Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 14 - Four Fathers - full transcript

Jordan investigates a body tossed from a roof. Max's bar may not open due to an old beef with a mob boss. Trey's father (Paul Winfield) visits. A government auditor assesses if the department is overstaffed.

I have one announcement to make

and then you can all get
back to your busy schedules.

For those of you who
don't know Phil Granger,

he's the state efficiency expert
assigned to keep things running...



He and I will be conducting staff
evaluations over the next couple of days.

What exactly will these
evaluations be used for?

We'll be interviewing everyone from
the custodial workers to the medical staff,

to see how we can make
this ship run a little tighter.

(SCOFFS) Don't you mean lighter?

Well, it is possible that
due to budget shortfalls,

a position in this office
may have to be eliminated.


The interview schedule will
be posted on the bulletin board.

That's all.

Well, it isn't gonna
be me, that's for sure.

Yeah, right. An insect expert.

How could this place
possibly run without one?

Now, a crack
criminalist like myself,

clearly indispensable.

Relax, you guys. It's
not gonna be one of us.

Yeah, it's easy for you to say.

Your fellowship's paid
for by a private grant.

Doesn't mean I
don't feel your pain.

Look, whoever it is, it's gonna be
someone with an attitude problem.

Someone surly.

A thorn in the side.


Did I miss the meeting?



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Detective Frazier, Homicide.

Come on, Rick. Hasn't
been that long, has it?

Oh, it's coming back to me.

Jordan Cavanaugh of
the fighting Cavanaughs.

Yeah, well, I keep trying
to get out of the ring,

but they keep
pulling me back in.

And, so I understand he left the
building in an unconventional manner.

Kind of early in the
season, though, isn't it?

I mean, midterms
haven't even started.

Yeah. For some kids, "F" stands
for flying leap off the tallest building.

Not this time.

So he's not an F student?

No, he's not a student, period.

Graduated a couple of years ago.

The kids ID'd him as Casey Dean.

We found a syringe, some
pills and a spoon up on the roof.

There's puncture marks
on the forearm there.

Looks like he got high
and he thought he could fly.

No, that's not
right. Look at this.

See these needle
marks here? Yeah.

They correspond exactly with
these small tears in his shirt,

like he shot up with
the sleeve rolled down.

Who shoots up without
rolling up his sleeve?


My guess is

he was already dead by
the time he hit the ground.

Yo, macho man.

So you couldn't sucker anybody
into helping you out here?

I'd think with the promise
of a free drink that...

That's just it.
There is no drink.

I thought you just got your
liquor license approved.

Lot of good it does me if I
can't get anyone to deliver it.

The mob controls liquor
distribution in this town

and guess who runs this block?


Blackie Conroy.

Blackie? Dad,
the guy is a killer.

You can't do business with him.

The last time we
had a face to face,

I was slapping the cuffs on him.

Well, I'm not exactly on
his Christmas list either.

But this is a big city. There
are a lot of other distributors.

Just go somewhere else.

The only folks who'll deliver
charge five times the going rate.

But you open in three days.
What are you gonna do?

What's this "you"?
You're helping out.

Oh. Great.

Bar wench in the only
liquorless Irish pub on the planet.

Hey, maybe we could
hold AA meetings here.

I'm serious. I've sunk
everything I've got into this place.

What are Bug's financial
prospects in the near future?


Ooh, that's brutal. No
other word describes it.

What? What?

So, I hear someone's
gonna get fired, huh?

Cavalier, party of one.

Oh, come on, it's not
gonna be any of us.

So is this guy hanging? No...

Oh, okay, fine. It's not
gonna be any of you guys.

But don't worry
about me. I mean,

I keep a bag packed
for just such occasions.

And you're all right with that?

Oh, yeah. I've been fired
more times than I've been hired.

I really couldn't
give a flying...

Save your expletives for the
lady at the unemployment window.

Fine. Look, I need some
help in Trace. Anybody?

Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.


I'm gonna miss her.

You know, we can't let
them intimidate us like this.

Our only chance
is to stick together.

I'm with you guys.

All for one, one for all.

Oh, Dr. Sanders. I
just took a message

from your father. My father?

He said he's coming into town.

Your dad's coming.
That's good news.

Isn't it?

Well, let's see.

There was this one time
when I heard a suspicious noise.

Thank the Lord,
I was there, too.

And what was it? What was what?

The noise. I mean,
you investigated it, right?

Well, I waited to
see if I heard it again.

And did you?


So you never
actually left the desk?

If something happens
to me, then that's it.

I'm the last line of defense.

JORDAN: Look at this. Blunt
force trauma to the back of the neck.

And this patterned
contusion here,

this didn't happen
from the fall.

No, but it's what
broke his neck.

Whoever killed him went
through a lot of trouble

to cover up how he really died.


Looks like the murder
weapon was made of wood.

So, someone hit him hard enough
to drive that splinter through the bone

and then chucked
him off the roof.

Something like that.

How far did he fall?

Five stories.

Doesn't look like
75 feet of damage.

Oh, nice tattoo.

Let me go check
on the blood work.


Hi. Oh, hey.

You got a report
on this kid yet?

I've not even out of
Trace yet. What's the rush?

You got something?


And I'm reluctant to share.

I have this vague recollection
of you being a big troublemaker.

Share or I get
real slow real fast.

Fine. We lifted a print off of one of
those dope bags we found on the roof.

Belongs to Given Tolliver,
one of Blackie Conroy's men.

Well, well, well. The Lord
works in mysterious ways.

What's that supposed to mean?

I just happen to have
some unfinished business

I need to discuss
with Mr. Conroy.

Hey, look. I can't afford to have
you making this thing personal.

One thing you might
want to remember,

uh, with me, it's
always personal.

Lily. Hey.

Did you do all this?

No. Does it have a card?

"From Carl, your
friend in Limb Disposal."


Those look like my car keys.

Good call there, mate,
'cause they are your car keys.

I just thought I'd give that old
jalopy of yours a little wax and a rub.

Anything for my favorite boss.

That brown-noser.

Excuse me. Where's Admissions?

What the hell is that?

It's the old cornerstone from
Macon Bank on State Street.

We excavated it this morning.

That's very interesting, but
why are you bringing it here?

Well, if it isn't the
lovely Jordy Cavanaugh.

Must be my lucky day.

Nice setup you
got here, Blackie.

I'm sure you got
paperwork for all this liquor.

Feel free to check
it out, Detective.

Well, actually, we just want to talk to
one of your associates, Given Tolliver,

in connection with the
murder of Casey Dean.

Got a warrant?

Just want him to come down
and answer a few questions.

Go with them.
Don't make a scene.

Watch your fingers.

Why are you
mixed up in all this?

Selling drugs to college kids.

Wow, that's a new
low for even you.

I thought you just shook
down innocent bar owners.

that's just business, hon.

There's no telling what kind of
trouble your old man could get into

if I wasn't looking out for him.

If your prints are
anywhere near this murder,

I promise you I will find them.

Staying late to
impress the boss.

Not a bad idea.

No, it's not like that.

I thought we agreed that I'd
be the last one to leave tonight.

I need the brownie points.

Sorry, I'm just not
in a rush to get home.

Oh, the old avoiding
the parents shuffle, eh?

There's no way to avoid my dad,

especially when
he's got it in for you.


Did you do something wrong?

Yeah. I didn't become him.

No, no. I don't need a
deal on coffee beans.

I need you to deliver
my liquor by this Friday.

Yeah, Cavanaugh. Max.



BLACKIE: Careful,
careful, careful!

An old bar like this,

no telling how many
bodies are inside these walls.

Guess I should be flattered
that you came in person,

rather than sending
one of your boys.

Well, this is more
of a personal visit.

How personal?


I brought you a
bar-warming present.

We were little bad
asses, weren't we?

Sharks, every last one of us.

But we had each other's backs.

That was 1000 years ago, and
you didn't come here to reminisce.

So get to the point.

I want you to tell your daughter

to stop digging
into the Dean case.

Normally, it would be business,
but since you and me got history...

You come in here
threatening my child?

I'd never touch a
hair on that girl's head.

You misunderstand me.

I'm not threatening her, Max.

I'm threatening you.

Oh, you sure got brass ones.

You know you're
talking to a cop.

An ex-cop with a bad reputation.

Look at you, one drink
away from being a stereotype.

You raise a flag, who's
gonna come running?


Tell Jordan to back off,
and we got no problem.

You get the hell out of my bar.

Just remember, Max,

you're in my world now.

We found the drugs
right about there.

I told you, he wasn't
thrown from that high.

There's not enough
damage to the body.

All right, so, where then?

Well, uh, there.
Maybe even there.

What the hell is this?

Laser range finder.

Sort of remembered
you as a low tech gal.

That was before I got the toys.


These electronic pulse
generators emit a laser

which we aim at the bull's eyes,

and the distance is measured out

and shot right into here.

Now, I'll correct for our guy's
height and weight, et voilà!

RICK: So where'd
he come from then?

I checked the floor plan.

It must be 213 or 303.

I got a list of
everyone in the dorm.

Well, well, well. Check out 213.

Kieran Conroy.

As in Blackie Conroy's son.

It is a small world after all.

I thought it was just like a
quick little, "Hi, my name is..."

"And I love working
here 'cause" type thing.

Well, me too. In and
out in five minutes tops.

Yeah. Sure. If you're prepared

for that to be the last five
minutes of your career.

Did you sleep in those, mate?

My presentation is shaping
up to be a thing of beauty.

I've got charts,
I've got graphs,

I've got insects that'll
mate and die on command.

And you're trying
to keep your job?

Hey, whose '75 Ford Fairmont
is that in the parking lot?

Mine. Why do you ask?

Well, it was here
when I left last night.

When I got here in the morning,
it was in my parking spot.

Oh, I'm sorry. I must have
parked it there by mistake.

It's pretty dark when I
get here in the morning.

I'll move it right away.

All right, thanks.

Good morning. Hey.

He came in on the tube
with me this morning.

Said his battery
was flat, the little...

Hey, what happened
to all for one?

Yeah, well, there's another
musketeer saying that applies right now.

"All's fair in love and
war." And this is war.

I don't think the
musketeers said that.



I stopped by your
place last night.

Your apartment looked
nice, from the outside.

Didn't you get my message?

Sorry about that. I had
a lot of work to do here.

Well, don't tell me. A
life and death emergency,

minus the life and the
emergency part, right?

Right. So let me
show you around.

Well, actually, I have
a lecture in an hour.

In utero Myocardial
valve Reconstruction.

I thought I'd take you along.

I can't really leave
right now. We're...

They're cutting staff and
everybody's on edge about it.

You're on a fellowship. You've
got nothing to worry about.

I know that, but I need to
support. They're my friends.

Friends over family.
Why am I not surprised?

I'm leaving my practice.


Don't go, please.

Let go of me, okay.
You make me sick.

I don't know what came
over me, baby. Please!

Hey, take it easy. Hey,
take your hands off me!

Hey, Boston P.D., Homicide.

You Kieran Conroy?

Get your hands off me.

Or what? You gonna
toss me out a window?

Hey, Frazier.

Take a look at this.

So big deal, I
spilled some paint.

Well, whatever it
was, he bleached it out.

Nice try, kid. This
is a blood stain.

MACY: Just extricated
the pelvic bone.

Now able to ascertain
that this is the body of a...

Of a four to six-year-old
female, buried circa 1958,

the year the foundation was laid.
Cause of death not immediately apparent.

Hey. I tried to put
these on your desk,

but there wasn't a
whole lot of room, so...

Did you make those?

No. Wha...

I would never exploit this.

What? This. Us.

(STAMMERING) I want to work
here because I'm good at my job

and not because you like my

baked goods.


What's going on, Bug?

I was just wondering how the
evaluation process was going.

Well, you know I
can't talk about that.

Of course. Of course.
And I wouldn't try and

influence the
process in any way,

unlike some people.


The kind of people that try and get by
on fawning charm instead of hard science.

Well, I'll be sure
to keep my eye out

for anyone trying to
manipulate the system.


The feather beetle larvae.

Feather beetle?
Yeah, the carcass here.

This bug is quite
a little flesh eater.

It appears after three days, is
eaten by a larger larvae after six,

but the cement must have
stopped the cycle in its tracks.

So are you saying that before
this girl was put in the concrete,

she was laying around
somewhere for three days?

Not just somewhere.

The habitat range for
this particular subspecies

is a 20-mile radius in and
around the town of Saugus.

Thanks, Bug. That's a big help.

I've got to track down Nigel.

Hopefully he hasn't
left for the day.

Want to tell me how
you got those bruises?


It says here you
had a juvenile record,

but you've been clean
since you were 16.

Thanks for the merit badge.

Can I go?

You know, aside
from being a wise-ass,

it looks like you got
your act together.

So you want to tell me how a dead guy
took a header from your dorm room window?

I don't have anything to say.


Yeah, I'll be right there.

I'll be back in a minute.

You know, our dads used
to play together as kids.

Actually, I grew up a
few blocks from you.

Remember Killigan's
store, Cutter Street?

Man, I got into so
many fights over there.

So you're Irish and a hard ass.

Big deal. This is
Boston. Who isn't?

Oh, boy, you sure
sound like your dad.

Never too late to start
following in his footsteps, huh?

I am not my father.

Trust me, you
can't fight genetics.

Here's the apple. You didn't
fall far from the tree, did you?

I didn't do anything.

Shut the hell up!

Come on, you're
out of this place.

Excuse me, he's under arrest.

Charges have been dropped.

His man, Given Tolliver, just confessed
to pushing Casey Dean off the roof.

But he wasn't
pushed off the roof!

It seems the blood in the
kid's room was contaminated.

It could be anybody's.

There's nothing we can do!

Hey. Nice footwork back there.

Look, you can get all your
goons in your little army

to confess to
cover this kid's ass,

but he's not getting away with
murder, because I'm onto him.

You better watch your mouth.

Leave it alone, Dad.

It's done.

We're not done.

Attempting to extricate the skull
for possible facial reconstruction.

Sorry to interrupt, Dr. M., but
could I get your professional opinion?

Sure, what's up?

Does this look like
a spider bite to you?

I don't see anything.

Dangerous insects running
willy-nilly around a place of business,

anyone could fall victim.

How did you do that?

Oh, we call it the nutcracker.

One tap with the
right force and voilà.

Now, all we have to do

is make a mold of
the little girl's face.

See, if you pour liquid latex
in this, we can get a mask,

take a photo and put it on
the missing persons database.

That's good thinking, Nigel.

It's quicker than doing a facial
reconstruction from the skull.

Pardon me. I think this
is beginning to swell.

The answer is no. I'm not
taking over your practice.

Trey... I've been
telling you for years,

but you don't listen.

I'm not trying to be you.

You were too busy saving other
people's kids to worry about me,

and I'm supposed to drop
everything to follow in your footsteps?

Look, I came to tell you

I have no intention of giving
you my medical practice.

I'm letting your
brother take that over.


I gave up on you
so long ago, Trey.

But if you want to keep circling
the drain at the county morgue,

well, God be with you, but
I didn't come here to fight.

I do not have to
justify my life to you.

But you do have to
justify it to yourself.

Wow. Where'd the
fireplace come from?

It was behind the wall.

Well, the place looks great.

Whoa, three cases of beer.

I know the first couple of
nights might be a little slow.

I got this stuff myself.
All I could fit in my car.


You all right?

I had a run-in today
with Blackie Conroy.


His son is involved in this
murder case I'm working on.

I can't prove it yet.

Did he threaten you?

Don't worry. What's he gonna do?


MAX: Jordan!

You all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.


Boy, look at this place.

Look, I'm calling
the cops. No, no.

This is between me and Blackie.

You and Blackie? I'm
the one that he threatened.

Well, not exactly only you.

He came here yesterday, he
wanted you to stop snooping around.

Why didn't you tell me?

He owns this neighborhood, so
he thinks he owns me and you.

He's wrong.

You could have been
killed because of me.

See, this is why
I didn't tell you.

Don't worry about
me. Just do your job.

No, I can't. Not if it
puts your life in jeopardy.

I can take care of myself. You
go after Blackie. You nail him.

Yeah, easier said than done.

How do you get to a guy
who can't even be gotten to?

Through his weakness, his son.

Question is, how do
you get to the son?

Through his
weakness, his girlfriend.

The insect kingdom and the
kingdom of man have been at war

since the dawn of time.

Could we start a little further
along the evolutionary chain,

say around the
time you got hired?


It is the forensic entomologist

who is the liaison between
these two warring parties.

And I am such a man.

Hi. Hey. Halt.

Hi. I'm, uh, I'm just
dropping this off for Isabelle.

I can't let you in without
a student ID though.

Yeah, I know, I
know. I lost mine.

You're a student here?
Yeah, graduate work.

Oh, okay, yeah.

Massage therapy.

Say, what are you
doing Saturday night?


When and where?

Well, if you let me in, maybe
I'll let you know on my way out.



And in closing, I bring
you the Brazilian weevil.

The males of the species
both live and work in harmony,

successfully integrating
both their home and work lives

for the good of the colony.

MACY: Appears your peace-loving
weevils have devoured each other.

Someone put a
female in the tank.

They're man-eaters.

I've been sabotaged.

Who are you? What are you doing?

My name's Jordan Cavanaugh.

I work for the Medical
Examiner's Office.

We actually didn't get a chance
to officially meet the other day

at your boyfriend's place.

He's not my boyfriend.

At least not anymore.

Well, then I guess there's no reason
to protect him anymore, is there?

Is he in there? Who?

Judas reincarnate. Nigel.

Yeah, he went in
about 10 minutes ago,

but I think he's making a good impression
on them, because I heard them laughing.

I'll put a stop to that.

Thanks, we're out of
business... This is the man!

He's the one who
sabotaged my weevil display!

I did no such thing!
Gentlemen, please.

Oh, you think I wouldn't dust for
fingerprints, you weevil mangler.

Oh, great. So now you're
trying to get me fired?

Trying to get you fired? Hey!

Stop it, you guys!

I can't take this anymore!

Do you see what this is doing?

Are you happy, Mr. Granger?

I'm just doing my job.

Some job. I quit.

I didn't see him do it.

I walked in right after.

There'd obviously been some kind of
a fight and Kieran had killed the guy.

Casey Dean. Did you know him?

No, I'd never seen him before.

What did Kieran do
when he saw you?

He freaked.

Told me to hide
the lacrosse stick.

Said he was gonna call his dad
to help him get rid of the body.

That's when I knew I
had to get out of there.

Hey, uh...

I know this is difficult,

but I need to ask you why
you didn't call the police.

He'll kill me.

You will be protected, okay?

I promise you.

Dr. Macy, what are
you still doing here?

Trying to isolate
cause of death.

Thought your dad was in town.
What are you still doing here?

That's the question of the day.

Let me guess. He's busting your
chops for working in forensic pathology.

That's just it. For the
first time in his life, he isn't.

He's retiring, leaving
the practice to my brother.

All this time, it's been
all about me, you know?

Now all of a sudden it isn't, so
you're a soldier without a war, right?

Yeah, something like that.

Or maybe he's playing
a head game with me,

wants me to beg him for it.

I've been playing this
game my whole life.

He keeps pushing
me, I keep moving.

He can't just up and
change the rules like that.

It's not fair.

You know, being a
father's hard work, Trey.

It means having to be the bad guy a
lot of times. Maybe he's tired of fighting.

My dad couldn't even make
it through a whole round,

so he split when I was seven.

I didn't know. That's rough.

Yeah. Hated him for a long time,

but then I finally
had to stop reacting

to things that happened
to me 30 years ago.

That's just it.

I look around this place and I don't
know if I'm here because I want to be here

or because it's the one
place he didn't want me to be.

You know, it's the hardest thing in
the world to stop being someone's son

and to become your own man.

I'm still learning
that one myself.

Like being asked to
fire somebody. I hate it.

All I want to do is run like
my old man, far and fast.

But you don't.

Looks like neither of us
followed in our dad's footsteps.

These bones are
pretty calcified.

Yeah. Yeah, I noticed that.

Look at the x-ray. See
how dense they are?

She probably had osteopetrosis.

That's pretty rare.

Yeah, but I saw a case
during my pediatric residency.

It's usually found in
infants, but that kid was six.

So was she.


You're very good at what
you do and I'd hate to lose you.

MAN ON TV: In local
news, Kieran Conroy,

son of reputed Irish crime boss Blackie
Conroy, was taken into custody today

for the murder of alleged
drug dealer Casey Dean.

After initially
denying involvement,

Kieran Conroy
confessed to the murder,

claiming it was
self-defense. Authorities...

He confessed. Great. You
nailed the little son of a bitch.

Yeah, but I screwed
us royally with Blackie.


Something is still
bugging me about this,

but I can't put my finger on it.

Okay, well, play it
back in your mind.

I already have.

What doesn't fit?

Well, okay, let's
say I'm Isabelle.

If it all went down
the way I say it did,

I'm walking down the hallway.

I open his door.

I see my boyfriend Kieran,
standing over the body of a dead guy,

a guy I've never seen before.

And, man, is he pissed.

He's just snapped this
guy's neck with one blow.

And now he's looking at me.

He tries to shut me up, make
me get rid of the evidence.

Izzie, take this and go,
okay? Please, just go.

JORDAN: But, he needs more
than my help, so he calls dear old dad.

So what's wrong
with this picture?

The tattoo. How do I know Dean
has a tattoo? I've never met him before.

You saw him with his shirt
off. It got ripped in the fight.

No, but his shirt wasn't ripped.

Maybe his shirt wasn't
off when you saw him,

but then daddy's goon dressed him
before tossing him out of the window.

You know, there is another
way I could have seen that tattoo.

Dean and I were lovers.

We were pretty bold doing it
right here in my boyfriend's bed.

MAX: Kieran comes back.


But wait a minute. Kieran
was pretty beat up on the news.

You know, maybe
she wasn't being bold.

Maybe she had no choice.

Kieran was protecting her.

She was being raped.

MAX: Oh, this Dean kid, he starts
beating your boyfriend to a pulp.

the only thing I can.

Isabelle had the murder
weapon, motive and opportunity.

She did it.

And now Blackie's
son is covering for her.

I know what really happened.
Not what Isabelle told the police,

not what you told
your dad, but the truth.

What are you talking about?

I already copped
to killing the guy.

But you didn't kill
anybody. Isabelle did.

You don't have the first clue what you're
talking about, so leave her out of it.

I know when things like this happen
that sometimes people feel embarrassed.

Okay, they feel ashamed.

I'm not ashamed. I just...

Look, rape is an ugly crime.

Rape? There was no rape.

Dean loved me.

You and Dean? Izzie walked in on

what she shouldn't
have walked in on.

She went nuts.

She hit him.

Cracked his skull
with her lacrosse stick.

Then she went to town on you.

By the time I got her off me,

we realized Dean wasn't moving.

I just wanted to call the cops.

But she made you
call your dad instead.

She told me to
leave her out of it

or else she'd tell
my father everything.

So you'd rather go to prison than
have your dad know that you're bisexual?

If you have to
ask that question,

then you really
don't know my father.

You know, I could
just walk out of here

and tell the D.A.
everything you just told me.

You're not a cop or a lawyer.

I'll deny it. All you
got are theories.

And my story ain't changing.

You have the
forensics to back it up?

From the angle of the
blow to Casey's neck,

I'm pretty sure I can prove that he
was hit by someone of Isabelle's height.

Well, how sure are you?

That she did it, very.

That I can prove it, that's a little
more difficult. But you know what?

She doesn't need to know that.

What are you saying?
Kieran Conroy's in jail

for a crime he didn't
commit because he's scared

that she's gonna tell
his dad that he's gay.

But if Isabelle thinks we've
got her nailed forensically...

Why, Detective Frazier, are
you telling me that you would lie

to a suspect to
get a confession?

How surprisingly amoral of you.

It's common police procedure.

I owe you one.

Lily, we need to talk.

Dr. Macy, this is Claude Manning.
This is Sara Manning's father.

Hi. The little girl
from the building.

But how did you find him?

I ran a search on reported
cases of osteopetrosis

in Boston in 1958. Right.

Then I made some phone calls.

I hear you have my little girl.

She was buried in
concrete, Mr. Manning.

Did you put her in there?

47 years ago, come July.

Yeah. They called it marble
bone disease back then.

See, there was no cure for it,

but I spent every
dime I had on my Sara.

Yeah, I lost my house,
my car and my job.

I lost my little girl.

Why did you put her
remains in cement?

Well, I couldn't
afford to bury her.

And then I thought
of the Egyptians

building pyramids
to honor their dead.

And I've looked at this skyline
for over 40 years, Doctor,

and I've thought of my
little girl every single day.

And then last
week, she was gone.

Do you think I could see her?


What are you trying to tell me?

Stay away from my
family or your son rots in jail

for something he didn't even do.

Wait a second. What do you know?

He's covering for someone. I know
who, I know how and I know why.

So leave my dad alone
or I bury the truth so deep

it'll never see
the light of day.

You would never lie, especially in
court. I know you better than that.

When someone messes with my dad,

suddenly my ethics
go right out the window.

You're bluffing.

Try me.

There's the Irish in you.

Okay, here's the deal.

You get my son out of jail,

and you, Max, the bar, all safe.

Swear on your son?

I swear. Now,
where's the evidence?

Sorry, it's going
straight to the police.

Whoa, whoa. Hold it!

You can't just walk
out of here. Tell me.

I think your son
better tell you.

But when he does, just remember
that you almost lost him today.

Don't make the
same mistake twice.

Listen, Lily, I
can't let you resign.

Someone's got to go, Garret.

If it's not me, it's...
No, no, no, no, trust me.

This place needs
someone like you.

But you've got to fire
someone, Garret...

It's no longer a problem. I've
already figured out what I'm gonna do.

You see, I've got
15 years of tenure.

They wouldn't have to pay
my replacement nearly as much.

That should satisfy
the circling vultures.

You mean you're quitting?

You can't do that.
This place needs you.

This place needs someone
who'll protect the staff.

If my leaving can save all
your jobs, then I've done my job.

Look at me.

It's gonna be all right.


Hey, what's going on?

Oh, there you are.
Dr. Macy just quit.


Rather than fire any one
of us, he's gonna resign.

Well, never gonna happen.

Besides, they're probably gonna
fire me since I'm the only one

who didn't even show
up for the evaluation.

So, hey, problem solved.

Oh, would you just
come off of it, Jordan?

We all know that this place and this job
mean as much to you as they do to us,

so stop acting
like you don't care!

I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to snap at you. I just...

No, you're right.

Like it or not, we're a family.

So, now we got to figure out
how to keep this family together.

Cutting staff is
never easy, Dr. Macy.

But I have done an analysis,

and the most expendable
member of your staff...

Guys, we're in the
middle of something here.

We know. I just brought
the report that you asked for.

What report? The one detailing

all the expenditure that we
cut from the yearly budget,

totaling an amount of one
salaried employee with benefits.

Nigel, you agreed to give up...

Please, don't say it out loud.

It makes my stomach
churn to think of it. But yeah.

And we can get that
larvae incubator next year.

I've discovered that Trey's old
gym socks are a perfect substitute.

A endless supply of which I'm
ready to donate to the cause.

And who needs vacation days,

you know, when every day
here is like a day at the beach?

See, everyone gave up something.

But if you still need more
cuts, we'll all dig deeper.

We'll do what we have to do.

I don't know what to say.
Except here you go, Mr. Granger.

It's not that easy, Dr. Macy.

Well, it could be if you let it.

Hey, Dad. I didn't
expect to see you here.

Just wanted to say my goodbyes.

I didn't want to
leave it like we left it.

I appreciate that.

So, did you think
about what I asked you?

About why I do what I do?


I realized that what I love about this job
doesn't have a damn thing to do with you.

You save lives and that's great.

But somebody's got to speak for
the dead, and right now that's me.

What I do brings
closure to people's lives,

puts criminals behind bars,
brings families back together.

Now, maybe I can't count
the number of lives I've saved,

but what I do is important.

I can see that.

And you've got a good fellowship.
And it all ends in two months.

So what are you gonna do then?

I'll have some tough
choices to make.

But for now, I'm where
I'm supposed to be.

Take care, son.

Listen, we're gonna go grab a
drink to celebrate. You coming?

Yeah. All right.


Well, at least
there are six of you.

Oh, come on. It takes a
while, you know? Yeah.

Yeah, you get a
few regulars at first,

then after a couple months,
a little word of mouth.

Yeah, trust me. I think I
could help you out on that.

I know plenty of heavy drinkers.

Oh, there's a shock.

Hey, what's a guy got to do to
get a drink in this chicken shack?

Hey, how you doing?

Good, good.


Can you really afford to
lose another brain cell?

Don't you worry, my friend.

Not only is my intelligence
not paralyzed by alcohol,

but I actually get
smarter with every sip.

Well, it's true, it's true.

By the time I'm piss drunk,
my IQ reaches genius level.

I saw a smile. Saw a smile.

Does that mean that we're
friends again, Buggles?

When will you be able to afford
the therapy you so desperately need?

With the pay cut I took
today, not any time soon.

Tell me about it.



I'll take that. Sure.

Now we have a party.

MACY: Cheers.

My daughter.


Went up against the
devil for her old man.

Would you have really let his
kid rot in jail if he didn't back off?

Well, luckily, we'll
never have to find out.

I would like... Hello,
excuse me, everybody.

Excuse me, everybody!

I would like to propose a toast.
Okay, number one, to my dad.

ALL: Yeah! MAX: Thank you.

Okay, to all of us.
Thank you for coming.

And also, number one, to family.

ALL: To family.

WOMAN: Yeah!