it worked.

Bobby just signed the papers.

Welcome to big oil.



I'm proud of you, son.

Thank you, daddy.

I want my money.

I won't have it
until we drill.

Just be patient.
No more.

You are one deal away

from owning billions of dollars'
worth of oil.

But until the Venezuelans
sell the ranch to you and J.R.,

that can all go away.

All it takes
is one phone call to Bobby.

No, no, no, you do that,
you get nothing.

And you and your father
go to jail for fraud.

$5 million, John Ross.

Or I blow up the deal.

They removed the tumor,

but the doctor said
that it can come back.

My God.

I'm so sorry.

When he told me, I, uh...

I kind of lost it.

You know, I was confused,

Elena was there.

And she...
She helped me through it.

I-I'm not really sure
I'm understanding

what you're saying, Chris.

What I'm saying

is it made me realize
what's important,

what really matters.

I'm sorry if I've been...

distracted lately,

but that's over now.

I love you...

And I want you to know that

every single day
for the rest of your life.

I love you, too.

I called my father
and asked him

if we could stay at Southfork
until the sale is complete.

I want to be there
for him.

I hope you don't mind.

No. No.

I want that, too.

Now that it's sold,
how do you feel?

I'm fine.

I realize that no amount
of hoping

that there will ever be peace
here on Southfork

is actually gonna
make it happen.

Are you buying any part
of J.R. being shocked

at what John Ross did?

He gave him that journal.

Yeah, he probably did.

I know he did.

I saw him
in the storage barn.

And you aren't angry?

Honey, the fact
that J.R. did it...

And that he thinks he can make
me believe he didn't do it...

That's just who he is...

And who he will always be.

- Are you absolutely sure?
- I saw the gravestone.

The witness
that saw Lobell's son

kill that woman
with his car

died 10 years ago.


You got to keep looking.

All right? Dig deeper. Find...
Find something, anything.

I have to
shut down Lobell now.

I'll keep looking.

I do have some good news.

I found out who sent that e-mail
to Elena Ramos.

Christopher Ewing, right?


It was sent
by someone named, uh,

Rebecca Sutter.

That's Christopher's wife.