Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

Meet Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh of the Boston Medical Examiners office. With a reputation of going way beyond the call of duty... Jordan finds her first case a little close to home.

So, Jordan, what brings you to our
anger management workshop today?

Well, I was remanded here
by my place of employment.

I kicked my boss in the cojones.

He kind of found
that to be a problem.

See, I had this guy's
brain in my hand

when my boss asked me another
one of his patronizing questions,

and... Oh, speaking of,
I prefer Dr. Cavanaugh.


Like I said, I had this
guy's brain in my hand,

so I couldn't very
well punch him, right?

I'm a medical examiner for
the County Coroner's office.

I cut up dead
people for a living.

It's a great way to
manage your anger, man.

I see.

And just what exactly are
you angry at, Dr. Cavanaugh?

You mean besides
inane questions?

Oh, I don't know. The designated
hitter always ticked me off.

Then, of course, there's all
the crap I see in my line of work.

People killed by drunk drivers,

psychos who murder
innocent people for no reason.


Yeah, that pisses
me off pretty good.

Or how about a ten-year-old girl

who has to hear from her
fourth grade teacher at recess

that her mom was murdered?

Her dad left alone to
raise her without a mom,

without a wife, on a cop's
salary. Does that work for you?


Oh, shoot.





No, actually, yeah. It just
so happens that I'm available.


Yeah, I can be there in
the morning. Thanks. Bye.

Never mind.


Great. Yeah,
thanks for the help.

Your attention, please.

This is the final boarding
call for flight 1203

to Boston's Logan Airport.

Final boarding call to
Boston's Logan Airport.

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Look, I know I had my
problems here in the past.

Wow. Wow. My old job back?

How flattering. Okay.

How long are you gonna
hold this against me for?

Well, that's my final
offer. Take it or leave it.

Please, I really need this job.


Hello, Jordan. Garret.

It's nice to see you
still dress for success.

Wanted to make a
good first impression.

You didn't five years ago. Why
should now be any different?

How you doing, baby?

What you doing here?

Oh, I'll let you
know when I find out.


We'll talk later. Uh-huh.

Things have changed
since you left, Jordan.

Budget cuts, layoffs.

It seems the death industry
isn't economy proof after all.

Whatever happened to Yakura?

Oh. Yeah, you didn't hear?

She outmaneuvered
me for the job,

thereby insuring my slow death in
the middle rung of this place forever.

Is everything okay
between you two?

Yakura? Oh, yeah. Sure, fine.

How about you? No.


Bug? Hey, man, how
you doing? Jordan?

Did you lose something, Bug?

My larvae. A thousand of them.

Amazonian butterflies.

were in two cases this big.

Gee, I'm so sorry.
Wish I could help.

Obviously, some
things haven't changed.

We might have to start writing
his name in his underwear.

Seen this morning's paper yet?

Jonathan Mulroy killed himself.

Really? Yeah.

Dr. Cavanaugh. This is so cool.

Kelly, why are you still here?

What happened to the circus?


This place is going to hell
and it's about to get crazier.

Mulroy killed himself?
Wow, I think I voted for him.

Well, good. You
can tell him yourself.

He should be here any minute,

along with half of City
Hall, the D.A.s, the press.

Just what we need.

You smell something funny?

Garret, it's a morgue.
It's supposed to smell bad.

Thank you.

Yes, that's the
problem in a nutshell.

You seem a little stressed.

You have no idea.

My nerves are shot.

I've got an ulcer,
high blood pressure,

insomnia, constipation.
I get the picture.

It's just... I got talked into
making a speech tomorrow

for career day at Bunker
Hill Community College.

I've been a nervous
wreck about it all week.

Oh, you'll do fine.

Wow, with your
winning personality and...


Five jobs in four
years, that's impressive.

Oh, you know me.
Short attention span.


Commendation from Chicago P.D.

"Solved five murders.
Exemplary skills.

"Very passionate about her work.

"Excellent diagnostician."


I know I had my
problems here in the past.


No, really. I just completed
an anger management class.

Well, that's good.

Come on, Garret.

Are you giving me
my job back or not?

Yeah, I am. But like I said,

we've been squeezed
pretty hard around here lately,

so this is the best I can do.

Is this a joke?

No, you brought me all
the way back here for this?

I could get more on the
street selling my kidneys!

Just one second.
Hold it. Hold it.

How can I... I want
to read this off. Listen.

One second.

I'm gonna read you some
comments that I failed to mention.

Oh, please do. Listen and learn.


"Obsessive desire
to solve crimes."

You think that's
funny, Nancy Drew?

"Inability to perform duties without
causing bodily harm to co-workers."

Come on, Jordan. No,
if you knew the story...

Quiet! Listen to me. Jordan!

The truth is no one
else wants you, Jordan.

I'm sorry. But you
want my advice?

You take this offer,
stay under the radar,

do your job and let
the cops do theirs.

And for God's sake, would it
kill you to put on a business suit?

Aw, what the hell?

I never cared about
money anyway.


They found a Jane Doe in
the alley behind the bus depot.

Possible OD.


So when can you start?

How about now?

Hey, Joe. Hey, darling.

Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm Dr. Cavanaugh,
the M.E. assigned to this case.

Ah, right. I remember you
from a few years ago, right?

Yeah, how could I forget?

Sorry I can't say
the same about you.

You must be Detective Lang.

No, Detective Collins, Homicide.

Any idea who the decedent is?

Nothing so far.

We found this next to the body.

Couple rocks, some
crystal meth, PCP.

Working girls like to
come down here to score.

Looks to me like she got a
little too happy, sat down, died.

Well, I'll take a liver temp.

Cavanaugh, huh? I
knew your old man.

Oh, don't worry. I
was one of his friends.

What they did to him,
letting him go like that,

it's a real shame.

Yeah, well.

It happens sometimes.

Cop gets obsessed
with a case, can't let go.

She wasn't a case,
she was my mother.

Oh, I'm sorry. You
know, I was just...

How's he doing?

Oh, okay, I guess.
A little lonely.

I'm sure he'd much
rather still be on the job.

Well, say hello to
him for me, all right?

Yeah, sure. I'll do that.

Subject is a Jane
Doe, 17 to 20 years.

5'6", 130 pounds.


What's that? WILLIAM:
It fell out of her jacket.


What is it?

A rosary.

She was Catholic.

No bruises, no stretch marks.

I don't know, most of
your hookers look like

they've been rode
hard and put up wet.

Not this girl.

William, could you
please get me a rape kit?

You got it.

Just a second.



I need to get into
Trace Evidence.

Good luck. We've
got Mulroy in here.

D.A.'s making Yakura go
over everything in triplicate.


I thought it was a suicide.

I know. I thought so.

Everyone's real nervous
about it for some reason.

Well, why'd Mulroy do it?

Kill himself? I don't know.

Money, politics, a woman?

He'd been in the
press a lot lately.

So how much longer?

A couple of hours.

Go see your dad, get settled in.

Lady, what's the rush?

There's no rush. It's just
this case I'm working on.

Teenage prostitute.

Yeah. Took a really
weird turn on me.


Well, I just did a
pelvic exam on her.

She's still a virgin.


What are you doing here?

I'm back. I got my old job back.

Ho-ho! No kidding?

Yeah. Ho-ho! That's
great. That's great.

I thought I'd crash here for a
while until I find a place of my own.

Sure, sure. What happened to LA?


Oh, Jordan. Geez, you
cannot go through life

poking everybody
but God in the eye.

You did. Yeah.

Look where it got me.

Come on.

Well, the place looks good.

MAN ON TV: We're gonna go
live now to City Hall for an update...

Wow, it's so clean. ...on the
death of Councilman Mulroy.

WOMAN ON TV: Friends
and colleagues are shocked...

You hear about
this? And surprised

at the apparent
suicide of Councilman...

Yeah, they're doing
the autopsy right now.

Jonathan Mulroy. He was found
dead in his office by a custodian

after casting the swing vote

that approved the controversial
Back Bay Development Project.

It makes no sense.

I've known Mulroy
since he was a judge.

He's been all over the papers lately
in this big fight with Donald Ballard.

Ballard, the real estate guy?

The holdout vote on a $250
million city contract to Ballard.

Next minute, he changes his
vote, goes back to his office

and hangs himself
with his own belt.

He is survived by a wife
and two small children.

Ballard. Reporting
live from City Hall...

I'd follow that
lead in a heartbeat.

If I was...

MAN ON TV: Now let's get a
check of your Accu-Weather forecast.

Listen, I've been reading
about this new DNA test

they've been doing in Denver,

and they've had a lot of
success with blood samples

as old as 50 years.

Now, this could be
the break that we're...

I'm not interested
anymore, Jordan.

What are you talking about?

There's this book.

You gotta read it.
Evelyn gave it to me.


Yeah, well, it changed my life.

See, it talks about the
five stages of grieving.

There's denial, anger,
bargaining, depression,

until you finally
get to acceptance.

That's what I'm
trying to tell you.

I've accepted it.

What do you mean
you've accepted it?

She was murdered.

You never cried, Jordan. What?

You never cried when she died.

You're still stuck in
the anger part. See?

Now, that there, that
explains an awful lot.

I am not angry, damn it!
And who the hell is Evelyn?

EVELYN: Is somebody calling me?

I've been meaning
to call you about it.

So this here is
Jordan, my daughter.

Oh, my goodness.

I've heard so much about you.


Well, here, sit, sit, sit, sit.

Wow. So...

Well, you're gonna
stay a while, right?

Uh-huh. I know that look, mama.

Don't go caring about her.

She's just a body.

And every body tells a story.

Now, what's yours?

There's some kind
of powder on her hair.

I'll run an analysis.

Look at this. There's a hair
wedged in next to her bicuspid.

It's wool.

In her mouth?

Except for that strand there.

What is that, an eyelash?

No, arm hair. Forearm, actually.

Except, it's not hers.

Wrong color.

She bit someone,
through a wool sweater,

probably right before she died.

How do you know that?

If you've got a hair in your
mouth, you feel it. You take it out.

Judging by how far it
was wedged up there,

it probably left
a hell of a mark.

I thought you said she OD'd?

We won't know until the tox
screen comes back in the morning.


Because I can't think of three
words to describe my mother.

Look, it's just a headstone.

What do you usually put on 'em?

Uh, fine, fine.

I'll work on it and
I'll get back to you.



how long will it take to requisition
a gallon of cyanoacrylate?

Don't, don't, don't, don't. I can
get it by tomorrow afternoon.


I'm gonna try to pull a
fingerprint off my Jane Doe.

You had the simplest
assignment on the books.

It was a sign out.

I know, and I had every intention
of staying under the radar,

until I found petechial
hemorrhages in her eyes.

The cause of death
wasn't an overdose, Garret.

It was suffocation.
She was murdered.

It's great to have
you back, Jordan.

You were wrong. Oh, man,

that is a hell of a way
to start a conversation.

You sound like my ex-wife.

Our Jane Doe,
someone smothered her.

I think with a garbage bag.

Oh, wait. Did you find
any trace evidence?

We found residue from a talc used
inside garbage bags on her face and head.

Other than that, she was clean.

Except I think she bit
the perp on the arm.

Probably left a
hell of a bruise.

Yeah, but what about
the drugs we found?

I'll know more after the
autopsy this afternoon.

But first I'm gonna try to find a
print of the perp's on her body.

Oh, yeah. We found
this rosary in her pocket.

There's a bin
number on the clasp.

It might not mean anything.

Well, we'll open a file.

Great. Thanks. I
gotta get back to work.

Good morning, Bug.

Huh? What's so good about it?

So you're the new guy.

I used to be the new
guy. Tremain Sanders.

Call me Trey.

Well, I'm Jordan Cavanaugh, and
you can call me whatever you want.

I'm doing a one year fellowship.
I've got four months left.

Well, I'll make sure we don't
get to know each other too well.

That's not gonna be
easy. We're cellmates.

This is my desk.

Look, there's $10 in it for
anyone who finds my larvae.

They are about to hatch.

So please, don't make me beg.

Sure, Bug. We'll
take a memo on that.

From what I hear about you,

at least I won't be the only one
getting yelled at by Yakura around here.

Well, don't believe
everything you hear.

You know, that used
to be her desk there.

Yakura was in here?

Yeah, we shared an office.

Well, she certainly traded up.

What happened to you?

Let's just say she was a little
more of a team player than I was.

You know, we should probably
go out and grab dinner sometime,

get to know each other better.

Well, you mean sharing
a ten by ten office space

isn't enough closeness for you?

Good point.

MACY: I'm here today
to talk to you about

a career in the exciting
field of medical examination.

Now, one might ask what are the
skills needed for this dynamic profession?

I'm glad you asked that.

For one thing, it helps
to be a people person.

You suck.


Oh, hey. Grab a
mask and a face shield.

Oh, hey.


If you like tall, cute guys.

Well, you know me. I always
did have a thing for cops.



No, not yet.

You know how hard it is
to lift a print off human skin.

Even harder to get a
viable one. What about you?

I came up empty.

Canvassed the
whole neighborhood.

It's like she landed from Mars.

What about the rosary?

We traced the bin number
back to the distributor.

It's purchased from a
shop on Clemens Street.

But get this, that store went
out of business nine years ago.

So why was it still in the box?

I don't know.

You know what?

The encounter wasn't
sexual. She trusted him.

I don't think we're gonna
find a print down here.

Can I take this up to her face?

Yeah. Thanks.

There it is.

COLLINS: How do we
know it's not one of her own?

Well, we don't, not yet.

Well, it's definitely not one
of hers. Points are all different.

But you got yourself
a thumb here.

Pretty good one, too.

I got a hunch he's a local.

Let's narrow the search
down to Massachusetts DMV.

Yes, ma'am.

And how are you doing
with our Jane Doe?

Still no ID. No criminal
record, no military, no DMV.

How about running her photo
through the missing persons database?

Dude, I'm already there.


This could take a while. You
want to grab a cup of coffee?



You know, the way you
found that print back there,

you think like a cop.

Did your father teach you that?

When I was a kid,

at night after
I'd gone to bed...

Uh-huh... my dad would
sit at the kitchen table

with a glass of Scotch and
he'd lay out all the evidence

from a case he'd been
working on and just stare at it.

Now, I would get out
of bed and spy on him.

And he always knew I was there.

And one night,

he asked me over, and he says,

"Okay, who do you want to
be, the victim or the killer?"

And that's how it started.

It was like our very
own game of Clue,

except it was never Colonel Mustard
in the drawing room with a knife.

Geez, that's kind of a heavy
thing to lay on a kid, isn't it?

Well, I guess after everything
we'd been through together,

it just seemed kind
of natural, you know?

So, I was wondering, do you,

you know, you ever
date outside of your...




They found a match.

Looks like you've got
yourself a winner here.

It's Councilman Mulroy.

He had some kind of encounter
with her. But not sexual.

Or at least not consummated yet.

Either way, she wound up dead.

Yeah, and so he kills himself.


It's circumstantial at best.

Not if he's got a bite
mark on his arm, it isn't.

Charlie, which
drawer is Mulroy in?

Sorry, he's gone already.

Define "gone."

They came and took him away.

The wake's today.
They're burying him.

So what now?

There's only one
other way to find out.

Oh, wait a minute, wait
a minute, wait, wait, wait.

Listen, no, no. No way.

COLLINS: Look, there are proper
channels we can go through for this.

We'll get a search warrant.

Look at this place. I'm surprised
the whole city isn't shut down by now.

The mayor, the
D.A., city council...

Even Donald Ballard showed up.

Mmm? The one in the $3000 suit.

Now, he would be a prime suspect

if Mulroy's death was
ruled anything but a suicide.

Hey, I will not
be a part of this.

No one asked you to be.

What do you think you're doing?

I wanted to see if he was
wearing the ring I gave him

for our anniversary.

You're not Mrs. Mulroy.



Thank you. You're welcome.

He didn't kill her.

KELLY: Clarice Jenner
from Roanoke, Virginia.

She was 17.

Contact her next of kin.

Get them up here as
soon as possible. Okay.

Oh, you know what,
could you do me a favor?

Run a background
check on someone for me.

Donald Ballard.

The Donald Ballard?

Just get anything
you can on him.

Criminal records, indictments.

Send it over to my office.

Yeah, will do.

What are you looking at?

I'm here today...

sorry, I'm a little bit nervous.

I'm here today

to speak to you about a career in the
exciting field of medical examination.

So, what is...

As a medi...

I'm sorry.


you don't want to do
what I do for a living.

I'm the last guy in the world you
should be taking career advice from.

Do you want to hear something?

I actually have a
puppet on my desk.

My shrink gave him to me.

I'm supposed to use
him to say all the things

that I'm too chicken
to say myself,

so maybe he's the guy that should
be here talking to you instead of me.

You want my career advice?

Because here it is.

Don't follow in your
father's footsteps.

Don't follow in
anybody's footsteps.

Don't become a doctor just because
your mother wants you to become a doctor

or because your father never once
said he loved you in your whole lousy life.

I don't care. Take that
and do something noble.

Go be an artist.

Be a poet.

Do you understand the courage
it takes to become a poet?

Find something
beautiful in life,

even if it's just for a moment.

Something that
tells you, you're alive.

That it's gonna be okay.

Anybody have any
questions about that?


Don't forget what I said.

I'm gonna find out
who did this to you.

So, that's all I've got.

Not much.

I know.

She and Mulroy were
connected somehow, but how?

So, who do you want to be?

Victim or killer?

Oh, we haven't done
that in a long time, Jordan.

I'll be the victim.

I'll be Mulroy.

All right.

It's early evening.

It's just gotten dark.

I'm in the alley.

It's cold out,

freezing, but I don't feel it.

I don't feel anything.
It's the barbiturates.

MAX: No, you're
not in the alley.

You're with me.
Someplace safe and warm.

My car. You're not afraid of me,

because you don't realize
yet that I'm gonna kill you.

I trust you. Yes.

I touch your face.

Why? Maybe you're my mistress.

But I'm still a virgin.

Maybe not for long.

But you reject me.

I can't stand that. If I can't
have you then no one will.

But you don't
murder me yourself.

You got someone else to kill me.

How? I'm a politician.
People owe me favors.

But who?

I don't know.

Then kill me and we'll find out.

It's cold. You don't see me.

JORDAN: Someone's
in the shadows. Is it you?


I try to resist. But
you're too strong.

And I fight you.

But it's too late.
I can't breathe.

I'm scared. I don't want to die.


Jordan. Jordan!

You okay?

There's too much missing. What's
the connection between them?

Until I figure out what
she was doing with him...

You're sure there's
nothing else?

The rosary. She had a rosary,

but it was still in the box.
It had never been used.

It's just like the one that Mom
gave me for my confirmation.

This wasn't from your mother.

I bought it for you
when you were born.

It's an old Irish tradition.

The father always gives his
daughter a rosary for her confirmation.

Mulroy's an Irish name.

That's it.

Mulroy was her father.

Mulroy. I didn't think I'd
ever hear that name again.

I tried to give her a good life.

I raised her by myself,
working two jobs.

She was obsessed with
finding out who her father was.

I told her I would
tell her someday.

I should have said he was dead.

Five days ago, she
got a phone call.

The man wouldn't say who he
was and she wouldn't tell me, either.

The next day she was gone.

And you think this was Mulroy?

No, of course not.

He wished she had
never been born.

I was 20 years old,

all strung out, you know. I
was arrested for possession.

He was a judge then.

He said he'd get me
parole if I slept with him.

So I did.

Strange, isn't it?

A love for a father
is a powerful thing.

Even when he don't want you.

They found out about it somehow,

contacted her, told her they
knew who her father was.

Yeah, but who?

Mulroy was a politician.
He had lots of enemies.

Could have been anyone.


Uh, no. Too easy.

He and Mulroy had been
at each other's throats

in the press for two
weeks. It's too public.

You think it's just
coincidence that Mulroy

changed his vote
at the last minute,

handing Ballard a
$250 million contract?

Come on, he was blackmailed.

They were gonna expose
his illegitimate daughter.

Do you expect me to believe

that Donald Ballard's
walking around right now

with a bite mark on his arm,

that he actually killed her?

Not personally, no.

But 250 million bucks
buys a hell of a lot of cover.

Oh, so now it's a
massive conspiracy, huh?

Mulroy grew himself a conscience
and killed himself at the last minute.

They never planned on that.

Don't you see, that left them
with a teenage girl out there

who knew too much. They had
no choice. They had to kill her.

Look, even if that were true,

I don't know how you
would even approach

the D.A. with
something like this.

Ballard plays golf
with the governor.

Then maybe he just
needs a little prodding.

Where are you going?

To see Ballard. Whoa, whoa.

And say what, that,
"You're under arrest"?

You are not a cop, Jordan,

and you are gonna cost
us this whole damn case.

Now, why don't you just stick
to your job and let me do mine?

Do you understand?



Yeah? Oh, where?

Hey, hey, hey.
Yeah, I'll be right over.

Jordan, got a suspect. What?

Yeah, they got him in
Mass General in the ER.

I'll meet you there. All right.

He's a junkie who lives in a flophouse
half a block from the crime scene.

It was a routine stop
by a couple of beat cops.

He ran. He hid under a house.

But how do we know it's him?

He confessed.

He says he got her high,
tried to get in her pants,

and when she put up
a fight, he killed her.

What about the bite mark?

Well, see for yourself.

If there's one there,
good luck finding it.


Yeah, they sent in a
K-9 unit to flush him out.

Doctor says it's gonna
take over a 100 stitches.

What about the murder weapon?

Evidence bag.

We're gonna send
this down to the lab

and see if they can pull
some trace evidence off of it.

Make sure you look on the
inside for eyeliner and lipstick.

Actually, it's not
gonna be necessary.

Looks like you found
your murder weapon.

Excuse me.

So, about that little dinner
we're supposed to have.

Yeah, uh, listen.

I'm sure you're
a really nice guy.

I mean, you're very
attractive and all.

You probably graduated
top 10% of your class?

Five, top five.

Five. The fact is I can't go
out with anybody I work with.

Believe me, nothing
good ever comes of it.

Oh-ho, man. That's embarrassing.

You thought I was
asking you out?

Weren't you?

No. I just figured being low men on
the totem pole, we could stick together,

watch each other's
back. That's all.

Truth is you don't have
anything to worry about with me.

Why is that?

Sorry, but I don't
date white women.

Yeah, this is Collins.

Why'd he give her
the rosary? What?

Mulroy. He didn't love her,
never acknowledged her.

Why'd he give it to her?

Come on, Jordan. It's
over. We've got our man.

I keep thinking something
doesn't make sense.

There's never a happy
ending to these things.

There's just closure.

I want to apologize...
The Ballard file.

For those things
that I said earlier.

Why don't you let me make it
up to you? Have a drink with me.

Sure. Great.

And I will meet you at the
Tap Room at the Plaza at 9:30.

Okay. Okay, I'll see you then.

Is everything okay?

Why did you lead me to believe
that you don't know Donald Ballard?

What are you talking about?

You worked for
him. As a bodyguard.

I saw a photograph.

What, are you checking me out?

You acted as though you'd
never even seen the man before.

Why wouldn't you at least
mention that you worked for him?

Yeah, but I worked
for the mayor, too.

What, are you gonna
arrest me for that?

You know, half the guys on the
force moonlight doing security details.

Hell, I make $38 grand a
year. I barely met the guy.

Is everyone a suspect to you?

Roll up your sleeves.

What? I want to see your arms.

You're crazy, you know that?


You really are your
father's daughter.

I'm sorry. Hey, I just saw you
in the photo and I thought...

What, that I'm the killer?

Huh? That's great.
That is just great.

It's me. I get all
worked up over things.

I care way too
much about my cases

and it gets me into trouble.

That's why my life is
a disaster half the time.

You know, I've got
no editor in my brain.

You know, and the
worst part of it all

is that I was really
starting to like you.


I'm sorry. Are we
moving too fast?

No. No. Okay.

I just need to... Do
you have a bathroom?

I do. It's over there.


something to drink?

Yeah, uh, sure.
Whatever you got.

Scotch all right?


Oh, yeah.

I think this is
where we left off.

Yeah? Oh.

Oh, my gosh. What's this?

Oh, what have we here?


Oh, I've been a bad boy.

Hmm, really?

I've been a very bad boy.

Oh, I'm sorry. Are
we moving too fast?

Not at all.

Whoa, whoa, wait, wait a
minute. What are you doing?

Everyone knows you never wear
white when you use concealer.

You know, this goes a
lot higher than Ballard.

You don't want to
piss these people off.

Why not?

Because they're gonna kill me?

Truth is I don't care if I die.
That's my whole problem.

It's what the shrinks
told me when I was 15.

I won't serve a day.

You know, it's too bad for you.

You'll never know
what you missed.


JORDAN: Hey, Garret?


I caught the murderer.

You did?


Good for you.

But he was just the trigger man.

This thing goes all
the way to City Hall.

I'm going after Ballard.

No, you're not.

If there's something there,
let the police handle it.

But the... Jordan,
I hired you back.

I can fire you.

You'd do that?

Jordan, let it go, please.

Look, Garret, are you okay?

My mother died three weeks
ago. She had Alzheimer's.

I'm sorry. I... You
know, I didn't...

It's all right. I mean,

we hadn't had a real
conversation in five years, and

I thought I'd already
mourned her loss,

you know, in my own way, but

when she finally died,
I don't know, I just...

Nothing makes any sense anymore.

"Hold dear to your parents

"for it is a scary and
confusing world without them."

That's Emily Dickinson.

Listen, I needed to have
you back here, Jordan.

Don't ask me why.
I don't even know.

I don't even know myself.

I'll see you in the
morning, okay?



Good night, Garret.

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