Cinderella and the Four Knights (2016): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Let's go.

It's not like those ashes are a big deal.

You don't even appreciate her kindness
for having raised you!

And now you're trying to make
her seem like a liar?

I never should have
raised someone else's child.

Everything will be fine once you're gone.

So I'm not really your daughter?

Your mom had you with another man!

All right.

I'll deliver a special announcement
from the chairman now.

From this day on, Ms. Eun will be living
with you all in Haneul House.


She's going to live here?

For real? Why though?

This is crazy.

You just said "all."
Does that include Kang Ji-woon?



Why bring back someone
who didn't want to live here?

Why force a cheating playboy
and his fiancée to live in the same house?

Here you guys go again.

This is something
that the chairman decided.

This is just ridiculous.

How are we supposed to live with a girl?
It'll be so uncomfortable.

What is Grandpa thinking?

Well, I'm sure he has a plan.

-But he might not.
-He doesn't.

There's one rule.

Dating is forbidden within Haneul House.

What do you mean by that?

Isn't she Kang Hyun-min's girlfriend?
So what do you mean "no dating"?

It's not like he has only one girlfriend.

That's not news.

-Actually, Hyun-min and Ms. Eun--

Hold on.

Come with me.

What are you doing?

Let's be honest with everyone.

Wait, Yoon-sung.

I thought you said
we're forbidden to date her.

Think about it carefully.

Wouldn't it be safer if we just let them
believe that she's my fiancée?

Just look at them.

Don't you know that they'd go crazy
for anything in a skirt?

Isn't that you?

You don't know it, do you?
They're no joke.

Let's tell them the truth.

Come on, Yoon-sung.

Can't you just play along with it?

I can stop all of them
from breaking the rule.

If anything should still happen,

I'll give you all my credit cards.


You'd better keep that promise.

Of course, I will. Hurry, let's go.

Where's Ji-woon?

He left. You know how he is.

At any rate, as long as Ms. Eun is here,

dating within Haneul House
is strictly forbidden.

Does that mean
you have to break up with her?

I'm an exception.

You're the most dangerous one of all.

You, in particular, be careful.

You heard him, right? I'm an exception.



Stay here for just a bit.

I'm sorry.

Don't worry.

I'll be just fine here
until Dad isn't mad anymore.

You have now...

chosen to live as Kang Ji-woon.

It wasn't a choice.

It was coerced.

I only came here

because there's something I want to know.

Why are you trying so hard
to get rid of Han Ji-woon?

What sort of man was my dad
that he abandoned me and my mother?

And why was I forced
to live as Han Ji-woon?

I need to find all of this out.


Try and find out for yourself.

However, as long as
you live under this roof,

don't try to oppose the chairman.

Why is there such a big dining table
when only three people live here?

Who are you?

I was hungry.

If you're new here,
you should've come and said hello first.

Why are you sneaking around
like a stray cat?

Gosh, things have really gone downhill
around here ever since the butler left.

I'm sorry.

What's your name, kid?

How old are you?

My name is Eun Ha-won,
and I'm 20 years old.

Call me Ms. Beolgyo.

Because I'm from Beolgyo in the south.

Do you know where that is?


-It's famous for cockles.

Well, you'll have a hard time
if the boys see you here.

Follow me.

Why are you so slow?
Did you eat a turtle or something?

Hurry up!

Where are we going?

Quiet! I told you,
we'll be in trouble if we're caught.

All right.

You can stay here from now on

so don't you dare move and just stay here.

Honestly, I like it here much better.

Of course you do.

I'll bet you love it.

Why are you here, Ms. Eun?


Have you two already met?

This young one will be
working with us now--

She's not here to work.

What? What are you talking about?

She's the chairman's special guest.

Please mind your manners.

What? The chairman's special guest?

Gosh, I'm so sorry.

It's okay. I'm just here as a part-timer.

I'm not a special guest.

Oh, my. It seems like
I've made a terrible mistake.

Please forgive me.

You should've said something sooner.

Let's go.

Ma'am, it's really okay.
Don't worry at all, okay?


Goodbye, miss.

What's going on?

Weren't you being a bit too harsh?

She's a lot older than me.

"Please mind your manners."

That's not very nice.

All the employees in this estate
must treat you with respect.

I'm just a fellow employee,
so I don't need special treatment--

It's the chairman's command.

But still, she's much older than I am--

It's the chairman's command.

But still, it's not polite.

It's the chairman's command.

Have you not eaten yet?

Thank you for the meal.

Would you like some, too?

What is it?

Hey, we are...

still "engaged," okay?

Stop talking nonsense.

You really have no fear.

This house is full of guys.

It'll be safer for you
to live here as my fiancée.

How about you just back off?

Are you going to tell them
that you put on that act for money?

It doesn't matter.

It's what I chose to do back then, anyway.

Also, didn't you hear
what Mr. Lee said before?

Dating is forbidden.

I'm not asking you to date me.

Just pretend that you're my fiancée.

And why do you need me to do that exactly?

Is this because I haven't paid you yet?

-Do you want more money?
-I said I don't need your money.

Then you're going to do it for free?

Have you fallen for me already?

Put your hands up.




I said I'd protect you.

And I...

And I told you to stop talking nonsense.

Hey, girlfriend.


How much money did you get this time?

How much money did you get this time?

Gosh, Kang Ji-woon.

What a jerk.

Kang Seo-woo makes me feel
at ease, though.

But Kang Hyun-min is...

Gosh, what a player!

From this point on, dating is forbidden
within Haneul House.

Keep in mind that dating within
the house can get you kicked out.

It's not like I'm crazy.
Why would I ever date any of them?

Let's continue living separate lives.

And not bother each other.

What are you doing?

I thought you said
you weren't ever coming back.

Let's try to see as little
of each other as possible.

That's what I want too.

Honestly, I'd love it
if you would just ignore me.

But seriously, why did you come back?

Mind your own business.

It hasn't changed a bit.

But seriously, why did you come back?

And why was I forced
to live as Han Ji-woon?

I need to find all of this out.


My head...

Gosh, my head.

That's right. I slept here last night.

Good morning, Nation's Jackpot Girl.

Did anything happen since yesterday?

I moved into Haneul House.
I'll tell you everything later.

What? That's insane!

Send me a photo.

A photo?

One, two, three.

What the hell?

They can see into my room.

What the hell?

And what about...

My goodness!

What the hell? Who is that? My gosh.

Girlfriend. I'm not exactly
appropriately dressed right now.

- I understand that you want to see me,

but let's see each other later.

This is...

his room?

My room...

What? They're so close.
He can see straight into my room.

Then, whose room is that over there?

Who is it?

Why are you looking
into someone else's room?

Well, it's not like that.

Then get lost.

That's my room.

That's Kang Hyun-min's room.

That's Kang Ji-woon's room.

What? I'm surrounded on all sides!

Put the vegetables and other things
like that on top, and the seafood...

My gosh. This is crazy.

Why aren't you eating?

I feel kind of bad
eating before anyone else.

Don't worry and eat.
None of them will come.

Why not?

Because the three of them
have never had a meal together.

Not even once?

What do you do with all of this, then?

We have our way of taking care of it.

What a waste.

So eat as much as you want.

It's the chairman.


Hello, sir.

So how was your first night
at Haneul House?

Well, I'm not sure yet.

I see.

All right, then.
Try having a meal with all of them.


Eat with them?

That's your very first mission.

Well, I'll be in touch.




What is this?

It's a contract that
the chairman had prepared.

A contract?

Yes. I'll explain it to you briefly.

Every time you successfully complete
the chairman's mission,

you'll be provided with a bonus.

-A bonus?

The reward will be proportional
to the difficulty of the mission.

-But if you fail the mission,

you must leave Haneul House.

And as I told you yesterday,
dating is strictly forbidden.

All you have to do is refrain
from dating anyone.


-About her...

I mean, Ha-won.

I'm sure she won't last a week
and crawl back here.

Don't you dare let her back in.

Of course not.

But honey,

did your past wife
really cheat on you, and...

Don't ever...

bring that up again.

Oh, okay. Sure.

Yu-na, Dad's leaving.

It's fine. Don't wake her up.

This time, I'm working on constructing
an apartment, so it may take a while.

I'll call you later.

All right. Be careful.


Oh, are you calling
because you saw the flyer?


You used to live at Yeongak Apartment
ten years ago?

Did you know Mr. Kang Yeong-jin,
who lived in Unit 308?


He used to be a taekwondo master.

Do you know him?


Where are you now?

"Haneul Group."

Wait, Haneul Group?

What are you doing? Who is this?

May I take Ms. Eun Ha-won's belongings?

Please, have some tea.

No, thank you.

Oh, all right.

But how did Ha-won come
to live at Haneul House?

She received an invitation to do so
from Chairman Kang.

She was invited by the chairman?

But why?

Ha-won did?

I will provide you with the details
at a later time.

I'll be leaving now.

Wait, already?

Wait. Yu-na.

Give him a proper farewell.

He's the general secretary
at Haneul Group.


Oh, right. Did her dad go somewhere?



I feel like I'm doing something
really important right now.

Shall I get started now, then?

What's so hard about getting them
to eat a meal together?

All right.

How is there not a single family photo
in such a huge house?

Hey, Ms. Celebrity.
I picked this up at the hotel.


I looked everywhere for this.

But did something happen last night?

Why do you ask?

It seemed like you were crying.

I wasn't crying.

It's just because
I got caught in the rain.

I see.

I thought something happened
with your family or something.

Why did you think that?


Well, just because.

-Just because.

You didn't accidentally delete my texts.

Of course it was an accident.

Were those texts that bad?


I deleted them because I thought
they would hurt your feelings.

I mean, is that Yu-na or whoever
really a part of your family?

I've never seen sisters who had
such a bad relationship like you two.

It's not as bad as your relationship
with your cousins, though.

What are you talking about?

I heard that the three of you
have never even eaten together.

What kind of family is that?

I still ate with my family
even though it was uncomfortable.

I'm impressed.

Speaking of which,
how about we all eat together?

Come on.

What are you looking at?

You saw that, right?

He'll never eat with us.

What is that?

This is Lee Yoon-sung.

Yes, I understand.

Is invading other people's personal space
your hobby?

Why do you keep hanging around me?

You shouldn't be here.

What's so special about this place?

Are you out of your mind?

-You think it'd be okay to live here?

I have my reasons.

It's not as simple as you'd think.

-I know that.
-No, I don't think you do.

I came here to protect something
that's important to me.

What's important to you
is money, isn't it?

I told you, it's not like that!

Or are you going to try
to seduce me or something?

You really must be out of your mind.

What the hell are you doing?

I told you never to touch me again.

Oh, no!

What do I do?

Oh, no!

I can't lose these.

What do I do?

This is the reality of my life.

What is she doing over there?

Ms. Celebrity!
What are you doing over there?

Are you crazy?

Do you enjoy taking cold baths?

And what's with all this garbage?

It's not garbage.

This is all my stuff.

This is?

You're going to catch a cold.

Can't you just throw these things away?

Why would I throw my stuff away?

Go back inside, you two.

How ridiculous.

Hold on.

Hey, just throw those kinds
of things away.

I can use this sample
for three whole days.

Get out of there.

Let's go back inside. It's pretty cold.

It's fine. You two can go inside.

Did you force your way in here
to be treated like this?

Take care of your own things

and don't make others worry about you.

Right, don't worry about her.

She has me.

Then make sure she's not
in my face all the time.

Or why don't you just get lost?

You heard him, right?
He told me to get lost.

So is she your newest toy or something?


Do you want her?

Stop it already.

Don't worry about them.

They're like this every time
they see each other.


Leave me alone, all three of you.

How many times has this been already?

I apologize.

I should've been more careful.

It's okay, Mr. Lee.

Thank you for bringing everything here.

Let's go. The car is waiting.

Go where?

Sir, are we filming
Pretty Woman right now?

It's the chairman's command.

I told you, I'm okay with this outfit.

Then I'll pick out a few things for you.

-It's the chairman's--
-"It's the chairman's command."

You were just about to say this, right?

I might just go and return
everything you buy, okay?

Then how about you go
to a cafe and rest a bit?

Come on.



-Oh, my!
-Oh, no!

Oh, gosh.

What the hell? You should be more careful!

I'm sorry.

Oh, no. My crocodile skin bag.

It got scratched!

Oh, no. My crocodile skin bag!

I'm sorry.

You think your apology will fix this?

It got scratched
because you bumped into me!


How dare you touch this?

This cost me 30 million won, you know!
It's worth 30 million won!

Pay me back for this bag! Pay me back!


Who the hell are you?

The genuine bag has five stitches
on both sides of the logo.

But yours...

isn't like that.

This material obviously
isn't even top quality.

-Where did you buy this?
-My gosh.

How is that any of your business?

We've run into each other.


Did you come to do some shopping?

No. I'm just waiting for someone.

I see.

I guess we tend to run into each other
at the most inconvenient moments.

Thanks so much for earlier.

I was panicking like crazy!

It was obvious that the lady
was being absurd.

But how did you know
that the bag was a fake?

People who've done a lot of needlework
know these things.


I have a lot of interest
in fashion design.

I want to major in fashion design
in college.

No wonder you're always dressed so well.

You don't seem like those guys, either.


So you're not, either?

You didn't know?

I'm not from a super-rich family
like those guys.

I thought you definitely
would be like them.

Hyun-min and I have lived in the same
neighborhood ever since we were kids.

So we've been close since then.

How did you meet Hyun-min?

Well, that is...

He came by the convenience store
where I work part-time...

-"A convenience store"?

Yes. So...

I'm being too nosy. I'm sorry.

No, it's okay.

I did know

that Hyun-min dates around,

but he's never introduced
anyone as his fiancée.

Oh, really?

You must be happy.

About what?

To be officially dating Hyun-min.

It's not exactly officially dating.

I'm done with shopping, Ms. Eun.

Shall we head back now?


Why are you shopping for her?

Did Hyun-min tell him to do this for you?



Ms. Eun is living at Haneul House,
so I'm taking care of her.

She's living at Haneul House?


So the person you were waiting for
was Yoon-sung?


I'm sorry.

I'll get going, now.

Shall we go?

But why did you buy so many things?

I told you that I'd return everything.

It's the chairman's command.

Come on.

I have duties I must fulfill, after all.

But still, this is way too much.

I'm sure you're having a hard time
because of the Kang cousins.

I'll be sure to take care of you
from now on,

so that you won't be troubled anymore.

That's also the chairman's command.


I'll apologize on behalf
of those three boys.

I'm sorry, Ms. Eun.

No, it's okay.


I'll just wear this one.

I feel bad to accept all of this.

Let's hurry and return the rest. Let's go!

Come on. Let's go!

Eun Ha-won's friend, Kim Ja-yeong.

It's Hong Ja-yeong, actually.

I don't care whoever you are.

What do you want?

You know who I am, right?

I heard that Ha-won is living
at Haneul House.

No, I don't think so.

You don't think so?

It's not even a "No,"
but an "I don't think so"?

You know something, don't you?

Spit it out.

Hurry up and spit it out.

I don't know anything.

Really. I have no idea.

What are you saying?

I really don't know.

Give me your phone.

Why do you want my phone?

Let me see!

So it was true.

I'm so jealous.

You are too, right?

Why the hell would I be jealous?

Happy now?

Hey, give that back.

How do you know
if that's really Haneul House?

No. I'm busy.

Let me see!

What am I holding in my hand right now?

I don't know. Three-day-old toilet paper?


Oh, my gosh. Mom!


I guess it's Ha-won's.

How cute.

PAYMENT OF 3,995,000 WON

Only 800 won left?

Don't worry too much about me.

The part-time jobs I took on before
and the work I'm doing now

are all just jobs for me to earn money.

I don't have any reason
to feel hurt by them.

I've experienced far worse.

You're not just a part-timer.

You're our honored guest.

I'm going to do all the work the chairman
asks me to do before I leave them.

This well-paid job will change my life.

I can do it.

Ms. Eun is living at Haneul House,

so I'm taking care of her.

I really don't get it.

Did something happen?

Can I ask you something?

I heard that Hyun-min's fiancée
is living at Haneul House now.


So it is true.

It just happened.

This is so frustrating.
I can't take this anymore.

I don't think you'll tell me,
so I'll have to go ask Hyun-min myself.

Right now?

-Ms. Celebrity.

Did you go out with Yoon-sung?

Yes. My clothes all got wet,
so he bought me some new ones.

This is yours, right?

Where did you find this?

It was on the floor.


Thanks for finding this for me.

But did you...

Sorry. I looked inside.

You did?

I mean, just in case it wasn't yours.

I had to find out whose this was.

Who else in this house would
have a bankbook like this?

You seem more like yourself now.

But it seems that I keep learning
all your secrets, bit by bit.

Come on.

It's only natural that
a high schooler has no money.

What about you guys, then?


Well, we're...

It's fine.

You guys have your world, and I have mine.

It's just that our worlds are overlapping
for a short while.

Hearing you say that saddens me.

No. My world is right here.

And I just realized again
that I should never forget that.

I wasn't talking about that.

It's only for a short while?

Yes, just for a short while.

Are you going to break off
your engagement after a short while?

Well, that's...

Or are you a worse player than Hyun-min?

Kang Seo-woo, don't try to pry too much.

You'll end up getting hurt.

Who left this here?

Oh, was it Mr. Lee?


Are you ignoring me?


Come here for a second.
I have something to give you.


My room.


I said I have something to give you.

No, thanks!

You'll be surprised and touched
if you see it. Seriously!

Did I just get ignored?



Stay right there.

What the hell?

That's my uniform.

Hey, why do you have that?

Give it back to me right now.

Come and get it.

What? Hurry up and give it to me now.

Can I cut one of the sleeves off?

The spring-summer season is approaching.

Hey. No!

I have to wear that to my graduation!

No, please! Give it back!

Slow down. You're making a lot
of sudden movements right now.

Okay, fine.

Come on. Hurry and give it back to me!

Are you holding my uniform hostage?


-No, don't!

You're the first girl
who has ever entered my room.

Sorry. Can you forget about that, please?

I even got this dry-cleaned for you.

Give it back.

Do you want some ramyeon before you go?
With some caviar?

You know, there are only two types
of customers

that come to convenience stores
after 4:00 a.m.

People who are going to work early,

and good-for-nothings
who've been drinking until then.

And the worst of them
always come on strong like you.

Are you comparing
your one-and-only-sweetheart

to those types of guys?

That's not very nice.

Do you know what I do
when that happens to me?

What do you do?

An eye for an eye.

Lack of respect for lack of respect.

Violence for violence.

Are you going to come on to me, then?


Was I a bit too forward with you?

You sure are unpredictable, Eun Ha-won.



You're becoming

more and more intriguing.

Subtitle translation by Soo-ha Lim