Crossing Jordan (2001–2007): Season 1, Episode 11 - Wrong Place, Wrong Time - full transcript

Dr. Macy and Jordan work with a new detective Hoyt to investigate the death of a woman during a bank robbery that may be more than meets the eye. Nigel badgers Bug into looking more closely at the death of a man who died on a bus.




No, she's sleeping.

Hold on.


It's for you.

Garret somebody.



Oh, nobody.

So what's up?

Yeah, I can be there in 15
minutes. I know where it is.

Okay, see you.



We had sex last night.

Sure looks that way.

Okay! I gotta go.

You mind if I wait
here till you get back?


Work, huh?

Bank robbery. Couple
people were killed.

Great way to start your day.

Yeah, well, that's why
they pay me the big bucks.



Morning, Jordan.

Sleep well?

Yeah, fine.

Roommate sounded nice.

Though I don't remember you
mentioning you had a roommate.

Are you teasing me, Garret?

Of course not.

I'm your boss. It would be
inappropriate for me to tease you.

Yes, it would.

Besides, it's really
none of my business.

That's right, it isn't.

Hey, there. Hi. How are you?

You guys are the
medical examiners, right?

I'm Dr. Macy. This
is Dr. Cavanaugh.

I'm Detective Hoyt.

You know what? Let's just can all the
"Detective" and "Doctor" stuff, all right?

You can just call me Woody.

Ah. So, where you
from there, Woody?

Just transferred from
Kewaunee, Wisconsin.

Little slow there, so I figured

I'd move to the big city
once I got my shield.

What was it that gave me away?

Was it the Wisconsin
accent, there, you know?

No, no. Actually,
it was the tie.


So what do we got?

Okay, two heavily armed suspects

entered the bank just a few
shakes after it opened this morning,

disarmed the guard,

and got roughly $8,000
from the cash drawers.

Were the tellers able
to drop a dye pack in?

Yes. Yes, they did.

One of the new fluorescent kind.

When it goes off, the
robber doesn't know it,

but the cash still gets marked.

MACY: So how did
the shooting start?

Well, depends who you ask.

Witnesses say that the guard
pulled an ankle gun, got a shot off,

poor woman got shot.

The guard took
one in the shoulder.

Any security video?

Yeah the feed goes to
a lockbox off premises.

The manager's gonna
bring it by the precinct later.

Looks like she got
caught in the crossfire.

Wrong place, wrong time.

Looks like the guard got off
a lucky shot. Full body armor.

Bullet passed through
the right side of the neck.

I left the mask on. I didn't
want to touch the body.

Wouldn't want you
folks getting upset.

The other robber was
wearing a Bush mask.

George, Sr., that is.

Looks like Bill was
the unlucky one.

Not Bill.

Not Bill?


I mean, he just shows
up with a bottle of wine.

"Hi, I'm Tyler, and I'm
ruggedly handsome,

"and I thought I'd just drop
by on my way back to LA."

Next thing you know,
my pants are gone.

When I said this really wasn't any
of my business, what I meant to say...

No, it's actually the
best situation, though.

I mean, the guy's
only passing through.

I'm an adult.

If I want to have casual sex,
that's my God-given right, right?

This is a conversation you should
be having with one of your girlfriends.

Sure, I'll invite
the book club over

so we can discuss it
while we're doing our nails.

Hi, guys. Hi.

I'm not catching you
at a bad time, am I?

No, we're just
having some girl talk.

Oh. Okay.

We got an ID on the
woman killed in the crossfire.

Sydney Raines Wheeler,

leaves behind a husband
and a three-year-old son.

I guess she's a
bigwig here in town.

Have you guys heard of her?

Boston Brahmin family.
She does a lot of charity work.

You run the prints on
the dead bank robber?

Oh, yeah, you betcha.
Bonnie Perazzo.

Record's pretty clean.
Nothing like armed robbery.

We've pushed the autopsy.

We're gonna wait for your guys
to collect the bullet from the bank.

All right, swell. So, I'll see
you two over at the precinct.

The precinct?

The guard's out of the hospital.

He's gonna talk us
through the security video.

Should be pretty
informative there.

You don't mind
coming down, do you?


No, it's just we're not used to
the police being so cooperative.

You two have a good one, now.

Right back at you, Woody!

Whatever that guy
is on, I want some.

Oh, my sweet Lord.

Is that you?

Excuse me.


Lily, can I speak to
you for a moment?

Sure, Dr. Macy.

What do you know about this?

(GASPING) Wait, is this you?

Oh, look at all your hair!

Someone's been going
through my personal scrapbook,

and the thief took the
liberty of removing that photo

and putting it on the
employee bulletin board.

I never knew you were a drummer.

I'm not a...

Look, this picture was taken
when I was seven years old.

Well, who's this guy behind you?

That's my father.

Your dad, huh?

I've never heard
you talk about him.

It's because there's
nothing to talk about.

Look, fun is fun,
but I'm the chief now.

I have to maintain respectability,
you know, project authority.

I can't have people putting
my baby pictures on display.

It's just a prank, Dr. Macy.

Well, how would you like it if
somebody took a picture of you?



I don't think I could
ever show my face again.

Man, I always fall for drummers.

Wow, at least it
was a happy ending.

Funny, doesn't sound that happy.

Died on a bus on
his way to Braintree.

Barney Zimmerman, 78.

How tragically unglamorous.

Cause of death? Natural.

Just received his
medical records.

Mr. Zimmerman suffered
from arterial sclerosis.

What, so you're gonna rule
it a heart attack, just like that?

Just like that.
Cause and effect.

Cause, bad heart. Effect, dead.

And here I thought you had a reputation
for going the extra mile, Buggles.

Leaving no stone unturned.

The Bug I know would
at least run a tox screen.

I will run nothing. And why not?

Because there are
no question marks.

This is a sign-out,

and I will not autopsy just for
the sake of self-amusement.

For once, I will not have
to spend countless hours

cutting and probing
and tox-screening.

This is simple, Nigel,

and I am in desperate
need of simplicity.

You're not just a
wee bit curious?

I am not in the
least bit curious.

Okay, Mr. Driscoll.

Why don't you take us through
what happened this morning?

I'll do the best I can. This
all happened pretty fast.

JORDAN: There's Sydney Wheeler.

Yeah, this is about 20
minutes after we opened.

That's me by the
front entrance there.

I got a buddy who does guard duty at
the First Union a couple blocks away.

Sometimes we chat
on the walkie-talkies.

Guess that's why I
didn't see them come in.

There, that's George there.

He's gonna take my sidearm,

and he puts me down,

tells everybody to stay put.

And Bill, he doesn't
say anything.

He just... He's
gonna go for the cash.

Did they ask about the vault or
try to get the manager's keys?

I don't know. They
were shouting a lot.

See, they ain't looking at me,

so I reached for
my ankle piece here,

and I'm starting to draw
a bead on Bill over here,

but before I can get off a shot,

watch up here in
the right hand corner,

upper right hand
corner, right there.

MACY: George shot it out.

Yeah. Where is he now?

He's back by the loan area.

Bill turned around
when he heard the blast

and saw that I had
my gun out, so...

So I had no choice.

I shot him.

George is shooting at me now,

and I got a shot off

but then he got
me in the shoulder,

and I spun him around, and
right here he shoots the lady,

Sydney Wheeler, right there.

It's my fault she's dead.

There's something seriously
wrong with that video.

I mean, those two looked like
they didn't know the first thing

about robbing a bank.

What about all the
equipment, all the body armor,

all the machine guns?

Clothes don't
make the man, Hoyt.

We already know
Bonnie was an amateur.

I'm guessing Clyde was, too.

You know, and all
that trouble for $8,000?

I don't think so. What
do you think, Doc?

I'm not the resident
conspiracy theorist.

You guys are like a regular
Mulder and Scully, you know?

Except switched around.

You're more like Mulder,
and you're more like...

Thanks, Woody, I got it.

I love that show.

Barney was such a wonderful man.

I just can't believe he's gone.

We're very sorry for your
loss, Mrs. Zimmerman.

Do you have any idea why he
was taking a bus to Braintree?

Last night he mentioned he
was visiting his mother's grave,

which is just where
he'd want to be buried,

right beside her.

Oh, how Barney
loved that dear woman.

I'm sure he knows you're
taking good care of him.

Now, if you'd just sign here...

Just one question
first, if you don't mind.

I couldn't help but notice,

here on Barney's admitting form
for his most recent heart surgery,

dated just one month ago,

that he's listed
himself as divorced.


Barney and I had
our problems, but

we were reconciling.

How lovely.

However, since
you're not next of kin,

we'll have to hold
on to Barney for now.

I don't like you.

What the hell was that?

Foul play, Buggles.

Foul, foul play.

MACY: Is this your
wife, Mr. Wheeler?

Yeah, that's Syd.

Man, I can't believe
this is happening.

From everything we heard,

Sydney was a very special woman.

I told her never to
go anywhere alone.

Everyone knew
that she had money.

That made her a target.

She should have been protected.

But she had to make that
deposit every Monday morning,

8:00 am.

She had a good heart.

What'd she get for it?

You have a beautiful son.


Isn't that your
boy, Mr. Wheeler?

Yeah. Jack.

Syd was getting up
there when we had him.

Weren't exactly
planning it, you know?

She called him a miracle baby.

Thank God he's too little to
understand what happened to his mom.

We're doing everything we can
to find out who did this to your wife.


Come on, Jack.

Sure has a lot of
affection for his kid.

Well, grief does
strange things to people.

I've been telling people their
loved ones have died for 17 years.

I know what grief looks like.

Jeez, Garret, you're
starting to sound like me.


You're home early.

I was just, uh,

freshening up.


I ordered the
pies all by myself.

Aren't you the resourceful one?

I read in a book somewhere

chicks dig the whole
candlelight thing.

Oh, wow, you're reading now?

Huh. That's a new trick.

Oh, I got lots of tricks
you don't know about.

So why don't you take off
that towel and show me?

You just want me for my body.

Oh, and that's a problem why?

You know, it's too bad
you're headed back to LA,

'cause I could really
get used to this.

Funny you should say that.

Funny how?

I got a job today.

It's just construction,

but the pay's pretty good.



Here, in, uh...

In Boston?

It's a great city.


Towel's staying on, huh?

I was right about Ryan Wheeler.

Had our new friend
Woody do some digging.

All right, now I'm
officially scared.

What have you done
with my real boss?

Ryan's a jack of all trades.

He owns a bar in
Southie, and listen to this,

before they tied the knot,
he was Sydney's bodyguard.

Let me guess. They fell in
love, just like in the movies.

The word in the society page
is Sydney likes her boys bad.

It's too bad she
didn't know his history.

Guy tried to take a middle-aged
wealthy deb for a ride down in Florida.

Married her and tried to
cash out half her inheritance.

So he kicked it up a notch?

He actually had his wife killed?

When is a bank robbery
not a bank robbery?

When it's a murder.


Woody's on his way in for
the autopsy. I'll see you there.

Can't wait. Yeah.

Hey, Bug.

How's it going?

Swell, I guess.

Listen, you didn't happen
to see a picture of me

on the bulletin board
yesterday morning, did you?


No! No.

Because I'm having my
scrapbook dusted for prints,

and you might want to let the responsible
party know that I will find them.



I'll let them know.

Carry on.

NIGEL: Oh, Doctor?

This is Delbert Zimmerman,

Barney's brother.

It's a pleasure to
meet you, Dr. Vid...

Ooh, that's a long one.

What can I do for
you, Mr. Zimmerman?

Well, I'm here for Barney.

Of course.

(SLURRING) Barney was the
biggest Boston Red Sox fan there is.

He personally asked me to
make sure that when he kicked,

that I scatter his...


That's right. Scatter
them over Fenway.

You see, then Barney would
be part of the Sox, forever.

Isn't that a beautiful story?

And so convincing, too.

Actually, Mrs. Zimmerman filed a
court order to get custody of the body.

You want me to go to court?

Damn it, I will!

I know.

You're not the
least bit curious.

Lily, do you have any idea

how a pair of drumsticks
found their way onto my desk?

Sure. I put them there.

I'm making cookies in the
toaster oven. Do you want some?


They're a present.

Maybe they'll help you
reconnect with your inner wild child.

Listen, I really appreciate the
gesture, but as I've already...

If you don't like them, I
can just take them back.

Or you can just say thank
you, like a normal person.

Thank you, Lily.



You're not gonna give Daddy's
body to Delbert, are you?

Just because he lived in
our house and sponged off us

doesn't give him any right.

Ms. Zimmerman, you are
now the third family member

who has requested
your father's body.

The matter has now
gone to the courts.

There's nothing I can do.

But it's not fair!

For curiosity's sake,

what were your father's
last wishes for his remains?

Oh, well, Daddy was

in the Navy


the war,

so he wanted to
be buried at sea,

so he could rest

with his fallen countrymen

and women.

How touching.

All right, then.

I'll be patient.

But just so you
know, if you could

see fit to give Daddy to me,

I would be


SEDUCTIVELY) Very grateful.

Damn you, Nigel.

Thought you guys didn't start cutting
till you got them in their birthday suits.

In cases involving body armor,

it's best if we do it ourselves.

Wouldn't want to disturb
any of the forensics.

This neck wound is superficial.
Didn't sever any major arteries.

The guard's bullet
just grazed her.

I've got an entrance wound
at the base of her left palm.

Missed it at the scene.

That's not all we missed.

Jeez, Louise.

So this is actually
an entrance wound.

We've got exit
wounds here and here.

So one bullet goes in,

through body armor, no less,

and two come out?

No, this trauma was all
done by a single bullet.

Which means the
kill shot must be...

Now, where did you
come from, sweetheart?

You guys wouldn't happen to have a
ballistics expert around here, would you?

A genuine magic bullet.

Eat your heart
out, Oliver Stone.

Can you trace its path?

I certainly can,


that is just plain neat.

My little program here is calibrated
on velocity and tumble ratio

based upon a shot
fired from 15 meters.

It's as simple as designating
where the entrance wound was.

Her left hand.

It was probably outstretched
when she saw it coming.

NIGEL: Bullet enters
through her left hand,

bounces off the humerus,
not very funny in this case,

causing a fracture.

Our friend then
begins his tumble,

glances off the clavicle,

actually penetrates
the skin on the way out,

but alas, bounces off the inside of
the body armor and goes back in.

Hits the ribs,

and finally exits
through the abdomen.

Reduced velocity
embeds it in the armor.

The body armor
trapped the bullet.

If she wasn't wearing
it, she would have lived.

Forensic irony is
the sweetest of all.

So either the guard
knew exactly where to aim

or he's the luckiest shot
this side of the Pecos.

Neither, dearest.

This bullet isn't from the
guard's gun. This is an AK round.

You're telling me this robber
was killed by an AK bullet?


So the guard's bullet may not
have even grazed her neck?


So she was killed
by friendly fire.

The other robber shot her?


Last question. Uh-huh.

Do you like this tie?

Mmm, no.

Okay. I'm gonna get a new one.


No, I mean, Patagonia
is just unbelievable.

I mean, you ski right
down to the beach,

you pull off your gear,

you dive into the ocean. It's...

Hey, Jo.

Hey, hey, what's going on?

I just came by to see if you
wanted to grab some lunch.

My site's right
around the corner,

so we're practically neighbors.

We met last time
you were in town,

but for some reason, we weren't
properly introduced. I'm Nigel.

Tyler. Nice to meet you, man.

So where's Dr. Cavanaugh
been hiding you?

I am not hiding anything!

She's a very private person.

Tell me about it.

I am not private!

She just got a new place and
hasn't had a housewarming.

Bad form, if you ask me.

Would you guys stop talking
about me like I'm not here?

I mean, I just haven't had time.

I'm free tonight.

I get off in a couple of hours.

I could throw together
a little dinner party.

He cooks, too?

I am so in.

I'll be there.

Hey, Tyler? Tyler? May I
please speak to you? In private?

Well, of course you may, Jordan.

What the hell was that?

I don't know.

Oh, you...

You seemed a little wigged out
last night about me moving here.

I just want to talk about it.

Yeah, well, that's
what phones are for.

Do you got a problem with
me meeting all your friends?

They're not my
friends! They're my...

(QUIETLY) They're my coworkers.

Yeah, and who do you think you
are, inviting them over to my place?

It was the English dude's idea.

You know... And if
this is about territory,

I'm already looking
for my own place.

Oh, it's not about
territory, okay? It's about...

I don't know what it's about!

Great, then I'll
see you tonight.

Hey. Hey, man.

I just found bank
robber number two.

Just because a guy
has some tattoos

doesn't mean he's
the bank robber.

You asked Woody
about the dye packs.

Yeah, he said they used
a fluorescent dye. So...

Get that light.

And then there were none.

Hmm, sawdust.

Hey. Ah, there you are.

We just ID'd your corpse. Leon
Muntz. Two-bit second-story man.

Found his body in an alley
in South Boston, throat slit.

So we've got two dead robbers
who were hired to kill Sydney Wheeler

and make it look like
a bank job gone bad.

(HESITANTLY) Hired by who?

Her grieving widower.

Thought you weren't the resident
conspiracy theorist, there, Doc.

Things change.

Now it's just a matter of connecting
Mr. Muntz to Ryan Wheeler.

And since the only two
who can ID him are dead,

we might have to
get a little fancy.

Glucose levels
are off the charts.

This guy was as
drunk as you can be.

Sawdust and liquor.

A bar.

Ryan Wheeler owns a bar.

I got next, man.

Hey, is Ryan around?

Who's asking?

A friend.

Sure you are, pal.


I guess I'll just sit
here till he shows up.

We'll have, uh... A
couple of beers? Yeah.

And we don't need any glasses.

Ooh. You got it, tough guy.

I'm really digging this
new side of you, Garret.

What side is that?

The kickass, "I'm gonna
get you, sucker" side.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say
you're starting to take this personally.

I'm really looking forward
to your dinner party tonight.

Excuse me, we were
talking about you.

And now we're talking about you.

There you go. Thanks.

Your dude's relocating, huh?

I think I have intimacy issues.


That's a startling revelation.

What really sucks is that Tyler
knows I have intimacy issues,

and he loves to push my buttons

'cause he knows I'm
just gonna pull away.

So why don't you stop
pulling back, break the cycle?

I don't know.

The cycle's kind of fun.

You know? The more
we fight, the better the sex.

That's romantic.

You looking for me?

Ryan! Hey, nice
place you got here.

Thanks. Now, go.

Well, the joint has a
very friendly atmosphere.

No wonder Leon came
here after he hit the bank.

It's a great place to unwind.

Now, do you think if I showed his
and Bonnie's pictures around here,

anybody would recognize them?

You got something
you want to ask me?

When you decided to
have your wife murdered,

did you ever, for a second,
think about your kid?

I could tell you right
now that I did kill my wife

and it wouldn't
make any difference,

'cause you're not a cop.

You're just a regular guy

trespassing on my property,

which means

I get to kick your ass.

You're gonna kick my ass?

I am.


Garret, you just
head-butted that guy.

Yeah, I know. Come on.

One sec, one sec.

Maybe next time.


MACY: Ow! Jordan!

Boy, not so tough, are
you now, Dirty Garry, huh?

That's very funny. Yeah.

The old hit-and-run.
Pretty cool, man.

Thank you.

So you ready to tell me why
you want this guy so bad?

Look, Ryan Wheeler as much
as admitted that he killed his wife,

and with his two cronies
dead, there's no way to prove it.

So what's the real reason?

I have no idea what
you're talking about.

Look, I just want to know what
happened to my boss, okay?

First, you flip out over the
little drummer boy photo...

This has nothing to
do with that picture!

And don't expect
me to explain to you...


Jordan, it's personal.


Why do you think you're always yelling
at me for getting too involved, Garret?

It's supposed to
be personal, isn't it?

No, it...

It isn't supposed to be...

I'm supposed to be
professional and objective.

But damn it, I want this guy.

Welcome to my world.

You really want to get this guy?

So how does this work?

We recreate Sydney
Wheeler's murder.

Forget everything you know.

The only facts
are the forensics.

Now, we know Bonnie didn't
make it out alive, so I'll be Leon.

Now, who are you?

Well, the only reliable
witness was Driscoll the guard.

Okay, so you're Driscoll.

Now, it's 8:20 a.m.

What are you doing?

While Sydney
Wheeler's walking in,

Driscoll's by the entrance
and he's on his walkie.

Garret, it's first person.
You gotta be him.

Oh, okay, sorry. I'm
on my walkie-talkie.

So you don't see us coming.

Don't move, man!
Give me your gun!

MACY: Okay, I don't
want any trouble.

Get down! Everybody down!


I'm getting the manager.
What are you thinking?

I'm no longer a threat to you,

and the other one
has her back to me,

so I want to be a hero and
I reach for my ankle gun.

Wait a minute. Stop.

We're forgetting
something. Let's back it up.

Before you went
to the loan area,

you shot out the
surveillance camera. Why?

I didn't want the camera
to see me killing my partner.

Ryan told me to waste her here.

We start to cover our tracks.

But I didn't know you
were gonna kill her.

So I start reaching for my gun.

No, you don't.

Because I'm right
here in the blind spot.

I'm too close.

I'm the one who starts shooting.

Bonnie sees me raise my gun.

By then it's too late.

And then I do what
I came here to do.

I go for the cash.

I still have to sell
this as a robbery.

All right, stay
down! Don't move!

And I'm gone.

Didn't make sense.

Why not?

If you killed Sydney and your
own partner, then who shot me?

Maybe you shot yourself,
put yourself above suspicion.

Why? I didn't do anything wrong.

Maybe you did.

The robbery started at 8:20, and
Sydney Wheeler was running late that day.

So, if Ryan set up the murder,

his people would have
been there at 8:00 sharp.

How did the killers know that?

Had to be the guard. I
mean, he was on his walkie.

They must have
been on the other end.

Okay, she just got
here. Coast is clear.

The ankle gun was a setup.


They were just
covering all their bases.

And what's a bank robbery
without a man on the inside?


Hey, you guys ready to party?



Um, this is really
yummy paella, Tyler.


Now, this is just
plain depressing.

We're finally gathered in a
forum without dead people,

and what do we have
to say to one another?

Where's the bonding?

The love?

What would you like
to talk about, Nigel?

So hoping you would ask that.


Party failure
contingency plan A.

I have prepared a series
of queries designed to, um,

get to know each other.

Simply draw a
card from the pile,

put the question to the table.

Everyone must answer, but!

If you choose to remain mum,

then you must consume a shot

of party failure
contingency plan B.

The dreaded ouzo.

Bug! Shall we begin with you?

Oh, come on. I'm
not gonna read this.

Go for it, man! It
can't be that bad.

"Where is the naughtiest
place you've ever had a shag?"

NIGEL: All right, people.


Or drink?


Six times in a day?


Hey, I'm just
answering the question.

Lies. Six?

Come on, it's
medically impossible.

Why would you want to
have sex six times in one day?

I mean, come on. We're
people, we're not bunnies.

Dr. Macy said "bunnies"!


Can I get everybody's
attention for a minute?

Two days ago, somebody
broke into my office

and stole something
very personal.


And the culprit then went
on to take that personal thing

and post it on
the bulletin board.

You know, you can stop saying
"personal thing," Dr. Rock Star.

We all saw it.

Right, right. Okay, so,

let's get to it, then, shall we?

Tyler, what are your
intentions towards our dear girl?

Oh, I better not tell.

(WHISPERING) She'll yell at me!

Actually, uh,

I'd love to hear what
your intentions are, Ty.


I think we should pick up
right where we left off in LA.


Huh! That's kind of
taking a step back, isn't it?

I mean, let's take
the living situation.

I am struggling
just to pay rent here.

If you're moving here to Boston,

why don't you just
move in here with me?

You want to live together?


And another thing, I'm
not getting any younger.

I mean, "tick-tock, tick-tock"
goes that little clock,

know what I'm saying?

Not that we have to have
kids right away, okay?

But, I mean, come on, I should at least
have a ring on my finger within a year.

She's very old-fashioned.

Oh, thank you. You're welcome.

Are you serious, Jordan?


I had no idea you felt this way.

I mean, uh...


I actually thought you weren't
too cool with me moving here.


So, what do you say, man?

Can I think about it?

Of course.

To bonding.

Thank you for coming
down, Mr. Driscoll.

Sorry to put you out, there. We
just have a few follow-up questions.

Sure. Anything I can do to help.


Uh, what do we got here? Yes!

How much did Ryan Wheeler
pay you to tip off his hit men?

You go, Woody.

What the hell do you
think you're doing?

My client is a hero.

You want to tell me why
a hero needs a lawyer?

Don't worry, George.

He's fishing.

Okay, well, while I'm fishing,

I'm just gonna go ahead and
serve you with this warrant.

Fine, search my place.
I got nothing to hide.

Oh, no, George.
It's not for your place.

It's for your body.

I don't know how you got a
judge to sign this thing, Detective,

but you can be sure
I'll get it tossed in court.

If George hasn't
done anything wrong,

why would we ever be in court?

Hey, guys. Hey, Woody.

Hey, George.

Mind taking off that shirt?

MACY: Take it easy, Mr. Driscoll.
We're just gonna have a look.

This might sting a little bit.





Looks like we got hard contact.

Hard contact?

What's that mean?
What's she mean?

It means that once
a wound is cleaned,

it's impossible to
prove what inflicted it,

unless, of course,
someone was stupid enough

to press the barrel of a
gun into his own shoulder.

See, the edges of the
wound retain the soot

because it's baked right in.

Why'd you shoot
yourself, George?

Look, I only dealt with Leon.

In case you haven't
heard, Leon's dead.

Somebody's cleaning
up after themselves

and I can only guess
who's gonna be next.

Okay. Okay.

I went with Leon
to meet the guy.

He wanted me there as backup,

but I was across the street, I
didn't hear what they were saying.

This guy, if we showed you a
photo, could you pick him out?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

Look, I didn't know
they were gonna kill her.

How does it feel?

How does what feel?

We won! You got Ryan!

Feels kind of
anticlimactic, I guess.

Really? Huh! Well, then, maybe you
should go deliver the good news yourself,

see the look in Ryan's eyes

when he realizes you've
just brought him down.

I'm a doctor,
Jordan. I'm not a cop.

Yeah, whatever you say, Bones.

You wanna come?

Nah, I do it all the time.

This one's your baby, tough guy.


I like your new look.
It's very Chinatown.

I wasn't sure until just now,

but I think you got
a death wish, pal.

You're not the first one to say that,
and I'm sure you won't be the last.

You want to take this outside?

Or should I break
your neck right here?

Outside's probably
not gonna work,

because that's where
the cops are waiting.

You know, to arrest
you for murder?

Figured I'd bring
them here because, uh,

I'm just a regular guy.



you turn around
and I will be there.

I can't wait.

But until then, you're
gonna have a long time

to think about what
you did to your wife

and your son.

Goodbye, Ryan.

Hey, there. How are you?

This is my first
arrest here in Boston

and I'm supposed to tell you,

you have the right
to remain silent.

As you've finally seen the light

regarding this nefarious plot,

I took the liberty of
doing a bit of digging

and I was able to put my hands
on Barney's last will and testament.

How did you manage that?

Bird I know works probate
at the County Clerk's Office.

Barney changed his
will two months ago.

(SCOFFS) The Brighton
mafia strikes again.

So, which one of the
sharks gets the inheritance?

None of the above.

He's left everything to
a local animal shelter.

All $746 of it.

There's an obstruction
in the duodenum.


He swallowed something!

I want to hear you say it.



I'm curious.


Oh, stuff it, Delbert.

He hated you and you know...

You wouldn't even have known if your
damn daughter hadn't called you over.

Thieving spy.

Oh, spy?

Why don't you go have another
drink and let the women settle this?

All right, listen... NIGEL:
Settle down, children.

Two nights ago, your beloved
Barney sat in front of the telly,

as he did every Wednesday night.

Clutched in his
hand, a lottery ticket,

with the same numbers
he'd played for over ten years.

And this night,

he was a winner.

The jackpot?





And that's when the
vultures descended.

But unfortunately, Barney didn't want
to share with his loving family, did he?


So he did the only thing he
could to protect his winnings.

He put the ticket
in a bag, and he

swallowed it.


The next morning,
he would take a bus

to the lottery office...

in Braintree,

deposit his hidden booty
in the loo, and cash out.

his ticker gave out

and the poor guy died en route.

All right, we'll cut you in.

You have nothing to cut, sir.

Barney cut you out of his will.

Yeah, the transient
pets of Boston

just got $30 million richer.

And that brings us to the body.

Since you were all so
eager to take custody

of the remains, if one
of you would just sign



So much for my sign-out.


the puppies and the kitties

may see fit to contribute
a bit of their inheritance

towards a proper
burial for old Barn.

Hey, Jo.


I was thinking about
what you said last night.

Tyler, I'm sorry. I
shouldn't have...

Yeah, you should have.

I had it coming.

Yeah, you did.

I know you were bluffing.

You were

bluffing, right?


Maybe not.

I guess I blew it, huh?


Guess we both did.

So, is this where we say,

"It wasn't meant to be,

"too bad we're not grownups,

"let's shake hands and," you
know, "go our separate ways"?

Yeah, we could do that.


Bye, Jo.


I have a confession to make.

I didn't know
anyone was still here.

Come on in, Jordan.
Cleanse your soul.

I did it.

You did what?

Put that picture of you
up on the bulletin board.


I came in here looking for
a file, I saw your scrapbook.

Couldn't help myself.

I'm sorry.

It's all right. No harm done.

"No harm done"?

Garret, you've been on a
rampage for the last two days.

Did I ever tell you that my
dad was a trumpet player?

Really? Yeah.

He played jazz on the road,
mostly, when I was a kid.

You know, I didn't
see him much, but...

But when he was home,

he made me feel like I
was the center of his world.

I mean...

I worshipped this guy.

Last time I saw him, I
was about seven years old,

shortly after this
picture was taken.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Well, he didn't die or anything.

He just got tired of
the family life, I guess.

And my mother, of course, made
excuses for him, so he was still my hero.

He always...

He always wanted
me to be a musician.

Then when I was 17, I quit
high school and went on the road.

You're kidding. No.

I saw the world, I
traveled all over,

chased a bunch
of girls, you know,

made some records.

In many ways, it was
the best time of my life.

And then one day I realized
that I would never be great.

And if I couldn't be great, I
felt like I was wasting my time.

So I could do that,

or I could grow up and become
a man like my father never did.

When I looked into that
little boy's eyes yesterday...

You had to do something.


I thought you were the
one who was gonna confess.

Go on home, Jordan.
I'm sure Tyler's waiting up.

Tyler's history.

Guess I win.

You don't look like
you feel like a winner.

Want to talk about it?


Not really.

Well, even though you
are my bestest girlfriend.

Thank you.

Good night, Garret.
Night, Jordan.

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