Dallas (2012–2014): Season 1, Episode 1 - Changing of the Guard - full transcript

Two decades since viewers last saw them, the Ewings are back. Television's first family of drama, sabotage, secrets and betrayal are gathering at Southfork Ranch for the upcoming wedding of...

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[ Beeping ]

John Ross,
wake up.

[ Beeping continues ]

John Ross!

I'm getting a reading,

[ Beeping quickens ]
Pull the drill!

Pull it! Now!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

How are we lookin',
boys, huh?

Let's go!
Let's go!

Oh, come on.
Come on.

Come on,
come on, come on.

[ Cheering ]



Let's go!
Let's go!

Cap it!
Cap that thing!

[ Cheering continues ]

She's flowing at
10,000 barrels, John!

[ Cheering continues ]


Oh, baby.

[ Laughs ]



How you gonna
tell Bobby?

No one's ever been allowed
to drill on Southfork.

I've staked everything
on this.

All I've ever wanted.


- Trust me.
- Okay.

[ Laughs ]

Yeah, boys!
Here we go, now, huh?

[ Telephone ringing
in distance ]

Woman: That would be great.
Thank you.

- Hey, Bobby.
- Hey.

It's what we thought.

A gastrointestinal
stromal tumor...

A fairly rare
form of cancer.

[ Sighs ]

It's a hell of a piece of news
to deliver on a man's birthday.

[ Chuckles ]
I'm sorry.


I don't want you
to tell anyone.


I'll start you
on oral chemo.

Happens to be a good one
for this type of cancer,

but, Bobby, your family
has to know.

My son is getting married
in a couple of days.

I don't want this
on his shoulders.

I don't want this
on anybody's shoulders.

The window
to beat stromal cancer

narrows with
every passing day.


I've got family business
to attend to.

Before anybody knows
I'm dying.

♪ Theme music plays ♪

S01 Ep01 - Changing of the Guard

Go on.
Touch it.

It's ice.

[ Lighter clicks ]

Flammable ice.


Frozen and compressed
in hydrate form

along the coasts
of every continent.

There's more energy
in these hydrates

than all the world's
coal, oil,

and conventional gas
put together.

The Chinese have been trying
to extract methane

from the ocean floor
for a decade.

Read my
patent application.

It's why I came back.

I'm gonna beat the Chinese
to the punch.

What about Bobby Ewing
funding you?

My father's
out of the energy business.

He's happy raising cattle
on Southfork.

[ Sighs ] 90/10.

Take it
or leave it.

I ain't a virgin.

But I ain't
a whore, either.

take it or leave it.

Well, I guess I'll be
knocking on a few more doors.

[ Laughter ]

That's funny.

How long has he been
your coach?

Woman #2:
Oh, only about two days.


[ Laughs ]

You are unbelievable.

Christopher Ewing?

Is that you
behind that wall of lockers?

My pants.

Mrs. Stanfill?

Yes, ma'am.
It is.

I hope that's your fianceé
in there with you, Christopher.

[ Sighs ]

Yes, ma'am.
It is.

Rebecca Sutter, ma'am.

What must you
think of me?

His daddy
would crow with pride.

Will you be coming
to the wedding, Mrs. Stanfill?

I wouldn't miss it,

And may I suggest

that you, uh, save something
for the honeymoon?


[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Clicks tongue ]

Should be interesting

to see Christopher
and John Ross together again.

Has Elena seen Christopher
since he's been back?

She's knows he's getting married.

with John Ross now.

Something happened
between those two, Bobby,

and whatever it was
sent Christopher running off

to Asia
into Rebecca's arms.

Some arms.

Annie, speaking of Asia,
I was thinking

maybe we should stop there
on our cruise.

What cruise?

This cruise.

Didn't you always say

that you wanted to
spend our golden years abroad?

A world cruise? But you
hate traveling.

And Robert James Ewing,

we are nowhere near
our golden years.

Isn't it about time

that I did something
that my wife wanted to do?

♪ Music plays ♪

John Ross: All right,
all right. Listen up.

Listen up.

Now they said you've got to be
crazy to go drillin' these days.

Crazy, yep.

It was scary at first,
and a year ago,

my beautiful Elena and I...
Get over here...

[ Cheering ]
[ Laughs ]

We... hold on,
I just want to...

[ Groaning ] All right, all right,
all right, all right, all right.

We started
plotting our venture.

Some of you
thought we were crazy.

[ Laughter ]

I can't thank you enough
for sticking with me.

Yeah, boss.

So here's the deal...

I want you to take your wives,
your girlfriends,

and your families.

You take them away this weekend
on me.

[ Cheering ]

'Cause we're
in the oil business, boys.

I couldn't have done it
without you!

Here we go now!
[ Cheering ]

[ Speaking Spanish ]

[ Speaking Spanish ]

That's for not telling my Uncle
about drilling on Southfork.

Much obliged.

betting against J.R.'s son

would've been like bettin'
against the Dallas cowboys.

Downright unpatriotic.

[ Cellphone rings ]

I'll be right back.

♪ Music plays ♪

[ Engine revs ]

If there's one thing
my daddy taught me,

it was to
hope for the best

but prepare
for the worst.

You stay tuned.

[ Engine revs ]

So, how's he doing?

Um, in and out,
Mr. Ewing.

Clinical depression
is like that.

But he's
taking his meds,

and we're
keeping him comfortable.

All those fights,

Over Ewing Oil.

And Southfork.

Those fights changed me.

Changed me in a way
I don't like.

I worry about Christopher
and John Ross.

I want them to have a chance
to be a family.

Without all the bitterness
and bad blood you and I had.

I don't want them
to be like us.


All that being said,
I do miss you.

[ Inhales sharply ]

I hope you know...

I always loved you.

Bobby: Welcome!

Happy Birthday, dad.

So, tell me...
How'd it go?

They offered me
a 90/10 split.

[ Sighs ]

But before you say anything,
I turned them down.

Good. That's smart.
What's next?

Well, it seems I have
only two roads open to me, dad.

You know,
accepting government subsidies

or bending over
for the venture capitalists.

Is it really so difficult
for you to ask me for money?

Yeah, it is.

[ Chuckles ]

It's good to have you home,

[ Laughs ]

Ooh, I missed your cooking. Ah.

We'll talk.


This beautiful girl
you're going to marry...

- Does she cook?
- She wants to learn.

She'll never make molé
like Elena,

but maybe I could teach her
to fry a tortilla.

You'll like her once you
get to know her, Carmen.

[ Sighs ]

You and my daughter
made such a beautiful couple.

[ Sighs ]
See what you did?

John Ross:
Ah, look at you.

Here I thought my cousin
was marrying a mad scientist

with a mustache.

You must be
John Ross.

I've been looking forward
to meeting you.

Watch out. Worst hound dog
West of the Mississippi.

Been back for three weeks,
and you haven't come see me?

Been busy.

- Welcome home.
- Thanks.

- Good to see you.
- You, too.

- Been a long time.
- It has.

And you look,
uh, different.

- Yeah, I changed my hair.
- Your clothes?

Opened an office in Dallas
tracking oil leases.

Got to
dress the part.

Oh, you must be Elena.
[ Cellphone rings ]

- Rebecca.
- Yes.

- So nice to meet you.
- So nice to meet you, too.

- That's mother. I'll go get her.
- So, you grew up with these two.

Yeah, regrettably.

Oh, I can't wait to hear all about them.
[ Groans ]

John Ross: Oh, if it isn't
the next governor.

Sorry I'm late.

it's so nice to see you.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

You got to
tell Bobby.

Just give me a minute.

Rebecca: I was just
telling Sue Ellen

that my one and only bridesmaid
had a family emergency

and won't be able
to make the wedding.

Ann: Oh.
Rebecca's parents...

They, uh, they died
in a plane crash.

She's got a brother,

but not much
by the way of family.


Shouldn't Tommy be here
by now?

Yeah. I'm a little worried
about him.

I have an idea.

Elena could be
your bridesmaid.


I think it's a great idea.


[ Chuckling ] I... I would not
be a good bridesmaid.

I'd love it, Elena.

I mean, you're like
Chris' sister.

Oh, I'm...
I'm so flattered, really,

but it... it must be way
too late to get a dress made.

I'm sure the dressmaker
can probably just

alter the dress
we'not using.

It would be an honor
to have you as my bridesmaid.

I'm sorry I didn't
think of it first.


it's settled, then.

Have you seen J.R.,

as a matter of fact.

I saw him
this afternoon.

John Ross.

You should go see your father
before it's too late.

I got nothing to say
to my father.

You will regret time

you don't spend
with your family, son.

So, I hear
you've come home

with some kind of
alternative energy scheme

to save the world.

Here I was hoping to tempt you
into wildcatting with me.

Oil's the past, John Ross.
Alternatives are the future.

I couldn't
disagree more.

Well, this country's quickly
running out of resources.

With all due respect,
cousin, that's a load.

With all due respect, you have no
idea what you're talking about.

All right, all right,
listen, um...

I have been thinking all evening
about how to best say this,

and there really
is no best way

other than to just
come out with it.

But there is no doubt
in my mind...

...it's the right thing to do.

I've decided the time has come
to sell Southfork.

[ Sighs ]

Better get your truck, then.

Come with me.

What the hell
are you doing?

No more than Jock did...
Drilling for oil on Southfork.

Miss Ellie threw Jock's rig
off the ranch.

80 years ago,

You have no right
to drill on this land.

I'm a Ewing.
I have every right.

Elena: We only confirmed the
find this morning, Bobby.

John was gonna
tell you tonight.

You're a part
of this?

I spotted the reserve
on a seismic survey.

If I'm right,

you are sitting on
a couple of billion barrels

of light, sweet crude...

The most sought-after
crude oil in the world.

This will make us richer than
we ever imagined, Uncle Bobby.

It'll change everything!

I am sick to death
of this family

devouring itself
over money!

This is exactly
what I didn't want to happen.

John knew it would be hard
to convince you.

All he's asking
is that you think about this.

Think about what?!

A pay formation this thick's
got to be two miles deep.

It'll have to be fracked.

You don't know what
you're talking about.

It's the end of the ranch, Elena!

Oil's in your blood!

When did you
turn your back on it?

When I got away
from everything that was toxic

around these parts.

I promised to mama there would be
no drilling on Southfork.

You don't think
we're long past

caring about miss Ellie's
precious little wishes?

John Ross.

Don't you ever
speak my mama's name

in my presence again.

You dishonor her.

We're done talking,

Southfork is for sale.

No drilling.

Oil alternatives
are the future.

- Keep me out of it, dad!
- Oh, Bobby's not your dad.

Everybody knows
your dad sold you

when you were
a little baby.

You'll never be a Ewing,

Bobby: Stop it.
That's enough.

Come on, guys.

John Ross!

[ Grunting ]

- That is enough!
- Get off!

That's enough.

It's over!

You listen to me,

There is no drilling
on my ranch.

It's over.
Get in the truck.

He wants money and power.

Hell, he doesn't even know
the first thing about oil.

Elena found the reserve.

Elena: You knew
this could happen.

He's just using her.

Just like
when we were kids.

Let's cut our losses
and move on.

Is Elena what
this is all about, Chris?

No. This is about me
and John Ross.

You don't think I should fight him
with every fiber of my being?

It's not worth
going to war over.

Don't let John Ross
get in your head.

It'll tear
your family apart.


You're better
than that.

You're right.

I'd hoped my Uncle
would listen to reason.

But he's forcing
my hand.

Bobby: Hearst ranch
is the largest working ranch

in California, Mitch.

The American Land Conservancy
provided permanent public access

and eliminated
all future development...

All future development.

Now that's our model.

Southfork is nearly
twice the size of hearst.

- Now, I'm gonna have to get creative.
- All right.

Excuse me, Mr. Bobby.

Yes, Carmen.
What is it?

The sheriff is here
to see you.

Hey, Derek.

Come on in.

I'm sorry Mr. Ewing.

Just doing my job.

It's all right.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Scoffs ]

John Ross has
filed an injunction

against the sale
of Southfork.

You got to be kidding me.

He's petitioning to have the
terms of mama's will overturned

on grounds
of mental incompetence.

That's a lie.

- Maybe I should hold off.
- No!

You start looking
for a conservancy

with deep pockets, Mitch.

John Ross wants to turn
Southfork into a battlefield,

I'll give the...

I will give him
the fight of his life.

Looking good over here.

We got company.

[ Siren chirps ]

It's a court order,
Mr. Ewing.

Staying you
from further drilling.

I've filed with the court to overturn
the terms of my grandmother's will.

I'm sorry, Mr. Ewing. That came
straight from a district judge.

I know times are rough
out there, boys.

But this ranch has been
in my mama's family 150 years,

and I promised her
no one would ever drill on it.

I'm sorry about your jobs.

All right,
that's it.

No, don't stop!
You all keep working.

I ain't tangling
with Bobby Ewing.

It's his ranch.

Thank you, Robert.

You said there's
plenty of oil out there.

Go someplace else
and find it.

We're not done here...


[ Indistinct conversations ]

Could you give us
a few minutes? Thank you.

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

Would you look
at these?

Aren't these beautiful?

But yours is perfect.

- Really?
- Yeah.

[ Sighs ]
Thank you.

How old were you
when your parents died?



You know,
every Wednesday night,

my daddy would take me
to his regular poker game.

The most valuable thing
he ever taught me

was that everyone
has a tell.

I knew Chris had a broken heart
the moment we met.

Did he ever tell you
how we met?

Well, I was taking a break
after passing the bar.

I was on a train coming back
from the Hong Kong airport,

and... and Chris was a boy
running away from home.

I think you wish the best
for Chris.

I know I'm gonna try my damndest
to make him happy.

Sue Ellen: Southfork's
John Ross' home.

Bobby can't
turn it into a museum.

I'd stay out of it
if I were you, Sue Ellen.

Well, it is not your son
being robbed.

[ Sighs ]

[ Both gasp ]
Oh, my Lord.

Darlin', look at you.

You look gorgeous.

[ Laughs ]
It's the perfect dress.

- Thank you.
- Really?

- You look so beautiful.
- Thank you.

[ Gasps ]
Oh, look at the beading.

[ Laughter ]

You want the usual?


Thanks, Eric.


[ Computer beeps ]

Hey, Ken.
What's going on?

Something bad happened,

We tapped a cache
of methane

lying close
to the surface of the seabed.

I... I think we
triggered an earthquake.


Dr. Wong is shutting us down
until he figures out what to do.

There might be a link

between harvesting methane
and earthquakes.

I know you've been working
with hydrate cores.

It's not safe, Chris.

I gotta go.

It's me... John Ross.

Can you hear me?


[ Breathes raggedly ]

Bobby's selling Southfork
to a conservancy, dad.

He's turning Southfork
into a park.

I, uh,
I filed an injunction

to overturn the terms
of my grandmother's will.

But he's
kicked me off the ranch.

I sank a test well
on section 18,

on that stretch of land

that everybody's ignored
for 50 years.

I hit
a 2 billion-barrel reserve.

[ Sighs ]

But Bobby won't hear
of drilling.

I present him
with a 2 billion-barrel reserve,

and he says he has
to honor miss Ellie's wishes

by... by...
By conserving the land.

It's bullshit!

Bobby's selling Southfork

because Christopher came home
from China

with some
alternative-energy scheme,

and he can't get funding.

Bobby's giving him
the money!

Bobby was always
a fool.

Stubborn as a mule.

And particularly harebrained

about that foundling,

Not even a Ewing.

On what grounds are you
contesting my mama's will?

Mental incompetence.

The fried chicken
ain't bad here.

And... get me some
of that red jello.

We got
some catching up to do, son.

By the way...

I forgive you
for not visitin'.

John Ross:
[ Sighs ]

Tell me
what to do, dad.

I know
that I can win this in court.

But I can't afford
the lawyers.

Bobby's cut me off.

[ Chuckling ]

The courts are for amateurs
and the faint of heart.


This is personal.

[ Chuckles ]

John Ross:
I want to ask you something.

You and Christopher
used to study rocks together.

Now, there's nobody out there
that knows what he's up to

more than you do.

Will you go see him?

You want me
to spy on him?

I want to know if what he's
working on is real or a fantasy.

Maybe I can get enough time
to make my Uncle see reason.

There's got to be
another way.

[ Sighs ]

Look at us.

Outside the gates,
looking in.

You and I are black sheep,

I'll always be J.R.'s son
to them, no matter what.

And no matter how smart
or educated you are,

you are always gonna be
the cook's daughter.

Someone Christopher
can just use...

[ Sighs ]

...and throw away.

[ Clatter ]

I'll get you
some coffee.

Do you remember
how hard it was

to get you out of bed
calfing time?

I would get up
two hours before dawn,

make coffee.

[ Laughing ]
Pamela would always catch me.

I'd say it was for my mom.
She didn't buy it.

Let me get away with it,

I miss her.

I miss her, too.

What happened?

The, uh, team that I was
working with in China...

They triggered
an underwater earthquake

while extracting methane
from the ocean floor.

It's a complete disaster.

[ Sighs ]

I can't continue.

Can't risk hurting people.

Be unthinkable.

I'm so sorry,

I know
how hard you worked on this.

Why are you here,

Are you happy,

Rebecca's the best person
I know.

But you didn't answer
my question.

Why are you here?

I wanted to give this
back to you.

I want you to be happy.

So sorry about
your work.

John Ross: Well?
What did he say?

He didn't want
to talk about it.

W-what do you mean?

Y-you guys didn't exchange
any of that geeky tech talk?

Very funny. No.

[ Scoffs ]

What did you talk about?


The injunction.

The wedding.

[ Sighs ]


We're still going,

I wouldn't miss it.

[ Groans ]

What's wrong?

Oh, my stomach.

Oh, I'll get you something.

[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Groans ]

[ Clatter in distance ]

[ Clatter in distance ]

[ Shotgun cocks ]

I don't miss, mister.

Not at any range.

[ Glass shatters ]

Next time, Ms. Ewing,
shoot him.

Oh, I will.

Good night.

Bobby: Good night.
Thank you.

[ Both sigh ]

[ Door closes in distance ]

How's your stomach?

I'm fine.

Why don't we try
and get some sleep, huh?

Got a big day tomorrow.


Come on.

Uh, I'll be right up.
I'll get the lights.


Come here.

Come on, man.
Where's the money?

[ Crying ]

[ Sniffles ]

[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

Mitch: Well, Bobby,
there she is.

Have you ever met
this woman?

I only met her
on the phone,

but her father's big in
the land-conservancy business.

let's go say hello.

Mr. Ewing?

I'm Marta Del Sol
from the Del Sol Conservancy.

My father sent me.

Mind if we go up
and take a look?

Over the last three decades,
the Del Sol Conservancy

has acquired
over a million acres

around the world,
Mr. Ewing.

For my father,
there's no higher calling

than conserving land.

Here's what
we can guarantee

if this project
moves forward.

Golf courses,
equestrian resorts,

massive hotel developments
will never be built.

Vast, exquisite
scenic views

will be protected forever.

We know
your nephew is contesting

the terms of your mother's will,
Mr. Ewing.

He wants you
removed as a trustee

so he can drill for oil.

We would hate to see
this project go forward

only to see it
encounter delays in court.

My mother's will
is inalterable

on the issue of trustees.

And I assure you,
miss Del Sol,

no lady was ever more competent
than my mama.

My nephew's injunction
will be thrown out of court.

Then I see no reason

why this project
can't move forward.


The sooner, the better.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sniffles ]

♪ Music plays ♪

[ Helicopter blades whirring ]

Uncle cliff's not gonna
be able to make it.

J.R.'s not doing so well,

Count your blessings,

Those two old geezers would
still find a reason to fight.

The Barnes and the ewings
never did get along.

Right, Ray?
[ Laughs ]

Is that so? Then what about
Pam and me, Lucy?

Uncle Bobby!
Mwah! Ohh.

Guess you had to be
the exception.

Hello, Ray.
You look good, Bob.

So do you.

Son, everybody,

I'd like you to meet
miss Marta Del Sol.

- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Hello.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

We have been discussing
my selling Southfork

to her father's

Hey, dad.
Uh, can we talk?

Uh, excuse me one moment.
Excuse us.

Look, there's something
I got to tell you

before you close
this deal, all right...




- How are you?
- I'm good. I'm good.

Uh, dad, this is Tommy,
Rebecca's brother.

- Oh. Welcome to Southfork, Tommy.
- Thank you.

Where you been?

Oh, you have no idea
how long

I was detained
at the border.


You have someplace
I can get washed up?

Yeah. Of course. Uh,
right over here.


Don't do anything
until we talk, okay?


[ Laughs ]

Surely we can put our
differences aside for family.

You say one word, make a scene...

I will not let you
ruin my son's wedding.

Is that understood?


Jeffrey: Hey, Bobby.

Hey, Jeffrey.

Good to see you.

Thank you.

The Del Sol
Land Conservancy

is the largest
private conservator

of public land
in the world.

She and Bobby just got back
from touring the ranch.

He's treating her like
the deal is done, John Ross.

My father's
the firstborn son.

I'm the firstborn grandson.

Bobby's not stealing
our birthright.

You know, if you hadn't
hidden me away

in boarding school
all those years,

my father would have
taught me the oil business,

as he assured me he would.

And I would be running
Ewing Oil today

instead of that idiot
Cliff Barnes

having stolen it from us.

John Ross.

[ Sighs ]

I know
I have made mistakes.

I shouldn't have used you
against J.R.

But for what it's worth,
I have changed.

Listen to me carefully,

I know you are disdainful
of my connections.

But they are powerful.

Think of me as an ally.

I can help.

You have a call,
Mr. Ewing.

Here's what you wanted,
John Ross.


Got a little something
you might want to hear.

Excuse me.

All right.

What's this about?

You failed to mention

that your alternative gas
is unstable,

60 times more potent

as a greenhouse gas
than a carbon,

that an accidental release

could risk
massive underwater landslides.

We wouldn't want that,
would we?

Your team in China
just caused an earthquake.

How do you know this?

What do you think
your dad would say

if he knew
that your little experiment

would cause the deaths
of thousands of people?

Listen up.

Unless you tell your father
that you've changed your mind,

that Southfork
is your home

and you can't bear
to lose it,

unless you convince
your father

to take Southfork
off the market,

I will expose you

for the fraud that you are,

Got it.

Excuse me.

We need to talk.

Oh, uh,
excuse me. Sorry.


...talking about?

[ Door closes ]

You crazy?

You couldn't wait
to tell him.


About the methane?
The earthquake?

Everything I told you in
confidence, you told John Ross!

- I don't know what you're talking...
- Don't lie to me!

- Let go of me!
- Don't lie to me!

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

John Ross tried
to blackmail me.

He said he was gonna
tell my father everything.

I didn't tell him

[ Scoffs ]

And what you did...

What you did
was for nothing.

Because he doesn't
love you.

He uses people.

And you want to know
what's really sick?

I trusted you again.

John Ross doesn't love anyone
but himself?

You look in the mirror,

You listen
to your own words.

"I will always love you.

"But we are
two different people

"from two different

I hope you understand."

Was I really
so wrong for you?

I have no idea
what you're talking about.

The e-mail you sent me.

The day we were
supposed to get married.

I never sent you
any e-mail!

I waited for you!

For six hours!

[ Voice breaking ]
I thought you were dead, Elena.

I was calling hospitals!

I called Southfork!

And when I finally got together
with my father,

he said
you were in Mexico.

And the next time
I saw you,

you had hooked up
with John Ross!

So what was I
supposed to think?

[ Crying ]
You sent me an e-mail

that we were a mistake.


I only went to Mexico

because I couldn't stand
to be here!

John Ross found me.

I thought
I wasn't good enough.



Don't ever say that.

[ Glass shatters ]

I know it was you.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Yes, it was.

Methane is dangerous.

But John Ross
has it wrong.

Look, I was gonna tell you
about the earthquake

before you finalized the deal,

I'm not moving forward.

Not until I can develop
safe technology.

Do you think, in time,

that methane can safely be
extracted from the seabed?

All my life,
I've been trying

to put the Ewing name
back on top.

And this may be hard
for you to understand,

but I've always felt like I needed
to earn my way into this family.

[ Sighs ] Now, don't say anything.

Just listen, dad.

I know I can do it.

I know that I can make
Ewing Alternative Energies

the next EXXON.

Miss Del Sol...

Obviously, a lot of details
will have to be worked out.

But here in Texas,
we do things with a handshake.

Mr. Ewing...

Moving forward
with this project

will be a pleasure.

[ Sighs ]

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

[ Cheers and applause ]

♪ Music playing ♪

So, I said to him,
"hell, that's the...

"That's the oil business.

That's all there is
to it."

[ Laughs ]

Oh, hello, son.

There's somebody
I want you to meet.

Um, listen, son,
take it from me.

No point
in drowning your sorrows.

It'll all still be here
tomorrow when you come to.

Now, I don't know
if you met Marta earlier,

but, Marta Del Sol,
this is my son, John Ross.



Well, why don't you
take a load off, son?

You look a little queasy.

You two know each other?

[ Laughs ]

I've known Marta
since she was knee-high.

Her daddy and I
go way back.

She's been working for you
this whole time?

And you didn't tell me?

This is for
all the marbles, son.

You didn't think
I put all my oil

in one barrel,
did you?

what the hell happens

when Bobby finds out
he's been set up?

Listen here, John Ross.

I'm the successor trustee
to my mama's will.

I'm the one who belongs
on Southfork.

It's mine and only mine.

You got that?

Oil is my birthright.

[ Laughs ]

Come on.
Give me some credit.

Bobby may not be stupid,

but I'm
a hell of a lot smarter.

[ Laughs ]

Here you go, darling.

[ Glasses clink ]

So, I was saying
blood may be thicker than water,

but oil is thicker
than both.

[ J.R. And Marta laugh ]

[ Engine shuts off ]

Your ambition could fill
this building, John Ross.

You want it all,
don't you?

you have no idea.

You were right not to trust J.R.

I hope you know what you're doing.

Trust me.

Southfork will be mine,
and only mine.

Fun is just beggining.