Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 13 - Miracles & Wonders - full transcript

A homeless man is found dead in a church, which challenges Jordan's views on faith while she tries to find a rational explanation for the mysterious circumstances.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

You never called last weekend.

I'm sorry, Lily.

Is it because I didn't ask
you up the other night?

Something came up.


My daughter Abby got
suspended from school again.


We've decided to go to
counseling, starting this morning,

you know, try to figure out a way
to keep from killing each other. I...

Hmm. Prepared some notes.

How thorough. Mmm.

Look out. Comin' through.

Hey, save me a glazed.

Somebody sent us donuts.

Who sent donuts? No
one sends us anything.

Well, you know, that
hit and run yesterday?

They're from his wife.
He owned a donut shop.

Just what I need,
something fattening

and sugary on an empty stomach.

This has been the
morning from hell.

My car wouldn't start. I
had to take a taxi here.

I think I'm getting
a sore throat.

How did we do last night?

Seventeen. Seventeen?

Seventeen. Mmm-hmm.

It's a new record, actually.

I mean, not including the
major catastrophes, of course.

It's the planets. Hey,
I heard there's donuts.

What about 'em?

I'm hungry. She's
talking about the planets.

Oh, you haven't
heard? Heard what?

The Saturn Effect.
Next 48 hours.

And don't say I didn't warn you.

It's a load of rubbish,
if you ask me.

It's a merchandising ploy
to sell T-shirts, nothing more.

Ooh, do I smell donuts?

MAN: Yo, one over here.

You know, it happens to be true.

What's true?

ALL: The Saturn Effect.

Oh, that. Some kind of
weird alignment of the stars.

BOTH: Planets.

Right. Supposed to cause
all kind of freaky events.

Exactly. Could pull the
entire earth off its axis,

'causing heretofore
unimaginable events to occur.

That sounds like
my morning so far.

Who wants coffee, huh?


Whoa, whoa. Hey, what is
this, a Marx Brothers movie?

Free donuts. Sweet.

Hey, Jordan? Yeah.

Did you ever hear
of the Saturn Effect?

Oh, yeah, Bug gave
me an article on that.

I was thinking of
using it as toilet paper.

You see that? Our
resident conspiracy theorist

even isn't buying it.

I find it best not to
believe in anything

I can't touch,
see, hear or taste.

In that case, I believe in
jelly donuts. Oh, hear, hear.

Dr. Cavanaugh?
Dr. Cavanaugh? Yeah?

We've got a decedent at a Catholic
church over on Langham Avenue.

Perhaps some sort of divine
retribution for the nonbeliever.

Yeah, see you.

So, where's the decedent?


He just showed up at the back
door a couple of weeks ago.

He was wearing nothing but rags.

Spoke only a little
English, but oddly enough,

he was fluent in Latin.

Said he'd come to
rebuild the church.

Well, he didn't seem
drunk or mentally disturbed,

and since the church has
fallen into some disrepair lately,

I thought he could do
some work in exchange

for letting him stay
in the storeroom.

Any idea how these
wounds got here?

The stigmata is a
sign of intense empathy

for the suffering of Christ.

Well, I'm sure there's some kind

of medical explanation for it.

Anyone else have
access to the church?

No, it's become a
rough neighborhood,

so I lock up at night.

The back door was still
locked from the inside

when I got here.

He predicted his own death.

I'm sorry? Did he say how?

No, but he told me he
thought it would be soon.

I see. Did you ever
find out who he was?

No. Not his real identity.

Meaning what, exactly?

Well, I did ask him
once, and he told me

he was Saint Francis

and he'd be back
after his resurrection.

Well, then, I guess
that explains everything.


One second, all right?

Tell him I need this by 9:00.

Hey, hey, hey!
What are you doing?

Snooze, you lose, pal.

No, no. This is my cab.

What can I say?

Sometimes the universe
conspires against us.

Cambridge, go!

Son of...

Son of a bitch.

Come on, you're not in
the least bit fascinated?

I'm just saying I don't
think a few planets

lining up millions of miles away

can make things all
strange here on Earth.

Are you willing to place
a friendly wager on that?

Twenty bucks, nothing bizarre
happens in the next 48 hours.

(SCOFFING) You're on.

Walter Aaron Gulick.

They think it was
a heart attack,

but since he died on stage...

An actor, huh?

Not exactly,

but he was definitely one of
the oldest of his profession.

Long live the King.



Please tell me
this isn't a dream.

Nope. He's real, all right.


Thank you. Thank you very much.

So, this idiot steals the
cab right out from under me.

Took me half an hour to
go 17 blocks on the bus.

Maybe we should try to
stick to the topic at hand.

No, no, this is
the topic at hand.

That's my point, exactly.

You know, my daughter
is growing up in a world

where no one
takes responsibility

for their actions anymore.


He's been telling me this
since I was five years old.

I'm just trying to give you the
tools to have a successful life,

get into a good college and
learn some responsibility.

And how am I supposed
to be responsible

when you don't trust me?

I mean, he wouldn't
even let me have a dog

when I was a kid.

Trust is something
you earn, Abby.

Well, you never
gave me the chance.

Like I'm watching
you 24 hours a day?

Well, that's just it, isn't it?

You were never there.

In case you haven't noticed,
your mother and I are divorced.

You weren't even there
when you were there.

JORDAN: Subject's teeth
show irregular signs of wear,

possibly from a diet
consisting of raw foods.

No fillings.

Looks like no sign of any
dental work whatsoever.

Tell me you're having
a better day than I am.

I don't know about better,
but I can guarantee you

it's weirder.

When was the last time you
did an autopsy on a saint?

Did one on a New
England Patriot.

Does that count?

Well, this guy here claims
that he was Saint Francis.

As in "of Assisi"?

The one and only.

And I gotta tell you, this one's
got me completely baffled.

He died standing
up, like a statue.

Arms outstretched, like...

Like Saint Francis.

Freakiest thing I've ever seen.

You know, I once heard
about a guy dying standing up.

I think it involved
a lightning strike.

You know, it's funny
you should say that.

The inside of the church was dim,
but his eyes are fixed and constricted

as though his last image

was of some kind
of blinding light.

And these wounds on
his hands and his feet,

I ran the coordinates
through the computer.

These wounds were
made from the inside out,

like some kind of tumor.

Just not like any kind
of tumor I've ever seen.

Remember what Bug was
saying about the planets?

I don't know why.
He's just been...

So, how did your
therapy session go?

The shrink says I'm
supposed to take a leap of faith.

More like a leap into oblivion.

Oh, it's that bad,
huh? She hates me.

No, she doesn't hate you,
Garret. That is ridiculous.

Okay, maybe she does,
but it's not gonna last forever.

When did this man come in?

About a half an hour ago, why?

What happened to him?

Oh, he was in a car accident

just a couple of
blocks from here.

He was in a taxi. It
was kind of a freak thing.

The driver walked
away without a scratch.

MACY: Sometimes the
universe conspires against us.


That should have been me.

MAX: Great clam
sauce. JORDAN: Mmm.

It's the lemon zest
and the pancetta.

I'm thinking of
moving to Florida.



Why not? It's great weather.

I can play golf all year round.

You don't play golf, and
you hate hot weather.

So I'm supposed to stay
here for the rest of my life?

I gotta do somethin'.
I'm stagnating.

Well, do something here.

You've got plenty of interests.

Name one.

Let me show you an article
in this travel magazine I got.

Check out the pictures.

Yeah, I don't want
to see any picture...


Cavanaugh residence.

Yeah, sure, 11:15
tomorrow. I'll tell him.

Okay, thanks.

That was your
doctor's service calling.

Really? What'd they want?

Just confirming your appointment

with the oncologist tomorrow.

Oh, yeah, right. That.

Dad, why are you
seeing a cancer doctor?

Small spot, that's all.
They took some tests

and I'm sure it's no big deal.


I can't believe you'd be so
calm about something like this.

Don't worry about
it, Jordan. I'll be fine.


911 at the office. You
know, whatever it is,

they can handle it without me.

No, go, go.

Dad, I'm worried about you!

I know. That's why
I want you to go.

JORDAN: What do
you mean, he's gone?

See for yourself.

Are you sure we're
talking about the same guy?

Long hair, scraggly beard.

He had open wounds
on his hands and his feet?

I don't know what to
tell you, Dr. Cavanaugh.

No one's come
in and out of here.

Front doors were locked.

Well, he didn't just
get up and walk out.

I don't know. Might
be the only explanation.



I thought we would go over
these lab results together

so that I could explain to you
exactly what we're looking at.

No. Wait.

I don't want to
know. Not just yet.

Mr. Cavanaugh, it's perfectly
normal to have anxiety

about this sort of a thing.

I've been doing a
lot of thinking, Doc.

Now, see, there's something
I've always wanted to do,

but I never had the guts to.

And I think now I do, but if I
know what's in that envelope,

good news or bad,

I'll never do it. So
what I want you to do

is take those and put
'em back in the envelope.

I'll look at 'em when
I'm good and ready.

Looks like Saint Francis just upped
and walked out of here, simple as that.

He didn't just walk
out. He's dead.

Or was dead.

But he walked out.

He didn't walk out.

Well, then how do you explain
his rather obvious absence?

Someone must
have walked him out.

TREY: How'd they get in?

Crypt door was locked,
all exits are alarmed

and Charlie was
on duty all night.

These footsteps are
completely irregular.

You can't really apply
math to resurrection.

And it still doesn't
explain how the "culprit"

got into the crypt.

Someone snuck in here
during business hours

and hid out until closing.

Hid where?


Okay, only two drawers
were unoccupied last night.

Uh, 22 and 14.

Well, we should dust for prints.

Actually, boys, I don't
think that'll be necessary.

Whoever was in this
one was wearing shoes.

Grassy residue and some dirt.

NIGEL: Now, the
dirt was unreliable.

JORDAN: As dirt is wont to be.

NIGEL: All I know is that the
earth is not the diatomaceous earth

that's prevalent in Boston.

But... Hmm.

See these spores here?

Notice how the nuclei are
rounded and bifurcated?

Any guesses what
we're looking at?

Look, if you want
to play 20 questions,

I'll save us both some time.

The answer to all of
them is, "I don't know."

Well, you're no fun.

They're shrooms. But
not just any mushroom.

They're Boletus edulis,

a subspecies of
Boletus pinicola,

the common porcini.

Now, ask me what's
so special about them.

Aside from the fact I gotta
pay 34.95 a pound for them?

They're found only in the
Umbrian region of Italy,

specifically in and
around the town of...



Thanks, Nige.

Hey. Hey.

All right, so you're
an Elvis fan, huh?

My smooth manner, my
sense of rhythm, my sneer,

all masterfully copied
from the King himself.

Yeah, okay, okay.

Then you might want
to take a look at this.

I sent away for our Elvis
impersonator's records.

Oh, my God.

This can't be.

Dr. Macy, Dr. Macy.

You are never
gonna believe this.

That guy that was killed in the
cab yesterday, guess who he was.

I don't know, who? Guess.

Lily, I...

He was some super genius
astronomer physicist guy

from MIT.

I looked him up on the Web.

Now, do you want to
hear the really weird part?

I'm not sure.

That stuff that Bug was
talking about yesterday,

the Saturn Effect?

Yeah? He was the one
that came up with that.

That was his theory.
How freaky is that?

He and some other
physicists spent years working

on something called
the Chaos Theory,

which basically says
there are no random events

in the universe.

Like a butterfly flaps
its wings in Indonesia,

and boom, a piano falls
on someone in Brooklyn.

It's all connected.

MAN 1: All right, so do the best
you can. MAN 2: I'm trying to.

MAN 1: All right.

Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.


It's been, like, 14 years
since my last confession.

I don't even know
where to start.

Just speak from your heart.

I've had some impure thoughts

about you, mostly.

I can make you
forget that collar, Paul.

That was a long time ago,
Jordan. We were in high school.

Well, I know it's a
little pathetic and all,

you being committed, but...

What the hell, you can't
blame a girl for trying, right?


I'm just yankin'
your chain, Paul.


Oh, God. I hate it
when you do that.

No, I've never seen
him at the shelter.

Saint Elegis, huh?
It's a beautiful church.

Shame what happened
in the neighborhood.

They're lucky if they get
a dozen people for mass.

So I take it you've ruled out
the possibility of resurrection.

Figured we'd explore
alien abduction first.

Still a true believer, I see.

Yeah, well, God threw a
few roadblocks in my way.

Didn't help when He
stole my first love from me.

I do think about you, Paul.

I think about you, too, Jordan.

So how's your dad doing?

Oh, I'm not sure.

He's going through some
kind of a health scare right now.

He left a weird
message on the machine.

I'm seeing him tonight.

He told me to meet him
at some bar at 9:00 sharp.

Have you said some
prayers for him?

I can help you
with that if you like.

Thanks, but you know how
I am about that kind of stuff.

So, you have no idea
how to find this guy, huh?

No, and the only clue we
have is that whoever took him

left residue from a mushroom found
only in the Umbrian region of Italy.

I don't even know
where to start looking.

Botanical Gardens.

Shelter has a
work program there.

They have an exhibit
called Saint Francis Meadow,

all indigenous plants
from the town of Assisi.


At least he died
doing what he loved,

what he was born to do.

Yeah. Well, speaking of which,

there was something that
we wanted to ask you about.

What is it?

Your husband had
the same birthday as...


Elvis Presley.


The same year, the same day,
the same hour, the same town.

Tupelo. Tupelo, Mississippi.

I mean, what are
the chances of that?

So we were just very
curious about the coincidence.

Please don't tell anyone.


He couldn't take it anymore.

The pills, the binging,
the hangers-on.

So he staged his own death.

He escaped to Hawaii, and
he got plastic surgery there

so no one would recognize him.

Then he moved to
Framingham in 1983.

We met in a bowling league.

Sweet Nancy.

He just wanted to be normal.

We had a good life.

He sold Amway products,

he bowled every Thursday night.

I put him on a diet.

Then he started
missing performing.

But when he tried to
get back in the game,

no one would believe him
because he didn't look like himself.

So he did the only
thing he could do.

He became an Elvis impersonator.

I mean, who better, right?

Great. Whoever heard of
a botanical garden closing?

Twenty minutes ago. If you had
taken Tremont like I told you...

Hey, I didn't hear
you offering to drive.

Maybe because I don't own a car.

Could have gotten here
faster on my bicycle.

Come on, let's go. Come on.

Think I'm gonna let a
locked gate keep me out?

That's called breaking
and entering, Jordan.

Come on, collar boy. What
are you, chicken? Huh?

I'm not climbing the fence.

Well, you got a better idea?

Lock picks?

What? Well, you want to explain?

Explain what?

Every time someone breaks into
the shelter the city changes the locks.

I just... I'm tired of getting
new keys all the time.


What are you doing here so late?

I was gonna run our Elvis
impersonator's fingerprints through VICAP,

but he doesn't have any.

On file?

No, period. They've been
surgically removed somehow.

Wow. Why would he do that?

Well, obviously to
obscure his identity.

I'm sending a DNA
sample over to the FBI.

My mate Bernie
there'll rush it for me.

We'll get to the bottom
of this nonsense.

You didn't really believe all that
stuff his wife was saying, did you?

The linchpin of my entire belief
system is based upon the fact

that Elvis Presley
died August 16, 1977.

You're all shook up
about this, aren't you?

My mum loved Elvis. More
than she loved anyone,

including me.

She got ill when I was 10.

Towards the end of her life,

I truly believe it was Elvis
who was keeping her alive.

When he died,

she just

gave up.

Passed away two days later.

So if he didn't
die 24 years ago,

there's no telling how long
me mum would have lived.


I gotta pee.

Jordan, you can't tell
me you don't find this thing

a little incredible.

The stigmata, the resurrection.

I do, yeah. And I
also find it explainable.

By what, science?

Look, I happen to
believe in science.

Science is my friend,
science doesn't let me down.

Not like God did, huh?

Let's be honest.

Things would have been
a lot different between us

if I had been a believer, right?

I hate to burst your
bubble, Jordan,

but between you and God,

it wasn't a choice.

Take a look at this
discoloration here.

Go ahead.

We call that the thermal effect.

Means his insides
were cooked somehow.

By what?


He was electrocuted.

There's another
explanation, you know.

Just the same effect,
not exactly scientific.

Yeah, what's that?

Oh, a little something we collar
boys like to call divine rapture.

Garret, Abby just called.

She's at the police station.

There was a party
out in Cambridge,

and I guess it got pretty rowdy,

so she's...

You ever gonna talk to me?



Probably not.

You don't even want to
hear my side of the story?

I can't do this anymore. I quit.

What? You heard me. I quit.

I don't want to be
your dad anymore.

Fine, 'cause I don't want
to be your daughter, either.

I'm serious, Abby.
I've had it up to here.

From now on, you're on your own.

You can screw up
all you want because

I just don't give
a crap anymore.

Dad, look out!


Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Is it dead?

What the hell is a deer
doing in the middle of Boston?

It's alive.

Here, call animal control.

Hi. Yeah, can you please
connect me to animal control?

Legs don't appear
broken or dislocated,

but I'm sure there's
internal bleeding.

I'm not getting anything.
What do we do?

All right, let's
get her to the car.

I'll get a blanket.

It's okay.

It's okay.

You want to tell
me why we're here?

What do you think of the place?

This place?

I don't know, it's big,
and old, and empty. Why?

'Cause I just bought it.

I think the pool table
will fit right up here.

You bought this?

Yeah. Isn't it great?

And back there, there's
room for a fireplace.

I tell you, I've never had the guts to
do anything like this before, Jordan.

But now...

Okay, how did you pay for this?

I scraped it together.

The house is
completely paid off,

I got a nice severance
package when I left the force,

and then there's the money I
was saving up to leave to you.

I have an inheritance?

Well, you did.

Look at this whole
room back here.

Big enough for a dance floor.

Wait, you spent my money?

You didn't even know
you had it until just now.

But the point is,

I needed to do
something with my life.

I know, but I was thinking
somethin' more like

fly fishing.

Does this have anything to
do with you having cancer?

No. Well, what about the doctor?

Did you get your
test results back?

I haven't seen them yet.

Why can't you just enjoy the fact
that I found something I want to do?

This is a big deal
for me, Jordan.

Let me be happy.

Just this once.

Now, come on, let me
finish showing you around.

Come on, let's get
her into the light.

She's not breathing very well.

Well, she's probably
got a collapsed lung.

Look, Abby, I don't
think she's gonna make it.

Maybe we should just let her go.

No! We gotta do something.

Well, there's really
nothing we can do.

We can't just let her die.


All right, let's put in a chest
tube to help her breathe.

Okay, where are they?

We don't have any! It's a
morgue. We have to make one.

Try to find a piece of tube six
inches long, about this big around.

How about this ballpoint pen?

That'll work.

All right. All right.

I'm cutting. Cut.


Take it easy, take it easy. All right,
you retract while I insert the tube.

What? You have to open the...

No, never mind, I'll retract.

You think you can put this in?

Yeah. All right.

Okay. Go ahead, go ahead.

Like this?

About another inch, we'll hear
a hiss as air starts to escape.

I'm not hearing anything.

There's probably
fluid in the tube.

We have to find
some kind of suction.

Abby, what are you doing? Get...


All right, she's
doing a little better.


That's good.

Saint Francis, the
patron saint of animals.

Yeah, so?

What do you think happened?

I think he was
electrocuted somehow.

Well, there are no electrical
wires near him, no outlets.

Well, I'm sure there's some
kind of rational explanation.

I'll find out when I
go back tomorrow.

Maybe, maybe not.

Oh, no, not you, too.

Hey, strange things happen.

And if this guy was some
kind of saint or something...

He was not a saint. He
was a homeless man.

We don't even know who he was.

Well, then let's
try and find out.

You be Saint
Francis, I'll be God.

Very funny.

You know what your
problem is, Jordan?

You don't believe in anything.

I believe in a lot of things.

Yeah, evidence, data, facts.

All right, then you be
science, I'll be faith.

Forget it, Dad.
Okay, I told you,

I don't even know what happened.

Maybe it was
something like this.

He knew his time had come.

How, I don't know. He was having

some sort of divine
mystical experience.

He was being drawn
toward the altar by something.

Some unseen force,
something unexplainable.

Something no one
was meant to see.

Just him and God.

Now, there's some kind
of plan going on here.

God brought him
back for a reason.

So much evil in
the world, suffering.

He needs people to
believe in something.

That is ridiculous.

There's always been evil,
there's always been suffering.

Yeah, and anyway,
that's not even what we're

supposed to be
talking about right now.

Okay, what if your tests
come back positive?

We need to have a plan.

We need to know how
we're gonna deal with this.

No, no. I need to find out
how I'm gonna deal with this.

Doesn't concern
you. The hell it doesn't!

You're my father!
I care about you!

I mean, what happens
if you need to...

You gotta have a
little faith, Jordan.

Yeah, well, I lost my
faith the day I saw Mom

lying dead on the
dining room floor.

Oh, geez, Jordan. You've got to
let me handle this in my own way.

Now, I'm not asking.
I'm telling you!

ABBY: How come
we never had a dog?

I don't know.

Your mother didn't want one
digging up the yard, I guess.

We should have had a dog.


You're probably right.

You know, you really
impressed me tonight.

Kept your cool under pressure.

Maybe you ought to think
about going into pre-med.

I can make some
calls if you like.

Dad, you have no idea
what you're doing, do you?

Like how you sound?

I don't even know
what I want to be

when I grow up. How
come it is you do?

I wasn't drinking tonight.

Zoe called me from
the mall and told me that

her and Sarah drank
a whole bottle of rum

and that they were going
to this party in Cambridge.

And I knew that I was grounded,

but I really, really didn't want
her getting killed driving like that.

I was just trying
to be responsible.

Why didn't you
tell me this earlier?

Why didn't you ask?



BRUNO: May I help you, Doctor?

Oh, good morning, Father.

Well, I just thought
I'd drop by to try

to figure out exactly
what happened.

Boy, you're here early.

Well, things have been a
little busier since the incident.

I see.

Look, I notice that there's
no electricity here on the altar.

Yes, we run an extension cord if
we need to plug something in. Why?

He was electrocuted.

Any idea how that
could have happened?


This pipe here, been
like this for a while?

A few weeks.

That's why there were
no flash points on his skin.

Water acted as a conductor.

I'm sorry? In the
middle of the night,

he got up out of bed
to turn on the light.

When he stepped in the water,

he pulled the chain and was
electrocuted by this light socket.

But if that happened, wouldn't
the whole socket have burned out?

It did. But you replaced it.

I beg your pardon.

When you found
him in the morning,

rigor mortis had already set in.

You carried him up to the altar

and propped him up.

Sometimes you have to take
God's work into your own hands.

They were two weeks
away from shutting us down.

So it's just a business
like any other.

It's about filling the seats.

The act may have been deceptive,

but faith is a real thing.

It's what keeps
us alive, Doctor.

It's best not to look
too hard at miracles.

And that's how you justify
stealing his body from the crypt?

I did no such thing.

Well, what about the wounds
on his hands and his feet?

I placed him on
the altar. That's all.

I can't explain the rest.

Only God could do that.

I'm setting up my
telescope tonight on the roof.

The planets are gonna be
in full alignment at 9:07 p.m.

You okay, Nige?

DNA didn't match.

Walter Gulick
isn't Elvis Presley.

He's just an imposter.

I guess you got
to the bottom of it.

Science once again
wins out in the end.

Yeah, I suppose.

Well, that's a
good thing, right?

I just feel badly for his wife.


We're not gonna tell her.

Well, don't we have to?

No, no. The woman
believes it was him,

and in the end,
that's all that counts.

But it wasn't him!
It was all a lie.

So what?

People believe in
all sorts of things,

and it's that belief
that makes them real.

I believe that when I
close the refrigerator door

the light actually goes out

because to believe otherwise,

well, what would that say about
the nature of the human condition?

Hey, Paul.

Jordan, what are you doing here?

I came to talk to God.

I think I should just stop
trying to figure you out.

Let's just say that I've seen
some things lately that...

I just figured you'd get
Him on the line for me.

It's not as complicated
as you think.

Just open your heart.


I haven't asked you
for anything in a while.

Truth is, I've been
kind of pissed off at you.

But then, I guess you haven't
been too hot on me, either.

You see, I don't
trust very easily.

I'm a

motherless child,

and I just can't seem
to remember her voice

telling me that everything's
gonna be all right.

I've been looking
for it my whole life,

and maybe I've just
been too afraid to ask,

but I need you.

I think my dad's really sick.

I was just hoping
that maybe you could

give him a little bit
of help right now.

It isn't really customary to let
the next of kin into the crypt.


Could I say goodbye
to him my own way?

(SINGING) Are you
lonesome tonight?

Do you miss me tonight?

Are you sorry we drifted


Does your memory sway

To a bright summer's day

When I kissed you

And called you sweetheart?

Do the chairs in your parlor

Seem empty and bare?

Do you gaze at your doorstep

And picture me there?

Is your heart filled with pain?

Shall I come back again?

Tell me, dear

Are you lonesome tonight?


Did you get your
test results back yet?

What, no "Hello,
how's business?"

They're right here.

I've had 'em for two days now.

I decided not to look at 'em.

Oh. You decided.

Yeah, that's right. I
decided. It's my life, Jordan.

We've already been over this.

It's not just your life.
You don't live in a cave.

It involves me, too.

I've been sleepwalking ever
since I got kicked off the force,

and the irony is that
this has forced me

to finally do
something with my life.

And I will not live
the rest of it in fear,

and if that's 40 more
years or 40 more days,

I want it to be on my terms.

Can you understand that?


It's not fair of you
to expect me to.


Just give me some time.

Let me enjoy my
life, my new business.

Just for a while. Please?

What are you, crazy?


It's negative.


Now, I could still use some
help setting up these glasses.


Been a rather queer
couple of days, hasn't it?

At least we didn't go
hurtling into outer space.

We should count our blessings.

They look so
innocent, don't they?

Just floating up
there like that.

Back in Pennsylvania,
I heard stories

of people who hit deer and
thought that they had killed them.

So they'd put
them in their trunk

and then a few minutes later
they'd hear this loud banging.

So they would stop
and open the trunk,

and out would come this deer.

I think they go into
a state of shock.

That's the only explanation.

Or maybe it was something
else altogether, you know?

Yeah. Maybe.

Thanks, Lily.

For what?

For making life
seem less random.

I promised Bug I would
look through his telescope.

Well, I think you should
get over there then.

JORDAN: What's this
I hear about a deer?

It's a long story. Let's just
say it came and it went,

and the rest is a mystery.

You look cold.

Boy, it's a great, big, old
universe out there, Garret.

Yeah, it is.

You don't have
anything to add to that?

No. Actually, for
once in my life, I don't.

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