Coroner (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Borders - full transcript

You're anxious.

Anxiety is a maladapted feeling

that has replaced a real
feeling you were feeling

after you pushed your sister
down the stairs.

Do you mind not saying that?

My son's in there!

- My son's in there!
- No!

- Ahh! Oh my baby!
- Stop!

I'm putting you on an SSRI.
We'll taper off your Lorazepam.

When are you gonna tell your mom

that you didn't graduate
from high school?

I don't know. I will be
your house husband.

Yeah, a burning smell can be

Feel like you're going crazy, right?

Ahhhh! Ahhh!

- Did you sleepwalk as a child?
- I don't know.



Hey! Ross?


Sorry, what's your uh...

what's your student number again?

A-a-hm... what?

I'm just trying to pay
for your tuition to Queen's

and it says that your student
number's invalid.

Oh... okay. Um, it's...

it's probably just a mistake
or something, so...

I got it.

No, it's fine.

I'll just call the Registrar's
Office when it opens.

No! No. I can...

- Uh, I'll get up, I got it.
- Ross, I got it.

Oh... Shit, shit!

Okay, all right, I didn't get my year!


I didn't graduate from high school

and I didn't get into
university, and...

I was gonna tell you, I just...


I don't know! You're busy...

with Liam and the work,
and then after Dad...

No, no, no! You do not get to do that.

Ross, what, what was your plan?
You were just...

you were gonna go to Queen's
with Matteo

and just pretend that you got
into University?

- Mm...
- Oh, Ross...

yeah, a little bit.


I can't believe this!

- Okay, all right,
- Mm...

- I'll get a job.
- Yeah?

Is this-is this an imaginary
job, like your acceptance,

- or this a real job?
- It's a real job!

Obviously, it's a real job!

You know what? You are gonna pay rent.

- Amazing!
- You're gonna pay rent!

You're gonna pay about $400 a month.

- Great! Cool!
- Great! Yeah, great!

- That's awesome!
- Shit!


- Jesus!
- Just clean up your room!

And get your job!


What the hell?

Help, help, hellllp!



How did you get all the way out here?


Hi. Can I just...? Thanks.

Hi, Mario.

- I'm Dr. Cooper, the...
- What's happening?

Am I going to jail?

Oh my God! Am I a murderer?!

It's okay. Look, I'm the Coroner.

I'm not, I'm not here to arrest you,

I just, I wanna know the truth
about what happened.

I was, I was on my way to work

over at the construction site,

and... oh my God, it just...

It's okay.

I didn't see him, I swear!

Do you remember anything
about the accident?

He came out of nowhere.

Do you think he could've
already been in the road

before you hit him?

Well, I... I don't know.

It's okay. We're gonna get
to the bottom of this.

But that could be my son out there.

Mine, too.

Excuse me.

Thank you.

Hey! What're you doing here?

Oh, the temp who replaced me
for mat leave,

she put your signing stickies
in the wrong place,

so two months of, uh,
death certificates -

not valid!

I need these right now.

Oh boy.

That truck hit him?

One hit couldn't do that much damage.

It'd have to be a 10-ton truck

hitting him over and over again.

You know who it is?

No. No, he didn't have any ID on him.

- Feel like taking a walk?
- Okay!

I know it was a gunshot.
I heard a gunshot.

Ma'am, are you sure?

I know what a gunshot sounds like.

So this came in 10 minutes
before the fire.

Yeah, dispatch flagged it.
It's from a burner phone.

- Can you trace it?
- Already on it.

And the warrant's in process.

Mac, I uh... put it in myself.

Find me that woman, Malik.


I cannot impress that man.

We're building a new subdivision.

Two hundred and fifty houses.

Wow, that's a... that's a lot.

Any idea why someone would be...

Hey, a lotta people moving
out here from the city.

Nobody can afford to live
downtown anymore.

As soon as we get one up,

we start working on another one.

And you're sure you're not
missing a worker?

Well, if Mario didn't know him,

he's not one of our guys.

Maybe try the fruit farms near here.

They hire a lot of people,
migrant workers and stuff.

Okay. Thanks.


She says...
maybe he was abducted by a UFO.

And then he was - what - just dropped?

Well, after they "scanned"
him, of course.

- Of course.
- So, there's that theory.

That's... one of our theories.

You wanna walk to a farm?

All right.

We can get our steps in!

I love it!

- You got her name?
- Nope.

But she's definitely our 911 caller.

Okay, so she went from
the hair shop over there

into the cell phone spot.

What's she doing?

Oh, she's coming out now. Here.

Hey, you wanna stretch out your foot

and move to the back seat, Mac?

Absolutely not.

Our mystery woman has a lot of bags.

Looks like she's going somewhere.

Or she's doing laundry.

Uh, this still a good time
to get us a bite to eat?

Yeah, sure, sure.

I'll grab you something with calcium,

build your foot bones back up.

She's all yours.


Veterans Affairs.

Anciens Combattants Canada.

Press 1 for English.
Appuyez sur deux pour Francais.

For Health and Medical
Services, press 1.

To report a change of address, press 2.

Estimated waiting time
for your call is...

- 15 minutes.
- Tsk!

Hey Mr. J!

- Hey, Ross.
- How are you?

- Good! You?
- Good.

Thought you were on your way.

Well, you know I couldn't
leave without any fanfare.

So you're just here saying
goodbye to your loser boyfriend...

Yeah, Ross, don't do that, okay?

I knew we should've left last week.

Okay, just...

This is... I wish I was coming
with you.

This is dumb.

Literally, um...

every place name at Queen's
ends in "Hall".

Like this hall, that hall.

How the hell am I gonna know
where I'm going?

You're the navigator
in our relationship.

I messed up.

'Kay, I messed up big time.

And that's why I'm not coming
with you, but...

I will find my way back to you.


- Yes, I promise.
- 'Kay.

Come here.


- Don't be late.
- All right.

Go to class.

- Get a job!
- Hah!

See you later.

I mean, I just...
I just wanted him to graduate,

I wanted him to go to
university to become a doctor,

have this wonderful life, you know?

I mean, is that just,
is that too much to ask?

Yeah, no, that's not too much.

Well, I guess it's what
we all want for our kids.

Oh, it is so beautiful out here.

What is that?

Uh... a piece of cloth?

Or clothing.



What're you doing?!

Can you call the autopsy suite?

Do you want me to call
the fire department too?

Yeah, I don't think our benefits cover

"fall from tree"!

You have reached the
office of the Chief Coroner.

- What am I asking?
- Transferring.

Ask if the CT scan showed
any broken bones.

Of course it did! Did you see his legs?

Yeah, not just legs. His arms, ribs...

uh, pelvis.

Got it!

Our UFO lady might be right.

I think our body fell from the sky.

The CT scan shows that...

all the bones are broken.

Every single one.

That usually only happens
with high impact trauma,

like getting hit by a train.

Or a pretty ridiculous fall.

- Yeah, but what's that high?
- Half of Toronto on cannabis?

Do you have an approximate age yet?

Probably 16-years-old
to early twenties.

There's loose skin around
the abdomen area,

and no fat around the organs.

Major weight loss in a short
period of time.


This looks like... frostbite.

It isn't down to the dermis layer.

How do you get frostbite in August?

Let's get a forensic sketch
of his face to police

so they can start a missing
person's report.

Someone has to know who you are.

Ooh, is that for me?

No, sorry. It's for my mom.

Extra-large mocha latte,
topped with cinnamon.

It's her favourite.

- Is she here?
- She's in the morgue.

- Very busy down there today.
- Oh.

While I was downtown, I thought
I'd stop by and give her a treat.

How nice.


I need a job.

Yeah, so I hear.

You know,

I saw on LinkedIn
that they were looking

for nighttime Security Guards here.

- I know that posting.
- Yeah?

But it requires that you be able

to stand for long periods of time.

Okay, yeah, I mean,
I've, I've been, I can stand.

- Be physically imposing.
- Mm!

And have a high school diploma.

Oh... Yeah.

Air Traffic Control,
how may I direct your call?

- Records, please.
- Please hold.

Okay then...

What, do you think that
wig's gonna fool anyone?

Oh my God!

Get your ass in the car
and come back home!

- Now!
- Dammit!

- Stop it, Mark!
- Leave her alone!

Shut up! Noor, right?

Stop poisoning my wife against me!

You come near her again
and I'll kill you!

- You hear me?
- Let go!

- Let go!
- Police! Stop!

- Ungh!
- Ungh!


You're not killing anybody, punk.

- You're making a big mistake.
- Who is she?

That woman, you called her "Noor"?

I wanna call my lawyer.

My wife won't press charges.
I'll be out in an hour.

I need a uniform car,

to the strip mall at
the foot Royal York.

Ooh, that looks pretty
serious, Detective McAvoy.

That's what I get for getting
my Crockett and Tubbs on.

Your who?

Never mind, before your time.

Why are you so interested
in this Noor woman's records?

Didn't you already talk to her
about the 911 call?

Nope. I'm letting her dangle,
see where she leads me.

Isn't the fire basically solved?

No, nothing's solved until it's solved.

Besides, this isn't only
about the fire.

Does the name "Dyanne Tucci"
ring a bell?

Why? Is she a phone friend
of your mystery woman?


Dyanne Tucci.

Dyanne Tucci, 38,

went missing two years ago.

She was never found.

This "Noor" was

trying to help a woman escape
from her husband today.

Is it possible this is what she does?

She makes people disappear?

That'd be quite the profession.

There you are.

Oh-ho! Is that a present for me?

Peace offering, I guess.
Ross dropped it off.

Mmm. Mm-hmm.

It's almost as good as
a high school diploma.

Any news?

I checked into all
the flights over the area,

skydiving facilities, flight schools...

- And?
- Not one report

of any death due to falling...

I mean, recently.

I guess that's a good thing.

I did just get off the phone
with Air Traffic Control.

There was a chartered commercial flight

diverted en route to Ottawa
Capital Airport.

It was rerouted to Metro
Toronto Airport

because of a medical emergency.

Did it fly over where
we found the body?

It did.

It's scheduled to leave
in a couple of hours.


Call ATC back and get
the plane grounded.

You can do that?

- Yes, I can!
- Hmm!

Don't think I recognize him.


The flight manifest said that everybody

who boarded in Caracas
were accounted for.

Is there any way that he fell
from your baggage hold?

Impossible. The baggage hold
is a pressurized environment,

just like the aircraft's interior.

If it opened, we'd notice.


There are many people in the airport

missing their connecting
flights, as we speak.

Can we wrap this up?

Is there any other way that he
could've fallen from your plane?


Excuse me.

Hey, what was the, uh,
medical emergency

that you had to reroute the plane for?

It's been all over the internet.

Passengers, due to a medical emergency,

we are re-routing
to Metro Toronto Airport.

Please return to your seats.

Oh, that's soooo gross!

Canadian diplomats' kids.

Evacuated from the private school
there, because of the protest.

Can you, um, can you pause
that for just one second?

That jacket...

Can I take a closer look at your plane?


Ungh! Come on, you stupid thing! Ugh!

Okay, all right, steady...


There we go! Hah! All right!


What're you doing?

Well, I can't afford to pay rent, so...

I'm gonna live outside, in the tent.

Ross, I... mm...

You know what?

I'm too tired for this tonight.

I... I'm gonna leave
the front door open

for when you come to your senses.

Okay, I'm not going to though.

I'm independent now.

Come on...

The wheel well...

but how could he get in there?

- I mean, isn't there security?
- Definitely.

And the captain does a walk
around before the flight.


Ten hours up there,
freezing, with no oxygen?

I've heard of people trying,
but they never make it.

And the wheels just go up there?


Why would someone try this?

They're desperate?

Jenny? Jenny!

Open the door!



What the hell are you doing?

I think I fell asleep in the bath.

When will I speak to someone?

I need information about this sketch.

You need an appointment, sir.

I'm not leaving!

I... I have to talk to someone!

I know him! He's my brother!

Hi. Sorry, it's okay.

You can let him through.

Thank you.

- Hi.
- Hi. He's my brother.

Okay. Let's go talk in my office.

Ms. Noor Ermias?

Are you following me?

Following up, more like.

How'd you find me?

Your colleague inside
the community centre

said you should be arriving soon,

so, here I am.

They should know better than to

give my whereabouts to a stranger.

Well, I showed my badge.

My name's Detective Donovan McAvoy.

And after our mutual
adventure yesterday, we're

not exactly strangers.

Now about your 911 call.

Pardon me?

You called 911, just before
the building fire.

Shots fired?

Yeah, I called about it.

I did my duty. I'm done.

Why do you have a burner phone?

Detective, you may have a badge,

but I don't have to talk to you.

I know my rights.

Get down!

Hey... you okay?


Alerio looks so small now.

This was taken...

the day I left Venezuela,
four years ago.

I got a scholarship to come here,

for a student exchange program.

You look close.

He was only 14 here.

Is there any next of kin back home,

that can confirm the last time
that he was seen?

Our mother died, two years now.

With all the shortages,

she couldn't get insulin anymore.

She was all we had.

I'm really sorry.

My brother's been on his own
since then.

Did he tell you he was gonna
do something so dangerous?


Both of us have been saving,

to try to pay for some
way for him to travel.

I work to send money home.
He worked too.

We had saved almost $4000, US.

If he had that money,

why did he stow away
in the wheel well of a plane?

It's very hard now for most Venezuelans

to get a visa to come to Canada.

Even renewing a passport
is almost impossible.

Do you have any of my brother's things?

Your brother was very stylish.

Calle Fuerte... Street Strong.

- He made this jacket.
- Hmm.

He sells them on the streets,
outside the airport,


I think one of the kids
on the plane bought one.

Hey, hey, hey! Hey!

This is something our mama
taught us to keep things safe,

to hide things.

La Divina Pastora,

Our Lady of Venezuela.

He was praying for a miracle.

- This looks like a...
- A map.


Yeah, long as they got 'em.


All right. Thanks, Malik.

You okay?


Thanks for letting me cool out here,

for a minute.

I really didn't wanna go
to the police station.

Well, Mark Lloyd's been picked up.

Hmph. Because he shot at a me,

not because he assaulted his wife.

The law can be tricky on these things.

Can I get you a glass of water?

The law doesn't take
assaulting women seriously.

Men think they're above the law
because they are.

They're not above my law.

You write your own laws?

You seem to.

Is that friend of yours somewhere safe?

She is.


you're more than welcome
to stay here for a while,

until we can, uh, arrange
to get you somewhere safe.

No need.

And really, where's "safe"?

You know my department
has access to safe houses.

I had experience with

the police concept of "safe houses".

Oh? You've been in one before?

I sometimes use my apartment
as a safe house for women.

Trying to escape domestic violence.

I'm a social worker.

But it's quietly known
that I help women...

get away, if they need to.

Is that why we never
found Dyanne Tucci?

You helped her disappear?

I really wish I had in time.

Dyanne, it's okay.
Just say what you want to say.

Uh, my name's Dyanne Tucci.

My husband, Shane, threatened
to kill me if I left him.

And I'm leaving, so if I don't...

if I don't make it, that's why.

Why wasn't this sent to the police?

It was sent to the police.

Look uh... I have to go.

Uh, there's nothing but bread
ends and Riesling in my fridge,

but I'll pick something up
on the way back, and...

we'll get you to a safe house.

Hey. Got your message.

Got here as soon as I could.


What's this?

It's a map of the Ottawa
Capital airport.

It was hidden inside
of Alerio's jacket.

And I also got a recording
of the black box.

- All right, I'm all ears.
- Great.

Good afternoon, welcome aboard.

Yes! Hello!

My number? Geez!

555-32-11 VA.

Yeah, Liam...

Lima, India, Alfa, Mike.

Mother's maiden name? Thibodeau.


No, I was not seeking Mental
Health support.


Oh, you've reached
Mental Health and Wellness.

If you want Accounts,
you can call back and press 2.

Okay, please, I've been on
hold for a really long time.

Can you just put me through?

Well... okay.

But are you sure you don't
wanna speak with Mental Health?

Yes. I mean...

No, I... I just want Accounts, okay?

- Please hold.
- Thank you.

Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!

Hello, Yusef.

How is my beautiful Noor?

How are you?

Yusef, I need to tell you something.

What did you say?

- I wanna tell you...
- I can't hear you.

Babe, can you hear me?

- Noor!
- Something bad has happ...

- Noor!
- Yusef, can you hear me?

- Hello?
- Yusef!

- Hello? Noor!
- Yusef!


It was an inside job.

Somebody drew him a map of
the Ottawa Capital airport.

Or he drew it off some photo
he found online.

No, his brother said
it wasn't his handwriting.

And, if Spanish was your first

wouldn't you write an "O"
instead of "W" for "west"?

Okay, so maybe someone helped
him get into that wheel well.

He could've died up there.

Or it could've been hypoxia -

slowed his metabolism down
to a deep sleep,

which would've helped him survive.

Can you test for hypoxia?


Then what am I taking to the Crown?

At best, it's criminal negligence.


I was looking at the autopsy results.

I noticed there's a rupture,

in the aorta of the heart.

Trauma can wrench it out,
but the person has to be alive.

So Alerio was alive...

When he hit the ground.

He was just a kid.

This is a homicide.

Let's follow the money.

Roberto said that he was
sending money home to Alerio.

Alerio collects this money in Caracas.

And then Alerio trades his Bolivares

for US dollars.




He would have to find someone

to smuggle him onto
the airport grounds.

Maybe a baggage handler.

That guy gets a map of
the Capital Airport

and a small cut of the money.

But the big money,

would go to the person
that turned a blind eye

as he climbed into the wheel well.

The person who did
the final walk-around

before the plane took off.

Passengers, due to a medical emergency,

we are rerouting through
Metro Toronto Airport.

Please return to your seats.

Jackie, deploy the landing gear now.

Already? We're still 10
minutes out from the airport.

It's okay, you can do it now.

Wind speed's looking pretty good.

I could wait till we're at
15,000 feet so there's less drag.

Do as I say! Do it now!

The pilot opened
the landing gear early,

right after they were rerouted.

He jettisoned the body because
they knew that he was in there.

There was no one to smuggle
him out in Toronto.

The pilot knew he would get caught...

so he killed him.


Can I just get like a...
a Horse's Neck, please,

with one ice cube?

- Sure, no problem.
- Sweet.

Can I get some ID?


I'm not sure how hungry you are,
but, uh,

I got us some ackee and saltfish,

some festival,

some rice and peas!




I brought your brother's ashes.

Thank you.

I couldn't claim his body because...

You're undocumented.

I realize it was a...

a big risk for you to come forward

and help identify your brother.

I wanted, um, at least,

for you to be able to, uh,

to lay him to rest.

I'm sorry that you can't take him home.

But where is home?



Whatchya doing?


nothing. Just uh...

drying my boots.

- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.

I, I found my drip! It was uh...

driving me crazy.

As crazy as waking up in a bathtub?



It's Rosssss.


Mom? Hey.

Yeah, I got a job!

- You did?!
- Yeah. At the Angel Bar.

I'm like washing dishes,
and putting out garbage,

and, you know,
just like stuff like that!

Wow, okay, your...

first job!

- Amazing!
- Mom, I'm... I'm,

I'm so sorry I lied to you.

Yeah, well, just, we'll talk

about the rest of it later, okay?

Okay. Um, I gotta go, I'm on the clock,

but I'll be home late. Bye!

Okay, bye.

- Ross got a job.
- Oh!

- Yeah.
- Good.

I just...

You know, I'm, I'm worried
about his future,

but uh...

Nobody knows.

- Yeah.
- You do your best.

- Hmm?
- Hmm.

Oh, hey, did you uh...

Did you change the...


Oh yeah. Change of address.

Done, Boom.

I live here now.

- Really.
- Mm-hmm.

Okay. So it's official.

We are uh... roommates.


Mm-hmm. Yeah. We're roommates.

- Roommates...
- Mm-hmm.

I guess.

Oh boy...