Coroner (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Quick or Dead - full transcript

Jenny is on the chase to stop a killer as he leaves a bloody trail of rampage across the city. The stakes are even higher when she realizes her son has been in contact with him.

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Gideon Kamau.

The night he disappeared
there was a robbery.

- What was taken?
- Obsolete computer equipment.

There's another case.

- "The God Abyss".
- Hey. Who's Dylan Lee?

- Your nails are amazing.
- Thank you.

- Amanda!
- Is that Dylan Lee?


- What's with the gun?
- I found it in the basement.

It's not Dylan's though!

- Then who does it belong to?
- Storm, Dylan's friend.

- Freeze!
- Police! Search warrant!

Someone was locked in here. Alive.

Amanda's not answering her phone.

- Stop calling me.
- Come meet me.

I love you so much.

When you're ready, Mrs. Kamau.

Hey, it's Amanda. Text me, fool.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Only your first month
and all these bodies.

Yeah, lucky me.

One sec.

- You still have that?
- Mm-hmm.


- You read it yet?
- Yeah, I started it. You?

It's on my list of many things to do.

I screwed up.

- What?
- Amanda.

I've been trying to get her
on the phone since the apiary.

That's not your job. That's police work.

She asked me to protect her.
She was scared.

She said she wanted
to come home with me.

You followed protocol.
You learn soon enough,

in this job, there are
a lot of stray cats.

She's a young girl.

You know what I mean.

You can't take all of them home.

All right, Cat Lady?

Or should I say Dr. Cat Lady?

Any more info on the
body pops up, call me.


A woman's body was found
floating in Humber River.

There's no particulars yet,

but they're... they're
waiting for you down there.

- Hey.
- She found the body.

She was out for a morning paddle.

Yeah? Where?

All right. Let's call in a team.
We'll ne...

Hey! Whoa-whoa!

Jenny! Hey!

What're you-what're you doing?



A little relieved?

Not relieved, just um...

not what I expected.

Not who you expected.

All right, let's get
that team down here.

There are contusions.

She was strangled.

I noticed that she was
cold on the scene but...

feels like she's frozen, under her skin.

It's rock hard.

Minus 5. Like a spring day in Toronto.

Have a look under her clothes,

see if there's any
other signs of trauma.

Uh... she's sticking to her clothes.

Don't destroy my evidence, young buck.

Don't be fooled by my
youthful glow, Detective.

I know what I'm doing.

She's not bloated, even
after being in the water.

That's because she went in frozen.

Her fingernails are worn to a nubbin.

Worn down fingernails, fetal position,

freezer burn.

The blood wasn't a DNA
match to Professor Kamau.

Thank you. Can you open it up, please?

Amanda said that Dylan's
mother died about a year ago.

The lady in the bag would
fit the age profile.

So I got Alison to check,

and there is a death
certificate on record

for Dylan Lee's father,

but not for his mother.

Let's run the DNA in here
against hers, to confirm.

Look at this.

Could it be letters? I mean...

Chinese or Korean maybe? I'm not sure.

Any translators around here today?

Not right now, but I can put in a call.

Ah, never mind. Give me a sec.

Let's see if Taylor can give us a read.

So he choked her, locked
her in a freezer alive.

It's like dying in your own coffin.


All right, Taylor says the characters

roughly translate To the sound: Di lun.

Di lun... - Dylan. - Dylan.

Whoa! Well, that's cool.

- Hey!
- Hey!


What's that?

That's from when I got shot.

What? Who shot you?

- I was in the military.
- Oh.

You never told me that.

I don't really like to talk about it.

Maybe talking about it would help.

Come on. My dad's dead, all right?

- It's messing me up.
- Oh yeah.

Did you wanna talk about it?

- Nope.
- See?


Okay. Ready to do some heavy lifting?

Yeah! Yeah, like men.

Like dudes not having any feelings.

I'm just bonding with you, man, come on.

Hey! It's a beautiful day, no?

Yeah, I'm loving it.

Hey, you know what?

If you wanna work for Liam & Company,

you better put your phone down!

Okay, honestly? It's not my fault.

See, this guy kinda keeps tweeting me

cause my mom had this, like,
crazy manuscript lying around,

right, and get this.

So the title of it is "The God Abyss".

It's kinda like this,
this dystopian fiction

about this guy named Solo Justice,

and he, like, predicts
the end of the world.

So I was kind of just bored at home,

so I just kinda started reading it,

and I was like this is pretty cool.

So, for kicks, I posted about it,

and then I tweeted the
name of the writer...

- Mm-hmm.
- And he tweeted me back!

- That's pretty crazy, right?
- Yeah.

Now just tell him to stop, all right?

Well, I mean, I told
mom I'd leave it alone,

cause she could like get in
trouble or something, so...

Okay, hey. Come on.

Okay, one sec, one sec.

Hashtag worklife, hashtag myoffice...

Hashtag givemeyourphone.

Come on.

Thank you very much.

Okay, that, that right there
is why I need to be in a union.

- All right, be my guest.
- Yeah, I'm gonna.

Okay, let's finish this.

So this is our suspect?

Yeah, Chief. A Dylan Lee.

And our three... three bodies.

Uh, William Webber,
Professor Gideon Kamau,

and an unidentified woman that
we think is Dylan Lee's mother.

Dr. Allen, can you speak
a little on your findings

from the apiary?

Yes, yes.

The ice chopper from
our initial testings

definitely the instrument
used to dismember the remains,

uh, utilizing an adjunctive pressurized

and frictatious force...

dissecting the auxiliary,
brachial, and antecubital...

The ice chopper was used to
dismember Professor Kamau.

Thank you.

And William Webber's
blood was found on it too.

- Public speaking.
- Yeah. It's okay.

Three bodies.

Yeah, Chief. We've
notified all surrounding areas,

ports of exit, bus, trains, all of it,

but we should issue a
public safety warning.

Let's wait on that.

We don't wanna alert this
Dylan Lee that we're onto him.

All right. We've also
put a trace on the gun

that Dylan Lee's girlfriend,
Amanda Reyes, brought in.

It's registered to a one...
Randall Jeffries.

Randall Jeffries.

That's one of the kids we
interviewed at the University.

Okay. Find him and bring him in.

McAvoy. Yeah. All right.

Hey. I know you're worried
about Amanda, but we're on it.


Hey, it's Amanda. Text me, fool!

Amanda, it's, it's Jenny.

Can you just, can you call me back?

Please, I just, I really...

I really need to know that you're okay.

Hop in!

Is that a diamond ring?



Let's see how it fits.

What're you doing still standing there?


Hey, what do you think of saying
our I do's on the outback,

in Aus-trailee-ah, aye?

I... I would love to.

Are you serious?

- Is it serious?
- Yeah.

Hey, don't worry.

I'm gonna take care of you.

He's cool.

I swear, every time.
Big Mac sends me stuff...

anything that looks even
remotely "Asian" to decipher...

and I just Google Translate it!

Why don't you just tell
him to do it himself?

And spoil my sensei-of
languages status? No way!

Well, maybe they can't hear us.

Let's check the back.

This is Detective Kim. 42 Mayview Lane.

We need backup.

This one nearly severed the femur.

That's a chop full of rage.

Side torso...

back of the neck.

Back of the neck...

she didn't see it coming.

No rings...

Fingers are shorn off.

By the looks of the cuts,
it's gotta be a long blade.

Most definitely a machete -

perhaps the Bush Cut 100.

I was testing chop weapons all week

since we found Kamau's body, remember?


You're about... to step on a finger.


What do you say?

I uh...

I tell them I see them.

And I know everybody stares at me.

It's nice.


Randall Jeffries, Sr.

And there's more.

Meet Randall "Storm" Jeffries, Jr.

The "Storm" from Dylan's basement.

Amanda was afraid of him.

Huh. The cuts on his body,

they're shallow and tentative, but...

the ones on Mrs. Jeffries,
they're deeper and confident.

- Two machetes. Two killers.
- Yeah.

If Storm isn't here,

I just can't let you
in to his dorm room.

Which room is his?

Randall Jeffries?

Randall Jeffries!

"The Future of Global Economics".

"The Rise of Digital Currency".

"1924", "1984".

"Mein Kampf"?!

Nice light reading.

What is that?

It's his blood. Watch.

Dart roulette.

This guy's into pain,
making himself tough.

Stolen from the computer lab,

willing to bet my hat.

You don't wear a hat.

I should, I'd look good.

All right, let's take it all,

see if we can get something off it.

These guys are on a
goddamn murder spree.

- Oh hey!
- Hey.

After skimming this
so-called "God Abyss",

we may be looking at
"delusion by proxy".

Which is...?

It's a psychological
situation, like a pact,

between two disturbed individuals

sharing a violent fantasy.

The conspiracy stuff in Storm's
dorm room, Dylan's book...

Hey, do we know who this "TPK" is

that he dedicated to?

It could be another author.
A lot of them have three names.

Mother's maiden name is Kung.
Could be a relative.

Okay, listen to this.

"The land of the sun
is where we must go.

It's where we'll find
freedom and release."


- Lucy's calling.
- Mm.

Hey, Lucy, what do we got?

Bitcoin. That's what's
on your stolen computers.

- They were mining Bitcoin?
- No. A lot of old computers

have Bitcoin passwords on them

that people have just forgotten about.

Yeah, Bitcoin's still worth money.

Yeah, and they have
two Bitcoin passwords.

We can trace them once they use them,

And that's probably
why they haven't yet.

All right. Bitcoin ATMs.

There's a ton in the city, Mac.

Search them all. Leave me a potato ball.

Lucy, did we find out anything else?

Yeah, on Storm's personal laptop,

there are Reddit forum chats
between him and Dylan Lee.

It starts off with Dylan giving
h im weight-lifting advice,

and then it's all about killing people.

Dylan groomed Storm
to be his accomplice.

Thank you.

Dylan's our main guy.

Yeah, I'm issuing a
public safety warning.

The Chief's wrong on this one.

I'm gonna uh, I'm gonna talk
to the Jeffries' family,

- what's left of them.
- Yeah.

Hurry up, you're making me nervous.

- Yo, it's not working.
- Dude.

- Yeah.
- $1.75.

Oh my God! Where'd you
get your nails done?

Oh, uh, I did them.

Those are fresh! I love them!

As you can see, mine are pretty basic,

but I do the best with what I got.

It just takes some practice.

Oh, and be creative, like anything goes.

Cool! I'm gonna follow you.

It's not giving it to you.

- The machine is whack, yo.
- Hey! Watch it, guy! Are you nuts?

Amanda, let's go.

Take a selfie with me.


Um, tag me. "AmaNailz93".



I can't help but think
we caused all of this.

You mean, we freaked Dylan
out by going to his house?

Didn't we? I mean, his
mom, professor Kamau,

uh... William Webber...

- they were all dead before this.
- If we hadn't gone around,

Dylan and Storm never would
have killed the Jeffries,

- is that what you think?
- Yeah, well...

Build me a time machine
and let's find out.

If I could do that, I'd
go visit the dinosaurs.

Oh hey.

Amanda was just tagged in a photo.

Let's see.

She's wearing an engagement ring.

Guess it's from our loverboy
slash killer, Dylan.

How much you wanna bet
this is Storm's mom's?

Dwayne found her fingers but no jewelry.

Well, if Amanda's been
seen, that's good news.

If Dylan still has personal
attachments, even better.

I just hope she isn't part of the proxy.

Uh... that's a Swifty Mart.

Could be. He was wearing a face mask...

in the middle of a store.

What a dweeb.

He was with a cute, pretty sexy guy.

Anyway, she had the sickest nails.

- We even took a selfie together.
- We know.

What do you mean, "you know"?!

Am I under surveillance or something?

That's against the law, you know.

Bill C-150 and all that.

You tagged your location
in your post, Miss.

Public information and all that.

- Did they use the ATM over there?
- Yeah.

Prepping to flee.

Did you see if they were driving?

Yeah, I watched them get
in to a big fancy car.

- What colour?
- Blue.

Okay, thank you.

Wait! You didn't tell
me - what'd they do?

Okay. Good afternoon commuters,

let's find out how things
are looking on the roads.

Kathy. We've got Kathy here
with our traffic report.

I told you to stay off
the main road, you idiot,

- until we can ditch this car.
- Ditch this car?

I thought we were
going to the airport...

Shut up! Get us out of this
before you fuck everything up!

- Yo, I'm trying!
- And when are we heading

to my aunt's so I can get my passport?

We don't have time, okay?
We gotta get outta the city.

Yeah, but I'm gonna
need it for Australia.

3 suspects being sought

by Toronto Police Forces, they
may be armed and dangerous.

Now you're thinking.

- Just wait!
- Go, go-go-go!

What the hell! Are you crazy?!

Hurry up, man!

Not that way, not that way!

Where's my phone! I can't find my phone!


Hey! You don't have to yell at the guy!

Open the trunk.


- Hey!
- No!

- Where are you going?!
- Get away from me!

- You gonna do that?
- Whatever you want.

Okay, I'll make sure.

- Hey.
- Hey.

They stripped him clean - no ID.

Yeah, they're smart.

Rough hands, dirt under
the fingernails...

you were either living a
hard life, or a working man.

I'd guess the latter.

I'll bet all the cannabis in
Toronto that they took his car.

Maybe a van or a pick-up truck.

No, they didn't plan this.
They got boxed in,

and made the most of the opportunity.

But where are they going?
It's so random.

I'm sick of this
one-step-behind-cat-rat game.

We gotta get ahead of these guys.

I'm gonna see if any of these businesses

have working security cameras
or if this is all for show.

Uh... just leave him here for now.

I gonna wait for Dr. Allen.


Oh gee.

It's okay...

Okay. Okay, Jenny, deep breaths.

Deep breaths. Relax, relax.

Deep... Shit.

God... God...

I'm the Chief Coroner,
is Dr. Cooper here?

Oh shit... Okay...

You got this. Come on, Jenny.

Okay... okay...


It's a spree,

so I've come down from the mountain.

I'm uh...

I'm just waiting on Dwayne.

- Mm. He's a busy man today.
- Mm-hmm.

All right, let's look at it.

Imperfect speaker, tell me more.

Well, he's escalated.

It's all quite horrible, in general.

- Ropy tissue.
- From a burn.

Yeah, some sort of
electrical burn, I think.

There's some-there's something there.

Uh... tweeze me.

I uh...

I wanna reopen some of
Dr. Peterson's old cases.


- What...?
- E4.

It's a classic opening
in a game of chess.

It means, think it through
all the way to the end.

It would mean years of
coroner work and police work

down the drain.

A fibre.

From a reflective vest.

So were looking for someone

who works with electricity.

A hydro guy.

We're looking for a hydro truck.


Dr. Cooper!

The tip line got a call.

Someone thinks they saw Dylan
at a strip mall in Wentworth.


Wentworth... okay.

- That's close to Dundas.
- I'd wanna check in.


Ross tweeted Dylan. He uh...
he read his book.

Come on, Ross...

pickup, pickup, pickup, pickup...

Stupid phone... Lock
my phone in a box...

wet bridge.

Stupid day...



- Arrrrggggghhhhhh!
- Ahhhhhhhhh!

Hey, Ross.

You didn't respond to my tweets.

I thought we were gonna
talk about "The God Abyss"?

I need my book back.

You're the writer of "The God Abyss"?

In the flesh. You tweeted at me.

How'd you find me?

You tagged your location.

So I'm here, man! I'm passing through...

I need my book, bro.

I don't have it.

- Who does?
- M-my mom. I mean...

Where did your mom get my book, huh?

At... She's at work. She's the coroner.

I met your mom. She's a smart one.

Where's she at, huh?

Is she up there in that house?

She's at work, man.

So you're by yourself?

Look, I don't want any trouble, okay?

Don't you... don't you see?

Oh, there's no trouble.

I'm living my dream.


Ungh! Agh!


- Hey, you okay?
- Yeah.



Oh God. My love.

Oh, my love.

- I'm okay.
- Hey.

- Mom, I'm fine.
- You are not allowed to die.

I know. I'm fine.

I shouldn't have
left that book laying around.

No, no, it's just a
book, it's just a book.

- I'm okay.
- Okay.

Okay, I'm good, I'm good.


Thank you. I didn't know
when I was called you

that I was putting you in danger.

- No, no. No danger.
- It was.

It was dangerous, and I
am, I am really sorry.

I hit him pretty hard, but uh...

- You... you hit him?
- Yeah. Yeah.

He's wounded. That might help you.

- Was there a girl with him?
- Not that I saw.

Did he say anything
about where he was going?

Because uh... in the book,

they said that they escape
to "the land of the sun".

Yeah, he hijacks a plane in the book.

There is an airfield in the radius

we have for where the
truck could be headed.

They're small planes, so I don't think

- they're going anywhere far.
- No, it's more of...

it's, it's more of a
conceptual metaphor.

- Metaphor for...?
- Death.

TPK? It's code from D & D...

Total Party Kills.

- Which means?
- Everybody's murdered,

like the whole team dies.
Well, everyone except...

- The hero.
- Yeah.

Hey, your mom said he tweeted you?

Yeah. I can show you, it's pretty crazy.


He tweeted you more than ten times.

- Yeah.
- That's enough to get his number.

- Thank you.
- Uh...

Hey, you did good. You
did really good. Um...

- Stay with him?
- Yeah, yeah. For sure.


Hey, are you planning on calling Dylan?

As soon as I get the number, yeah.

- What if Amanda's with him?
- It's a risk we have to take.

The phone's a burner;

we can't track it
unless it's being used.

If Amanda is still alive,
it is by his good graces.

Okay, what if we antagonize him?

Antagonize him? He's
already killed six people,

three of them today.

Yeah, but the girl doesn't
make it to the end of the book!

- You heard my son.
- We're losing time.

Yes! We have the number!

- He is going to kill her.
- Dial it.


She trusts you.

Amanda? It's Jenny Cooper.
Are you alone?

I'm, I'm alone.

- Good. Where are you?
- In the truck,

- outside a, a car repair place.
- Where?

I don't... know.

There's nothing around... around here.

- We've got it.
- All right, keep her talking.

- I'll be listening.
- Okay.

The police are on their way.
Where's Dylan and Storm?

They're inside.

Can you lock the doors to the truck?

I can't. He has the keys.

Okay... Do you know
where you're headed?

The small airplane hangar.

Storm said his parents
have a Cessna there.

He says he knows how to fly it.

When are you coming?

Soon. Really soon.

I... I don't think...

I can make it that... that long.

Yes you can, Amanda.

I know that you got yourself
tagged in the Swifty Mart

so that we'd find you,
and I found your nail.

I know that you are
fighting and you are strong.

I... I hear a helicopter somewhere.

Good. That's the police, okay?
They are looking for you.

What if they come?

- The police?
- Storm... and Dylan.

Okay... get outta the truck, Amanda.


Storm, let's go!

- Are you out?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay, is there... is there
anywhere safe nearby?

Uh... no.

Just lights.

'Kay, walk towards them.

I... I can't... I can't
make my legs move.

Okay... you need to listen to me, okay?

You are gonna take a deep breath.
And go in...


Good, I can hear you.
Now you have to walk.


'Kay, I'm walking...

Good, good, that's really good.

- When are the police c-coming?
- Can you hear any sirens?

Yeah, I-I can.

They're on their way.

Storm, hurry up! Let's go, Storm!
Let's go!

Oh my God! Oh my God! They're coming!

Amanda, run! RUN!


Hey. Hey.

Was there a young girl
among the deceased?


Didn't make it to the end.

Where is she?!

Where is she, you sonofabitch?!

- Where's Amanda?
- Hey! Hey!

Where is she you sonofabitch?!

We got him! Let's not
give his lawyer any ammo.


No, no. Amanda.



Amanda, wake up!

Wake up, Amanda!

Oh God...



Hey. Wake up.

Wake up!

It's Jenny, wake up!

Wake up! Please... WAKE UP!

Gideon Kamau.

William Webber, Olivia
Lee, Liban Bowen,

Randall Jeffries Sr, Sarah Jeffries,

and Kendall Hosein.

Those are the names of the victims

of this pointless killing spree.

And I will not be saying
the names of the killers.

You know, it is my mission, as coroner,

to speak for the dead so that
I can protect the living.

And people died because
my office made mistakes.

- Jenny.
- Past investigations

were handled poorly and because of that,

some of the people

I just mentioned lost their lives.

So... I am officially
reopening ALL of the cases

of former pathologist Dr. Ian Peterson.

Effective immediately.

No, I'm,

I'm not taking any questions. Thank you.

Well, you certainly didn't
clear that one with me.

Sure I did. E4.

We're all gonna be on
the hook for this one.

You're gonna tear this office apart.

I don't care, Bryan.
I really don't give a damn.

Hey, Donovan?

You know why I did this, right?

You have no idea what you just did...

so I'm gonna tell you.

Every lawyer with a convicted
murderer in the past ten years

is about to file an appeal.

Because you've called all the autopsies,

and coroner rulings into question.

That's my work you're undoing.

I catch killers, just like I did today.

- These are people!
- So you wanna uncover the truth?


With it comes all the zombies,
straight outta the ground.

Fine. Then we deal with them.

I saw you on TV!


Yeah, well, everybody's mad at me.

Yeah, but that's your superpower.

You don't care.

I, I thought I lost you today, buddy.


Hey, Matteo!

I'm glad to see that you
guys are still together.

I Love you, Mom. We're alive! Woo!

- Yeah! I love you!
- We're alive!

- So are you! Go out! Woo!
- Have a good night!


Are you ready?

- Oh, yes.
- Yeah.

Okay, I gotta get up to this one.

- Woo!
- Okay.

Hey. Sorry.


You okay?


- This is cool shit.
- Oh cool.

- This is my grampa's stuff.
- Cool. Who's that?

That is my mom and her sister.

- Oh wow.
- She died.

She never talks about her.