Coroner (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 5 - Back To The Future - full transcript

We don't know how
you'll react to the radiation.

You might need someone
to take care of you.

"Explore the human form",

and you're Kirima Rite?

My work is more
sheltered, private.

Me and my canvas.
My subject.

- What's goin' on?
You're taking off some place?

I am uh, going to see Liam.

Love isn't just always enough.

I slept with someone.

- I'm seeing her.
- You left.

Because I'm doing the work.

Is the work screwing
someone while you're in AA?!

Your problems go way
beyond drinking.

- Yeah, well, know what?
Your problem is

you don't wanna be happy.
You hide behind your

- sister's death, yeah.
- You're the one

- who's hiding out here!
- No, here, I'm safe.

- You're scared.
- No, I'm not scared. Know what?

- I was fine before you came here.
- So was I!

Okay! Great. All right.

Hmm. So, he's only been
here 14 days?

Fascinating, right?

We found that the maggots
progressed to the thighs

much more quickly
than we thought.

Must be the humid
Ontario weather.

I mean, it's amazing
to have local data

on decomposing bodies like this.

But really,
it really is incredible.

Cops, coroners, pathologists.

We'll all be able to establish
time of death more accurately,

thanks to these people
who donated their bodies.

Thank you. I mean,

we're really lucky
to have all of this.

I actually had to fight the town

to let me build
this research centre.

And that fight continues.

I have a town council meeting
in half an hour.

Stay as long as you like.

My son knows this place
better than I do.

Thank you.

- Can... are we, can...
- yeah, of course, of course.

Thank you.

So, that's your mom?

Ha, yeah.

I know, I know,
you think it's weird,

but it's important work.

And if your mother made
something this cool,

you'd work with her, too.

Doctor Garcia!
Doctor Garcia!

Uh, I, I don't know.

This isn't one of yours, is it?

No, it's not.

If this gets out,

they'll shut my mom down.

We'll call the chief of police.

I'll tell him that my team
is investigating it.

I'll ask him to keep it
confidential for the time being.

- They'll do that?
- Let's hope so.

The body's stained red.

Did this land used
to be a peat bog?

Half the grounds were.

It's the reason town council
gave us this land.

Got it.

Okay, well,
let's get him outta here.

Can I see it?

You don't have to tell me
about those marks on your back,

if you don't want to.

It's from a treatment
I'm having. Radiation.

It's a side effect.

- You have cancer.
- Yeah.

A solitary spinal plasmacytoma.

It's a tumour on my spine.

But I, I'm dealing with it.

- Does it hurt?
- No.

Are you scared?


Well, I think it makes you
more beautiful.

What's it called again? Sol...

solitary spinal plasmacytoma.

You have a lonely cancer.


Ah... hmm.

I'm gonna have to take that
away from you.

Well, come and get it.

- Yeah.
- Come and get it.

- Hello?
- Ugh!


- Hey, Donovan.
- Yes?

You're not gonna believe this.

A Halloween mask?
That's a new one.

Bogs have low Ph level,

so, it's like he's been pickled.

I'm gonna miss pickles.

Doctor Cooper!

Oh, uh yeah,
so I'll send the body to uh,

to Toronto for the autopsy
with the help of doctor Garcia.

- Dennis. Call me Dennis.
- Yeah.


You know, I always wanted
to be a surgeon,

not a pathologist,

but my hand wasn't steady
enough because of this.

The dead are more forgiving,

but that means I get
to work with my mom.

Uh, his mother, Angela,
runs the place.

Okay, here we go.

Time for the big reveal.

Blunt force trauma
to the nasal spine,

- maxilla, and zygomatic bones.
- Mm-hmm, yeah,

it looks like he was struck
with a lot of force.

And he's wearing a hot pink
anarchy earring.

A what?

Ma, you okay?

You know him.

It's Andy Nyland.

Who's Andy Nyland?

We went to school together,

but he vanished without
a trace when I was 16.

You sure it's my brother?

We have to do a DNA test
to make sure,

but we got a visual ID
from doctor Garcia.


She was there
when we found the body.

I see.

Uh, could,
could I ask you please

not to tell my father
you found Andy?

He couldn't handle it.

- Thanks again!
- See ya later!

Good, goodbye!

Your father had a stroke.

Doctor called it Broca's

Means the cognition is intact,

but the speech is impaired.

I'm really sorry.

Cops gave him that stroke.

He was questioned
after Andy disappeared.

Oh, yeah.

Single dad, atheist,
bit of a drinker.

In a small religious town
in the 80s.

He might as well
have been Dahmer.

They dragged his name
through the mud.

Few months later,
he had a stroke.

- Were any charges ever laid?
- No!

When the cops couldn't
find Andy's body,

they decided he was a runaway.

They closed the case.

I really wanted to believe them.

Which is why I did
this crazy thing.

I know we use our home as a B&B

and we could use the space,

but we felt like,
if we boxed it all up,

Andy would never come home.

The cops never touched
any of this.

No. Dumber than a pile
of rocks, those boys.

Man, do I need a drink.

Well, let's go back in time.

Check out the hair.

Picture me in a flattop,
only twice as high.

Thanks for that visual.

Didn't Roxanna say her dad
reported Andy missing

- in November?
- Yeah. Why?

This is his agenda,

and every page after
October 5th is blank.

I'm gonna step outside.

- Make a call.
- Okay.

"Dear Andy,
I know you're cheating on me"

with another girl. I don't know
how you could do this to me,

after everything
we've been through.

"Your actions have caused
so much pain and heartache."

Kindergarten rules apply.

Everything back,
right where you found it.

Of course.


Satan's sister.

It was Andy's band.

They were playing battle of the
bands the week he disappeared.

They actually had a chance
at winning.

Andy was talented.

After he disappeared,

I lost a lot of friends.
All my friends, really.

- I'm sorry.
- No, no.

Going through it on
my own showed me

how strong I really am, so...

I guess they did me a favour,


- Thank you, thank you.
I appreciate it. Bye.

Local DS just confirmed,

Andy's dad waited a month
to report him missing.

Plenty of time to hide evidence.

Blunt force trauma to the
face is a very personal injury.

Usually happens when the victim

knows the attacker intimately.

Andy had a high school

Apparently, things went sour.
Her name was Helen.

She thought he was cheating
on her.

- A lock of hair?
- Yeah.

What's the body saying?

- You heard from your office yet?
- Let's see.

He says, no old fractures,
scarring, or trauma.

Rules out physically
abusive dad.

Yeah. The body was found
on its back,

with its hands by its side.

Which indicates
it was placed there

by someone who cared about him.

Well, maybe we talk to Helen.


- Good.
- Son of a grouse!

I told you so, grandpa.

Oh great, and "I toldja so" too.

That and a win ticket
at woodbine

might make me some money.

Okay, you know I never
get your references, right?

- Yeah, okay.
You don't need to know.

Could you pass me
the whatchamacallit?

- Let's do a trade.
- Rag.

- Yep.
- White one. Thank you.

- Are you okay?
That's a bit um...

- no, it's just a little Nick.
We're okay.

Don't like that.

You know what you could
get me though,

is from Liam's toolchest,
the um, ratchet.

I will look.

- The, the bent arm.
- We will see.

Just bring me the whole
toolbox, if you have to.

So, you gonna get this car
runnin', or what?

You bet I am!

Gonna get this car runnin'.

Just hummin'.
'Cause that's what I do.

- Good.
- You know that.

'Cause it'd be nice to go
for a ride sometime.

Okay. It would be nice
to go for a ride.

Where would you wanna go?

Hmm, I don't know.

How 'bout the drive-in?


We haven't been there
in a long while.

- No, I should say not.

I'll even spring
for the buttered popcorn.

Mmm. You're on.

- Hey, grandpa.
- Yeah?

- Is this it?
- Yeah.

'Cause I, um,

- is this normal?
- Yeah, that's it.

Good one.

Hi, Jenny.
It's doctor Sharma.

I'm sorry things didn't
work out with Liam,

but you put yourself out there,
and that's good.

I know you're angry and hurt.

It's okay to pause your therapy
but don't shut down, Jenny.

Feel those feelings.
I'm here if you need me.

♪ Because of circumstance ♪

♪ like it's a game of chance ♪

♪ and we just don't
want to believe it ♪

♪ what we need to survive ♪

She brought her own
walk-up music.

Helen young?

Oh, wow! Honey,
I barely got here in time.

There's a dark indigo cloud
near your root chakra.

Uh, sorry.

No, that's not why we called.

Uh, as I said on the phone,

detective McAvoy and I
wanted to talk to you

about Andy Nyland.

I haven't heard that name
in a long time.

Uh, what about him?

We found his body this morning.

I, I need to put my toes
in the earth.

Poor Roxy.

How did Andy,

I mean...

Did someone hurt him?

Do you know someone
who'd want to?

I knew this day would come.

Here, take my hand.

Andy and I had a very
tumultuous relationship

in that typical high school way.

Finally, I'd had enough.

I found a spell in a zine,

that promised it could erase a
person from your life, forever.

I gathered all the ingredients
for my witch bottle -

fingernail clippings,
nails, tacks.

The spell said when his name
was nothing but ash,

I'd be free of him.

The ritual cleansed
my attachment to him.

For the first time
in my repressed,

catholic life, I felt free.


I'm happy to talk to you
more about Andy,

but can we do it at my shop?

I need to recharge
with my crystals.

She said mine's for peace
of mind.

- What's yours?
- Healing.

Is it weird that
we took presents

- from a potential murderer?
- No.

You bought stuff from her.

A friend's birthday's
coming, up,

- so she's into all this stuff.
- Okay.

You know what else is weird?

Why would a self-described
repressed catholic girl

go looking for an occult spell,

and then,
perform it in the woods,

in the middle of the night,

Maybe she got tired of praying.

- Oh, hey.
Hey, River.

What does this
look like, to you?

Well, that looks like
a blurry foot.

Doctor Garcia,
could you zoom out, please?


Thanks for letting me
take the lead

on this autopsy, doctor Cooper.
It's a dream come true.

Of course. It actually
worked out perfectly

because doctor Lum-Davis
has food poisoning, so...


- Show her.
- Oh, right.

See these teeny,
tiny puncture wounds?

Yeah, I see them.

He's got them on both feet.

Any idea what caused them?



That looks like the end
of a thumbtack.

We'll call you back if we
find anything else super weird.

Great. Thanks, River.

I've read about case studies

where the decedent had these
kinds of injuries before.

And what were the findings?

They were all victims
of torture.

Ubdue Andy,

to torture him.

Maybe she drugged him
and tied him up.

No, there's no ligature marks
and the tox screen

came back negative for
tranquilizers and narcotics.

What about alcohol?

Hm, there was enough in his
system to get him buzzed,

but not enough to knock him out.

An accomplice, then?


- Oh, hey, I gotta get this.
- All right.

I'll meet you outside.

Hey, River, give me a sec.

G-Good, goodbye.


Hey, River. How's it goin'?

Slow but doctor Garcia is good.

- Well, that's good to know.
You find anything else?

There is something
with the heart.

There is a microscopic hole
between the upper chambers.

- Like an atrial septal defect?
- Exactly.

It's too insignificant
to kill him,

- but it is interesting.
- Huh.

We're examining
respiratory tree.

If you'd like to observe,
doctor Cooper?

Just give me a second.

Well, that's interesting.

34-year-old congealed blood.

Perfectly preserved.

That blood is as old as me.

Uh, thank you, Dennis,
for all your good work.

Thanks, guys.

Ah. Sorry.

Sometimes I get so excited
about my work

I forget that I've gotta
be careful with my hand.

There's no need to apologize.

Your hand seems steady
enough to me.


would you like to grab
a drink sometime

when we're uh,
no longer colleagues?

I would love to grab a drink
with you, doctor Garcia.

Great. Great.

Uh, martinis, it is!

Andy had a hole in his heart.

Dennis has a defect in his hand.

You wanna know
what I think this is?

You do yoga?

Which question do you
want me to answer first?

Sorry, right.

Um, I think both Andy and
Dennis have Holt-Oram syndrome.

Is that good or bad?

Holt-Oram is a, a genetic defect

that's passed down
from parent to child.

Andy Nyland went missing

Let me guess how old Dennis is.

He's 34.

Yeah, I got it here.

I don't know what to say.

No one's ever put it
together before.

I'll tell you what I remember,

if you let me tell Dennis
the truth.


Angela, were you there
the night Andy disappeared?

Helen and I were best friends,

which is why Andy came to me
when things got bad with them.

It started out with me
helping him.

We got close,

and then I broke
the cardinal rule.


Hey, it's me.

I'd let it slip,
about the ritual.

He thought it would be funny
to sneak up on Helen and me.

But I had something else
to tell him that night.

I told him about the baby.

He lost it.

Said he'd skip town
if I kept it.

I wanted to humiliate him.

Make him feel like I did
in that moment.

So, I suggested we have sex
one last time.

Like a send-off.

When his clothes were off,
I told him to close his eyes,

that I had a surprise for him.

Then I took his clothes,
and I left.

That was the last I saw Andy.

I wish I could say I could
take it all back,

but then,

I wouldn't have Dennis.

You gonna be okay to make it
back to the city?

One of the many, many perks

of quitting coffee.
Oh, Jesus.

Oh, place is a little creepy,

but Roxanna did offer
to let us stay over.

I mean, I'll stay, if you stay.

I have a gym bag in the car.

Well, that makes one of us.


Andy Nyland...

Hi, Jenny.

Hi. I just got
Garcia's report.

The cause of death
was asphyxiation?

Not the best way to go -
suffocating on your own blood.

Oh, uh,

Dennis found some
microscopic pink quartz,

feldspar, and mica
embedded in the mask.

Those elements make granite.

He was struck in the face
with a rock?

- That's right!
- Well, that's it.

Have a, have a good night, okay?

We will.

Helen? Sorry, um...

are you more of a water person

or a fire person?

Um, I don't,
I don't know, but...

when we met,
and I took your hand,

I got your psychic energy on me,

and I haven't been able
to get it off.

You're in a dark place,
doctor Cooper,

and I'd like to try to help you.

I see you, Jenny Cooper,

the parts of you
that even you can't see.

And I'm asking you
to let me help you.

Help you what?

Imagine the thing
that has a hold on you.

Someone from your past.

And then imagine being free
of the weight of it.

Yeah, um...

Unclench your heart.

Unlock your mind.

Past and present now aligned.

Close your eyes.

Let go.

Why do I get the feeling

I'm in a rocky training montage
all of a sudden?

Found it under my bed.

Okay, so,

here's what I'm thinking, right.

Andy finds out that Helen
and Angela

are doing this cleansing spell

and he goes to the woods,
puts on a mask to scare them.

Angela tells him about the baby,
she steals his clothes,

he makes his way back
to the fire, right,

which is where someone

hits him in the face
with a rock.

Now, he stumbles
on the witch's bottle,

which is how he gets the tacks
in the bottom of his feet.

So, either Angela's lying

or Helen is,

or I mean, I guess...

I mean, both could be lying,

I just, I don't know.
I'm not sure.

What do you think?

I think we should sleep on it,

Get back in the ring
in the morning.

I'm good.

Yeah, but maybe
I'm scared of the dark.

Fine, let's go.

Apollo creed wins again!

- Morning.
- Hey, morning.

Hey, got you a tea.

- Thank you.
- Now, check this out.

Sorry, is this uh,
the witchcraft book

that you bought for your friend?

Well, first off, I'd make
a kick-ass warlock.

Secondly, I like anything
that helps me solve a murder.

All right, now Helen said
she cast a spell

- to rid someone from her life.
- Mm-hmm.

Now, according to my research...

so, your, your warlock research?

No, please, tell me.
Tell me all about...

Yeah, according to my research.

- ...your research. Yep, mhm.
- The triangle of Solomon

does just that.
It requires three stones -

rose quartz, amethyst,
and granite.

Each wielded by
a separate witch.

But that's, that three witches.


We only have two.


I remember seeing something.

Best friends.

- Helen, Angela, and...
- Yeah.


Don't sneak up on me, like that.

Roxanna, were you there
that night?

Uh, I'm way too hangover to know

what you're talkin' about.

Helen and Angela,
they told us the whole story.

Uh, I don't believe them.

We made a vow never
to talk about that.

Oh, I see.

Clever, detective McAvoy.

They didn't name you,
but they both told us

their version of what
happened that night.

Maybe you'd like
to tell us yours?

Andy could be sweet
and sensitive,

but he was also a horny
teenaged boy.

And Helen wanted to wait.

By then, I'd figured out he was
screwing around with Angela.

So, I decided enough was enough.

This will help you loosen up

and tap into the magic.

I don't think so.

Okay, you know I'd never do
anything to hurt you, right?

I just want you
to be free of him.

Yes! And some for me.

Here we go!

After it was all over,

Helen said that she felt good.

You know, that she,
that she felt free.

I said I'd walk her home,
while Angela peed.

Halfway to her house,

Helen remembered she left
her notebook behind,

and she was freaking out

that someone would find it

and tell her parents that
she'd been doing witchcraft,

so I said I'd go back,
I'd go back and get it.

Oh god!

I know I was high,
but I swear to you,

that wolf was real.


Whatever it is, just say it.

When we found Andy's body,

he was wearing a wolf mask.

No, he, that ca...

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I did it. I killed him.

I killed my brother?

I killed my brother.
I killed Andy?

Oh, god! Andy!

I killed Andy!
Oh, god!

This was all just
a horrible mistake.

I don't see anyone
prosecuting Roxanna

under these circumstances.

But we still don't know
how Andy got into the bog.

- I hate loose ends.
- Yeah.

- Sorry, I gotta take this.
- Mm-hmm.

- Goodbye!
- Bye. Hello?


Everyday, goodbye.

Mr. Nyland,

did you see Andy the night
he disappeared?

Good boy.

You buried one child
to save another.

So, I,

I... am...

I am so sad.

What are you talking
to my father about...?

Get away from him!

He doesn't have to know, okay?

He, he's been through enough.

You don't understand.

- I do.
More than I can explain,

and you don't wanna go
through this alone.

Not again.

Did you call them?

- No.
They just knew to come.

I don't understand.

I, I thought the radiation
was supposed to help?

It has helped.

Your tumour has shrunk

Okay, but,
but now you're telling me

I have a hole in my spine.

How, how big a hole
are we talkin'?

Are we talkin' pinhead size,
dime size?

Hell, a golf ball size?

I'd like you to come in
so we can talk about this.

I know you're very busy,

but this is something we should
talk about in person.

What's the worst-case scenario?

Why don't I start
with the good news?

It's completely operable.

That's not what I asked you.

Okay, well,
there is a small chance,

however, if we operate,

that it could affect
your ability to walk.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Tell me you have what we need,
and we can go home.

Yeah, I'm uh,

I'm gonna rule Andy's death
an accident.

I feel like this family
could use some peace.

Peace. Mm-hmm.

I like the sound of that.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Whatcha doin' out here?

You know, when you're younger...

He's been in there all morning.

It's like he thinks
he's on a date.

I walked in on him doing
this yesterday,

but he said he was just working
through some engine problems.

Do we know who he's talking to?

Yes, he is talking to Peggy.

Do you know who Peggy is?

Yeah, um,

Peggy is short for Margaret,

and Margaret's my mom.