Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 16 - Lost and Found - full transcript



What are you doing?
Running assignments.

Homicide in Dorchester.

No, I mean that cheerful sound
you're making with your mouth.

My Favorite Things, Coltrane.

I've known you
eight years, Garret.

Never once have I known
you to hum a happy tune.

Go to Dorchester.

Look, I gave Lily a ride home
last night. She seemed a little down.

Really, what'd she say?
Nothing about you, which is a first.

So what's the deal with the ex?

There's no deal.
We're communicating.

Vertically or horizontally?
That's very funny.

Dr. Macy, I'm
sorry to interrupt,

but we just got a call
on a dead teenager

and Dr. Sanders was up
next so I gave him the file.

Okay, Lily, thanks.

The thing is, it's this... It's
a student from Loyola High.

That's Abby's school.



Never been so glad to see you.

Remember Dr. Sanders?

Hey. Damon's dead, Dad.

I talked to him this morning,
he was fine. Damon?

Damon Tremaine.

I met him in ninth grade in summer
session. He's such an amazing guy.

They said he was fine one second
and then he just fell down and died.

Listen, you just try
to take it easy, okay.

I need to go do my
job. I'll be right back.

I'm Dr. Macy from
the M.E.'s Office.

My associate, Dr. Sanders.

Jim Evans. I run the basketball
program here at Loyola.

What happened? We
were running a full court drill.

Damon crossed half-court
and he hit the deck.

I thought he had sprained
his ankle, but he didn't get up.

Was he breathing when you got to him?
We tried CPR until the paramedics arrived.

I just can't believe
this could happen.

I read about this guy.

He was one of the top high
school players in the state.

All right, listen,
let's just run the

basics and get a wagon
down here fast, okay?

Hey, Eddy. What's
up? What have we got?

Single gunshot to the back
of the head, execution style.


No. No wallet, no keys,
nothing. No witnesses either.

Of course, a half a dozen
people heard the gunshot, but...

My guess is the shooter took
off through that alley over there.

Small caliber.

Oh, must have
come here to score.

That and a little grocery shopping.
He had this bag here with him.

Ah, milk and heroin.

That's the breakfast
of champions, right?

He probably lived in one of
these flophouses around here

where the junkies
shoot up, sleep and eat.

In that order.

Of course, that's in between
changing diapers, right?

ABBY: How could he be dead?

I mean, he's a month
younger than I am.

How could this have happened?

I won't know until
I examine him.

Damon was the best
player that Loyola ever had.

Every college in the
country was after him.

Did you know him well?

I didn't date him if that's
what you're asking. It isn't.

I'm sorry.

I used to hang with him a lot
before he became a basketball god

and started spending every second
either practicing or lifting weights.

He used to hassle me about
not having everything figured out.

God, he knew exactly
what he wanted.

(SIGHING) Listen, are you
going to be okay? I got to go.

Call you as soon
as I know something.

Okay. All right.


I found this on the
upstairs table, at Mom's.


Look, Abby, your mom's been going through
a tough time since Walter left, and I...

You don't need to explain.
Well, no, I know. It's just...

No, Dad. I'm a big girl

and I understand and
I'm totally cool with it.

You are? Sure. Why not?

I have plenty of friends whose
parents have split then hooked back up.

It's no biggie. Call me later?


JORDAN: Ever see
one of these before?

Membranous hind wings,
dentated legs, clavated antenna?

Where'd you find it?

Pulled it off the shoe of a
dead junkie in Dorchester.

Can it help me find
out who killed him?

Let me look into it.

Thank you. Thank you.

Nice hat. Thanks.

Well, what do you think?

You're a vision of idiocy.

You mean you're not even the
least bit curious about the hat?

Uh, no.

Come on, insectus, take a guess.

Mentally deranged chimney sweep?

Close, in that I will be sweeping
away the soot and cobwebs

to explore our collective

It's my mate's business.

I'm taking over while
he's away in Barbados.

See, the topper is so the
tourists can pick me out in a crowd.

What, that's been
a problem before?

Look, see. Boston
Fright-seeing Tour.

Haunted history, ghostly byways.

Add yourself and you've
got a horror hat trick.

Add forty bucks a head
and you got a new Porsche.


Is that a dog?

New admit.

Oh, okay. A, it's alive
and B, I am not a vet.

Not the dog. Her.


Bless you. Oh, I'm...

Oh, allergic. Sorry.

This little guy
was found with her.

She was walking him in Cambridge
Common when she passed away.

There's no identification.

All right, then let's get her
into Trace and run some prints.

What about him?

Oh, I defer to ancient Korean
wisdom when it comes to dogs.

Which is?

They inspire longevity
and good health.

Oh, did you hear that?

(DOG WHINING) As part of a
complete nutritious breakfast.

Just get him out of here.

Mrs. Tremaine, I'm Dr. Macy.

I'd like to offer my condolences
for the loss of your son.

Thank you.

We'll be performing an
autopsy this afternoon.

Is there anything
you can tell me about

Damon's medical history
that would be helpful?

He was fine. He hadn't missed
a day of school in three years.

My daughter Abby goes to Loyola.

She said that Damon
was a great kid.

He was a popular
boy. Sweet, smart.

Everything was going great
until that man got a hold of him.

You mean Coach Evans?

That bastard's responsible
for my son's death.

What makes you say that?

Damon loved to play basketball.

And I supported it as long
as his grades were good.

But Evans had him practicing
morning, noon and night.

Wind sprints, special
diets. Who knows what else?

If there's anything unusual about Damon's
death, I can assure you we'll find it.

If we're lucky, we'll
know more tonight.

If I was lucky, my
son would still be alive.

Hey. Still no luck on missing
persons. Find anything?

Yeah, one strange thing.

She's wearing an outfit
that costs more than my car.

Well, she was found on
Cambridge Commons.

There's a lot of rich
folks around there.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Then I looked at
her hands. Whoa.

These are working hands, years
of harsh chemicals, manual labor.

Self-made woman?

Or maybe just a maid.


Bless you.

Is that mutt still here?

Animal Control took him an hour
ago. She's got some hair on her jacket.

If she's a maid, how come
she's wearing Chanel?

I'm guessing hand-me-downs.

Let's start calling all the
household help agencies,

see if anyone didn't show
up for work this morning.



Oh. I got your page.
What's the emergency?

No emergency. Just thought
I'd keep you in the loop.

Since when do you
keep me in the loop?

Well, I figured I'd spare you
the whole going behind my back,

being obnoxious routine you
normally resort to, you know.

Oh, well, when
you put it that way.

So, what have we got?

Nailed the shooter
in the John Doe case.

Oh, wow. That was fast.

His name is Keith
Walker, small-time dealer.

The guy had the keys,
the wallet, everything.

Killed the man
for twelve dollars.

Has he confessed?

Not yet. He lawyered up.


Well, I ran the victim's prints.
His name's Chris Vanders.

Yeah, yeah, so did we. Not
much of a record, though.

He's got possession charges
for cocaine, heroin. That's it.

Have you located the mother and the
baby yet? We sent a unit to the address.

They're on their way in.
This part never gets easier.

That poor kid's going to
grow up without a father.

Some father.

Hey, it's not all black
and white, Jordan.

I didn't realize you were
such a bleeding heart. I'm not.

I'm just saying the guy's
life was complicated.

I mean, come on, he was
buying dope and diapers?

I'd say he was a bit
conflicted. "A bit"?

A junkie, I can deal with, but a junkie
with a kid, that kind of pisses me off.

I'm just giving him the
benefit of the doubt, that's all.

Detective Winslow,

this is Tanya Vanders,
Chris Vanders' wife.

Hi, Mrs. Vanders.
I'm Detective Winslow.

This is Jordan Cavanaugh. She's the
medical examiner assigned to the case.


Where's Amy? I'm sorry?

My baby.

He had my baby.

He came by whenever
he was clean, to see Amy,

you know, and yesterday he
showed up about two o'clock.


He said he'd watch her
while I did some errands.

And when I came
back, they were gone.

And then I got a call from the
police saying Chris was dead.

We know about his heroin use. He
was found in a known drug neighborhood.

Any idea why he'd
take the baby there?

I don't know. He did
lots of crazy things.

Any idea who his dealers were?


Look, we're going to
canvas the neighborhood

where he was found,
get the press involved.

If she's alone, no one
will be taking care of her.

Will she be okay?

Tell me the truth,
Dr. Cavanaugh. How much time?

We will find her
as soon as we can.

As soon as we know anything,
we'll call you. I promise.

Do you have someplace to go?


Why don't you come with me?

I can take you
back to my office.

Maybe you could
get some rest there.

Thank you.

Here we go, my
darlings. As promised,

the spooky saloon,
the gruesome groggery,

the petrifying public house.


Yes, scary, yeah.



Nigel. Mmm-hmm.

Can I have a word? Certainly,
certainly. One moment, my darlings.


Right, yeah, what?

Who are these
people? Terror tour.

And you found
them where, exactly?

Waiting around for one
of those dull-as-dishwater

Paul Revere Slept
Here snore buses.

I offered them an alternative.

You stole an international tour?

I prefer the term
"diverted," but yeah.

Look, the joint's
closed until dinner,

so why don't you take these
people back to their bus?

Because they're expecting chilling
tales from the haunted tavern.

Come on,

I bet you're a regular gay raconteur
when you get going, hey? Hey?

I have my moments. The
problem is the place isn't haunted.

Yeah, well, these people
are looking to be entertained,

not write a bloody
master's thesis.

You want me to spin some line of bull
to these people about ghosts in the bar?

Weave an alternate
history is all I ask.

What's in it for me?

Twenty hungry, thirsty Germans.

Bratwurst and beer ring a bell?



Hey, we got a match on
Jane Doe's dental records.

Her name was Hilda Ruiz.

Good. Next of kin?

Well, I got a number in San Miguel
de Allende, Mexico. I talked to her sons.

She worked as a domestic
in Cambridge for eight years.

And her employers
didn't report her missing?

Maybe they figured she
was just taking a sick day?

(SIGHING) She needed more than
a sick day. Her lungs were a mess.

Tons of scar tissue.

Do you have any idea why?

Eight years up close and
personal with cleaning chemicals.

She might as well have
been working in a mine.

Can her children arrange
for her body to be sent home?

She sent money every month
to Mexico to support them.


Did her sons have a contact
number for the family she worked for?

Maybe I should go to the source.

You said she was found
in Cambridge Common?


It's time to go knock
on some doors.

MAX: The bloody hook
came closer and closer.

And he knew the vengeance of
the pirate ghost was upon him.

Woo! Bravo.


Thank you, barkeep Cavanaugh.
That was quite the tale of horror.


Friday night, Scooby
Doo rerun, right?

Never miss an episode.

(CHUCKLING) That's brilliant.


Well, thanks again for
the brew and the blarney.


Oh, no. Their tab's settled.
I double-checked it myself.

Oh, they're all settled. You
still owe me a speaker's fee.

Oh, but...

Come back any time.


MACY: Most cases of sudden
death are due to cardiac arrest.

But that wouldn't explain the
low body temp I got at the scene.

Since time of death isn't
an issue. What about drugs?

I ordered a tox screen.
Jugular veins were distended,

heart's enlarged.

Looks to be.


I used to run eight or nine games a
day in the hot sun when I was his age.

Felt invincible. Bet
he felt the same.

Well, you know, when
you're a kid, you never

think you're pushing
yourself too hard.

If you want to go all the
way, you got no choice.

That sounds like the
voice of experience.

I played ball as a
freshman at Cal.

At Berkeley? You must
have been pretty damn good.

Yeah, I could play.

But once I decided to go
pre-med, something had to give.

This kid never even
got to make the choice.

This is the nicest
room we've got.

The rest of the place can be pretty
creepy when you're not used to it.

Hey, can I get you something
to eat or drink? I'm okay, thanks.

Amy. That's a very pretty name.

Yeah, we named her
after my grandmother.

She's usually napping by now.

I finally got her on one of those schedules
they talk about in the baby books.

It's hard being on your own.

My dad raised me alone.

I'm sure there were times
when he wished I wasn't around.

No, he didn't.

Just find her.


So, what'd you guys find?

Well, there's some dusty residue
embedded into the soles of his shoes.

Okay, get me a sample.
Nigel, can you run that?

Yeah, sure.

I feel terrible for that woman.

I feel even worse for the baby.

What about that beetle I found?

Ah, well, traditionally, it is found in
warmer regions of the Eastern Seaboard,

in Georgia, Louisiana,
the deep South.

But at some point last night, Chris
Vanders stepped on a beetle nest.

In the deep South?
No, probably not,

but someplace very warm.

The female doryphora
only lays her eggs

in temperatures above
eighty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

That could be
anywhere with a heater.

And one of the fibers on his pants leg is a
wool commonly used in industrial carpets.

feature being its color.

What color exactly?

Puke green.

So I did some checking, and based
upon the weave and the fabric grain,

the manufacturer appears to
be an industrial firm in Arlington.

Now, it's used mainly in hotels.

That's a long shot. How
many hotels in Boston proper?

(CHUCKLING) I don't know.

But I've got a feeling
I'm about to find out.

Thanks for picking me up. I
was just too freaked out to drive.

Well, you know, it's tough to
lose someone you care about.

It's just so weird

how one second they can be
laughing and smiling, and then the next...

Tell me, did Damon ever talk about
taking performance-enhancing drugs?

You know, amphetamines,
steroids or anything like that?

Everyone knows that some of the
jocks take drugs to help them play better.

Did Damon take them?

He didn't say and I didn't ask.

I do know that Coach
Evans is a banner freak.

Basketball championships,
he lives for them.

Word is that he looks the other way
if players want to improve their game.

This just feels
like a bad dream.

I'm sorry about your friend.

He had such big plans,
college and then pro basketball.

And then he was going to go
into business like Magic Johnson.

So maybe we could do
something this weekend,

catch some jazz,
maybe see a movie.

How's that sound?

You mean like you, me
and Mom, the three of us?

I didn't really think about it. But
maybe, I mean, I suppose we could...

I would, but I have other plans.

We're really upset about Damon,

so some of us wanted to go up to
Kyle's house in Maine and just chill out.

Kyle? Now, is that the kid with the
pierced tongue and the lizard tattoo?

It's a python. Oh.

your mom okay this?

Not yet, but she'll
be cool with it.

Plus, it'll give you
two some alone time.


Never mind.

Lily, you need to get
me that damn dog.

I thought you were allergic.

Hey. That's him.

I found this on a telephone
pole near the Common.

I called them four
times about their missing

housekeeper and they
wouldn't return my calls.

What are you going
to do with the dog?

I'm going to make the
little mutt earn his keep.

We've come up with a list of possible
hotels your husband stayed in last night.

Any of these ring a bell?

Yeah, Manchester Hotel.

Must have dragged him out of there
half a dozen times when he was high.

CLERK: Nope. Are you sure?

Told you, I haven't
seen either of them.

You understand
there's a baby missing.

That her father's last whereabouts
were two blocks from this hotel.

Hey, look, people
pay for privacy here.

I mind my own business.

Listen, moron, a man's
dead, his kid is sick

somewhere and you're
being a complete...

Jordan, Jordan, let's
show some tact here.

Okay, the way I see
it, you got two choices.

You either help us or I call in a
sweep search of this entire place.

No telling what you
got going on here, pal.

Search like that takes,
I don't know, ten days.

Of course, we close you
down in the meantime.

Yeah, well, you can't shut me down.
This place is on the historical register.

I'll make sure to stick a flag out
front when I bolt the door. Come on.

Okay, I seen him.

He's been here two
weeks, room 207.

Did he have a baby
with him? I don't know.

Look, all I know is that
he owes me a week's rent.

When he didn't show up
yesterday, I padlocked the door.


She's gone.


Over here.



Hold it right there, ma'am.

Who are you
people? Boston Police.

Ma'am, Boston Police. We...


There's been a mix-up,
ma'am. Very sorry.

There's a lot of other names
on that list. We should get going.

Okay. What...

I'm sorry.

How's she holding up?

She'll be a lot better
when we find her kid.

We canvassed the
neighborhood where he was killed,

checked every hospital, day-care
center and nursery in the area.

That list of his
friends we got? Yeah?

No leads.

So, what? You just
going to give up?

You've known me too long to say
something like that to me, Jordan.

You know how this works.

The force has only so
many man hours it can

devote to finding a
junkie's kid, I'm sorry.

Look, the longer she is out there, the
less chance we have of finding her alive.

We better catch a break 'cause
she could be anywhere. Oh, well...

Hey, hey, hey. Don't go getting
all self-righteous on me here, okay?

I'm not the bad guy on this one.

Look, I'm not giving
up on this baby.


Mr. and Mrs. Hildebrant,

this is Dr. Vijayaraghaven-

Your office said it was urgent.

I have something you lost.

Pomegranate. Oh, sweetie...
Where did you find him?

Oh, attached to the wrist of
your deceased housekeeper,

Mrs. Ruiz.

Remember her?

(SCOFFS) What, you don't remember
the woman you stepped over for eight years

as she buffed your
mahogany floors?

How did you know
we had... Nitrobenzene.

Puts a real nice shine on your
hardwoods and on your lungs.

I'll bet you didn't even spring
for health insurance, did you?

No, of course not. She wasn't any more
important to you than a mop or a broom.

One goes, get another
one to replace it.

Well, you may not have

afforded her
much dignity in life,

but if you're any kind
of human beings...


believe what I saw. And as
I felt the ghostly apparition,

a seductive siren song calling
me from beyond the grave,

I was imbued with the
power of the necromancers.

When are we going to
see the face in the bucket?

Steady on, sir. The world of the
undead must be allowed to unfold.

How about a potty break then?
We been hoofing it two hours now.

Look, look, you're going to
get your face in the bucket

and your W.C. all
in good time, okay?


Now, where was I? Oh, yeah,
right. The lady from the bog.

The year, 1789.

Hello, Dr. Macy.

Did you leave your resignation on my
desk or were you planning on mailing it in?

We were just leaving.

Okay, next on our tour, Lizzie
Borden's favorite hamburger stand.

Tox screen on
Damon Tremaine. And?

Trace evidence of ephedrine.

That could have caused
Damon's heart failure if he had

some kind of
congenital abnormality.

I want you to check out this
kid's medical history. Sure.

Where are you going?

Have a word with Damon's coach.


Does it really cost 10,000
dollars to send a body to Mexico?

I may have rounded it up
eight thousand dollars or so.

A bonus for her kids.

That's nice.

Nah, anyone would
have done the same.

Oh, I don't know about that.

I do know one thing, though.

Yeah, what?

When you were reading the Hildebrants
the riot act, you didn't sneeze once.

BOY: Go, shoot!


Excuse me, Coach Evans.


Doctor... Macy.


So, I'm surprised to see your
guys back on the court so soon.

Yeah, it was their idea.

They figured Damon would
have wanted us to keep working.

That's the kind of kid he was.

It's a real tragedy.


All right, all right,
that's it. Let's call it.

I'll see you guys
at 7:00 a.m. sharp.

So I understand he was
a big part of your team.

Could have been a
major division-one player.

Definitely had a shot
at the pros. Wow.

Have you figured out
what happened yet?

We suspect heart failure
aggravated by the use of ephedrine.

I can't believe Damon would
have messed around with that junk.

You know, there are
rumors that you encourage

your players to use
performance-enhancing drugs.

What? How dare you come in here pointing
fingers at me. Who do you think you are?

Now, I don't let my
players use drugs, period.

Blood tests don't lie.

Neither do badly-healed
stress fractures.

If you're asking me if I pushed Damon
hard, you bet your sweet ass I did.

My players learn to push
themselves to be the best.

It's the only way to
succeed, on the court or off.

Did you know that Damon
had a congenital heart defect?

What the hell are you
talking about? Yeah.

Vigorous exercise could be risky,
especially in the presence of ephedrine.

If there were something wrong with
Damon, I would have known about it.

You sure as hell should have.

And if I find out that you did, you've
coached your last game at this school

or anywhere else.

Word to the wise,

octogenarian day
trippers, terrible tippers.

I'll keep that in mind.

Oh, I just got your tox screen
and blood test results back.

Vanders was clean.

What do you mean? I mean he
didn't have any drugs in his system.

Hadn't touched any for at
least a month, maybe longer.

What about the fresh
track mark on his arm?

Well, the chap didn't
have much money.

Maybe he was giving
blood. It's twenty bucks a pop.

And the hairs on his body?

Let me see.

Six of them... Six of them belong to
Chris Vanders. One of them wasn't his.

But whoever it belongs to was a very
heavy user of both cocaine and heroin.

Any other markers on it?

Let's see.

The hair was long, red, came
from a woman, twenties to thirties.

EDDY: All right, thanks a lot.


Dispatcher heard the name
Vanders, kicked it up to my office.

Got here as soon as I could.

What happened?

Unit cruised by.

Found her passed out, syringe
and a dime bag next to her.


I've been looking at
this all wrong, Eddy.

Chris Vanders wasn't
trying to steal his baby.

He was trying to save her.

The drug dealer didn't confess
before. Why should he now?

EDDY: I might not have stressed
to him the importance of cooperation.

Besides, let's face
it, he's all we got.

Now, what do you want?

EDDY: Need to ask you
a few more questions.

Yeah, well, I already told you.

Yeah, I don't say anything
my lawyer don't tell me to.

Your lawyer's not here.

Nice try. I know my rights.

This isn't about Chris Vanders.

There's a baby missing.

And what's that
got to do with me?

I'm not screwing around.

We know the wife was the addict.

Yeah, you're so smart,
what do you need me for?

I'm going to tell
you this one time.

I don't know if I can bust you for
Vanders' murder, but I guarantee,

if that baby dies, you're
going away for life.

All right.

I sold to the mother
that day. Satisfied?

She have the baby with her?


She was so strung out, she
didn't know which end was up.

She was begging.

She actually offered to give
me the kid for a dime bag.

So what'd you do? What the
hell am I going to do with a baby?

You know, she was pathetic.

I mean, I was actually going to
give her a fix just to get rid of her.

So, you know, I'm in the middle of
making some kind of arrangement.

You know what I'm saying? When,
wham, I get popped from behind, right?

And this guy starts kicking me.

And then she starts in on
him, and they're both going at it,

and he's screaming
at her about the baby.

What's he saying? I don't know,

something about her
being an unfit mother.

Look, I'm just... I was just
trying to make a living, man.

I get up and I get out of there.

You see him take the
baby? No. I told you. I just left.

What about later?

When? When? Later.
You saw him later.

He came back, he bought
groceries. That guy kicked your ass.

He couldn't get
away with that, huh?

You did what you had to do to
protect your street name, right?

Reach into your
pocket, grab your gun.


I told you I ain't talking about
that part without my lawyer.


I don't care about your lawyer.

Did he have the baby?



Sit down.


Remind me never to piss you off.

Yeah, a lot of good it did us.

We're not one step closer
to finding the kid. Well...


Aye! Cavanaugh.

Yeah, I made a few calls about that
residue on Chris Vanders' sneakers.

Yeah, what about it?

It's brick dust.

Did you call the company and
ask where they've been used?

You see, that's just it. The company
that imported them went out of business

a hundred and fifty years ago.

So whatever building he was walking
around in, well, you do the math.

Okay, thanks, Nige.

I think we just got a break.

JORDAN: He wanted to
hide the baby from Tanya.

He wanted someplace
safe and warm.

Yeah, so?

Doryphora decemlineata.

It's a bug we pulled off the
bottom of Chris Vanders' shoe.

You only find it in places
over eighty-five degrees.

Huh. Hey. Over here.

JORDAN: Where's your furnace?


Hey, hello. Come on.

Yes, hello, Amy. How are you?

Huh, you okay? Hmm?


I know, I know.

You said you had more
information on my son?

Yes, he died of
arrhythmic hypertension.

What is that?

Damon's heart was several
ounces heavier than normal.

Combine that with the
ephedrine we found in his system,

add vigorous exercise and you
have a recipe for heart failure.

Are you saying Damon
was taking drugs?

I'm afraid so. We also
got his medical records.

Damon's pediatrician
diagnosed an irregular heartbeat.

You authorized a visit
to a heart specialist.

Your signature's
on the consent form.

I knew about his problem.

But when he started at Loyola,

his condition was never reported
to Coach Evans or the school doctor.

Why is that?

That was Damon's decision.

He didn't want to risk
his basketball career.

If the coaches had known about his problem,
he may not have a basketball career,

but he would still be alive.

He was a very ambitious boy.

He saw basketball
as the key to his future.

He begged me not to
tell the school doctor.

And why'd you listen?


Damon was strong-willed.

You know how kids are.

They get their mind set on something
and they steamroll you until you give in.

I let him convince me that he
was an adult, that he knew best.


I'll have to live with that
mistake for the rest of my life.

Chris's parents have agreed
to take custody of Amy.

If you try to contest it, Lieutenant
Winslow's going to file drug charges.

I won't contest it.

(SIGHING) Get yourself
in a rehab program.

It's never too late
to be a good parent.

Chris proved that.

I'm really going to try.

I promise.

Well, I'm not the one you
should be making promises to.

Total low blow, Garret.

It's nice to see you, too.

You called Mom and told her
not to let me go to Maine with Kyle.

We decided it
wasn't a good idea.

You guys decided.
Hello? What about me?

Don't I get a
vote? Actually, no.

Right, it's just my life and
why should I have a say in it?

Look. We know that Damon's
death really upset you,

but we just thought that an
unsupervised weekend in Maine...

You guys start hooking
up and you gang up on me.

I know the idea of me and your mom seeing
each other must be very confusing to you.

Not really.

Okay, well, you
need to understand

that no matter what goes on
between us, we both love you.

And until you're 18, we're going to
decide what we think is best for you.

Right, so let me get this straight. You
and Mom get to do whatever you want

and I still get
treated like a child.

No offense, Garret,
but that really sucks.

I'm sorry you feel that way.

Oh, and Abby,

next time you call me Garret,
you're grounded for a month.

Max, can I get a scotch
neat, the good stuff, please?

You got it.

So, my daughter
driving you nuts?

Not yours, mine.

Abby, right? Yeah.

How old is she? Seventeen.

Have a double. On me.

Tough age, 17.

They're right on the brink of being able
to tell you to shove it and they know it.

Right. Jordan must have
been a handful at that age.

With Jordan, this
stage started at eleven.

And when did it end?

I'm still waiting.


You know, the thing
is, she's a great kid.

She's so much like her
mom. For better and for worse.

Tell me about it.

With Abby, I don't know.
I'm watching her grow up

so sure of what she wants
and who she is. Meanwhile,

I'm less and less
sure of who I am.

Well, the good news is your
daughter knows even when you don't.

Yeah, good point.

So, what are you boys up to?

Just a little father talk.

Uh-huh. Look, I thought you decided
you were going to take down that

ridiculous bikini team
poster by the ladies' room.

No, actually, you
did. I think it's kind of...

Yeah, hideous.
I'm taking it down.

See? Still waiting.


And for the hero of the day,

a gin gimlet.


Well, the real hero is in a
refrigerated container at Logan Airport,

tagged to Guadalajara.

My dad

had an engineering degree from
the Punjab Institute of Technology.

You never told me
your dad was a scientist.

Yeah, but when he came here, he had
to work two jobs to support our family.

A counterman at a deli
and a grade-school janitor.

Oh, that must have
been hard for him.

Yeah, I'm sure it was.

But he never showed it.

A man with an IQ of 185,

happy to slap mustard on
turkey sandwiches all day

and clean toilets all night.

Just so his kids could
live the American dream.

You get to spend your days surrounded
by insects and people that care about you.

I'd say he got his wish.


You going to admit I was
right? JORDAN: About what?

Chris Vanders.

The whole benefit of the doubt.

Oh, that.

Yeah. Sure, why not?


What, you're going
to fold just like that?

It was the baby, wasn't it?

What about it? Yeah.

Yeah, got to you.

Softened you up
a little bit, huh?

Get out of here.
What? I'm serious.

You looked good
holding that baby.

Maybe you should think about
popping one out, you know?

Think maybe I should
pop my foot up your ass.




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