Coroner (2019–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Eyes Up - full transcript

Jenny and Donovan help a young girl who seeks the truth about her father's death.

- I think we should get
grandpa a tracker.

- I just, I-I don't know how
much longer he's gonna be able

To do things on his own, ross.
- But I-I didn't mean

Like a leash, mom,
I just meant like, an app.

Dr. Cheng: Your biopsy shows
that you have

A solitary spinal plasmacytoma,

A low tumour
in the lumbar spine.

You'll need to start a regular
course of radiation,

As soon as possible.

- Yeah, will I,
will I be able to work?

Liam: "I'm sorry it took
so many months,

I was pretty messed up
for a while.

I'm in a good place right now,

And I miss you."


(text message chimes)

- Who is it?

(text message chimes)
- it's jenny.

("home team" by junia-t plays)


(girl singing)
♪ ain't no place like home ♪

♪ ain't no feeling like love ♪

♪ ain't no team like mine ♪

♪ ain't nobody like us ♪

♪ ain't nobody but you ♪

♪ knows anything about us ♪

(loud crash, man grunts)


(footsteps thud)

(bells jingle)

(gunshot pops, man grunts)

- Oh my god! (splat)

(panicked breaths)

(metal door creaks,
gunshot pops)

(latch clicks)
(panicked breaths)

(footsteps thud on stairs)

(footsteps thuds echo)


(keys jingle)

(receding footsteps echo,
thud heavily)

(panicked exhales)


(shirt rustles)


Dr. Cheng: You'll need to start
a regular course of radiation,

As soon as possible.
Donovan: What does this mean?

Dr. Cheng: Fatigue, nausea.

But you're free to work
if you feel up to it.

We don't know how you'll
react to the radiation.

You might need someone
to take care of you.

(phone chimes)

- Hmm.


Yeah, I'll be right there.

(juice splatters) oh.

(frustrated exhale)

(footsteps approach)

- Oh, sorry.
- No, all good.

- What's goin' on?
You're takin' off someplace?

- Yeah, uh, I am uh,

Going to see liam.

- Big step. Going to see liam.

- Yeah, you know, I'm just um...

Gonna stay open.
I'm just gonna see...

(inhales) just gonna see.

- Good. Liam is a good man.

Love isn't just always enough.

- Gonna feel my feelings,

Then we're just gonna
take it from there.

Uh, what's your plans for today?

- Got a big day today.

I'm planning on catching
a glimpse of my bird.

My actual dream bird.

If I'm just patient,
I'm sure she'll come.

(jenny's phone rings)
- have a good time, love.

- I will.

Jenny cooper. Yeah.

Okay. Where?

(footsteps scuff)




(sirens wail)

(indistinct chatter)

Worker: That's the second door
that goes in.

Worker 2: No.
Malik: Okay, okay, hold on.

One at a time.
Okay, so you found him

When you started your rounds?
- Yeah.

I did my walk around
and he was just there.

- Mm-hmm.
- Did you recognize him?

- No. Probably one
of the new guys.

You have to ask my supervisor.

- Why don't I just take you
guys over there

And I'll take your statements.
- All right.

(indistinct chatter)

Jenny: Hey. - Hey.

- Nice shirt.

- Oh, I like to keep it
vibrant around here.

- So, our uh, our decedent
is a security guard?

- Yeah, found him this morning.

- What the hell happened here?
- Who are you?

- I'm the building owner.

I'm sorry about this
unfortunate incident.

- Little more than an incident
when your employee dies.

- Have your security guards
been experiencing

Any problems lately?

- Oh, since we started
gutting the place,

We've had materials stolen.

Last month,
we had 10 generators stolen,

And now,
another five last night.

It's chronic,
and it's costing me!

- So, you think your
security guard

Could've been killed
trying to stop a robbery.

- Can we keep this as quiet
as possible?

I-I'm trying to pre-sell
in the low two millions here.

(indistinct police
radio chatter)

Not to be callous, of course.

- No. No-no. Of course not.


- So, what time did you
show up this morning?

- Oh, usual time, 7:00, 7:45.


(footsteps thud on stairs)

- Huh? Eggs?


(footsteps thud on stairs)

(gloves rustle)

(bag thuds on metal)


(quietly saying her mantra)


(velcro rips)

(material rustling)


(effort grunt) ugh!

(traffic hums in the distance)


(cars honk)

(approaching footsteps thud)

(pensive) hmm.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Did you find anything?
- Just this.

- Mister lester benton.

- Yeah, he was shot twice
in the chest at close range.

- Yeah, we found the shell
casings down below.

- Somebody's breakfast?

- Huh, could be something,
could be nothing.

(plastic crinkles)

(loud bang)

- (panicked exhales)

- If we get separated, go home.


(keys tap, line rings)

Man: If I'm the one
you're lookin' for,

Leave a message or text me.

- Daddy, are you okay?

I ran and got locked out
and couldn't get back in,

So I came home.
So, call me. Please.

It's rubee.

- Hey.
- Yo.

I hate death notifications,
you know,

I never get used to 'em.
- Well, nobody does, trust me.

- Nah, nah, it just uh...
- What?

- That reminds me of when
the police showed up

At my house to tell my mom
my dad died. Hit and run.

You know, never forget it.
The doorbell,

The way my mom went to the door.

It never stops affecting
you emotionally, you know?

- I'll take lead on this,
all right?

- No, no. I'm good, mac.
On the job, man.

(footsteps thud lightly)

(readying exhale)
(knocks on door)

(latch clicks)

- Hello, sir.
I'm detective abed.

Are you related
to mr. Lester benton?

- I am lester benton.

(suspenseful music)

- Hmm.

Melanie: It's a healed burn.

- Yeah, I know, it's just,

It's interesting.

River: The bottom of these
shoes are filthy.

Ugh. Pigeon poop? Mm, gross.

- Okay, so we've got
a healed burn.

Melanie: (echoey voice)
pc to confirm the gunshots

Were through and through.
River: Poor mr. Benton.

Jenny: Time of death
was last night.


- Donovan.

Did you find anything?

- Well, uh,
that's not lester benton.

- What?

- Yeah, that id he had on him
was either lost or stolen,

But that's not lester.
Lester is alive and well,

And living with wifey
on the west side.

River: His uniform is fake.

The label says "costumes r us".

- Okay, who would go to all
the trouble to dress up

Like a security guard?

- Fake uniform, fake id.

Maybe he wasn't interrupting
the robbery.

Maybe he was doing the robbery.

- Oh, god. Something's draining
from the nose.

- River, pass me a swab.

(wet squishy sound)

Donavon: What is it?

- I don't know.

Send it to the lab for testing.

(suspenseful music)

- So, I steal a generator,
it's heavy,

I need two people.

We take it down
the freight elevator.

- We load it into a van.
- Yeah.

- And then we come back up
to grab another generator.

We get into some sort of an
argument, or a double-cross.

- Uh-huh.
- And...

You shoot me? - Yeah, but...

- Yeah, it's not adding up.

- Why else would you
come up here?

(helicopter rotors beat)

(donovan grunts)

- Should've worn some boots.

- That's what you get.
- Hmm.

(footsteps scuff)

- Hm.

Damn it! Ugh!

- Ugh! (chuckles)

- Hey, maybe our decedent
was up here.

He had pigeon poop
on his boot, too.

(can rattles)

- Hey, jenny, check this out.

Blue spray paint.

(can rattles)

- What if the substance
in his nose was paint?

- Yeah.

Higher and higher.

(ladder rattles)

(footsteps thud)

(traffic hums, cars honk
in the distance)

(footsteps thud) (exhales)

You good? - Yeah.

(effort grunts)

(spray hisses)

- It's the same colour
that was dripping out

Of his nasal cavity. - Yeah.

(footsteps thud)

- Hold my legs.
- What?

No, that's dangerous, jenny.
Why don't you...

- Hold your... yeah,
hold your legs?

- Never mind, just-just be
careful, all right?

- Yeah. I will, I will, just...
- All right, careful.

- Okay, yep. You got me?
- I got you.

- Okay. All right, yep.
- All right. All right.

You got it? - Yeah.

(traffic rumbles below,
car honks)


(camera shutter clicks)

- Okay, yep.

- You got it?
- Mm-hmm.


- We're not looking for a thief;

We're looking for
a graffiti artist.

- Yeah.

(street traffic hums)

- Hey.
- Hey. Hopefully uh,

Our fourth graffiti store
is the charm.

- Yeah. Oh, by the way,

Our dead man's fingerprints
came back negative,

So he's unknown to police.
- Really?

- Yo, I'd never stock
this brand.

This is like knock-off
right here.

Only fly-foo boy use them tips.

Yo, truthfully, this stuff...

- I'm gonna go look
at the paints.

- I've been using this for
25 years, and it's so good.

- All right, I'll be back later.

- Hey, how you doin', man?
- Good, man. How are you?

- Good, good.
I'm detective mcavoy

And I was just wondering if you
could help me something, here.

You recognize this artist?

- Nah, sorry.
No serve "the ops" in here.

But if you want a sketchbook,
officer, aisle two.

(rap music plays)

- Thanks.


(paper rustles)

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Are these classes?
- Yeah.

- Oh.

- What kind of artist are you?

- Oh, I'm more of an art lover,
looking for an artist.

If it's not too much trouble,

I'd like to ask you
some questions.


- Hey, is that it?
- Yeah, thanks.

- Awesome.

- Who's the artist?

- Oh, yeah, that's my stuff.
It's called "truth."

It's uh, it's available
for sale, if you want.

- Oh, uh... (small laugh)

Yep, su... yeah, sure.

- I'll ring it up.
- Thanks.

- Are you a graffiti artist?

- No, I came here about a month
ago for an aerosol class,

But that's about it.

My work is more... Sheltered,

Me, my canvas, my subject.

- Oh, "explore the human form."

And you're karima rite?

- Have you ever let anyone
paint your portrait before?

- Portrait?


No, no, that's not really
my style.

I prefer to keep a low profile.

Uh, jenny, miss rite would
like to show us something.

- Sure.

(birds chirp)

- I'm under a lot of stress
right now, okay.

It turns out that trying
to become a massage therapist

In the middle of a pandemic,
is complicated.

Oh, and then, there's mateo,

Who's going back to kingston,

Even though all of his courses
are online.

Riddle me that.

I'm sorry, this is not about me.

This is about you. (sighs)

And rodney,

I activated the wrong chi,

So I'm just gonna get that
hooked back on there,

And then, maybe we can
start all over.

What do you say?
I'm sorry, by the way.

This is so unorthodox.

- You were pretty serious,

Then, about this massage
therapy thing, were ya?

- Yes.

- You're gonna be rubbing
people for a living.

- Yeah, I'm studying to be
a massage therapist.

There's a lot of work.

- As you were, private.
- (sighs)

Sorry about that.

Can't get any privacy here.

Um, why did I take
this back off?


(footsteps thud)

(door creaks open and closes)

(footsteps thud lightly)

(hay rustles)

Both: Hey.

- Let me do that.
- Aren't you the gentleman?

- Hmm.
- (chuckles)

How's it goin' with eloise?

Have you managed to win
her over yet?

- Uh, not yet. She's stubborn.

- Hmm.
- That's all right.

I knew a horse like her
when I was growing up.

His name was tabernac.
- (laughs)

Isn't that like, a swear word,
or something?

- Yeah, my father had this idea

We would have a maple sugar

And uh, we would have sleigh
rides as part of it.

- Hmm.

- And uh, the horse was
supposed to pull the sleigh,

And my father would always go,

"tabernac, you stupid animal,
pull the sleigh!"


- Horses don't like being
bossed around.

- Yeah, yeah. I know.
He was a rescue horse

And I was the only one
who could ride him.

- Hmm.
- All right, listen.


I'd like to stay on.
- In therapy?

- (scoffs) no.

- This isn't a place to hide
from your problems.

- I'm not hiding.
I'm being honest.


Hm. (small laugh)


- Wingz. That's his tag?

- Yeah.
- And no one knows who he is?

- He's a bit of an urban legend.

His pieces pop up in these

Inaccessible places overnight.

Spectacular, huh?

- It's a work of art.

People must be envious
of his talents.

Um, do rival graff artists in
the community ever get violent?

- Fighting with spray cans
is one thing.

Violence? I don't know.


- What are you looking at?

- These branch-like marks.

Okay, I saw the burn mark
on his hand,

But if there's the same one
on his foot,

It's pathognomonic
for a lung condition.

- Patho what for what?

- Wingz was struck by lightning.

That's where the marks
came from.

- Hey, aren't the odds of
getting struck by lighting

Like 1 in 300,000?
And he survives

With just two burn marks.
- How many people survive?

It doesn't always effect
them physically.

Sometimes it affects
their personality.

- Like, makes them more...
- Risk-taking, obsessive.

I mean, people get struck
by lightning,

Any metal that they're wearing,
or holding, heats up,

So the burn on his hand could
be from the spray can.

- And the current exited
through the sole of his foot.

- Yeah.

The rubber on his sneakers
could've insulated him.

Help lessen the physical damage.

- Saved by his kicks.

He survived all that just
to be killed by gunshot.

- Yeah. The uh, the lightning
didn't kill him,

But it's gonna help us
figure out who he is.


- Hey, alphonse, can you...
- Hey, jc,

Just making myself at home.
Whadda ya think?

Little basquiat,
little morrisseau. Yeah.

- Great, yeah. Um...
- I did find this, though,

In the bottom desk drawer,
and I'm just not sure

If it's gonna go
with my new décor.

- I'll take that. That was uh,
that was alison's.

Alphonse, can you...
- At your service.

- Great. Can you check local

We are looking for lightning
strike patients.

- Lightning strikes.
Got it. No problem.

Oh, I can also contact
the weather network

And get the dates of the latest
recorded lightning strikes

In the city. How's that?
- Great. Yeah, make it uh,

Make it within
the last six months.

- Yeah, I knew we'd be in sync.

- (reads) "no action without

Aka, don't think on
an empty stomach."

Okay, dad.

(peanut butter and honey ooze)


(knife slices)

(folder thuds) - okay.

(phones ringing
in the background)



(footsteps approach,
knock on door)

- Hey, uh, any luck?

- Reports of three lighting
strike victims

In the past six months.

One is a 45-year-old woman;
she died.

One is a male, survived,
he's 70-years-old.

And uh, one more is a

28-year-old male who survived.

- That one.

(paper rustles) thank you.

- Kallik jameel walker,

55 trethewey drive. Thank you.

(keyboard keys clack)

(items rustle in bag)

(zipper rasps)

(loud bang on door)


(suspenseful music)

(loud bangs continues)


(keys jingle)

(panicked exhales)


(keys jingle)

(banging continues)

(gunshot pops,
shell casing clinks)

(panicked exhales)


(footsteps thud on stairs)


- Over here.


- What is it?

- Someone busted in this door.

(draws gun) this is the police.

Is there anyone inside
this apartment?

(door clicks open)

I repeat, this is the police.

(suspenseful music)


(floorboards creak)


All right, come on in.
It's clear.

(door creaks open)

(cars honk, low buzz of chatter)

(birds chirp)

- Hmm.

The egg carton.

I think a child may have
witnessed the shooting.

- Why?
- Egg drop test.

Ross had to do this when
he was in middle school.

- There's a picture of a kid
on the fridge, here.

This could be her.


(car whooshes by)

- She's gone.

(footsteps thud)



- Yeah, malik,
I just sent you a picture.

Her name is rubee

She's in grade 7, so 12 or 13.

She's a possible witness and
she may be with her suspect.

- You got a description
of the suspect?

- Not yet, but someone big
enough to knock in a door.

- Put a bolo out on her.

I'll send you the name of her
school; call them as well.

- Okay, got it.

(kids shout playfully outside)

- She was following in her
father's footsteps.

She's smart, too.

Using a parachute
for the egg drop.

I mean, most kids just pad it.

- Now I get people don't wanna
call the cops right now,

But she's a kid,
and she obviously needs help.

- Yeah, she's spooked.
She's running on adrenaline.

I mean, if you saw what she did,

I mean, she's traumatized.

- Thinking she has no one
to depend on.

- Yeah, and if she stops,
then she's...

You know, then she's gonna
start to...

- Feel.

- Mm-hmm.

(reads) "get well soon."

(paper rustles)

- (reads) "jinnelle,
know there is no night

That doesn't end in day."

- Sunnydell hospital.

Everything your family needs
to know about

The intensive care unit.

There's a "do not resuscitate"

Patient name jinnelle phillippe.

- Jinnelle phillippe.

She must be the girl's mother.

- Emergency contact,
kallik walker.

If her mother's in the hospital,
maybe that's where rubee's gone.

(birds chirping)

- Oh, that grosbeak.

What a voice.

Oh, my god.

(birds chirping)

"let the bird of loudest lay,

On the soul arabian tree,

(birds chirping)

Herald sad and trumpet be..."

(birds chirping)

- "to whose sound
chaste wings obey..."

- Yes.

Yes. - (chuckles)

So, underneath the gruff
exterior, you're a poet, huh?

(birds chirping)

- I-I don't think so.

- Your secret's safe
with me, baby.

- Thank you.

(birds chirping)

(grass crunches under foot)

(birds chirping)

- Oh, oh.

(birds chirping)


(birds chirping)


(birds chirping)

Wanna take a look?

- No, I just like to listen
to their songs.

(birds chirping)

(wings flutter)

(machine beeps)

- Jinnelle? Hi, I'm uh,
I'm doctor cooper.

I was wondering
if it would be okay

If I asked you a few questions
about your daughter?

- Rubee? K-kallik?

Are they here? - Oh, no. Hi.

- Excuse me.
- Yeah.

- It's time, jinnelle.

- Um, sorry, for what?
- She's having brain surgery.

They're debulking her tumour.

- I'm sorry, can I ask, has...

Has any of her family
been to see her today?

- I saw her daughter
a little while ago.

Kallik is here every day,
like clockwork,

But strange he hasn't
arrived yet.

Jinnelle, it's time.

We're gonna move you out now.


(tape rips)

(paper rustles)


(line rings)

- Yeah?
- Donovan, I uh,

I think I know where rubee is.

- What makes you say that?

- I'm staring at the roof
right now.

- All right,
I'm heading there now.

(door opens and shuts)

- Mac, mac!
- Yeah?

I got a rush on the sketch
from one of the neighbours.

- The one who heard the door
get kicked in?

- Yeah, he looked out, he saw
this guy running down the hall.

- Damn!
- Yeah.

(taps car)

(tires screech, engine roars)


(metal rattles)


(footsteps splash in puddle)

(wings flutter)



Man: Hey! Hey, you!

Little girl?

- (panicked exhales)

- Now, step away from there.
It's dangerous.


Little girl...

- (panicked exhales)

- It's rubee, right?
- Leave me alone!

(spray paint hisses)
- (pained screams)

Agh! (hard thud)

(pained grunts)

- (gasps) rubee, rubee it's...

- Let me go!
- Rubee, it's okay!

It's okay, sweetie. Okay,
we've got you. It's okay.

You're safe. You're safe, rubee.

(sirens in distance,
police radio chatter)

- Over here.

(sirens wail)

(police radio chatter)

- Hey, look what we found
in his car.

They belong to kallik walker.

We found keys and entry cards
for other buildings

And construction sites,
as well. And...

- Since when are building
security guards

Licensed to carry firearms?
- They're not.

- So ford is the inside man.

- Watch your head!

- So, that night, wingz
snuck into the building,

Dressed as a security guard.
- Headed to the roof.

- Yeah. Probably in the middle
of painting on the side

Of the building, heard a noise,
went down to check it out.

And there's ford,
real security guard.

- Getting ready for his crew
to arrive,

Steal a bunch of generators.

- And ford thought wingz
was real security.

Thought he was caught.
- The end.

Man is dead and kid
is left without a dad.

(sharp exhale)

You know, he lived,
and he left a legacy, right.

Eyes up. - All right.


(crying) - this isn't fair.

- I know.


If you go with detective mcavoy
to the station

And you tell them
what you saw last night,

The police are gonna be able
to put away the man

That hurt your father.

Okay? - Okay.

- You cold?
- Nah.

- Your dad was an amazing

- He's the best artist... Wingz.

My dad would go out every
night to bomb,

So when she opened her eyes,

She'd see the greatest thing
he ever created.

- That's really beautiful.

- He said that, whatever's
in the sky never dies.

He always says,

"rubee, you've gotta be ready
to risk everything,

For what you really want."

That's why I chose my name,

Risk everything.

- I really like your name.

- I have to finish before
my mom wakes up. Please.

- (reluctant exhale)

Yeah, come on. I'll help you.

(sirens wail)

(footsteps thud, ladder rattles)

(spray cans hiss and rattle)



♪ ain't no place like home ♪

♪ ain't no feeling like love ♪

♪ ain't no team like mine ♪

♪ 'cause ain't nobody like us ♪

♪ and ain't nobody but you ♪

♪ know anything about us ♪

♪ but baby,
let it do what it does ♪

♪ and let 'em all do
what it does ♪

♪ ain't no place like home ♪

♪ ain't no feeling like love ♪

♪ ain't no team like mine ♪

♪ 'cause ain't nobody like us ♪

♪ and ain't nobody but you ♪

♪ know anything about us ♪

♪ but baby,
let it do what it does ♪

♪ ain't no love like
your first one ♪

♪ no love like your last one ♪

♪ lest your last one
was your first one, ah ♪

♪ ain't no place
like your house ♪

♪ fresh off tour hit
your house ♪

♪ two rounds get smoked out ♪

♪ tryna get food
and we both down ♪

♪ ain't no food like my mamas ♪

♪ sister make a damn good
cheesecake ♪

♪ big bro whip up
that cheesesteak ♪

♪ ain't nothing like
seeing the fam eat great ♪

♪ hey, it's a hustle ting
each day ♪

♪ I don't care
if it sound cliché ♪

♪ nothing feel good like
that back up ♪

♪ knowing you could get it
right back in that weekday ♪

♪ nothing like squad nights ♪

♪ if you had an idea
what my squad like, ah ♪

♪ take a look at my squad life ♪

♪ and keep burnin' this song
like all night ♪

♪ sing along like... ♪

♪ ain't no place like home ♪

♪ ain't no feeling like love ♪

♪ ain't no team like mine ♪

♪ 'cause ain't nobody like us ♪

♪ and ain't nobody but you ♪

- So, tell me,

What inspired you to come today?

Thought you said getting
your portrait done

Wasn't your thing?

- Um...

Let's just say I decided
to try a new thing today.

- And how come today?
A new thing.

- I see a lot doing this job.

Certain days, it just hits you
a little harder than others.

You don't know what's gonna
take you out of this life,

Or when.

So, why not take a chance,
a risk.

Maybe be immortalized.

(pencil rasps on paper)



(pencil clatters)

- Hey.

You can relax.

(hands rustles on fabric)


- (slow exhale)



Now... Let's immortalize
those eyes

And these lips.





(door creaks open
and clicks shut)

- (sniffles, sighs)

- Grandpa.
- Oh, hi.

- I was just coming out
to look for you.

You forgot your phone
with your tracker.

- Oh, okay.
- Where were you?

- What?
- Where were you?

- Oh, I dunno.

Actually, I had a date

With a beautiful bird.



(slow piano tune plays)

♪ don't... Say... ♪

♪ things could be different ♪

♪ hey, hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ don't stay the same... ♪

(horse whinnies in the distance)

- (readying exhale)
okay, jenny. (sniffles)

Here, now, live.

There, good. Okay.

(horse whinnies in the distance)

♪ say... ♪

♪ hmm... ♪


♪ 'cause I... ♪

♪ want to see me ♪

♪ how you see me ♪

(door opens and closes)

(footsteps rustle
in the foliage)

♪ and I... ♪

♪ want to steal your eyes ♪

♪ and see me through
your sight ♪

(horse whinnies in the distance)

- It's good to see you.

- It's good to see you, too.

(horse whinnies in the distance)

(footsteps thud)

(bag thuds)

- It's um, (scuffs floor)

It's a little rustic. (chuckles)

- Yeah, well, you know, I...

I don't need much. - I know.

You uh, you used to live
in a tree.

- Yeah.

Both: (laughing)

- Yeah.

(horse knickers)

Sorry, I-I'm,

I'm a lot more nervous
than I thought I would be.

- Uh, me too.
- Mm-hmm.

- I'm sorry, I don't have
anything to offer you to drink.

I uh,

I'm in aa. - Oh.

- Yeah.
- Oh that... Awesome!

- I uh...
- Sorry, no, uh,

I mean, it's not...

Good, wonderful.

I'm happy for you.

(small chuckles)

- I'm currently doing therapy,
where I stay in the moment,

No matter how uncomfortable
it is.

- Oh.
- Gonna practice that right now.

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

- Well, I'm doing therapy, too.

Yeah, with horses,

But it makes them feel
uncomfortable, so,

- Oh. (laughs) yeah.
- Yeah.

- Do you...
You think it's working?

- Uh, so far, so good.
- Great.

- Is yours?

- Um, yeah.

- Hey, what's that thing?
- Uh,

I got you a,

I got you a present. Um...

- Oh, okay.

Wait, let me guess.

A tesla?

- Yeah, on my salary. (laughs)

- Okay. Well...

Let me see that. (paper rustles)

- You like it? I...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Yeah?
- I do. Hey, thank you.

- I uh, thought of you
when I saw it, and...

- I slept with someone.

(inhales) - okay.

Yeah, I mean...

Okay, yeah, I-I-I didn't write
you back for five months.

- Yeah, well, I-I thought
we were over when I...

- Of course, yeah, it's...
Yeah, I get it.

- Yeah.
- And I'm...

- I'm not just sleeping
with her, I'm...

(night insect buzz)

I'm seeing her.

(horse whinnies in the distance)

- St... like, still, now?

- Yeah.

- Oh.

Oh, uh, okay.

Sorry, I, um...

I thought you wanted to...

- I don't know what I want.

(horse whinnies in the distance)


- Um, sorry, I uh,
I think I'm gonna go.

- No, no, no.
Jenny, jenny, please.

- I just, yeah.
- No, wait, wait, wait.

- No. I...
- Wait, jenny. Jenny.

Look, I was, I was giving you
space so that you could heal.

I came here because I thought
you wanted to be with me.

- Listen, listen, listen.
You never answered my letter.

- You left.
- Because I'm doing the work.

- Work? Is the work screwing
someone while you're in aa?

Your problems go way
beyond drinking.

- Yeah, well, know what?
Your problem is

You don't wanna be happy.
You hide behind

Your sister's death. Yeah!
- I'm hiding?

- You're the one
who's hiding out here!

- Oh, yeah. No, here, I'm safe.
- You're safe. You're scared!

- No, I'm not scared.
You know what? I was fine

Before you came here!
- Yeah, so was I!

- Okay. Great. All right, yeah.


(slow piano tune plays)
♪ hmmm... ♪

(rushed footsteps crunch)

♪ hey, hey, hey ♪

♪ hmmm... ♪

(dog barks in the distance)
(bag thuds)

♪ 'cause I... ♪

♪ want to see you ♪

- Feel your feelings.
Feel your feelings.

(horse whinnies in the distance)

(crying) feel your feelings.
Feel your feelings.

(horse whinnies in the distance)

Shut up! (horse whinnies)

Horse! Shut up!

Just leave me alone.
Leave me alone.

(owls hoot)

(emotional exhale, crying)

(sniffles) no.


(owl hoots,
dogs bark in the distance)

(calming exhale)

(horse whinnies in the distance)