Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 12 - Blood Relatives - full transcript

Okay, so,

you have a choice.

We have real butter, fake butter
or my own personal favorite,

shaved parmigiano.

Jordan, it's Jiffy Pop.


Come on, the show's
coming back on.



Oh, look. Xena sliced
off the God's magic orb.

Oh, that girl gets
to have all the fun.

And all the leather.

We really need to
do this more often.

It was really cool of
Roger to take Leo tonight.

He only did it because
I threatened him.

What, as in bodily harm?

As in, "Spend some time with
your son or write me a bigger check."

Nice negotiating.

Well, the law degree had to
come in handy for something.





How many?

What's the address?

I'll be there.

So much for girls' night.



It's my office. 911.

A warrior princess's
work is never done.


Boy's name is Jonah. That's
little brother Brad in the other bed.

A single stab
wound to the chest.

Same on the little guy.

No signs of a struggle.

No, they were fast asleep.

Never saw it coming.

How about a time of death?

Well, liver temp will
be more accurate,

but I could give
you a thermal scan.

Two, three hours ago, tops.

Patty Weyland.

Looks like she
put up some fight.

Yeah, there's no sign of forced
entry, though, as far as we can tell.

JORDAN: Daddy! Daddy!

LOIS: Jordan, you all right?


Sorry, I just...

No, I know.

I mean, this is about
as tough as it gets.

Look, I'm gonna need my guys
to bag everything in this place.

Prints, hair, fluid.

Is that the husband?

Yeah, Mitch Weyland.

The hockey player?

Are you a fan?

He plays for the Atlantics.
Left wing, junior A league.

He's not a bad forechecker,
but too old to move up the ranks.

I like sports.

He says he came home to
find them here, from a game.

It's too bad I can drive a
truck through his timeline.

Hey, hey! Get
your hands off her!

What's she doing? Get
her away! Get her away!

What the hell's going on?

What's going on?
Triple homicide.

Get off! KIM:
Back off, Mitchell.

Keep her away from
her. KIM: Back off!

Just keep your mouth shut.


KIM: I'm his counsel.

LOIS: We'd just like to
ask him a few questions.

Not without talking
to me first, all right?

Excuse me.

Not quite the kind of
reunion we wanted, huh?

A martini sounds
pretty good right now.

Look, this might take a while.

We've got a lot to cover here.

Just do me a favor.
Don't screw it up.

Nice to finally
work with you, too.


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Patty Weyland, age 29.

Four to five overlapping
wounds, all left side torso.

With all these tears
around the entry, it's...

It's hard to tell the angle.

There was less
bruising on the boys.

X-rays showed the letter
opener went into the hilt.

I hate to see what
he does to his mail.

Did I tell you this guy
plays hockey for a living?

Oh, a man who
enjoys a good brawl.

Five defensive slashes
inside the right palm.

Poor girl.

Didn't stand a chance.

God, it's freezing in here.

Am I giving you
the chills, love?

It's been known to happen.

I'd rather get the flu.

Hello, check this out.

Glass fragments?


Could you run
those for me, please?

Could have nailed a
mirror in the struggle.

Seven years of bad luck
would have been better than this.

Hey, Jordan.

Well, well, well. The man who
promised I wasn't on call last night.

Sorry, we got hit
hard. Eleven admits.

Last time I ask you for a favor.

Which reminds me.

What? I need a favor.

In 15 minutes, call me in
my office and interrupt me.


What's the difference?
A complaint, a requisition,

it doesn't matter,
just bother me.

Can't I just bother you now?


My ex is about to show up

and I need you to call me with
one of your exhaustive tirades.

Are you having dinner
with Lily this week?

Jordan. No, are you?

Yeah, but I don't see how that has
any relevance to what we're talking about.

Come on, you're uptight about your
ex, you've been working too hard,

and it's your pivotal
third date with Lily.

You're a nervous wreck.

I didn't know you
were taking such

comprehensive notes
on my emotional stability.

And what do you mean "pivotal"?

Don't worry, man.
You'll deliver the goods.

Huh? Oh, yeah.

Jordan, I need to talk to you.

Whoa, whoa, let me put
my body armor on first.

I was just treating
you like any other M.E.

Any other M.E. wouldn't allow you
into the morgue looking for information.

I just need a heads up.

The police have already
made up their minds,

but I am telling you,
the guy is innocent.

Oh, he's innocent. Well, I
guess my job here is done.

Okay, sure.

Weyland has a temper problem and
maybe he's been in a fight or two, but...

Oh, you think?

He is a hardworking husband
and father who loved his family.

Sometimes people
crack under pressure.

Look, Carver is scrambling to find
something to keep him in custody.

If you find something,
anything, just tell me first.

So now you're playing the friend
card? Wow, you don't waste any time.

Honey, you know me well enough.

If I had time, I
wouldn't waste it here.

Looks like I picked the
wrong time to leave the office.

Trey, do you know my friend Kim?

No, but we can change
that easily enough.

Excuse me. Sorry, thanks.

Come on.


Well, Garret, I
wanted to thank you

for the way you've been
handling things lately,

with us

and Abby.

Well, you know I'd
do anything for her.

Something going on?

This is about me.
You're okay, right?

Oh, yeah. Yeah,
I'm fine, really.

It's just sort of a money thing.

I'm doing the best I can.

You know, whatever little bit I had
in the stock market got hammered.

You know, I'm just
thinking about taking a bit of

a career detour.

Okay, what sort of detour?

I'd like to see a bit of
the country, actually.

Montana, Oregon.

God, how long have I been
talking about going to New Orleans?

Since I introduced
you to Coltrane.


Look, it's not that I can't
appreciate what you're saying,

but, realistically,
at this point...

I want to sell my share
of the Berkshires property.

The property?
Half of it is mine.

But I thought we decided that...

Well, I know what
we felt 15 years ago,

but things are very
different now, Garret.

It's not about us anymore.

It was for our family.

Yeah, but, Garret...

Hold it. You want to sell it so that
you can go see Mount Rushmore?

No, no, forget about it!


I'm not asking anymore. If
you want it, you can buy me out.

You know I can't do that.

Well, then there's nothing else
to discuss. I already have an offer.


You'll be happy with the amount.

My attorney is drawing
up the papers now.

Well, I'll tell you something,
I'm not gonna sell.

Oh, Garret, please.

Don't make this any more
difficult than it needs to be.



Never mind, Jordan.
She's already gone.

Brenda, is that you?

Oh, pardon, my mistake.

Oh, don't apologize. We should
all look so good in your condition.

Excuse me.

Can I...

Can I help you?

And you would be?

Dr. Vijayaraghaven-

Are you aware that
this is a restricted area?

Your guests prefer
to call it purgatory.

But I like your
terminology much better.


Maybe you should
go back to reception.

Well, I'm here to identify a body,
a woman named Brenda Pollard.

She died three days
ago of exposure.

Pollard. Yeah.

And you remember
who contacted you?

Of course. She did.

This morning.

She asked me to
deliver a message.

Ethan Grady, psychic

I got here as soon as I could.

Whoa, it looks like a
garage sale in here.

Evidence from the Weyland house.


Take a few bucks off for
some unfortunate blood stains,

you got yourself
some nifty bargains.

Any luck with
those fingerprints?

I haven't got enough time to
scan every piece of this rubbish,

so I just sprayed
everything with DFO.

Get the lights, would you, hon?

Yeah. Sure.

Far out, man.

NIGEL: Each family member was
assigned a different fluorescence.

If anybody else had
been in that bedroom,

we'd see it in living color.

So no prints here from
non-family members?

I'd have a chat with your
lawyer friend if I were you.

You know what? You just
need to go home and chill out.

Yeah, well, I know
it. All right. All right?

Thanks. Yeah.

Kind of cold out.


A little. What are
you doing here?

I heard Weyland
was just released.

It's a short leash,
but it's a start.

You got something for me?

Look, I've been trying to find
something that'll help, but...

You're trying, huh?

Have you been back
to the house again?

I mean, how hard are you trying?

I'm sitting on a mound
of evidence, Kim.

I mean, please, don't
tell me how to do my job.

Well, you're still standing
here telling me it's over.

Hey, hey.

I want to believe
this guy's innocent.

But the cops aren't
looking anywhere else

because they see
him as a slam dunk.

Of course they do.

They always go
to the husband first.


Look, if it'll make you happy,

I'll go back to the house and
see if we missed anything.



Thanks. Just leave them
on my desk, would you?


Oh, hey, I'm sorry.

I thought you were work-related.

Well, I am. Sort of.
Work-related, I mean.

I'll show you something. You see
the Jochimson building right there?

That's the tall one
under construction?

That used to be Joe Burke's.

It was my favorite
ice cream shop.

They kept that place going for three
generations without missing a beat,

and then last year, the old man's
great-grandson decided to sell.

Said he hated ice cream
and needed a change.

Well, did someone
save the recipes?

Well, yeah, but without the booths and
the chrome, you know, what's the point?

It'd still taste real good.

Yeah. It's true.

You know, Lily, just
sometimes it's hard to let go

of the things that
used to make us happy.

Even if those things
are different now.

I don't know.

Isn't it easier when happy
is right in front of your eyes?

MAX: Jordan!

JORDAN: Daddy! Daddy!

MITCH: Hey, hey!
Get your hands off her!

What's she doing? Get
her away! Get off of her!

KIM: What's going
on? What's going on?

MAX: Jordan! Jordan!
JORDAN: Daddy!




Who is it?

Unless you're a cop,
you're trespassing.

I didn't do anything, I swear.

You want to take some pictures to e-mail
your buddies, hey, knock yourself out.

I didn't mean
nothing. I'm sorry.

Who are you?

I already told you. My name's
Derek. I live across the street.

My parents already
talked to the cops.

I don't care who your parents
talked to. I'm talking to you.

I got to go.

No. No, you don't. Not yet.

Bet you thought Mrs.
Weyland was pretty hot, huh?

Well, yeah, but...

Okay, so let's try
this again, shall we?

Did you see anything
during the day?

She was out front
railing on some girl.

Well, what did she look like?

I don't know.
Sixteen, 17, maybe.

I thought they were
gonna duke it out,

but the girl just left in her
car all crying and everything.

Did you hear what
they were fighting about?

Yeah, about Mitch.

Like they were fighting
over him or something.

Man, why would anybody
cheat on a babe like Miss W?

MACY: Listen, Maggie,
about yesterday.

I thought about it,

and you're right. That
land isn't about us anymore.

So you bring the papers
down and I'll sign them.

Am I happy?

Let's just sell it
and move on, okay?

I sympathize with your
cigarette craving, Mr. Flynn,

but inhaling may be a challenge.

Simon, enough with the humming.

You're giving me a migraine.

Well, yes, I understand
you know where...

So who let him in here anyway?

I did.

Said he had a message for
Charlie the guard from his Aunt June.

Have you seen him?
ETHAN: Am I wrong on this?

He took the day off.
He said he had a...

ETHAN: I rest my
case. Family funeral.

ETHAN: Now...

Okay, now you're
weirding me out.

He hasn't said anything
about me, has he?

Not unless you know
someone named Eunice.

That's my mother's
standard poodle.

Died when I was 11.

He keeps asking me if I've seen
someone named Brenda Pollard.

Maybe she signed herself out.

Yeah? Or maybe
she doesn't exist at all.

BUG: I threw that wacko out of the building
this morning. What's he doing back?

He's a man on a mission.

He's clearly delusional.

Maybe we should call
the psych ward at County.

How about we do a
bit of noseying first?

I mean, he claims
to do work for the FBI.

Why don't we give
the suits a jingle,

see if he's really the gifted
interpreter he says he is?

Yeah, I've got a better idea.

Let's throw him out
and then call the FBI.

He gives me the creeps.

Elena Cortinez,
female, 32 years of age.

Apparent cause of death,
trauma due to automobile accident.

Externally, rib cage
appears damaged.

Internal injuries to be...

EMMY: Folks, you
can't go in there.

What's going on?

Are you Dr. Macy?
Emmy, what's this about?

Oh, my God, Louis,
it's her, it's Elena.

Are you family?
Yes, she's my sister.

Well, I'm sorry, but
you can't come in here.

Emmy, take them back
to my office. Yes, sir.

We'll discuss arrangements
for your sister later, all right?

Oh, Doctor, it's not about that.

We need her eggs.

I heard about your case
from the guys at the squad.

Real tragedy when a young
mother is killed like that.


So this guy, Weyland,
you think he did it?

Yeah, well, it looks that way.

But a neighbor's kid saw
the wife fighting with someone

the day of the murders, so...

Well, you are taking time
out to have dinner with me.

That's not like you, Jordan.

I just thought it'd
be nice to see you.

So there's nothing else
you wanted to talk about?


It's a cold January, huh?

I remember colder.



NIGEL: Jordan, about those
fragments in Patty Weyland's hands.

It's non-reflective glass,

the kind you find in
normal picture frames.

Judging from the room, she probably
threw everything at the killer she could.

Yeah, but then the fragments
would be in his hands, not hers.

Look, the question is,

why smash it at all?

Anger, resentment, desperation?

Depends what's in the picture.

Well, judge for yourself.

I'm looking at it right now.

NIGEL: Who are the women?

Not his wife Patty,
that's for sure.

I mean, the little one
looks half his age,

but that doesn't
seem to bother him.

So why have a picture like
this lying around the house?

Well, maybe it wasn't.

Well, maybe I
should ask Weyland.

Wait a sec, wait a second.
You can't be serious, come on.

Lord knows we never thought
it would be this way, George.

But Elena is carrying five
eggs that we can still retrieve.

Yeah, but she's dead.

I mean, how do you expect me
to go through with this now, huh?

This whole thing was her idea.

Yeah, that was before, okay?

It's what she wanted, George.

MACY: All right, let's calm down
a little bit. Just take it easy, please.

Mrs. Vega,

do you have any legal documents
concerning your sister's wishes?

No, we don't have any paperwork.

We never thought that...

When Elena saw what
we were going through,

the inseminations, the IVF.

Six years of trying to conceive.

We couldn't use my eggs,
so Elena offered us hers.

And you agreed to it, George.

You think she would have listened
to me if I refused, huh? Huh?

Look, this whole thing was
strange before, but now...

Even though things have changed,

all we're asking
you to do is help us.

I mean, we're still family.

MACY: All right, listen.

We have a very small window
in which to make this decision.

Now, given the rate at
which the body cells decay,

these eggs will only be
viable for another 18 hours,

and even that's optimistic.

So, I suggest the three of you

take some time right
now and talk this through.

You can use my
office if you like.

Excuse me. You
know, it's getting late.

You know and I have to
go home to my children

so they can plan their
mother's funeral, all right?



Kind of late for practice, huh?

Hey, you mind if I ask
you a few questions?

Maybe you should
ask my attorney.

Well, maybe it's
something she can't answer.

Well, then I got nothing to say.

You know, I really would
like to show you something.

You might want to come a
little closer. I know I would.

Who are they, Mitch?

Members of your fan club?

I'm gonna call my lawyer.

Oh, hey, be my guest.

One of your girlfriends showed
up at your house yesterday.

What do you think
she said to your wife?

I think you better leave.

You know, if I was your wife,
I would have been pissed.

You don't know
anything about her!

Look, just calm down.

No, you don't
tell me what to do!

You come in here
with your picture

and your speech all ready,
but you don't know anything.

Yeah, well, then tell me.

'Cause right now I'm
the only friend you've got.

Nora and I met when
we were in high school.

That's when she got pregnant
with Dena. That's her. She's 17 now.

When I got bumped by
Pittsburgh, I came here.

It just made sense for her and
the baby to stay in Pennsylvania.

Well, it happens. Get divorced?


What do you mean?

I don't know what I
was thinking. I just...

I couldn't tell Patty.

You married both of them?

I didn't want to leave my
daughter to grow up without a father.


Two families in two states.


I swear, I...

I never wanted to
hurt any of them.

Well, you got a strange
way of showing it.

Morning. Bagel?

Where do you get off going
to my client behind my back?

He's got a whole other family five
hours away and you covered for him.

Talk about
withholding information.

First of all, I didn't know about
it, and second, attorney-client.

I wouldn't tell
you even if I did.

Oh, that's right. I forgot, you
lawyers will do anything to win a case.

Admit it,

you went there to bait him.

The guy hardly needed baiting.

He's got a history of
drunk and disorderly,

five grand in league
fines for brawling,

two incidents of
domestic disturbance

and he nearly checked me
into the boards after hello.

Serves you right. What?

You should have called me.


You know, I'm not sure
that I like you professionally.

I'm a lawyer, you're
not supposed to.



Yeah, where?

We're on our way.

That was Carver. They just
found Weyland's daughter.


In a motel room, unconscious.
She's at Mount Auburn Medical now.

Could you grab the bagels?

So, when Brenda's body comes in,

you remember to check
her coat pocket, right?

Oh, sure. No problem.

That's where the message is. Oh.

She's counting on it.


These are fantastic.



Are you gonna

leave that? I mean...

Oh, please. Go
ahead. I mean, only...

No. Oh, sure, okay.


You know, all this communicating
really works up an appetite.

Oh, yeah, sure.

So you're in love, huh?

You can tell?


Your grandmother
likes him quite a bit.

My nana?

She says he may not be the one,

but the one is definitely here.

(STAMMERING) What do you
mean, here? In this building here?

Yes, absolutely.

A crackpot.

I just spoke to the FBI

and they insist he's one of
their most prolific crank callers.

Who keeps letting
him in, anyway?

I do.

He's a friend of my father's.

I thought your father was dead.



Dr. Macy?
Mr. Cortinez, come on in.

Got the release
papers right here.

Listen, about the way I
walked out of here yesterday...

Well, it's a very complicated
issue. Especially at this time.

I don't even know what I would
tell my kids. You understand that?

To be honest, no.


Forgive me, it's not
my place to interfere.

No, what? Tell me.

Well, your wife was
willing to give of herself

for the one thing that
meant the most to her,


Now, if you can pass
that on to your kids,

you've given them
something solid to hold on to.

Now, I realize how tough it is,

but it doesn't mean
you have to give up.

You two got them
this far, right?


Dena, baby?

Get him out of here. I
don't want to see you.

Dena... Get the
hell out of here.

Just wait a minute. I hate you.

I never want to see you again!

You know what?
Let's go, Mr. Weyland.

Let's give her some
more time, all right?

Hi. What do you want?

I'm Dr. Cavanaugh, and this is
Kim Watkins, your dad's attorney.


I hope he fries.

Look, can you tell
us what happened?


I found out my father's a jerk.

Dena, details wouldn't hurt.

Look, Dena, we know you had
an argument with Patty Weyland.


We got into it pretty deep,

especially when I
showed her the photo.

How deep?

We talked.

That's all.

I was pretty freaked out, too.

So I just got wasted.

So you never went
back to the house?

Where I went is where
you found me, okay?




I'm waiting for Garret.

Well, he's in the middle of
something. A procedure, I mean.

But I'm sure you can wait.

No. No, I'll come back.

Who am I to turn down a
little unexpected shopping?

You know, I...

I think it's great the way
you two are talking again.

Well, thank you.

I think.

I'm sorry, I don't
remember your name.


It's Lily.

Oh, lovely. Thanks.

Well, will you
look at this place?

He brought in the Victrola
and his old records.

Even his art books.

Poetry collection, too.

Yeah, it's like

I'm seeing a whole
new side of him.

He seems to be

enjoying life more, like he
has a better sense of himself.

I wish I knew what
made the difference.

It's always been there.

He just needed
the right inspiration.


Well, whatever happened,

he's more like the
man I fell in love with.

You guys are too
easy on her. She's lying.

Come on, look at the
girl. She didn't kill anybody.

If I had her on the
stand, I'd break her down.

Weyland's still the
best suspect we've got.

You made up your
mind a long time ago.

The guy's prints were all
over the murder weapon.

He's known for blowing his top.

You amaze me.

You are so convinced
you're right, aren't you?

This has nothing to do with me.

Oh, Jordan, cop to it.

This case, a young
mother killed?

It hits too close to home.

This is totally
different. Oh, is it?


You know what I think?

I think you pretend
to have all the answers

because you can't find
the one you really want.

I don't even know what the
hell you're talking about...

I'm talking about
your mom, Jordan!

I was there, remember?

Next to you at
school, at the funeral.

You think I didn't make
the same connection?

You think I can't see
what's happening?

You shouldn't even
be on this case.

Look, if you don't
want my help...

Save it.

You need help a
lot more than I do.

Here you go.

Everything you
need is loaded in.

We can't thank you enough.

Don't thank me. It's
a gift from your sister.

It wasn't just Elena.

Look, I know I didn't
handle things well. I'm sorry.

If Elena had been here, you know,
she would have kicked my ass.

Luckily, somebody else did.

Oh, so get going. You
don't have much time.

You coming?


Get in there.

Your mother would
have been proud.

MAX: You want to talk about it?


Rough one, huh? Yeah.

I know you, Jordan.

When you become monosyllabic,

you've got a serious problem.

We were so close growing up.
How could she speak to me like that?

Time changes people.

I haven't changed.


You're just as pigheaded and
difficult as you've always been.

Can we just start?

Well, this is a hard one.

Lots of evidence,
but it's circumstantial.

So where do we begin?

The daughter, Dena.

I'll be Patty.

JORDAN: You came over earlier.

We argue.

MAX: Boy across the
street saw me leave.

I was yelling, upset,
but I wasn't done.

I had to go back to see Dad to
punish him for what he did to us.

And I'm angry at you, at Dad.

I can't control myself.

No, this isn't right.
Yes, she had motive.

But Dena's prints weren't
on the letter opener.

Well, it was cold. Maybe
she was wearing gloves.

She didn't have a
key to the house.

No forced entry?


All right.

This time, I'll be Weyland.


MAX: I come home
from the game exhausted,

no idea what's happened here.

JORDAN: Until I hit you with it.

The wife, your daughter
Dena, the house in Pittsburgh.

I get defensive.

I try to explain, but
you won't listen to me.

I've given you a good life.

But I won't let up on you.

I start to belittle your lousy
career, I call you a failure.

You're pushing me.
I won't listen to this.

Yeah, but you've got no choice.

Yes, I do.


The blood trail went from
the kids' room to the parents'.

The kids were killed first.

What mother would stand by

and let her children
be murdered?

Maybe she tried to protect them.

Her prints were
all over the room.

I have the weapon.

I could have killed
her right there.

Then why didn't the
fight wake up the kids?

Because there was no fight.

She was alone.

JORDAN: Patty's
world was shattered.

She wasn't murdered.

She did it herself.


She was devastated.

Mitchell's deception left
her feeling totally powerless.

She retaliated in the
only way she could.

By destroying his family.

All right, what about the
defensive wounds on Patty's hands?

If Mitch wasn't there,
how did she get those?

Actually, they weren't
defensive wounds.

Watch. Nige?

We requisitioned a $5,000 Stab Me
Sammy doll just for these occasions.

But for financial reasons,
we'll be using this lovely

ripened honeydew.

So, when Patty Weyland
stabbed herself repeatedly,

her blood, not unlike the juice of
this melon, would make the handle wet.

So after each strike,

her hand would
slide over the blade,

slicing the inside of her palm.

Making the cuts
appear to be defensive.

Repeated blows by her own hand.

Well, I imagine your client will
be relieved to hear this evidence.

The man just lost his wife
and two children, Detective.

How relieved would you feel?

You're looking for me?

Thought you might want
to take a crack at this

homeless woman
they just brought in.

Clearly died of frostbite a
few days ago, poor thing.

Sorry, my dance
card is full, darling.

Anyway, it looks
like a sign-out.

What's the catch?

Her name's Brenda Pollard.

Seems the amazing Grady's
timing was just a tad off.

Lily found this
note in her pocket.

"People get ready,

"there's a train coming.

"Don't need no baggage.
You just get on board."

(SINGING) All you need is
faith to hear the diesel coming

Don't need no ticket

You just thank the Lord

I don't believe this.


The old bird was a
Curtis Mayfield fan.

I still wonder what it
would have looked like

with a blanket of
snow on the roof.


Abby playing by the fire.


It almost happened.


some things just weren't
meant to be, I guess.

So this is it, huh?

Two signatures and an
acre becomes a memory?

Oh, you make it
sound so clinical.

You agreed, it's...
It's time to move on.

Well, for us, yeah.

But what about Abby?

Mags, when we bought that land,

we had more hope than
we knew what to do with.

And after years of watching two
people be so horrible to each other, the...

The least we can do is show Abby
that that wasn't always the case.

Maybe someday she'll
build what we couldn't.

Well, so what are you
saying, maybe we should


I'm saying that even when plans don't
work out, you can't give up on them.

Somebody else
can make it happen.


I haven't heard
you talk like this


in years.

Maybe I just needed
a little inspiration.

Your family will be transported to the
mortuary first thing tomorrow morning.

So you'll take care of

getting Mr. Weyland's
possessions back to the house?

No problem.

But I thought he might
want to have this now.

Patty's ring.

I noticed the inscription.

"Only you."

Could I talk to you outside?


Say what you will, the
guy's in a lot of pain.

He has no one.

I mean, one family's gone and
the other won't even speak to him.

And now he has to face
charges for having both.


about what I said,

I'm sorry.

No, you were, you were right.

I've got a lot of stuff
I need to work out.

But you don't
have to do it alone.

Oh, I'm stuffed. It was great.

Yeah. The flaming
thing, you know.

What was that called?

General Tso's
Great Wall of Beef.


It was a great choice.

Thank you.

there's something that I...

Me, too. No, let me.

You've been spending a lot
of time with your ex-wife lately,

who, by the way,
seems very sweet.

And I know you're divorced
and I know how bad things were,

but they don't seem
as bad anymore,

so I was just sort
of wondering...

I was just sort of wondering
how you were feeling right now?

I mean, this...
Tonight is great,

but if you're not sure,

I guess...

I don't know, I just really
need to know what you want.

You want to know what I want?

Okay, that works for me.


Dad, can I ask you something?


From the time I set foot
in the Weyland house,

something weird's been going on.

I felt a chill.

Kind of like that day.

I know, Jordan.

I had a feeling.

I didn't want to
admit it, but...

It got in the way.

Place was filled with cops.

Doors were open, the windows.

And it was cold.

So cold you could

see your own breath.

But not hers.

And her husband was
accused of the crime,

but he was innocent.

And all I could do was just stand there
and watch as they dragged you away.

How could anyone
think that you killed Mom?

Well, I was the
one who found her.

I had her...

I had her blood on my hands.

Any good cop

would have thought
the same thing.

All those days you were gone,

all those nights
I stayed at Kim's,

I was so scared.

I thought I was
gonna lose you, too.

See, that kind of fear

never leaves you.

Just goes deeper

and it takes something
like this to bring it up again.

And after all these years, I
thought I finally had it under control.

That was your first mistake.

Take it from one who knows.

You think I don't
remember that afternoon?

Every time a cold breeze blows.

All I wanted to do

was hold your hand

and be there for you.

That sounds pretty
good right about now.

That I can do.

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