Coroner (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Bunny - full transcript

Jenny is called to a luxe condo to investigate the death of cannabis mogul Vic Stenton. Jenny starts to figure out what it means to live life as a widow, including the good and bad.

Jenny Cooper. I'm the new coroner.

Donovan McAvoy. Homicide.

Investigating deaths isn't
for everyone.

- It is for me.
- You're sad because of Dad.

And I know you're sad too.

- David?!
- How did your husband die?

An aneurysm.

My husband spent all of
our money before he died,

so I am gonna have to sell my house.

- What about you?
- I was in the army.

- Where'd you get this?
- I don't remember.


Everything is in the wrong box.

Hey. Where do you think
we should put this?

Ross? Hey, Rossy?!

- I'm visualizing.
- Okay, well,

help me visualize where we
should put your Dad's ashes.

- The mantlepiece?
- No.

- Is it calling you?
- No.

- Is that what we should do?
- It's not calling me.

- The mantlepiece?
- No, no, you're being creepy.

- Right here?
- You are being creepy.

Hey, be careful.

I think we should put Dad in the closet

until we know what to do with him.


- Oh!
- Whoa, whoa...

Okay. Okay, I got it.

This house is the worst.

Ow! Shhhh... it.

- See? This house hates us.
- Mm-mm.

Everything's falling apart.
You know, we can't go upstairs.

Okay, there's just a few
leaks in the roof, but...

I promise you, Ross,
we are gonna feel good

about living here, okay?

It's work. Jenny Cooper.


'Kay. Thanks.

Oh, buddy, I'm sorry,

you're gonna have to take
the Go Train to school.

But that's not part of my routine.

- Ross...
- I'm kidding.

I've already got my bag packed...

double suits, double caps,

uh, playlist is insane. Because
you don't win the race...

You uh... you win the day.

- Yes.
- Got it.

- Wisdom absorbed.
- Mm-hmm?

Oh, hey, uh... I'm gonna be
at your practice.

- You don't have to be.
- But I'm gonna be.

Thank you, Rog.

- Hey!
- Hey.

So aside from being "rich",
who was this Victor Stenton?

- He's the cannabis king.
- What?

Vic Stenton, the dead man,
he's a weed mogul.

Huh. The one drug that
doesn't kill you.

- What's going on there?
- Nothing.

I just have a splinter.

- Yeah? Let me see.
- I'm good.

You can't work with a piece
of wood in your hand. I mean,

what if it falls out,
contaminates my scene?

I come prepared.

- All right. Ready?
- Mm-hmm.

- On three. One...
- Ow!

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

You're gonna need this,

and then we're going up
to the penthouse.

Looks like he came
to the door to get help.

Nobody answered and he came back.

And the party's still going?

- Shitty neighbours.
- Not a crime.

This way.

Body's in the bathroom.

'Scuse me,

can I please change my clothes?

My son is downstairs, waiting for me.

Yeah, it's 22 through 24.

We'll be as quick as we can.

- Geez.
- It's a bloodbath.

He was moved, after he died.

Yeah, his wife found him
and called the medics.

- They tried to revive him.
- Wow...

That was optimistic.

You okay?


No, yeah, uh...

Yeah, I just, I...

sometimes I-I... see things
in my peripheral vision and...


Well, this uh, this crime scene
is contaminated to hell.

Let's uh... let's get to work.

All right.

His body is covered in cuts.

- Well, death by a thousand.
- You'd think.

It's actually this enormous
hole in his neck

that actually killed him.
It's really deep.

- Have you found the murder weapon yet?
- Not yet.

We're probably looking
for a large knife.


- Help me roll him?
- Yeah.

Hey, can you give us a hand?

- Ready? On three.
- Mm-hmm.

One, two, three.

Wow. That's a lot of wounds
on his back.


- Ready?
- Yeah, okay.

It's definitely not self-inflicted.


fell backwards through a window or...

No broken windows.

Well, he definitely
exsanguinated in this room,

so if the broken glass
didn't originate here

or in the apartment...

Car crash?

Maybe he was thrown through
the window...


Okay, so nude carjacking and then...?

Carjacker brought him
upstairs, stabbed him,

and um...

When you say it out loud, it's...

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

He was definitely somewhere
else before he died here.

Malik. We're looking for a knife.

Got it, Mac. There's a full
set in the kitchen.

I luminol-ed them... no trace of blood.

Send some uniforms down
to the garbage room.

Does she have to be sitting there?

She's not a suspect, is she?

No, we alibi'd her. She was
in New York with her kid,

came home and found him.

We need her clothes though;

we're waiting on a female officer.

Well, I can do it.

It's not right to have her
sitting there like that.

Hi. I'm Jenny Cooper, I'm the coroner.

Okay, um... let's uh...

let's start with your coat.

I should've changed my name.


Vic didn't care about things
like that and now he's...

and I don't even have his name.

Vic was so strong.

How could someone do that to him?

And... and what... what...

what do I tell Luke?

What do I tell Vic's parents?

Where... where are we gonna
sleep tonight?

I don't know what to do.

- Okay.
- I don't know what to do!


You don't have to do anything, okay?

Not right now.

You are stronger than you know,

and you need to remember that
for your son.

Thank you.

I hope you never go through
anything like this.


You know the saying,
"a little dab'll do"?

It goes for cologne too.

It is burning my eyes.

We're tired of being harassed

with all these noise complaints.

It's not harassment if
the police come once, Mr...?

I'm not giving you a name.
I'm a lawyer, I know my rights.

Your right to party, is that
what you're fighting for?

That's good.

Is that what you're fighting for,

because if not, we're here
about a homicide.

- What?
- Murder.

Hey. Uh...

Was Vic Stenton at your party?

- What happened to Vic?
- You know Vic Stenton?

- I should call a lawyer.
- Oh, but you are a lawyer.

Okay, this is a business gathering.

It's, it's for professionals.
It's like a networking event.

There's very important people
here, so please don't...


This is a sex party.

Party's over, sex friends!

Yup, come on, get up.

Were you two with Vic last night?

We were with a lot
of people last night.

Queer, straight. Black, white.

Blonde hair, purple hair.

Was there ever any jealousy?

This isn't the '90s.

We're social disrupters.

Tech moguls, software engineers...

These parties are an extension

of our bold, unconventional lifestyles.

We're living our brands.

Are you a tech mogul?

We own a chain of very successful

gluten-free bakeries.

It's not what you think.

Where's your partner?

I do pretty well on my own, Detective.


did you see any broken glass anywhere?


When was the last time you saw Vic?

I signed an NDA.

In the cuddle puddle,

then he must've paired off.

- With who?
- I was busy

and the music was loud,

but if they paired off,
it was probably in here.

- Thank you.
- Mm.

So this was probably
the last place anyone saw Vic.

I mean, is it possible that
he was attacked here first?

We'll luminol the hell
out of the place,

see what we can find.

Oh, uh...

- hey, are you good?
- Yeah.

- Where you going?
- Pool party.

Pool party, sex party.

Everyone's goin' to parties.

You're rolling too soon.

Yeah, 'cause my pull-through's too weak

and my stroke-count's off.

'Cause you haven't been in
the pool for three months.

'Cause I've been in Bellwoods with you,

eating charcoal ice cream
and Kayla's edibles.

Couple more practices,
you'll be gold medal again.

I don't know about that.

Okay, how do I tell her

that she doesn't have to come
every practice?

After your dad, I think you'd enjoy

having a parent not yell at you
for excessive rolling?

But I was rolling too much.
Dad noticed it.

We fixed it. I got faster.

Her new hair though.

Is she like, traumatized?

That's why women cut their hair.

You should see our new house.

I'm more worried about you.

Oh, I'm-I'm great.

Come on, we've got Favro for homeroom.

Oh, in case you missed
getting yelled at.


You have to chuck
your cups, Dr. Cooper.

Uh... I will, River, I will. Thank you.

He's pretty muscular.
What do you think? Steroids?

Ah, the tox screen will tell all.

But, if not,

I am definitely following
his trainer on Instagram.

Does he have breast implants?

Pec implants.

That would be my reading
of those luminous masses

- on the scan.
- Hmm.

What's your reading of this?

Oh, uh...

I thought it was glare,

but if the pec implant
is obscuring something...?

- Do you uh, do you have a rag?
- Yeah.

Uh, whoa! Don't do that...

No, it already did all the
damage it could on the way in.

Somebody stabbed him so hard
it just slipped in there.

This was no accident.

Man, rich people throw away
crazy things.

Painting of a dog, lamps,

solid gold bracelet.

Can I keep it?

We luminoled that room...
found blood traces galore.


- Find any glass yet?
- Nada.



This matches the piece that
I pulled out of Vic's body.

Yeah, I would say it's the
glass top of a coffee table.

The woman who was flirting with you...


She put her drink on the... floor.

Yeah, there was nowhere else to put it.

Vic liked glass furniture.

It didn't spoil the "view".

The view of what?

You knew about Vic's activities?

Uh, can you uh...
let me back into my place?

My son's blankie's missing.


You should show her some kindness.

I'm letting her back into
a crime scene,

which is against the rules.
Please don't lecture me.

I'm not lecturing.

I'm sorry, do, do we have a problem?

I like that you're dogged. It...

- But...?
- Hang on a sec.

- Would you say that's...?
- Purple.

- Someone mentioned purple hair.
- Yeah, everyone signed an NDA.

We can go through the stack.

She works at The Mother Tree,

Vic's dispensary, as a budtender.

She tried to sell the Uniforms
some "Mr. Nice"

when they picked her up.

Lauren Foster?

Look, what I do is perfectly legal.

Hey, I support a marijuana amnesty.

- Where were you last night?
- At home. Watching TV.

Now I know you're lying.

Millennials don't watch TV.

Is that blood?


I'm not a cop, okay? I'm the coroner,

and I am just trying to put
a picture together

of how your boss, Vic Stenton,
how he died.

May I see your hands, please?

I'm a doctor... I was...

so I understand how hard it is

to work with sore hands.

You have broken glass
in your hands, Lauren.

You were at Vic's cuddle puddle.

I didn't kill him.

Oh, Shanti must be so upset.

What about you, Lauren?

Your hands are all cut up.

What happened to you?

Vic was your boss.

He invited you to the party.


You had a few drinks?

- Not a crime.
- No, not what I meant.

No one consents to being
sexually assaulted,

no matter what kind of party
they're at.

The party was mostly older guys

and I wasn't into... any of the women,

so I found an empty room
to sleep off my drunk.

And the next thing I knew,
Vic was in his bathrobe

and he was like...

pressing himself against me,

and he was so heavy
I could barely breathe.

So I pushed him, he pulled me,

we fell, there was glass everywhere,

and I fought him off.

- Using what?
- I don't know.

It happened so fast.

Could you have stabbed him,

in the heat of trying
to get him off you?

Yeah, maybe.

I was really drunk.

A bunny saved me.

- Excuse me?
- Uh...

There was this giant,
human-sized rabbit.

It... it led me from that room

and took me downstairs
and put me in a cab.

No, I swear Vic was alive
when I left with the bunny.

I mean, maybe "third man syndrome"?

Third bunny.

Well, if she's making it up,

why choose such an insane detail?

- Go big or go home.
- Mm.

The wounds on her hands
would've been much worse

if she had pushed that piece
of glass into Vic's body.

I mean, the pressure needed

to get it into his thoracic cavity,

plus the, the angle of the entry wound.

I mean, someone would have
to be standing above him

and slam that piece of glass
into Vic's body.

And look at her.

I believe her.

And I believe her about the bunny too.

Hi, I'm, uh, Jenny
Cooper. I'm the coroner,

I'm investigating Vic Stenton's death.

Did any dry cleaning come down
from the penthouse?

A bunny suit, in particular.

- I can check.
- Okay.

- This is nuts, you know?
- Well, it was a sex party.

What if there was a furry there?

- No-one mentioned it.
- Well, we didn't ask.

Maybe it was normal.


Thank you.

I'll be damned.

- How did you know?
- In my experience,

when you imagine animals,
they don't help you out.

Do you imagine animals a lot?

No. Then I'd be crazy.

If you were crazy,
you wouldn't know it.

Well, people can't self-diagnose.

It's something you learn
when you're a doctor.

I would say people lie,
even to themselves.

That's what you learn
as a police officer.

It's funny. You're autopsying a bunny.

No, I'm taking blood swabs

to see if I can get a match
to Vic Stenton

so I don't have to wait forever

for your forensics team
to get it to me.

Well, I guess whoever wore
this just liked to watch.

Remember how I said that Lauren

would've cut through tendons
in her hands?

What if Vic's killer was wearing these?

What's that smell?


Okay, what're you doing?

No, Alison, you can't do this.
This is evidence in a homicide.

Alison, you really can't
be here right now.

Aqua di Gio.

My university boyfriend wore it.

I know who was in the suit.


Too bad. The dealer has
four too. What're you gonna do?

I don't know. I...


Hit me.

- You're kidding.
- No.

- Oh...
- Come on, give it to me.

Kind of predicted that.

- You're always busting yourself.
- I know, I know.

You're never gonna win that way.

God, you're worse than your father.

What do you mean?

Your father, what a brutal gambler.

Oh my God. Of course, he had a,
he had a gambling addiction,

but he lost $250 grand
and then he lost your house.

He lost everything.

I shouldn't laugh really.

- What?
- Yeah.

It's almost dinnertime, Gordon.

- Oh, brilliant! What is it?
- Roast beef.

Roast beef. Want some roast beef?


Are you okay?

Put that in your pocket.

Thanks for the jail break, kid.

Hey, give me a shout later.

You were naked in some...
not very sexy underwear

when we met, Gus.

Leads me to believe that wasn't
your full party outfit.

Okay, I wore the damn suit,
but not because I'm a "furry".

It's covered in blood.

I don't give a shit
what you like in bed.

- He made me wear it.
- Vic?


I wasn't attractive enough
to be at the parties.

You get to watch, but not participate.

I was supposed to be
his business partner.

He cut me out of the dispensary;

he cut me out of the online
vaping business.

He treated me like dirt!

So is that why you killed him?

I didn't kill him!

That crazy bitch with
the purple hair stabbed him.

Did you see her do this?

I came into the bedroom.

The coffee table's broken,
there's glass everywhere,

Vic is all cut up, he's bleeding...

Was he dead?

He was walking around, yelling.

He must've died after...

I got... I got her a cab.

Wait! Did she say I killed him?

Sit down, Mr. Prisciac!

He was gonna rape her!
I was the good Samaritan!

The blood on your paws...

I am not going down
for something I didn't do!


This is not a good look, Gus.

Come on... Come on, man.

- I didn't do anything!
- Mm-hmm.


- Okay...
- Hi?

Hey! Uh... hold on.

Jesus. Your parents' home?

- No. Sorry.
- No, no. Wait, wait, wait.

Hold on, hold on. Uh...

Liam Bouchard.

I used to work for Mrs. Panych.

So I do some landscaping for her.

These are cookies.

That's a nectarine tree. And here...

pass this on, okay?

Look, um...

we-we don't...

she, she probably...

look, we can't afford anything
right now.

You see, with this place
and the move...

Uh, well, you see, my dad died, so...

- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.

- I'm sorry.
- Thanks.

Um, you know, my Mom's got
this new job,

so I'm pretty sure
that any home repairs

are just gonna be me and YouTube's

"How the Hell Do You Fix This"
channel, so...

Okay, wait. Uh...

- Is your Mom...?
- The Coroner.

Okay, yeah. She, she was here
when Mrs. Panych died.

Wha...? Mrs. Panych died
inside the house?!

Yeah. But, uh, not something
you heard from me.

- Which room?!
- Wait.

- What's your name?
- Ross.

Well, I live in a tree, Ross,

and I drive that,

so my only real expense

is the burger and beer
I consume every night.

All paid for with the adequate
cheque that I get monthly

from the Canadian Armed Forces.

I can help, all right?

Just tell your Mom to call me.

It's normal to feel anger

and even rage towards David,

and it's okay to keep
some things from Ross.

It's not lying.

Well, it's not telling the truth.

So I uh...

I went to a cuddle puddle for work.

- You know what that is?
- Uh-huh.

How did that make you feel?

You know... Oh...

I uh...

I slept with someone.
I didn't tell you that.

- At the cuddle puddle?
- No! No. God, no.

No, uh, with a...

with a man that I met.

How was it?

It was good. It was uh...

it was great.

Before David died uh...

we were sleeping in separate bedrooms.

You know, and Ross...
Ross never noticed.

I'd sleep in the guest bedroom

and then I'd sneak back to our bedroom

so that if Ross came down
for breakfast,

that he would see me there.

I would just...

I'd ball up tissues and I'd put
them on the bedside table and...

You know, so it, so it looked
like it was...

lived in.

What're you thinking?

That only one side of the bed
was lived in.

Hey! My name's Jenny Cooper.
Is your Mom home?

Yes. Come on in.

Thank you.

Do you happen to know where she is?

In the bedroom.

Okay. Thank you.


Yeah! Come on!


- Where're you going?
- Back to New York.

I thought we could stay uptown
with friends,

but it's still too close.

Oh... Come on!

When uh...

when my husband died,
I sold our house in Toronto,

I packed up my son and I,

and moved us out to the country.

You're a widow, and a mother?

Yeah, and uh...

currently struggling with both.

I don't want to pull Luke
away from his friends

- and his home...
- But you wanna run away.

As fast as I can, as far as I can.

I'm tired.

The uh...

the police have someone in, in custody.

- Who?
- Gus Prisciac.

Gus killed Vic? Why?

Detective McAvoy's looking into that.

I'm, I'm sure he'll be in touch.

Hey, did you uh...

did you and Vic sleep in
separate rooms?

- Shhh...
- What's wrong?

I-I don't hear anything.


Luke! Luke?

Where's my son? I don't see him!


Luke, honey!





Won't he come here?

Hey! He's here!

- Hey, love.
- Hi.

Hi! Your uh... your Mom's
looking for you.

I wanna say goodbye to the bunny.

The bunny.

- You know the bunny?
- Daddy visited him.

When? When was the last time
you saw him?

With the purple-haired lady.

Oh, sweetie! Oh, sweetie.

Don't ever scare Mommy
like that again, okay?

- Okay.
- Okay. Come on.

Let's go finish packing.

Thank you. Come on.

Come on...

pick up, pick up, pick up,
pick up, pick up...

- This is Donovan McAvoy.
- Dammit.

Send a text or leave a message.

Detective, it's Jenny Cooper.

The wife, she's lying.

Shanti?! Hey.

Are you uh... are you headed
to the airport?

- Yes, but...
- Can I get a ride?

I can just... I can take a cab
to Dundas from there. I...

My car broke down.

Uh... sure.

'Kay. I can take that.

Come on.

So, uh, did you uh...

did you ever go to any of the parties?

It's how Vic and I met.

We stopped when we got pregnant.

Wow. But he went back?

He was just getting
his business off the ground

and he figured he could
use them to network.

But you... never wanted to go back?

I changed.

Luke was enough.

Well, you had to have had a...

like an arrangement.

We did.

He started coming home with scratches

on his back, on his neck.

Places where Luke could see them.

And how did he explain that?

Oh... Once he got his brand,

he stopped caring about being discreet.

I'm the one who had to lie to our son.


I know what that's like.

How did your husband die?


of an aneurysm.

You're lucky.

I'm sorry, but... you are.

Yeah, well, I'm an ER doctor
that couldn't save him, so.

He lied to me too.

It wasn't the lies.

I saw her...

with her hands cut and I...

I knew...


Mama! Mama! A bunny!

Oh yeah.

Mama... Mama... A bunny.

I took Luke downstairs...

and when I came back up...

he was still alive.

Oh, Vic... baby,

let me help you.

That must hurt.

Yeah, yeah, let me help you get it out.


You were at a party, huh?

With Lauren?


He attacked her.

I knew it.


How long before Luke saw something

I couldn't explain away?

Okay, you need to take
your foot off... off the gas!

I couldn't keep hiding
what he was doing!

Shanti, Luke is in the car!
You need to slow down!

You wanted to save your husband!

I had to protect my son!

Shanti, pull over the car!
Shanti, pull over!


Shanti, pull over!

Mom! Mom!

Oh my God.

- Hey. Wha...?
- Shhh.

Hey, he's sleeping.

Were you trying to get yourself killed?

Just give her...
give her a second, okay?

She's making arrangements
for her parents to fly out

to take care of him.

So... you do live in a treehouse?

Pretending you're a pirate?

Uh, yeah.

I like being off the grid.

My son said you came by.

- Oh, okay.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, I...

I didn't realize,

w-when I came by.


Look, I'm not um...

I'm not ready.

Just my life is a crazy,
chaotic mess and...


I don't wanna make your life worse.

- Okay?
- Yeah.

Just... yeah.

Okay, um...

Can I have your card back?

I um, I'll put it on my fridge,

- just in case I need to call.
- Oh yeah, sure. Sure.


I'm here with my son.

- Yeah.
- Yeah. It's just, it's uh...

- It's too early.
- I got it. Yeah.

Yeah. But we can still...

We can still be friends.

With benefits.

If the, if the benefits are you...

Maybe fixing your busted roof?

Yeah. I mean, no,
I can't afford that yet.



can you fix the bridge
over the stream by my house?

- Sure.
- Mm-hmm?

I can do anything.


What's that crescent?

That's the moon.

- Those little splotches?
- Mmm.

They're impact craters.
Meteorites that hit the moon.

If we weren't protected
by the atmosphere,

they'd hit us too.

But they don't.

Only the moon has to fight
the good fight.

Finding you here last night...

was a nice surprise.

I tried to get you to come
to one of those parties,


I still love the way you smell.

I think about you too.

Straight up?

I'm just here for sex.

Nothing else.





Grandpa told me about Dad
and his gambling.

It's okay to be mad at him.

- Well, he's dead.
- What good does it do?

At least when you two were fighting

he was alive to fight back.

You knew about that?


We were trying to make it work.

Okay? There was a lot of love there...

It doesn't matter. He's dead.

But he loved you more...

- He loved you...
- Stop!

- Take a step...
- Just-just... stop!




I don't wanna go back.

I only went in yesterday
because I owed it to him,

but to do it ***

It just feels, like someone else's life.

I know.

We'll get through this together. okay.