Coroner (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Episode #3.6 - full transcript

- You left!
- Because I'm doing the work.

Work? Is the work screwing
someone while you're in AA?

Your problems go way
beyond drinking.

You know what? I was
fine before you came here.

- Yeah, so was I!
- Okay, great.

How long have you
been self-medicating?

- Since dad died.
- I always thought he would,

He would be there,

And it's like,
what if I keep forgetting?

I'd like you to come
in so we can talk about this.

What's the worst case

There is a small
chance, however, if we operate,

That it could affect
your ability to walk.

Dad, it's us! Just stay
exactly where you are, okay?

Ross, I release you from
the responsibility of grandpa.

Okay? He's resilient.
And you, you need to be 19.

Come on.

Where are we going?

You've been
so stressed out.

Tonight's mission is:
Operation Ross fun.

I confessed in court.

Yeah, I understand that,
Mr. Bennett,

But I've been asked to review
the medical evidence

That's against you.

Okay? So, do you mind
telling me what happened

The night wyllanne died?

That night was supposed
to be a celebration.

We'd made it to the finals,
my team.

- Mm-hmm.
- And that's for hockey?

Yeah. Wasn't feeling too
hot for a couple weeks.

Bad mood I couldn't shake.

Wanted to stay home, but uh,

The boys,
they wouldn't give it up.

We'd finally won.

Campbell passed out.

Then in the morning,
I wake up and find wyllanne.

And uh, and she
was already dead.

On the bathroom floor.

At first,
I thought she had od'd,

But then the cops showed up
and told me I did it.

And you don't remember
hurting her.

No. But at the trial,
the medical experts said

She died of internal bleeding
from what I did to her.

Mr. Bennett, why did you
confess to a crime

That you don't remember

At the trial,
they showed her x-rays.

And that lawyer,

He counted out loud every
single bone of hers I broke.

Just pointing and counting

Until something in me just,
just broke.

- Dr. Cooper?
- Uh, you're needed at a uh...

- Right.
- Thank you. One sec.

Donovan speaking.

No, I haven't scheduled
my pre-op appointment yet.

Let me check my calendar.

My sched's looking pretty full.

I don't think I can move
anything around.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'll get back to you

By the end of the day
with a date I can come in.

Yep, end of the day, yep,
all right.

- Bizet's "habanera"?
- Point for the Coroner.

So, this death is unrelated
to the shooting?

No, that guy survived.

Idiot was showing off his gun

And his friend shot him
in the ass.

He's been identified
as the owner of the house,

Joshua Harris.

We've got multiple stab

Blood's smeared, so
somebody might've tried cpr.

The wounds aren't clean.

The weapon probably
wasn't a knife.

Maybe a, an ice pick?

Screwdriver? Awl?
Something like that.

Apparently, he's some kind
of counterfeit goods kingpin.

Fake designer handbags,
watches, clothes,

You know, that sort of thing.

Well, it explains how
he could afford all this.

Detective west, I'm in charge
of this investigation.

Put your mask on, please.

Look, why are you
keeping me in here?

- Any of these yours?
- Hmm?

- Um, yeah.
- Yeah?

Ross, how do you say it?

- It's Ross khalighi.
- Khalighi!

This also yours?

Yeah, I was supposed
to clean it.

Mm-hmm. Let me see your hands,


What's that on your cuff,

- What?
- Huh? Turn around, please.

Keep your hands
where I can see 'em.

- No, no, look, I need...
- turn around!

- Hands where I can see 'em!
- What?

No, no, no, look. Okay. Look,
look, my mom is the Coroner.

Yeah, yeah,
my dad's the chief.

Ross khalighi, you're under
arrest for the murder

- Of Joshua Harris. Let's go!
- No!

Right hand.

Okay, left hand.


Can I call my mom?

You 18?


19, then you are your
own legal guardian,

So no, we are not gonna call
your mommy.

You're an adult man
who went to a party

And you killed someone.


I didn't kill anybody.

Where were you born?

- I was born in Toronto.
- Great.

You cooperate and you
get to go home.

See your mommy. Yeah.

What's your relationship
with Joshua Harris?

- How long you known him?
- I don't know him.

I've never met him before.

So, you stabbed a guy
you didn't know,

With a screwdriver?

- I found him like that.
- Dead or alive?

Dead? Uh...

- So, you did cpr on a dead guy.
- No, I thought he was alive.

So, he was alive.

Jenny, this très charmant

And fantastically persuasive
man is here to see you.

Now he said it couldn't wait.

- I, uh, yeah.
- It's, it's all good.



So, how'd it go with,
with oshae Bennett?

Oh, uh, our interview
got cut short.

I got pulled to a homicide.

Hey, I still don't understand
why you're asking me

To review a case that
you prosecuted him.

You were the one
who put him in jail.

I like to, you know,
cross my I's and dot my t's.

Okay, uh, well,

I haven't found anything that
uh, contradicts his confession,

So it seems, seems valid.

Uh, sorry, I just...

- One sec.
- Yeah.

- Hey, Matteo.
- Everything okay?


No, I thought he stayed
at your house last night?

What? Well, hold on.

Wait, where?

What? Party.

- Sorry, I gotta go.
- Something wrong?

Get a job.

- What's good?
- Hey, man!

- Got a slam dunk.
- A murder she wrote.

On the mansion party thing?

Yeah, I left a suspect
in the interrogation room.

His story was he was doing cpr,

That's how he got blood
on his cuffs.

Well, what about the shooter

And the guy who got shot
in the ass?

- No, unrelated guns and gangs.
- I already solved that,

So I'm just running this uh,

This dude through

You really think
it's terrorist related?

Well, I'm just being safe,
you know.

Probably radicalized
to connect with his dad.

Allahu akbar,
all that crap, right.

Man, don't make racist
comments like that.

Don't go all PC on me, bruh!

Wait, Ross khalighi?

That's Jenny Cooper's son.

Well, there's always
a bad apple.

- No other suspects?
- No, he's with duty counsel now.

For all the good
that's gonna do him.

I'll take over now.

You go write up the warrants,

Looks like you got caught
with blood on your hands.

In both senses of the word.


But I can, I can get bail,

You've been charged
with murder.

You're not getting released
on a promise to appear.

You're gonna have to spend
the night in lockup.

Uh, we're outta time.

So, look, I...

I can't stay overnight in jail.

We'll strategize a plea
bargain later.

- I've got a bail hearing.
- But I didn't do anything!

Right now, doesn't matter
what you did.

Look, eat something.
And don't talk.

Nice to meet you,
Mr. Khalighi.

- Ross?
- Hmm.

- I'm detective mcavoy.
- I know, I know.


There's been a really
big misunderstanding.

Okay, but you know me, right?

I'm... I'm not a murderer.

I know your mom.

Okay. Well...

No one has been
listening to me.

Even my own duty counsel

Is trying to tell me
it doesn't matter what I did.

But I didn't do anything.

All right,
I'm gonna record this

If you're giving me a statement.

Are you gonna help me?

Are you asking to give me
a statement

Without a lawyer present?

Yes. Yes.

All right.

All right, it's Friday,
October 3, 9:00 A.M.,

Detective Donovan mcavoy
interviewing Ross khalighi.

All right, Ross, you have
my undivided attention.

Tell me what happened.

I went into the room

Because of the gunshots.

There he was,
he was right there.

You went to the party
to sell drugs.

You got into a beef
with the homeowner.

And you stabbed him,
with this.


That's what the evidence
tells me.

So, why don't we try
this again?

What were you doing
at the party?

I was...

I was just havin' fun.

All right, what's the gap
between having fun

And guy with holes in him?


You didn't go there
with anybody?

You didn't talk to anybody?

I don't remember.

You told detective west,
and I quote,

"I meant to clean that off,"
about this.

That's called an utterance,

And it holds up in court.

Why would you bring a
screwdriver to a party anyways?

I, it was,
it was just in my pocket.

I was fixing a car with
my grandpa and I just...

And then, after that,

I'm at the party,
with the dead guy.

I don't know who you think
you're protecting.

But it's not you.

Hi, ma'am?

Uh, I'm here for my son,
Ross khalighi.

He's been detained.

Sorry, you won't be able
to see him.

Why not?

I can't disclose
that information.

No, sorry, I,
I wanna see my son.

- I have a right to see my son.
- Sorry, ma'am, you can't,

And you don't.

Um, can you call detective
mcavoy for me, please?

I'm Jenny Cooper.
I'm the Coroner.

Come on!

Jenny. Hey.

Hey! They have Ross,

And they're not telling me
anything about this.

- All right, I know.
- Come here.

- Is Ross okay?
- Let's talk over here, please.

What are you?

- Hey, is Ross okay?
- No, he's not.

- Wha?
- He's been charged with murder.

What? I mean,
Ross wouldn't hurt anybody.

There is no way that you
can be taking this seriously?

I'm taking the evidence
against him, seriously.

What is the evidence
against him?

I can't tell you that!

That would be compromising
the investigation.

Oh my...

I mean, you're,
you're helping him, right?

Do you want me to be the one
that's in there with him?

Yes, of course. Yeah.

Best thing you can do
for Ross

Is find him a defence attorney
that has more than five minutes

to spend with him.
I gotta go.

Hi. Uh,
is Marie halcrow there?

I, I need a lawyer for my son.

She's in trial, okay.

Hi, yes, uh, can I speak
with Nicholas digba?

I need a lawyer.

My son has been falsely
accused of murder and...

Mr. Digba is on vacation.

Hi, this is Jenny Cooper,
I'm a Coroner.

I uh, I need a lawyer.

No, I don't want a junior
associate, I want...

Come on, I need...

...A lawyer...Now!

Just do it...

I know.

- Hey. Hey.
- Hey.

You think you can help?

Yeah, yeah,
I can get in there.

Spot what kinda case they're
building; See the holes.

Okay. Okay, thank you.

I'll uh, I'll just wait
in my car. You can text me.

- No, no, Jenny.
- No, no, you can't sit out here

While your colleague
interrogates your son, okay?

It's bad optics.

Okay. All right,
I'll go to the office.

- I can um...
- Not try to be Ross' superhero.

You can't go anywhere near
the autopsy suite.

Or the crime scene, okay?
You can't.

- Then, what, what can I do?
- Right? What can I do,

Because everything that I can
do, I can't do for my own kid!

What do I do?

Well, there is another
innocent man

That could use your help.

You've got to get your mind
off this, okay?

And look at the oshae Bennett
case again.

He deserves a fair shake.

Just like your kid.

But I got Ross.

I got him.

That's my son.

Don't mess this up.

- Okay.
- Okay.

I just talked
to your mom.

Um, is she um, how is she?

She's worried sick.

Detective Donovan mcavoy,

Resuming interview
with Ross khalighi.

All right,
let's talk about this.

The ecstasy.
Where'd you get it?

Tonight's mission is:
Operation Ross fun.

Cheers to that!

Let's do that thing
we talked about.

- Hmm? You wanna do that?
- Yeah!

I don't know where I got it.


What about this?

It looks like my dad's watch.

It's, looks like his watch,
if he was still here.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

His is not as tacky
as that one.

But you were wearing this one.


This was on your wrist
when you were booked.

That's not my watch.

All right.

I'm gonna show you something,

Look closely.

What's Joshua Harris wearing
in each of these pictures?

He's, he's wearing the watch.

He is.

I have no idea how
I got that, okay? None.

His lawyer's here to see him.

I thought she had bail

Pausing interview.

You came to the party
to sell the drugs.

You saw the watch,
reminded you of your father.


You were emotionally

You stabbed Joshua Harris
and you stole his watch.

No, no, that,
that is not what happened.

Until you tell me different,

That's what the evidence says.

Uh, your conference call
is up.

- Oh, okay. Uh, thank you.
- Alphonse, whatever you do,

Do not let me go into
the autopsy suite, okay?

Oh, okay,
I like this game, jc.

- It's not a game.
- Right.


Hey, don't waste my time
if you're not even there, lady.

I'm here.

My mom had to re-mortgage her
house when legal aid ended.

She doesn't want anymore
false hope.

No, you're absolutely right,
Mr. Bennett.

I'm sorry. Um...

Can we go back
to wyllanne's injuries?

You said that you kept
reliving the moment

That the evidence
was shown in court.

Wyllanne's back broken, yeah.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, I did that.

I have a,
I have a chest X-ray here.

I mean, her spine looks fine.

No, it's, it's broken.

I'm sorry do to this,
Mr. Bennett,

But I need to show you
wyllanne's x-rays.

- Uh, come on, lady. No.
- No, it's important.

Can you, can you tell me
what this is?

- It's wyllanne's back.
- Every single bone is broken.

And can you show me where
this is on your body?

My back.

Uh huh.

Okay, so you admitted
you were in the room.

Murder weapon is in your pocket.

And you're wearing
the dead man's watch.

You come from
a dysfunctional home.

I'm a friend of your mother's
by the way.

So what, you're,
you're not my duty counsel,

- But you're still my lawyer?
- No, I'm not your lawyer,

I'm, I'm a crown attorney.

And they're doing you a favour
by letting me talk to you.

I, I'm here to prevent you
from making things

Worse for yourself.


So, should,
should I stop talking?

No, you can't stop talking,
you gotta keep talking.

You can't stop now.

You need to repaint
the narrative.

Okay, but...

I told them everything
I know, so...


It's not like I can just,
I can just do better, here.

Listen, when, when you get
entangled with the cops,

You lose control.

Okay, all your power
is taken away from you.

You're in the system.

You just start to refute
what they say,

And boom, they got you.

I'm here to give you
back your power.

Okay, how?

Focus on the details that
are important to you. Okay?

They've dug you a hole;
Now we build you a ladder.

A colleague
sent these over.

- Jenny?
- Sorry.

- Your images.
- From Boston university.

A former football player
donated his brain

To their chronic traumatic
encephalopathy centre.

- Brain looks shrunken.
- Look at the sulci.

You can see the sulci
through they gyri more easily

Than you would
on a normal brain.

Happens a lot
to these poor athletes.

Football, rugby, boxing.

- Hockey.
- Definitely.

Could be why he couldn't
shake that bad mood.

Thank you. This has uh,
this has been really helpful.

Oh, I'm about to finish
the Joshua Harris autopsy.

If you'd like to join?

You get some good
advice from your lawyer?

Yeah, I did.

Like, from the beginning,
I've been treated different.

I'm getting treated like
a suspect because I'm brown,

And I know that I'd get
the benefit of the doubt

- If I was white.
- Welcome to reality.

As a mixed kid, you have
privilege, until you don't.

You're trying to tell me
what I was doing,

But what I remember

Is what I was feeling.

All I want is the truth, Ross.

Come on!

What are you doing?

We can hear you pacing
over the bone saw.

Just come in.

I can't.

Uh, have you been body

You love autopsies.
Well, not love, but...

oh, what's wrong?

Um, I'm sorry. Uh...


My son, my son is being
held on this case.

They've charged him.
I'm sorry.

Oh, Jenny.

That's horrible! Oh.

I don't wanna compromise
this case.

I mean, and I wanna ask
so many, so many questions.

I just, I can't.

I'm not supposed to be
near here.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


Sorry, river.

We found...

There's water in the stomach.

Oh, god.

- Who are you calling?
- I have to call Donovan.

Use my phone.

It was Matteo's idea.

Going to the party?

I've been really
stressed out.

- Let's open things up.
- Just for tonight, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

My family um, they can
be a little overwhelming.

I felt like I was just
jumping out of my own skin.

And then, I was feeling free.

Felt like I was flying.

I could feel the wind.

And the air on my face.

And then...

I could just, just see it.

It was so shiny.

Are you talking
about the watch, Ross?

Yeah, I found it,
in the yard.

It was beside the hot tub.

I picked it up.

It felt heavy.

And it, it was wet.

The watch was wet.

Yeah. Yeah, the watch,

And the grass.

I felt alive, you know.

Then what?

What are you feeling now?

- Hi.
- Hi.

Um, I feel uh,

I'm feeling friendly.

I made a friend.

Does this friend have a name?

Ross? I like your name.

I like your name.

Shimmery shameer.

No, I don't remember.

We wanted to get
into the bedroom.

For some privacy.

- Oh, through this door.
- Oh, no. Locked.

We couldn't.
The door was locked.

The door
to the bedroom

Where you found the body,
was locked?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, but it was,

It was weird, because...

- I felt...
- run!

Come on.

You felt?

He, one minute,
he was out cold.

Come on.

And the next,

He was opening the door.

Let me give you a hand.

Who Ross?

It was the guy.

Guy with the neck tattoo.

But I just...

I just didn't notice it
because I...

Whoa, hey.


No, no, hey. Okay.

Come on! Come on!

I just...

That's it.

That's it.

Donovan mcavoy,
pausing interview.


Why? What's wrong?


I, I'm not lying!

Where are you...
I'm not lying!

Malik, our timeframe's wrong.

The murder wasn't committed
during the party,

It was committed
before the party.

That's a wrinkle
in time.

And the pathologist found
water in his stomach,

Which means the guy bled out
in water.

Ross said he found the watch
near the hot tub.

- Aw, Mac, we checked it.
- It was dry!

Check it again.

All right!

Whatever you say, boss!

One second, Mac.

Okay, you there?

Yeah, I'm still here.



Yeah. Okay.

Yeah, yeah, there's
something in the drain.

Huh. It's a barbecue skewer.

The suspect killed
Joshua Harris in the hot tub,

Moved the body to the bedroom,
locked the bedroom door,

Let the party completely
contaminate the crime scene.

Yeah, then waited for a
distraction to unlock the door.

It's uh, it's a good plan.

You almost have to admire it.

Do you think you could ID
the guy

You saw unlock the door?

- Yeah.
- Am I, am I going to prison?

No, Ross. You're free to go.

- Cte.
- Mm-hmm.

- Oh, we should've seen this.
- Well, nobody looked.

I mean, this diagnosis
doesn't exonerate oshae,

But cte causes confusion,

So his confession, you know,
it might not be valid.

Which means his lawyers have
a good case for an appeal.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

Sorry, this doesn't seem
just like uh,

Crossing I's and dotting t's.

Doesn't seem like you
wanted to win this one.

I did wanna win.

When I caught oshae's case,

I was stalled on my career.

Happens a lot to crowns
of colour.

But I went hard.

And I got him convicted.

He put me on the map.

Well, yeah-sorry, you don't,

I mean, you don't have to...

You don't have
to explain yourself.

Yeah, I usually don't,
but I...

I don't want you to feel used.

I don't.

I will uh,

Make sure that his defence
lawyer gets these.

Yeah. Don't tell anyone that
you heard it from me.

I won't.

Um, Donovan?


Yeah, thank you.

He's out?

Yeah. Yeah, he's out.

I'm glad your kid's okay.

A guy named Doug downey
has been arrested.

He and Joshua Harris
were partners

In a counterfeiting gang.

Until Joshua cut him
out of the business.

Real ballbuster.

Yeah, understatement
of the year.

This sucks.

This whole system just sucks.

Like, let's just burn this
whole thing to the ground.

I mean, what are we doing?

You know, what happened
to you was wrong.

It should never have happened.

But it does. And worse.

George Floyd.

Chantel Moore.

Breonna Taylor.

Regis korchinski-paquet.

How can you even work
for the police?

Who'd you rather?

I hate that I'm mixed.

And I hate that I even need
to think about that right now.

Don't even go there.

Your racial identity's
not a burden.

That's when they win.

Racism is born of fear.

Fear that what's different
could be equal,

If not more powerful than them.

So, for hundreds of years,

They've created laws, rules,

And belief systems
to try and keep us down.

You need to find the joy
and power

In your own identity.

Yeah, I guess.

- You might not feel it now...
- But you will.


He's had quite a day.

It's not about you.


I know, I just...


Smells good.

You're making vaavishkaa.

Dad used to make that
when he had a rough day.

I miss dad.

I know.

God, I wish he was here.

You wanna talk about it?


But not right now.


I'll um, I'll call you
when it's ready.

- Shouldn't be long.
- You're okay?