Coroner (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - All's Well - full transcript

Jenny hosts Thanksgiving at home with her dad and mother-in-law. When the plumbing breaks down, her work life and personal life collide in the worst possible way.

So I've been seeing dogs.

A dog shows up whenever I have anxiety.

I was in the military.

I don't really like to talk about it.

Can you fix the bridge...

- over the stream, by my house?
- Sure.

I'm actually helping Liam
with the bridge.

You need to make your school year.

It's the one thing your dad
would've wanted.

You can't fire me!

You are arrogant, you cut corners,

and you are not gonna change.

I'm officially reopening
all of the cases

of former pathologist,
Dr. Ian Peterson.

Every lawyer with a convicted murderer

in the past ten years
is about to file an appeal.

Then we deal with them.

That's my mom and her sister.

She died. She never talks about her.

You must've killed in Shop Class.

And Home Ec.

We don't need the foot to determine

if she died of multiple organ trauma.

True. But when I return
this young woman's body

back to her family,

I'd like it to be whole.

I brought you a present.

Is it a foot? 'cause if it is,

we've already got a matching set.

Even better.

A fine upstanding citizen

found these bones in his backyard

when he was putting on a deck.

Detective McAvoy, these are pig bones.

Someone probably got a cute
little piglet,

and it grew into a gigantic sow,

and they got rid of it
in their backyard.

That's your department. Not mine.

If this is a "screw-you"

for opening Dr. Peterson's
files, save it.

My phone's been ringing off
the hook with screw-yous.

Alison, hey.


Sorry, um... Gerald Henry...

Who is...? Uh, look,

I'll just, I'll be up there
in a minute, okay?


- Gerald Henry JONES?
- You know him?

Hepatic artery is shredded.

So is the abdominal aorta.

Is the cava intact?

Not even remotely.

Then she died on impact. Thankfully.

I'm Gerald Henry Jones lawyer.

I'm applying to trial court

to get my client's conviction

If you could just wait

and take this up with Dr. Cooper...

Gerald Henry Jones has been
rotting in a prison cell

for 12 years because of Dr. Peterson's

flawed pathology report.

Well, if that's true,
then he'll get a new trial.

Dr. Cooper.

This office made mistakes,
but we're rectifying them.

I have a subpoena for all records,

and all physical evidence
pertaining to my client's case.


Sure. Fill your boots.

But we want the same thing, Richie.

- Which is?
- The truth.

I don't care about the truth.

I care about getting my client
out of prison.

No, just, just let it ring.

I need to start keeping booze
in my desk.

Most choose the easiest path
to get what they want.

But not you.


It's my least favourite quality
in myself right now.

Do you want me to get your pills?


I don't know why I said that.
It's none of my business.

You are a recently-widowed
single mother

who is in the midst of a
professional shit-storm.

I only have one one-hundredth
of that stress

and I bake three pies a night.

- What?
- I bake,

uh, to manage my stress.

Does it help?

I find the precision of it
very calming, very centering.

Plus, when I'm done, There is pie.

- How's your pumpkin pie?
- Solid B plus.

- Do you have plans Sunday?
- No.

Okay. Thanksgiving dinner. My house.

- Bring a pie.
- Seriously?

Yeah. We, uh,

we need a break from all the stress.

I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving,

but I do love a dinner party.


Wait, stop, stop, STOP!


Hi. Uh... don't move.

Look down.

Um... what is this?

It's a tripwire.

Could you just... step back?

- Just a little.
- Okay.

And why do you have a tripwire...

and what would happen if I touched it?


You know, just some noise.

Hey. What's going on?

So I turned on the sink

and there was this, like,
"eeeee" noise,

and then there was a gush
of water, a rumble,

and then... nothing.

Wait, wait, wait. You sure
it was like a "eeeee"

and not a "uuuuu"?


- Okay.
- Hi! I let myself in.


This is Liam, my uh...


Uh, this is Alison, my, my co-worker.

I'm more like a lifesaver.

And I'm more of a neighbour.
Nice to meet you.

You too.

- Um...
- Yup.


Alison, when I said, bring a pie,

I meant, like, bring like one pie.

Well, I know, but I felt
like I owed you,

after that thing I said at the office.

- What'd you say?
- Hmm?

Uh... less talking, more fixing.

Well, at least the turkey's
on schedule.

Hey, what's cooking, mo-fos?

- I brought you some lasagna...
- Hey.

and four different types
of artisanal baguettes.

You're welcome.

Uh, Sabina, I thought...

I thought you said you weren't coming.

The first holiday after
You've lost somebody?

It's... it's the hardest.

I just, I wanted to be here for you.

Also, I broke up with, uh, Shannon.

All right.

Then I'm here for you too.

Thank you.

- Hi, I'm Alison.
- Hi, I'm, I'm Sabina.

I brought pies.

- You certainly did.
- Yeah, she did.

So we can we talk about
that total smokeshow

under the sink?

Get it, girl.

Well, I mean, it's certainly
not a condo in the city,

but it's home-ish.

Well, the city, that was
always kinda your dad's speed,

but your mother always loved
the country.

You know we used to have
a cottage in the Kawarthas

when the girls were little.
You knew that.

No. I mean, well,

like Mom never ever talks
about that, right, so...

"They were the worst of times,

they were the best of time."
Where's that from?

- Okay, that's not fair...
- You don't know.

Don't even fake it.

Okay, so, right through here, um...

there's like this beautiful creek.

- Really?
- and I'm helping

my buddy, Liam, build a little

- You are?
- Yeah.

I don't wanna, like, jump the gun,

but I'm kind of a carpenter now.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

Well, I'll tell you what.
Since the last time I saw you,

you're a new man.

Well, I mean, it's not surgery like Dad

- or what Mom does, but...
- You're finding your own way.

I like working with my hands, you know?

And the calluses on your
hands, they look good on you.

- Yeah, they kinda hurt though.
- I feel so good today.

- Yeah?
- My mind's clear,

I feel strong.

Maybe it's the country.

Yeah, that's probably it.
Nature's the best thing

that could've happened to this family.

Perhaps that it. What do you think?

I agree. Well, maybe.

We'll see.

Beautiful view.

You must be Greer.

I know I'm early, but what can I say?

I was excited when you called.

Thank you so much for coming.

I saw your photo in the paper,

and read about the work
you've been doing.

Yeah. Happy to help.
Though to be honest,

I'm not really sure how I can help.

Let me worry about that.

Did you bring...

- Barbecue?
- Seemed fair.

I think I might get more
out of this than you will.

Somebody raised you right.

All right, follow me.

I bunked with Jenny in university.

Um, we only recently reconnected.

Lucky you.

She's one of the good ones.

Don't tell her I said that.

Oh, can you grab me that baster?

Alison, I just met you.

You know, the last time I was
this close to one of these,

it cost me $30 grand.

I'm, as they say, with child.

I have a bun in my oven
that I basted there myself.

I bow down. To a woman
who knows what she wants.

Geez, the water's not
reaching your house,

which means there's a leak
in the communication pipe.

Uh... the city's pipe is broken.
But with the holiday,

who knows when they'll
turn up to fix it.

Oh gosh... please tell me
there is a Plan B.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. These old
country houses have wells.

I could power yours up.

- You can do that?
- Oh yeah.

I can do lots of things.

Like, uh, like secure
the perimeter? I mean,

I'm just saying, I haven't
seen any bears around here.

Yeah, um...

I don't like to be surprised
in my home,

- Hmm.
- even though I'm a "smokeshow."

That's okay, I've been called worse.

Like um... "Handyman."

Okay, look, I just, I...
I didn't know what to say.

And calling you my boyfriend
doesn't feel right, does it?

I don't know. What do you
want us to be?

Uh, I don't' know. I guess I just,

with everything else in my life
being so complicated,

- I like that we were...
- Easy?

- Yeah.
- Oh.

Yeah. But not in like a...
not in like a...

a, a slutty way. It's just...

I don't like lying to Ross about us.

- Momaney! Hi.
- That's my mother-in-law.


So how was the drive, Muna?

As good as can be expected, I suppose.

Okay, we are in Dundas, not New Mexico.

Momaney, you don't have
to keep doing that.

Your job is to get good
grades and to swim. So...

Okay, I won't say anything.

- Muna, hi.
- Hello.

Hi, welcome.

For your new home.

- Oh, thank you.
- Let me get your coat.

- They smell really good.
- They are. Can you um...

can you put these in a vase for me?

- Yeah. No worries.
- Thank you.

I better help him.

Thanks, Dad.

- Yeah, water in there.
- Okay.

If you're gonna supervise me
then why don't you do it?

It's different than I imagined.


It needs, it needs restoring,

but, uh, we have time.

I mean, we're not going anywhere.


You don't like it.

If you and Ross like it, I like it.

You can be, uh,
you can be honest, Muna.

I'm finding it difficult
to imagine David living here.

- Is that your office?
- Hmm?

Oh, uh...

No, that is my, uh, that's my bedroom.

It's just a, it's a little
disorganized right now.

Working on the holiday weekend?

Yeah, but I'd actually like
to leave my work out of today.

What is that stench?

I don't know.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I hooked up the well like you asked.

Decomposing organic matter
by the look and smell of it.

Are those chunks?

Uh... do you mind telling family

that we are running
a little bit behind,

and passing these out?

You want me to serve?

Yup. You are a godsend.
Thank you so much.

- Geez.
- Whew!

Want some camphor for your nose?

No, I'm... I'm good. It's just uh...

it's been a while.

How did an animal fall down the well

with a cap on?

Could've been down there a while.


Is it just me or is that...?

- Right...
- There's something down there?

Not something...


There's a dead body in your well.

Yeah, looks like.

I have, uh, hip waders

if you wanna take a better look.

Yeah. That's a great idea.

You're going in the murder well?

Nobody said anything about murder.

I'll see you back here in five.


This is Jenny Cooper.

Senior Coroner for the region
of Ontario West.

It is 3:10 PM

on Sunday, October 13th.


- You okay?
- Yup.

Hey, are you okay in there?

Yup. Yeah, I'm fine.

Face, ears and neck...

have all sustained soft tissue

Presumably by vermin bites.

His face is pretty chewed up.

- Rats ate his face?
- Yeah.

Yeah, but not in here now.

They must've gone out through
a hole, deeper down.

Crush injuries on the cranium,


the body is saponified.

Wha... the body's what?

Uh... saponified.

It's like, like turned to soap.

That's disgusting.

No, actually, it's... it's kinda neat.

When a body decomposes in
moist or wet conditions,

the fat turns to wax,

which should make it easier for me

to figure out how he died.

Okay. Ungh.

- You feeling okay?
- Yeah, I'm great.

You sure about that?

Yeah. You can't spook me
with one dead body.

How many dead bodies does it take?

I mean, you just look
a little... waxy yourself.

Oh, okay.

Hey, I can handle this.
So if you, you...

Oh no, no, no, no. No, I'm okay.

'Kay, thanks.

You really wanna play that ace?

I could close my eyes real quick.

You can scoop it up, play another one.

You're just trying to get in my head.

I'm trying to stop a bloodbath.

Boom goes the dynamite.

Uh, you're right. This is a bloodbath.

Still better than having

with my super square family.


You wanna put a pig skeleton together?

Mm. Game on.

Go slowly. Slowly, please.

You don't wanna compromise the body.

Hold up, I'm Detective Mills,
Hamilton Police.

Step away from the body.

I have to ask you a few questions.

She's the coroner.
She didn't kill that guy.

The body's been in the water a while.

It's covered in grave wax.

- That explains the smell.
- Yeah.

Let's get to the body, shall we?


- Jesus.
- Oof.

The decedent is male, 50s.

Blunt force cranial trauma
suggests that his...

his skull was smashed.

- Do you think he was attacked?
- Maybe.

The injuries could be caused from a...

a bat or a pipe.

So we're looking at foul play?

Because then I have to call Homicide.

Uh, let's try to identify him first

before we jump to conclusions.

No wallet.

- Hey. What's that green spot?
- Hmm?


I can't believe I'm watching
you scrub "grave wax"

off a body.

Hm. Shamrock.

It's an identifying tattoo.

I'll check missing persons.

Uh, Jenny, Jenny. Whoa, whoa, whoa.


Hey, hey! Grab the,
grab the snake! Grab it!

- No way. No way!
- It's evidence, grab it!

- It's a snake!
- Just...

Okay. Ungh.

All right, got it. Now what?

- Is that...
- A dead body?


I'm really sorry that you...

that you saw that. It's uh...

- What was that?
- A saponified corpse.

Which presumably means
it was in your well,

and, oh God, I'm gonna be sick.

You didn't drink any of it,
it wasn't in any of the food.

So what I'm feeling is psychosomatic?

Great! I'm still gonna barf!

Hey, let me take you home. All right?

You guys are just going? 'Kay, bye.

Who is he, Mom? The dead guy?

I don't know, but it is
my job to figure out

what happened to him.

And what do we do in the meantime?

Just pretend we didn't see
that poor soul

rotting in your backyard?

We could get some fresh air.

We could ask Ross if he might
show us this bridge

that he's working on with Liam.

We could do that, right, Ross?
It's a beautiful day.

Yeah, yeah, great idea.

Come on, Momaney. Come on,
let me show you something.

- You sure?
- Yeah, yeah. Totally.

Tell me about your work.

I know gist but give me
the long version.

I've dedicated my PhD

to researching at-risk
populations in the GTA.

Specifically, the homeless.

Governments collect data
through the census,

election results, things like that.

But at-risk populations
with no fixed addresses

aren't counted, so they don't count.

Not to the government,
not to the police.

Tell me what you know about
Gerald Henry Jones.

Bay Street Banker.

Went for a jog by Tent City.

Claims a homeless man...
Floyd Shipman...

tried to rob him.

Jones stabbed him 26 times
with a pair of scissors

he had in his running pack.

You don't buy his story?

Even kids know not to run
with scissors.

I think that he was a rich
white man who felt entitled

to take the life of a man
who didn't count.

Jones may get released
from prison soon,

thanks to the new coroner.

Help me make sure this doesn't happen.

Sit tight. This'll take a minute.

So I got an ID on our body.

James Grigson.

Daughter said he went missing
while hiking the Bruce Trail.

Or someone murdered him
and stuffed him in your well.

- Again with the "murder well"?
- Well, his head's caved in.

So it's easier for you to believe

that another human being did this,

rather than believe it was an accident?


Okay, well... one thing I do know...

is that he wasn't shoved into my well.

See this line of sediment?

It suggests that he was laying
at the bottom of a lake

for a considerable amount of time.

The snake you caught,
do you know what kind it was?

Well, a Northern Water Snake.

Yeah, they're all over
the place in Dundas,

- especially near Tews Falls.
- What's Tews Falls?

It's this huge waterfall
just outside of town.

Did Mr. Grigson go missing
hiking near Tews Falls?


Then I have a theory.

Which is what, exactly?

He was hiking. He fell into the Falls.

He sank to the bottom of the lake,

and an aquifer washed
his body into my well.

Yeah, I'm not buying
this was misadventure.

Grigson had a million dollar

accidental death insurance policy.

It was put in place
a few weeks before he died,

and his daughter is
the sole beneficiary.

On the plus side,
she couldn't collect cause...

they never found a body.

Well, I won't know until
the autopsy is complete.

I'm done here.

Can you wait for the truck
so I go back to my family?

- Oh, for sure.
- Okay..

- Okay, one.
- Hmm?

Only one.

That's how many bodies it took

to mess me up.

The first time that I shot someone...

it took away a part of me.

I'm trying to get that part back.

Do you um...

you wanna come in?

For dinner?




Hi! Um... is this Lisa Grigson?

Yes. Who's this?

My name's Jenny Cooper.

I am the senior Coroner
for Ontario West.

I believe we found your father's body.

Are you sure it's him?

I'm gonna need you
to come in and ID it,

but yeah, yeah, I'm-I'm...

I'm pretty sure it's him.

What happened? Where did you find him?

Uh... in a water well, in Dundas.

It's a little complicated,

so I'm gonna need a couple of days

to determine the cause of death, but...

Mommy? Who is this? What's wrong?

Nothing, baby.
Just go sit at the table.

I'm really sorry to pull you
away from your family,

and give you such horrible news
on a day like today, but...

Oh no. I'm grateful that you called.

The past 2 years have been horrible,

not knowing what's happened to him.

Yeah. I just, uh...

I wish that we had found him sooner.

We still set a place
for him at the table.

Mostly for my son. They were so close.

I completely understand.

Guess the family curse
finally caught up to him.

Family curse? What...?

Sorry, uh...

Ross has dropped out of school?

When were you going
to tell me about it?

Um, I'm so sorry, Lisa,
I'm gonna have to call you back

and find a time for you
to come ID the body.

Again, I am really sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

Muna, Muna, I was in the middle

of a very sensitive phone call.

My grandson is not going
to be a carpenter.

I tried to be as supportive as possible

while you took my only
grandchild away from me,

and moved him all the way
into the woods

with no one looking after him!

Well, I... I look after him.

Is that why you're burying
yourself in your work

instead of spending time
with your family?

Is that why there are no
pictures of his father around?

Why none of David's things
are in the house?

I am doing the...

the very best that I can here.


Just... okay, hey...


let's not take our grief
out on each other, okay?

I'm sorry.

I never understood why you
left your ER doctor job.

A job healing people.

I did it so that Ross and I

could have a more balanced life.

If today proved anything,
it's that your life

is more unbalanced than ever.

And so are you.

I'm sorry, what?

You have a very unhealthy
fascination with death.

- And the worst part is...
- Oh wow.

I think you like it.

First your sister, then my David.

All these people, these bodies,

that man in your well.

It would break David's heart,
all of this...

Muna, David is dead, okay?!

His heart is the least
of his problems! Do you...

We can hear you yelling.

Oh shit. Um...

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry. That was a horrible...

it was a horrible thing to say.

Look, I think that we're all
just a little bit hangry

- right now.
- Mm-hmm.

- Maybe we could just go eat?
- Yeah.

- Okay?
- Yup. Sorry.

I'm sorry.

- That's gorgeous.
- Thanks. So uh...


I uh... uh...

Okay, personally, I'm thankful for Liam

because he is such a rad boss.

And for you, Momaney,

yeah, for coming all this way
and seeing us.

Just... thank you.

I think all of us together,
breaking bread today,

would've made your father very happy.

Hear, hear. Yes, indeed.

So to David then.

To family. Happy Thanksgiving.

- Happy Thanksgiving.
- Happy Thanksgiving.

- Okay...
- Shall I carve?

- I guess, eh?
- Yeah, let's eat.


Are you expecting more guests?

Uh, I'd better...

I better just...

What next?

Aggghhhh! Aggghhhh! Aggghhhh!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
What the hell are you doing?

I know we're not exclusive,

- but I am still a person.
- Yeah.

You said you wanted to have dinner.

I-I-I cooked a turkey for you.

- No, but you're vegetarian.
- Exactly!

So if you wanna bail on me for her,

then at least do it before
I compromise my values.

All right, just calm down. Calm down.

Come with me and I'll explain
everything to you, all right?

Liam! Are you and my Mom...?

Okay, wait, wait, wait.

You'll have to talk to your
Mom about it, all right?

I'm sorry.

- You're hooking up with Liam?
- Ross...

- That's great.
- Ross. No, hey...

- That's just great.
- Ross? Honey!

Just great, Mom. Go away.

Ross, please!

I'm gonna go stay at Grandma's.

- For how long?
- That depends.

How long were you sleeping with Liam?

Please don't run away from me.

What was the plan, Mom? Hmm?

Get a new job, in a new house,
with a new boyfriend,

and just erase Dad?

I didn't have a plan, okay?

I am flying by the seat
of my pants here,

and I am trying to do
what is right for this family!

But I don't always know what that is.

And sleeping with my boss
was a good way

to do right by the family? Okay.

You know what...

the truth is, Liam is a good guy

and I was lonely!

Dad is dead!

You are supposed to be lonely!

You're right.

You're right. You're right.

Ross... I'm so sorry.

I just...

I just need to get out of here.

- I have to go.
- Ross...

- At least until I'm done...
- Ross.

Until I'm done being pissed off,

or... until the water's back on.

- Just...
- Okay.

- I'll call you.
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, here you are.

- Hey.
- I thought the body was gone.

- It is...
- But you can't quit him.

Something's just not sitting right.

Oh yeah?

I talked to James's daughter, Lisa,

and she said that the family curse

finally caught up with her father.

She actually used those
words? Family curse?


Well, it seems like maybe tragedy

runs in their family too.

Could be.

Wow, family curse, eh?

- Holy shit.
- What?

Medullary thyroid cancer.

James had a tattoo of
a shamrock on his chest

and I thought it was an Irish
thing, but... there.

What do you see?

To me, that's a very small blue cross.


What does it mean?

It means it's not an Irish
thing, it's a,

- it's a cancer thing.
- Oh, okay.

During radiation therapy,

oncologists mark you
with a little cross

so that they know where
to point the laser.

And some people, they get it
permanently tattooed.

James Grigson, and uh,

he knew he was dying.

That's why he put the
accidental death policy

on his insurance.

And then he killed himself.

And makes it look like an accident.

Worth a shot.

Only he didn't know that
his body wouldn't get found

and his daughter would get nothing.

Nothing? No.

No, she gets closure now, right?

You want a drink? I think
we've earned one, don't you?

- Yeah.
- Okay, I'll grab it.

Thanks, Dad.

My research on Gerald Henry Jones shows

that besides Shipman,
four other murders happened

in Tent City between 1999 and 2002.

The press said that it was
homeless junkies

stabbing each other because
of bad Bolivian crack.

The Drug Squad said the same thing.

Do you really think a junkie
pulled off 4 meticulous murders

without leaving behind any DNA
and then just slipped away?

You think Gerald Henry Jones
killed them.

After you put him away
for killing Shipman,

the murders stopped.

Correlation does not imply causation.

What are you doing?

This is what we know for sure.

Jones killed Shipman.

We have nothing to tie him
to the other murders.

My theories are sound.

Yes, but I can't take them
to the prosecutor,

and I definitely can't
take 'em to a judge.

Jones is canny and meticulous.

I had trouble proving
he murdered one person,

let alone all this.

I need proof.

Then I guess you have work
to do, Detective.

And I have a lecture in the morning.

- Can I keep all this?
- I have copies.


Thank you.

How's the home?

Please don't call it "the home".

Makes me feel so old. The home?

Then what should I call it?

Call what?

The home.

- Jen,
- Hey.

whose house is this? Where are we?

Dad, hey.


I can't help myself, sorry.

It's the little dementia jokes
just to lighten you up,

- you know?
- That is not funny.

Listen, I don't want you
worrying about Ross, okay?

That is a waste of your time.

He's not gonna last a week
under Muna's regime, okay?

- Yeah.
- There something else?

It's just... I uh...

I feel like I broke something

between us today,

and I just, I-I...

I don't know how to fix it.

Well, you just gotta give it time.

- Ross adores you. Okay?
- Yeah.

What else?

Muna said something today
that got under my skin.

More than usual.

Oh, really?

And what is she saying?

That death is attracted to me.

And that I like it.

But you've always been
a person that was...

full of questions.

That's the best way to say it.

You were eight when your sister died.

And maybe you picked the job

because it did bring you
closer to death,

but so what?

What you're doing now
is providing answers.


- My chariot has arrived.
- Yeah.

Listen to me.

You're in no way messed up, my girl.

In fact, you're exceptional,

and you make me so proud.

Thanks, Dad.


Where's my hat? Oh, here we go.

Oh... God, you and Katie
just loved that mutt.

That was our dog?

Arski. What a good boy he was.

Poor old thing, he just
took off after Katie died.

You were so young.

He just couldn't handle
the grief, poor dog.

God, I gotta go.
I love you, sweetheart.


This guy is gonna kill me out here.

Shit! Shit!



This is Jenny.

Hey, it's Dwayne. We have a problem.

What kind of problem?

That bucket of pig bones
Detective McAvoy dropped off?

There's an extra bone.

What do you mean?

No matter how many times
we put the skeleton together,

we always end up with an extra rib.

Well, pig ribs look like human ribs.

But that's why I called you.

The extra rib, we think
it's human remains.