Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Ties That Bind - full transcript

Kashi. Great for your heart.

You used to say that
about jelly donuts.

I lied.

Any winners today?

"Duplex overlooking the
harbor, 3000 square feet.

"Doorman, gym.

"3,800 a month."

Well, you know,

you can stay here
as long as you want.

So, uh, I thought we'd
catch an early dinner

before we head out on Thursday.

You know, make the
cemetery before dark.

Yeah, well, actually,
Jordan, I don't think

I'll be joining you on Thursday.

Uh, what do you mean?

Uh, it's her anniversary.

Right, uh,

the thing is Evelyn and I
have tickets to the Pops.

The Pops?

Dad, we've gone to her
grave every year since...

Yeah, well, I went out
there for her birthday in July.

You never said anything.

Well, I just decided it was time

to start celebrating
your mother's life

instead of dwelling
on her death.

You decided.

You mean you and Evelyn decided.

This has nothing to do with her.

Well, what about me?
What am I supposed to do?

You're a big girl.

You can make your own decision.




Cavanaugh, M.E.'s Office.
You running the scene?

Yeah. Penza. Hi.

State Police.

Motorcycle cut
off a garbage truck.

Everybody involved
walked away, but

sanitation boys found a female
body in the back of the truck.

Your partner's got the details.


Morning, Trey. Hey.

What have we got?

They found her in a trash bag
when they were cleaning up the mess.

Someone really did a job on her.

They find the rest of her?

What you see is what you get.

You make your observations?

Took a liver temp,
but other than that

there's really not
much to observe.

African-American female,
25 to 35 years of age.

Irregular skin margins
indicate vivisection

with a hand-held,
non-surgical implement.

Elliptical wound on
upper left shoulder

suggests removal
of birthmark or tattoo,

possibly to hinder

Full rigor, lack
of decomposition,

fixed lividity puts time of
death at 12 to 15 hours ago.

Other than that, there's
not much to observe.

Did you at least call transport?

Uh, yeah, it's on its way.

Do you want to go
grab some coffee?

It's not like she's
going anywhere.

Is that supposed to be funny?

No, I'm just saying...

Look, this might be
some kind of joke to you,

but someone butchered her.

She could be someone's
daughter, someone's mother.

Whoa, okay. I'm sorry.

I'm gonna go flag down the van.

JORDAN: Signs of
sexual penetration.

Bruising's indeterminate.

Let's do a rape
kit DNA analysis.

You got it.

Sorry, I'm late.

Macy had me
cataloging tissue files.

Sucks to be a short-timer.

Tell me about it.

Look, about this morning...
I just wanted to say

I'm really sorry
if I offended you.

No, I'm the one who
should be apologizing.

I had a blowout with my dad this
morning and I took it out on you.

I do that

a lot.

It's cool. I shouldn't
have been making jokes.

So what do you say, we skip
the hug and get back to work?


What do you make of that
laceration on the abdomen?

Wound margins are irregular,

probably made by the same
implement used to cut off the limbs.

Looks post-mortem.

I figure whoever did this
assaulted her, then strangled her.

Stabbed her to make
sure she was dead

and then cut her
up to impede the ID.

TREY: No distinguishing
surgical scars,

no medical implants or devices.

All organs are intact.

There's some nondescript
trauma in the chest cavity.

She must have gotten knocked
around pretty good in the crash.

Oh, this is weird.

There's a white granular
substance on the heart sac.



I'll get Nigel to
run an analysis.

It's hard to believe someone
could do something like this.

Kind of pisses
you off, doesn't it?

Yeah, actually, it does.

There may be hope for you yet.

Where is he?

First things first, Bug.

Oh, no. Look, look, not
here, Lily. I'll do it for you later.

This case sounds perfect for my
journal article on auto-erotic morbidity.

Lots of docs ask me to steer
the really cool cases their way,

but when something really
twisted comes in, you're my first call.

And I ask for
so little in return.

As coroner I vouch for her

I thoroughly examined her

And she's not only merely dead

She's really quite
sincerely dead


I could watch
you do that all day.

MOCKINGLY) So where is he?


Oh, mama.

Theodore Horton,

grain salesman from
Carbondale, Illinois.

Maid found him in his
hotel room this morning.


Oh, hi, Dr. Macy.

Nice tie.

Thank you.

I understand we have
two new cases. Yeah.

Uh, I've got a light
load this morning,

so I'll take Mr. Horton
off your hands.


Thanks, Bug.

Uh, second case is en
route from Piller's Mortuary.

John Flynn, 80.

He died at home of
pancreatic cancer.

His insurance company
requested an autopsy, so...

All right, I'll handle
it myself. All right.

Uh, Dr. Macy.

Violent Heart by Gwendolyn G.

Slam poet from Oakland.

She rocks.

Dr. Cavanaugh told
me you're into poetry.

She did? Mmm.

The other book is blank.

It's for your own stuff.

I bet you're amazing.


Thank you.

What the hell are you doing?

I'm searching the missing persons'
sites for matches on my Jane Doe.

Don't play dumb,
Jordan. It doesn't suit you.

Kind of early in the morning for
sphincter level 10, Garret, even for you.

Listen to me.

I'm a very private
person, all right? Yeah.

Now, on those rare
misguided occasions

that I share personal
information with you,

is it too much not to expect

to have them broadcast
over Radio Free Jordan?

Oh, you're talking
about your new gal pal.

What are you talking about?

Oh, come on, Garret.
She's cute, she's fun,

and despite those qualities,
she actually likes you.

Well, I don't know
what planet you're from,

but here on Earth we have something
called sexual harassment law.

Garret, she's so
not gonna sue you.

Yeah, you got that right.


Chemical analysis turned
up traces of Mace on the body.

She probably tried
to spray the attacker.

Did you break down the
chemical components?

That's the strange part. It's
not a standard pepper spray.

It's a specialized blend
with a marking agent,

the kind prison guards
use to subdue inmates.


You traced a body from
12 miles away to this facility?

When I spoke with
your watch commander,

he said Brenda Porter
didn't show up for work today.

According to her file,
the blood type matches,

and Porter had a tattoo
on her left shoulder,

which is consistent with a
patch of skin the killer removed.

Roommate says Officer Porter
never showed up last night.

We're trying to determine the
last time she was seen alive.

She worked from
noon to 8:00 yesterday.

She have any problems
with anyone here?

Not that I know of,
but this is a prison.

It's not like the officers are
gonna win any popularity contests.

This is my colleague,
Dr. Sanders.

Looks like a match.

The plastic bag we found Porter
in had a specific residue on it.

Dr. Sanders just found
that identical residue

on the prison's
main garbage chute.

Looks like she was raped
and killed inside the prison,

then dismembered and
her remains left in the trash.

This is a level
five institution.

We house over 800 convicted
murderers and rapists here.

Well, I guess we won't
be hurting for suspects.




Uh, what time is it?

Uh, 6:30.

And this is your
normal vacuuming time?

Uh, we're pretty early
risers around here.

You go back to sleep, huh?

Oh, no, no. I'm up.

I need to be at work in

three hours, anyway.


I found some photographs
on your dad's nightstand.

Pretty bloody stuff.


those are my entry wound
photos from the Stahler case.

Yeah, Dad just wanted
to check them out.

My concern is...

Well, you know your dad.

I mean, he tends to get pretty
obsessed with things, you know?

Yeah, that's what made
him such a great cop.

It's just not healthy
for him, Jordan.

Do you understand?

Yeah, no, sure, I, uh... Yeah.

Brenda Porter

served this institution
with integrity and honor

and she will be sorely missed.

And we pray that her soul

be committed to the
kingdom of heaven.

Blessed be the Father of
mercies and God of all comfort.

LYNCH: Let us pray.

Officer Porter's last
radio transmission

was at approximately
7:50 p.m. in B block.

She was seen passing this
checkpoint a few minutes later.

All right, what's up ahead here?

Uh, to the left is
the commissary,

which opens onto the main yard,

and to the right is the
woodshop and the main entrance.

Woodshop? If I'm
cutting up a body,

that sounds like a
good place to start.

Except there's two guards,

an alarm system and about a
dozen 24 hour surveillance cameras.

It didn't happen here.

Okay, we don't
have a crime scene.

But we do have the DNA from
the semen left inside Porter.

Let's run a DNA dragnet.

We're gonna have to test
every prisoner in this cellblock.

That's over 200 inmates.

Anyone got a better idea?

An AK-47's got nothing
on pancreatic cancer.

Mr. Flynn's a mess.

Why are we opening him up?

Because his insurance company,

after happily cashing his
checks for the last 50 years or so,

is now looking for a
way to avoid paying out

the death benefit to his widow.

But didn't he die
of terminal cancer?

Yeah, but if they can prove
euthanasia, all bets are off.

Is the tox screen back? Uh-huh.


Positive for morphine.

4.3 mics per milliliter?

That's a lethal dose.

Especially on an elderly
man with a compromised heart.

There's also frothy
edema present.

That could indicate overdose.

Could have been accidental.

Let's get Mr. Flynn's
doctor on the phone.


Love these auto-erotic jobs.

This boy definitely
liked to play ouchy.

Check out the symmetrical
scarring on the fingers.

Thumb screws? Uh-uh.

Hand clamps. Mmm.

ER said he had a noose
around his neck when he came in.

But he didn't die
of asphyxiation.

There's no facial congestion
and the hyoid's intact.

Cops figure he was trying to
rig himself up to the light fixture,

fell off the bed,

smashed his head
on the coffee table.

Problem is, there's
no subdural hematoma,

just some blood under the scalp.



The plot thickens.

Check out his moneymaker.

Ashen discoloration
around the scrotum.

Definitely a localized burn.

Ouch, what's that?

Looks like a copper wire.

Oh, sweet Nancy!

This boy plugged himself in.



TREY: Thanks.

Oh, don't know about you,

but I'm ready to call it a day.

Well, just think of it as a chance to
get to know the folks who keep us busy.


Wait, you're an inmate?

Weren't you just leading
the prayer service?

Uh, yes, ma'am.

Uh, Earl Lewis. I'm
the chapel trustee.

I help out Father Lynch.


Open up, please.

It's kind of like communion.

What do you need?

Fresh gloves and
a packet of swabs.

You plan on testing
the whole prison?

If that's what it takes.

These B block guys, I was
thinking it's not any of them.

Yeah, why is that?

Porter was good people.

She treated
inmates with respect.

Everything okay here, Martinson?

Uh, yeah, Officer Cosgrove.

I was just heading
back to the cellblock.

Brenda never should have
been working in a place like this.

Finally got Mr. Flynn's
oncologist on the phone. Big jerk.

What did he say
about the morphine?

He prescribed 0.5 mics

after Mr. Flynn
went into a coma.

Any idea how nearly nine times
that amount got into his system?

Mmm-mmm. Nope.

Apparently, Mr. Flynn's
78 year old wife

was in charge of giving
him the medication.

I'll need to talk to her.

Well, you'll get your chance.

She's coming in tomorrow
to view her husband's body.

Thanks for an interesting day.

Beats cataloging
tissue files, huh?

That is true.

Dude, that's a sweet
outfit. You got a date?

No, I was just going over to
O'Flannery's with some friends,

do some dancing.

O'Flannery's? Off the
square O'Flannery's?

What? Nothing, it's just my dad

used to go there
for pints all the time.

I didn't think it'd
be your scene.

Tell you what, why
don't you come along?

That way I'll fit in better.

Trey, that's not
what I'm saying.

You coming or not?


Don't you ever stop?

Dude, this place has changed.

Yeah, no, really.

So, I've been meaning
to ask you something.

What's that?

Just why is it exactly that
you do not date white women?


It's funny, but at the moment,
I really can't remember.

Oh, I'm vibrating.



Yeah, I nailed the granules
you took off her heart sac.

Where are you?


Wait a minute. Are you dancing?

Just tell me.

It's some hospital
grade talcum powder.

Most likely residue
from a surgical glove.

Wait, so that laceration
on her abdomen...

Yeah, someone had their hand inside
Brenda Porter's chest after she died.

Touched her heart.

There's got to be some mistake.

There's no mistake,
Father Lynch.

This man's a model prisoner. I've
never met a more devout Christian.

I ran all the inmate files.

This guy raped and cut
up a female college student,

put his hand inside her chest.

That was over 20 years ago.

He's not the same man anymore.

He and I built this chapel
with our own hands.

Has he confessed
to killing Porter?

Not yet.

Father Lynch is
getting him a lawyer,

but it's pretty
close to his M.O.

What did he do?

In 1979, Earl Lewis
raped a 19-year-old girl.

Then using a hand axe,
he dismembered her,

crushed her heart
with his bare hands.

DNA test come back yet?

Waiting for the call.


I just spoke to the
Deputy Commissioner

of the Department
of Corrections.

She called to thank
me for our generous help

with that DNA dragnet
up at Devlin yesterday.

Yeah, actually,
about that, Garret...

Naturally, I being the
crack administrator that I am,

pretended to know what
the hell she was talking about,

because I... I can't
for the life of me

remember authorizing the
use of 200 of our DNA kits.

You never asked him?

Uh, they said you
were in autopsy,

and I know you hate
interruptions when you're working,

so I just had the kits
sent over to the prison.

Uh-huh. Well, in the process, you trashed
my supply budget for the next month.

Look, it worked, though,
Garret. We caught the guy.

I mean, isn't that what matters?

What matters, Dr. Cavanaugh,

is you show some
respect for protocol.



But there's gotta be a mistake.

Uh, did you run it twice?

No... Okay.

Fine, thanks.


That was the state lab. Earl
Lewis's DNA doesn't match.

He's not our guy.

So where does that leave us?

(SIGHS) Back at square one.

I'm just asking for a
couple more days of testing.

No way. We had seven
violent incidents last night

after you guys left, and
you came up with nothing.

So we'll step up the testing,

double our crew, get
it over with real fast.

Look, all due respect, you have
no idea the way this place works.

There is a very thin line
between control and chaos.

It's my job to see
we don't cross it.

So what? We just give up?

No, we let the State
Police do their job.

Help you, Doc?

I'm just here to pick up a
few leftover medical supplies.

Go ahead.


God, what happened to you?

A small disagreement
with a nightstick.

Look, I felt like you wanted to
tell me something yesterday.

A guy can get killed
real fast around here

if word gets out
that he likes to talk.

Yeah, well, judging by
the size of that black eye,

looks like you already
got a pretty big problem.

Maybe we could help each other.

You see my buddy
Cosgrove back there?

Yeah, he and Porter used
to get together between shifts.

You mean they had
sex in the prison?

They used to meet in
the chapel after hours.

I can't figure out what
she ever saw in him.

I mean, the guy's
a total whack job.

Now, you're not just telling me
this to get him off your back, are you?

That's exactly
why I'm telling you.

Cosgrove's been beating
on me for two years.

It's about time he gets
what's coming to him.


I understand you two were
married for more than 50 years.

I met John when I was 31.

That made you an
old maid in 1954.

He'd already been
married and divorced.

Everyone said it wouldn't last.

Well, I guess you
proved them wrong.

Lot of good it did
me. They're all dead.

But we had a great
long life together.

Traveled all the continents,

saw the most
extraordinary things.

Do you have children? No.

Talked about it,

but I suppose we just
loved our freedom too much.

I brought John's wedding band.

His hands swelled so badly
near the end, we had to take it off.

Mrs. Flynn.

But I promised he'd
be buried with it.

I know about the morphine.

Believe me, I wish I didn't.

I'm sure your husband
suffered a great deal.

Years before John got sick,

we agreed that
when the time came,

we'd die the same way we lived.

On our own terms.

And I respect that.

But I have a legal obligation

to accurately report
cause of death.

He was trapped, Dr. Macy.

A prisoner in his own body.

There's gonna be
an investigation.

I understand.

I'm not sure you do.

This isn't just about
insurance money.

Euthanasia's a crime in
the state of Massachusetts.

The police may be notified.

It's fine, Dr. Macy.

You do what you have to do.

Look, this is crazy.

You don't have to test me.

I admit I met Brenda
in the chapel that night.

We had sex.

But I swear to
God I didn't kill her.

You told my investigator you
never saw her on the day she died.

Hey, I got a wife and two kids.

Yeah. Yeah, all right.

You save that for your lawyer.
Take him downstairs, please.

Listen, I want to thank
you for your help on this.

Look, something
just doesn't feel right.


Porter told her roommate she
really fell hard for this creep,

and Cosgrove was worried about
Porter telling his wife what was going on.

Right there's your motive.

Plus, plus,

this guy's got two
written warnings in his file,

both for excessive force.

Okay, I can buy him killing her,

maybe even chopping her up,

but why did he stick his hand
inside her chest and grab her heart?

Officers have access
to inmate's files.

He knew Earl Lewis's M.O.

That's why he's trying
to pin the murder on him.

Yeah, but does this guy strike
you as a criminal mastermind?


You know, like I
said, thank you.

I... I appreciate what you did.

Take yes for an answer.

We're done here.

Try massaging your jaw.

You're a clincher.

I've noticed.

Right, thanks.

The coffee shop
in my neighborhood

is having a poetry
slam tomorrow night.

It's like an open mike night.
People come and read their stuff.

It's totally casual.

Well, I really haven't been
writing much lately. I'd...

But I appreciate the invitation.

It's no biggie. But...

If you change your mind...

Good night,
Dr. Macy. Good night.

Okay, just admit there's
something going on with you and Lily

and I'll let it go.

Still pissed about the DNA kits?

No, no.


You got lucky.
You are buried deep

in the rubble of the
earthquake of my day.

Had to defer the case on
an end-stage Pancreatic Ca.

The widow as much as
admitted she OD'd him.

So how was prison life today?

(SCOFFS) Frustrating.

State Police have
an officer in custody.

Let me guess. You
think they're wrong.



Look, Garret. If this
lady killed her husband,

you had no choice.

You did the right thing.

Don't feel that way.

You know, the truth
is I envy her courage

letting her husband
go like that.

My mom was in pretty bad
shape the last six weeks.

The doctors wanted me
to sign a DNR, but I just...

I couldn't do it. They brought
her back three times from flatline

before she finally died.

Sounds like she
really wanted to live.

Any fight she had
left was pure autopilot.

See, it wasn't her, it was me.

I couldn't let her go.

Garret, you've got to
cut yourself some slack.

It was your mom.


And she needed me to be strong.

It was my turn to
be the grownup.

Forget what I needed and
be there for her, and I just...

I dropped the ball.

Hey, Dad.

It's almost midnight.
What are you doing up?

Oh, I couldn't sleep. Came
down to get something to eat

and spotted your
prison guard case.

Uh, look, about
going to the cemetery,

I didn't mean to
make you feel bad.

Sure, you did.

Well, yeah, but I don't have
the right to tell you what to do.

You just took me by surprise.

And I feel like hell about it.

No, it's okay.
Really, I understand.

In fact, I've been thinking
maybe you're right.

Maybe it's time we
started a new tradition.


I won't go out to Mom's grave.

We'll both take the year off,

and then, next year we'll
go out for her birthday.


I was just trying to
remember the last time

you told me I was
right about something.

Yeah, well, don't
get too used to it.

Look, this guy Cosgrove

was sleeping with the victim

who threatened to tell
his wife about the affair.

Pretty strong motive.

I don't know. Could be him.

Uh, Dad, it's
getting really late.

So let's find out. Who do
you want to be, victim or killer?

I will figure it out.

You really don't need to be
dealing with this stuff anymore.


I thought you said you were
through telling me what to do.

Cosgrove and Porter
used to meet in the chapel.

I'll be Cosgrove.

I'll be the victim.

Okay, it's just before 8:00.

I leave my post early.
Make sure no one sees me.

I enter the chapel.

MAX: I've been waiting for you.

After we're done,
you start to leave.

But we argue.

This wasn't enough for me. I want
more. I want you to leave your wife.

MAX: I tell you this is
crazy. It's just a casual thing.

Maybe for you. If you
won't tell her, I will.

You won't get the chance.


JORDAN: I struggle
but you're too strong.

I have to get rid of the body.

I take out my knife.

JORDAN: But we scoured
the chapel. There was no blood.

MAX: So I had to take
you somewhere else.

Your shift starts
soon. There's no time.

Cosgrove worked tower
duty in D block till 6:00 a.m.


he hid her body somewhere
and waited till after his shift.

But the sanitation
department log

says that they picked
up at Devlin at 5:40 a.m.,

before he finished his shift.

There had to be someone
else in the chapel.

JORDAN: I'm getting ready
to go, but someone's there.

Someone's watching me.

(GASPS) I can't breathe.

I know I'm gonna die.

EVELYN: What's
going on down here?

Are you all right, Jordan?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Uh, I'm sorry if
we woke you, hon.

Jordan and I were
discussing her case.

I see.

I was just coming back upstairs.

Night, Jordan. Good night, Dad.


It's just this thing
we've always done.

I thought we had
an understanding.

I appreciate your
hearing me out on this.

Believe me, any way this
wasn't one of my officers

killing another, I'm all ears.

So the chapel's locked
every night at 7:00,

and Cosgrove and
Porter met there at 8:00.

Anyone besides
officers have the key?

Watch commanders, my
two deputy superintendents,

Father Lynch, but he's
usually long gone by then

or working in his office.

Can I check it out?

Told you it wasn't much.

It used to be a
medical supply room.

Father Lynch build
in here sometimes?

You've seen the chapel.

He's always making
something for that place.

Would you mind?
No, go right ahead.

What's that smell, turpentine?

No, bleach.

Could you please
call Inspector Penza.

Tell him we just found
the rest of Brenda Porter.

Morning, Danny. Busy night?

The mortuary's coming
for the Flynns tomorrow.

I need you to sign
the release forms.

Here you go.

She seemed like
a really cool lady.

Yes, she did.

I heard she OD'd on the same
drug she used on her husband.

That's right.


That is so beautiful.


To love someone so much

for so long

that at the end it's like
you're both living one life.

To know that once
that person is gone,

you can't help
but cease to exist.

What's more beautiful than that?

Could you please get
these over to forensics?

Hear you've been busy.

Keeps me off the street.

Yeah, lucky for me.

You know, my guys
went through here,

came up empty.

Well, don't be too hard on them.

Look, Penza, we really need to
take a hard look at Father Lynch.

We already did, Jordan.

Lynch performed a wedding in
Needham the night Porter died.

He's on 600 hours of bad
time coded home video.

Then someone else had
to have access to this office.


Cosgrove had a key, had motive.

He killed Porter.

But the timeline
doesn't work. He...

Yeah, you got somebody else,

talk to the D.A.

Okay, I couldn't get a
decent tool mark off the torso,

but then I used this...

This segment from
the right leg you found,


Beauty. Check it out. Looks
like an inch and a half blade.

Hi. Big problem.

Horton's wife flew in
from Illinois to ID the body.


Well, you better use
your bedside manner.

The man was
wearing a spiked collar.

What if she starts
asking questions?

Just show her a few
discreet Polaroids.

Tell her you're sorry
about the unfortunate

mishap, and you're done.

Do you think that'll work?

Probably not.

So, this blade has some major
striations. Any idea what it is?

Let me see.

Oh, it's definitely not your
garden variety prison shank.

Lines are too clean,

and it's graded.

I'm thinking chisel.

Pretty big one, something a
professional carpenter might use.

Like something they'd
use in a woodshop.

Ted was the choir director
at our middle school.

The fall recital's next week and
now they'll be singing at his funeral.

I'm terribly sorry for
your loss, Mrs. Horton.

Can I call a taxi for you?

(STAMMERING) I was wondering,

maybe you could answer
a couple questions for me

about Ted's death?

Of course.

Well, the police would
only say that it was

an accident.

Well, yes. That... That's right.

Your, um,

your husband was
in his hotel room,

and there was, uh,

an electrical problem.

Ted was electrocuted?


Primarily, yes.

I see.

Well, can you tell me, does that

involve a terrible
amount of pain?

Thankfully, electrical death
is usually instantaneous.


Well, was he at least
wearing his gladiator harness?


It was his favorite.


these are the closest we've
got to what you're talking about.

This looks about right.

Perfect match.

Uh, do these ever
leave the shop?

Inmates can't remove tools
under any circumstances.

What if you're not an inmate?

Well, we occasionally lend
tools to prison personnel.

Matter of fact,

that chisel was signed
out a few days ago.

JORDAN: Beautiful cabinet.

Build it yourself?
Father Lynch and me.

He'll be back in just a minute.

Those his keys?

Father Lynch must
have a lot of faith in you,

and faith is a pretty
powerful thing, isn't it, Earl?

Dr. Cavanaugh.

Can I help you with something?

No, Father.

Think I've got what I need.

You see, Earl,

I couldn't figure out why
you didn't rape Brenda Porter

before you killed her.

Hold on a second.

Well, you strangled her,

then you took her to
Father Lynch's office,

cut her up with the chisel that
he signed out of the woodshop.

But you didn't rape her,

and I just couldn't
figure out why.

But then it came to me.

You've seen the light.

You're a new man.

You saw them, didn't you?

Porter and Cosgrove having sex,

right here in front of God,

and you just couldn't let
that happen, could you?

Not in your chapel.

It's not my chapel.

It belongs to God.

Isn't that right, Father?

This is a holy place.


They were sinning, Father,

in God's house.

But I didn't kill her.

I saved her.

I held her heart in my hand

and she was redeemed.

She's with God now.


"I watched the light
pass from your eyes

"and felt the years seep
through my fingers like rain.

"I held your hand
till it grew cold,

"and hold it still with a
child's stubborn vengeance.

"Death frees the
dead, but not the living.

"You are gone,

"but always with me."

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