Dallas (2012–2014): Season 2, Episode 12 - A Call to Arms - full transcript

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Previously on "Dallas"...

Sue Ellen: I think
Emma was high.

[ Chuckling ] No.

I think
you should talk to her.

You're gonna stop seeing
that boy. That's not a request.

Yes, daddy.

Why are you here?

I'm here because
we are all worried about you,

and I ain't going anywhere
until I know that you're okay.

If we can't find your mother
or if she's dead...

Her shares go to me.

One-third of Barnes Global.


John Ross: Cliff Barnes
blew up the rig.

It's what J.R. predicted.

Man: We concluded
our investigation.

We find you
fully liable,

and will be issuing
a $1 billion fine.

Mr. Richards said
recording equipment

picked up the sound
of two explosions.

The Ewings were never supposed
to think there was sabotage.

You looked into things
that you shouldn't have.

And I accept
your resignation.

Harris Ryland?

He was the biggest

to the Governor's

so Harris Ryland
and the Governor

are putting pressure on TESHA,
and put the blame on us.

Under the privilege
of eminent domain,

we're shutting
your production down.

This land
belongs to the state now.

If we can't pump oil, we can't
pay the fine or the bank.

This is what they've been
building towards.

Cliff and Ryland...

They want to see us
lose everything.

Sam: I do not take lightly
the use of eminent domain,

which is why I'd like to thank
those good folks

who gave up this land.

Bless you... bless you so much
for seeing that this pipeline

will create thousands of jobs
for fellow texans.

Oh, and... and let's thank
the good folks at Barnes Global.

I can't think of a company
better poised

to undertake
such an ambitious project.

Thank you all so much
for coming out.

We'll see you later! All right.

[ Applause ]

Thank you so much.

Thanks for being here.
Thank you.

- Who's this? Hey, beauty.
- This is Abigail.

Hi, I'm your Governor.

[ Laughter ]

[ Chuckling ] All right.

Hi. Thank you so much.


Ah, Sue Ellen.

It's always so nice
to see you,

and, Bobby, I'm really sorry
to hear about J.R.

Man had his enemies,

but, uh, he was really a credit
to the state.

That's not
why we're here.

Well, I'd love to hear what
you have on your mind, but...

you've got a luncheon

I think
you're gonna be late for.

Harris Ryland
is on my mind.

Give us a minute, will ya?

- Sure.
- All right.


We know
what you're doing here.

Uh, you mean revitalizing
our economy?

Guilty as charged.

Colluding with Harris Ryland
and Cliff Barnes

to destroy
Ewing Energies.

It's no coincidence
that this pipeline

is going to stop us
from pumping Southfork Oil.

Well, now, why in the world

would I want
to destroy the Ewings?

Because Harris Ryland
bought you that election.

The only reason
that you won

was because Harris
saw to it that I lost.

Now, Sue Ellen, just because
you're a dirty politician,

doesn't mean we all are.

We know that TESHA
found evidence of sabotage

and you're trying
to cover it up.

You must be talking
about Ken Richards.

Well, apparently, this wasn't
the first investigation

that was bungled
on his watch.

I mean, don't get me wrong,
I did like the man,

but, boy, I was relieved
when he resigned.

Sue Ellen: Resigned?

Just be aware, Governor,

we're gonna
take down Harris Ryland,

and if you don't
make all this right,

you will go down
with him.

Well, good luck
with that.

My father took down
three senators, two governors,

and a vice president,

and he taught me
everything he knows.

Your head's gonna look real nice
above my fireplace, Governor.

♪ Theme music plays ♪

S02 E12 - A call to arms

I know we're not pumping
any oil, Alan.

That's why I need more time
with the loan.

What if you don't
get the oil pumping

or that fine removed?

Then you call in the loan...
The whole damn thing!

Just give me
three more weeks.

I'll see
what I can work out.

[ Beep ]

Even if he gives us
three more weeks,

it's not much time to get us
out from under this fine

and to appeal
the eminent domain.

Then we double down
on J.R.'s plan.

This pipeline proves
that Cliff and Ryland

and now the Governor are
in this together. Yeah.

What's the latest
from Carlos del Sol

on Ryland's trucking
operations South of the border?

I talked to Carlos.

He said that twice a week,
five of Ryland trucks

loaded with
Mexican-produced goods

cross the border
and come to a warehouse

somewhere in North Dallas.

All the inspections
at the border come up clean.

Well, then it's about time
we catch them in Texas.

All right. Christopher:
What about Cliff?

He's trying
to destroy Ewing Energies!

And we can't just let him
get away with it.

I know it's hard, son,

but be patient.

J.R. took the long view
and so should we.

We stick with the plan.

We take Cliff down
by taking his company.

Christopher, you've got to
put more pressure on Ellis

to find your mother.

We've got to get our hands
on her shares at Barnes Global

to mount a takeover
from the inside.

Fine, but if getting
Barnes Global

is the key
to getting Cliff,

then my mother's
not the only Pamela we need.

We need Pamela Barnes
as an ally.

Pamela wouldn't turn
on her own father.

She would
if she knew the truth.

Come on.

She's barely accepted the fact
that her babies are gone.

We tell her that her father's
behind the explosion...

She might break.

Look, I know you care
about her, John Ross,

but she deserves
to know.


I couldn't figure out a color,
so I decided to go with white.

Fresh start, right?

Well, it looks good
on you.

I'm sorry.


[ Chuckles ] No, no,
it felt nice.


Something wrong,
John Ross?

It's not me.

It's your father.

[ Scoffs ]

What, he showed up
drunk somewhere else,

made a fool of himself?

He was behind the explosion
on the rig, Pamela.

He, Ryland, the Governor...

They're trying to destroy
Ewing Energies.

[ Sighs deeply ]
They sabotaged the rig

to make it look like
Christopher's technology.

To devalue us,

to get the government
to Levy the fine.

And they're trying to see to it
that we cannot pay the loan.

Get out.

I'm telling you
the truth here, Pamela.

My father
would never hurt me.

Maybe not intentionally
...Not ever.

Look, you have to hear
me out on this. No.

No, I...
I should've known.

Your... your sitting
with me...

It's all a move
to try to turn me.

I sat with you because I care
about you, Pamela.

To try to manipulate me
like you always do.

Like we always do.

I swear to you
I'm telling you the truth.

You've never told a truth
in your life.

I'd be a fool to believe
that you'd start now.

Just get out.

Get out!

What the hell happened
to you?

I fell off some scaffolding
at the well site.

I told him to leave the rigging
to the roughnecks,

but he wouldn't listen.


I'd listen
to your sister next time.

She's usually right.

Bye, babe.

I don't see why I have to
keep lying for you.

[ Sighs ] The Ewings hate Harris Ryland
as much as you do...

If not more.

Well, if you're going
to ask me to keep lying,

don't you think I at least
deserve to know why?

Trust me,
if I told you,

you'd feel like you had
to do something about it.

I don't want that.

It's my problem.
I'll fix it.

At least tell me
you're staying away from Emma.

It's hard.
I care about her.

Harris Ryland
is a sadistic bully,

so stay away from Emma.

If I'm going
to lie for you,

that's the least
you can do for me.


I know you've been
avoiding me...

But I've missed you.

You can't miss me.

I can't see you again.

Next time, my father won't be
as gentle, Drew.

I've been thinking,

Maybe we can get away
from all this.


[ Sighs ]

I like you.

We like each other,

That can't happen.

There's nowhere we can go
where my father won't find us.

Just leave me alone.

Sam: The Ewings
paid me a visit today...

Hurled some nasty
accusations my way.

Accusations you assured me
I would never have to hear.

Nah, don't worry
about the Ewings.

They're like a bunch
of trapped animals.

They know it's over,
but they keep flailing about,

trying to convince themselves
that it's not.

Be that as it may,

they've connected
more than a few dots,

and I do not like it.

The only reason I agreed to help
your friend Barnes, here,

is because
I owe you a favor.

No, you owe me
the election.

And I'm grateful...

[ Breathes deeply ]

But my gratitude
will only go so far.

And if this thing goes bad
for me, [Chuckles]

I guaran-damn-tee
it's gonna go bad for y'all.

I'd hate to overturn
that TESHA report

on the Ewing rig explosion.

Investigators start looking
in places they shouldn't. Hm.

Nothing's gonna go bad for you,
Governor. Just the opposite.

Pipeline's gonna be lucrative
for the state. And you.

[ Exhales deeply ]

The Ewings are coming for you.

And in my experience,
it's the cornered animals

you really need to look out for.

If they smell blood,
they're gonna attack.

So you best tie
all your loose ends up.

And what the Ewings
don't pick clean...

I will.

Christopher: There's no way my mom
just vanished in the air.

Surely, your contacts in Washington
have turned up something by now.

I mean, doesn't the
State Department

track the movements of
American citizens overseas?

but as you can see,

your mother's passport
expired in 1998

and it hasn't
been renewed since.

What about the IRS?
Has she filed a tax return?

Not since 1989.

According to my friend
at Treasury,

all the dividends
paid to her

as one-third owner
of Barnes Global

have been sitting
in a trust account,

untouched since then.

I'm sorry I don't have
more information.

The truth is, your mother
could just as easily be dead

as she could be
off the grid.


Then get me
a death certificate.

I want you to have my mother
declared legally dead.

I can't just snap my fingers
and produce a death certificate.

This is the government.

You know, not so long ago,
you assured us

that Vicente Cano would
face justice here in the U.S.

And never be extradited.

And three days later,
he was in my living room

with a gun
to my fiancée's head.

So I'm thinking
you owe us, Ellis.

When do you need it?


[ Scoffs ]

What are you doing?

Oh, I was just, um...

I-I brought you
some flowers...

And I found these.

You've been going
through my things?

You're just as bad
as my father.

I've been on anti-anxiety
medication for years.

You, more than anyone,
should know what it's like

living with my father
and grandmother.

I also know the damage
those can do.

The other night when you said
you were out with Drew,

Sue Ellen said she saw you
at a bar with an older man

and that
you seemed high.

[ Sighs ]

The guy at the bar
was just a creep hitting on me

while I waited for Drew.

I was not high.

Although, I'm...
I'm not surprised

Sue Ellen
would say that about me.

What do you mean?

[ Sighs ]

She was drunk
that night.


She's just trying to make me
look bad in case I told you.

Sue Ellen
wouldn't do that.

But you believe
I would?

[ Sighs ]

Look me in the eyes.

I'm telling the truth.

Ask Sue Ellen about that night
and see if she can do the same.


Keep 'em.
[ Lightly chuckles ]

Thrown them away.

I don't need them


[ Exhales deeply ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ]

[ Breathes shakily ]


[ Elevator dings ]

Elena! Hi.
Hi, Jill.

It sure hasn't been the same
around here without you.

Thank you. Is Christopher around?
I brought him some lunch.

No, he's out.
He's at a meeting with Ellis.

The assistant
U.S. attorney?


Excuse me.

Don't worry.

I'm not here
to stage a coup.

Couldn't blame you
if you were, Elena.

[ Laughing ] What?
No snarky comeback?

No, just feeling the seeds
from all the lies I've sown

coming back
to bite me in the ass.

Something you want
to talk about?

Christopher: Hey.


Everything okay?

Yeah, I was just
in the neighborhood.

I thought I'd surprise you
with some lunch.

You were meeting
with Ellis?

I was just tying up
some loose ends

with the whole
Vicente Cano situation.

You know,
some bureaucratic stuff

that needed to
get straightened out.

So, what do you
got there? Ribs?

Sonny Bryan's.

First good news I've had
all day.

Bobby: Ryland's next delivery
comes in tonight.

I know it's a big favor,

I'll owe you.

[ Breathes deeply ]

Without probable cause,

I can't justify the use
of official manpower,

but after what that
son of a bitch did to Ann,

it'd be my pleasure
to see him get 20 to life.

I can do it
on my way home.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you.


Sue Ellen: Sheriff.

[ Sighs ]

Bad news?


His office and his cellphones
both went to voicemail,

so I went
to his house...

Don't tell me.
He's gone.

Newspapers and mail were
stacked up on his doorstep.

You know, maybe Bum can
help us out, track him down.

I'm gonna go
give him a call.



How are you?

Other than
the, uh, financial apocalypse

Ewing Energies
is facing, I'm fine.


Are you?

What do you mean?

[ Sighs ]

The other night when you saw
Emma at that club...

Emma said she thought you seemed
like you'd be drinking.

Is that right?

I know how hard it must be
since J.R.'s passing,

and at the funeral...

I had a drink,
and I haven't had one since.

I was at the bar
meeting a contact inside TESHA,

trying to save
Ewing Energies, Ann.

I wasn't drinking.


You're not doing Emma any favors
by believing her lies.

Being a mother is about
doing the hard things,

even though
she may hate you for it.

You McCabe?

I'm whoever
you're looking for.

I heard you rodeo.


Something tells me
you ain't no buckle Bunny.

I've been to enough rodeos
to know that you bull riders

eat prescription painkillers
like candy.

Can you get me some?

[ Chuckles ]

You get right to it,
don't you?

Yes or no?

I might be able
to help you.

Depends on
what you're willing to pay.

The going rate
for benzos is $5 a pop.

I could use 50.

Looks like you're
a little light.

Of course, I'm... sure
we can work something out.

[ Chuckles ]

Ah, damn.

You bit me.

[ Chuckles softly ]

I thought you boys
liked it rough.

You want more?

Damn right, I do.

Get me what I want.

[ Elevator dings ]

You can yell at me
all you want

for not showing up
at the hospital.

Oh, please, don't look
at me like that.

I messed up.

Your mother told me
about the accident,

and then I-I thought
I'd break up

seeing my little girl
fight for her life.

You have to forgive me.

I don't have to
do anything, daddy.

No, no, you're right.

You don't have to,

I'm your father,
and I love you, Pamela,

and I promise
I'll make it up to you.

That's your annulment.

You are finally free
from the Ewings.


The Ewings say
the rig was sabotaged,

that there was
a cover-up.

And that I'm involved,
I'm sure.

Of course
they would say that!

The Ewings haven't
taken responsibility

for anything
they've ever done.

I know that it won't
bring the babies back,

but you will have
your revenge

and you will get

the Ewings stole
from digger Barnes.

What's going on, daddy?

All of our hard work
is going to pay off.

It'll be our finest hour.

You're scaring me, dad.
What have you done?

[ Laughs ]

No, I'm doing
what I should be doing...

Taking care
of my daughter.

And the Ewings will pay
for all of their sins.

Hi, Bum. Sorry
to keep you waiting.

Sue Ellen,
it's been a long time.

It has.
Please sit down.

The last time I saw you
was in my rearview mirror.

I'd just come back from England,
and J.R. had you tailing me

to find out
who I was dating.

[ Chuckles ] Well, J.R. always
was the jealous type,

when it came to you.

But I'm guessing
you didn't invite me here

just to reminisce.

[ Sighs ] No.

I need
a bloodhound, Bum.

Ken Richards,
former commissioner of TESHA.

[ Sighs ] It looks
like he skipped town.

I'm fairly convinced that
our illustrious Governor

may have strongly
encouraged him to disappear.

J.R. always said
that you had a knack

for finding people
who don't want to be found.

I'm on it.

Well, I can see now

why my ex-husband
thought so highly of you.

Well, I see why
he married you, Sue Ellen...


Bobby: So, that's where
the bourbon went.


It's all right.

As long as you share.


How'd it go with Pamela?

[ Sighs ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

For once in my damn life,
I told the truth,

and she thought
it was a move.

Guess I'm like
the boy who cried wolf.

My reputation
precedes me.

You know, J.R. always liked
that saying of Mark twain's...

"A lie could make it
halfway around the world

before the truth
can put on its pants."

You spend your days
lying and scheming,

people have a tendency
to be suspicious.

I just can't help
but feel like I let her down.


If, uh, anyone
in this house knows

how complicated a relationship
with a Barnes woman can be,

it's me.

Whenever there was a conflict
between me and my Pamela,

she would choose her family
and I would choose mine.

As much
as I loved her,

I had to understand that she was
a Barnes first, Ewing second.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Beep ]


tell me
you've got something.

Derrick: [ Sighs ]
I wish I did.

Those trucks are pulling up
to the warehouse now,

right on schedule.

[ Sighs ] It looks like it's
all what it's supposed to be.

All right, Derrick.
Thanks for checking on it.

Wait a second.

One of them
just pulled away.

It's headed somewhere else.
I'll call you back.

Couldn't get the tranqs
you were looking for,

but I got you
some vike.

Drew: Hey! Hey.

What are you doing
with this guy, huh?

A lot more
if you'd go away.


Emma, look at me.

Drew, leave me alone.

You heard the lady.

Come on,
this guy's a loser.

I'll squash you
like a bug, boy.

Okay, come on.

Another time, Drew.

Come on.




Here you go.

Son, how'd it go
with Ellis?


So, he has news
about your mother?

No, nothing.

it's for the best.

What do you mean?

I asked Ellis
to use his contacts

to have my mother
declared legally dead.

So you can
inherit her shares.


[ Cellphone ringing ]

Oh, sorry.

[ Beep ]


Hey, I think
we've got something.

I tailed the truck here,
then watched two guys load

while an armed guard never took
his eyes off the cargo.

When narcotics showed up
with the dog,

the load was legit...


Exactly what was listed
on the manifest.

Why would they
deliver four loads

to the department store
warehouse and one load here?

Got me,
but without probable cause,

there's no reason
to follow up.

I'm sorry, Bobby.
It feels like a dead end.

Let's get this
wrapped up.

Something's not right here.

Come on.

[ Door opens, bells jingling ]

You the owner?

Last time I looked.
What can I do you for?

You ever see this man
around here?

[ Chuckling ]
Look, I just lease 'em.

They call it self-serve storage
for a reason.

I already gave the cops
all the paperwork.

So, you've never seen anything
unusual going on with that unit?


It's hard to be sure.

All right.


Just in case
you could be sure...

Well, I do see the occasional
truck come and go,

but that's pretty much it.

All right, well,
if you see a truck like that

come through here again,
why don't you give us a call?

That's our number on the card
there, and we'd like to come down,

check it out ourselves
just to make sure.

Sure thing.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

You were right.
They were here. The cops, too.

You swap out that cargo
like we discussed?


All they found
was shoes.


[ Beep ]

[ Horse whinnies ]



- Emma.
- What do you want?

Just... just want
to talk to you.

[ Scoffs ] Look, I know
you're not that bright,

but I've already
told you

that after what happened
with my father, we're done.

Go find another rich girl
to obsess over.

You think I care about
getting beat up again?

McCabe's trouble.
You know it.

Why are you doing this
to yourself?

Because he's great
in the sack.

How many pills do you cost
a night, huh?

Screw you!

I can help you.
I've been there.

There's a way
out of this.

I don't want your help,

and if you come near me again,
I'm filing a restraining order.

- Entiendes lo que te digo, muchacho?
- Hey, come here.

I see you near McCabe again,
I see you high again,

I go to the FEDs
about your father.

What I know about his business,
his real business...

Would put him away
for a very long time.

That'd be stupid.
You'd go down with him.

I've been there, too.

You said you could
give us three weeks.

I did what I could,

but the loan committee
got nervous,

so we sold the loan.

You sold it? To who?

Love a good fire sale.

You know,
they say you can pick up

some pretty good bargains
in economic times like this

if you got the stomach
for the risk.

You son of a bitch! This ain't
ever gonna fly, Barnes.

you can't do this.

Look, I'm sorry, Bobby,

but the bank has to
protect its bottom line.

And I have to
protect mine.

Look, I'm sorry
for these bad-luck times

your company's going through,

but in banker terms, it...
What the hell's it called, Alan?

A material
adverse change.

In other words,

Ewing Energies is in technical
default of the loan,

so I don't have any choice

but to call the loan in
in its entirety... now.

So, unless you can
get your hands on $200 million

in the next 24 hours,
I will own you.

[ Chuckles ]

Oh! I don't take checks.

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Beep ]

What part of "I want nothing
to do with you"

don't you understand?

And what part of me
telling you that your father

was behind the rig explosion
don't you understand?

I don't want to talk
about this, John Ross.

Your father
just bought our loan.

He doesn't want
to destroy Ewing Energies,

he wants to own us.

Tell yourself
whatever you need to

in order to justify
that explosion,

but I am done

You ask your father
one question...

Why the hell
would he want a company

with a billion-dollar fine

and technology that is not
only worthless, but unsafe?

You ask him
how he plans

on doing away
with the fine

and how he intends
on rehabilitating the methane.

He has a plan, Pamela.
I promise you.

He knows
Christopher's technology

isn't to blame
for the explosion,

and there's only one way
that he can know that.

he was behind it.

Goodbye, John Ross.

[ Beep ]

what are you doing here?

Got some flowers
for my girl.

They're beautiful.

Read the card.

"We did it."

Barnes Global will own
Ewing Energies tomorrow.

Yeah. We won.

We did it.

Between the TESHA fine

and their oil production
being shut down,

they were upside down
on their loan,

so bought it for a song.

[ Chuckles ]

But it's a worthless company
with a billion-dollar fine.

Well, with a few well-placed
campaign donations,

why, I'll take care
of the fine,

and then we'll make billions
on christoph's technology.

[ Gasping ]

I know this might be hard
for you to hear,

but the babies
would have tied you

to the Ewings forever.


Maybe it's a blessing
in disguise.

I should go
put these in water.

[ Gasping ]

[ Crying ]

[ Rain falling,
thunder rumbling ]

Pamela: You were right.

[ Voice breaking ] My father
killed my babies.

I've spent my whole life trying
to get him to notice me.

Trying to get him
to love me.

But he was never gonna love me
more than he hates your family.

[ Crying ]
Come here.

[ Cellphone vibrates ]

You've been searching
for your mother?

Why would you keep something
like that from me?

Because I knew
you wouldn't approve.

I mean,
you got angry with me

when I told you
about the blackmail.

You said my family
was a pit of snakes.

I didn't tell you
because it's part

of a bigger play
against Cliff Barnes.

I'm trying to get my mother
declared legally dead.


what is going on?

Cliff is coming for us,
all right?

And not just with the rig,
he bought our loan.

He's trying to take over
Ewing Energies.

You know, if I can get
my mother declared dead,

I'll inherit her shares
at Barnes Global.

Do you hear yourself?

You're talking about
declaring your mother dead

like it's a business transaction.
It is.

Look, we need to start
taking from Cliff

what he's trying
to take from us.

This is a means
to an end.

Coming to terms with the idea
of your mother's death

can't be this easy.

Look, you need time
to process.

My mother left when I was 7
without so much as a goodbye.

The truth is,
she was dead to me years ago.

Maybe now something good
can finally come of it.

[ Crying ]


[ Sniffles ]

[ Crying ] I want to hurt him
as much as he's hurt me.

My contact at the treasury
found something.

Ellis: A list of deposits
being made

to a Swiss bank account
by Barnes Global.

The thing is, payments made
to the Swiss account

mirror the exact amounts

being paid
to the Pamela Ewing trust.

Same dates, same amounts,
going all the way back to 1988.

And unlike the trust account,
this account is active.

Now, the names
are different,

but take a look
at this withdrawal slip.

The handwriting's
exactly the same.

She's alive.

your mother's alive.