Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 15 - Acts of Mercy - full transcript

Jordan, I'd like to know when the
morning meeting became optional.

I had to walk a mile. Some idiot on a
morgue tour took my parking space.

There's a TV crew here doing
research for an autopsy show.

Who the hell watches
an autopsy show?

Talk about must-miss
TV. Yeah, right?

Uh, George?


Been a while.

She's requested I find
you and give you this.

Okay, thanks.

May I say what a pleasure it
is to see you looking so well?

Right back at you, George.
You will read it, Jordan?

Yeah, sure.

Good day.

So who is "she"?

My grandmother.

I thought Max's
parents were dead.

They are.

WOMAN: And over here
we have the forensics lab.


Hold it right there.

You are perfect, my friend.

I am? And who are you?

I'm the man who's
gonna make you a star.

Hey, Woody. How's it hanging?

Jordan Cavanaugh. It
must be my lucky day.

So who is the decedent?

Uh, Celia Brackett,

53 years young, no forced
entry, no signs of struggle.

I think she did this to herself.

Who found her? A housekeeper,

early this morning. Has her own
key and has not stopped crying.

Jordan, do you think you
can give me a time of death?

Uh, probably sometime
before midnight last night.

Thank you.

Fresh needle puncture
wounds on the arm.

If she did this herself,
then where's the needle?

I'll have my guys
look through the trash.

I don't think that's
gonna matter.

There's some bruising
over her top lip.

And there's tears
of the frenulum.

She was smothered.

Okay, so she
did not kill herself.

No. No, she was murdered.


Oh, Dr. Macy. That murder-suicide
that you asked about is here.

All right.

I noticed that one of them is
from my ancestral homeland.

I'm second-generation Polish.

Yeah. Lebowski.
I figured that out.


My mother's from Grodno.

When I was little, she used
to describe her village to me,

every night before
I went to sleep,

in gross detail.

Well, maybe you can describe it to
me sometime. What do you think?

And bore you to death?

How about tomorrow
night over dinner?

Okay. Great. I know this
new Ethiopian restaurant...

Hey, I feel like we're taking a
culinary trip around the world.


Looks like it's my cue to split.

Thanks. Sure.

What happened?
Is Abby all right?

Abby's fine.

What is it then?

It's me

and Walter.


He, uh...

He left me.


Maggie, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

(SOBBING) It's just that...

I'm too old for this.

Yeah, you and me both.

And welcome to the crypt.

Oh, great stuff. Oh,
great stuff, Bug, yeah.

Yeah, the network
is gonna eat you up.

And this is Nigel Townsend.

It is a pleasure
to meet you, Nigel.

I have heard all about
you from the Bug man.

Have you now?

Oh, I love the
accent. Let's keep it.


Oh, we'll talk later,
okay? I love it all.

Thank me.

Why? Because I
pitched you to him.

What am I, a fastball?

He was the VP of programming
at the Murder Channel,

and he wants me to audition as
host for their new autopsy show,

Gruesome Stories. And I
pitched you as my Ed McMahon.

One, two, three.

They want you to host
a show on the telly?

He thinks I have a
Deepak Chopra quality.

All we need are a few tantalizing
tales of mayhem and the show is ours.

Well, what are we waiting for?

The morgue is our oyster.

BUG: All right, I've
already got an idea.

Looking a little
green there, Woody.

I can't believe you
actually do this every day.

Jordan, Sheriff. I come
bearing tox screens.

Took you long enough.

Well, I would have been here
sooner, but I was rehearsing.

Uh-huh. What are the results?

What? Don't you want to
know what I was rehearsing?

No. Uh, I do.

Bug has been asked to do a show
on the telly, and I'm his sidekick.

Hey, I've never met
a real TV star before...

Yeah, and you still haven't
met one. The tox screen?

Positive for methohexital.

So she was unconscious?

Out cold, with just a
dash of potassium chloride.

Enough to kill her?

Not quite. I mean, her
vitreous levels are normal.

Oh, good work, Boy Wonder.

Well, if there's
nothing further,

the stage is a harsh mistress.

Oh, there is one thing. Could
you look through the files,

find out how many cases of
potassium chloride injection

we've had in the
last six months?

My feet are like wings.

That's strange.

Theater folk are like that.

Not him. Her liver and
spleen. Cancer, end stage.

She was dying? Organs this far
gone, she only had a few weeks left.

Now, we're sure
she didn't kill herself?

Not unless she smothered herself
with a pillow while unconscious

after taking a sedative.

Jordan, there's a Daniel
Brackett here to see you.

I put him in the
conference room.

Oh, thanks, Lily.


That's her son.

So, I guess you'll want to
speak to him by yourself.

I kind of spoke to
him back at the house.

Maybe you could get
something out of him one-on-one.

You know, I could get used
to working with you, Woody.

Smothered? Who
would do that to her?

We don't know yet.

When was the last time
you saw your mother?

Last week. I live in New York.

I've been flying back and forth
since she's been in the hospital.

Okay, where was
she hospitalized?

Saint Gabriel's. I flew in this
morning and went straight there.

She wasn't in her room. They told
me her doctor had signed her out.

Okay, did you talk to
her doctor about this?

No, I went straight
to the house.

It was swarming with cops.

Why would anyone want
to murder my mother?

I don't know.

There was nothing
missing, she wasn't robbed.

What kind of scum brings her home when
I'm not even there to take care of her?

You need to calm down.

Yeah, it's easy for you to say.

You didn't just come home
and find your mother dead.

I'm gonna get to
the bottom of this.

Now, you need to
believe that. Okay?


So, what's the name
of your mother's doctor?

Dr. Gramble, over at that
big oncology unit on Tremont.

Otto Neuman, definite asphyxia.

No signs of ligature.

Fractured hyoid bone
indicates manual strangulation.

Ichthyosis present
on neck and hands.

You wanted to see me, Dr. Macy?

Yeah, give me a
hand with these two?


This is Isaac
Pilarski, seventy-eight.

Now, Isaac strangled Otto
here with his bare hands

and put a bullet
in his own head.

What's the riddle? Isaac's
five inches shorter than Otto

and nearly 30 pounds lighter.

And manual strangulation's
a power sport.


Look at his hands.


Now, he had a gun, so
why does he strangle him?

'Cause it meant something to Isaac here
to kill this guy Otto with his bare hands.

Exactly. Now,
take a look at this.


Isaac was in a
concentration camp.

Think you can
trace it? Absolutely.

Dr. Gramble.

Dr. Cavanaugh is here from
the Medical Examiner's Office.

How can I help you? I'm
here about one of your patients,

Celia Brackett.

Advanced metastatic
liver cancer.

Right. Um, did you check her
out of the hospital yesterday?

I did.

And you brought her home?

Her time was close. She
wanted to die at home.

She got her wish.

I hope it was painless.

She was sedated and
then she was smothered.

Then I guess it was.

It doesn't concern you
that she was murdered?

She had days left.

Her pain was getting worse.

Would have been
in agony by the end.

Sounds to me like a kind
soul put her out of her misery.

We also found elevated levels of
potassium chloride in her system.


Her veins were shot.

They must have collapsed
when this kind soul injected her.

And then he had to smother her.

Sounds very rational.

Yeah, but who would have
access to potassium chloride

except for maybe a doctor?

You surprise me, Dr. Cavanaugh.

I would think you,
a medical examiner

chronicling the ravages of
disease day in and day out,

would see the value of this
kind of death and leave it at that.

Call me old-fashioned, but
I believe murder is wrong.

How very small-minded of you.

Yeah, well, me and my small
mind are going straight to the police.

You know how big-picture they
can be when it comes to homicide.

You do what you have to do.

I'll be right here.

Dr. Gramble told you,
as in, he confessed?

I wouldn't call it a confession.

That guy is one
arrogant son of a bitch.

Well, what was
his motive? Mercy?

Who cares? He killed her.

The D.A. cares. They're
not too keen on prosecuting

well known and respected
doctors for mercy killings.

Oh, I can't believe this. What, so
now it's PC to set murderers free?

You're the one who said she
had a couple of days to live.

Tell that to her son. He didn't even
get a chance to see her before she died.

Jordan, you may not have guessed
this, but I'm from a small town.

No, really, you? I
know, hard to believe.

And in a small town there's
something called privacy.

What is your business
stays your business.

That your special way of telling me
you're not going to enforce the law?

I will enforce the law if I
think Dr. Gramble broke one.

So you're not gonna do anything?

Gramble gets off scot free?

Mr. Brackett, if we think
the doctor killed your mother,

we'll go after him, but we
need time to build our case.

Please excuse me. You bury
this, there's gonna be trouble.

I know you're grieving,
but don't threaten me.

We'll contact you
if we need you.

Well, if you're not gonna
do anything, maybe

I'll just have to deal
with him myself.

You know what? You
shouldn't say things like that.

Why not? 'Cause these
guys might think you're serious

and then they might arrest you.

Don't you see? He's
gonna do this again.

How are you gonna live with yourself when
he does this to somebody else's mother?

Got something.

Isaac Pilarski was
brought to Birkenau

in the summer of 1944.

He was there until
the war was over.

He was sixteen years old.

Here's where it
gets interesting.

I did some checking on
the other guy, Otto, as well.

Cross-referenced his name
through the war criminal database.

Otto was a prisoner,
too? Nah, he wasn't.

But his name came up in
several witness testimonials.

He was a guard at Auschwitz.

So their paths
could have crossed.

Auschwitz and Birkenau
were neighboring camps.

Guards from Auschwitz took
prisoners to Birkenau all the time.

All right, so they saw each
other, maybe knew each other.

Do you mind?

Classic revenge murder.

Except for now we just
have one small problem.

What's that?

They don't circumcise
non-Jews in Europe.

That went double for Nazis.

Hi, Lily.

Hi. Um... Garret.


I still can't get used
to calling you that.

I have to keep myself
from saying Dr. Macy.

Listen, I need
to cancel tonight.

Oh. Something's come up.

This has something to
do with Maggie, doesn't it?

(STAMMERING) It's complicated.

I know you have baggage.

I think of Maggie as a
lady's hard-sided trolley tote.

She's indestructible,
she's attractive and she's

often an encumbrance.

That's the best description
of her I've ever heard.

My uncle owned a
luggage store, so...

Listen, I want to thank you
for being so understanding.

As long as we're open and honest
with each other, we don't have a problem.

Hey, Dad. Making
this a regular stop?

Just came from the precinct.

Got a cancer doc who
did in his own patient.

Pretty heavy allegation.

I assume you have proof.

He as much as admitted it.

She was terminal, he was
merciful, let's call the whole thing off.

Well, how much
time did she have left?

What does it matter?


You see this black and white because
you don't want to look at all the angles.

Oh, okay. I get being
sick and wanting out.

You want to do yourself, fine.

But this bastard has
no right butting in.

All I know is if it were
me in a jam that way,

I'd hope you'd pull the plug.

You know what? Let's jump off
that bridge when we come to it.

Oh, by the way, I
have been summoned

to the palace for high tea.

Well, I think you should go.

What? We hate her.

And how many years
are we gonna do that?

It's worked pretty
well for the last 20.

Your grandparents were angry
when your mother died, angry at me.

Maybe with cause.

That's ridiculous.

Well, all I exposed her
to, we don't even know now

whether that played
a part in her death.

Only natural they'd blame me.

And try to take your
daughter away from you.

Don't forget that part.

Well, of course, I couldn't
let them take you away,

but I never meant that you should
lose that part of your life forever.

It's not like I ever
missed it or anything.

See her, Jordan.

Do it for me.

Bugster! Nigelicious!

May I introduce your
stylist, Anastasia.

Our stylist.

Dress for success, my friend.

Not just an audience
of stiffs anymore.


Now, for Dr. Bug,
I'm thinking Armani.

Armani makes a lab coat?

You think Noah Wyle
wears off the rack?

Pretty sure he's not.

Noah who?

Quite a transformation. Mmm.

I think I'm gonna fancy
being in show business.

So, Dr. Bug, what brilliance do
you have planned for the big day?

Oh, I have got a dung beetle
that will knock their socks off.

Ooh, interesting. Does it
have to be a dung beetle?

Well, I guess... 'Cause you
know what the network just loves?


Gadgets. Yeah, flashing lights,

fluorescence, that kind of
thing. The more the merrier.

Will do.

She's glad you came.

She give up speaking
altogether, George?

Hello, Jordan.

How you doing?

Would you care for tea?



No, thanks.

Oh, I see you moved the Cassatt.

Oh, I'm surprised you noticed.

Are you kidding? Change
like that in a room like this...

I never thought you
cared for this house.

Oh, well... Milk?

No, straight up is just fine.



How are you, Jordan?

I'm good.

Two words to sum
up twenty years?

You're very succinct.

You come right from work?

Oh, it's casual Wednesday.

Have you made
many friends there?

Look, can we just cut the crap
and you tell me what I'm doing here?

Because I really,
really don't like tea.

Fair enough. It's been
a long time, Jordan.

I just wanted to see you,

to get an impression of you,

before the monetary settlements
in my will become final.

Wait a minute. This
is about money?

What else could it be about?

Okay. I'm out of here.

MACY: I've been looking for you.

I went to see my
grandmother. Yeah?

Yeah. How'd that go?

It was a raging success.

So what's up?

Where are we on
the Brackett case?

Doctor-assisted suicide.

I thought you said
it wasn't suicide.

Assisted suicide isn't
suicide. It's murder.

Well, that's one point of view. It's
not one that I personally endorse.

Unfortunately, the state of
Massachusetts doesn't agree with you.

But Detective Small
Town Values does.

He won't move yet. Maybe he's
looking at all sides of the issue,

not just his point of view.
Excuse us, guys, come on.

Thanks. Garret, sorry,
but you know what?

Murder is still murder.

Listen, I'm working on a guy who possibly
killed his own concentration camp guard.

Should I look at
him as a murderer?

Jordan. Jordan, I
checked the files.

Four cases in the last six months,
death by potassium chloride injection.

The doctor on record...

Arthur Gramble?

Brackett makes five.

Five that we know about. I'll
have a sector car meet us there.

Nice to have you back on board.

I actually did a little research
of my own there, Jordan.

Dr. Arthur Gramble, honorary
member of the Hemlock Society,

patron Euthanasia
Support and Guidance.

It's good for people
to have hobbies.

I'm sorry, Jordan. Please
don't be mad at me.

I just couldn't make a move
until the law was on my side.

So are we talking
about a mercy killer?

Sound of things, we're
looking at a serial killer.

CELIA: No one has forced
me to do this in any way.

I want to die, really.

I want for all of
this to be over.

I'm so sorry, Daniel.

I couldn't wait. I knew
you'd try to stop me.

It's for the best, really.

I love you.

Daniel, take it easy.

Put the gun down, Daniel.

Daniel, I want you to rise slowly
and move away from the gun.

Get him outta here. He was
dead when I got here, I swear.

Dr. Cavanaugh, you
believe me, don't you?

Just sit tight, Daniel.

Pretty circumstantial case
against him, don't you think?

Circumstantial or not, he looks
darn guilty with that gun in his hand.

The doctor wasn't even shot.

Jordan, we both
heard him make threats.

He was trying to
get our attention.

Well, he got it now, didn't he?

Well, it's what I
deserve, isn't it?

What's that?

Being alone.

I mean, I treated
Walter like an accessory,

something to spoil
myself a little bit.

I didn't really value him.

You ask me, you overvalued him.

Mmm, seriously, though,
what is wrong with me?

There's nothing wrong with you.

Garret. Wasn't that the
answer in the manual

you gave me? It
came right after,

"Those pants make
your ass look great."

You were very
well-trained, weren't you?

Yeah, I was, and right after I
mastered which way the toilet paper's

supposed to go, you dropped me.

See, there must be
something wrong with me,

to let a guy like you go.

Maggie. Mmm, no.

Maybe it's my fate.



Oh, I never seem
to realize what I have

until it's too late.


So, what time's
Abby getting home?


She's sleeping at Rachel's.

You remember what

we used to do when
she had a sleepover?


(STAMMERING) Listen, I really...

Oh, God, listen...

Maggie, I...


I'm sorry.

I gotta go.


FANFARE) Nah-nah!

Oh, nice basket.

It's from the network.

Big audition's tomorrow.

What are you doing
with those here?

What, don't I always
share with my friends?


We thought that maybe
a little baked incentive

would encourage
you to share with us.

Share what?

One muffin, one story.

Well, I got a great story.

Worth at least two muffins.

You drive a hard bargain.

Check this out.

Concentration camp prisoner

finds his jailer after 50 years,

kills him with his bare hands.

Nah, too Schindler's List.

What? It has intrigue, mystery.

Okay, how's about a cancer
doctor who euthanizes his patients?

So '80s. So '80s.

I'm still taking a
muffin. BUG: Oh, yeah?

Morning, all.

Hi. Where'd we get the basket?

Oh, uh, my network sent it over.

Your network?

You're looking at the new stars of
Gruesome Stories. Gruesome Stories.

I'm looking at two guys
who want to think twice

before selling out this institution
with some exploitative autopsy show.

Would you feel
differently if I told you that

you're gonna be the
first guest coroner?


Way to rally the troops.

Yeah, well, I have
a lot on my mind.

Yeah, like what?

I had dinner with
Maggie last night.

It got awkward,
you know? After you.


Geez. Don't juggle.
You're bad enough with one.

Yeah, but I stopped it
before it got out of hand.

Good. Because, you
know, I like Maggie,

but the two of you
together was not pretty.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Oh, Jordan, Mrs.
Gramble is here to see you.

Oh. Dead doc's wife.

Yeah. The doctor's dead?

Yeah. I put her in the
conference room for you.

Why, thanks, Lily. Sure.

Wow, that's a nice skirt.

Oh, don't you love
that skirt, Garret?

It's great.

So, good morning, Dr. Macy.

Hi, Lily.

So, how was last night?

Last night was fine.
It was, you know, fine.


So I was kind of looking forward
to a rain check on that dinner.

You know, I'm just kind
of jammed up right now.

But we can talk about
this later, all right?


Mrs. Gramble.

Oh, I guess we've
already met before.

I worked with my husband.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

In my husband's brain, you're
going to find an inoperable tumor.

He was dying?

Yes, I thought you should know.

Why is that?

Mrs. Brackett's son is going to be charged
with murdering my husband, isn't he?

We have every reason
to believe he will, yes.

You see, to me, it's quite clear
that my husband chose his way out.

He took his own life rather than
wait for that tumor to take him.

Did he happen to choose
the way out for anyone else?

My husband did God's work,

work that made him proud.

Mrs. Gramble, I'm asking you
if your husband killed people.

I know what you're asking
and I've given you your answer.



You find anything?

Nothing we didn't know.

Isaac was killed by a
self-inflicted gunshot wound.

You find anything?

No birth records
for Otto Neuman.

It's like his life
began in Auschwitz.

I managed to find Isaac's
next of kin, a cousin.

She's coming in for the remains.

Says she's never
heard of Otto Neuman.

Sort of a long shot anyway.

Not necessarily.
Take a look at this.

Ichthyosis? Epidermolytic
hyperkeratosis, to be exact.

They both have it.

That runs in families. Yeah.

You think they're related?
I've ordered DNA tests.

We'll find out tomorrow.

Why did you go to
Dr. Gramble's office?

I don't know. To threaten him.

To tell him what
he did was wrong.

I don't even know what I would have
done if I would have found him alive.

All right, all right. You get
there. You find him dead.

You pop in a video? I
was gonna call the police,

when I saw that box of videos.

The one on top had
my mom's name on it.

We found your fingerprints
on the suicide machine.

Well, I must have
touched it somehow.

I don't know.

Okay. Why don't you take a
minute, think about your situation

and we'll get right back to
this in a few seconds, okay?

He's opening up.
I'll get him there.

Mrs. Gramble came to see me. Says
her husband had an inoperable brain tumor.

What did the autopsy say?

Confirmed it. She swears
that he killed himself.

Why would she
volunteer that information?

Because she doesn't want Daniel to
go to jail for something he didn't do.

All right, well, that puts me in
a pickle, because he was there,

he was armed, he had a motive,
and his prints are all over that machine.

But it doesn't
mean that he did it.

Now, meet me at
this address. It's a bar.

My cologne finally
got to you, didn't it?

Is that what that was?



Hi. You see your grandmother?

Yeah. She wants
to give me money.

There's a first.

I took a pass.

Hope that doesn't mean
you left on bad terms.

Define "bad terms."

Oh, Jordan.

Look, can we put
this aside for a sec?

We put it aside
for twenty years.

Time is a luxury.

I would have thought you
understood that by now.

How many more years do you
think your grandmother's got?

That doctor found himself on the
business end of his own suicide machine.

I read the papers. Said they
arrested the son of one of his patients.

Yeah, he was dying. His wife told
me he cashed in on his own chips.

Hey. Oh.

Detective Woody
Hoyt, Max Cavanaugh.

Oh, your dad. It's
nice to meet you, sir.

Max, please. Can
I buy you a beer?

Uh, I'm off duty. Why not?

Jordan's been filling
me in on your case.

What I can't figure is why Gramble's
wife points her finger at suicide.

She stands to lose millions
in the doctor's life insurance,

not to mention his reputation.

Maybe she had
something worse to hide.

Well, the only thing worse she would
have to hide is if she killed him herself.

Maybe she did.

Okay, wait, wait, wait.

So now we're thinking
the wife did this?

Gramble's dying. He wants out.

He asked his wife to help him.

She's a nurse. She knows
how to work the machine.

He tells her to leave him there hooked
up, so it looks like he did it himself.

Only when Daniel arrives,
the doctor's already dead.

Then Mrs. Gramble hears
he's been charged with murder.

She feels responsible.

So then she has to come
tell me that he killed himself.

And if you ruled the doctor's
death a suicide, no harm done.

Daniel gets off, so does she.

Wow. Now I know why
folks talk to bartenders.

Oh, Dad was a cop.

Yeah, over 30
years on the force.

Well, only one
small thing left to do.

Yeah, what's that?

Now you gotta prove it.


My heart just skipped a beat.

You're just excited.

Actually, I'm a trifle nervous.

Look, all you have to
do is laugh at my jokes,

hold my bugs and
make me look good.

It's just like
we're in our office.

Hey, guys, what do you think?

It is fabulous. Mmm-hmm.

It's part talk show,
part science lab.

We want people to
feel at home, comfy.

And then we hit them
with your gruesome stories.

Oh, brilliant.

Brilliance, my
friend, is all yours.

Come on, let me show you
where we make you gorgeous.


These little guys were the key.

They whispered the

secret in my ear.


That's right. They whispered
the secret in his ear.

They led us to the killer.

They whispered
the secret in his ear

and that's how they
made the case, because...

They led us to the killer.

So, let's go to
the tape, shall we?

Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut, cut.

MAN: Everybody,
right away. Back to one.

Nigel, a word.

Look, I'm sure if you give him
another chance, he'll come up aces.

He worked really hard
on this. He's just nervous.

Forget about him.
Give him a chance.

I want to talk about you.

Me? Mmm-hmm.

I sucked. Oh.

You popped, buddy.

I popped? I got
two words for you.

Solo act.

Solo act?

Okay, thanks.

I got uniforms at the house
and an APB on her car.

I don't get it. Why did she run?

Maybe she figured if Daniel was taking
the rap, it'd be a good time to take off.

Well, found these in her desk.

Every prognosis terminal.

Hey, do you have a log
of those suicide videos?

Yes. And this is your copy.

Thank you.

Yeah, they match the folders.

Let's look at the
appointment book.

It's not like he's gonna write in his
appointment book that he's killing people.

Here it is, December 11th.

The doctor was
away at a conference.

That can't be right.


This is Hoyt.

Unless he didn't do this alone.

Okay, thanks. Her car
just turned up in Medford.

I just found two more suicides that
occurred while he was out of town.

Think he had a partner?

I think we're gonna find out.

Thank you.

Stop right there!

Everything's going to be okay.

Gramble, come with me.

Mrs. Gramble, you are
under arrest for the deaths

of Arthur Gramble
and Celia Brackett.

Nice mourning period.

My work is important.

Don't you mean your husband's?

He believed in what I was doing,
but he could never do it himself.

Come on. So you did it for him.

That woman was my
husband's patient for five years.

Take a good look at her.

Do you really think
you're doing her a favor?

I'm sorry.

This is Otto Neuman,
the man that Isaac killed.

He was a guard at Auschwitz.

It's been so many years.

Is that...

Isaac's brother.


Isaac always said it.

I never believed him.

Said what?

Isaac's parents wouldn't
leave Poland when mine did.

And then when it
was already too late

they sent Isaac and
Frank on their own.

They were soon separated.

Isaac was taken to Birkenau.

We always assumed
that Frank was dead,

buried in some mass grave.

But Isaac always said
he saw him in the camps,

working with the Germans.


He searched for
him his whole life.

Never married,
never had children.

He spent his whole
life chasing a ghost.

Looks like he found him.

what price, Dr. Macy?

When you live in the past,
it costs you the present.

His remains are
ready to be released.


Has anyone come for Frank?

A new family?



I'll take them both.

I'll bury them together.

JORDAN: Is this a bad time?
GRANDMOTHER: No, no, not at all.

I saved a woman's life today.

Well, that's wonderful.

No. No, actually,
it's not wonderful.

I don't understand.

I was trying to
help her, but I didn't.

I passed judgment at a distance.

Sort of like what
I did with you.

I always hated you for trying
to take me away from my father.

Jordan, we just tried
to do what was best.

I can see that now.


If I can forgive myself for
what I did to that woman today,

maybe I can forgive you for
trying to actually do right by me,

even when it was wrong.

Thank you.


I'm sorry for walking
out on you the other day.

Oh, it was wrong of me
to say it was about money.

I suppose it's a more comfortable
currency for me to barter with.

I can understand that.

It's been twenty years.

Not a day goes by that I
don't think about your mother.

Finally, something in common.

I miss her and I miss you.

It's one thing to miss
someone who's gone, but...


Jordan, you're here.

I just don't want to
miss you anymore.

Well, now, hey, maybe I could
come by from time to time and see you.

I'd like that.

Okay then.

Hey, Lily.

A signature, please.

So it turns out
they were brothers.

Oh, I heard. Sad.

You know, I know he was young and
doing whatever he could do to survive

but I can't help thinking that justifiable
homicide was coined for this occasion.

Well, you ask me, I think he
must have welcomed death.

Must have been a relief
for it finally to be over.

Guess Jordan wasn't the only
one investigating a mercy killing.

Um, Garret?

Listen, we need to talk.

No, you need to work things out.

There's nothing
to work out. Well...

That may be true.

But I don't want to feel the way I
have for the last two days ever again.

I'm not blaming you.
I'm not pressuring you.

Just please, for my sake, just

do whatever you
need to do to be sure.


Well, if it isn't the traitor.

I've been looking
everywhere for you.

Yeah, why? So you can gloat?

Gloat about what?

My best mate gives
me a shot at stardom

and I screw it up
for the both of us.

What are you talking about?

Tate told me the truth.
I mucked up the show.

I hope one day
you can forgive me.

You know, I discovered something
when I went back to the morgue.

Yeah, what's that?

(CHUCKLING) I like it there.

I love my job.

It's where I belong. Don't try
to make me feel better, Bug.

No, no, no, no. The truth is

if you hadn't
screwed up so badly

we might be stuck in some
glamorous life we really hated.

When you're right, you're right.

Can I buy you an ale?

Yeah, all right. Yeah.

So, you're a regular now?

Hey, this place
has a certain charm.

Look, Woody. How about a toast?

To getting our man.

Pretty shallow victory, huh?

Bad guys don't
always wear black hats.

Guess we still
gotta do our jobs.

Yeah. So how's Daniel?



I felt bad about leaving
you with that sick lady.

And I, uh, just wanted to
make sure you were okay.

You're a nice guy.

Does that mean I finish last?


No, it means I'd like
to buy you a drink.


Excuse me while I
negotiate with the owner.

So, my old man
gave me some advice

and I went and made
something that resembles peace.

Ah, that's wonderful.

Yeah, I think we sorted it out.

You did the hard thing, Jordan.

That's always for the best.

(CHUCKLING) What was that for?

I don't know.

You raising me.

Doing the hard thing.

Oh, in this case the hard thing
would have been anything else.

For Woody? Yeah, sure.