Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 10 - Guilt & Innocence - full transcript

After the explosion, the family is worried most for pregnant Pamela. Christopher overrules her mother Afton Cooper to respect her explicit wish and demand surgery that might kill her as well as both his babies, but they die shortly afterward anyway. Bobby rudely refuses to cooperate with the official investigation for now, Sue Ellen's ex on the board Ken Richards tips her off it probably was a bomb. Cliff and Harlan's henchman Roy Vickers pretends Drew tampered with the bomb, but he refuses to be bribed into fleeing, obsessed with his father's drilling vision. A detective finds Pamela Barnes senior disappeared in Abu Dhabi. Harlan's mother survived the fall and pretends to make up for Emma's sake, but is caught trying to discredit him and shipped off to 'rehab'.

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Previously on "Dallas"...

I loved her
because she wasn't you.

I'm going to freeze
all your bank accounts.

I need that money.
I have commitments to people.

I am also removing you as
the head of Ryland Transport.

You're not going anywhere.

Stop it!

Help me take down
the Ewings

and I will give you enough money
to buy Ryland Transport

right out from underneath
your mother's control.

She was out with Ramos
on a date?

He was in the military,
wasn't he?

Demolitions, I believe?

Yes, sir.

Put Ramos on the rig job.

I want him fully compromised.


Your sister seems like
a sweet girl.

She has
nothing to do with this.

Which is why her death
would be so tragic.

I convinced my colleagues

that they needed to see
your rig in action this week.

I'm gonna need more than a week
to get things up to speed.

You want to know how I feel?

I'm pissed!



You two
working together...

Never thought
I'd see the day.

Your daughter's
on the rig.

Just do it.

Sir, she's pregnant.

What happened?

Emergency crew to deck 1.

Emergency crew to deck 1.

Christopher, you okay, son?



You okay?


Level Red confirmed, deck 1.

- What happened?
- My God.

Level Red confirmed, deck 1.

Christopher! It's Pamela!

Help me
get this off of her!

S02 Ep10 - Guilt and innocence

Any pain?

How is she?

You the husband?


I am.

I-is she gonna be okay?

Your wife sustained

a severe trauma
in the explosion.

She's tachycardic,

I need to get her stabilized
so I can do more tests.

Figure out
what's really going on.

What about the babies?

I'm doing
everything I can.


I want two large bore IVS

and bolus her
with some normal saline.

They're all alive.

John Ross!

Thank God!

I'm okay. Where's,
where's everyone else?

They're still
bringing people in.

And from what I've heard,
everybody on the rig's alive.

Mostly smoke inhalation,
some broken bones, burns.

Pamela's the worst.

Something fell on her.

The doctors
are gonna fix her up.

Why don't you
go check on Elena?

I'll come get you
when there's news.

Okay, thanks.

John Ross.

Ann Ewing. Ann Ewing.
Where is she?

Ann Ewing.
Where is Ann Ewing?


- Annie?
- Bobby!

- I'm in here.
- Annie!


Thank God.

Nobody would tell me where you were.
I couldn't find you.

I was down below
when the explosion went off.

I got evacuated first.

- Are you... are you okay?
- I'm okay. Just a concussion.

Are you okay?

I am now.

You have to forgive me,

If something had happened
and we were still...

I should have told you
about Emma. I know.

But I was so ashamed.

I thought she was taken
because of what I had done.

I hated myself for it.

And I feared
you'd hate me, too.


I forgave you.

I love you.

I always have.

Even when I couldn't stand to be
in the same room with you.

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Mi... Elena Ramos.

Where is she?


I'm gonna go
look for my mother.


Sorry. I didn't mean
to startle you, honey.

What are you doing here?

I was upstairs
in the surgical waiting area.

Your grandmother had a fall,
broke her leg.

She's in surgery,
but she's gonna be okay.

I heard about the explosion
on the Ewing rig,

and I came down.

I figured you'd be here
with your mother.

And I didn't want to risk
either one of the Ewings

bumping into me and accusing me
of stalking you, so I...

I'm just trying to give you
the space you want, honey.

I appreciate that, daddy.

Will you let me know
that grandmother is okay

when she comes
out of surgery?

Of course I will.

I miss you, Emma.

I know.

Mi niña.

Mommy, it looks
worse than it is. I promise.

When we heard,
we were so worried.

Do they know
what happened?


No, it was horrible.

We were standing there
one minute celebrating.

The next thing we knew,
the entire rig shook.

It... it felt like
we were gonna be torn apart.

There was fire.
People were screaming.

- But you're safe now?
- Yeah.

You all are.

I need some air.



No one was supposed to be
on that rig,

and people are wounded.

My sister
was on that rig.

You're telling me
it already went off?

What the hell
did you do, Drew?

I was gonna
set it off tonight.

No, you set it off.
You set it off!

I thought you knew
what you were doing.

I did.

Then why the hell
did it already get set off?!

It was your fault.
You blew it.

I set it right, Roy.
I set it right.

I think
you need a vacation.

Get away indefinitely.

Be good for all concerned.

I can't just leave.

- I just got my father's land...
- You're not thinking straight!

Maybe that's been
your problem all along.

'Cause when you don't think
straight, accidents happen!

Like they just did!

Then you start saying things,
make people suspicious.

Then you end up
going to prison. Or worse.

So let me do
the thinking for you.

You leave in the morning.

She's stabilized and out of
the woods for right now.

Thank God.

Can we see her?
Just her husband.

There are things I need to
discuss with him and Mrs. Ewing.

She said
you're doing better.

And the babies, too.

I keep looking over
at the monitor,

and their heartbeats
make me feel better.

Well, they're fighters.

Just like their mother.

So, w-what happens now?

Your condition is still
very serious, Mrs. Ewing,

for both you
and for the babies.

Now that we've done
all our tests,

we know the trauma
from the explosion

caused an abdominal
aortic aneurysm.

It's a ballooning
of the blood vessel

where the trauma occurred.

We've stabilized you,

but we need to bring
your blood pressure down

we can do the surgery.

And we need to do that
before the aneurysm ruptures,

or you will die.

So... so then,
you're gonna do that, right?

The problem is,
because of the pregnancy,

where the fetuses sit,

it's very difficult
to make the repair we need to.

But... but it can be done.
I mean, y-you can save them.

The trauma your wife sustained
also resulted in

a partial
placental abruption.

That's when the placenta
separates from the uterine wall,

preventing blood flow
to a portion of the placenta.

Yes, but the babies
are okay. Right?

I mean, I can see them.

At 20 weeks,
there's only a 15% chance

of carrying them
to viability.

And because the babies
aren't viable yet,

my recommendation is that
we terminate the pregnancy.

- No! No!
- Let me safely operate,

repair the aneurysm before it
bursts and we lose all of you.

No, you're sacrificing
my babies to save me!

Tell her
she's not killing my babies!

Your wife is in shock.

She's on drugs and sedatives
for the pain.

You're her husband.

I need your permission

if she were to become

No, no, no.
You... you promise me.

You promise me you won't
let them kill my babies.

Promise me!
No matter what!


Dr. Chang has consulted with
the head of surgery.

She said that if we can
get Pamela strong enough,

she can do the repair
by going in through a vein

like they did with me...
No harm to the babies.

I also got the name of the best
neonatologist in the state.

She's on her way in
from Austin.

It's my fault.

No, Christopher.
This was an accident.

But I wanted the presentation
to happen.

I wanted to get that contract.

I-I wanted to win so badly
that I rushed it.

But I screwed up.

You don't know that.

And there was
a CO2 buildup

that put the methane
under too much pressure,

and it ignited.

I've gone over it in my head
a thousand times.

- There's no other explanation.
- It was an old rig.

There could be a thousand
explanations for this.

It's the only one
that makes sense.

It's the only one

that makes sense to you
right now.

I know my son.

And I know that if you felt

there was anything
wrong with that rig,

you wouldn't have gone ahead
with that presentation.

As much as you wanted
that contract,

you wouldn't put lives at risk
in order to make it happen.

That's not who you are, son.

TESHA has investigators
on the rig

figuring out
what happened.

You'll see
this was not your fault.

Doctors put
a metal plate in your leg,

and you're
better than ever.

You know what it is
they've given me for the pain?

- Feels like morphine.
- Oxycodone.

Make sure
they give it to me

every three hours
on the dot.

I don't want to feel
any discomfort.

Yes, ma'am.

So, mother,

I'm so sorry
for everything that I said...

For leading us down that path
with Emma and Ann,

for bringing her to Dallas.

It was hubris.

Pure and simple.

And when
you called me on it,

I got defensive...
And angry.

You always told me
that I was stubborn.

Well... you were right.

I should have apologized.

I gave you
ample opportunity, Harris.

Give me one more.

I'm sorry, mother.

Why did you fall for Ann,

Because I was weak
like my father.

I let her into my bed
and then into our lives

because I was weak.

At least she gave us Emma.

That girl
is a real blessing.

Happiest days of my life
were raising her...

Watching her blossom

into the fine young woman
she is.

Repair the rift you've caused
between me and Emma,

and I'll give you
full pardon.

Home health-care coordinator,

please see Ms. Jordan,
third-floor reception.

You look uptight,
John Ross.

Want me
to give you something?

No, I'm good.

I wasn't asking
if you were good.

paging Kelly to services.

It's okay.
I can handle him.

Is everything okay
with grandmother?

Yeah, her surgery went off
without a hitch.

She's already putting
the nurses on a schedule.

She's asking for you.

Now, I'm not telling you
this time,

Would you go see her?

She's lost without you.

Of course I'll go see her,

All right.

Mr. Ewing, the doctor
said her blood pressure's

come down enough that she
can see visitors now.


You think this is karma,
John Ross?

For all the bad
that I've done?

if there were karma,

I'd have been run over,
shot, struck by lightning.

Bad things
just happen sometimes.

We got to figure out
a way to get through it.

And we do.

are gonna figure

a way out of this
for you.

You got nine lives,
Pamela Barnes.


My baby girl.

What are you
doing here?

John Ross called me.

He certainly couldn't have
called your father.

I heard what he did
at J.R.'s memorial.

He's a mean drunk,
that man.

You know, you're even
more handsome than your father.

And I'm guessing

Nicer, too.

a touch of the devil.

Daddy always said

that's the part that makes him
more interesting.

Well, you take that part
and the rest of you out of here.

I need some time alone
with my daughter.

Thank you for the call.


All the bad choices
you've made

trying to forge a relationship
with your father.

He brings people down,

He's like an anchor,
that man.

Dr. Chang had mentioned a concern
with her blood pressure.

So, what's the likelihood
of Pamela and the babies

surviving the procedure?

I just
bumped into Afton.

I can't believe you called
that social climber.

- She's her mother.
- She's drama, John Ross.

Now that just sounds like
you got a grudge

'cause she had an affair
with J.R.

I'm needed in the ICU.

Thank you, doctor.

Mr. Ewing?

Well, there's three of us.
Which one are you looking for?

Christopher Ewing.

I'm Zack McGuire

from the Texas Environmental Safety
and Hazards Administration.

TESHA. You guys are already
investigating the explosion.

That's great.

Now is not really
a good time.

We're dealing with
some medical issues here.

I understand
what you're going through,

but if I could just ask
a couple of questions.

We've already started taking

a lot of evidence from the rig
down to our lab in Houston.

We've begun interviewing
your staff, your rig workers.

Our preliminary
investigation shows

that methane was ignited
in the flow pipe

it was over-pressurized.

There could be
other explanations.

It's okay, Elena.

I can tell you
what's going on.

No, Christopher.

I think you should go.

My son will speak to you
another time, another place

with our lawyer present.

I will have to make note of your
reluctance in the investigation,

and that could come across
to the TESHA board

like you're trying
to cover something up,

which will bump up
any fines.

We are praying
that my son's babies don't die,

and you threaten us?

You stick that
in your report

and get the hell
out of here.

I can't believe this.

That explosion
could have killed Pamela

and could have killed
your babies.

Don't you think
I know that?

John Ross, stop it! I
invited Pamela to the damn rig!

Now is not the time
to turn on each other!

We will
figure this out together.

Bobby is right, John Ross.

Ewing Energies
is our shared liability.

If Christopher
is responsible,

then we all
have to be responsible.

We have to stick together.

This is just not the way
it's supposed to be happening.

J.R. predicted...

J.R. predicted what?



I have an old friend,
Ken Richards.

You wouldn't know him.
He's from a long time ago.

He's one of
the chairs of TESHA,

and he was very supportive
to my campaign.

Let me give him a call,

see if I can get us

an inside source
on the investigation

so we can get ahead of it
and start managing it.

I'm sorry you got hurt,

Even though I need
to be on my own right now,

you should know that I...

I still love you.

I know, darling.

But I actually understand

why you feel you need
to be away from me right now.

- You do?
- Of course.

But you need to know.

I'm afraid
of your father, too.

That's why I said

all those hateful things
about your mother.

He told me what to say.

He threatened
to keep me away from you

if I didn't say
all those horrible things.

Please, stop.

- I know what you're doing.
- You know his temper, Emma.

He has never laid a hand
on either one of us.

But you know what he's done
to other people,

the businesses he's in.

Don't blame this on daddy.

You're family has been
in that business for years.

Not like now.

And when I told him I was going
to take the business back,

he pushed me down the stairs.

He tried to kill me.

He did,
and I need you to help me.

I need you to take me
back to England.

I'll give you the company.

What the hell are you saying,

She's having a reaction
to the medication they gave her.

Doctor said
this could happen.

Don't you try to silence me,

I know
exactly what I'm saying.

I told her, Harris.

You need to calm down, mother.

I told her.

Emma, find somebody before
she hurts herself, please.


Mother, listen to me.
Listen to me. Listen to me.


- Listen!
- No!

Now listen to me.
You're in the hospital, okay?

You've been injured.

Nobody's trying to hurt you.
I love you.

And I just care about
what's best for you, okay?

But you need to calm down.

Thank God. The doctor said
this could happen.

Tranquilize her before
she hurts herself, please?

No! No!
No, no! Please!

- Quickly, please?! Please!
- No, no, no, no!

Thank you.

I'm gonna go
call the doctor.

She's out to get you.

I know.


let me start by saying

I'm sorry your daughter
got caught in the...

Well, it's good to know you're
as practical a man as I am.

Sounds like
everything's on track, then.

already on the case.

Yeah, well, I...

Let me call you right back.

I'm not sure my mother's
up for visitors,

but I'm sure she'll appreciate
you stopping by, Annie.

I'm done being baited by you,

I just came up
to see if Emma was here.

She's come and gone.
Of her own free will.

She's a grown woman.

That's the way
it's supposed to be.

if we're being civil...

I'm sorry about the explosion
on your husband's rig.

Emma told me you were there.
I'm glad you're okay.

Thank you, Harris.

Well, aren't you
a sight for sore eyes?

Ken, that line
is older than you are.

but it's still true.

In fact,
you look even more beautiful

than when
I first laid eyes on you

back in
your "Miss Texas" days.

Scotch. Your best
single malt. Water back.

You need a refresher?

Just a cola
with a twist.

I had a lapse
at J.R.'s funeral,

and... I don't want
to have another one.

Well, maybe that's why
you look so stunning.

You finally got rid of that
Thorn in your side for good.

You don't
have to hate him anymore.

He stole you from me.

Then, he treated you unkindly
for all those years.

Of course
I've got to hate him.

Well, I am,
110% single at the moment.

You know,
when I mentioned you

to one of the other
TESHA chairs,

this whiny Ivy leaguer
our new Governor appointed,

he suggested
you were only calling me

because of our investigation
into what happened at your rig.

But I'm glad to see that...
I was right about this being

just a social call
between old friends.

I won't lie to you.

I believe my nephew's sensor
had nothing to do

with the explosion
on that rig.

Any information
you can get me

on TESHA's actual findings,
their theories,

would be invaluable
to me and to Ewing Energies.

That being said,
I-I find it serendipitous

that the one man
that could help me is someone

I had been hoping to "bump into"
for a social call

for quite some time.

Current circumstances

just gave me the courage
to pick up the phone.

serendipitous or kismet?

I'm hoping both.

Because she never was
a good patient.

I was so, mom.

She does have
quite a temper.

But there was one thing that
always helped you calm down.

No, no, no, no.

Please, don't.

Just spoke to your doctor.

She says you're improving.

Your blood pressure's almost
low enough to do the surgery.

Yes, we know.

Can I speak to you
outside for a moment?


I'll be right back
to finish that song, Pammy.

What's going on?

I know what you did,

I know the explosion
was your fault.

Did John Ross...

I overheard
that man that was here.

Just stay away.

Her blood pressure's tanking!
Aneurysm's dissecting.

Tell the O.R. we're coming!

I need
to take the babies now.

You do what you have to!
You just save her!

No. No, no, no.
You have to save the babies.

It's what she wanted.
Try to save them all.

It's too risky, Mr. Ewing.

Hey. I promised her.

We're talking
about her life!

I'm her mother!
You just save her!

I am still her husband,

and it is still my decision...
And hers!

With the babies
still inside of her,

is there a chance you can save
them, that they'll all survive?

An extremely small one.

Then make that happen.

Get them the releases
and get them to the O.R.

If she dies...

It's on you,

Do you want some coffee?

No, thanks.


Come with me
to get a coffee?


I want to make sure
that Pamela's all right.

Hey, Emma.
Want a coffee?

No, thanks.

I know my brother had fun

hanging out with you
the other day.


From what I heard,
I thought he'd be...


But he's not.

He's the type of guy

any girl
would be lucky to be with.

Afton, you'll see
this wasn't his fault.

I know what it's like

to feel you have to defend
your man, Elena,

so don't waste your words
with me.

Pull in your claws,

You caused enough trouble
in the past.

How is she?

They all made it.

I was able to repair
the aneurysm and stabilize her.

The babies
went through a lot of stress,

which worsened
the abruption a bit,

but they're all stable.

- Pamela's in recovery now.
- I want to see her.

- Alone.
- Okay.

Drew, it's Emma.

Are you leaving?

I thought you all
were at the hospital.

Pamela went into surgery.

She's gonna be okay.

I just dropped
my mother and Bobby off at home.

Pamela and the babies
are okay.

That's... good news.

But you still haven't
answered my question.

Are you leaving?

I just have to...
Go up to midland

to pick up some drilling
equipment for my father's land.

It's only for
a couple of days.

Then, why are you
packing everything?

Dime con quién andas
y te diré quién eres.

"Tell me
who you're friends with,

and I'll tell you
who you are."

You deserve
someone better than me.

I like you, Drew.

You've always
been nice to me.

I know who you are.

No one's perfect...

Even though they put a lot of
pressure on us to be.

So, why are you leaving?

Are you afraid
you're gonna screw up again?

Something like that.

You told me... you can't
live life in your head,

that you have to
get in the dirt with it

and kick its ass
before it kicks yours.

And I believed you.

Tell me
who you're friends with,

and I'll tell you
who you are.

Let me go get you
another pillow.

This one's kind of crummy.

Thanks, mom.

I'll be right back.

I was waiting for her
to leave.

I didn't want to start
another fight.

I'm so glad you're okay.

Is it true, Chris?

Was the methane

Was it your fault?

Pamela, I...

Good. You're here.

Trust me.

You're gonna love Burlington.

I'm not leaving.

You don't have a choice.

Well, you hired me
to blow up that rig.

You gave me money
to buy explosives.

I know where you work.

I know where you live.

You tell anyone what I've done,
and I bring you down with me.

Just forget
you ever knew me.

I hoped you'd come.

I waited for you.

Where is she?


Healing someplace
where she can't hurt herself.

Listen, I-I know
you still need your space.

But I want you to know how much
it meant to me, you...

Defending me
to your grandmother yesterday.

I think we're both
finally safe from her now.

Where are you taking me?

To the rehab facility,
Mrs. Ryland. Remember?

Your doctor
made arrangements.

From DERN investigations.

Thank you.
You bet.


Who was at the door?

It was a messenger.

Everything okay?

Yeah, it's...

No. You don't
have to tell me, Bobby.

No, Annie. Annie.

It's all right.
Come in.

It's about Pam...

Christopher's mother.

You've been
looking for her?

No, J.R. was
to help us with Cliff.

She's a one-third owner
in Barnes Global.

Where is she?

1989 with an unnamed man,

presumably her husband,
entered Abu Dhabi.

Passport's expired.

No record
of future travel.

Maybe Ellis from
the U.S. attorney's office

can help me with this.

He owes me one after everything
that happened with Vicente Cano.

I thought you were
done with her, Bobby.

So did I, Annie.

So did I.

I thought you were over him.

I am.

I was just contemplating
what J.R. would do

in a situation like this.

Nothing good, I promise you.

Now, it'll be months before
anything official comes out,

but some recording equipment

picked up the sound
of two explosions at the rig...

A small one,

before the one
that did all the damage.

What are you saying?

That it looks like
your nephew's technology

isn't to blame.

They think
they're gonna find explosives.



Cliff Barnes did this.

He had to have.
It's what J.R. predicted.

But it doesn't fit. I mean,
Cliff wanted the DCT contract.

And he didn't get it,
so he blew up the rig.

It's too big of a move,
John Ross.

I mean,
with Pamela on board?

Maybe he wanted
to discredit your technology.

All he's ever wanted
is my technology.

He must know
not having methane

is just gonna
damage the company.

He wants to
devalue the company.

Make Ewing Energies

That's how it fits.

We got to tell Uncle Bobby.

Dr. Chang to neonatal.

Code Blue.

Dr. Chang to neonatal.
Code Blue.

Nurses, I need you now.

I need vital
signs on her and on the two fetuses.

Blood pressure's dropping
on baby "A."

Ma'am, I need you to calm down.
Help them!

Can you, please, give her something?
I can't, ma'am.

Blood pressure's dropping
on baby "B."

I need you right now.

I need you in here right now.



I got sued.

What? Why?

Well, not malpractice.

Please don't tell me.

Yeah, interference
with marital relations.

And, how's this?

Your husband hired
Mitch tompkins.

Excuse me?

Right, let's get started,
shall we?

Dr. Delany.

Perhaps you'd like
to tell us what you've done.

Allison cabrera,
17 years old,

admitted Monday for a otoplasty
and tympanoplasty.

I don't fancy

these procedures
with the longer names.

Was it dangerous,

it was fairly routine.

We were just removing
some scar tissue

from in and behind
the left ear.

And did it go routinely?


No? I don't think
I like the sound of that.

The patient was given
an injection of Lidocaine

with 1 in 100,000

Her heart rate
and blood pressure spiked.

We brought it down,
and she stabilized.


I'm so sorry.
Please, continue.

10 minutes
after stabilizing,

the patient went
into cardiac arrest.

Full cpr was initiated.

Resuscitation attempts...

She died.

Yes. Young woman comes in
for a routine surgery.

What was the cause
of her scar tissue, by the way?

A dog bite.

She was bitten by a dog.

What kind of a dog? I-I believe
it was a bichon frise.

A little dog.

So she comes to us
with scar tissue

from a little nip on her ear
from a bichon frise,

and now she's dead.

At first,

we thought the patient
had reacted to the Lidocaine.

It turns out she was given

3 milligrams of epinephrine
1 in 1,000

instead of... Lidocaine
with epinephrine 1 in 100,000.

She was injected with
a lethal dose of adrenaline.


Could you tell us
how that could possibly occur?

Well, the medications
are typically poured

into sterile cups,
then drawn into syringes.

Somehow pure epinephrine
was mistakenly poured

into a cup labeled
"Lidocaine with epinephrine."

Who made that mistake?

My circulating nurse.

And who delivered the kill shot
into the child's ear?

My resident.

Dr. Delany,
are you familiar

with the "Captain of the ship"

Yes. Please, tell
us what that is.

It basically means
that the surgeon is responsible

for any negligence
that occurs in the O.R.

And that would be you.
That would be me.

And what steps, doctor,
have you taken

as a result
of this monumental...

Not to mention despicable...

Well, I'm... I'm still
investigating the incident.

This only happened

met with the scrub nurse,

the circulating nurse,

the anesthesiologist,
the resident,

every single step to...

So you're playing it backwards.
Yes, all the way back to the trash,

where the vials were found,
and the mix-up was clear.

And what have
you ascertained thus far?

Once the medications were
transferred to the cups,

it falls to the circulating
nurse and the scrub nurse

to visually
and audibly verify

that the drug vials match
the labels on the cup.

The scrub nurse draws
the injectable into the syringe.

Now, this was done,

but the syringe was possibly
not labeled, and...

Well, this sounds like
a rather protracted process.

I'll tell you what... why don't we
reverse things and play it forward?

So we go from the circulating
nurse to the scrub nurse

to the resident,
and then to who, doctor?