Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Dawn of a New Day - full transcript

Trey and Bug work together to identify a John Doe, "Mr. Stinky". Meanwhile, Jordan teams up with her father's ex-partner Eddie Winslow to solve the murder of a cab driver, while Garret and Lily investigate a man who was bludgeoned to death, two cases which are seemingly unconnected.



They, uh,

switched the locker rooms
up, like, eight months ago.


There were more women than men.

Hey, I thought you weren't
interested in white women.


Hey, morning. Hey, Jordan.

Is that a toothbrush? Tell
me you didn't sleep here.

Sleep would be a
generous word for it.

Oh, is it that hard
to find an apartment?

With what you're paying me, I'm
lucky I can afford the toothbrush.

What's wrong with your dad's
place? Oh, it's complicated.

I'm having dinner there tonight.
That's as far as I want it to go.

Yeah? What's with
the record player?

This isn't a record player.

This is a Victrola.

(EXCLAIMS) Of course, yes.
And what are you gonna do with it?

I'm integrating. Ah.

You know, my work life
with my hobbies, my interests.

I'm more than just a
medical examiner, Jordan.

I happen to be a
very interesting guy.

Bet you didn't know that.

Well, I'd be lying if
I said I did, Garret.

Oh, yeah. I write poetry, play a little
jazz drums, Greco-Roman wrestle.

Wow, who knew?

So we're late for the morning
meeting. Yakura takes attendance.


Dr. Macy.

Yeah. Could you
sign this please?


Here you go. Oh, thank you.

Dr. Macy.

Garret, you devil!
It's working already.

What are you talking about?

Well, she obviously senses
that you're an interesting guy.

Are you talking about
Lily, the intake girl?

Yeah, that, or she
really likes your ass.

Yeah, fine.

Meanwhile, what I
said about integrating,

that goes double for you.

Meaning what exactly?

Means you are a pain in the ass.

And I say that with love.

Now, the good news is
it's not too late to change.

You don't have to
be an obnoxious,

driven, self-righteous
zealot your whole life.

Again, said with love, right?

It is said with
love, that's right.

And she does not like
my ass. Listen to me.

Yes, she... Okay. I'm
trying to help you here.

I went out on a
limb to get you back

and Yakura cannot wait
to say, "I told you so."

So what we have to do, we have
to make this the dawn of a new day.


Clean slate, we're
starting over. Right.

So you gotta promise me you're
gonna try to stay out of trouble.

Yeah. You promise?

Yeah. I'm serious.

So am I. Okay, fine. I'm
not kidding. All right, fine.

Geez. Let's go.


YAKURA: As you
know, last year we had...

You, of course,
remember Dr. Yakura.

Oh, yeah, sure. Hello, Grace.

Sit down.

As I was saying before
we were interrupted,

last year we had a
100% identification rate.

I intend to keep it that way.

Which brings us to...


We will refer to him as
case number 0-1-0-6-1-8

and he's been here five months.

I want him identified

and processed out of the
crypt by the end of the week.

Any volunteers?

Dr. Sanders, how about you?


Dr. Macy, possible homicide.

34-year-old male,
massive head trauma.

Dr. Goodall, auto versus ped.

And Dr. Olson,

41-year-old male,
drowned in bathtub.

Thank you very much, everybody.

The rest I'll handle myself.

What about me?

Find a case to assist on.

Assist? Jordan, it's all right.

Look, if you've got a
problem with me, let me know.

Otherwise, why am
I not getting a case?

I spent half the night on
the phone with the Mayor,

the D.A. and the
Police Commissioner

trying to explain
how one of my M.E.s

handcuffed a police
officer to his bed.

So if you want to
play cops and robbers,

please do it on your own time.

Yeah, at least I
caught the bad guy.

There are no bad
guys, Dr. Cavanaugh.

There are only dead bodies.

Meeting adjourned.
Let's get to work.

Just got a report of a cab driver
killed over on Congress Street.


looks good.

I'll give her a week.

What do we have?

Dead cab driver.

Fits the M.O. of a perp
we've been looking for.

Calls for a cab, takes them
someplace remote, robs them.

This is the first one
he's killed, though.

Who's the scene commander?

That'd be me.

Lieutenant Winslow,

this is the M.E.
assigned to the murder.

Yeah. Lieutenant, huh?

Hello, Dr. Cavanaugh.

I take it you two know
one another. Yeah.


Nice to see you, too, Jordan.

JORDAN: Medium
caliber entrance wound

on lower posterior cranium.

Some tattooing around the skin.

It was close range.

Was it a .38?


There's no exit wound.
Bullet's still in there.

We got a description
of the suspect

from the four previous
cabbies this guy held up.

He uses a chrome-plated
.38 snub nose.

Lividity's fixed. When was
he last known to be alive?

We're checking
on that right now.

Oh. Sometime after 11:18 p.m,

when he dropped
off his last fare.

Got anything else?

Not much.

I found this on the
floor of the back seat.

Nicotine gum. Orange flavored.

We've got a trace on the
last call to his cell phone.

Came from a pay phone
over at the convention center.


Look, Jordan, I know
you're still pissed,

but I got a lot of distance
on this thing and I...

Save it, Eddy.

Never gonna find anything, guys.

50 people could have used
that phone since last night.

JORDAN: Nicotine gum.



You ID'd Mr. Stinky yet?

(SIGHS) No, it's
impossible. Look at him.

He was wax when they found him.

You probably thought
this was arthritis. Isn't it?

I can see how an
untrained eye could miss it.

His fingers have all
been broken and rehealed.

And you can tell that how?

Excess cartilage
around the joints.

Scar tissue.

Textbook sign of torture.

Bug, you know, you've
got a real feel for this.

(SNICKERS) The answer's no.

Oh, come on.
Yakura's gonna kill me.

I'll even buy you lunch.

You're curious, I can tell.
You have a thing for Mr. Stinky.

I do not have a
thing for Mr. Stinky.

Tuna and sweet
corn on whole wheat

and pepperoncinis on the side.

Do we get New Year's Day off?

I'm sorry?

New Year's?

People do die on New Year's,

sad as that may be.

Well, New Year's is
three months away.

Oh, I know, I just...

I like to make my plans early.

Very organized.

I'm anal, actually.

say anal at work, right?

I'm sure you can.


You know, I...

I watch you in here sometimes

and you treat the bodies with

such respect.

It's so inspirational.


You, uh,

looked a little puzzled
there. Everything okay?

Yeah, it's just...

Never mind. Don't
worry about it.

You sure?

Well, it's just...


A perfectly healthy
34-year-old man.

He just made partner at
a big Beacon Hill law firm.

He went out last night
for a three-mile run

and ends up bludgeoned to
death 12 miles away from his house.

See? Multiple blows.

It's overkill, really, except
for these two right here.

It's what we call
"hesitation blows."

Now, if that's not odd
enough, there's this.

You see the lividity marks
where the blood settled?

I'd say that looks
like a license plate.

Yeah, it sure does.

Well, the only problem is, I checked
the scene report and the photos.

There was no license
plate found there.

Wow. A mystery.

You should run this through
the RMV, see what comes up.

Maybe you'll solve this murder.

Well, that's not
really what I do.

Yeah, but...

It would be really cool
if you did though, huh?

Well, I

better get back to
work. Oh, yeah, okay.



No trace of gunshot residue.

We can rule out mutual gunplay.


I do see some bruising,
though, on the knuckles.

Defensive wounds?

No. These are a couple days old.

This guy didn't put up a fight.

Killer never gave him a chance.



It's just... You sound
like your father.

I don't mean anything by that.

Look, are you interested
in hearing my theory or not?


Okay, this wasn't
about scaring the guy.

This was an execution.
One shot from behind, clean.

I just think you're looking
in the wrong direction.

Dr. Cavanaugh, the cab
driver's wife's here to ID the body.


That's him.


can I ask you one question?


Did he suffer?

Well, that's difficult to...


No, I don't believe he did.

You're telling me there's no
chance that my husband suffered?

Well, I...

Just tell me the truth, Doctor.

The bullet sliced through
several neural pathways,

rendering him paralyzed.

It's possible

that he remained conscious
for two to three minutes,

fully aware of the fact
that he was gonna die.

Yeah. Yeah, I would
have to call that suffering.


Nice light touch you got there.


Thanks a lot.

The cabbie's wife,

I think she's involved somehow.

Another theory?

She came in to ID the body.

It was like I just told her I
killed a fly in her kitchen.

People react in strange ways.

He was beating
her. I ran his name.

There were seven domestic
disturbance calls in four years.

She filed three
restraining orders.

We already know
all of this, Jordan.

It's our job.

You see, you figure
out how they died,

we find the killers.

That's how it works around here.

She works midnight to 7:00 at
a greasy spoon out in Quincy.

Security cameras
recorded her entire shift.

Now, if I have any further
need of your services

or deductive
abilities, I will call.


WOMAN: Hi, Dr. Cavanaugh.


I'm sorry about walking
in on you this morning.

I hope you don't think I...

Or that I...

What, that you
liked what you saw?

Stop busting my chops.

Look, Trey, I'm sorry.

You know, really, it's okay.

I mean, modesty has never really
been one of my long suits, anyway.

But I do expect you to
return the favor sometime.


Oh, I aim to please.

Jordan, come with me.

Where are you taking me?

To show you how it's done.

Listen and learn.

He just went for a
run, same as always.


We didn't even say goodbye.

I'm so sorry for your
loss, Mrs. Babcock.

And to lose a husband, I
can only imagine your pain.

Do you have any kids?


We were trying, though.

Here, take this.


Did he suffer?

With an injury of that extent,

it's almost certain there was a
loss of consciousness upon impact.

So, no, I don't believe he did.

That's good.

You know, in the words
of the poet Aeschylus,

"In our own despair
against our will,

"comes wisdom through
the grace of God."

I believe that.

Thank you, Doctor. Thank you.

You're welcome.

Now, that's how you
handle a grieving loved one.


BUG: What do we have here?

A bullet.

Now, who would shoot
an 80-year-old man?

No, he didn't die from this.

See those periosteum
deposits built up over it?

That takes years.

So his hands tell
us he was tortured,

his lungs say he survived
asbestos exposure

and got shot in the chest.

And none of that killed him.

Mr. Stinky,

you are a riddle
wrapped in an enigma.


He's on his way home.

I'm in the kitchen.

Hi. Hi.

Smells good. What is it?

Vegetable lasagna
with soy cheese.

He's gotta watch
his cholesterol.

Oh, where is he?

He's got yoga on Tuesdays.

Oh, now that's
supposed to be a secret.

He doesn't want anybody to
know till he can touch his toes.

Oh, well, that'll be a while.

Well, he was really
limber when we first met.

Excuse me?

When he was an athlete.

We met in high school.
He never told you?

No, must have
left that part out.

You know, you go
your separate ways.

But then, after my husband died,

well, one day I just called him.

Out of the blue.


Oh, this garbage disposal.

It only works when it wants to.

Oh, honey, could you get
me a salad bowl, please?

Yeah, um...

Oh, no, no, no,
they're over there now.

Yeah, I like a workable kitchen.

I mean, the teacups
were over here,

the saucers were over there.

Seems like I spent all my time cleaning
out this house ever since I got here.

You haven't gotten to
the attic yet, have you?


Your mother died
22 years ago, Jordan.


How long was he supposed
to save her clothes?

MAX: Honey, I'm home.

We're all here, sweetie.

I made your favorite.


Wow, it's so big.

Yeah, well, all the
better to hear it with.


The Comedian Harmonists.

You know the Harmonists?

Well, my father
collected old records.

Yeah, so do I.

Jazz and blues, mostly
from the '20s and '30s.


You know what I like about you,

Dr. Macy?

You are a very interesting man.

Uh, I...

I ran those numbers through
the RMV like you suggested

and came up with
62 possible matches.

(STUTTERING) I don't know.

Wait a minute, Louis
Stahler? That's...

That's the same name
as Dr. Cavanaugh's case.

That's the cab driver
that was shot yesterday.

Do me a favor and get me
Dr. Cavanaugh's cell number, will you?


I saw Eddy Winslow today.

Really? How's he doing?

I don't know, I didn't ask.

He was my last
partner on the force.

Oh. When I got...

Well, when I left,

he was the... Just say it, Dad.

He ratted you out.

It was an internal
affairs investigation.

What was he supposed to do?
Could we change the subject, please?

So, how are things
at the new job,

Jordan, huh? Any
interesting cases?

Yeah, mmm, actually.

I'm trying to figure out how this
woman blew her husband's brains out.

Blam, you know,
bullet bounces around,

brain matter, blood everywhere.

Pretty interesting case.


It's hard to believe anybody
could ever do such a thing.

Wow, that stuff happens
all the time, right, Dad?

You know, husband carves
up the wife with a chainsaw.

Mom kills the kids,
tosses them in the river.

I'm sure Dad has some
crime photos laying around

if you're interested.

Actually, you know what? I'm surprised
you didn't run across any of those

while you were cleaning
things out around here.

Jordan, can we just have some
nice dinner conversation, please?

What? I thought in this house
that was dinner conversation.

Not anymore.

This is a chance for

you and Evelyn to get
to know one another.



Then maybe she doesn't
mind if I ask her a question.

You can ask me anything.

Where the hell do you get off
giving my mom's clothes away?

All right, that's it.

I think I'm gonna go out
and check on the pie. Hmm?

I want you to apologize
to her right now.

She should apologize to me. No.

To you! No, where the hell does
she get off touching Mom's clothes?



I will not have you treating
her that way in my house.

Your house? Yes, my house.

So if you're not ready to
start acting like an adult,

you can leave. Now!


Garret, I can't talk right now.

Why would I know the
license plate number?

At the impound
lot, I guess. Why?

All right, fine, yeah.
I'll meet you there.

They closed an hour ago.

We have to wait till morning.

No, we don't.


Come on, I want to find out
what my corpse's license plate

was doing on your
corpse's ass. Are you nuts?

We are not breaking into
this place. It's against the law.

We'll be in and
out in five minutes.

What are you,


Huh? I'll give you
some help. Right there.

Give me a break. Okay.

You know what? I don't know
what you're talking about, Garret.

As far as asses go,

yours is kinda sweet.

I'm telling you, man, as
soon as I met the wife,

I knew there was more to this.

That's not the same number.

Wait a minute.

Now, how the hell did my corpse

get in the trunk of
your corpse's cab?


OFFICER ON PA: Freeze! You're
trespassing on police property.

Keep your hands
where I can see them.

Don't worry. I'll handle this.


Don't think I slept a wink.

On the bright side, at least I didn't
have to sleep at the morgue again.

Okay, I went ahead and
buried your paperwork.

You're all set.

I thank you, my
career thanks you.

I'm gonna go home
and take a shower.

Do us both a favor and stay away
from me for the rest of the day, okay?

Thanks for taking your
sweet ass time getting us out.

If you hadn't have mouthed off,

you could have been
out of here in 15 minutes.

I mean, come on, Jordan.
Breaking into an impound lot?

What the hell were you thinking?

We were going where
the evidence took us.

And besides, you're still
looking for a crack head

who kills cabbies and
chews nicotine gum.

Okay, I admit the dead lawyer in the
trunk somewhat complicates things.

wonder they made you lieutenant.

You're never gonna let
me live it down, are you?

What do you think?

I think this case isn't
that hard to explain.

Cabbie picks the guy up, he
kills him, he dumps the body.

And just by coincidence, gets
killed by a robber five hours later.

So when are you
gonna bring her in?

The cabbie's wife, Elaine.

She's the only one you've got who can
tell you how these two guys are connected.

Do you even know where she is?


She's waiting in interrogation.

I don't understand
what I'm doing here.

I thought I told you
everything I know.

I know, Mrs. Stahler.

There's been a
complication in the case

and we just have a few more
questions, if you don't mind, of course.

You stated before that your
husband's shift began at 11:00 that night.

That's right.

Your husband owned the cab,
right? He was an independent?

That's right.

Anyone else have
access to the cab that night

before his shift began?

No. It was parked out front,

same as always.

Why? What is this about?

Mrs. Stahler, do you
recognize this man?


EDDY: His name is Nolan Babcock.

Do you know how your
husband might have known him?

My husband knew a lot of guys.

Look, I told you, I don't know.

So you also don't know
how this man wound up dead

in the trunk of your
husband's cab?

My husband was a
violent son of a bitch.

And when he wasn't
beating the crap out of me,

he was off looking for
a fight somewhere else.

So you tell me he's driving
around with a dead guy in the trunk?

Well, I'll tell you what. That
doesn't surprise me one bit.

Thank you.


Must open
something pretty small.

This is what we got to go on.

A bus schedule, 37 cents
in change and a photograph.

BUG: Must be Mrs. Stinky.

Here, take a look at this.

See those neurofibrillary
tangles there?

He had Alzheimer's. Mmm-hmm.

All right, gentlemen,
how brilliant am I?

Brilliance, by definition,
is unquantifiable, Nigel.

You're either
brilliant or you're not.

No, Bug. The
answer is very brilliant.

Your bullet is a .22 caliber

fired from a Mauser Werke rifle,

standard issue to the
Germans in World War ll. Now,

ask me what makes it so special.


This bullet was only used
during the Battle of Kursk,

after which it was discontinued

for reasons Mr. Stinky's
already shown us.

It wasn't terribly lethal.

How do you know all this, Nigel?

Insomnia and the History Channel.
They're a lethal combination.

Dr. Macy. Oh, thank
God you're okay.

I have been worried
sick about you.

Why were you worried?

Well, you know, spending the
night in the slammer like that.

Oh, that must have been
an amazing experience.

How did you find out about that?

Oh, everyone's talking.

So? So what happened with
Mr. Babcock and the license plate?

Did you solve it?

No, no, no, we turned
everything over to the police.

It's in their hands now. Oh.

Dr. Macy,

you, um...

You didn't have to be
anybody's bitch in there, did you?

No, but thanks for asking.

Hey, Garret, I found something.

I thought I told you
to stay away from me.

The cops are
working off the theory

that the cabbie killed
Nolan, stuffed him in the trunk

and dumped his body
on the side of the road.

And a perfectly
good theory it is.

Do you realize everyone here
knows we spent the night in jail?


You are unbelievable.

It says here in
your autopsy report

that Nolan died from
repeated overhead blows

to the left of the
medial part of the skull.

Now, you determined that
the killer used their right hand.

And that's where my
work in this case ends.

My cabbie had had two
rotator cuff surgeries.

He couldn't lift his right
arm any higher than this.

He didn't kill him.
Somebody else did.

Jordan, if you want to ride
your career into the toilet,

be my guest, but don't expect
me to saddle up with you.

That's kind of a mixed
metaphor, though, isn't it?



I need your help on a case.

Not tonight.

You're not even gonna let me in?

If you've come to
apologize, I might.

All right, you know, I'm sorry.

Well, that was pathetic.

And I'm not the one
you need to apologize to.

I need your help on this case.

Give me one good
reason why I should.

Because I'm your daughter
and I need your help on this case.

The cabbie's wife,

she's the interesting one here.

Elaine, yeah.

We know she didn't
kill her husband.

She had an alibi.

But she had access
to the cab that night.

Ah, so you're thinking she
killed the guy in the trunk, Nolan.

Well, she has no alibi for that.

No motive, either.

No revenge, no money involved.

Far as we know, they
were perfect strangers.

I know.

I'm going out on a limb here.

I don't know why she did
it, I don't even know how.

But right now it's the
only hunch I've got.

So who do you want to be?

I'll be the killer.
I'll be Elaine.

I'll be Nolan.

The road's empty.

I see you running.

I'm standing in the
shadows, scared.

My heart's pounding,

but I know I have to do this.

MAX: No.

It's not right. It's
too dangerous.

You're a woman. You're
not gonna overpower me.

You're more clever than that.

I need to get you
to stop somehow.

Yes, you need to gain my trust.

I fake car trouble.

That's right.

You stop and
offer to take a look.

I pop the hood.

You walk to the
front of the car.

No. You'd have to
drag me to the back.

I'm six feet of dead weight.

The trunk.

I need you to get
something from the trunk.

MAX: The spare tire.

When you're leaning
in, that's when I'll do it.

Quick, easy.

I hear you behind
me, but I don't turn.

I have no idea
you're gonna kill me.

I hit you, but not hard enough.

Why? You're trying to kill me.

No, I'm not sure
I want to do this.

Hit me again, Jordan. Harder.

I don't know. I've never
killed anybody before.

Do it. I'm not a killer!

Do it.


Who stood to gain
from his death?

I don't know. A business
partner, his wife Sandra, maybe.

He have insurance money?

Probably. He was a
lawyer. They were well off.

How did Elaine know
where to find him?

How'd she know where he'd be,
where he ran at night, what time?

Who could have
possibly told her that?

A criss-cross?

You kill my
husband, I kill yours.

Strangers On A Train.

No way to trace the motive.

The perfect murder.

Now all I have
to do is prove it.

So, Mr. Stinky was born
somewhere around 1920,

fought in the Second World War,

was shot, captured and
tortured, but survived.

Due to the asbestos we found,

probably worked in a shipyard
for a long period of his life.

He later developed Alzheimer's and
eventually died in Paul Revere Square.

End of story.

All this and we still
don't know who he is.


So that's it? We're
just gonna give up?

We did our best.

Sign him out and
he's off to potter's field.

Wait a minute.

You said Paul
Revere Square, right?

Yeah, so?

Take a look at this.

Paul Revere Square.

"Hold me in your
memories, Lydia."

All right, I got a
really lame idea.

I'm gonna contact the
Veteran's Administration,

see if they can run a search,
cross-referencing the name

Lydia and Massachusetts.

Nice place you got here.

I brought you bagels and these.

They're the phone records for
Elaine Stahler and Sandra Babcock.

How did you...

I still have a few
friends in low places.

I was hoping to find out if
they'd called one another.

They didn't, but look at this.

Elaine called this
number 17 times.

I had it traced.

It's the hotline for a
battered women's shelter.

The last one,

day before the murder.

But we already know
she was battered.

Ah, but that's not
the interesting part.

I traced every one of
Sandra Babcock's calls.

This one here is to
the administrative office

of the women's shelter
that Elaine called.

So what does that mean?

Well, I don't know, but in my
day, that's what we called a lead.

I gotta get back.

Evelyn and I are shopping
for a new sofa today.


By the way,

I was the one who told her to
give away your mother's clothes.

It was my idea, Jordan.

She's still waiting for
that apology of yours.


WOMAN: Hotline, can I help you?


I spoke to someone
there the other night

and I really need to
talk with her again.

When? Well, it was...

It was Tuesday night,
uh, around 10:00 p.m.

I'll try to call her and
patch you through.

Great, thanks.

SANDRA: Hello. Can I help you?


Garret, I connected the bodies.

The wives, they killed
each other's husbands.

I went for a run this morning.

Did you hear what I said?

I need to check Nolan
Babcock out of the crypt again.

Somewhere near the
end of the second mile,

I had a breakthrough,
an epiphany.

They're going to get
away with it, Garret.

There's no hard evidence
connecting either one of them

to the scene of their crimes.

All we have is a piece of
gum and a partial license plate.

Do you remember when Sandra
Babcock borrowed my handkerchief?

Run this for DNA.

If your theory's right, it should
match the chewing gum you found.

What do you mean it's nothing?

So you can link a piece of gum
with some snot in a handkerchief.

If it matches, it's
genetic proof that

Sandra Babcock was at
that pay phone that night.

Yeah, two miles
from the crime scene.

You still can't put her
in the back of that cab.

And even if you could, without
fingerprints and a weapon?

You're not even gonna
try to find a motive?

I mean, maybe Nolan
was sleeping around.

Maybe he had a million
dollar life insurance policy.

It was a $2.2 million, actually.

Well, then that's it.
That's her motive.

That is for us to
determine, Jordan.

There are procedures to
follow in building a case.

Okay, maybe your dad taught
you to go barreling head first

into brick... Hey, hey!
Leave my dad out of this.

I can't. You know why?

He seems to be here
every time we're together.

It is time you understood
something. Let's get it out.

Good. Okay? I did him a favor.

Oh, yeah, how?

By saving his life.


That's a good one.

He was a liability.

A man can't have that much
anger without endangering himself

and the men around
him. He was done.

I just helped him see it.

I'm gonna take this to the lab.

But right now,
given what we've got,

this case hinges on
one of them confessing.

And don't hold your breath
on that ever happening.


Hope you didn't come all the
way down here for the food.

Actually, I came here to ask
your advice on something.

Do I look like someone you'd
want to take advice from?

It's a subject you
know a lot about.

Let's say, hypothetically,

that I was getting the crap
beat out of me by my husband.

Fine, let's say you were.

Then one night, out of
desperation, I make a call.

The voice on the other
end is sympathetic,

someone with the
same problems as me.

I feel safe.

Finally, someone
understands. Even better,

she has a solution, a way out.

I am so desperate,
I make a deal.

It's a really interesting
story, but I have work to do.

Well, what if I found
out she lied to me?

What if I did this terrible
thing just so she could collect

$2 million in insurance money?

Then I would say that you
don't have the whole story.

But she knew I trusted her.

She used me. I was duped.

Well, maybe you were.

Or maybe she failed
to mention the fact

that her son of a bitch
husband was molesting her kids.

Maybe she just
left that part out.

Sandra Babcock
doesn't have any kids.

But don't take my word for it.

It's right here in her
husband's obituary.

Elaine, you can make
this a lot easier on yourself.

His name was Albert Saltzman.

He was the love of my life.

He had the photograph
on him when he died.

This was taken the day
before he went off to the war.

I wanted to give him
something to remind him of me.

I waited for him,

but he never came back.

I have one child,

three grandchildren,

one great-grandchild.

And they're all his.

I never knew I was
pregnant when he left.

Would you happen to
know what this is, too?

It's been closed for 58 years.

TREY: He was trying
to find you, Lydia.

I just assumed that
he'd forgotten about me.

Apparently, he never did.

Word on the street is
you're a real limber guy.

Yeah, uh,

it's called downward dog.

Yeah, I can see why.

So, how's your case going?

It's over.

Elaine Stahler
confessed to everything.

She's gonna plea bargain
for testifying against Sandra.

She's at the police
station right now.

38 years on the force,
I've learned one thing.

It's easy to kill someone,

it's hard to live with it.

So, what do you think?

Of the new sofa?

Oh, nice, nice.

Doesn't really go with the
rest of the furniture, but...

Well, it's Evelyn's taste.

I like it, though.

Yeah, listen, Dad,

about the other night.

Yeah? I just, uh...

Coming back home just brings
up a lot of stuff, you know?


I know I can be a jerk.

Okay, and it's not as though you
don't deserve to be happy. That...

Wasn't right,

me not telling you about Evelyn.

You should know what's
going on between us, everything.

Well, if you're gonna tell
me that she's good in bed,

then I'm leaving right now.

Oh, she's... It's not
that complicated.

Just the opposite.
I need her, Jordan.

Now, you don't have
to be her best friend.

You don't even have to like her.

But you do have
to apologize to her.



This darn thing.

I mean, one minute it works,
the next minute it doesn't.

Can we, uh... You
got a few seconds?


It's about the other night.

Look, I just, I want...

Oh, no, don't. Don't,
Jordan. No, it's okay.

I mean, it's a funny
thing about apologies.

When you get to
be my age, you learn

they're not worth much.

Now, somebody who can figure
out how to get a disposal to work, that

I could actually use.



just having leftovers tonight,

but you're welcome to stay.


Yeah, I'd like that.


Good night.

Good night.

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