Dallas (2012–2014): Season 1, Episode 2 - Hedging Your Bets - full transcript

Christopher is relieved when Rebecca proposes to postpone their honeymoon until after the Southfork and gas deals are closed, ignoring she and her brother Tommy have been hatching a plot for years. Trusted lawyer Mitch Lobell blackmails John Ross to quadruple his bribe not to tell J.R. about his plans to steal Southfork, but the impatient fox, having reentered the public stage at the oil barons ball, consults his old Mexican friend don Del Sol and discovers the 'paperwork delay' is a scam worthy of a son of his, who is meanwhile drugged by Elena. Bobby gets wife Anne to keep his cardiac secret from the others, hoping for complete remission after laparoscopic surgery.

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Come on, Elena.

Probably shouldn't be putting
it away like that, dad.

Got to look
after your health.

I've never felt better.

Now, listen, Marta...
I got to talk to your daddy.

Now, I never made a deal
with a man

I haven't talked to

But they won't let me
make international calls

from my room...
Now, what do I do about that?

As soon as he calls me,

I'll have him ring you
in your room.

Sooner the better,

And speaking
of contracts,

what's the holdup,
John Ross?

Every day that goes by without
the paperwork being signed

is a day
the sky could fall in.

I'm taking care of it.

Now, listen here, son.

Bobby thinks
he's selling Southfork

to the Del Sol Conservancy,

but who he's really
selling it to is me.

Until I review the contracts
and Bobby signs 'em,

we've got no deal.

Dad, I've managed this far
without your advice.

Don't start now.

Well, you may have found
the oil, John Ross,

but I'm the one
who knows Carlos Del Sol,

and I'm the one who's
gonna steal Southfork

from under Bobby.

You just make sure
you get a draft

of those papers A.S.A.P...
You got that?

And, son...

Never pass up a good chance
to shut up.

Time for your
physical therapy, J.R.

thank you, Candy.

I'll be up in my room waiting
for your daddy's call.

No problem.

When this deal goes through,

you and I are gonna celebrate
just like we used to.

But let's not
let the personal

interfere with the professional
right now, okay?

We got too much at stake.

Now, if J.R. talks to Carlos,
we're screwed.

You make sure he never gets
in contact with him.

I've got it under control.

Why'd you let your father
aggravate you like that?

I will be damned if I ever let
him get the better of me.

He's not going to.

You're the one that's gonna
steal Southfork from him.

S01 Ep02 - Hedging Your Bets

We're gonna miss
our flight.

You don't really want to go,
do you?

What do you mean?


You don't want your father
to sell Southfork.

You want to talk
about it?

I don't know. It's...

It's just, one minute,

I'm telling him
I'm not comfortable

asking him for a loan,

And the next minute,
he's selling our family home,

you know,
to finance a business idea

that I'm not even sure
I can make work.

So, why are we
going to Tahiti?

Our honeymoon can wait,

No. No, bill, if anything,
it's getting worse.

No, keep the surgery
for Wednesday.

I...I just have to tell
my family first.

I-I got to go now. Bye.


When were you
gonna tell me?

How long have you known?

I found your medication
before the wedding.

I, uh, never could hide
very much from you, could I?

We're gonna do
whatever it takes.


You know me.

I'm gonna fight this
with everything I've got.

Bill has scheduled the surgery.
It's gonna be Wednesday.

- Wednes...
- It's laparoscopic,

so I'm not gonna be laid up
long at all.

We can tell people we'll be
in Austin for a few days.

Well, aren't you gonna tell
Christopher you have cancer?

No, no.

And have him come back
from his honeymoon?

No, honey.

Bill says there is a 70%
remission rate with the surgery.

So I'm gonna be okay.

Why haven't you
answered my calls?

Did you send me
this e-mail?

"I know I should have said
something sooner,

"but I don't think we're suited
for each other, Elena.

"I'll always love you,

"but we're two
very different people

"from very different

"I hope you understand,

"but I won't be keeping
our date tomorrow.


You think I sent this?

Who else had reason
to send it?

He's a stuck-up son of a bitch

who thinks you ain't
good enough for him.

He told me last night
he didn't send it!

That's what that
was about.

Well, he's lying.

Why did you come after me
in Mexico?

Because I had heard that you had
broken up with Christopher

and he was moving
to China.

I wanted to see if I could have
a chance with you.

I've nevhidden the fact that
I'm crazy about you, Elena.

I want you to tell me the truth,
John Ross.

Did you send me
that e-mail?

No. Hell, no.

You didn't break up
with him.

You were
gonna marry him.

If you hadn't gotten
that e-mail,

you'd be married
to Christopher.

Are you telling me that
the only reason we're together

is 'cause somebody
sent you an e-mail

pretending to be Christopher,
breaking up with you?

Screw you, lady!


You okay, Mrs. Ewing?

You better do
the talking, Tommy,

or I might just
trigger a flood.

What should
I talk about?

You got plans
while you're here in Dallas?


Now that my sister's
finally settled,

I'd like to stay in town,
near her.

I'd like to find a job...

Maybe find the gumption to
put myself through school,

like she did.

Becca is a hell of a woman,
Mrs. Ewing.

Wait till
you get to know her.


It'll be nice to have
you around, too, Tommy.

Wherever we see rust
like that,

let's just grind it down
and repaint.

Everything's fine, dad.
We decided not to go.

- Why?
- Guys.

- Howdy.
- Listen, Tim,

why don't you check out
all the other barns

for the same thing and then
get back to me, okay?

You got it, Mr. Ewing.

Come on.

what's on your mind?

Look, I appreciate you wanting
to help me, all right?

But the idea of you
selling our family home

to help me start my business...
It's not okay with me.

I'm not only selling

to help you
with your business, son.

I'm selling...

Because, if something
were to happen to me,

I don't want you
and John Ross

going to war over Southfork
the way J.R. and I did.

But you're fine.

Look, I would never
let anything happen

to you or our family,

You have to know that.

So what
you're telling me is

you don't trust me
to take over.

- No, it's not that.
- Yeah, it is!

- My decision has nothing to do with you.
- Then give me a chance.

Okay? Let me prove to you
that I can do the job.

I can fix my gas patent,

and I can keep your promise
to miss Ellie.

Reconsider, dad.

I gave my word, son.

And I shook on it.
I... I'm sorry.

Ann, can I talk
to you about something?


I'm feeling
a little insecure.

Now, I know
Elena was being nice

to me at the dinner.

But then John Ross
threw me that curveball

about her being my bridesmaid.
Then at the bridal shop, I'm...

I'm afraid that the territorial
bitch-bride came out.

I really want
Christopher to be happy.

I just...

I don't always want to be
looking over my shoulder.

Honey, Christopher loves you,
or he wouldn't have married you.


It's a collection of all
the Ewing family recipes,

dating back
to miss Ellie's mom.

I want you to have it.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I know what it feels like
to be an outsider, Rebecca.

Thank you.

He's still
gonna sell it?


Isn't there something
you can do about it?

Sure as hell gonna try.

What the hell
is the holdup?

Now, J.R. wants to review
those papers

before they're sent
to my Uncle!

When you started drilling
on Southfork

behind your Uncle's back,

you came to me and asked me
if I would keep you informed

of any moves
your Uncle might make

that would stop you
from drilling.

You agreed
that my participation...

Well, hell, let's be honest...
My betrayal of Bobby Ewing,

my client of 30 years,
was worth $500,000.

I put Southfork in your lap,
John Ross.

You really think $500,000
is gonna cut it?

I'm a reasonable man,

You've treated me fair.

What'll make you feel


If you don't figure out
how to get me $2 million

by the
cattle barons' ball,

not only am I gonna tell Bobby
you set him up,

I'm gonna tell J.R.

That you're planning
on screwing him over.

They don't serve sake
at this bar, cousin.

Or whatever the hell they drink
in China.

This is my bar.

Used to be our bar,
John Ross...

Back when we were
growing up.


I don't remember that.

You and I,

we've been on opposite tracks
since we were born.

And for what?
We're family.

We ain't family, bro.

I'm a Ewing,
deep in my DNA.

Everything I am,
everything I'd die for,

has the name Ewing on it.

Give me a break!

You never cared
about our family.

You use the Ewing name
to get what you want.

Speaking of things
you want...

How's it going
with Elena?

Don't you turn
your back on me!

Maybe Elena believes
you didn't send that e-mail,

but I don't.

So you better grow eyes

in the back of your head,

I'm coming for you.


these are divine.

Everyone will love
these tonight.

Thank you.
You did a beautiful job.

Thank you,
Ms. Ewing.

Would you excuse me
a minute?

- Hello, Elena.
- Hi.

What a breath of fresh air.
What brings you here?

There's an oil rush right now
in Texas, Sue Ellen.

Better exploration techniques,
better drilling equipment.

It's why I'm here.

I believe I've found
an ocean of oil...

At least a billion barrels
under the old Henderson ranch.

But the bank turned me down
for a loan.

Now, I know
you're on the bank's board.

I need some money to buy
some old oil leases.

Do you think you could speak to
the bank's board on my behalf?

You were always
such a determined

and focused little girl.

I was so impressed
with the way you handled

your daddy's tragic passing
on that rig.

He'd be very proud
of you now, Elena.

Forget the bank.

I'll loan you the money.

I'd be thrilled to work

with such a smart
and independent young woman.

If I hadn't met J.R.,

I'd like to think
that I could have been like you.

I don't know what to say.

Thank you.

I'll have my lawyer
draw up the papers.

How would you like to come

to the cattle barons' ball
with me tonight?

As my date.

A Walker?
What are you doing, dad?

Watch and learn.

J.R., J.R., J.R.

Over here.
Over here!

Once again, Texas has been
incredibly generous

to the American Cancer Society.

Last year,
we raised $32 million.

So, you all ready to hear
what we have raised so far?

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

So far, tonight,
we have raised...

$35 million!

And I know
we're just getting started.

So, let's have fun,
let's party,

and spend a lot of money.

So, when are you
gonna run for governor?!

She would, too. Believe me. I know.

Hell, Bobby, you look like
you've seen a ghost.

J.R., what the hell
are you doing here?

Glad to see yotoo.

No, no, I mean,
just a minute here.

- Boys, can I have this one?
- You bet.

Sit down.

Thank you.
Thank you.

- Ann.
- J.R.

I want to thank you for visiting
me all those times.

I know it looked like
I couldn't hear, but I could.

I was just...
Too depressed to show it.

I'm not gonna forget
what you done for me, Bobby,

and said to me,
especially on your last visit.

I think that's what
shook me out of it.

It meant the world to me.

Well, it's good
to see you, too.

It's been a while since
you've seen Ann, isn't it?

Bobby talks of little else
when he visits.

No secret I didn't approve
of the first Mrs. Bobby Ewing,

but you're
his soul mate, Ann.

I'm happy to have you
as my sister-in-law.

Well, thank you, J.R.

It's nice to be in the company
of a legend.

Mostly in my own mind,

this is Marta Del Sol.

And there's something
you and I need to discuss

about Southfork.

The Del Sol Conservancy.

John Ross told me.

Mama chose to leave the ranch
to you, Bobby.

And looking back on it,
I know she did the right thing.

You were always the one
with the conscience.

Don't recognize me,
do you, Bob?

Well, I hope you won't
take offense, brother,

but, no, I don't.

John Ross,
don't just stand there.

to your Uncle Bobby.

You created a hell of a ruckus
on Southfork.

My apologies,
Uncle Bobby.

I could use
another drink.

Sure. Come on.

Excuse us.

Be right back.

I was in my room
all afternoon.

Your daddy never called.

He texted me.

He was going into the hospital
to get some, work done.

You can e-mail him
if you'd like.

Old fogies like me
don't e-mail, darlin'.

We talk to each other,

Well, he'll be out
of the hospital on Tuesday.

You can talk
to him then.

Tuesday it is, then.

Here you go, J.R.

A little something
to tide you over

until they start
serving dinner.


Y'all pardon me.

There's somebody
I been meaning

to make amends to
my whole life.

Take this damn thing.

We have some smart money
lined up.

After the A.G.'s

We didn't like the next guy
on the ticket.

This is not the place.

Just tell us where and when.

We'll have breakfast.

what are you doing here?

I thought you weren't well
enough to even leave your room.

I just came by
to congratulate you,

and you deserve it, honey.

Look at you.

Look at me.

You won, honey.

And I couldn't be happier.


If you ask me, you'd make
a hell of a governor.

And if I do say so...

You're still the prettiest girl
at the ball.

Don't mean I ain't still mad
at you, 'cause I am.

But are
we still partners?

I don't know, John Ross.

Are we?

we make a great team.

You got the schoolin',
I got the instinct.

You don't even know
how much you need me.

And I know I need you.

Been looking into buying
some old oil leases.

Think they might
still be active.

We have a business

And, of course,
I will honor that.

I just... I thought, with
the e-mail, that we shouldn't...

I didn't send
that damn e-mail, Elena.

There's no other explanation,
John Ross.

What are you saying?

What about us?

We can be
professionally involved.

But personally, I think
we should take a break.

You know,
how'd you get the money

to buy the oil leases,
by the way?

Your mother
loaned it to me.

Daddy's coming over
to talk to you.

I got you $100,000 down payment
coming first thing.

Just keep your mouth shut.

I guess some people are just
too damn mean to die.

Good to see you, too, Mitch.

Now, John Ross tells me
you're playing ball with us now.

I'm troubled by the holdup.

Been in business
my whole life.

Nothing like time passing
to kill a deal.

There's no holdup, J.R.

The contracts are complicated.
You'll have them soon.

That's fantastic, Mitch.

You know,
there was always one person

you prized
above all others.

I hate to hit a man
below the belt,

but you know I will.

Just get those damn papers
to me.

'Cause if this deal comes
to a sticky end,

I'm holding you

No hard feelings.

I thought you said

you wanted to keep our
relationship professional.

Well, that was then.


...is now.

Get over here.

Hold up, hold up.

Lobell is threatening
to tell J.R. everything.

I need $100,000,


Do you remember the last time
we were lovers, John Ross?


Of course I do.

It was an amazing

My favorite single malt.

For special occasions only.

I hope you like it.

We had a great time
in Vegas.


Is a powerful force.

Calling what we feel
for each other lust...

...it's almost insulting.

That was...

One hell of a drink.

I need you
to be certain...

Because there is
no turning back.

Are you sure you want to mix
business with pleasure?

Annie, you ready to go?


I'm going to be fine.

Six or seven hours
from now,

you and I will be having

a wonderfully mushy
hospital lunch.

I know you're gonna be
all right.

What I'm afraid of is that
you've given up the fight.

You're selling Southfork
'cause you don't think

you're gonna be around
to protect your home,

and you're afraid

that Christopher's
not ready to take over.

I think Christopher
figured that out, too.

He left here yesterday

like I'd personally
kicked him in the gut.

I didn't know what to say
to him, Annie.

You have to tell your son
you have cancer, Bobby.

Let Christopher help you.

You selling the home

that's been in your family
for over a century

is as good as giving up
your fight to live.

Now, don't you think you're
slightly overstating this?

If you can find the strength
to fight off being sick...

You'll find the strength
to fight for Southfork.

What the hell
did we do last night?

Not sure you're ready
to hear it.

That's a chunk of cash,

I appreciate it.

Well, it's gonna cost you
another half percent.

I-I can live with that.



I've put my neck out
with my investors,

and I'd hate
to have to tell them

that this lawyer Lobell
is causing any trouble.

Where I come from,

you don't feed a stray dog.

Why aren't you
on your honeymoon?

Remember your thesis on
petroleum and water flooding?

I think I may be able to use it
to extract methane

from the hydrates...

And prevent
seabed slumping.

Can you help me?

If you can do that,
it's a game changer.

Well, I have to prove that it
can work in a lab situation.

And I have to fix it
to prove to my father

that I can handle Southfork
so he won't sell it.

That's why I didn't go.

Look, uh...

I could really
use your help.

So what do you think?
Can we work together?

Guess what.

Ann offered me a job
on the ranch.

I'm in.

Got to hand it
to you, sis.

That was quite a stunt
you pulled off.

How do you
get a guy halfway

to Tahiti on his honeymoon
come back to Southfork?

What did you have to do?


He didn't really
want to go.

Everything seems to be
right on track.

What's the matter?

You're supposed to be

I just wonder

What the point
of all of this is.

What the hell
does that mean?

You know
what the point is.

We've spent the last two years of
our lives working on this job.

There's a ton of money
on the line here.

Don't tell me you're having
second thoughts.

What if I am?

Better keep your eye
on the ball, sis.

And don't get too comfortable
being Mrs. Ewing.

You're not giving me a warning,
are you, Tommy?

Just letting you know
I've got my eye on you.

Here's to
our mutual success.

You know the origin
of the word "peccadillo"?


It's a diminutive of the Spanish
word for "sin."

Well, hell, that's just

what I need you to find
on Mitch Lobell.

Son of a bitch is trying
to blackmail me.

If there's any dirt to dig up
on Mitch Lobell,

I'll find it.

I need you to find
something else for me.

What's that, son?

A friend of mine...
Elena Ramos...

She got an e-mail
a couple years back.

I need you to find out
who sent it.

She thinks I did,
but I didn't.

I can do that.


You know what they say
in Mexico?

"It's better to be old
than to be the devil."

Aqu? est? se?or Ewing.

What a pleasure
to see you again, J.R.

Great to see you, Carlos!


I have been trying
to get in touch with you.

We're gonna do a deal, I like
to look at a man eye to eye.

I'm an old fogey
about that.

I understand completely.

I still keep the ledgers
my father made me keep

when he paid me 50 cents
and made me account for it.

You've done a hell of a job
multiplying that 50 cents.

What, number 2
on the Forbes list?

And, what... $50 billion?

I don't keep track of
those things, J.R. do come in.

But what is this deal
you're talking about?

The deal I made
with your daughter, Marta.

The Del Sol Conservancy

is fronting the purchase
of Southfork for me.

I'm not aware of any deal
with my daughter.

There must be
a misunderstanding, no?

I don't think so.

The Del Sol Conservancy
is buying Southfork,

and then it reconveys
to me in 30 days.

Would you come in here,

Gracias, hija.

Marta, do you remember
J.R. Ewing?

Mr. Ewing... J.R.

You used to visit my father
with your little boy.

goodness gracious.

You're nothing like
what I expected.

What's this deal
you have with Mr. Ewing?

I'm sorry to
trouble you, Carlos.

I seem to have made
a hell of a mistake here.


And, Marta,

I'm gonna have to introduce you
to my son, John Ross.

He's a chip
off the old block.