Coroner (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Fire - full transcript

As Jenny investigates a devastating fire in a low-income apartment building, she connects with a woman who has lost everything.

Previously on "Manifest"...

Terribly sorry, folks.
That was not on the radar.

You've all been missing,
presumed dead, for 5 1/2 years.



I discovered
something in Cal's blood.

It wasn't there
before the plane,

and it wasn't produced
by the cancer.

It's all connected.

But aren't you
seeing things,

hearing things
in your head?

Set them free.

The ability to see and hear
what's going to happen?

That's an incredibly
powerful weapon

for the military,
for intelligence.

NSA, drop your weapon!

Robert Vance died
as he lived

in service
of our great country...

Ben Stone is only
a vehicle to get to his son.

Until we're sure the boy
is our Holy Grail,

we sit tight.

my fellow passengers and I

were sent back
to heal the world.

What is this?
Some kind of scam?

Ben, this is my
my calling.


If you come anywhere near
a member of my family again,

then you will know exactly
what someone

who has already died once
is willing to do.

I can't leave.
He's almost here.

It's him! It's him!
Don't hurt him!

Whatever happened to us
on that plane

also happened to Zeke
in his cave.

I'm pregnant.
Six weeks, maybe.

So, right when the plane

Or just before.

I'm Danny.

I know.

I have an appointment...
with a therapist.

Please, come in.

The exact amount of time
he was gone is the same...

exact amount of time
he was alive again.

Are you saying you
have some kind of...

expiration date?

June 2, 2024.

It's always been you.

I want you out of here
before she comes back.

Michaela and I,
we're meant to be together.

Back off!

Put the gun down.

Ma'am, would you like peanuts?

Anything sodium-free.

Mom's not wrong Jared's not
gonna wait around forever.

Great marriage pep-talk.
Thank you.

Why're you fighting this
when all it's gonna do

is make you happy?

It's all we want for you.

That's really sweet of you.
You must be drunk.


Say yes to Jared.

Have a wedding, a honeymoon.

Turn the page. It's time.

Ben, what's going on?
How are we back here?

Why are
we back on Flight 828?

No, no, no.
It's just a nightmare.

It's just a nightmare.

The turbulence stops,
the turbulence stops.

It didn't happen this way,
it didn't happen this way!

It didn't happen
this way!

Cal, what's going on?!

Answer me, please!

Michaela, Michaela.

Are you okay?

Do you understand?Hold on. Hold on, Michaela.

Shots fired.
Officer down.

-We're getting you help.
-Officer down.

I'm so sorry.

Yeah, I have eyes
on the suspect right now.

I'm so sorry this happened.

No, believe me,
he will not get away.

Hey, am I gonna hurt her

if I push on this too hard?!


No, don't
don't exert any energy.


Move. You're not putting
enough pressure on the wound.


Hey. Hey, Mick.

It's okay, alright?
A bus is coming, I promise.

Alright, just stay with me.


It's okay. It's okay.



Zeke, you son of a bitch!

What's her vitals?

BP 89/51 and dropping.

Possible longitudinal

transected artery.

She's crashing.
We need the O.R.


She's in surgery.What happened?

I came
into Mick's place.

Zeke had a gun.What?

I tried to take it from him.
There was...

There was a scramble.

I mean, if I knew
she was there, I would've...

A shot went off
as I pulled the gun away.

She went down.

Oh, my God.

Ben, I was there to try
to keep her safe.

She's got
to pull through, Ben.

She's got to pull through.

The surgery just finished.

They're moving her
into a recovery room.


They said it went well.

The bullet punctured
her abdominal artery,

and we almost lost her,
but it sounds like

she could
make a full recovery.

Thanks for finding out.
When can we see her?

Let's see
if we can sneak you in, okay?

Alright. Uh...

-Yeah, go.

We'll see her
when she's stronger.

I don't know
what's going on,

but she said that she didn't
want to see you.

It took much longer
before I saw you,

they'd have
to admit me, too.

I don't think
your insurance

covers worrying
about your sister.

Where's Zeke?

NYPD's looking for him.

Jared told me what happened.
They'll find him.

I hope they don't.

Ben, I was
on the plane again.

What do you mean?

828. I was on the plane
with Cal.

It was nose-diving.

I know
that it's not reality,

but but in my vision,
it was...

it was crashing.

Maybe it was just
a near-death experience,

but it just
Ben, it felt real.

Michaela, you need
to know something.

I think it's a Calling
about us dying.

Not necessarily
on a plane.

Griffin died after the exact
amount of time he was gone,

and then Cal had a Calling
about that date.

Mick, June 2, 2024...

is exactly 5 1/2 years
after the date we returned.

The same thing that happened
to Griffin...

it's gonna happen to us.

I'm sorry.

No, no,
it's just it it was

It wasn't
a normal Calling.

It was different.

Did anyone else have a Calling
about the plane nose-diving?

I did.

Hey, buddy.
Come in.

I was on the plane
with Auntie Mick.

Cal, you were gonna tell me
something on the plane.

As it was nose-diving,
you were gonna say something.

Cal, what were
you gonna tell me?

Save the passengers.

Get off my property.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


I'm not here to hurt you.
My name is Ben Stone.

I was with you
on Flight 828.

What do you want?

Are you hearing things,

Seeing things?
Visions? Voices?

Do you get them, too?

Can we talk about it?

You could've been killed.



I'm worried about you.

I have no choice.

The Calling said
"save the passengers."

To me, that means
tracking them down

and finding out who knows
something we don't.

About the Death Date?

Maybe we're the only ones
who know.

Out of almost 200 people?

No, someone has to have
some kind of clue,

some kind of puzzle piece that
can help us try to stop it.

Would you eat?
I'm worried about you.

You're not telling people
about the Death Date, are you?

No, I can't do that.

Not without a solution.

Not without knowing more.

Let's pause

on the Death Date talk,

focus on something

more positive.

You're at 14 weeks.

Second trimester.

Moving along great.

We should tell the kids now.

They're gonna lose
their minds.

Bear with me.
New record system.

How many
previous pregnancies?

Um, two.

Uh, two kids twins.

One pregnancy.

Uh, it's two pregnancies.

I had a miscarriage
last year.


I will see you
before you check out.

you two.

Thank you.

I should've told you.

But you need to understand,
you and Cal were dead.

I had a huge hole in my life.

And Danny had
always wanted kids.

if he always wanted kids,

maybe we're wrong to not
find out if the baby's his.



this is ourtime.

If in six months,
when the baby's born,

it turns out to be Danny's,
we'll deal with it then.

For now
I just want it to be us.

That's right.


-Yeah, she just won't quit.

Will you ease up a bit?

The first day
out of the hospital

should be nothing but bingeing
junk food and Netflix.

I tried
telling her that myself.

I don't have
a day to waste.

Well, if you don't wanna be
stuck in the basement,

you could go up to my room.

I've kind of wanted to move
downstairs anyway.

That's really sweet,

but it's just a few days.
It's fine.

Although, honey, if you are
willing to move downstairs,

that could help us out.Mm.

And why is that?

Because your room would make
a perfect nursery.

I knew it!
Mom's pregnant!

You owe me 5 bucks.

Hey, take it Take it easy.Ow!

Take it easy.Oh, I'm so happy for you guys!

Well, and for me.
I always wanted a bigger family.

I can't say
that I feel any better,

though Michaela finally out of
the hospital is a load off.

We're not even related,
but I don't know.

After everything
we've been through,

she feels like family.

Speaking of which,
the only downside is,

I will miss seeing the Stones
around the hospital.

You mean Ben.

I'm sorry?

I hear
how you talk about him.

Am I wrong?

I hadn't even thought
about it.


You don't have to beat
yourself up about it.

You and Ben have been through
a traumatic journey together.

You have seen Ben
at his most vulnerable.

That's appealing.

It's best for me not to think
about him in that way.

That's impossible.

Because of Grace.

Yes, Ellen.
They're having a baby.


It's been a secret, but can
we not talk about this?

Of course. Moving on.

How's your stress level,
1 to 10?

It's a 6.

7 maybe.

Professional stresses
adding to that?

Two months together, and you've
barely talked about work.

There's not much
to talk about.

Work is good.


You, uh, redecorated.

Two months
of tracking down passengers.

It's not easy.

A bunch have packed up
and moved away

because of the Xers.

Are they really
that threatening?

Eh, feels that way.

Blown up online.

Now people
are wary of us.

Tabloid articles
aren't helping.

I swung by your place,

grabbed some changes
of clothes, your mail.

Thanks. Yeah, I don't think I'm
getting back there for a while.

Stay as long as you want.

I could use another set
of eyes on all this.

Ben, I get that you're trying
to save the passengers,

but we don't even know
from what.

The Death Date, Michaela.

The Calling told us
we're all supposed to die.

We have until June 2, 2024,
to stop that from happening.

And what
if we can't stop it?

So, what,
we're not supposed to try?

I'm not being dismissive,

but if the Callings wanted me
dead, I would be dead.

It saved my life.

What if "save the passengers"
is about the here and the now?

What if it's about helping them
one by one?

I'm out there trying to help
every day,

but if all we're doing
is rearranging chairs

on the Titanic,
what's it matter?

Ben, this
this is from Zeke.

It's his handwriting.

He made it to Canada?

He's never gonna know
about his Death Date.

Mick, we've been over this.
You're assuming he's

You don't assume
the same thing?

Ben, he's innocent.
We have to help him.

So what do we do?

How do we find him?

We have to make it possible
for him to come home.

If I could just find a way
to clear his name

and prove his innocence,

then maybe he can show
his face again.

Detective Stone.

You don't start back up
until next week.

Captain Bowers.

Uh, sorry
that I wasn't here

when you were formally

You weren't supposed to be.

You were supposed to be

So why aren't you recuperating?

I'm here to ask you to call off
the hunt for Zeke Landon.

You're quick to forgive,

It was an accident.

That's not
how Detective Vasquez

described it
in the IA report.

He was mistaken.

You told IA
you had no recollection

of the moments
before you were shot.

Maybe youwere mistaken?

I know Zeke,
and he would've never

All this,
this is why I was brought in.

There's been
too many loose ends,

too much muddy water
at this precinct.

Bottom line, your new boyfriend
and your ex-boyfriend

were fighting in your apartment,
you got shot,

and your new boyfriend
ran off.

Zeke is not my boyfriend.

Whatever he is, you're
too close to this, Detective.

Go home.

Just gonna blow
right past me?

I don't know what happened
that night exactly, Jared,

but what I do know

is that if you had stopped
obsessing over Zeke,

if you'd actually listened
to me,

then I wouldn't have ended up
with a bullet in my stomach.

That I do know.

You don't know.

But you convinced yourself
so much of it

that you block me from
visiting you in the hospital?

Who does that?

I wasn't ready.

I might never be.

If you'll excuse me,
I have some work to do.

Save the passengers.

And everything
started shaking

when you saw the Vasiks
on the board?

This is like
the plane Calling I had.

Is that what the Calling meant,
to save these passengers?

This Calling
started two months ago.

I think it's about helping as
many of them as we can.

Ben, this is
what I'm talking about,

about getting out
into the world,

as opposed to being stuck
in here,

trying to crack
the Death Date.

The work in here will help

with the work we need
to do out there.

Now, I tried contacting
the Vasiks.


I sent them a message
six weeks ago,

then a follow-up e-mail
two weeks ago.

Never heard back.

Their case file said
that they had kids,

yet the kids
weren't on 828.

I spoke to Anson
on the plane.

Mind if I get
some more ice?

Help yourself.

Oh.Sorry. My bad.


tough to cool down
since we left.

Mm. I've been there.
Summer of 2001,

I fell asleep
on the Staten Island Ferry,

and my entire left side
nearly melted.

I'm usually bugging the kids

to apply layer after layer.

That's how I remember
to do the same.

And this time
they remembered?

Left them home, actually.

The wife and I took a sort
of second honeymoon.

Sounds amazing.

Wasn't as great
as I thought it would be.

Uh, missed the kids
every single minute.

Never leaving 'em again.


Someone was watching
their kids.


Says here that
they left them

with a neighbor,
Sharice Fields.

She raised these kids
for 5 1/2 years,

then their parents
came back.

I can't imagine that.

We have to talk to Sharice.

I'll get someone at the precinct
to pull up the address.

Mick, you're supposed to rest.
Maybe Jared and I could

No, Jared is
the one who got me shot.

I'm done involving him.
This is you and me.


Thank you
for making that reservation.

I have missed
our tea dates.

Well, there's a chance
I'm not gonna be

your only daughter very soon,
so I have to take advantage.

Oh, I see.

Danny. Hi.


Hi, hi!

Hey, Olive.

So, uh, how's
how's Michaela?

She's better. Back on her feet,
getting stronger every day.


And work and school?

Good.School's pretty boring.


Not so boring at home,

Oh. Oh.

Uh, Michaela's just staying
with us,

and, um, my father-in-law
has been looking after her,

playing nurse, so...

Well, we should be going.

Yeah, um, me too.

Um, it's good to see you.

Yeah, you too.

Why didn't you tell Danny
you're pregnant?

Is Danny the father?

I don't know.

Oh, my God.

Honey, if the baby
turns out to be Danny's,

of course
we will tell him.

You get that, don't you?

I just thought this baby
would be something special...

for ourfamily.

And it will be!Something amazing

to bring us all together when
everything else is so scary.

And, of course, it's not
that simple for us.

It never can be.


I'm Detective Stone.
This is my brother Ben.

We were both on Flight 828.

Can we come in?

Go play with your sisters.

Every time they hear the bell,
they think it's their parents.

said he would never
leave the kids behind.

Thank you.

Hey, guys.

So, who's in charge here?

What's your name, boss?


She's not in charge.

Mama Sharice is.

And who are you?

And this is Tula.

She's allergic to peanuts.

Oh. Good to know.

Thank you.

There was no other family,

so I was "Mama"
all these years.

And then their actual mama
and papa came back,

and I became Mama Sharice.

That must be hard
for all of you.

It has been.

Those children
are my angels.

But Trina and Anson
coming home was a miracle,

so of course
I stepped aside.

For the kids' sake,
I kept coming around.

They don't know their parents
from Adam.

When was the last time
anyone saw Anson or Trina?

They put the kids to bed
Saturday night.

I showed up in the morning.

Sunday brunch
has been our thing.

Pontiac wasn't
in the driveway.

They were gone.

At least the kids were still
sound asleep, thank God.

Have Trina and Anson
had any threats

or hostile encounters
since they've been back?

Haven't all of you?

Harassing phone calls,
notes on the mailbox...

Some son of a bitch
painted an X on the car.

But that isn't
the worst of it.

What was?

They've been hearing things,
seeing things.

Did they talk about
what they heard or saw

or write it down?

See for yourself.

Bible verses.
Were they religious?

Back in the day,
not so much.

But since they returned,
it's like they were born again.


They were scared to death.

And so are these kids.

Please help us.


I saw a white van
just like that

outside another
passenger's house.

Did you get the plates?

I mean, there's a lot
of white vans in the world.

It could
just be a coincidence.

Or it could have something to do
with the Vasiks' disappearance.

Who would have taken them,
the Xers?


Or they could be
the Major's new lab rats.

I'm here to see Zeke.

I'm Cal,
Michaela's nephew.

Young man, I haven't seen
my son in months,

and I'm sure Michaela
knows that the NYPD

has searched my house up and
down looking for him.

They've had a car parked out
here nearly every night.

He's here.
I know he is.

Now, can I please come in?

How'd you find me?

Dumb question.

You need a haircut.

Good try.

Had a buddy send it.

Didn't want her
to worry about me.

How is she?

Still hurts.

You're supposed to be

No, we're not.

She almost died, Cal,
because of me.

But the Callings The Callings said

you guys are gonna die!

You showed me
those tombstones, Cal.

You were scared
to tell your family.

The Callings did that.

I know when now.

I know when
it's gonna happen.

Cal, I'm so sorry, buddy.

Maybe it doesn't mean

Maybe it means something else.

You need to be with Michaela

because she doesn't have
much time.

And neither do you.

Alright. Appreciate it.

We'll bring him.


What are you doing?

I have to get into the server
to put in a traffic-cam request.

You're not back on the job,

which is why
Bowers sent you packing.

You know me.
Dog with a bone.

What bone?
You don't have a case file.

Look, if this has something
to do with the Callings,

I'm telling you right now,
this captain came to play.

She will shut you down.

Noted. Thank you.Michaela, I'm serious.

This better be
precinct business.

It is right there
on the board, okay?

Anson and Trina Vasik.

And that's your business

Because they were
on the plane.

I think that
they were abducted, Jared.

here's another theory

They picked up and left.Without their kids?

Maybe they're
gonna send for them.

Anson Vasik

cleared his bank account


Does that sound like
a kidnapping to you?

Could be. Maybe somebody
forced the withdrawal.

Something is wrong here, Jared.
I can feel it.

You know that means
chances are that I'm right.

You need more people
on this.

We're spread pretty thin,
thanks to your friend Zeke.

You can drop that.
He is long gone.

You know that because?

I told him to run.

I'm gonna pretend you didn't
just say that to me.


What do you got so far?


the Vasiks clearly had trouble
dealing with their Callings,

and they were trying to make
sense of them

through Bible verses.

Romans 8:28? "All things
come together for good"?

Revelation 20:14.

"And death and Hell were cast
into the lake of fire.

This is the second death."Whoa.

Yeah, I can't tell if they were
predicting the Death Date

or predicting their death
would come sooner.

Thanks for
coming so fast.

Yeah, not a problem.

You hear from them?

This was in the mailbox.

I was right about the van.

Someone's stalking
the passengers.

Yeah, maybe.

But I don't think
it connects to the Vasiks.

Why not?They sent their life savings

and what looks a lot like
a suicide note to Sharice.

"Lake of fire
is the second death."

Hey, it's a verse
from Revelations.

They had it on their wall.

What, you think
they're gonna act it out?

What the hell
is a lake of fire?

There's a hundred

but if you're driving around,

it probably could be any body
of water in a fiery car crash.

We got to find them.

I'm, uh
I'm coming to you, okay?


Followed you
from the house.

I didn't wanna
make a scene.

I thought you were gone.

That's what I wanted you
to think.

Zeke, you can't be here
right now.

This is way too dangerous.

I needed to see you
once more.

Once more for what?

I kept telling myself
that tomorrow

I was gonna be
a better person.

Now I find out
there is no tomorrow.

Cal got to me.

Good. Then you know
that you should be

as far away from here
as possible, living
your life, Zeke.


you got to go right now.

I called it in.


This is what I need to do

with what little time
I have left

own up to my actions.

For once in my life.

No more excuses.
No more running.

None of this is on you.

Of course it is.
I did this to you.

It was an accident!

I didn't mean to hurt you,
and I did.

What happens
the next time I get a Calling?

Zeke, please, please,
please go.


God, I wish...

I wish I met you
some other way,

you know,
in some other time.

Who knows
what could've been?

NYPD. Do not move.

Put your hands on your head.Wait, wait. No, no, no, no, no.

Are you sure
it was the GW?

How many times did Mom and Dad

force picnics on us up here?

There they are.

Sorry to bother you.

Uh, we're having
a private conversation.


My name is Ben Stone
from 828.

We spoke on the plane.

What are you doing here?

You're close enough!

We came to tell you
you're not alone.

We're all
in this together.

We're not supposed to be back.

We're supposed to die
a second death.

It's right there
in the Scripture.

I understand
why you believe that.

It's more than believing!
We hear it!

We see it in our heads
every day, every night!

I've been hearing
insane things, too.

So has my sister.

We've been trying to make sense
of all this ourselves.

How do we make it stop?

Anson, turn off the engine,
and we can talk about this.

Alright, alright!

Get away from us!
I'm warning you!

Anson, I remember how much
you love your family.

I love mine just as much.

You're not supposed
to leave them again.

At least not yet.

We don't want to.

Oh, but the voices,
the visions,

the headaches, the piercing
noise that won't go away,

and now being shown that
we're supposed to die

in the lake of fire.

It's too much.

We can't take it anymore.

The voices, the visions...

they're not telling you
to harm yourself.

Then why do
we see this cliff?!

The car going through
this railing?!

Hearing the screams
of our children!

If we have to die,
we will die alone.

Not our babies!


Thanks for saving us.

I'm so glad you're all okay.

Let me know if there's
anything else we can do.

Good luck to you guys.

The husband fell asleep
at the wheel.

The car was hanging on
by a thread.

It's a good thing
we were here.

You saved their lives.

How is this possible?

All we know is,
when the Callings come,

we do the best we can
to follow them.

But there's so many
we didn't follow.

Well, my guess is, someone else
stepped in for you.

There's a lot of us.

How are the headaches, the
the noises in your head?


I have a feeling
it's gonna stay that way.

Excuse me.

Heard over the radio.

You wanna tell me
how you, of all cops,

happened to find
these people?

Lucky break.

Lucky my ass.

I'll expect a full report.

Like I said.
New sheriff in town.

It wasn't just me, okay?

Zeke saved those people.Of course. Of course. Zeke.

Zeke and I shared a Calling
that brought me here.The misunderstood hero.

If it hadn't been for that,
all six of those people

would be dead.Zeke turned himself in,

He knows he's guilty.

What am I missing here?

Everything Zeke did,
he did for me.

So did I.

How many other passengers
are out there

receiving Callings as confused
and afraid as the Vasiks?

That's why you're out there,

talking to as many of them
as you can.

"Save the passengers,"

Let's hope
I can find them all in time.

Seeing this couple
ready to end it all, it... made me think
about letting go

of what doesn't matter
and embracing what does.

So what does matter?

That we're a family.

All of us.

Whatever a DNA test
might tell us.

We should find out.

But nothing changes, Ben.

No matter what.

Nothing changes.

I'm thinking about moving out
of my parents' apartment.

It's literally the only place
I have ever lived.

I commuted to college.

That week in Jamaica
was the only time in my life

where I was by myself,

and even that
wasn't by choice,

but now
I think it's time.

Fresh start makes sense.

Thanks. I'm feeling
really good about

I'm sorry to interrupt,

but it's
my ethical obligation

to tell you I think
I am wasting your time.


Why would you say that?

You are paying out of pocket
for psychiatric treatment,

and yet I sense a reluctance
to be treated.

Ellen, no, I'm a mess.

I still have nightmares,
constant anxiety.

Of course
I want the treatment.

And yet our sessions still
remain very much on the surface.

I have been doing this
a long time.

It is clear to me that
there is more going on with you

than you are sharing.

If you're not truly ready to
heal yourself, save your money.

You know where to find me.

Meantime, here are some
non-clinical support groups.

I wish you well.


What if I'm ready?

Something happened to us
on that plane.


Who are you?!


What do you want?!

Come on!
Open up!



Hey, bud.

Why doesn't he believe?

Believe what?

That he matters?

I don't know.

Maybe he just hasn't heard it
enough in his life.

You need him.

The two of you
have to do it together.

Do what, Cal?

I'm not sure what.

I just know...

I don't want
to do this anymore.

I just want to be a kid.

I know.

Save the passengers.


Zeke, Zeke!

Who are you?!

What do you want from me?!