Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 11 - Let Me In - full transcript

Ken Richards, Sue Ellen's ex on the investigating state board, not only retracts his findings of a bomb but is forced by governor Sam McConaughey to resign while Ewing Oil is slapped with a crushing fine. It's part of a plan to ruin the Ewings operated by Harris, covertly the governor's major campaign contributor, presumably in league with Cliff. Drew refuses to be blackmailed further, but is beaten gruesomely to subject lover Emma again to Harris. JR's 'master piece' progresses slowly, but the key seems finding Pamela senior or claiming Christopher's third of her shares of Barnes Energy. John Ross stands by grieving Pamela, Christopher seems to loose his self-control.

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Previously on "Dallas"...

Put Ramos on the rig job.

I want him
fully compromised.

We got a problem, sir.
Your daughter is on the rig.

Just do it.

Your wife sustained a
severe trauma in the explosion.

What about the babies?

I'm doing
everything I can.

No one was supposed to be
on that rig.

You're telling me
it already went off?

What the hell
did you do, Drew?

- It was your fault.
- I love you.

I'm going into business
with my brother

to drill our land.
I hope you understand.

I miss you, Emma.
Please come home.

I promise
I'll let you visit your mother

- as much as you want to.
- Let me?

That's just the reason
why I can't come home, daddy.

I have an old friend,
Ken Richards.

One of
the chairs of TESHA.

Let me see if I can get
inside the investigation.

Some recording equipment

picked up the sound
of two explosions at the rig.

They think
they're gonna find explosives.

Cliff Barnes did this.

He wants to
devalue the company.

Make Ewing Energies

Dr. Chang
to neonatal. Code blue.


Blood pressure's dropping
on baby "A."

Help them!

I moved back in last week.

I own
half of Southfork now.

So I figured I'd spend
a little more time here,

keep an eye on things.

The whole family under the same
roof again, just like old times.

Buckle up, right?

Did you
sell your penthouse?

Hell no.

A man
needs his man cave.

A place where I can take a girl
after I club her over the head.

Or somewhere
where I can read quietly.

You sure
there's nothing you need?

That's very sweet of you,
John Ross.

But my mom's
taking good care of me.

I'm... I'm fine.

I have to go.

Last time
you moved in here,

I said some pretty
harsh things to you.

Said family meant
nothing to you.

And I said
that it does.

We're just on
two different sides of it.

Mama gave you
half of Southfork.

Welcome home,
John Ross.

S02 E12 - Let me in

I spoke with Carlos
maybe two days ago.

He still has nothing

on the lady that J.R.
was with at the motel.

I've sent him the surveillance
pictures J.R. gave me.

He's checking out
Ryland's trucks, okay?

Until he comes up
with something...

What's going on?

Shut the door.

I was just bringing John Ross
up to speed...

I know
we're never gonna find

the petty mugger
that shot my father.

But we are no closer
to executing J.R.'s master plan

than we were a month ago.

I spoke with Ellis at
the U.S. attorney's office, son.

His friends
in the state department

are busy trying to
track your mother in Abu Dhabi.

But they need
more time.

What about
our meeting with TESHA?

We still on for today?

Yeah, it's on.

Because the sensor
was operational.

I checked the code.

Well, then, if what Sue Ellen's
contact told us is true

and the rig
was sabotaged,

I'm hoping that TESHA
will tell us how and by whom.

I know
what both of you think.

It was Barnes Global that made
a play for the DCT contract.

It was Barnes Global
that had everything to gain

by my rig exploding.

Which is not proof.

J.R. spelled it out
in his letter.

Cliff was
coming for us.

We don't know anything
for certain without proof.

We have to wait and see
what the commission says.

Son, I know
you want answers.

Of course
I want answers!

Don't you?

I want justice!

I mean,
my children were murdered,

and I need to know why!

I need to go to work.

No. You don't.

Drew and I are breaking ground
on the rig today.

He's lucky to have you.

Thank you for waiting,

Will Mr. Richards
be joining us?

He won't
be able to make it.

My name
is Scott Taylor.

I'm on
the Board of Directors

for Environmental Safety
and Hazards.

I know emotions are high
and answers are wanted,

so I'll cut
right to the chase.

I've asked our lawyer
to join us.

It is the conclusion
of our forensic team,

after investigating
the wreckage of the rig

and interviewing
key personnel...

Yourselves included...
That the cause of the explosion

was technical.

There was a glitch
in the control system.

- A gas build-up...
- Wait, no.

That's not right.

The forensic evidence,
Mr. Ewing,

suggests an explosion
caused by a dangerous increase

in methane gas.

Your sensor was to blame.

The sensor was working.

Nothing's perfect,
Mr. Ewing.

- Like your investigation?
- Christopher.

No, I agree.
This is bullshit.

Mr. Richards said
that some recording equipment

picked up the sound
of two explosions.

It would suggest...

Whatever Mr. Richards told you
was out of line.

We concluded our investigation
only this morning.

Were there two explosions
or not?

Like I said, anything
Mr. Richards told you...

We can
shove up our ass?

I mean, that's the long
and the short of it, right?

The rig was sabotaged,

and TESHA is trying
to cover it up.

Mr. Ewing,
I can assure you,

we are not in the "sweeping
things under the rug" business.

We are in the "getting to
the truth" business.

The investigating committee
finds Ewing Energies negligent

in the operation
of its methane rig,

causing irreparable
environmental damage.

We find you
fully liable...

I want to talk
to Mr. Richards.

And will be issuing
a $1 billion fine.

We're fighting this.

Come on. Let's go.

The facts
will fight back.

My son is right.
You can shove it up your ass.

Sally, get Lew Rosen for me
on the phone right away.

We're gonna appeal
this thing today.

We'll get
our own forensic team.

We'll examine the wreckage.

We can prove
that the rig was sabotaged.

We're gonna expose
who's behind this ourselves.

We'll have to
subpoena the wreckage.

That won't be easy.

Why don't we just quit all this
and open up a sandwich shop?

Ken Richards
wouldn't lie to me.

Someone put a gag on him.

I want to
talk to Mr. Richards.

No. I will.

He's sweet on me,
and I can use that.

Christopher, I know you
want to take the lead on this.

Let Sue Ellen
go with it, okay?

Do you have Lew
for me?

I think we should talk
to Pamela.

If anyone can get close
to Cliff, it's her.

She can look at his schedule,
see where he's been.

I think
that's a bad idea.

Who he's been meeting with
before and after the explosion.

She's got access
to his calendar.

How do you think
we should pitch this?

"Hey, Pamela,
we think your dad's

"the one who blew up the rig
and killed your babies.

And by the way, can you
check some dates for us?"

Well, we can't
just sit around!

Look, she is grieving.
Maybe you should, too.

What would
make you people happy?

You want me to go home and
curl up in the fetal position?

All that
we're saying is...

What are you saying?

We're saying
that we'd understand

if you'd want to
take a few days off.

Are you gonna go see Pamela
or not?




My God.

What are you
doing out here?

I just
needed some air.

You've had enough air.

Let's get you inside.

Where's Afton?

I thought your mother
was taking care of you.

I sent her home.

Last week.

Why did you lie to me?

Look, you should not be alone
right now, Pamela.

I don't care.

Where's your father?

making some deal.

He sent me flowers.

When was
the last time you ate?

Why are you here?

I'm here because
we are all worried about you.

And I ain't going anywhere
until I know that you're okay.

You'll be here
a long time.

I'm gonna go make you
some tea.

Let me get
a Miller lite.

Hear, hear!

Good job.

Here you go.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Mr. Ewing.

Mr. Richards.

So, what were you
and your friends

on the TESHA board
toasting to? Victory?

Your family
was dealt a horrible blow.

There were no victors.

No. Only losers.

And liars.

I spoke too soon
when I told Sue Ellen

that there were
two explosions at the rig.

I looked into it.

We were wrong.
I'm sorry.

I see now I should've
chosen my words more carefully.

I wanted to help.

you still want to help?

Tell me who.
Who told you to shut up?

There is no conspiracy.

Tell me who.

I know what you've lost...

Don't you pretend
to understand what I've lost!

I will go into your offices
tomorrow morning

and I will tell everyone
that you are a whistle-blower

and a liar!

And that's not even
your worst offense.

You're letting
a murderer go.

Sir, you need to leave.

Get your hands off me.

Get off of me!

Lucky for you,

the bouncer you attacked
wants a job on a rig,

so I offered him one
on mine.

He's not
gonna press charges.

I know that you want answers,

but I wish you would
take your foot off the gas

for a second.

You're being reckless.

You never wanted them.

What are you
talking about?

You never
wanted the babies.

You said as much.

You said
if it were up to you,

you'd be focusing
on your career right now.

Well, you're working
with your brother,

so I guess you got
what you wanted.


what are you doing here?

I was
in the neighborhood.

Your car's in my way.

I know you're seeing
that Ramos boy.

This is
no laughing matter.

I dug up some dirt
on your boyfriend.

Humor me.

Drew Ramos.

grand theft auto.

beat up a guy in a bar.

'99, more fighting,
resisting arrest,

a police officer.

You sure know
how to pick 'em, sweetheart.

I know all this.

I don't care.

Arrested for transportation
of stolen goods...

Two months ago.

Women's shoes,
it says.

He give you a pair,
at least?

You really are something.

You are the last person
who should be throwing stones.

You're gonna stop seeing
that boy.

That's not a request.



Is that
where your father drilled?

I was 8
when we came to America.

I was standing right over there
when my papi said,

our blood is in this land.

"And oil, too.

And you are gonna help me
find it."

Three years later,

he had struck nothing
but just dirt and rocks.

I was here
when he collapsed.

The truck wouldn't start,
so I ran to Southfork for help.

By the time we got back,
he was dead.

Who are
the smaller stones for?

That's... that's for
what Christopher lost.

It was my fault.

It wasn't.
You were only 11.

Why did you
come out here?

Well, I wanted to
ask you out tonight.

you could've called me.

Yes, but there are some things
you can't do on the phone.

You were right, Mr. Ryland.
She came right to him.

And it doesn't look like
she's saying goodbye.

Yes, sir.
It'll go down tonight.



I'm not
a crazy person.

I don't think that
at... at all.

You need to know
in your life

that there are people that
love you and are here for you.

It's Christopher.

I got to take this.

Sure, of course.

What's going on?

Did you get the Cliff info?

Yeah, I'm good.


I'll be okay.

I'm glad you came.

You know, there's something
you need to know

about what really caused
the explosion on the rig.

Come on, grab him.

Son, you won't be
making your date tonight.

Sue Ellen, I really shouldn't be
seen with you tonight.

The only reason I came was
to tell you about your nephew.

He's out of control.
He came after me today.

If he strangled you, I would
sit back and watch the show.

Sue Ellen,
you must know

that I'm not
jerking your family around.

Did you ever
really care for me?

- Of course.
- What you're doing now...

Covering up what really happened
on our rig... is wrong.

It's morally and ethically
wrong, and you know it.

Understand me, Ken...

When the Ewings unite,
nothing can stop us.

So you're either on our side,
or you're among the casualties

after we have taken down
everyone who has screwed us.

I hope
you're on our side.

Emma, get in the car.

Crap. Is that
your husband?

I'm her father.

- Go Rob some other cradle.
- Hey, hey!

Go on,
before I beat your ass!

I didn't like him anyway.

Get in the car,

Why should I do that?

'Cause you wouldn't listen
to reason,

so I had to
take other actions.

Let's go
see your boyfriend.

I remember the first horse
you fell in love with.

That stallion on the estate
in England.

You were what,
6 or 7?

Wild thing, he was.

I told you to stay away.
That animal was dangerous.

Of course,
you ignored me.

You went right on
into the stable... alone.

You were such a curious,
defiant little girl.

You spooked that horse.

He kicked you in the arm,
broke it in two.

Remember how much it hurt?

Well, it hurt me, too, seein'
my little girl in so much pain.

An inch to the left,

that beast would've
kicked you in the chest.

You'd have been dead
on the spot.

And yet you cried
and cried

when I had that dirty animal
put down.

Now, you see,
this is what happens

when you go
looking for trouble, honey.

You force me to take action
for your own good.

So no more
looking for trouble, okay?

Yes, daddy.

That's my girl.

No, she was on a date
with Drew.

Maybe she was,
or maybe the date ended early.

I'm just telling you
what I saw.

I think she was high.

No. No.

Have you
talked to her today?

She hasn't left her room
since she got home last night.

There are 20 years
of that little girl's life

that you don't know
anything about.

I think
you should talk to her.

Nice shot, Governor.

I spoke to Sue Ellen.

The Ewings
are charging hard.

They're appealing
the fine.


Sue Ellen's like a dog
with a bone, isn't she?

Do me a favor.

There's an extra cap
in the car.

Would you bring it
for Mr. Richards?

Yes, Governor.

Now, you told me
that you could handle them.

I'm pushing back
best I can.

what's the problem?

What happened to that
Barnes girl, to her children...

I don't know
how I can square that away.

The Ewings were never supposed
to think there was sabotage.

You looked into things
that you shouldn't have.

It was you who dropped that
dead bird on that doorstep, Ken.

You did.

And now you got to
go on burying it.

What if I don't want to?

You know I could've hung you
out to dry in the past.

I didn't do it
because you're a smart man.

And a smart man
knows how to keep a secret.

Like that tech company

dumping all those toxic
chemicals into that river.

You turned a blind eye,
and no one was the wiser.

And you know
I could change all that.

It's for the glare,
Mr. Richards.

In case
you want to take a shot.

Wouldn't want you
to lose sight.

And I accept
your resignation.

I didn't offer it.

No, no. You did. Pull.

It's Carlos.

Bobby, my condolences.

I've seen the news.

Thank you.

We could use
a little good news right now.

I was hoping
that's why you called.

You told me to follow up
on what J.R. was up to

down in Nuevo Laredo.

The investigation has come up
with something new.

- Tell me, Carlos.
- Well, the police report said

that J.R. was seen
with a woman that night.

They met at a club
and went back to his hotel room.

I have found this woman, and
I have brought her to Dallas.

Who is she?

She's a hostess
at the club.

An American.

I'm on my way
to meet her now.

I could bring her
by your office in an hour.

That's great, Carlos.
I'll be there.

What about
Ryland's trucks?

You have anything
on that?

Ryland Transport moves cargo
in Nuevo Laredo.

women's clothing.

It's legitimate.

I'm not sure what J.R.
was on to, Bobby.

Well, maybe the woman
can tell us something.

J.R. wanted Harris Ryland
to burn.

We won't disappoint him.

Good work, my friend.

Thank you very much.

It wasn't your fault,

Whether or not
TESHA confirms it,

everybody in this family
knows it was not your fault.

I'm sorry
for what I said to you.

I know
you would've loved them.

The babies.

I know you would've been
a great mother to them.

You know,
I-I just want to go to her.

I want to be able to tell Pamela
that I'm not responsible for...

For killing our babies.

But it's looking
more and more like

I'm never gonna be able
to do that.

She'll believe you.

Go to her.


Tell Mr. Ewing
what you told me.


I met J.R. at the club.

He wanted to ask me questions
about the men who own the club.

- What men?
- The Mendez-Ochoa cartel.


He really wanted to know
about one guy...

An American
who came into the club a lot

to meet
with Mr. Mendez-Ochoa.

Was it that man?

Yes. That's him.

J.R. wanted to know
what business this guy was doing

with the cartel.
I told him I didn't know,

and if I did,
I couldn't tell him.

Because you'd put yourself
in danger?

Because I'd put us both
in danger.

What would Ryland be doing
with narcotraffickers?

Is that what his trucks
are taking

back and forth
across the border?

Maybe J.R.
was on to that.

I'll talk
to the federals,

let them know
there may be a connection

between the cartel
and Ryland Transport.

Thank you.

I'd appreciate it if you'd
stay in Dallas a few more days.

J.R.'s not the first man

to invite me back
to his hotel room.

He just wanted to talk,
share a drink.

He was kind to me.

Gentlemen are in such
short supply where I work.

I'm so sorry what happened
to your brother.

John Ross told me.

He said
the rig was sabotaged.

That your technology
wasn't to blame.

Promise me...

Promise me that
when you find out who did this,

you'll make them pay.

Lisa, who sent this?

Ken Richards
dropped it off.

Harris Ryland?

He was the biggest contributor
to the Governor's campaign.

That could mean...

The Governor
is in his pocket.

Which is why Ryland needed me
to lose the election.

So Harris Ryland
and the Governor

are putting pressure on TESHA
to cover up the sabotage

and put the blame on us.

But why?

Why would Ryland
be involved in this?

Bobby, we're in a stickier web
than we realized.

But I think you, Christopher,
and John Ross know more

than you're letting on.

Tell me
what's going on.

J.R. knew that Cliff and Harris

would join forces
and come after us.

That's why he wanted us
to have this...

All pieces to the puzzle
of his master plan

to take them both down
once and for all.

Barnes Global's
financial history,

Ryland's trucking in Mexico,

Christopher's mother's

it's all connected.

John Ross, Christopher, and I
are trying to figure it all out,

connect all the dots
and finish what J.R. started.

We need to find a way to
ruin them before they ruin us.

John Ross copied this
from Pamela's computer.

It's Rebecca wentworth's will.

That's Cliff's mother,
the founder of Barnes Global.

Rebecca left her entire estate
to her three children...

Katherine, Cliff,
and Pam.

That includes her shares
of Barnes Global.

If I read this right,
her estate is a living trust,

which means if we can't
find Pam or if she's dead...

Her shares go to me.

One-third of Barnes Global.

It's looking
more and more like

Cliff and Ryland
are coming for us together,

just like J.R. predicted.

If we can get
Pam's shares,

we can kick the legs out
from under Cliff,

maybe his entire plan.

That's why J.R. wanted us
to find Pam.

That's our move.

Drew, what happened?

Who did this to you?

Promise me
you won't tell anyone.

okay, I promise.

It was Harris Ryland.

Excellent. Yes.

All right, thank you.

everything's in place,

and the Ewings should be served
any minute now.

I was watching
this program the other day...

Some nature documentary

on the hunting pattern
of the Komodo dragon.

You watch this?


Well, see,
the Komodo is venomous,

and his bite is poison.

So he bites his prey...
Buffalo usually...

And then he waits.

The Komodo's strong,
but the buffalo's stronger.

Can't take it down
while it's full strength.

So the dragon waits

while the buffalo
gets weaker and weaker.

Takes days,
weeks sometimes.

The dragon
keeps his distance

but never loses sight
of his prey.

- Mr. Ewing?
- Yes?

Sorry to interrupt.
This came for you.

- It says "urgent."
- Thank you.

He's patient
and has no mercy.

That's his biggest strength.

The dragon
watches the venom take hold,

waiting for the buffalo to fall,
for a moment to pounce.

You all
better come with me.

The buffalo panics.

He tries to escape,
tries to fight the venom,

but it's no use.

The venom is absolute.

Mr. Ewing, I'm Mr. Travis
from the Governor's office.

What the hell is all this?

You can't just take the land. You
have to make an offer for it.

We did. Mrs. Henderson,
the landlord,

she told us what to do
with our offer.

Charming woman.

You took advantage
of her.

Our actions
are well within the law,

I assure you.

And under the privilege
of eminent domain,

we're shutting
your production down.

This land
belongs to the state now.

You got a complaint, you can
fill out the proper paperwork.

There's no escaping it,
no fighting it,

no end game where the buffalo
wins and the dragon loses.

Instead of pumping here,

why don't we just pump
at Southfork?

We'll get
our oil that way.

The well is capped.
It'll take weeks.

We don't have time.
That fine is coming due.

If we can't pump oil, we can't
pay the fine or the bank.

This is what they've been
building towards...

Cliff and Ryland.

They want to see us
lose everything.

But the dragon's
patience is well-rewarded.

The buffalo collapses.

Succumbs to the venom.

That's when
the dragon feeds.